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Fool's Gold

Chapter 108

I felt my pulse picking up. Harry and the other boys were coming our way with a member of their management team. I couldn't remember the man's name but I decided I didn't like him for bringing the boys over. I knew my husband was a big guy in business but Harry needed to stay away. He promised to stay away.
As I watched Harry walk closer and closer, I noticed his balance was a bit off and his eyes weren't a bright as normal. He was drunk. And not three drinks in tipsy. He was smashed. I prayed silently that Louis and Liam would do all of the talking so Harry couldn't say a word. Drunk people had no filter and Harry was terrible drunk. While Harry could be incredibly cute when drunk, telling me how beautiful I was, how much he loved me or how he wanted to spend every moment of the rest of his life with me; he was also extremely blunt. He had a knack for saying things that never needed to be said and he was almost always too vulgar for the situation he was in. My heart was palpitating.
The boys came to a stop in front of Charles and I and the other men that Charles worked with. Charles tugged me into his side when he saw Harry's eyes roaming over my body.
"Hello Mr Gunther, I'm James. We spoke earlier." James held out his hand to Charles.
Charles shook his hand, "I remember. You said you wanted me to meet your clients. And I'm assuming these boys are those clients." Charles voice was kind and diplomatic even though his eyes said he didn't care.
James nodded quickly, "They are. This is Zayn Malik. Niall Horan. Liam Payne. Louis Tomlinsion. And Harry Styles."
Charles nodded, "I am quite familiar with who they are. They are on my television all the time. And we went to the concert Thursday night. My wife is a fan." Charles looked at me, "Right, Kitten?" I gave a single nod but didn't speak at all. Charles told me I was better seen than heard at these events. Charles then shook the hands of Zayn, Niall, Liam and Louis. When Charles got to Harry, he looked at the curly headed man I loved with mean eyes. Charles had caught Harry staring at me again. "Mr Styles." Charles held his hand out to Harry. Harry took Charles' hand. "Is there a reason you keep looking at my wife like you know her?" Charles asked of Harry as they shared the most manly of handshakes.
Harry smirked, releasing Charles' hand, "Should know her. Been fucking her for almost a year." My jaw dropped as did the jaws of the rest of the boys. Harry was more intoxicated then I had thought. He never spoke of our relationship in that way. But as I looked into his eyes, really looked at him, I could see the hurt, the anger and the jealousy this night was causing him. I hated that we were here. I knew in that moment I should've run away with Harry the first time that he asked.
"Excuse me?" Charles replied with surprise, like he couldn't comprehend what Harry had said.
"You heard what I said." Harry slurred. His green eyes turned to mine, "Right, Kitten?" I felt my cheeks heat up as the people around us began to stare. I looked at Louis and the other boys begging for help but they were too shocked.
"Enola." Charles growled looking to me as well. I couldn't move. I felt like I couldn't breathe. This was happening. It was happening right now. "Enola!" Charles shouted.
"Hey, don't you raise your voice at her." Harry snapped at Charles. The tension in the room was thick and getting thicker.
Charles gave Harry glaring eyes, "Don't you tell me how to speak to my wife." Charles set his gaze on me again. I still couldn't breathe. I couldn't see straight. What was happening? Why was this happening? "Enola, you better fucking answer me. I've had enough. You better tell me that you've not been whoring with this little boy." Charles spoke lowly to me. But sadly, Harry's drunken ears had heard him.
"You know she's a person, right? That she has thoughts and feelings that your words have been crushing for the last five years? You do know she's not a rag doll for you to fuck when ever you feel like taking your anger out on someone?" Harry asked Charles too loudly.
"What did you just say to me?" Charles growled at Harry.
"Why are you an abusive asshat to a wonderful woman who could give you the fucking world?" Harry spoke slowly; he wanted Charles to hear every word perfectly. When I saw the shift in my husband's body, I knew I had to do something. Charles was going to hit Harry. If Harry said one more word, he was going to end up with a broken nose. "Do you think it's okay to say the things you say to her? Is it really okay for you to use her as a punching bag on a bad day? You're a self centered, abusive jerk. I can't wait for her to fucking leave you." The words flew out of Harry's mouth. And with that, I rushed to Harry. I pressed my body against his so he couldn't concentrate on Charles.
"Baby, stop. Ssshhh." I whispered taking his face in my hands. I needed him to calm down. His chest was heaving and he felt hot to the touch. Harry wound his arms around my waist then rested his cheek against mine. He just needed to feel me again. "Ssshhh, just calm down, baby." I was trying my hardest to soothe his anger.
"I love you. I love you." Harry kept repeating it over and over. "I love you. I love you." I bit my lip and tried not to cry. This is why I should've told him to wait until the divorce papers were filed and I had left Charles. I didn't want this. I never wanted this.
"I know, Bear. I know. I love you." I replied wrapping my arms around his neck. He was going to start crying and I didn't want that. I hated when he cried. I could always feel my heartbreaking for him when he did. "It's all going to be okay, baby." I whispered to him. "I promise."
"Enola Gunther." Charles growled at me. It was different from anything I'd ever heard before. I pulled away from Harry slowly.
"It's okay, baby. It'll be alright." I assured Harry as I gazed into his eyes. Harry nodded and ran his hand through his hair to ease his tension.
"ENOLA!" Charles barked. I turned to my husband, my stomach in knots, feeling like I was about to vomit. Harry grabbed my wrist when Charles took a step closer to me. "You better have a fucking explanation." His voice sounded like thunder even though people were surrounding us. "I want it now." Charles snapped at me.
"What am I supposed to say, Charlie? What do you want me to say in front of everyone? The truth?" I asked with attitude.
"Watch your tone with me." Charles glowered. I wanted so badly to slap him. I wanted to shout at him. Scream as loudly as I could that I hated him and wanted a divorce. I wanted to tell him that he was my biggest regret in life. "What the fuck are you thinking?"
"That you're a dick." Harry grumbled behind me, squeezing my wrist a bit tighter.
"I wasn't asking you." Charles smirked at Harry, "Fuck boy." Harry's grip on my wrist tightened even more. It was starting to hurt but I knew he didn't mean it. "What the fuck are you to her? A good time. A temporary fix for a life she obviously doesn't want to leave." Harry's brow furrowed.
I gazed up at his hurt eyes and mouthed, "I love you." Harry nodded and pressed his lips to my temple. I saw the anger flare in my husband's eyes. I was then wrenched out of Harry's grasp. I whimpered feeling Charles' strong hand on my arm as he pulled me away.
"Hey, get your hands off of her!" Harry shouted as he shoved Charles gently. Charles response was to knock Harry onto the ground. I yelped and tried to go to Harry. Harry grunted and tried to get up. He was too drunk to get up on his own. I pushed Charles away and knelt down next to Harry.
"Are you okay, Bear?" I asked laying my hand on his chest. Harry placed his hand over mine and closed his eyes. "Harry, answer me." I pleaded. I was worried.
"I'm fine, Noli. Just help me up." He replied. I nodded and assisted him in getting to his feet. I held his arm tightly and pulled carefully. When Harry was finally on his feet, I placed my hand on his chest to steady him. His arm was over my shoulders, keeping me close. Before I had a chance to say a word to Charles, he took another swing at Harry. His fist connected with Harry's cheek. Harry groaned loudly and held his face. I moved to get into Charles face. "Noli, baby, don't." Harry whispered. He didn't want me to get hurt. I nodded and stayed put at his side.
"Harry, you're bleeding and that tux is on loan. We need to get you cleaned up." James said to Harry with concern. Harry glared at James. James instantly closed his mouth.
"Harry, go. I don't want to hear about this from the rest of management. Niall and I will stay here with, E." Louis suggested. Harry looked over Louis and Niall then nodded. Louis was the sass king and Niall was Irish. I'd be fine in their care. Harry grabbed my face gently, making me look into his eyes. He then meshed his lips to mine passionately. The tang of his blood mixed with the sweetness of scotch. That's why he was so drunk. I leaned into him without thinking. I wanted his touch. I wanted his kiss. "Harry go." Louis urged. I broke the kiss to see Charles glaring holes into both Harry and I. "Liam, go with him." Louis asked politely. Liam nodded and dragged Harry toward the bathrooms.
"Mr Gunther." A very large security man spoke with authority to my husband. Charles looked at the man with fiery eyes. "We're going to have to ask you and your wife to leave. This is a benefit, not a soap opera." The security man stated dryly. Charles looked pissed off. He grabbed my arm and pulled me close.
"What if she stays with us. She is kind of a part of our party." Louis suggested to the security man.
The tall, light haired man shook his head, "Sorry Mr Tomlinson. I was given specific instructions that Mrs Gunther is supposed to leave as well."
"Really? She's not done anything wrong? She was trying to stop it." Niall argued with the man.
"Boys, it's alright." I assured them with a quivering lip. Louis, Niall and Zayn all side glanced at Charles. If he hit Harry, he could hit me. "I'll be fine. I'll be there for him as soon as I can." I whispered to Niall because he was the closest. Niall nodded before Charles dragged me away by the arm. Me whining that he was hurting me the whole way. I wanted everyone to know the monster I married.



Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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