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Going Up?

Chapter 5

Naomi P.O.V

I remember Liam and Louis mentioning that they share the flat with 3 more guys and I could not deal with that since I practically have a hard time speaking in class.
So, I got my my second bestfriend. My iPod and earphones, that's what I got from the car. I've forgotten it.
I check the battery, it's so low so instead, I decide to listen from my phone.
I lock the door and plug in the earphones.
Grab the two bags and head inside. The elevator was about to close but, I yelled for it to stop.
"WAIT!" I pushed the button and thankfully it still opened but, it wasn't empty.
There he was, blonde hair with brown mixed in them and sunglasses, he was also listening to music. What a douche. I thought to myself, he hadn't even try to open the lift doors to help me and when I entered, I pretty much heard him grunt, I think.
"What are you listening to?" I hear over the music.
"Excuse me?" I cock an eybrow and take one piece of my earphones out.
"I asked what are you listening to?" his accent is Irish and he seemed friendly from the first moment I thought I would despise him.
"Girlfriend in a coma by The-" he had choruse midway of my sentence as we said, "The Smiths" together.
I smiled and desperately tried to hide me blushing as I looked down, he chuckled a bit.
"You like The Smiths?" he asked, I looked up at him, he had taken off his sunglasses to reveal he had this ocean blue eyes that were ruined by red surrounding them, he seemed a bit.. off..?
"I love The Smiths!" I smiled "To die by your side, is such a heavenly way to die." I sang.
Something about him made me feel comfortable to sing, the only person who has heard me is City and Juliette, nobody else.
"You have a lovely voice." he complimented me, I felt my cheeks go red. God..
"What are you listening to?" I ask, praying to change the topic.
"Video Killed The Radio Star by The-" I had done the same as he did and joined him to say, "The Buggles."
We both laughed again.
"I like your taste in music, it's hard to find nowadays.." he spoke up.
"Yeah, I know right?" I agree. "Unless you only know a few songs.." I joke.
"Oh really? Is that a challenge?" he grins.
"I guess so.." I flash a cheeky smirk, what is this boy doing to me?
"Well, challenge accepted. Let's exchange phones to listen to each other's music." he had a smug look and held out his hand.
"Sure." I shake his hand, I felt electricity but just brushed it off.
We gave each other our iPhones and earphones.
We both started to sing madly and had a laugh.
"Oh, this is my stop..." I frown and walk out.
"Ok.. Bye." he said frowning too. "Wait, what's your-" before he could finish, the elevator had shut closed and it was too late.
I couldn't brush off the feeling this boy, a stranger, had given me in that few amount of time we had. He touched me and my body felt tingley. He smiled at me and that made my lips curve upwards. He looked into my eyes and I got lost in his.
WHAT THE BLOODY HELL, NAOMI. I mentally slap myself and open my door and just drop the bags to get a drink of water, this might help.. Maybe I'm just tired..

Niall P.O.V

The freaking lift doors shut close before I could ask her what her name was. Stupid, stupid, stupid. God, me drinking must've slipped to even ask her name. Or maybe it was just her, she made me feel things I haven't for awhile. She even made me smile, I don't think I've given a genuine real smile in ages and with a snap, she did it. The sight of her greyish blue eyes staring into my, probably, red eyes since I got a few drinks, maybe a lot, since last night and hadn't come home yet.
My stop. I've got to get out of this lift.
I kind of stumble across the hallway, trip about 4 times and slowly get up every time that happened and made my way infront of the door.
I don't care that my keys are inside my pocket, I just can't handle it.
I knock a lot and yell at the lads to open the door.
"Niall, where the bloody hell have you been?" Liam says sternly as he opened the door.
"Hello to you to, Li." I say with a grunt.
"You're pretty mortal, Ni." he sighs.
"No shit, Sherlock." I laugh and enter the room.
"WAS THAT NIALL LAUGHING?" I hear Harry and he entered the living room.
"He was." I look at Liam and he had bug eyes.
"AND HE'S SMILING." Louis exclaims from the couch, wait a minute.. there's a bird here. Ehh, I just shrug it off.
"I guess I am, no big deal." I slurr, I feel sleepy now.
"It is a big deal because you haven't smiled for a long time, mate." Liam hugged me, I just stood there with no response.
"Okay." I mumble. "Can I please just go up now, I need my sleep." I huff air in annoyance.
"Who the fuck is that?!" I said, I was tired and narked off that my smile and laugh has already been made a big deal about and I was just annoyed.
"Erm, we invited another guest." Louis coughed from the couch.
"Another bird, Lou?' I roll my eyes.
"Yeah, she's our friend." Liam spoke up.
"I've heard good thigns about her so far.." Harry intervined.
I jerked the door open and was prepared to give the best worst impression ever but, that soon died down when I saw the person standing there...


HOLA. Hope you like it. I'm so tired and will update tomorrow! yes, I'm leaving you with a dreaded cliffhanger. ;)





Holly_G_1D Holly_G_1D
I Love Your Story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waiting Waiting
Sure, sure. No problemmm!

Yea same
Holly_G_1D Holly_G_1D
This is really good! Personally I prefer the first person writing though.