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Fool's Gold

Chapter 36

I woke the next morning to complete silence in the house. Liam was lying in the bed next to mine. He was awake but he wasn't moving. He was staring at the ceiling and flipping his phone between his fingers. I turned over and looked at him.
"What Louis?" Liam asked without even looking at me.
"What do you think of Enola? Honestly?" I inquired of him.
He sighed, "Louis, I think she's great. She's beautiful and talented. She's very sweet to us. She adores Harry."
"You think she loves him the way he loves her?" I asked nervously.
Liam nodded and looked me in the eyes, "I do. I think that she's just too afraid to say it. What her parents have put her through must be hard on her. I can understand her fear." I sighed and jumped out of the bed. "Louis, where are you going?" Liam asked as I pulled the door opened. "Louis?" Liam hissed at me as he followed me down the stairs to the kitchen. I heard Zayn and Niall speaking to Liam as they all followed me. I sat down on the bar stool as the rest of the boys entered the room.
"Louis, what are you doing?" Zayn's Bradford accent was thick as he whispered to me, watching me open Enola's laptop. "That's not yours. You shouldn't do that." He scolded me.
"I want to know what that video was. Harry got embarrassed when he saw the still." I stated quietly as the computer turned on.
"Louis, her camera isn't hooked up." Niall informed me.
I smirked, "She has it set to sync automatically, when she plugged it in it started to download everything onto this hard drive. It's on here." I opened the file that Enola had not eight hours before. I quickly skimmed through the pictures. I smiled when I saw her photos of Harry in the vineyard and at the church in Venice. I got to the video.
"Wait let’s take a look at the photos first." Liam said with a cautious voice. I lifted my eyebrow at him. "What? We're doing research on our best mate's girl. IT's only right." Liam justified.
"HE totally has a point." Niall agreed.
"I won't tell Sophia or Perrie if you guys don't tell Eleanor." I stated. All of the boys agreed.I skipped over the video for a moment and slowly went through all of the pictures Enola had taken of Harry while in bed. My eyes widened as did that of the other boys when the view flipped. Harry’s pictures of Enola had us all sweating. She was gorgeous. I could understand why Harry was always thinking about her. He never mentioned her but we could tell that he was preoccupied with her.
"Look at those." Niall murmured seeing the picture of Enola's full breasts.
"Okay. This has gotten a bit weird. Let's get off this." I stated quickly. I skimmed back to the video. I hit the play button and turned the volume on the computer up. Harry's laugh came through loudly making me turn it down a bit. The other boys smiled at the sight of him laughing. Enola's giggle was quiet from behind the camera.
"What's your name?" She asked Harry quietly. He looked at her like she was insane. "Baby, come on." She whined at him.
He chuckled, "Harry Styles."
"Okay, Mr Styles, what do you do for a living?" She inquired. He gave her a big dimpled smile. She laughed, "Pretty much. Okay, what are you doing right now?" She asked him. He looked at her like she was crazy again. "Baby, come on. Please?" She whined again.
"Do you do this with all of the guys?" HE asked playfully.
"Not like this. Just answer my questions. It'll help me do my work later." She stated. HE sighed heavily and agreed with a simple nod. "What are you currently doing? At this very moment. In detail." We could hear the playfulness in her voice.
HE looked down a bit and tilted his head, "Seriously?"
She laughed, "Seriously."
"How would you describe this?" He asked trying not to laugh.
"However you want." She replied still laughing.
"I am currently lying in bed...well lying on the bed in my girlfriend, staring at her tits." Harry replied with a cheeky grin.
"Sounds like a lovely time." Enola giggled.
"Oh it is." Harry replied with a smirk.
"Mr. Styles, what is your favorite part of being you?" She asked softly.
HE shrugged, "I've seen some of the most beautiful places on Earth."
"Least favorite part of being you?" She asked. HE furrowed his eyebrows like he was upset and thinking.
"Um, being in the spotlight all the time."
"Do you ever think about what life would be like without your boys?" Enola asked.
He laughed, "Really boring."
"What would you be doing if things hadn't gone the way they did?" Enola inquired.
Harry ran his hand through his hair, "Well, I definitely wouldn't be here with you."
"Bullshit." Enola laughed loudly. Harry laughed as well. It made the boys and I smirk a bit. She was good with him. She made him smile a lot. "What is your biggest accomplishment so far?" She asked Harry.
"I'm a pop star, come on." He was laughing still.
"Who hasn't let it go to his head..." She teased. Harry shook his head. "What's your favorite way to be kissed?" She asked a smile evident in her voice.
Harry looked confused, "What?"
"You heard me. Don't play a fool." Enola giggled.
"Well it was a complete one eighty."
"Answer the question Harold." Enola stated firmly.
"Do you want me to tell you or do you want me to show you?" Harry asked Enola who was laughing behind the camera again.
"Either." She replied. Harry sat up and the camera stayed aimed at the bed. The boys looked at me and I shrugged. We heard giggling coming from behind the camera. After a moment Harry's face, shoulder's and chest were back in the camera's view. He was smirking as he put an arm behind his head. "Well then." Enola seemed out of breath.
"Next question." Harry stated calmly.
"Cheeky little bugger." Enola mumbled. "Favorite sexual position?" Enola's voice was mischievous.
"Oh God, Noli." Harry whined.
"I know what it is." Her voice was teasing and giggly.
"How do you know?" Harry asked with a lifted eyebrow.
"We make love quite a bit. I know what it is. So you might as well just answer the question." Enola replied swiftly.
He looked down toward his hips, "I dunno. This is quite interesting." Enola made a sound that said she didn't like the answer. Harry folded his arms over his chest and a pensive expression on his face. "I think I like..." He smirked a little looking above the camera lens. "Anything where you can wrap your legs around me." Enola laughed softly. "What? What do you think it is?"
"I was going to say good old fashioned missionary because you like being so close." Enola answered. Harry blushed and shook his head in embarrassment.
"Okay, let's get serious. Have you ever been in love?" She asked.
Harry nodded and smiled genuinely at her, "I have. It's quite nice."
"Tell me about her."
"Lovely girl. Intelligent, funny, witty, extremely sarcastic, creative, most loving person I have ever met." Harry said honestly.
"I think I would like her." Enola chuckled. Harry just smirked, a glimmer in his eye. HE told her that he loved her without her even knowing. "And your favorite part of being in Italy?"
"You." Harry replied.
"Oh Harry, come on." She whined.
"I'm not going to give you some bullshit answer about loving the art or the wine or this vineyard. I love it here because I am here with you. You make everything worth wile." Harry grinned at the camera.
"And what are you feeling right now?" She asked, her tone turning gentle.
"Happy." Harry replied. Finally, we saw Enola's face. She held the camera above them as she kissed Harry gently. He pulled her closer and buried his hand in her long blonde hair. Suddenly she squealed and the camera was being shaken about.
"Harry." Enola whined when the camera showed her lying on the bed, her arms covering her breasts.
"No. It's your turn." Harry’s voice was cheeky.
"Fine. Not tit shots and no money shots either!" She giggled wagging a finger at him.
"One titty shot." harry begged. Enola rolled her eyes and uncovered her chest. "Those are quite lovely you know." Harry turned the camera to his own face as he reached out for Enola, "They really are great. I hope they look like that in twenty years." Enola laughed loudly as Harry turned the camera on her again. "What's your name?"
"Enola Grace."
Harry chuckled, "You're good at this." Enola shook her head and motioned for him to get on with it. "What are you doing right this very moment?"
"I am lying in bed with my amazingly handsome boyfriend in a villa on the Italian countryside." Enola answered.
"What's your favorite part of being you?" Harry asked her.
She thought for a moment, "I am a talented person."
"Least favorite thing about being you?" Harry's voice sounded intrigued.
She sighed, "I know that I am an artist and it's good to feel but I think I feel too much sometimes. I'm too emotional."
"No such thing." Harry stated to ease her furrowed brow.
"Do you ever think about what your life would've been like if your dad was around?" Harry inquired.
She shrugged, "Sometimes. Mostly I think about if my mom would've been happier. She deserves a lot more happiness than she's ever had. I know she loves me but there are times when I feel like I ruined her romantic life."
"Would you have liked to see your mum get married to someone else? Would you have been happy if she fell for someone that wasn't your dad when you were younger?" Harry inquired with genuine curiosity.
She nodded, "I didn't know my dad when I was little. So yeah, I would've liked that for her but I think I scared them away."
Harry grunted but continued with questions, "What's your biggest achievement so far?"
Enola giggled, "I've seen just about every art museum in the world."
"Which haven't you been to?" Harry inquired.
"The Louvre and the few in London." Enola answered.
"I'll take you one day. I promise." Harry's voice was filled with love. Enola blushed and bit her lip. "What is your favorite way to be kissed?" Enola sat up from the bed giving the camera a glimpse of her breasts. Harry turned the camera toward them. The kiss was heated and passionate but also looked gentle and caring. HE lifted his eyebrow as she backed away, "That’s how I kiss you."
She smirked, "I know." She laid down again staring up at Harry with big doe eyes and a loving smile.
"Favorite position?" Harry sounded a bit excited to ask the question.
Enola giggled, "I like...sitting in your lap. We’re close and I can look at you, really look at you."
"When I sit on the edge of the bed or not?" Harry snickered.
"It doesn't matter. Both feel amazing with you." Enola blushed again.
"Have you ever been in love?" Harry's voice seemed eager.
Enola shook her head, "No."
"Do you want to fall in love?" Harry asked her quietly.
Enola smiled, "Of course I do. I'm an artist that's what we live for."
"What's your favorite part of Italy so far?" Harry inquired.
Enola pursed her lips, "Do you want a moment or a place?"
"Anything baby. Best part of Italy." His smile could be heard in his voice.
"Today when we were in the city. You looked so happy and relaxed, not like when we went out in Ireland. I'd kill to see that look in your eyes again like when we saw that pregnant couple." She smiled weakly.
"Okay. Now, tell me how you're feeling in this very moment. Don't hold back." Harry's smile was evident in his voice. He was trying to get her to say she loved him. The boys and I all leaned forward a little bit, waiting to hear her answer. She looked off away from Harry before closing her eyes. All that could be heard was her breathing and Harry's. "Baby?" Harry asked softly, sounding a bit worried.
She gazed up passed the camera, "I feel overwhelmed." She giggled, "But not in a bad way." She turned away again, “There's a slight breeze coming through that window there and I can smell the rain that's about to come. I can hear the birds chirping in the vineyard." She gazed up at Harry once more, "And I can feel you, how warm you are, how soft your skin is." She smirked a bit, "Your friend telling me he wants in." She looked to the side, "I can feel your pulse coming through your hand into mine." She chewed on her lip, "There's an overwhelming feeling of happiness and love in this room." Her eyes welled up with tears, "And I don't ever wanna..." The video was cut off by the lap top slamming shut.
"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!" Harry shouted at us. His face was flushed and his chest was heaving. There was a fire in his eyes that I had never seen before, he was pissed off. "Are you deaf? What are you doing?" He was still shouting. "That wasn't for you! Why are you snooping through Enola's things?"
"We were just looking at the photographs she took in the city. We didn't think that she would mind." Zayn spoke meekly. Harry's eyes still showed anger and irritation. His chest slowed a bit though.
"That wasn't for you to see." Harry repeated.
"It just started playing." Niall fibbed.
Harry glared at him and his chest started to heave again, "No, it didn't you pushed play. I know how it works."
"Harry, baby, what's going-" Enola stopped in her tracks when she saw Harry's hand on the laptop and his bright red face. "What happened?" She asked looking scared out of her mind. That's weird why would she be so afraid?


Why doesn't Louis trust Enola? What is she hiding?
I'm hoping the suspense is keeping everyone interested. I swear we will get to the bottom of the mystery soon!


Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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