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boy band romantica

butterfly tattoo

Harry's POV
so after playing 20 questions. i know Louis' favorite color is red, he was born on Christmas eve, and favorite sport is football. he also told me that his born name was Louis Austin, his parents got a divorce and he took his stepfathers last name. i felt a little sad when he told me. i remember when my parents got a divorce, i got over it eventually but it still hurts sometimes. but he's even better than i could imagine. i mean he's amazing, charming, cute, sweet, a good kisser- um yeah. he's all around great. and im happy that the rest of the boys support us.

Louis POV
three words. Harry. is. amazing. i mean it. we have a lot in common like that our parents got divorced when we were younger. he likes playing football too, i want to take him on a date and play a little game of football with him.
"hey Louis, what are you smiling about?" niall said coming into the kitchen.
"oh, um just thinking im going to make the best sandwich ever and its gonna taste great."
"right. no you were thinking about Harry i bet." he teased.
"no i wasn't." i tried to hide my face from turning bright red.
"ha, you are. you're thinking about Harry." niall wouldn't shut up he just loves to tease people.
"come on man. stop trying to embarrass me."
"but its funny to see you all shy."
"niall, stop it." Harry came in and put his arm around my shoulder.
"alright, i was just messing around."
Harry walked me out of the kitchen without another word, we walked to the back door and he finally spoke. "okay, since your my boyfriend now i wanted to have a little home-made date." he opened the door to the deck, where it was decorated with comfy chairs and a wood table; which had plates of food, candles, and flowers on it.
"this is so sweet." i gasped.
"i thought you would like it." he smiled.

Liam's POV
while Harry and Louis are having their date in the backyard, Niall is cooking dinner for the rest of us. chicken legs and salad. sounds great, and i can smell it in the living room.
"hey liam come here." niall calls.
"whats up?"
"can you chop the tomatoes and cumber?"
"sure." as i help him with dinner, zayn comes in begging for food.
"is it almost done. it smells so good." he comes in holding his stomach like he hasn't had food all day.
"zayn sometimes you're worse than niall when it comes to being hungry."
"hey." they both say.
"ha, sorry."

Harry's POV
Louis was loving the little dinner i made for us. i prepared chicken Marsala.; and he loved it. i was so glad. we also had some bread rolls, mashed potatoes, and orange juice.
"you know i was thinking of taking you out on a date."
"oh yeah, and do what?"
"play a little football, have a picnic and then see a movie."
"well, we can do that some time."
Louis decided to take his bread roll, rip it apart to make it thinner and put it under his top lip and said he was a walrus. i was in the middle of drinking and spit it out everywhere laughing so hard. i got the drink all over my shirt and the table.
"shit." i try to blot it out of my shirt while Louis cleaned the table, it wasn't coming out. i quickly take my shirt off and run into the house to throw it in the washer.
"what are you guys doing out there?" asked niall as i ran pass them up stairs. i ignored him and made my way to my room.

Louis POV
i was frozen in aw. his body, wow. so many tattoos i didn't realize he had that many. i realize he's gone and go inside. "what are you guys doing out there?" i heard niall say as harry runs up the stairs. "he spilled his drink." i managed to say.
"that's all that happened?" niall teased.
"stop it." i ran upstairs. i knocked at his door, "harry?"
"come in." i see him sitting on his bed in and a new white shirt. "you have a lot of white shirts." i giggled.
"yeah. sorry that was just kind of embarrassing." he looked at the floor.
"its okay. people spill drinks all the time." i tried to cheer him up.
"yeah that's true. niall trips on his own feet most of the time." he laughed.
"see, so don't be so embarrassed. also i didn't know you had so many tattoos."
"27, in total."
"wow. could, could i see them?" waiting for his answer, he gives me a cheeky smile and takes off his shirt. wow. he had a huge beautiful butterfly on his stomach. i scan every part of him and check the detail of all his tattoos. they are so amazingly done. "which one is your favorite?"
"i think the butterfly." he smiled.
"i think that's my favorite too. how did it feel?"
"it tickled at first actually, then it hurt a little bit. i could handle it though."
"would it still tickle if.." i trail off and start to tickle him. falling into a laughing fit, he wiggled to get away from me. "stop it, i beg you."
"maybe, give me a reason to stop."
"i'll kiss you." i stop and look at him. he leans up and kisses me. then attacks me with tickling.
"shit, you tricked me." then he stops and lays down. "okay, i need a breath." i lean over him and kiss his nose. then i make my way to his lips, then his neck. i get on top of him, settling on his hips. "can i trace your tattoos?"
"sure." he whispers. i use my finger and lightly brush his inked skin, looking at him seductively. he licks his lips, i lean down and kiss his chest. kissing over the tattoos, and make way for the butterfly. drawing my lips over the outline. i hear a light moan escape him.
"don't do that." he breathed.
"why, it seems like you like it." i teased. i continue and he lightly moans more.
"Louis." his small voice sweetly saying my name enticed me and i smother him with kisses. my hands explored his body running along his sides, as his did the same. then i trail down his body kissing, and leaving light love bites. until i got to his pants. "Louis." his light voice egging me on. i unzip his pants and kiss him all over.
That night was amazing.


this was for my friend jay. hope you enjoyed it. lol. its only pg-13 so you can just use your imagination. lol.


wow, i just login to tumblr again and saw someone elses story and returned to this. i didnt realize some many people have read this. thank you for liking it.

nikiall gabran nikiall gabran

I really like this plz continue

Louis_bae Louis_bae

im glad you enjoy it.

nikiall gabran nikiall gabran

thanks for updating it was great :)

yahaboo yahaboo

Please keep writing its reallh god and i would love if i could read what happens next

yahaboo yahaboo