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Fool's Gold

Chapter 16

I held Harry close and I trembled underneath him. His entire body sagged while he lightly kissed up and down my neck and shoulder. I frowned when he pulled out and sat up. He grabbed his phone from the counter top before lying back on the floor with me. Harry tugged me to him. I rested my head on his shoulder and draped my leg over his. I placed my arm over his waist as he redialed the boys. HE put them on speaker phone then set the phone beside his head. He embraced me tightly.
"I'm sorry baby. I have to call them back." Harry whispered to me before the boys picked up.
"Harry! What's going on? Are you alright?" Louis sounded very upset and concerned.
Harry chuckled, "I'm fine Louis. What were we talking about?"
"Why do you sound out of breath?" Liam inquired.
Harry laughed again, "Because I am."
"Harry?" Niall sounded a bit grossed out.
"Come on, get on with it! Enola and I don't have all day you know." Harry shouted playfully at them.
"Is she with you right now? Is she listening?" Niall asked.
Harry looked at me, "Say hi, babe."
"Hi boys." I murmured shyly.
"Hello Enola." They spoke in unison. I buried my face in Harry's neck out of embarrassment.
"On with tour talk." Harry instructed.
"So Enola, how are you?" The voice I recognized as Louis asked politely. I lifted my head from Harry's chest and gazed at him a bit worried.
Harry laughed loudly, "Don't look at me. Answer him."
I blushed and leaned toward the phone, "I'm very well. Thank you. How are you?"
"Just fine, thanks. Are you having fun?" Louis still kept his polite tone but there was something a bit different as well.
"I am. Harry is very entertaining." I replied sweetly.
"I should hope so. He's going through a lot of trouble to keep where you are a secret." The voice I knew to be Liam chuckled. I lifted my eyebrow at Harry. HE smiled brightly. I shook my head and laughed myself.
"Is there a reason that you don't want us to know where you are, Harry?" Zayn inquired.
"I don't want you fellas busting up my fun." Harry said sitting up a bit.
"Enola, what do you do?" Liam asked politely. I looked at Harry, questioning if he would get upset if I spoke to his friends. He smiled and motioned for me to speak.
"I'm an artist." I answered.
"An artist? What kind of artist?" Zayn sounded intrigued.
I bit my lip shyly, "I'm a photographer. But I paint sometimes as well, depends on the day."
"She's also a lovely sculptor." Harry interjected as he crawled between my legs. I gazed at him curiously. He just smirked as he looked into my eyes.
"Really? We'd love to see some of what you've done when you come to visit." I could hear the smile in Niall's voice.
"So, how old are you? Harry literally has told us nothing." Louis sounded genuinely interested.
"I'm twenty three." I answered.
Harry looked at me surprised, "Really?" I nodded. He smiled, "I thought you were older." I shook my head.
"Harry, you didn't know this?" Liam sounded distraught.
Harry laughed, "You know me, I don't ask." The boys all made a sound that suggested they knew already. I twined my fingers in his hair as he placed quiet, soft kisses on my chest.
"Enola, do you know what cities you'd like to come to?" Liam asked politely.
"I don't. I have to look and see when I have showings and things like that." I replied nervously.
"Things like that?" Zayn sounded a bit skeptical.
"I have to see when I have meetings with galleries, showings, private talks with people looking to buy, I also have a photo shoot coming up." I answered but left out something more important than all of those.
"A photo shoot?" Harry looked at me confused.
I smiled nervously, "Yeah. I don’t just take photos of you and scenery. I like photographing people too. You know this. You have a few like that." Harry nodded and went back to kissing me softly. "I can't concentrate when you do that you know." I murmured to Harry. He chuckled against the skin of my abdomen.
"I don't even want to know." Niall groaned quietly.
"He's not doing anything bad. Silly boys." I giggled.
"Tell us about your shoot. What's it for?"
"Actually, lads, we have to let you go. We have somewhere to be and it's an hour drive to the city." Harry interrupted the beginning of my explanation. I lifted my eyebrow at Harry. He just smiled at me.
"An hour drive to the city? Where are you Harry?" Louis asked.
Harry snickered, "I'm not going to tell you. There is one person on our team who knows where I am at and it’s only because he needs to know. Now, have a lovely day fellas."
"Bye boys. I look forward to actually meeting you." I said brightly. The boys all spoke in unison once more as they wished us a farewell before Harry hung up. I giggled when Harry placed his mouth over mine passionately. I wound my arms around his neck and held him close.
"Come on, let's have a shower. I really do want to take you somewhere today." Harry murmured against my lips. I nodded and let him go. He stood from the floor and helped me up as well.


Alright loves,
I know I've posted quite a bit in the last week/ few days but there may be a bit of a delay with the next few. These "first" chapters were not hard to edit but the next few will take some time.
I will try to get the editing done as soon as possible but as laid out in these chapters this will be a complicated journey for our lovely characters.


after thought: Would anyone be interested in hearing from someone outside of our charming young couple? If so, leave a comment or send a message.



Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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