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Fool's Gold

Chaper 33

Harry and I entered the kitchen quietly. Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn all were devouring the pasta I had made for them. The four boys turned their eyes to Harry and I.
"Enola, this is amazing. Where did you learn to cook?" Niall asked me.
I smiled brightly, "My mother. She has always been a good cook." The rest of the boys gave me thumbs up.
"We're going to bed. When you're done, just put all of the dishes in the sink. I'll take care of it in the morning. You're welcome to everything in the house. The first and third rooms on the right side of the hall upstairs are the guest rooms. There are two beds in each so, you can all have a comfy bed. Watch TV, do what you will." Harry informed them with a smile.
"I hear a but coming." Liam chuckled.
"But stay out of our room. Don't even come near the door." Harry warned them.
"There are extenuating circumstances. If someone is bleeding or dying for the love of Pete, please come wake me." I said with worried and protective eyes. The boys happily agreed to my terms.
"But don't do anything to make yourselves bleed or cause a near death experience. I don't want you in our room." Harry said with a meaner tone.
"Like we'll need to be anywhere close the room to hear what you are going to be doing." Zayn laughed. I shook my head as Harry made an obscene gesture.
I bit my lip, "You’re probably right. He's really good at that." I motioned to Harry's gesture. The boys all made grossed out expressions and Harry's face turned beat red.
"Get up stairs." Harry chuckled pushing me out of the kitchen. I laughed quietly as I stepped onto the staircase.
"Didn't think of that before you started acting like a fool, now did you?" I teased quietly making him laugh. Harry slid his hand into mine as we walked side by side.

Harry and I crawled into bed together. I snuggled up to him almost instantly; I had to wait for him to get comfortable first. I laid my head down on the pillows next to his. I wrapped my soft, smooth leg around his then draped my arm over his abs. Harry wound his arms around me with a sigh. He pulled me a little closer as he kissed my lips softly. I hummed into his kiss.
"I love cuddles." I murmured to him.
Harry chuckled, "I know you do."
I bit my lip when he gazed upon my face again, "Especially after you've made love to me."
"I'm getting there." Harry smirked, soon after though, the smirk faded. He looked almost sad but angry at the same time.
"Harry, what's wrong?" I stroked his abs in a slow soothing motion. I wanted him to relax.
He groaned quietly, "I am upset with the boys. I didn't want them here. That's why I only told Paul and my mother where we were. I just want you to myself right now. I wanna make love to you on every surface of this house like in Ireland. I want to not have to get dressed when I wake up. I wanna hold you for no reason in the middle of a room for as long as I want. I wanna be as close to you as I possibly can until we have to go back to our lives. I don't know when you're coming on tour and when you come out I have to share you with them. I just want us to be us, the way we are now."
"Harry, I promise you that we will always be us. Nothing could change that. And I also promise that in bed, whatever bed it is. I am yours you never have to share me." I spoke softly to ease him. He gave me a blank stare. "I'm not talking about sex...well, maybe a little but, what I meant was my heart will always belong in the bed that you are in. Where we talk and laugh and share everything. Where we create a connection physically and emotionally." I assured him.
Harry lifted his eyes to mine and smiled gently, "I love you. Every millimeter. Inside and out." I pressed my lips to his gently, causing the smirk to reappear on his face. Harry carefully turned me onto my back. HE quickly knelt between my legs and lowered his lips to my neck. "What was is that you said you wanted?" Harry asked with a mischievous tone. I lifted my eyebrow at him as his lips worked their way down between my breasts and over my abdomen. Harry hooked his fingers into my panties and slowly pulled them down my thighs. "What did you want, baby?" Harry asked again, his voice sounded a bit deeper as he peppered my thighs with kisses while he removed my panties from around my feet. He began repeating all of the naughty little things I had said to him in the car. Teasing me with his fingertips, lips and tongue.
“You’re not playing fair.” I panted as I buried my hands in his hair.
He chuckled against my thigh, “You started this game. Not me.” I wanted to laugh but was pulled under by the sensation of Harry’s caresses.

Harry nearly collapsed on top of me out of breath and sweating. I held him loosely with one arm as I attempted to release my grip on the sheets above my head. My body was quaking from the rush that he gave me. I was trying to get a handle on myself when Harry slipped out of me. He fell to the bed next to me on his back. He was trembling as well. I finally released the sheets and let my hand fall to Harry's chest. Even my fingers were shaking. Harry gripped my hand.
"Noli, are you okay?" He whispered with genuine concern. I shook my head slowly. "Did I hurt you?" Harry was even more worried now. I shook my head again. "What's the matter?" He ran his hand through my hair gently.
"I can't stop shaking." I replied.
He laughed, "You're stuttering too." I blushed madly but didn't have the strength to cover my face.
"All of your friends heard that. They all heard me." I stuttered again as my face turned an even brighter shade of red.
"That was intense." Harry smiled. I just nodded, closing my eyes and trying to catch my breath. Harry snuggled into me only to start laughing again. "You're still shaking like you did the first time." I broke into a small smile. "Do you want me to go make you some tea? See if it calms you down." I didn't reply. I wanted to get my breathing back. Harry laughed once again and shifted away from me.
"What are you doing?" I asked quietly.
"I am going to go make you some tea so you can sleep." He smiled back at me as he stood from the bed.
"I'd try to make you stay in bed but..." I chortled quietly. He smiled as he pulled on his underwear.
He leaned over and kissed my lips lightly, "I'll be right back."
"You know they're going to stare at you and make fun of you, right?" I asked as he walked toward the door.
"Yeah, well, I've gotta walk it off." He chuckled. I giggled and let him leave the room.



Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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