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Fool's Gold

Chapter 12

Enola released me from her embrace. She smirked at me when my face dropped. I wanted her close and she knew it. I watched her with a smile on my face as she swam back, away from me. She was becoming more amused, seeing the light and lust in my eyes. She took another step back from me. My eyes narrowed on her body as she leaned back into the warm water of the pool. The way her back arched and arms bent reminded me of the time we spent intertwined on every surface of the apartment in Ireland. I couldn't help myself any longer as her breasts rose above the water. I quickly moved toward her, sucking her flesh between my lips as I pulled her into my arms. She laughed and wrapped her arms around my neck. I hummed against her skin. I felt my entire being melt as she moaned softly, twining her hands in my hair again.
"Harry, no. Not yet." Enola whimpered as my hand traveled to her thigh, spreading her legs.
"Why not?" I whined a bit.
She sighed, feeling my fingers working towards where I wanted to be most, "Because I don't want us to lose the fire. You'll burn out and get weird."
I chuckled, "I'll never burn out with you. You captivate every part of my mind and body." I kissed her neck lightly before bringing her legs around my hips.
"Don't try to charm me, Mister Styles." She moaned as I slid inside her with ease. I sighed heavily; she felt amazing. Her insides clung to me in a way I'd never felt. She jerked her hips forward taking me in deeper. Enola whimpered quietly.
"I already have." I snickered, pushing her against the pool wall.
"Shut up and make love to me." She breathed into my ear hotly. I happily complied with her wish.



Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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