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Fool's Gold

Chapter 34

I shut our bedroom door quietly. I didn't know if the boys were still awake or not. Well, I knew they were still awake; no one could sleep through Enola and I. I just didn't know where in the house the boys were. I was hoping they were in their rooms so I didn't have to face them until the morning. I tip toed down the stairs toward the kitchen. I didn't hear a sound in the house as I reached the bottom step. I let out a sigh as I straightened up and turned to the kitchen.
"Not so fast." I heard Louis' voice from behind me. I stiffened up in fear. I didn't want to hear anything from them. I knew Enola and I got a little crazy but we'd been used to being all alone.
"Trying to kill our girlfriend are we?" I heard Liam chuckle from beside Louis. I exhaled heavily and let my body sag. I turned to the boys and folded my arms over my chest. All four of them were giving me weird looks. I waited for another to speak.
"Harry, what are you doing?" Zayn asked when I got fed up and pivoted to walk into the kitchen.
"Making Enola tea." I replied as I left them standing in the hall. I had filled up the tea pot with water and set it on the stove before the boys filed into the kitchen. They all took a seat at the table. I groaned quietly; I thought they were going to go up to bed or something.
"Harry, why didn't Enola come down for her own tea?" Niall asked. I smirked as I leaned against the counter. I was thinking of her trembling body. Well, she wasn't really trembling; she was shaking. I had never done that to a woman before. I thought of the way she clung to me the best that she could with her limbs having the same strength as wet noodles. "Harry?" Niall called me away from my thoughts. I looked at him intently and tried to focus on him and not the quaking girl in my bed. "Why didn't Enola come down?"
I smirked, "She's not feeling too mobile at the moment." The boys all gave me a funny look. I shook my head and rested my chin on my fist.
"So...this isn't awkward." Zayn mumbled.
"Why is it awkward?" I asked I felt the vibe coming off of them but I was relaxed. I didn't actually mind them being there, must have been the healthy dose of endorphins I just had.
"We all just heard that! What did you do to that poor girl?" Liam asked with a bright red face.
I laughed, "You don't want to know. I promise." The tea pot whistled obnoxiously. I took it off the stove the poured the boiling water into a cup over Enola's favorite tea. I glanced up to see the boys looking to the doorway with wide eyes.
"Harry?" I turned when I heard Enola's soft voice.
"Noli, what are you doing?" I asked her quietly. I was mesmerized by the sight of her in my purple flannel shirt. It hung off of her in a way that made me want to take her right back up to our room. At the same time though, I wanted nothing more than to hold her and whisper sweet things to her. There was something about the way she affected every emotion and impulse within me
"Walking it off." She blushed. I smiled hearing the words coming from her. I stepped away from the island as she took languid, delicate steps toward me. I took her hands in mine and examined them. Soft pale flesh stretched over long, nimble fingers. I looked into her eyes lovingly. She smiled warmly. I sat her down at the island, that's when she noticed the boys sitting at the table. Eyes wide and jaws sitting on the floor.
"Oh, uh, hi boys." She murmured her cheeks flushing to a blazing red.
"Hello." They unisoned. She flicked her eyes up to my face and she gave me a look that showed how embarrassed she was. I couldn't help but smile.
"Do you want milk in your tea?" I asked her sweetly. She just nodded and sat quietly. I turned my back to the boys and Enola, opening the refrigerator door. I heard Enola laugh quietly. I glanced back to see the boys sitting straight up and looking too perfect. Enola had her hand over her mouth as she gazed up at me. "What? What have I done?" I asked setting the milk on the island in front of Enola. She shook her head. "Lies. Why are you laughing?" I chuckled. Enola pointed to Liam. I turned my eyes to him.
"I was just complimenting your stamina." Liam stated tapping his watch. My face flushed for a moment and I didn't respond. I poured a bit of milk into Enola's tea then slid it over to her.
"I'm making it. Do you lads want tea?" I asked politely. I didn't want another scolding from Enola. She may have been raised in a very different place but her manners were impeccable, most of the time. They declined.
"Why is everyone so quiet? It's late but it's not that late." Enola muttered pulling her tea cup closer. She lightly ran her finger along the rim; she did it every time she had a cup of tea.
I smirked, "They're feeling a bit awkward."
She giggled, "I would too, but, that doesn't mean we can't talk. It makes the tension go away." She looked at the boys. "How have you guys liked touring?" She asked them sweetly. The boys started to rattle on about the different cities and all of the fans that we meet. Enola smiled brightly as they all told their stories. I watched her, standing back from the island. I wanted to be able to see all of her. She sat in a meek position: her legs crossed politely, her hands tucked between her thighs and she slouched a bit. I smiled to myself. She was so beautiful. The way her eyes lit up every time the boys cracked a joke. Her laughter filled me with a sense of peace and joy. She ran her hand through her long, wavy, blonde hair, pulling it over her shoulder. I tried to contain a chuckled when I saw her neck. There was a small bite mark. I didn't bite her too hard; jut grazed my teeth across her skin. She had mentioned that it was something she found oddly attractive. Well, she liked it even more now.
"HARRY!" Louis shouted my name as loud as he could.
I turned my eyes away from Enola, "Sorry. What?"
Niall laughed, "What are you looking forward to seeing while in Italy?"
I pursed my lips, "I dunno. We went to a lot of art galleries and things like that the other day. WE went to a classic Italian opera tonight. We’re staying on the vineyard. What else is there to see?"
Enola smiled up at me, "There’s the sea, it beautiful there. Um, we didn't do a gondola ride while we were in the city. Those are always fun."
"Next time." I stated. She gave a single nod. Enola reached for her tea cup. Her fingers were a bit unsteady as they touched the cup. She looked as though she was testing the heat of the cup. She pulled her fingers away quickly. She sighed like she'd given up on her idea then picked up the tea cup. She dropped the cup with a loud crash. I jumped toward her and lifted her off the stool. I set her down a meter away so she didn't step on the glass.
“Oh, goodness." She whimpered.
I shook my head, "It's not your fault baby. It's okay." I let go of her waist then rushed to get a towel. I quickly soaked up all of the tea and milk from the counter and the floor. As I picked up the shards of glass, I heard Enola muttering to herself. I turned to see her gripping her hair with trembling hands. I threw the glass into the bin. "Enola, are you alright?" I asked her trying to get her to look in my eyes. She nodded. I moved my shirt away from her legs a bit, using my body as a shield from the boys' prying eyes. "Did you get burned?" I asked.
"No. I'm okay. I'm okay." She assured me, touching my chest. I pulled her into my arms quickly. She placed her hands on my back and rested her cheek on my peck. I rubbed her back for a moment.
"I'm sorry." I murmured kissing her hair. She smelled like me. It drove me crazy that I could smell my cologne on her.
"It's alright, Harry. I'm fine." She stated with a soft voice to make me feel better. I looked down at her with furrowed brows. "Harry, it's okay. It was my fault. I should've been more cautious." She had an almost hurt expression on her face. I shook my head. "Don't apologize to me." She said firmly.
I groaned, "Enola, you could've been burned very badly."
She smiled brightly, "I know, but I wasn’t." I sighed heavily. She kissed me gently. Her lips tasted so sweet and they were incredibly soft. "I have had worse happen to me. I don't want you to apologize." She murmured so the boys couldn't hear her. My brows furrowed even more. What was she talking about? I felt my heart grow heavy. What happened to her?
"Enola, are you alright?" Niall asked her when she released me.
She returned to her seat on the barstool, "I'm fine, sweetie."
Louis looked at her with concern and motioned to the slight red mark on her hand, "That doesn't look alright to me."
"I'll be fine in a little bit." Enola told Louis with a straight face.
Zayn cocked his head, "Should you put something on that?"
Enola shook her head, "I'll be fine soon." She seemed annoyed with repeating herself so many times.
"I'll kiss you better later." I teased, whispering in her ear. She smirked and hit me in the stomach.
"Enough over there. Isn't how we got here in the first place? You two being all cutesy?" Liam joked.
I rolled my eyes, "Thanks, Liam." Enola gazed up at me with confused eyes. The boys all sighed and looked away from me. Enola laid her hand on my cheek. She kissed me lightly again. I leaned into her a little, trying to tell her how sorry I was for making it so hot.
"Harry, I'm okay." She whispered to me. I pressed my forehead to hers and stared into her eyes, those loving blue eyes. After another moment she turned her attention back to the boys. She looked at Niall, "Where in Ireland are you from?" I smiled a bit but it faded when I saw Louis, Liam and Zayn all staring at me weirdly. I questioned them with my eyes, wondering what their problem was. They shook it off. I sighed. I was going to make them tell me tomorrow. Enola looked at Niall confused, "I've not been to Mullingar. I only went to Kinnegad. My dad lives there."
"Seriously, that's like really close. Not even a half hour drive." Niall informed her.
"Well, maybe next time I go visit my dad, I'll go visit the Horan clan." She smiled brightly at him.
He laughed, "If I'm even there."
She shook her head, "It's okay. I haven't seen my dad in a few years anyway." I sighed. How could she talk about it like it was no big deal? Not having her father in her life left a mark on her and it wasn't all good. Yes, she learned how to be strong and independent from not having him but she was also terrified of love and relying on others.
"Maybe you should go see him." I suggested quietly.
She looked at me a bit shocked, "Weren't you the one saying all the things about taking responsibility as a father?"
I shrugged, "Yeah, I think he's a shit in that way. But still, he's your father. And you've got brothers that might want to know you. A step mum."
Enola lifted her eyebrow, "Would she be considered a step mum or just my dad's wife? I mean, given the situation, would that be the right term?"
"What do you mean?" Louis asked.
Enola turned to him, "My father was married when he met my mom. When she got pregnant, my dad was still married. And they are married to this day."
"Wow. She stayed with him? If I were her, I wouldn't have." Zayn sighed in disbelief.
Enola shrugged, "My older brother, Keifer was five and I guess it was for him. I don't know. My dad and I don't really talk about it. When he calls he usually just calls on my birthday and holidays."
"Do you talk to your brothers much?" Liam inquired.
Enola shook her head, "No. Keifer is still really angry. Kelly doesn't know what to think. My dad just kind of sprung me on them. Didn't tell them who I was or that I was even coming until I showed up with my mother. His wife is really nice to me though. She sends me gifts on my birthdays."
Zayn nodded, "Step mum. She's nice to you and all."
"It's nice that she's good to you." I smiled at Enola. She shrugged a bit. I could tell that something was bothering her. What would bother her about a step mother that was kind to her?



Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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