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Fool's Gold

Chapter 109

Louis and Liam carried me into my hotel room. I was absolutely drunk off my ass. Even after Enola and Charles left, I kept drinking. I needed to. The thought of what was going on in that house was the scariest thing I'd ever encountered. Was he trying to convince her to stay with tears? Was he trying to make her stay by making love to her like he'd never done before? Was he hitting her? Leaving marks all over her body, trying to prove to her that he held the power? Was she packing up her things? Was she trying to get to me? I wasn't sure as Louis and Liam set me down on the bed.
I looked around the room and sighed heavily, "I'm not going to sleep."
"Harry, you need to sleep, mate." Liam sounded concerned. I shook my head quickly. "Why not then?" Liam asked sitting beside me.
"The hotel staff changed the sheets of the bed. It doesn't smell like my Noli. I can't sleep without her smell." I replied softly, resting my head on his shoulder. It was true. After each of her visits, everything I owned smelled like her.
"Maybe you should try. You should be rested for when we leave. I'm sure E will be here soon." Louis suggested placing his hand on my shoulder. I could see that he was worried about me; Liam too.
I shook my head again, "No. No. I have to stay awake. I have to wait for her. I can sleep on the plane." Louis and Liam both looked disappointed. "What if she needs me when she gets here. I have to stay awake until she gets here. She'll need me." I murmured, trying not to cry.
"Harry, just lay back." Liam said, pressing his hand into my chest. I shook my head and shoved his hand away. I didn't want to be babied. Enola was the only one who could baby me.
"No. I have to stay awake until she gets here. She's going to need me." I repeated to Liam with sad eyes. Who knew what Charles was doing to her, saying to her? I knew that I was going to have to calm her down, tell her that everything would be alright. I also knew that I was going to have to apologize for acting like an idiot and running my mouth in front of everyone.
"Harry, what do you think is going to happen when she gets here?" Louis asked kneeling on the floor in front of me. His eyes were genuinely curious but he also seemed worried.
"I don't know, Louis." I slurred. I smiled when a thought popped into my head. "She's going to tell me that she left him. We're going to fall back into bed, sleep in each other's arms and tomorrow, she's going to come back to London with me. She's going to tell me that we can finally start our life together, nothing standing in our way." I beamed at him. Louis smiled and patted my knee gently. "She's going to tell me that she wants a hundred babies just like we talked about." I smiled even brighter as I spoke lowly to Louis and Liam. I knew those plans that we made wouldn't happen for a while. But to know that we would finally be able to do what we had planned was elating.
"With as much as you two go at it, you will have that many." Liam chuckled and kissed my forehead. Louis ruffled my hair then they left me to wait for Enola.

Hours had passed. It was nearly three in the morning. Still no Enola. I was now sober. It only took an hour for it to happen. Niall sat in my living room with what seemed like a stock pile of water bottles. I was disheartened. If Enola had told Charles she was leaving, surely she would've been back by now. What if he hurt her? What if he was keeping her from me in the worst of ways? I picked up my phone and texted her. I needed to know that she was alright.
Are you alright, baby? Did he hurt you? Should I come get you? I set my phone on the bed beside me, waiting for her answer.
I thought I would feel relief when she answered me. But I didn't, her reply was one word: No. I didn't know if she meant that all three questions were a no or just the last one.
Noli, baby let me help you. I can do anything you want. I pleaded over text. I knew that little could be determined in regard to tone in a text. But Enola knew me. She knew I was worried about her.
No. Stay where you are, Bear. She was annoyed and scared. He had hurt her. He must have. He hurt her and she didn't want me to know about it. I was frustrated with her. If she needed my help, she knew that I would do anything for her. I sighed and pressed the button to actually ring her. It rang for a few moments, then went to voice-mail. I glared at the phone as I hung up. She wasn't answering. Why wasn't she answering? I threw my phone on the night stand when she ignored another text asking what was wrong. A few tears ran down my cheeks. The last few weeks started to play through my head.
I listened to her give her body to another man. I listened to apology after apology. I'd caught her in lies and tried time and time again to convince her to leave Charles. I'd made plans with her. We'd made so many plans over the last few days that I wondered why she wasn't trying harder to get back to me.

Enola giggled as she laid naked in my arms. I smiled as she snuggled closer to me, a bright smile gracing her beautiful face. I stroked her cheek with my thumb gently.
"Come on, baby. Tell me. What do you want to do when you get to London?" I asked with a serious tone.
Enola grinned, "I wanna get a house with plenty of room, for both of us to have studio like you said. Extra rooms for the boys and your mother when they want to visit." I nodded with a grin. "I want to get a puppy like you said we could too. Someone to keep me company when you're gone."
"Of course love, anything you want." I stated honestly.
"But a good dog, a family dog. A dog that would be...good with children even when he's old." She blushed just a bit as she added, "A dog that will protect our babies when you're not there." I smiled a bit hearing that she was thinking about kids. "We may need a really big house."
"Why is that, Noli?" I asked in a teasing manner.
She blushed again, "Well, if we want extra rooms for your mother and the other boys, we'll need a big house so that we can have extra rooms even when we have kids." I pressed my lips to hers softly.
"What would you want to call them? When we have them, what would we name them?" I asked her, just out of curiousity and to keep her speaking so whimsically. She shrugged as she turned to lay on her back, still touching me completely. "Come on, you must have some idea." I urged her.
She gazed at me seriously, "No. I don't. I'd like to meet them first. See what they are like. Hold them in my arms and feel their prescence before I decided what I am going to call them. We could pick the most boring name ever... like... Pam or Mary and then meet her and she'll be more of a... Raine or Wildflower. You don't know until you feel them. That's how my mother did it." She replied honestly.
"I love you with all of my soul..." I began. Enola stared at me curiously. I smirked, "But you have a weird ass name, baby. Enola Moon. What the hell?"
Enola folded her arms over her chest, "But wouldn't it be even stranger if I was a Joan or...I don't know something else without personality?"
I laughed and kissed her head, "A unique name for our baby born out of the most unquie of love stories. It's settled."
Enola shook her head, "You know, I'd rather you marry me first...you know, before you knock me up."
I laughed as I rolled on top of her, "What? Make an honest woman of ya?" Enola giggled as she wrapped her arms around my neck.
"Yeah, something like that." She whispered before meshing her lips to mine passionately. "Then there's always the fun part of everything we just talked about." She murmured against my lips.
"And what's that?" I asked with a lifted eyebrow.
She smirked, "How does one make a baby?" I smirked a bit. "And if we get a new house...there's lots of rooms to be blessed, don't you think?" I growled lowly at her before attacking her lips with my own.

I frowned and shook the memory away. Was Charles trying to talk her into having children as a way to make her stay? My heart sunk even more when I thought of the phone call her father had made while we were in Paris. He had said Charles started the rumor Enola was pregnant. Whose child would it be? Would it be mine? Would it belong to Charles? Granted there were always paternity test to find out. But for nine months I would have a cloud hanging over my head. If she were pregnant, like her father had suggested, I wouldn't know. I wouldn't know if the life growing inside of the woman I loved was actually mine. But then again, neither would Charles. Would she know? Would she be able to feel it? If it belonged to him would she stay with Charles? I shook my head again, willing away the thoughts. She wasn't pregnant so there was no need to worry about it. But for that moment while in Paris, I felt apart of me die a little.

It had been happening a lot lately. Feeling apart of my soul drift off to another place. Seeing Enola with Charles, watching her walk with him, dance with him. Watching him try to kiss her. How much more of this could I live with? Then there was how she could live with it. How could she so willingly giver herself over to Charles? Did she really mind it? Did she feel repulsed by his touch or was that a lie? Though I loved her and understood her, I hated the lies. I knew why she didn't tell me sooner about being married. I knew why she didn't share the way Charles really was with her. But all of the lies surrounding us made me wonder what else she had lied to me about. She lied to me about something as simple as knowing her father. A subject she knew I wouldn't push because I knew it hurt her, but she lied. But I could feel her love in her touch. Couldn't I? Was it love that I was feeling when her soft, pale, slim fingers caressed my cheek or my chest? Was it love that she was feeling as we messed the sheets of every bed we got in? Was it love she felt when she stroked my hair as I slept on her chest? Was it love she felt when she pointed her camera at me? It had to be. I looked up at the clock again. Nearly five in morning. She loved me. Enola had to love me. Didn't she?


I know, it's really short today but we needed to be inside Harry's head again. I promise tomorrow will be better for updates. Tomorrow I will be doing a double update because the chapters go hand in hand and need to be told at the same time. And Sunday I plan on posting the epilogue.

Now with that being said, this weekend will end the story. I have been asked a few times what will be happening with Harry and Enola after this part of their story has ended. And in all honesty, it depends on you, my lovely readers. It all depends on your comments and votes. So please, when this has finished completely, let me know what you think.



Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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