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boy band romantica


Louis POV
i decided to take harry on a surprise date, first we will be going to the park for a picnic, then a nice walk afterwards, next funny photo booths, last a movie.
"Louis are you really not telling me where we are going?" harry whined.
"you'll see just wait."
we got to the park and i set up the blanket. "awe we're having a picnic." said harry.
"yup, surprise."
"Lou, this is cute."
"there's more so save your excitement."
"what else are we doing?"
"you'll have to wait." i bop his nose while i say this.
we ate in silence for a bit, a couple of people saw us and took pictures of us. it didn't really bother us, i made funny faces at the girls and harry gave them his sweet smile.
"sorry to interrupt your lunch but can we get a picture with you?" asked a girl.
"Mary don't."
"its fine, come over." said harry. the girls giggled and posed with us then left.
"see their so nice." the girl named Mary spoke as they walked away.
"this is pretty public Lou, you sure no one will notice whats really up?"
"its fine, i know it will be crazy for people to find out we're dating. which is why im not kissing you, at least until we get to some place more private." i whispered to him. he always gets flustered when i do that. its so cute.

Harry's POV
Louis is such a tease its not even funny, he whispers in my ear something about going somewhere private. his voice is so low and sexy it does something to me i cant hold myself. i tackle him to the ground and hold his wrist. "harry what are you doing?"
"sorry but you cant say stuff like that and think im not going to do something."
"harry people are going to see us." with that i got up and drank some of my pop.
"okay, you ready?" Louis said.
"ready for what?"
"the next part of our date." he picked up everything and took it back to the car before we got to the next activity.
"Louis what is this?"
"photo booths, duh." we took so many silly and weird pictures together. it was a nice and private place to sneak a few kisses the camera caught those of course. after that we went to go see a movie.


Niall's POV
it was pretty quiet at the house with harry and Louis gone, liam is working out and zayn was taking a nap. damn im bored, i might go for a walk or something. yeah i'll go for a walk maybe get some food too. im scrolling through twitter and i cant believe the stuff the fans say to us, thinking we don't ever read them. sometimes i wish i didn't see some of this stuff. i mean really i post about there should be a nandos in every state and i get sub tweets saying "please fist me until i puke." and " slam your dick in my ass until it comes out my mouth and spit on me." what the hell is wrong with these girls? none of that would happen i wouldn't want to do any of that. hold on. its a picture of harry and Louis at the park. "saw harry and Louis today, they were having a cute picnic together."
"i saw them too, i got a pic with them." " they look cute together."
"to bad they are straight."
"that's not a bad thing, i could still have a chance with harry."
"your like 16, no way there's chance. but harry and Louis make a cute couple."
shit this isn't good.


Louis POV
the movie was amazing, i mean honestly didn't really watch most of it. you know harry didn't let me watch it. "so what next Lou?"
"i was thinking home, to continue what we were doing in the movie."
"sounds good to me."
we got home and niall was waiting on the couch. "hey niall, whats up?"
"guys i have to show you something."
"this is bad, what if people really start talking about this?" harry panicked.
"dont worry im sure it will blow over." then my phone started to go off. it was Phil, shit.
"what is this crap about you and harry being in a relationship?"
"i dont know what your talking about."
"I've seen twitter and other sites talking about you two at the park having lunch together and holding each other."
"its not like that just calm down and let me explain."
"you'll explain alright. i'll be there in 10 minutes be ready."
"wait, what?"


Liam's POV
this is going a little over board, Phil really is homophobic, i mean a press conference to let everyone know they aren't dating or gay at all, that's harsh.
"one direction talking about the pictures that are all over social media of harry and Louis holding each other. start the questions." said Phil.
"harry can you tell us what is happening in this picture?" it was of harry on top of Louis, he was pinning him down like they were wrestling.
"well, Louis had pulled a little prank on me so i tackled him to the ground, nothing more than that." he said that flawlessly.
"Louis you were seen standing up for a gay couple when your manager called them out for their relationship, some say its because you are also gay."
"well is it not human nature to want to help when someone is being attacked? physical or verbal if someone is being hurt in anyway im going to stand up for them. i love to help others, is that really a bad thing?" good job Louis.
"why do your fans have this fantasy of you two being a couple?"
"they are young girls with big imaginations and like you said fantasy, they just like to pair us up and make stories called fan-fiction. i dont really have a problem with it, but if someone like you is so easily to believe what they say, you obviously dont have much going on in your life to think that me and harry being in a relationship is a big deal."
damn i think that shut them up.
"well said Louis, and with that we are not dating so please stop with the silly questions, and move on."


well there's that. hope you liked it. any ideas or request of how you want the story to go is up for debate.
i actually saw a few sub tweets that said stuff like that to niall lol. freaky fans.

also doing a little promo for myself. i have a book out on kindle so if you have one please give my story a read, its only $1.00. its called Chronicles of Isabella Shoute. i would appreciate it let me know what you think if you read it follow me on twitter @nikki_gabrielle we can chat and what not.


wow, i just login to tumblr again and saw someone elses story and returned to this. i didnt realize some many people have read this. thank you for liking it.

nikiall gabran nikiall gabran

I really like this plz continue

Louis_bae Louis_bae

im glad you enjoy it.

nikiall gabran nikiall gabran

thanks for updating it was great :)

yahaboo yahaboo

Please keep writing its reallh god and i would love if i could read what happens next

yahaboo yahaboo