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Going Up?

Chapter 3

Read notes please :)

Naomi P.O.V

I woke up at 9am by the annoying alarm on my phone. I grudgily sit up and shut the alarm off.
"I guess I have got to get ready now..." knowing me, if I don't start now.. I never will.
So, I grab my towel and enter my bathroom locking the door after me. I strip out of my sweats and enter the shower, the cold tiles under my feet make me a tad more awake but then, I turned the knob and the warm water quickly washed away my sleepiness.
Few minutes later, I'm done and have already blow dryed my hair. Now to get dressed, I lock my door and change into http://www.polyvore.com/college/set?id=83273428
I fix my beanie one last time and slide my rings into my fingers, I love rings.. Don't know why but, I love them and I've got plenty of them. I grab my backpack and walk out to see City sitting down on a bar stool infront of a bowl which sat upon a counter that seperates the kitchen from the living room and tiny dining room.
"Hey, watcha eating?" I put down my bag and enter the kitchen.
"Cereal." she says with a mouthfull.
"Chew before speaking." I say, she swallows and sticks her tongue out.
"Good." I laugh and so does she.
I start pouring Corn Flakes into a bowl as City spoke.
"Eww, Corn Flakes?! I hate those.." I glared at her as I poured the milk and got a spoon.
"I. don't. care." I ate a huge spoonful and started chewing oh so dramatically like I was in a commercial or something.
She decides to do the same as she chews her Coco Puffs the same way, after we were done acting we both laughed.
We finished up our bowls and I noticed City wearing http://www.polyvore.com/college/set?id=83274565
"You look fashionable." I say before putting on my favorite pair of sunglasses.
"I like taking risks..." she smiles and puts on her Ray Bans.
"I like being comfortable..." I say as we both put on our bags and shove our phones into our jeans.
"We smile at each other and locked the door behind us.

"What's your first class?" My bestfriend asks as I turn of the ignition to our Black 1958 Cadillac Fleetwood Sixty Special. This was our baby since it was City's deceased father's, she decided to make it both of ours ever since the will specifically said to give it to City when she turned 18... It was pretty jacked up since it was old and rusty so, I helped repair it. That's how I got part ownership but, City loves this baby the most. She always makes sure it's in its best condition and never lets it go dusty.

"I've got English." I groan.
"Same here..." she smiles but, we both know we don't have the same class since we got split up on that subject.
"Are you in that class where the professor is grading you based on a journal that you have to write on everyday until you graduate from his class?" she asks.
"Yup." I groan once more as she laughs.
"Well, my professor is hot." I look at her and nudge her.
"YOU have a boyfriend, idiot." you should know that I call City an idiot a lot...
"And?" she asks innocently. "Anyways, I've heard that your professor is the hot one on campus... AND he's famous, people say."
I look at her even more bewildered like she's gone bonkers.
"Are you bloody serious? Mr.Payne?" I ask, she shrugs.
"Anyways, I've got to go to class early..." I shake my head.
"To drool over Mr.Payne?" she says rather loudly, I cover her mouth immediately before she embarrasses me even more.
"NO. So, I can get the back seat. Idiot." I take off my hand from her mouth and start to walk down the hallway.
"See you at 12 for lunch at the car?" she asks.
"YEAH!" I wave goodbye and so does she.
I enter the empty classroom to see it isn't as empty as I thought it would be. Mr.Payne was already here but it seems like he just arrived since he was still wearing his sunglasses and just had put down his briefcase.

He looked good but, I'm not really attracted to him and I ignored him and made my way up the stairs. I could never actually speak to guys nor guys who are so freaking attractive either so it's a fail either way.
(I freaking love Liam, this picture gives me a heart attack -author)
I was clos to my seat until I heard his voice.
"Morning." he says.
I sit down on my seat and look at him, I realized that the room was still empty and he must've been talking to me.
I point towards myself, still unsure if it was me he was trying to communicate with.
He nods and laughs as he repeats what he tried saying before he fully caught my attention, "I said, Good morning."
Oh so he was talking to me and now he was walking towards me, I awkwardly reply, "Morning."
I look down and pull out my notebook while taking off my sunglasses, making them hang on the collar of my jumper.
"So, why are you so early? Class doesn't start for another erm.. 30 minutes." he says and he was surprisingly already seated down on my left.
I look at him and happen to switch on my socially awkwardness.
"Erm.. To get the back seat.." I stutter and had successfully gotten my notebook and pen onto my table.
"The back seat? Do you even hear me from here?" he joked.
"Erm.. Yup." I say and try to avoid eye contact in these types of situations.
"Why do like the back seat?" he asks, I look at him and contimplate wether to just say the truth or lie..
"I like the back seat because I get to see everyone, what they're doing... I get to see how into the discussion some people are; so focused. Or people who've gone AWOL and into their own world..." I say truthfully. Might as well since he's the one readin my journal full of honesty...
"Like a wallflower?" he chirps.
"Yeah, I guess so.." I smile at him, we stare into each other's eyes. His brown eyes full of excitement, my greyish blue eyes full of anxiety.
"So, you like being behind the curtain instead of on stage?" he smiled.
"Yeah, all the real excitement happens behind the curtain. People don't really see things when you're on stage, you don't get to see what's behind it.." I shrugged.
"I like that.." he nods in approvement and stands up.
"Well, I guess I should start teaching." He chuckles a bit.
"I guess so, sir." I joke.
"Sir?" he srunches his nose, "Call me Liam." he grins.
"In school though?" I say confused.
"Oh I guess not, outside of class then. Mr.Payne in here, Liam out there." he gestured outside.
"Okay, Mr.Payne" I wink, we both laugh lightly.
"Nice meeting you..." he dragged the 'you'..
"Oh, Naomi Winters." I smile.
"Nice to meet you Naomi, make sure you listen, okay?" he smiles at me and starts to walk down the stairs.
"K." I said simply, there I was sitting in the back as I watched him teach.

"Goodbye class, you're dismissed. See you all tomorrow, don't forget your books." he said one last time.
I was walking down the stairs and I was close to the exit when I saw a group of girls trying to flirt with Liam as he gathered his stuff, he seemed uncomfortable but smiled anyways.
I rolled my eyes and walked down the hallway to go outside. I was pushing the doors open as I heard someone shouting my name and footsteps running towards me.
I spun around and shocked to see Liam.
"Thank God I caught up to you." he panted and stopped infront of me to hold he knees with his hands tiredly.
"Actually, I might be late so mind if you walk with me? If you can.." I laughed at his misery.
"Course I can." he smiled and got up and we started to go down the path towards the Arts building where I'd take up Music Class, my major.
"Oh so, what did you want to catch me?" I ask.
"So you won't fall..." he said sarcastically, how corny but I laughed so much. "No but seriously, I was wondering if you wanted to eat lunch later?"
I stopped walking and looked at him blankly, no expression at all. I did that on purpose just to see if he would freak out which he did.
I started to laugh so hard because he didn't know what to do.
"I just wanted to see your face.." I said whule laughing, he loosend up and started to poke me. He stopped and we continued to walk.
"Sure. But is it alright if I brin my bestfriend with us?" I ask.
"Oh sure, same here. Can I bring mine too?" he smiles and we reach my destination.
"No problem. Let's switch phone numbers so I can call you, would you need a ride?" I ask as we handed each other our phones and start to type in our info.
"Yeah, would you mind?" he says nervously.
"No not at all." I grinned and gave back his phone as he did to me too.
"So, see you at 12 then?" I reassure one last time.
"See you at 12." he said and we wave and go our seperate ways.
Who would've thought that I would make my English professor my new friend? What had happened to my social awkwardness? It completely disappeared when we started to talk, was he my cure? Is friendship the cure?


HI THERE. I'm so pissed off right now, this was supposed to be way longer but it's already 3am and I'm so tired. My legs still hurt from the fun run and I'm practically dying to sleep. What do you think of Professor Liam though? If you were surprised, you didn't read the characters' description then!! ANYWAYS, Hope you like it and I've decided to post the next one tomorrow along with my other fanfic. But, in the mean time...


Please and thank you! Love you all anf stay perf! ;) <3



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I Love Your Story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sure, sure. No problemmm!

Yea same
Holly_G_1D Holly_G_1D
This is really good! Personally I prefer the first person writing though.