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boy band romantica

i was telling the truth

Zayn's POV
i was really shocked to hear that Louis and Harry were gay, i mean Louis clearly stated he was straight and Harry has dated girls before. i guess they just didn't want people to know. well, we're keeping it a secret from Phil he would have a field day if he knew. and the press wouldn't leave us alone at all. as long as their happy, that's all that matters.

Louis POV
"i love you too, Louis." his voice rang in my head over and over again. i was't expecting him to say that. does he really mean it? i kind of ran to my room after it all happened. i don't know what to do. i was so deep in thought i didn't realize someone was knocking at my door. and they entered without me noticing. i get out of thought when a hand touched my shoulder. i look up to see Harry.
"Harry, whats up?" my voice shook a little.
"I've been wanting to talk to you, Lou."
"about what?"
"the whole confession thing. i was telling the truth. i do love you."
"i love you too. Harry i didn't think you liked me like that."
"i do. ever since Phil brought you to the studio the first day. you were so cute, and when you first sang, it was like listening to an angel." he said with a smile on his face.
"for real? i wanted to join the band so i could get to know you better." i said blushing.
"really, just for me?"

Harry's POV
i was so happy that Louis told me, and surprised at myself for telling him. i never thought i would ever tell him. i couldn't help myself i jump at him for a big hug, and we fell onto the bed. just like before our noses are so close to touching, but this time i'm on top of him.
"Harry, what are you doing?"
"sorry i just wanted to hug you." i try to get up but Louis pulls me back down and flips me over so he's on top. "Louis?" before i knew it his lips are on mine. they were so soft and warm, his hands were on my cheeks and running through my hair. my arms cradled around his neck. he lets go and looks down at me with intense eyes. he sat right on my hips, with each leg on both sides of me. "Louis?"
he didn't say anything, just stared at me and then kissed me again. kissing my neck, "Harry." he whispered my name. "Louis, what are you..." his hands went up my shirt. he continued to kiss my neck. "Louis." my breath was getting shallow as i was getting turned on, i didn't want to make any weird noises.
"don't hold your voice, Harry. let me hear you." his voice was husky; i liked it. letting out a slight moan he grins a devilish smile. "Louis, wait."
"im sorry Harry am i hurting you?"
"no, just slow down. lets not do this so fast."
"im sorry." he gets up and sits next to me. kisses my cheek and holds my hand. "lets play 20 questions." he smiled.


i like to tease. hope everyone is enjoying it.


wow, i just login to tumblr again and saw someone elses story and returned to this. i didnt realize some many people have read this. thank you for liking it.

nikiall gabran nikiall gabran

I really like this plz continue

Louis_bae Louis_bae

im glad you enjoy it.

nikiall gabran nikiall gabran

thanks for updating it was great :)

yahaboo yahaboo

Please keep writing its reallh god and i would love if i could read what happens next

yahaboo yahaboo