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Fool's Gold

Chapter 35

"It's nice that she's good to you." Harry grinned at me. I shrugged, her words replaying in my mind. I never much liked the way she said what she did but I knew that she meant well. "What's wrong? You don't like that she's good to you?" Harry inquired.
I sighed, "No it’s not that. It's just what she said to me when I met her." Harry urged me to tell him with his eyes. "She said that she didn't like my mother being in her home. Which I guess I could understand. But she said that she would never be angry with me over my...way of coming to be. I didn't ask to be born. I didn't ask for my parents. I didn't ask for the situation I had been put in."
"I think that was something good to say. I mean she is angry with your dad and your mum but she can't hold that against you." Harry stated.
I shrugged, "But still, it didn't feel great. It kind of felt like she was calling me a...not a burden...a nuisance, something you don't want but will tolerate. I didn't feel loved." Harry looked really sad. I threw my hands up, "Hey, I've got my mother. She's lovely and we did just fine without my dad." Harry gave me a blank stare. "She's a good woman that gave me everything I needed. And when it comes to father figures I had my grandfather. WE were good. I'm okay." I assured him. He nodded after flicking his eyes over to the boys. He didn't want to have another small argument over it with his friends around.
"You were close with your grandfather?" Niall asked with a smile.
I nodded, "Yeah. HE was my hero. He bought me my first set of paints and my first camera."
"We would love to see some of your work that you've done. If you're willing to show us." Liam spoke with an eager tone.
I tucked my hair behind my ears shyly, "Maybe tomorrow. It's kind of late and I could show you photos for hours. I've taken a lot already since we've been here." Harry smiled and gazed down at the counter. "What? Why are you smiling like that?" I asked him not able to contain my own smile.
HE gazed into my eyes, "I can already tell you which are my favorites."
"And those are?" I asked with a bit of a smirk.
"The couple on the bench in the square. The pregnant woman and her husband. And then a few that you took here on the vineyard and in the house." Harry answered matter of factly.
"I loved that old couple in the square. Such sweet, sweet people. I can understand why they've been together so long." I giggled.
"What did they say to you anyway? You looked really shy when you were talking to them." Harry inquired.
I blushed, "They asked if you were mine and told me that they could see how much you love me in your eyes." Harry leaned over to me and kissed my lips lightly, not caring that his friends were staring at us. Niall and Zayn seemed happy. Liam had a light in his eyes but he kept his straight face. I don't think that Louis liked me very much. He sat stone faced and silent.
"You just take pictures of random people on the street?" Zayn asked like he was intrigued by the idea.
I nodded, "Of course. Most of my things I do are about strangers. I love the things I see when people don't think anyone else is looking."
Harry smiled, "I really think you should just show them now."
I giggled, "You're only saying that because you want to see them." He gave me a pleading look. I sighed, "Alright, alright. I'll go get my camera." I slid off the barstool.
"No. No. I'll go get it. I know where it is." Harry said pushing me back onto the barstool. I sat down and nodded. I didn't want him to freak out over the boys seeing something they shouldn't, what with me not being dressed much at all. Harry dashed out of the room quickly. I turned back to the boys with a shy smile.
"So, Enola..." Louis began. I gazed at him with curious eyes. I knew that he wasn't too fond of me. I could tell by the way he looked at me and the way he spoke to me. I didn't mind so much. You can't be friends with everyone but I was sure it bothered Harry. From what Harry and I had talked about Louis was definitely his best friend in the band. I was going to try to hold my tongue. It was important to Harry that Louis and I got on. "Where did you go to art school?" He asked politely.
I giggled, "In LA. I can't ever be too far from my mother." The boys all laughed a bit. "I don't think she'd get on too well if we weren't in the same city either." I added.
Louis smiled, "You're really close to your mum?"
I nodded, "Of course. She was my only parent really. She's my world. Although, she might have to move over a bit." I motioned to Harry as he walked into the room again. Louis lifted his eyebrow at me as Harry placed the camera in my hands. When he looked at the boys, he tilted his head a bit.
"Why are you looking at me like that?" Harry asked quietly.
"Enola was just telling us about art school." Liam fibbed a bit. Harry seemed unsure of the answer but dropped it. I smirked a bit and turned on my camera. I wiggled to the edge of the barstool to go to the boys but they all got up instead. Harry smiled at me when I looked up at him. I knew he had made the boys come to me. He was trying to be too sweet. I reached over to the other end of the counter and grabbed my lap top. I pulled it toward me. I turned that on as well. The viewing screen for my camera wasn't big enough for the show and tell the boys insisted on. As both my camera and laptop fired up the boys were talking to Harry.
"Did you help her with any of these?" Zayn asked Harry. He seemed to be the most interested in my art.
Harry smirked a bit, "Yeah, a few of them." I shook my head as I plugged my camera into my laptop.
"What do you mean by that?" Liam laughed a bit.
I typed in the password to my laptop and answered, "He took me to all of the places that I shot at and he pointed out a lot of the people."Niall gave me a blank stare. "He's also the subject in some of them." I added, blushing a bright red. Niall put his arm over my shoulders and peered at the computer.
"Who's that?" Niall asked looking at my desktop photo.
"Oh, that's my mother and Poppop. We were in Tuscany that year." I smiled remembering the vacation well. "It was the last vacation we took before Poppop died." I stated softly. Harry grasped my fingers gently. I bit down on my lip and pulled up the camera's app. I opened the photos that the boys were so eager to see. Every boy made a sound when they saw the first picture. It was of the vineyard the first day Harry and I had arrived. Niall took control of navigating through the photos. I giggled when he got to the ones of Harry walking through the vineyard.
"Male model?" Zayn teased Harry.
Harry leaned over and chuckled, "I didn't even notice you were taking photos." I smirked and let Niall continue to go through all of the pictures. "Okay. Skip that." Harry said hitting the next button quickly. It was the photo of him and I in the pool.
"No. Niall go back." Louis touched his shoulder gently. Harry turned bright red as the boys looked at the picture intently. "It's a very nice picture." Louis stated.
"Thank you. I wasn't even looking at it." I replied quietly.
"Obviously." Niall laughed. I hit him gently and told him to shut up. Niall looked up at Harry, "Big softie." Harry rolled his eyes and hit the next button again. The next pictures were those that I took in the city.
"Oh wow." Liam leaned forward a little taking in the landscape of the city. "That's amazing." He murmured. Zayn, Niall and Louis all agreed. Niall continued to navigate the photos for him and the boys.
"These are my favorites." Harry stated as we got to the pictures I had taken in the square. Photos of little kids running and playing dominated the photos. "I love that one." Harry said as a photo of the old couple came up. It was the one of them holding each other, her head holding his up.
"What lovely people." Louis murmured.
"So sweet as well. They are really still in love. Even after like sixty years I think is what he said." I informed the boys. "He had an amazing speaking voice too." I added. "So smooth but really deep." I looked up at Harry, "He kind of reminds me of you." Harry lifted his eyebrow but smiled anyway. "What? You're a loving man with a voice that...you have a lovely voice." I said quickly. Harry chuckled and shook his head. I gripped his hand. Niall flipped through more photos with the boys. "This is one of Harry's favorites as well." I smiled seeing the pregnant couple. He was on his knees kissing her very large belly while she twined her fingers in his hair. Harry gripped my hand a little tighter. I stroked his knuckles gently to sooth him.
"They look so happy." Zayn grinned. I looked to the woman's eyes. They held a light that I had only recently begun to see in my own. I flicked my eyes over to Harry's to see he was looking at me with a small smile. i bit down on my lip again. Niall hit the next button, revealing more pictures of the city and the people in it. I giggled loudly when a still from the beginning of a video bed popped up, the still was of Harry lying in bed. He rolled his eyes and tried to hide his face from the boys. Niall clicked onto the next picture. Harry was trying to take the camera from me as I kept snapping pictures. At the next click my eyes went wide. Harry slammed the laptop shut before the boys could memorize what I looked like naked.
"Alright. Everyone is going to bed." Harry announced. The boys all laughed and headed out of the kitchen. I stood from the barstool. Harry put his arm over my shoulders and led me toward the stair case after the boys. Harry stopped, "Wait. Go get your camera. They're nosey." I did as Harry said. I rushed back into the kitchen and unplugged my camera. I returned to Harry's side with a smile. We walked up the stairs behind the boys. Niall and Zayn went into the first guest room and Louis and Liam went into the second. Harry gently maneuvered me into our bedroom then closed the door and locked it. I removed his button down shirt and crawled into the bed. Harry removed his boxers and climbed in beside me.
"Baby, put that away. Let's go to sleep." Harry said of my camera.
I shook my head, "No. I wanna look at them." I quickly scrolled through and found the photos the boys had accidentally seen. I smiled as I flipped through them. Harry sighed and rolled over to me. He ducked under my arm and rested his head on my breast, draping his arm over my abdomen. I smiled and dropped my hand to his hair, gently twining it around my fingers. "Harry, we're damn adorable." I giggled. He laughed loudly and kissed my skin lightly.
"I can't believe you were down there the whole time without any panties on. I almost lost it in front of the boys." Harry smirked as he whispered to me.
"Well, as bad as it sounds. Even though I was shaking so badly, I wanna make love again." I replied quietly. Harry smiled and ran his hand down my thigh. "Seriously, baby. Don't tease." I whimpered.
He kissed my breasts softly, "I'm not." I set my camera on the nightstand then wrapped my arms around his neck. Harry quickly pulled me on top of him.


The next chapter will be a special one, so be on the look out!


Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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