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Fool's Gold

Chapter 14

I woke to the sound of Harry moving about in the kitchen. I sat up and looked around confusedly. The sky had darkened and the outside lights were on. I glanced down to see that Harry had dressed me in his paisley button down shirt. I smiled and pulled it to my face. I inhaled deeply, taking in his scent. He had a wonderful taste in cologne. I turned to get out of the bed when I saw a note on the pillow.
I didn't want to leave your side but there were things that needed to be done. Come down when you're ready. I have a surprise for you.
I grinned and jumped out of the bed, leaving the note where I had found it. I made my way out of the bedroom quietly. I wanted to sneak up on Harry. I tried not to giggle when I heard him cursing in the kitchen. I walked in to see that he had his back turned. I bit my lip seeing all of the tattoos he was covered in. I loved when he roamed around shirtless. I slowly walked across the kitchen. I slid my hands up Harry's back, kissing his skin as delicately as it deserved.
"Hello." Harry mused as I peppered his back with indulgent kisses.
"Hi." I laughed quietly. He turned to me and embraced me gently. His lips met mine for only a moment.
"Do you feel better?" He asked concern filling his eyes once more.
I nodded, "I do."
"Good. This should make you feel even better." Harry beamed like he was proud of himself.
I smirked a bit, "If it isn't a kiss then I don't know if it will or not." Harry's eyes showed a mix of amusement and disappointment. I sighed, "Harry, I'm teasing, love. I want to know what my surprise is." I locked my wrists behind his neck and stood on my toes to brush my lips against his. Harry happily began to deepen the kiss. He locked and unlocked his lips with my own. My knees started to go weak when he slipped his tongue between my lips, softly flicking his tongue against the roof of my mouth.
"Come on. I'll show you your surprise." Harry panted backing out of this kiss. I nodded and let him release me from his grasp. I slipped my hand into his and let him lead me out of the kitchen. We walked out onto the back deck, where the pool was. I smiled when I saw the candles covering the area. He had adorned the table with a lovely white table cloth, a candle and some fresh flowers from the garden out front. I smiled when I saw two covered plates on either end of the table. I looked up at Harry and smiled."Surprise." He whispered before touching his mouth to mine.
"Harry, this is beautiful." I gushed as he led me to my seat. "I feel like I should go change into something nicer." I tried to stand as soon as Harry set me down. Harry shook his head and put his hand on my shoulder, easing me into the chair again.
His eyes were full of adoration and kindness, "You are gorgeous just as you are. You never look more beautiful than when you’re in nothing but my shirt with no makeup and crazy bed hair." I blushed and ran my hands through my hair, trying to tame it a little. Harry chuckled and took his seat across from me.
Harry leaned forward to me as we ate. He was gazing at me with gentle, happy eyes and a smile plastered across his mouth. I tried to hold back a laugh.
"What?" He asked. "What have I done?" He seemed genuinely worried about my muffled laughter.
I shook my head, "Nothing. You just...you look so happy. I love it."
"You do as well, you know. I don't think I've seen a light in your eyes like this before." Harry grinned. I blushed and dropped my eyes from his face. "Come to some of my shows. Spend time with me on the road." Harry asked quickly.
I set my fork down, "Now why would I that?"
Harry's brows furrowed, as if he was angry, "Because I want you to. I want to be around you. I don't think I could go another six months not seeing you. We're two days into this holiday and I'm already dreading the end. I don't want to have to wish you were in my bed." I felt a lump grow in my throat and a pit growing in my stomach. He wanted more.
"Harry, you haven't even told your friends about me." I sighed.
He frowned, "I know. But I didn't want to tell them anything if this didn't end up working. I didn't want them to know about you if it turned out Ireland was just a freak occurrence. Now, I am sure that it wasn't and I don't want to go without you. I don't think I could honestly." I bit my lip and tried not to start crying. What have I gotten myself into? What have I done? I knew my answer should be no. I knew that it was an even worse idea that the holiday together.
My heart screamed with desire, "Yes. Of course, Harry. I would love to do that."
Harry looked shocked, "Really? You're not just saying that now so I'll shut up about it?"
I shook my head, "No. I want to. I enjoy every moment I have with you." I was so stupid. This was going to end horribly and it was all going to be my fault. Selfish, foolish girl, that's what I was.

Harry and I laid on the deck next to each other. My arm was resting against his and every so often I would feel his foot graze mine, like he was just making sure I was still beside him. I smiled and lifted my arm. I gently tucked it between Harry's arm and his body. Harry smiled as well. He opened his eyes and gazed upon my face. He leaned closer and brushed his lips against mine. I lifted my hand from between us and grazed my knuckles against his cheek. He felt warm and it made me break our kiss with a smile. Harry took my hand in his gently for a moment. He then let his fingers dance across my palm. I bit my lip, loving the tingling feeling his fingers left behind. He smoothed his fingertips up my fingers. I hummed softly as he caressed my hand.
"It's amazing." I whispered.
"What is?" Harry inquired staring me down.
I chewed on the inside of my cheek before answering, "The smallest of touches from you make me feel...I dunno how to describe it, but I love it." Harry’s face lit up and he rested his forehead on mine. I turned onto my side and curled into him. He enfolded me in his arms securely. I laid my leg over his and rested my hand on his bare chest. I closed my eyes with a sigh.
"Five euros says that we fall asleep here." Harry chuckled.
I murmured, "I am okay with that."
Harry kissed my hair, "Me too."
I was shaken gently. I whimpered and pushed the hand away from my shoulders. I was shaken again. As I came to I realized where I was. I was still lying on the cold, hard cement of the back deck. I whimpered again when I noticed how uncomfortable I was.
"Noli, come on, baby. Let's go to bed." Harry whispered helping me sit up.
"No. I wanna sleep here. I'm too tired to move." I whined standing and leaning against Harry.
"Enola, it’s going to rain. Come on. We gotta go inside." Harry urged. I whimpered again followed by a sudden squeal. I was in the air all of a sudden and it woke me right up. Harry had picked me up bridal style. HE carried me into the house with no effort at all. I rested my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes. I wrapped my arms around his neck afraid of falling. "I'm not going to drop you." Harry chuckled. I snuggled deeper into his arms.

Harry set me down on the bed gently. I sighed when my head hit the pillows. Harry laughed quietly but I didn't feel him get into the bed with me. I opened my eyes and searched the room for him. He wasn't there. I then noticed the light in our bathroom was on. I removed the blankets from my body then tip toed into the bathroom. I winced as I pushed the door open. The light was far too bright for my tired, sleep filled eyes.
"Whoa! Noli, what are you doing out of bed?" Harry yelped. He quickly turned his back to me. I snickered when I realized he was taking a wee.
"You didn't get in bed." I stated sleep still filling my voice as well. Harry sighed and zipped his jeans after a moment. He turned back to me with a bright red face. He went to the sink and turned on the water. "You can't wee in front of me?" I asked a bit amused by his shyness. "I've seen you naked numerous times." I added after a moment.
"It's not about that." Harry grunted as he washed his hands.
"What is it? I think you inserting that appendage into me and me being in the room with you when you wee are a kind of connected." I explained.
Harry turned off the water and glared at me, "It's not about that Enola." Harry pivoted my body so I would walk into the bedroom.
"What's it about then?" I asked as I crawled into the bed. Harry stood at the end of the bed and removed his boots. He had a fire in his eyes. I pulled the blankets over my legs as I watched him undress.
"Well, just now, you startled me." Harry replied quietly.
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to." I spoke softly as he crawled into the bed beside me. Harry wrapped his arm around my waist and I snuggled closer to him. I turned onto my side and rested my head against the head board. "Let's just say tomorrow, if you're taking a wee and I come in to brush my teeth, would you get mad again?" I asked as Harry laid his head down on the pillows.
He sighed, "I wouldn't get mad, but I sure wouldn't like it either."
"Why?" I inquired.
He lifted his arm from my waist and scratched his head nervously, "Because, I'd like there to be some mystery between us. That kind of sucks it out, don't you think?"
I shrugged, "I guess so. But we took baths and showers together in Ireland; we will probably do it here too." I thought I had come up with a reasonable argument for my stance.
Harry smiled, "But there is still sexiness in it. When we were in Ireland, every time we took a bath we would make love. There's still an erotic factor in bathing each other." I pursed my lips, fighting back a smile. He was right and I didn't want to admit it. Harry laughed and buried his face in my neck, kissing my skin softly. "Noli, come on. Just admit that I have made my point."
"No way. You're going to be all cocky if I do." I mumbled.
"I'll be even worse if you don't." Harry smirked.
I sighed, "I guess you have a point." Harry laughed loudly, picking his head up from the pillows. "You're such a little boy sometimes." I grumbled.
"Oh stop it and give us a cuddle." Harry whined. I snuggled down into the bed and placed my arms around Harry's waist like he had done to me. He pressed his forehead to mine. "You're a sorry loser." Harry jeered in a whisper.
"We're not having sex again." I teased right back at him.
He glared at me, "That's not even close to funny."
I giggled and kissed his lips teasingly, "I think it's hilarious."
"I am so sick of you picking on me." Harry fake cried and he rolled on top of me. I cracked up laughing as he settled his body between my legs.



Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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