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Fool's Gold

Chapter 13

Harry and I drifted through the pool, wrapped around each other, sharing only gentle and innocent kisses. I placed my hand on Harry's chest over his heart. He bent his head forward and kissed my arm up to my shoulder. I smiled to myself when I saw my camera sitting at the edge of the pool. I reached for it in a smooth unnoticed motion. I quickly snapped a picture of Harry and I in our warm embrace. His head nestled in my neck and holding me close. My chin resting on his head and my arm wrapped around his shoulders. I smiled to myself and returned my camera to the edge of the pool.
"I noticed that, Noli." Harry murmured.
"I don't care. I wanted to save this moment." I replied in a giggle.
"Do you want to go inside?" Harry asked gently gazing into my eyes. I was confused. "Baby, you're shaking you're so cold." He chortled. I then realized how cold I had actually become. I nodded and we unwound from each other.
Harry and I walked into the house still nude but carrying in everything we had left the house with and wearing. Harry brought the picnic basket and blanket into the kitchen while I brought our clothes up to the bedroom. After a few minutes I was joined in the bedroom by Harry. He sat down on the bed and took my hand in his.
"I don't want to stop cuddling." He stated with a smile.
I laid down on the bed behind him, "Well, come here." I beckoned him to me. He crawled up next to me and rested his head on my chest. I slid my arms around his shoulders as he placed his arm over my abdomen and draped his leg over mine. "I like this side of you." I whispered as I twined my fingers in his hair. Harry chuckled and held me tighter. I let my eyes slide closed as I listened to him breathing and felt his chest rise and fall against my side. His breath danced across my chest giving me chills. How was he making me feel like this? What was he doing to me? I'd never felt content just being held by a man before. But that's all I wanted from him today, I wanted to hold each other until we were just one being. What was going on with me? Had I been that starved for affection before meeting him?
"Noli, why are you crying?" Harry asked, his worried eyes searching my face.
I laughed, "I don't know." Harry's eyes seemed to show some amusement but he still had worry written in his furrowed brows. "I really don't Harry. I'm sorry." I stated wiping my eyes. Harry kissed my lips gently. "I'm sorry." I whimpered.
"No, don't be sorry. I just wish I knew what you were feeling." Harry frowned as he tried to clear my face of tears. Something I always had to do for myself. I smiled as his thumb stroked my cheek caringly. I rested my hand on his, holding his palm to my cheek. Harry placed butterfly kisses over every inch of my face, from my forehead to my chin, my eyelids to my lips.
"Please, don't let me go." I murmured to him. Harry quickly maneuvered so he was lying between my legs. He laid his head back down on my chest and held me tightly. I buried my hands in his curly locks that I loved so much and gripped his shoulder. The heat he was radiating gave me comfort, as did the feel of his weight holding me into the bed. What was my problem? Why did I break down?



Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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