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Fool's Gold

Chapter 11

Harry and I lay intertwined on the blanket in the middle of the vineyard. We were lying much like we were in bed the night before just clothed. His arm was tucked underneath me, pulling me close. His hand rested on my thigh and our legs were twisted together. I played with Harry's hair gently, twisting and unwinding his curls around my fingers the way he liked.
I lifted my head from his shoulder. His face looked peaceful as he soaked in the light drenching the countryside. I lifted my hand from his hair and slowly began to trace his face with my fingertips. I smoothed my finger across his forehead, down his jawline, over his chin. Harry giggled when I drew a line down the bridge of his nose. He lifted his head and pressed his lips to mine. I cupped his cheek and stroked his skin with my thumb. He pulled away with a smile. He returned his head to the ground and closed his eyes again.
"What are you thinking about?" I whispered burying my fingers in his hair.
Harry hummed softly, "Your warmth and amorous nature. How you feel right now." Harry smirked a bit, "How you're going to feel tonight." I giggled softly. He was such a lad sometimes. "But mostly, I'm thinking about our moments like this. When you hold me and I feel normal."
"But you are normal, Harry. You're just like every other twenty something on the planet; you just have an odd job." I assured him. Harry smiled weakly and gently started to stroke my thigh. "Are we just going to lie here all day?" I questioned, feeling amused with his lack of ambition.
"I could live with that." Harry chuckled.
"Harry. Come on. Let's go swimming or something. It's a beautiful day." I whined.
He opened one eye and glared at me, "This is a great way to spend a beautiful day: lying in the sun with a gorgeous woman in your arms."
"Don't try to charm me, Mister Styles." I snickered.
Harry dropped his hand from my thigh with a grunt, "What do you want to do?" HE carefully moved my body off of his and sat up. He looked back at with an annoyed stare.
"I wanna go use that lovely pool." I beamed at him. He smiled and shook his head. He stood from the blanket. I placed my hand in his when he held it out to me. Once I was standing, Harry picked up our little picnic basket and the blanket.

"Harry, let me carry something." I begged as we walked toward the house. He shook his head quickly. "Come on. You don't have to be Mister Perfect Gentleman Guy with me. Let me carry something."
Harry huffed loudly, "Fine. Here." He handed me the blanket just so I would stop whining at him. I smiled brightly. Harry laughed and took my hand. We walked silently up to the house. Harry pulled my arm gently, trying to get me to walk up to the front door.
"No, let's go in through here." I pointed to the pool area. Harry nodded and followed me. I set the blanket down on the table near the pool.
"Come on." Harry grunted trying to pull me into the house. I released his hand and smirked. I gazed into his eyes as I began to unbutton my sundress. Harry looked at me curiously. "Noli, what are you doing?" Harry sighed.
"I am going swimming." I replied slipping my sundress off. I threw it onto the blanket.
"Shouldn't you get your swim suit on?" Harry inquired looking a bit shocked.
I reached behind me and unhooked my bra, "Nope." I removed my bra tossing it to the ground with a smirk. Harry stared at me in awe as I slithered out of my panties leaving them on the concrete before sliding into the warm water of the pool.
"Enola, seriously?" Harry was becoming tense as he set the basket down beside the table.
"Harry Styles, get naked and get in this pool with me." I commanded.
"If I get in there with you, I won't be able to control myself. I know it." Harry stated quietly.
I bit my lip lightly then replied, "That was the plan." Harry slid out of his shirt with ease. He quickly discarded his boots and jeans. I smiled when he nearly ripped his briefs off. Harry hopped into the pool, leaving his clothes sitting on the concrete. "Good. Now, come here." I grinned widely at him. Harry wound his arms around my back. He pulled me close making sure that my breasts rested against his chest the way they did when we made love. "This is a good way to spend a beautiful day as well."
Harry beamed at me, "It is." He slowly moved his wet fingers through my hair as I brought my legs around his waist. HE held me a little tighter before moving away from the edge of the pool. I worked my fingers into his hair the way he liked. Taking my time to massage every inch of his scalp. "I love that." Harry sighed softly.
I giggled, "I know." I released him in the same instant. I pulled my fingers from his hair and dropped my legs from his waist. I swam backward, away from him. I smiled a bit when he looked disappointed. He was getting ahead of himself though. As much as I loved his impulsive needs, Harry needed to learn to control himself. HE appeared ready to jump on top of me if I asked. I leaned back in the water to get my hair wet. AS soon as I felt the warm water against my scalp, I gasped from the feeling of Harry's lips on my skin. I wrapped my arms around his neck with a laugh.



Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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