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Silent Laughter (Louis Tomlinson) [BOOK 3]


"So are you going to tell me why you brought-"

Coop looks down at the small dry erase board on my lap.

"That." He finishes, his eyes meeting mine again.

I quickly glance at the empty bench across from us, before looking at him again, my legs swinging back and forth in an impatient way.


I'm not impatient for anything.

I didn't bring the board so I could talk to the Louis kid.

We're non friends.

Non friends don't do things for their non friend.

I look back over at the empty bench and I feel myself grimace.

Where the fuck is he?

It's Monday so he should be here.

He was here last Monday, I me-


My eyes narrow as they begin roaming the hall thoroughly.

"Mmmm." I mumble in response to Coop, my missing person search continuing.

God, I fucking know I think of this place as a black hole, but I didn't think it actually had the capability of sucking someone in and deteriorating them to the point of nothingness.

"Mmmm." I mumble again, following Coop's elbow nudge.
I decide to give him my attention, my eyes going from his attractive face to the other end of the hall behind him just in case someone recognizable approaches.

"You seem....distracted today." He comments, his gaze going up and down my face as if my cheeks and forehead have some writing upon them that announces everything I'm thinking.
I shrug, mentally groaning as I notice how the bench is still empty.

You know... because the bench must feel lonely or something a-

I roll my eyes at myself.

Yeah, I kinda wanted him to be here. So what.

He wasn't bad to talk to.

"You're looking for the boy band kid aren't you?"

I feel myself mumble again before focusing my sight on my best friend.

He has a smug ass smile on his face, both of his eyebrows raised, and his arms crossed over his chest like a teenage girl that found out someone's secret or some shit.
That's literally what Coop is anyway.

A teenage girl in a grown man's body.

Fuck you Oxford.

'Maybe.' I mouth, answering his question.

He chuckles a little in a victory seeming way and I roll my eyes again.

"Is that what the reason behind the sudden board is?"

I look back at that damned bench again before turning my head down to my lap.

My index finger begins grazing itself all over the board, tracing an imaginary circle over and over again for no reason at all.

Coop places his arm around my shoulder, bringing me slightly closer to him and I look back at him.

"You going to try with this one?"

His eyes are a bright neon green today, some of his hair falling over his forehead and I'm sent to the first time I ever saw him.

I was roaming around the hospital halls in one of the mandatory gowns that resembled a hideous picnic blanket. The nurse thought it would be nice for me to interact with actual kids again, so with her hand holding mine, she took me to the sick kid room.

I was still feeling frail and weak, so she remained there with me. I could never look at the nurse in the eye, my head always down since every grown woman made me feel nauseous.
The room was almost dead silent, a few faint laughs appearing once in a while, the only ones belonging to a very ill Izzy at the time who was sitting down on the wooden floor. She was placing blocks on top of one another, forming some kind of fort and right beside her was an older looking boy. He was just sitting there, looking straight at Izzy with a small smile that matched his dark brown eyes.

"She likes blocks more than dolls." Is what he said.

And when the nurse finally released my hand, I looked at his bright red T-Shirt that had a picture of The Powerpuff girls on it and at that moment I knew that I wouldn't mind not ever knowing anyone else as long as I could know this pretty, bald girl that preferred wooden cubes over a Summertime Barbiedoll for some reason and this boy with the cool shirt.
I just nodded and he nodded, I sat down and we both just looked at the pretty, bald girl who I later found out to be his sister. We both did nothing, but she didn't mind and neither of them questioned my lack of voice and I didn't question Izzy about her lack of health and that was really the beginning of us.

My finger continues tracing that imaginary circle and I just shake my head.

His smile disappears and he takes a deep breath as I reach into my pocket, taking out the purple marker that came in a pack along with the board.

I begin writing and Coop's arm is still around me as he reads along.

'I'm just curious to see why he's not here. That's all.' It reads in barely legible handwriting.

My penmanship isn't the best.

"Yeah." He blandly responds and this time I take the deep breath.

With the cuff of my long sleeve oversized dress shirt, I wipe away the sad truth before writing again, forcing a plastic smile on my lips.

'You know, you haven't told me yet about your date.'

When his eyes finish scrolling along the sarcastically neat written letters, he flashes a smile and my smile genuinely returns.

Someone got laid.

He shrugs and I think I even notice some pink rising from his cheeks.
Oh shit. He got so fucking laid.

"Well he was pretty nice and we kept a conversation the whole time a-"

When he notices my wiggling eyebrows, he quickly shakes his head and changes his demeanor completely.

That's the type of person Coop is. He never wants to fully emit his happiness. It's as if he thinks of himself as cursed. That if he is too joyous about something, the world laughs cynically at him and steps all over that joy. At least that's what he told me. One example being Cancer (the world) and Izzy (the joy).

I erase the smudged lettering and begin expressing myself through my writing in a poetic style as the great Shakespeare and Poe have.

'You got fucking laid didn't you.'

His eyes widen and he clears his throat before he begins looking around the room for any bystanders.

"Maybe." He whispers, his nose almost touching mine as he arches the upper half of his body towards me.

I shake my head with a grin outlined on my lips.

"He had a fucking hot ass body Winn. Get this. He's on a football team." he continues muttering and I lean my head closer in curiosity, waiting for him to continue the details.

"He looked as if he was sculpted by that old, popular sculptor guy."
I move my head back and I point my index finger up at him, signaling him to wait just a second.

I erase and such, writing down the name 'Donatello' before showing it to him.
He shrugs.

"Yeah that guy I guess."

This is my bestfriend.

A twenty five year old grown man that went to fucking Oxford who doesn't even remember who Donatello is.

And I'm still proud to know him nonetheless.

I feel myself snort a little at my thoughts, receiving an eye roll from Coop since he's like a fucking mind reader.

"Don't judge me. There are so many fucking sculptors okay and I'm trying to tell a story so-"
I just nod my head, telling him in my way that I get the point and for him to continue and he does.

"Well so what I was saying before I was rudely interrupted by Ms. Sass pants Queen was that this morning I got a call from him, which was weird since he hadn't texted me or called me since Saturday, but like when I answered, he told me that he wanted me to go see him practice."

'That's hot.' I mouth.

He nods almost violently.

"It is. Damn, It fucking is and so I of course accepted until I remembered that I was taking you to the Ward today, so I told him I couldn't because of you and he said he wouldn't mind if I brought you along and so I told him maybe, that it depends on you and yeah."

I feel my lips separate a little as I don't really know how to respond, until I notice the spec of hope hiding behind the plastic on his eyes.

My lips scrunch up with one another and I just nod. I can't say no to the boy with the cool shirt. I don't obtain that ability.
I just don't.

'I don't mind.' My lips form for me and he smiles, before placing his lips on the top of my head, leaving a friendly and appreciative kiss.

His arm finally removes itself from me and his hand goes to the pocket of his khakis, sliding out his crappy blackberry to obviously notify his 'special friend' of our soon to be arrival.
I guess it won't be so bad.

I mean cute boys sweating while playing football and pouring water all over their faces when they feel overheated isn't a bad thing to look at.
Not at all.

I poke Coop and he types a few more things before glancing at me.
He raises his eyebrows in question and I write on my board again.

'What team is he on?'

He turns his head to the side for a moment as he begins thinking.

"Um. The Doncaster Rovers I think."

I just nod my head and we both just sit there for a while in silence as he texts the guy and I remain seated with my eyes glued on the bench once again.


Therapy today was the same as usual I guess. She acted as if I was her patient that she has never seen in the outside world before, her eyes were glued on that fucking clipboard more than on me, her voice matched that of the one on my Ipad, she asked me the same exact questions she always asks, and that's really it.

I mean she asked about my board which was something new I guess since she has never before asked a question that mentioned the word 'board' within it.
I didn't really tell her much though. Just told her that it was easier to carry than the iPad which is true, but just not the whole truth.

Coop got the directions of the stadium in which these Rovers practice in and we immediately got in his hippie bus, stopping once to get some McDonalds and then continuing on.
Took us about half an hour since Doncaster isn't very far but also not very close.

And now we're here. A hot looking 25 year old who doesn't know the difference between a Big Mac and a whopper (almost freaking messed up my order that lil twat.) and an average looking 20 year old mute chic both standing in front of this huge building that needs repainting.

We are really a sight for sore eyes.

"Guess football is very popular here." Coop comments as his eyes go over to all the paps surrounding the entrance area. Reminds me of the crowd in front of the Ward, but slightly larger.

I just shrug and we both stroll ourselves to the crowd, trying to get ourselves to a security guard or something that can assist us in passing.

Coop grabs my wrist and steps in front of me through the barricade of bodies.

"Excuse me. Excuse me. Excu- FUCKING MOVE."

I feel a small smile creep on my face as I see him beginning to get angrier and angrier at these rats with their cameras. Coop literally won't give a fuck about manners or politeness when it comes to my safety and I appreciate that as well as find it quite amusing. Once when we went to Disney when we were younger, he almost got into a fist fight with a ten year old that was trying to skip me in line for its a small world.

Coop was about to kick that kids small world if you know what I mean.

"God, these fucking people." Cool just announces in an almost breathless sounding tone.
His hand is still holding my wrist for safety and he slowly pulls me in front of him as we approach the guards so no one will touch me from behind.

A few people yell some disgusting things at Coop and he just sticks out his middle finger in the air, not even glancing behind him.

The two security guards just look at each other briefly before Coop finally speaks.

"We're here for the Red Rovers practice." He says, the tall fit woman guard snorting.

"First, they're called the Rovers. Red Rover is a children's game."

Coop rolls his eyes, his hands placed on my shoulders.

"Yeah. Okay. Whatever. We just need to get in there."

She laughs and the man in the matching outfit beside her joins her. It's not an amused laugh but more of a sarcastic laugh.

I sometimes wish I could speak, that I had nothing pulling me back from snapping at these people for acting rude to my best friend, but I can't. So I just stand there with my fists clenched at my sides and my bottom lip hidden under my top row of teeth.

"Look son. Everyyyyyone here wants to get in. But it's a private practice for a reason. So why don't you just go back to wherever you came from with your little girlfriend here and skedaddle on." The man guard actually speaks, his voice resembling that of glass when it shatters on the ground.

I bite my bottom lip even harder and as I shake off Coop's hold of me, getting myself ready to snap at these two shit bags, a voice interrupts the whole atmosphere.
A man in a red and white football uniform approaches himself from behind the two uniformed dimwits.

He has medium length blonde hair, some squished together behind his tiny ears and others sticking to the side of his hairless face along with the evident sweat he has produced.
He's taller than me, but shorter than Coop and when his light hazel eyes plant themselves in Coop's direction, I can already tell that this is in fact Coop's special friend that truly does look as if he were sculpted by some popular, old sculptor guy.

"Cooper. Nice of you to make it." His deep voice almost beams, Coop narrowing his eyes at the guards in a Now can you fucking let me through way.

The guards keep their mouths shut and the rats behind us begin all speaking at the same time, forming this sound that is probably the most annoying sound my ears have ever beheld.
Coop smirks a little, ignoring the paps and just staring at the creature in front of us.

"It is nice. It is very nice isn't it?" Coop comments, me trying to hold back my own laughter.
Is this how he seriously fucking flirts. Oh dear Lord.

I blame you.

The security guards both raise an eyebrow as they glance at each other once again and the sculpted man blushes slightly before clearing his throat and wiping some of the moisture from his forehead with the roof of his hand, his eyes going from Coop, to the
guards, and then to the ground.

Geez, Coop can sure pick them.

This dude is glistening.

He's literally fucking glistening.

"Yeah. Um follow me." The man speaks, still not even acknowledging my existence.
I look over at Coop behind me to see how his smile is now faded and this time I place my hand on his shoulder.

He looks down at me and smiles a small pitiful smile.

'Later.' He mouths.

I just nod and he nods back in a I have shit on my mind way and I end up grabbing his hand, and I hold it tight as we follow this guy, the guards actually letting us pass without any further remarks.

I feel Coop give my hand a squeeze as a thanks and we both just follow Coop's lover into the air conditioned stadium, him leading us to some flights of stairs that lead to the actual field.
He hasn't stopped to speak to us or stop to make sure we're are even still following, but when our feet touch the green grass, the man finally stops.

His head goes from right to left, catching some of the other players attentions briefly before he finally turns around and gives Coop a weak smile.

I squeeze Coop's hand one last time before finally releasing it, him immediately walking to the guy with the guy mirroring his actions and walking to Coop as well.
They just stare at each other for a bit until the sculpture hugs my Coop tight and whispers something into his ear, Coop nodding in response.

I can't decipher what he told him, but I'm sure Coop will tell me later anyway.

"Danny, I would like you to meet my Crème de la crème."

I smile and roll my eyes at my introduction as they both pull away, Danny's arm around Coop's shoulder as they both begin walking up to me.
With his free hand, he shakes my hand firmly as if I were Coop's dad who he was meeting for the first time and I plaster on a smile, not really knowing what to do next.
Right now I feel like the extra side of Brussels sprouts for a meal that consists of a slice of pizza and cornbread (the best meal ever if I may add. You know... If it didn't have the sprouts.).

Danny gives me a welcoming smile, obviously noticing my awkwardness and he slowly places his other arm around me. The three of us being this human sandwich as we all weirdly waddle along together.



This makes me feel even more uncomfortable, but for Coop's happiness, I go along with it anyway.

We just begin walking around the field really. Some other players running passed us as they try to exercise even more than they already have (which I don't understand why.) and others sitting on the benches and hydrating themselves with overly sweetened and concentrated energy drinks.

The remaining 75% of the players are most likely in the locker rooms, showering and changing and I really am beginning to question why I came along.
This is not at all what I expected.

"Winn. Winn, he asked you a question."

I shake my thoughts and realize that Danny was actually talking to me.
Oh shit.
What did he ask.
Shit. Shit. Shi-
Danny chuckles.

"It's okay. I'm just a big talker. Sometimes I even bore myself. But I was just wondering if you've ever come to a football stadium before."

Coop tilts his head slightly forward, and they both just begin staring at me for my answer as if my answer is the answer for the start of world peace or some shit.

'No.' I mouth.

My dad isn't really a sports kind of guy. My first 'football match' was some science convention in Japan and it was just as exciting as a football stadium. Aka, it wasn't really anything special.

"What b'out you Cooper?"
This time I tilt my head forward to look at Coop, and I raise an eyebrow.
Sure Coop has been to a football stadium.
He has been to one mannnnyyy times.
But not what for his lover thinks.

I grin evilly at his expense because I mean what are best friends for if not to be there in wait to see if they reveal their past of buying weed and condoms from teenage stoners secretly in a dirty bathroom stall to their crushes?

"Um. Yeah. I um actually have."

This weird air sound comes from my closed mouth, sounding like a mixture of a laugh and someone trying to clear their throat.

Coop scowls at me.

"Oh, really?! Which games did you see?"

That innocent boy seriously has no idea.
I place my right hand on my hip and I tilt my head a little, leaning my body to the left as I continue standing there patient for his bullshit answer.

Danny's arms are still around both of us, and when he pulls Coop closer to him, Coop just swallows.

"Um you know.... I don't really remember. Was just a small lad at the time."
And there it is.
The bullshit in all of its glory.

Wait till I tell Izzy this.

I make that weird inhumane noise again, and Danny just looks inquisitively at me, while Coop gives me a death glare.


For about 20 minutes, we have all just been talking about random shit.
I learned that Danny is 24 years old with hobbies that include swimming, running, sleeping, eating chips, and Coop.

Danny finally released us as we sat ourselves down in the bleachers and I just really kinda zoned out as they both began engaging themselves in a serious conversation about Nutella dipped chips.

Sounds fucking disgusting.

I would try it anyway though.

We were briefly introduced to the coach and some players as well, and it wasn't
really that bad actually.

I kinda regret not bringing my camera though. Would've been great to have shots of these.
"Are there always paps here Danny?"

Coop asks in curiosity as he takes a sip from Danny's water bottle.
Danny shrugs.

"Not really. I mean during games, yeah. But rarely at practices."

"Then why today? Is there anything going on?"

I'm already guessing that there is probably a steroid scandal or something going on with one of the players, so I kinda just shrug them off, not really paying attention as my eyes land on the empty bench across the field, reminding me of the one one at the ward.

The bench that's never empty, but just happens to be today for a reason I shouldn't really be caring about.

The entrance to the locker rooms is in the corner of the stadium on the field, and when my eyes land on it, I begin seeing news reporters and sport critics all surrounding something as they practically rampage out from the entrance
to it.

"There's a new owner for the team. Young. Very young to be an owner and is also one of the players."

"Impressive. Must be some rich kid." I hear Coop answer, continuing the conversation as I just continue staring at that crowd.
"Yup. He's fucking rich alright. Too bad he's a major dick."

The people are beginning to disperse a little so they won't suffocate the kid to death, his identity revealing itself as I begin getting a more clear view of him.

"Who is it? Is it that red head with the snaggle tooth you showed us earlier?"

He's wearing some black sports jacket of some kind with matching football shorts and expensive looking white colored adida sneakers, a headband pulling his hair back from his face and I just can't look away.

"No. It's that boy band kid. You know the one from One Direction or whatever."
My eyes go from Louis to the empty bench where I was gaping at before, seeing how he walks directly to it.

And as he begins re-tying the laces of his shoes, they all surround him,
throwing questions and remarks at his face that I don't really pay any attention to.
Then he looks up suddenly, his eyes glancing at me for a moment.

He shrugs and I do the same before he ties the other shoe and walks off, not one word releasing from his lips the whole time.



Thank you so much! :D And I will rn! Sorry! Just have been busy lately :p

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Please update! I love this story so, so much :) Please please please please please please please please please please update! Yeah, that's how much I love this story! You deserve so many more followers and subscribers for your work because it is so fricking awesome! :)

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@XOMalina TomlinsonXO
Thank you!!!! :DD I'm glad you do!

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