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Fool's Gold

Chapter 37

I woke to the sound of the boys getting up. Liam was calling after Louis then the other boys joined in the hall. I turned slightly to see Harry was waking as well. I quickly and gently turned to face him. HE opened his eyes and smiled at me. Before he said anything he leaned forward and pressed his lips to mine softly. I happily accepted his kiss.
Harry brushed a lock of my hair behind my ear, "I love you."
"That's a hell of a thing to wake up to." I murmured.
Harry laughed, "What is?"
"The most handsome man I have ever seen kissing me and telling me that he loves me. It's quite a feeling." I explained.
"Good. Get used to it." Harry grinned. I snuggled into his chest. HE wrapped his arms around me and held me tight. "I don't think I want to face the boys today." He murmured. "Let's just stay here and make love until they can't stand it anymore and leave." Harry suggested.
I shook my head, "As much as I love that idea. They came here to get to know me and I don't want them to think poorly of me. I can tell that Louis already doesn't like me very much."
"He's just concerned. We meet a lot of girls that just want to be with us because of the title we have not the people we are. He just doesn't want me to get hurt." Harry justified his friend’s actions. "I'm not saying I'm okay with him being a dick or think it's the way to handle it but I understand him. It's just a part of the territory I guess." Harry added. I nodded. I didn't want to say that I wouldn't hurt Harry because I knew that in the end one of us would be but I also didn't want Louis to be a jerk to me. I cared for Harry very deeply.
"But, making love until they get annoyed would make him twice as unsure of me I think. WE should go down stairs and hang out. They are your friends and they know you better than anyone and they love you. I'd like to get to know them a little bit." I stated, not wavering in my decision.
"Alright. But I don't want to get out of bed right this second though. WE had a busy night." Harry chuckled softly. I giggled and stayed still for a moment. "How are you feeling? Are you still shaky?" Harry asked as he released me and took my hand in his. My fingers trembled a little. Harry sighed, "Maybe that lovemaking after hanging out with the boys was a bad idea."
I shook my head, "It was a fantastic idea. I loved every second of it." Harry pressed his forehead to mine and gazed into my eyes. I laid my hand on his cheek and smiled, "You are a wonderful man." I caressed his cheek with my thumb gently.
"You're an amazing woman and I love you so much." Harry whispered to me as he wrapped his arms around me again. "When can you come on tour? I really want this to be figured out before we leave. I don't think I could deal if I didn't know when I was going to see you again." I rolled out of his arms and grabbed my phone from the night stand. I opened my calendar. I pursed my lips as I thumbed through the dates. I sighed there was something unaccounted for in my calendar.
I sighed, "I don't know. I think I have an event at a gallery to go to on the eighteenth but it's not in here."
Harry groaned, "After the eighteenth then?"
I nodded, "I know after then I can for sure. We just have to figure out where you're going to be so I can meet you."
"Baby, that's like a month away almost." Harry whined as I set my phone on the nightstand again. I curled into his arms again and sighed.
"Harry we made it six months only speaking twice. I think we can make it through a month if you call me and text me." I giggled.
"How long can you stay do you think?" Harry inquired.
I shrugged, "Few days, maybe a week. I'm not sure." Harry whimpered a little. "We'll be fine. You can call me whenever you want and I will text you pictures of what I am working on." I smiled trying to cheer him up.
"Send me naughty pictures?" Harry smirked.
"If the occasion calls for it." I laughed. Harry nodded and kissed me again. I pressed my forehead to his. "We really should get up. I'm sure the boys are hungry." I murmured. Harry nodded and climbed out of the bed. He pulled his jeans on quickly and decided to go shirtless. "I'm wearing this today." I stated picking up the purple plaid shirt from the floor.
Harry smiled, "Put some pants on underneath it though." I happily agreed and went to the closet to get a comfortable pair of shorts. "I'm going to go down and check on the boys." Harry stated as I pulled my shorts on. I nodded and let him walk out of the room. As I began buttoning Harry's shirt I heard him yelling in the kitchen, "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?" I furrowed my brows and left the room quickly. I made it down the stairs as fast as I could.
"Harry, baby, what's going-" I couldn't finish my sentence seeing Harry’s hand on my laptop. His face was the brightest shade of red. The fire in his eyes and the heaving of his chest let me know he was way beyond angry and beyond pissed off. There was a rage in him ready to explode. "What happened?" I asked, terror taking hold when I noticed that an indicator light on my laptop was blinking. IT had just been closed. The boys had been on my computer.
"WE were just looking at your photos. Harry didn't like it." Zayn spoke quickly.
"We may have seen a video we shouldn't have." Liam stated.
"We really weren't looking for it. We just wanted to look at your city photos again." Niall stated.
I glared at Niall a bit, "You're a horrible liar." He looked at me sheepishly. I turned my eyes to Harry again. His chest was still heaving and his eyes were locked with Louis'. I took a step forward and reached for Harry. He moved toward Louis the fire in him changing his eyes to a darker green. "Harry." I murmured taking his wrist gently. He even felt hot. "Honey." I whispered.
"That was private and you fucking knew that." Harry said gritting his teeth. Louis stayed silent as Harry got closer.
"Harry, stop it. Come on." I tugged his wrist gently. "Baby, come with me." I pleaded trying to get him away from Louis. I wasn’t sure what he was going to do with Louis. It probably wouldn't be the first time they’d fought but I didn't want it to be over me. I quickly got between him and Louis. I grabbed his chin and made him look at me. His eyes softened a little. "Harry, come outside with me." He stayed put, glancing at his best friend with hateful eyes. "Come on, baby, come with me." I whispered placing my hand over his racing heart. Harry's body loosened and he let me pull him away from Louis. I turned my face to Louis. I met his eyes with my own, "I'll deal with you boys in a minute." I dragged Harry out of the kitchen and out the backdoor to the pool area. "Talk to me baby. What happened?"
"When I came down to the kitchen they were watching that little video we did the same day as when we went into the city. They were snooping about and I know that it was Louis' idea. That was private and they just totally..."
"Harry, it’s just a video." I said softly.
He looked at me a little more than upset, "Not to me. That was the first time I told you I loved you. When you asked me if I had ever been in love I said yes because I am in love with you. That was something special to me. We talked about your mom and how you feel too emotional. We talked about how I like being extremely close when we make love. I took a few shots of your tits! They saw that! It's not just a video to me. It's where I knew that I loved you and you are starting to fall for me too."
I bit my lip, "I was just trying to make you feel better."
Harry kissed my forehead, "I know. It’s just that was a personal thing and they...why do they have to be so nosey?" He huffed and rested his head on my shoulder as I leaned against the side of the house.
"Would me kissing you make you feel better?" I asked softly. Harry nodded and lifted his head. I pressed my lips to his with care. HE held me around my waist tightly. I gently worked my fingers through his hair, massaging his scalp the way he loved. He sighed and let his body sag against mine. "Now, you go have a shower and calm your nerves. I'm going to make breakfast for the boys." I said pushing his hair off of his face. Harry nodded but I could tell he didn't care too much for the idea. WE reentered the house hand in hand. When we reached the hall, Harry pulled me to his chest and just held me. I rested my cheek on his pec and listened to his heartbeat. He was calm now. His skin still felt very warm but he was starting to relax. I stroked his back lightly. He released me after another moment, kissing my forehead and my lips tenderly. He walked up the stairs slowly.

When I entered the kitchen, I saw three boys looking at me sadly as they stood around the island. "Yes?" I asked with a giggle.
"Can we all have a chat?" Liam asked motioning to himself, Zayn and Niall.
I nodded, "Come on. I'll make breakfast. You boys talk." They all sat down at the table. Louis hadn't moved from his seat. My laptop was closed and on the far side of the counter. "What would you like for breakfast?" I asked them sweetly. They all shrugged. "Pancakes it is." I giggled. I turned round and tried to find all of the ingredients. "SO, what did you boys want to talk to me about?" I asked while gathering things.
"We wanted to apologize. We didn't know that the video was so important to you and Harry, well, not until we got near the end of it." Liam stated with a genuine tone.
"How much did you see anyway?" I inquired setting a large bowl onto the counter.
"Harry stopped it when you were talking about the breeze coming in the window and feeling overwhelmed." Niall stated. I sighed in relief.
"I saw that there was like another hour of that left." Louis stated.
I blushed, "You don't want to watch it."
Louis leaned against the counter, "I kind of do actually. It might give me a clue as to how you feel about my best mate."
I shook my head, "You don't. There's nothing there that will tell you anything."
"I think you're lying." Louis grunted.
I glared at him, "You don't need to see what is on there." Louis glared back at me. I sighed heavily and grabbed the lap top. I set it in front of Louis and opened it up. I pressed the play button once the computer loaded. The video picked up where it left off.

"There's an overwhelming feeling of love and happiness in this room." My eyes filled with tears as I said, "And I don't ever want to forget that. Because, right now, in this moment, I've never been happier in all of my life." Harry looked at me with sad eyes. He set the camera down on the nightstand pointing at us. At first I wasn't aware of it. So I let him kiss me passionately, to try and stop my tears. It only made me cry a little more. Harry carefully worked his rock hard member inside of me. He thrusted gently and slowly. I wrapped my arms around him and held him close. The tears stopped as he made me feel pleasure.

Louis slammed the laptop shut, looking at me with wide eyes. I smirked at him, "I told you, you didn't need to see it." HE sighed heavily and leaned back against the bar stool. "Louis, I understand that Harry is your best friend. You want him to fall in love with someone who adores him for the man he really is." Louis gave a single nod. "I care about Harry so very deeply. He is a wonderful person. He never would've been able to get me into bed in Ireland if I didn't honestly think that. I know that what Harry and I have started out a bit strange and, hell, it still is, but I want him. I don't want his fame or his fortune. I want him, the way he thinks and speaks. All of the little things that make him Harry."
Louis nodded, "Alright. We'll call it a truce then?" I nodded and held my hand out to him. We shook hands firmly and only for a moment. I returned to making breakfast. As I did my mind drifted to that night. The way Harry was gentle and loving with me. But as we made love passionately, I felt like the gentleness and lovingness wasn't for me like it was the next day. It was for him. When he collapsed beside me, tears escaped his eyes and he tried not to look at me. I remembered asking him why he was crying. He told me he didn't know but I knew he knew he loved me. I didn't want to admit it to myself but I knew deep down that's what it was. That's why the next day shook me to my core.


Hello lovelies!
Sorry the update has come so late and the fact that it is basically filler. :/ I was going to post earlier in the night but Dancing With The Stars took the front seat there. ;)

Anywho, I'd love to hear what you guys are thinking of the story so far, your opinions of the characters and what you think will be happening in the upcoming chapters!



Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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