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boy band romantica


***wow haven't been on here in a few months...i'll be on here more now, that is if people like my story...lol so i hope everyone enjoys this short teaser chapter.***

*last night*

Niall's POV
i didn't realize how hungry i was, until i saw a burger king commercial. so im getting myself some food. "hey zayn, liam, want any food?"
"good, more for me." i laugh at my own joke and walk into the kitchen. "wait, wheres harry and Louis?"
"up stairs." liam giggled.
"oh yeah their probably having, fun." zayn chimed in.
"guys, don't make me think about that stuff."

Harry's POV
Louis is kissing all over my tattoos, it feels so good. he's being such a tease.
"harry." i hear his sweet voice say, i look up seeing him smiling devilishly. he makes his way to my pants, and unbuttons them with his teeth. my mind is going a little dizzy im so turned on.

*the next day*

Louis POV
i woke up really happy, and i looked to my left and saw harry naked and remember what happened last night, i got even happier. he rolled over and laid his head on my chest, he was still asleep; looking so peaceful and cute i just watched him. i started to rub his hair and tangle my fingers into, he slightly moaned when i did that. rubbing his eyes he was finally awake, "good morning." i said.
"good morning." his morning voice was so groggy and cute.
"come on get dressed, lets get some breakfast."


Niall's POV
i was making breakfast for everyone, just waiting on harry and Louis.
"the love birds are finally coming down stairs." said liam.
"what was that liam?" harry called.
"ha, sorry i called you love birds."
"yeah we are." Louis smiled.
"im glad you guys are happy, now lets eat." i placed all the food on the table.


its short just to start it off, idk if people still like this...please let me know. if enough people like it ill continue with it. and merry Christmas everyone.


wow, i just login to tumblr again and saw someone elses story and returned to this. i didnt realize some many people have read this. thank you for liking it.

nikiall gabran nikiall gabran

I really like this plz continue

Louis_bae Louis_bae

im glad you enjoy it.

nikiall gabran nikiall gabran

thanks for updating it was great :)

yahaboo yahaboo

Please keep writing its reallh god and i would love if i could read what happens next

yahaboo yahaboo