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Fool's Gold

Chapter 5

I couldn't lay beside him in silence any longer. I knew he was awake. I could feel him thinking. I sat up in bed with a small sigh. I felt Harry move next to me. I felt his hand very near to my body. He didn't touch me though. He hesitated. I stood from the bed in a quickly motion. It was Harry's turn to sigh. He knew he shouldn't have hesitated to touch me. I picked up his tshirt from the floor. I laid down next to him in just my bra and panties in the hopes that he would make any kind of move. I didn't care if it led to sex or not I just wanted us to be close like we were for those three days months ago.
I entered the kitchen with a sighed. I flipped the light switch into the on position then headed for the refrigerator. I smiled when I opened the door to see a whole bunch of fresh fruits and vegetables. My smile grew when I saw the cartons of strawberries. I grabbed one of the cartons. I set on the stove top. I looked around the fridge somemore. I wanted something to dip the strawberries in but it was looking like we didn't have anything.
"Noli, what are you doing?" I jumped a bit hearing Harry's deep, silky voice in the doorway.
I grabbed the strawberry carton and held it up, "Want some?" He nodded the took a seat at the island. I placed the carton on the counter in front of Harry.
"Why are you up?" I asked Harry with a smile as I looked for something to dip the strawberries in again.
"THere's nutella in the cupboard." Harry stated brushing my question off.
I grinned at him, "Perfect." I opened the cupboard then grabbed the jar of nutella. I sat in the chair next to Harry. I popped open the carton then opened the jar of nutella. "So, why are you up?" I asked him again.
He sighed, "Thinking."
"About what?" I dunked one of the strawberries in the chocolate spread.
Harry scratched his head nervously, "This whole trip. I'm very happy to see you but this whole day has been..."
I smiled, "It's been awkward, I know." HArry nodded and reached for a strawberry. I lightly smacked his hand away then smiled, "Let's make it less awkward." I leaned forward, resting my knees against his. I placed the chocolate spread covered strawberry to Harry's mouth. "You first." I stated. He chuckled and took a bite out of the fruit. I felt my insides melting at the sound of his laughter. It wasn't a lot but it gave me hope for the rest of the holiday. "Now, talk to me. How was your flight?" I asked quietly.
He shrugged, "Good. Quiet."
"You really like the quiet." I observed placing the fruit up to his mouth again.
HE took a bite, "Well, I hear four other boys and a management team talking at me all day and sometimes all night. THen there are the screaming girls."
"But you love what you do." I knew it sounded more like a question but it kept him talking.
Harry nodded with a weak smile, "I do. I wouldn't change it for anything and I love our fans but there are times when I just want to be a kind of normal guy."
"What's the fun in normal? This isn't normal." I giggled softly and reached for another strawberry. Harry smacked my hand away much like I had done to him. He smiled, his dimples showing as he dipped the fruit into the chocolate spread.
"I said kind of normal. I know that this is probably the furthest thing from it but I like being around you." Harry explained holding the strawberry to my lips.
"You like being around me? Why?" I asked after taking a bite. "Because I didn't know who you were? Because I don't care about your fame?"
Harry sighed, "That's part of it. But I like the way we talk and stuff. YOu're very...you don't treat me like a child."
"Why would I do that?" I asked before taking another bite of the strawberry. HArry sighed a little. "Plus, it would be kind of creepy if I treated you like a child, I have had sex with you." I giggled trying to lighten the mood. Harry smirked and shook his head. I stood from the stool I had been seated on then moved into Harry's arms, standing between his legs. I wrapped my arms around his neck. "There, this isn't so awkward anymore. I think both of our expectations made us uneasy."
Harry nodded, "I think so too. But the time we were together in Ireland was amazing. I want this to be amazing too."
I smiled softly, "I know." I reached for another strawberry. "So, how has tour been?" I asked dipping the fruit in chocolate again.
"Good. I love being on stage. Meeting all of the fans." Harry smiled before bitting the fruit.
"But the other boys are bothering you?" I asked. Harry lifted his eyebrow at me. "You forget that I heard you speaking to Liam on the phone." I giggled softly.
He nodded, "We are always together and sometimes tensions run high. Especially when some of us have our minds somewhere else."
I set the half eaten strawberry on the counter, "Where has your mind been?"
Harry's fingers danced through my hair as he gazed into my eyes, "In Ireland with you." I smiled and cupped his cheek gently. HArry leaned forward. I could feel his breath on my face. He smelled of the fruit and chocolate. His lips lightly brushed against mine. He pulled back in hesistation but closed the gap between us. His lips were soft and gentle. He tasted almost exactly the way I remembered. Harry pulled me closer, tighter against him. I rested my hands on his neck as he buried his hands in my hair. I felt Harry begin to tremble in my arms. I backed away when he let out a shakey breath against my lips. He quickly pressed his mouth back to mine before I could speak.
Harry stood from the bar stool, keeping our lips attached in the most passionate of kisses. I leaned into him, wrapping my arms around his waist. I gripped his back trying to keep my mind in control of the situation. Harry was obviously letting his body lead the way. Harry carefully slipped his hands up the shirt I was wearing. He gripped my hips tightly. He slowly began to move me backwards. Soon, I felt cold metal against my back. I rested my head against the refigerator and gazed into Harry's eyes. He gathered the end of my tshirt in his hands then slowly lifted it up. He pulled the soft white fabric over my head, he just gazed upon me with awe. His kisses turned soft again as he continued to undress me.
Harry backed out of the slow, gentle kiss. HE smiled at me nervously, his eyes raking over my completely exposed skin. He placed his hands on my bum and lifted me up. I wrapped my legs around his hips, afraid of falling onto the stone floor of the kitchen. Harry peppered my neck and shoulders with kisses as he carried me out of the kitchen. I ran my hands through his hair as I kissed Harry's forehead the way he was kissing my shoulders.
I giggled softly as he grunted carrying me up the stairs. I slid my hands down his back, enjoying the way his muscles contracted under my hands. I laughed loudly as he kicked the bedroom door opened. Harry chuckled softly as our bodies crashed onto the bed. Harry quickly removed his briefs. I bit my lip lightly as I gazed into his eyes. After he undressed himself, his lips did not return to mine. He slowly kissed down my body, not leaving an inch of skin untouched. I gasped quietly when his kisses reached my most sensitve of places. I gripped the sheets tightly when his tounge's movements felt like butterfly kisses. I whimpered softly, making him smile against my flesh. He's gotten so much better at this. He left me gasping for air and wanting more as he kissed back up my body, his trail ending on my lips. I folded my arms around his neck.
"I missed you." Harry whispered settling himself between my thighs.
"I missed you too." I respired, trying to keep my mind in control of the situation.



Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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