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Silent Laughter (Louis Tomlinson) [BOOK 3]


"God, Izzy would literally freak out if she were here." He says as he finishes parking, my seatbelt already ejected.

I just shrug.

Izzy isn't really the type of person that would freak out about something like that. I mean if she smelled the sweet scent of her mother's homemade corn bread, then she would probably hyperventilate and drool, trying to convince me to pull all of the clear tubes connected to her body out so she could run over to the kitchen with her hungry eyes. But that's a different story. I mean once you eat her mum's cornbread, well your life changes completely and your expectations for each meal becomes more exaggerated. Pretty much every food to me tastes like shit now, because well damn. That corn bread- just damn.
And besides, by what I've heard, this singing dude is an egotistical ass hole. That still doesn't stop me from listening to 'Little Black Dress' on repeat, but you know still I guess.
Wonder what he's in for anyway.

I just begin stomping myself towards the beige and bland colored building that is still oddly surrounded by sleazy news reporters who much rather be reporting about some punk kid going into a boring ass psychology center then something important and actually newsworthy like the children in Africa who are as thin as the bones noticeably covered under their skin or the tragic shooting happening in schools nowadays. I don't know, maybe they're just that heartless and self indulged themselves. Wouldn't be surprised.

"Winn hold up!" I hear Coop yell from behind me.

I don't stop, but I just slow my pace so he can possibly catch up. I know that's kind of rude, but I really just want to get this over with so I could go home and see if my package has come in yet. Been waiting for it for six in a half weeks now and if doesn't come today, I'm going to have a tantrum and I don't even give a shit. Well a silent tantrum of course. But yeah, still a tantrum none the less.

"Why the change of mood Ms. Sass?" Coop jokes when he finally takes a deep breath, now walking beside me.

I just look ever at him with a not so amused glare before scowling at the dreaded building, and then back at him. Seeing if he gets the picture.

He sighs and I just hold my ipad in my arms more tightly, Coop opening the door for me like the peasant he is and him rolling his eyes as I smirk, reading my mind.

"I'm not a fucking peasant. It's called being a gentleman." He remarks, me snorting in response.

As he walks to the sign-in chick, I just turn around and glance back at the glass windowed double doors. All those rats just ignored us and to be honest, I'm glad. I'm not a narcissistic wannabe that wants attention on her all the time. I'm actually the polar opposite, and besides I don't want Coop having to be seen with some mute chick.

My attention goes back over to Coop who is signing all of my personal info for me and I can't help but chuckle at the young obviously new girl who is staring wide eyed at him, the bottom part of her pen put in between her gloss covered lips to make her look seductive when first, Coop is as straight as a fucking swirl and second, she just looks like some pen muncher. Why do straight guys even find that hot anyway? All of her saliva is just going all over the blue plastic in a disgusting way (like who would want to use that pen now?!) and if ink spills in her mouth, she's screwed.

But I gotta admit, Cooper is smoking and if he were straight....well I would still think he was gay, because I mean the colored contacts thing... yeah it's not a very 'straight' thing to do.
After handing the clipboard back to her, he approaches me again, running his hand through his short light brown hair like the tease and cocky little shit he is. He knows that girl was all over him and even though he's not on that team, he takes it as a compliment, inflating his already giant pretty head of his.

I just shake my head in disapproval with a slight smirk playing on my nude lips.

"Don't judge me." He whispers as he just saunters on passed me this time, motioning me to follow him through the oh so recognizable hallway.

I force out a cough, which if I obtained the ability, a very silent "Judging" would be followed after.

But with Cooper, I don't need to say things like that, since I guess in his mind he hears a voice coming from me, always knowing what I'm trying to say when I'm not saying anything.
Wonder if they taught him that at Oxford.

The hallway is very broad, ten people most likely getting to walk side by side as they walk together down to the end.

The walls are a dark gray, ironically symbolizing how I feel when I'm in this fucking hell hole and completely lacking windows and just any sign of the outside world in general. I always try to tell Coop how I think this place is a black hole since whenever I see a person walk out of one of these tall ivory white doors, their backs even more slumped over and their faces practically drowned from their own eternal liquid, the walls seem to have gotten a shade darker. It's as if each 'patient' (Not person because no one is really human at their weakest state.) who escapes one of the trapping cages, well their inner darkness stretches and crawls right out of them, sticking themselves to the wall. Like a shadow...No, like a blackhole. The walls just becoming dark and maybe even consuming.

Coop says I'm being over dramatic and that he doesn't ever notice a difference, but I do. And besides, it's probably because those contacts of his are messing up his vision. I try warning him, but of course he rather be indie than logical. And I know they didn't teach him that at Oxford.

We both plop ourselves down on the brown wooden bench right beside my cage that has my therapist's name engraved in the golden plaque above, along with the words 'Adult psychologist for the deaf.'

Yeah I know I'm not deaf but since she is the only psychologist that knows sign language in this ward, I had no other choice.

I tap Coop on the shoulder, getting his attention and I point to myself, I open my hands and bring them close to my chest, I point to my index finger, I point both fingers to the side, and I place my right hand on my lips and slide it to my ear. In other words, I signed to him that I want to go home.

He gives me a soft smile and nods his head a little.

"It'll just be for an hour Winn. Then I'll take you home."

I take a deep breathe and I feel my head dangle down a little as I stare at my devices on my lap.

I wish Coop could go in with me, but of course it's against this place's code. Maybe I might just try this time. I mean there's nothing wrong with me, but I guess I'll just answer the lady's questions for once, even if my answers do come out plain and subtle. At least it'll be something.

Some loud screaming is coming from the door across from us and I quickly feel my head rise up, hearing the door beginning to unlock.

Coop and I both just glance at each other with confused faces before seeing the door finally opening to see the Louis guy stomping his way out.

"I don't fucking care what you think prick!" He screams at his therapist I'm guessing.
"Louis, please come back inside, I can help you I-" Another male's voice sounds from behind him, much more calm.

"You're the one that needs help!" Louis responds, his un shaved face red from anger with a few strands of his own hair falling over his eyes.

I just continue watching, not knowing what to do or if I should even do anything.

Before the other man could even speak, Louis just slams the door shut quite loudly, his hands balling into fists soons after.

The pockets of his dark blue denim jeans are inside out, something red peeking out of it. By the silver top, I can tell it's a simple lighter.

He's a smoker. What a shocker.

"Mind your own business googly eyes!"

My gaze goes from his pockets to his sea blue eyes and I just shrug before feeling Coop's arm wrap around me in a protective way.

"Don't speak to her like that!" Coop defends.

I don't even have to look at Coop to see how angry he most likely looks. His eyebrows are probably scrunched up together, his nostrils flaring, and his eyes are most likely burning since like with his sister, he doesn't like when people talk fowly at me, thus making him protective.

Louis stops and looks over at the plaque on the door beside me before rolling his eyes.

"She can't even fucking hear." He huffs before turning around and stomping off, his lighter falling out.

I raise an eyebrow before I shake off Coop's arm and run to the dropped item. Rubbing my thumb over it, I see how the face's of The Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, and other several superheroes are plastered on the plastic. It's pretty nifty if I do say so myself.

I look back at the douche who is already by the lobby and I just run after him, hearing Coop screaming after me. I ignore him and tap on Louis' shoulder once I catch up, him immediately tensing and turning around.

When his eyes meet mine, he holds a face of displeasure and complete dissatisfaction.

"Read my lips doll. I don't fucking care if you're a fan." He states bluntly, mouthing each word in a very exaggerated way since he most likely assumes I'm deaf.

I just roll my eyes before handing him the lighter.

"I don't give a fuck." I mouth back, receiving a confused but then an automatic expression of amusement from the brat.

"So she can hear." He states, his hand shoving his lighter back in his pocket.

I just raise an eyebrow before opening my mouth.

"Winn, they're calling you. It's your turn."

I feel Coop wrap his arm around my shoulder again, bringing me close to him and I can just hear his heavy breathing. He ran. God, he's so obvious.

I nod, even though I know he's obviously lying. He most likely just made up that excuse so Louis can leave me alone already. But I approached him first, so I don't know why Coop is getting his balls all in a twist.

"Why were you talking to my girlfriend?" Coop suddenly says, me biting my lip as I try containing my laughter.

Louis' eyes go from me to him, looking unconvinced before he scoffs.

"Yeah right. I now know that you're not deaf, so know that I'm not blind." He comments before rolling his eyes and finally leaving, his angry fisted hand now relaxed loose and in his pocket.

I just turn around, facing Coop, both of us bursting out into laughter.

"Boyfriend?" I mouth.

He just nudges me in the arm with his elbow before we both begin returning back to the cold bench.

"I would turn for you." He remarks, causing me to snort.

'And me for you.' I sign back.

"Fuck off."

My head tilts back in laughter before we finally sit back down.

I take out my ipad which thankfully Coop watched for me while I was playing lost and found and I begin typing, lowering the volume so it wouldn't be loud enough to echo throughout the room.

"What do you think he's in here for? Depression?" It reads for me.

Coop raises his eyebrows before looking over at the plaque hung on the door across from us.

"His therapist is Dr. Hane. Oh. It makes sense." He remarks, his eyes focused in concentration on the gold engraving.

I nudge his shoulder, motioning him to continue.

His eyes meet mine again as I hear the door next to us finally open.

"Winifred Queen?" My therapist calls, holding a clipboard in her hands.


When she spots me, (Which I don't understand why she took so long for since I'm literally seated right next to her fucking door.) I stand up and nod to her before feeling Coop yank my sleeve.

"Dr. Hane isn't for depression but for-"

"Ms. Queen?"

Oh my gosh, just let him finish up lady. Geez.

'For what?' I mouth as I lean against the door frame.

"Anger issues."

And when the door finally closes behind me, Dr. Kanwell walks over to her desk, revealing her fake painted white teeth before sitting herself down.

"Now let's begin." She says as I walk over to the wooden chair in front of her, rolling my eyes and getting myself ready for an hour of hell.



Thank you so much! :D And I will rn! Sorry! Just have been busy lately :p

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Please update! I love this story so, so much :) Please please please please please please please please please please update! Yeah, that's how much I love this story! You deserve so many more followers and subscribers for your work because it is so fricking awesome! :)

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@XOMalina TomlinsonXO
Thank you!!!! :DD I'm glad you do!

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