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Fool's Gold

Chapter 107

Enola wrapped her arms around my neck, deepening our kiss once again. I hated that she was there with her husband. I wanted to hold her close. Introduce her to the people who didn't know her yet. I wanted to drag her around to all of the people I knew and make her talk about her art. I wanted to brag to everyone about how talented and beautiful she was. Tell everyone that I was the luckiest guy on the planet to have Enola with the way she thought and spoke and felt. Everything about her I wanted to show off and say she shared with me. But she had to be on Charles' arm once again. She belonged on my arm.
"I love you Enola Moon. I love you so much." I whispered making her wrap one of her legs around my waist. She slowly took hold of my tie, pulling it so I came undone. Then her slim fingers started unbuttoning my shirt. I pressed her to the wall harder. My entire body was already trembling, hers as well. There was something about being with her that was so overwhelming.
As she got down to the last buttons of my shirt, she looked into my eyes. I could see the longing, sadness and fear in her eyes. The woman in my arms was terrified. I meshed my mouth to hers passionately, lifting her dress so I fit between her legs better. I wanted nothing more than to comfort her, make her feel how much I loved her. I wanted the same from her. I wanted to feel her body shiver with anticipation. I wanted to feel her quake because of my loving touch. I wanted to feel how she loved me. The way she always said she wanted me, needed me.
Enola's mouth meshed to mine in the most passionate of kisses. She slid her hands up my neck slowly, gently twining her fingers in my hair. I couldn't help but smile as she did so. Enola giggled quietly against my lips. She knew I was thinking about how her fingers were always twisted up in my hair. I slowly pushed her barely there underwear aside. Enola gasped, pressing herself into my hand. She waited for me though. Waited for me to touch her in the way that I know she loved. Slowly and lightly, I began to swirl my thumb around her small, sensitive cluster of nerves, making her whimper. Enola gazed into my eyes and looped my curls around her fingers as I made her writhe and plead. She gripped my shoulder tightly before running her hand down my bare chest. I sighed and closed my eyes at the feeling of her warm, soft hand on my flesh. It was the simplest of touches and I was about to lose my mind. I could feel her love through her fingertips. Her fingers dipped even lower, past my stomach to the waistline of my pants. She carefully and sensuously unbuttoned and unzipped my trousers. I grunted when her fingers wrapped around my hardening length. Our lips collided in a frenzy.
I lowered my trousers while Enola stared into my eyes lustfully, chewing on her bottom lip again. I slipped inside her slowly. Her eyes closed as she sighed quietly. I rested my forehead on hers, beginning to thrust slowly and gently. Enola smiled, cupping my cheek with her soft and small hand.
"Every time I make love to you..." She gasped quietly. Her smile widened a little, "It feels like the first time." I couldn't help but smile myself. The way her insides gripped me I knew it was true. I also knew because every time we made love, she would always make a new sound or shake like she'd never had that kind of pleasure before. But I also knew, that with the woman in my arms, it wasn't just about the way that I was thrusting or the size of my dick, she loved the emotion that flowed between us. Enola clung to me tighter. She molded her mouth to mine in an attempt to stifle her moans.
I set Enola down on the counter top. My body was becoming weak from giving Enola exactly what she wanted, taking what I needed from her. Enola smiled weakly. Her eyebrows furrowing in the next second, feeling that rush of pleasure. I loved the faces she made when we were intertwined the way we were. Her furrowed brows, gaping mouth, swollen lips. Everything about her was absolutely magical. But as she gazed into my eyes, something changed within her. She wrapped her self around me even more. Her arms wound around my neck as she pressed her cheek to mine. I groaned quietly when I felt her bare breasts mesh to my chest. I loved feeling the light sweat on her as she clung to me.
"Tell me you'll always love me." She panted quietly into my ear. "Say you'll love me forever." She pleaded as I thrusted harder, dropping my head to her shoulder. Her legs began to tremble.
"I'll never stop, Noli." I whispered against her chest. She buried her hands in my hair with a smile, tears filling her eyes once again. The feeling between us changed again. This wasn't right anymore. This didn't feel like making love to reassure each other. This felt like that last night in Ireland again...only I felt it deeper in my soul. I was breaking into a thousand pieces, as was she, when her orgasm washed over her. Enola hugged me tighter and cried my name. Tears flowed down her face and my own. I loved Enola but I didn't like the way making love to her felt tonight, even as my own moment of ecstasy flooded my body. What was happening?

I walked out of the bathroom after Enola had been gone for a few minutes. My stomach sank. Making love with her had been passionate and powerful. Every movement, every kiss had so much fire behind it. My stomach flopped again. As I reached the boys, I realized that it also felt like goodbye. There was a sense of foreboding inside me that I would never get to be with her again. What was happening to us?
"Harry, is everything alright?" Louis inquired, placing his hand on my back. The images of the last few days were playing back in my mind over and over. We weren't the way we used to be. We'd had an argument almost every day. Sure, we always made up, but it wasn't like us to argue so much, not when we were actually together. She was a bit distant with me. It felt as though she was holding something back. No matter how many times we'd made love at the drop of a hat because she couldn't control herself. I frowned at that thought. There was a lot of sex though. More than normal. I didn't mind it but as I considered everything else about the week, she was using it to hide something else. What was going on?
I shook my head, "I need a drink." The boys all looked taken aback by the statement. I wasn't a big drinker. But tonight. It felt like a must. Zayn went to the bar for me. When he returned to my side, he placed a glass of a dark liquid in my hand.
"Scotch. It'll get the job done." Zayn whispered to me. I nodded and downed it in one gulp. Zayn appeared shocked, "Harry, is everything okay with you and E?"
I shook my head and muttered, "I don't think so." Niall gave me the saddest eyes I'd ever seen on him. "Let's just go talk to people. I can't just stand here and watch her hang on his arm. I can't." I pleaded with Liam. Liam nodded and took my elbow. He led me off to another area of the hall.

I watched her closely from across the hall. As much as I hated it, I knew that she was right. With the way I was feeling, I could ruin everything that we'd been planning. But seeing her on his arm, watching him show her off, treat her like she was an accessory, with same value as the watch on his wrist, angered me. Yes, I wanted to show her off, but I wanted her to be more than a pretty thing on my arm. I wanted everyone to know how smart she was, talented she was. I wanted moments alone where I could look at her and she could look at me and everyone would see how passionately and deeply I loved her and she loved me. But that wasn't going to happen, not tonight.
The more I watched her with Charles the more my mind began to wander back to the place where she might be happier with him. Where she didn't really want to leave. But she wanted to go. She looked at good cities to live in just outside of London. She looked into houses that had all of the space we'd talked about. She was going to leave. Wasn't she? She told me of the kind of puppy she wanted. She said she wanted a puppy that would be child-friendly when it was older. We spoke of having children not that many nights ago. We discussed names and what they might be like. She wanted a life with me. She loved me. Didn't she?
"Hey boys, there's someone that I want you to speak to. I feel like he could really help you guys in the long run, like after the band. What do you think?" James, one of our management members inquired. The boys all looked at each other and shrugged. "Great. His name is Charles Gunther. He's one of the biggest money guys in the city." James announced. The boys all looked at me, fear all over their faces.
"Let's go then." I gulped down the last of my drink. I needed the bit of extra courage.



Thank you for loving it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

God, this must be one of my favourite stories ever! Thank you for putting so much hard work in to write it :)


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