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Fool's Gold

Chapter 15

I woke to my phone ringing. I sighed and tried to ignore the melody as best as I could. I had the ring set so I knew who was calling. It was one of the boys again. They were probably going to take turns until they figured out where I was and who I was with. I pushed it onto the floor with one stroke of my hand. It stopped ringing. I sighed in relief and pulled the blankets around Enola and myself a bit tighter. I stayed silent but groaned in frustration in my mind when the phone started to ring again. Persistent shits. Enola rolled away from me.
She hit my chest and whined, "Harry, answer your phone, baby." I sighed heavily and got out of bed. I picked my phone up from the floor. I leaned over her sleeping body and kissed her lips lightly.
"Hello?" I answered my phone in aggravation as I exited our bedroom, closing the door behind me.
"Heya Harry!" Niall's bright voice came through.
I sighed and collapsed on the living room sofa, "What do you want Niall?"
"Don't sound so excited, Harry." Niall joked, his cheery laughter filling my ear.
I rubbed my face roughly, "Niall, we were sleeping. What do you need?"
"We? Whose we?" Niall asked curiously. I grunted quietly. I knew that's all they wanted. They wanted to know about Enola.
"Niall." I glowered.
"What? I want to know so I can apologize." He replied.
"I'm sure that Louis already told you who I am with. What do you really need, if anything at all?" I kept my grumpy disposition.
"We need to talk about the next leg of the tour, that’s all. I've got you on speaker. The boys and I are all chillin' out." Niall responded seriously. I rubbed my face again. Work, just what I wanted to be doing while the most beautiful woman I had ever met was in bed sleeping. I rested my head against the back of the sofa and closed my eyes as they started talking about dates and cities.
I roamed around the kitchen with the phone still pressed to my ear. I had been on the phone with the boys for a solid hour. I turned my head and smiled when I heard feet on the kitchen floor behind me. Enola smiled weakly, her arms wrapped around herself. I beckoned her to me. She happily placed herself in my embrace. I held the phone away from my mouth.
"Why are you up already, baby?" I whispered.
"I got cold because you didn't come back." She replied just as softly.
I kissed her forehead, "I'm sorry. It's important tour stuff." She nodded then rested her head in the crook of my neck. I held her close and rubbed her back soothingly.
"Harry, are you even listening?" Liam grunted through the phone at me.
"Yes, I am." I huffed.
"Okay, so what special things do you want this round?" Zayn asked politely.
"I want Enola to spend a few days with us. I'm not sure which cities yet but she's coming out." I replied. Enola's head shot up from my shoulder. Her eyes were wide and she looked so confused.
"Who is Enola and why do you want her to come out?" Louis asked.
"Enola is the reason I am nowhere near you boys and the best reason for a holiday I've ever known." I gazed into her eyes.
"Oh the mystery girl that he's always thinking about but will never talk about." Louis teased a bit. I could hear the smirk in his voice.
"Alright, talk to Paul about guests, on the list." I could hear that Liam was smiling ear to ear.
"Tell us about her." Zayn sounded excited.
"Not right now. We have tour things to discuss." I changed the topic, "We haven't covered the set list yet. Do we want to change it?" The boys and I continued on with our discussion.
Enola smirked at me as she stood from the stool across the counter from me. I lifted my eyebrow as she rounded the island. She leaned into me and kissed my lips lightly. I chased her mouth with my own. She tasted like the berries she'd been eating. She giggled and backed away from my lips. I pursed my lips as her kisses made their way down my neck. I held in a sigh as her lips traced the tattoos on my chest. I bit my bottom lip as her tongue flicked down my abs. I felt my breathing grow unsteady as she sunk to her knees in front of me. She dragged her index finger up and down the front of my briefs. I gazed down at her in disbelief.
"Harry, is everything alright?" Louis asked his concern obvious.
"Yeah." My voice broke a bit. I cleared my throat and tried to sound manlier than I had the first time, "Yeah. I'm fine." Enola giggled a bit as she pulled my briefs down my legs. I quickly tried to stop her. I shook my head and mouthed, "I'm on the phone." She slowly began to unbutton my paisley button down shirt I had dressed her in the day before. She slid it off her shoulders with ease and gazed at me with innocent eyes. The sight of her naked and on her knees while I was on the phone was tantalizing. I wanted it. I wanted to do something daring. I pulled my lip between my teeth again and nodded. She smirked and licked the tip of my penis. I held back a sigh and tried to concentrate on the boys.
"So, we want to keep all of the singles, of course." Liam sounded very professional. I quickly gripped the counter beside me. Enola enveloped my entire length. I wanted to gasp and moan but I didn't want the boys to know anything. Enola smirked and pulled back a bit. She jutted her mouth forward again, staring into my eyes. I buried my hand in hair as she bobbed her head with smooth and deliberate motions. I wanted to scream out as she took my dick deeper into her mouth each time. Her mouth felt almost as heavenly as her cunt. I gasped loudly and unintentionally as she moved her jaw in an odd motion.
"Harry, what happened?" Zayn was showing concern this time.
"Oh fuck." I groaned a bit. "I have to call you back." I grunted into the phone then hung up. I threw the phone onto the counter and gripped Enola's hair with the other hand as well. She smiled and ran her fingernails up and down my thighs, oscillating her jaw around my dick. I gasped again as she leaned in closer, making my tip touch the back of her throat. I tugged her hair gently. "Ugh, Noli, you're gunna make me cum." She backed away.
"Isn't that the whole point?" She giggled wiping her mouth.
I shook my head, “I wanna be inside you." She turned red as it was her turn to bite her lip. I dropped to my knees as well and pushed her back onto the floor. I pulled her legs over my shoulders and smirked at her. She gripped my hair as I meshed my mouth to her clit. I wasted no time. I caressed her with my tongue. I hummed into her as I felt her legs begin to tremble on my shoulders. I pulled back from her making a loud popping sound. She gazed down at me in awe as I returned my mouth to her flesh. She gasped and cried out when I moved my fingers over her clit. I applied just enough pressure to make her start squirming.



Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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