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boy band romantica

ready to move

Louis' POV
i just got back home, and my mom started yelling at me. she already heard about the incident at the restaurant, i guess there was paparazzi there and video taped it all. damn TMZ. "why would you do that? do you want people to know you're gay?"
"what are you talking about. i was just defending them, like a normal human being. im not gay." i pleaded.
"oh really then who's us gay weekly are those in your room?"
"why were you in my room? those were under my bed."
"honey, i knew for a while that you were gay, im not mad at that i still love you all the more. but what will other people think if they find out?"
"i know, my manager is a huge homophobic. i'll hide it like i have been. no one will know."

A few days later Phil called me to the studio, the rest of the guys were there too. he had some news to tell us.
"alright, so i know you've seen TMZ post the tape of Louis defending the homosexual couple at the restaurant and people are flying off the walls with comments. most are about killing me, because im a heartless bastard, and others loving Louis for standing up to me, and then there is people thinking that Louis might be gay himself." oh shit.
"ha, no im not gay i can assure you. i like girls. i just didn't like what you were saying about them because its wrong to ridicule someone for what they love. simple as that anyone else would have done the same thing if i didn't."
"Louis is right, you should keep your mouth shut about other peoples love interest. you're not the person dating them so why do you care what they do?" said harry.
"alright i'll keep my mouth shut, but on to the real news that matters to you guys. you all will be living in the same house."
"what?" we all said in unison.

Harry's POV
what was Phil thinking, five guys in one house. oh jeez this is going to be messy and i having a feeling im going to be the one that cleans up after everyone else. "why do you want us to live in the same house?"
"so that i can get to you all easier. and you'll be on time. also for you to bond more and practice more at home and not just at the studio. will it be a problem to live with each other?"
"no i guess not. its just pretty sudden." said liam.
"if its not a problem, that's good. i'll send you all the address and you can move in when you want. preferable, before the end of the week."
"its going to take at least three days to get boxes and pack everything and then two or more to unload and move everything into the new place." zayn whined.
"well get to work then." jeez can you be anymore of a bucket of bollocks. i thought to myself.

Niall's POV
this is going to be fun. living with the guys will be so epic. i can't wait. i set off home to pack everything, my brother helped with it all. since it was mainly clothes we got things done pretty fast, most of it was in the back of his truck. we went to the house to see what it was like. it was huge. the living room was fully furnished with a long couch on one wall and a flat screen tv across from it on the other wall. to the left of the living room was the dining room, and on to the kitchen, down a hall was the bathroom, and then upstairs, there were five rooms and bathrooms in each. wow this an awesome house. no one else has come yet so i got first pick of the rooms. and i picked the one at the end of the hall. "hey that's cool that they gave you a bed and dressers, we don't have to bring anything else with us do we?"
"not really, i have all my clothes and shoes, toothbrush, paste, towels, and such. the only things i have left are my guitar and case, tv, and laptop."

I was all settled in and one-by-one the rest came too. it was like one big happy family. the rooms occupied starting from the beginning of the stairs went, Louis, Harry,Liam, Zayn, me.


hope people are still enjoying my story :)


wow, i just login to tumblr again and saw someone elses story and returned to this. i didnt realize some many people have read this. thank you for liking it.

nikiall gabran nikiall gabran

I really like this plz continue

Louis_bae Louis_bae

im glad you enjoy it.

nikiall gabran nikiall gabran

thanks for updating it was great :)

yahaboo yahaboo

Please keep writing its reallh god and i would love if i could read what happens next

yahaboo yahaboo