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Silent Laughter (Louis Tomlinson) [BOOK 3]


"It's almost time." Cooper says as he quickly checks his phone.

I roll my eyes and just sink myself more into the plaid deep green couch chair. I turn my head towards Cooper who is laying beside his sister on her bed.

I sway my hands back and forth, I point to myself, then I make a little hook with my index finger.

"Yes you have to." He says before turning his gaze back to his phone, most likely texting some new guy since Cooper is indeed a man whore.

I huff and just begin twirling a piece of my dirty blonde hair around my finger, tangling it even more than it already is.

Izzy narrows her eyes and shakes her head disapprovingly after reading something from her brother's phone I'm guessing, a smile of disbelief spreading on her lips.

"Coop do I need to wash your mouth out with soap young man?" She says, the sound of her heart monitor interrupting her in the process.

"I didn't even say anything!" He defends, his eyebrows raising for dramatic effect.

Her frail, petite finger points at his phone screen, which he quickly covers with his hand.

"In my defense, that was my mind speaking not my mouth and you shouldn't even be reading it!"

'More like your dick speaking.' I sign, causing Coop to stick his tongue out at me, me reflecting his actions.

Izzy has no idea what I said, but she still laughs along anyway as her eyes go from me to her older sibling.

"What did Winnie say?" She questions him as she begins repeatedly poking his arm.

Izzy may act like a six year old, but she is in fact twenty, the same age as me. Her and Cooper are my two best friends and pretty much my only ones, and even though they are not the most frosted cupcakes in the bakery, they're mine and I will keep them as long as they'll have me.

Coop just shakes his head and ignores her question, not wanting to add to the lack of innocence I have given to her.

"Come on! Coop pleaseeeeeeeee." She begs, me crossing my arms and smiling devilishly at her brother. He raises an eyebrow as I begin grabbing my ipad from the ground, beginning to unlock it.

"Don't you fucking dare. She already knows what sixty nine means because of you." He states, Izzy giggling immensely at the memory.

I go to the app Coop, who is also my translator, got me and I begin typing what I said, making sure that the volume is loud.

He begins getting up, but when he sees how I already finished typing, he just slumps back and covers his sister's ears.

"I said that Coop thinks with his dick. A dick Izzy is a slang term for penis which is what men use for intercourse." The robotic voice says, reading out loud what I entered with no emotion.
Cooper just closes his eyes and shakes his head, most likely thinking why he hangs out with me, while Izzy just begins laughing her ass off. Cooper graduated from fucking Oxford, why the fuck would he think that cupping someone's ears would cut all noise even temporarily.
Sometimes I think the school only accepted him because they felt bad.

His hands are placed back on his phone and Izzy just rests her head on his shoulder, giggling a little.

"I'm twenty years old Coop. I know what a di-"

"Don't. Not when I'm around at least." He interrupts, chuckles releasing from my mouth.

Cooper and Izzy have a very unique brother and sister relationship. Usually siblings fight all the time, one wanting to be superior over the other like my sister Gene, but they're different. I don't know it's because of her cancer or just because she's five years younger than him, but Cooper is always very protective of her. He doesn't feel comfortable when she curses or says words like penis, vagina, ovaries, or anything pretty much that I say all the time. When he's not working as a translator, which for me is pretty much 24/7, he's here with her or buying things for her to make her happy. And that to me is unbelievable.

Izzy is just an adorable little cake pop on the outside and with her brother, but when it's just me and her, she's super dirty minded and curses like a sailor. She has an alter ego who I like to call Izabel. I don't know it sounds bad ass to me and she told me she likes it since it makes her sound cooler. So since then it's been set in stone.

She also always has to mention a person's name in each sentence. I remember how she once told me it's because she just likes saying as many words as she can since one day she may not get the chance to ever speak one again. I don't like it when she speaks like that and I remember when I was smaller how Coop and I would just bring a load of leaves and pour it all over her. My parents as well as theirs thought we were nuts and didn't understand our intentions for doing that and we never told them. It was an innocent gesture really. We thought that if we hid her than death couldn't find her.

I met Izzy when I was only seven years old and Cooper was twelve. I was sent to the hospital for examination and other reasons and had to stay there a few weeks, and I would always sneak to the room with all the sick kids. This isn't the first time Izzy has gotten the big C and too be honest I'm not really mad that she got it the first time. I know it's fucking selfish of me to think that way, but if she never got it, then I never would've met her and Coop. And for that I'm regrettably thankful for, but now that it's back, I'm pissed. I'm pissed the fuck off.

But I never do complain to her, because I know how she doesn't want me to and I'll pretty much do anything she says.

I begin typing again, trying to keep a straight face so they won't suspect anything.

"Dick. Dick. Dick. Dick." The robotic voice reads.

I don't even dare look up as I already feel Cooper's shadow over me and I hear the sound of Izzy's continuous laughter.

When he snatches my device away, I look up and I gasp, of course no sound actually coming out, since I don't really want it to anyway.

"You're done. And anyways we're going to be late if we don't go now." He states, obviously annoyed with me. Ah, he loves me.

I just huff, sinking my body even more in a stubborn way.

"Winnie." He comments, sighing.

I groan.


I groan even louder.

"Winifred Audrey Queen! Am I going to have to carry you out?" He adds, placing his free
hand on his hip in a sassy way as a small smile creeps on his face.

I reach my hands out for my Ipad and he just rolls his eyes before handing it to me.

I'm too lazy to sign.

"Don't you have to change your contacts? I could've swore they were purple yesterday." The voice reads for me after I finish typing.

He latches his arm around me and drags me up to my feet.

"They were yellow yesterday and you know it." He remarks.

Coop has perfect vision, yet he wears different colored contacts everyday so he could 'express his aura' or some shit, but I really think it's because he's insecure about his normal average dark brown eyes. Haven't seen their original color since 2005.

After waving goodbye to Izzy and trying to beg her to convince her brother to let me stay for about ten minutes (You know like routine), We're finally both inside his teal Volkwagen Bus. Yeah I'm well aware of how much of a hippy the twenty five year old is.

Me and Coop are good friends don't get me wrong, but when we're both in his bus, we don't even glance at each other. His eyes stay on the road and my phone comes out, the headphones being automatically placed in my ears. My mum always jokes that I should just surgically attach the ear buds to my ears so I wouldn't have to worry about the hassle of taking them out and putting them back, and I usually just shrug. But I still keep that idea in mind.

My ipad and phone are both resting on my lap as my elbow is resting on the small arm rest beside the window. I just stare at the water droplets that are dripping on the glass.

I smile a little.

I love water droplets. They're always moving, always together, always playing. Unlike people, they're transparent and you can easily see right through them. Sometimes light will reflect off of them, creating a small rainbow on each one and it's just so majestic and magical to witness. That's one of the things I like about London. Since it rains practically all the time here, I always get to see them.

The tragic times though are when they're two droplets together, racing down and competing like small children, but one of them stops as the other one keeps on going until it splatters and dies. The other droplet must feel so guilty, so horrible for stopping and not yelling out for his friend. Watching it just die in front of him and never being able to race down or join other droplets together. It's sad. And those are just some of the days where I wish I could speak myself. Maybe if I said something, the water droplets would still be friends. Just maybe.
My eyes go to the gray cloudy sky surrounding the atmosphere and as the soft guitar in the song "No Death" by Mirel Wagner begins to play, I feel my finger reach for my phone to turn up the volume.

"And you wonder why everyone thinks you're depressed."

I quickly pause the song before turning to Coop.

I shake my head.

"I'm not depressed." I mouth.

He snorts.

"That's not what the therapist says."

I scoff at the sound of that word. Therapist.
I'm fine.

I turn on the ipad, unlocking it before going to the app and typing.

"Dr. Kanwell doesn't know how I feel." It reads for me.

He drives into the right lane, the sign coming up before glancing at me quickly.

"Maybe if you actually say something other than 'I'm fine', she would actually get to help you and I wouldn't have to drag your ass there every day."

"I'm mute. I can't fucking say anything." I type.

He sighs.

"You know what I mean, Winn."
I sit back in my seat before shutting off both of the devices and closing my eyes for a second.
I hate having to read that damn sign "Psychology center".

Only depressed and un normal people need therapy. I'm average. I'm normal.

There's a difference between being depressed and being sad.

"Shit. Winnie. Holy shit."

I open my eyes quickly when I feel Coop shaking my shoulder repeatedly.

I raise an eyebrow at him until he stops the car and moves his body back, revealing the front
of the building surrounded by a shitload of people and news reporters.

A black car soon drives right next to Coop's car on his side, blocking our view of all the commotion and both me and him groan in unison.

"Who do you think it is?" Coop questions, still looking out the window in hopes that the douchebag will move his car.

Loud screams begin to roar and I quickly eject my seat belt before leaning over Coop and rolling down the window.

"Winnie what t-"

I interrupt him by placing my hand on his mouth to shut him up, trying to make out what everyone's saying.

"Whjkay thjke fujnodck ikjns Ljnlkouis Tommhdykslinson hehnbkre?" Cooper mumbles into my hand, some saliva splattering on my skin.

I pull out my hand, wiping it on his shirt before turning to him and raising an eyebrow.
The black vehicle finally moves and all I see is the back of some brunette's head with two huge guys walking beside him.

"I said, why the fuck is Louis Tomlinson here?"

And I just shrug, because I really don't have a fucking clue.



Thank you so much! :D And I will rn! Sorry! Just have been busy lately :p

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Please update! I love this story so, so much :) Please please please please please please please please please please update! Yeah, that's how much I love this story! You deserve so many more followers and subscribers for your work because it is so fricking awesome! :)

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@XOMalina TomlinsonXO
Thank you!!!! :DD I'm glad you do!

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