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boy band romantica

hurtful management

Niall's POV
"so can we get something to eat? im so hungry."
"niall your always hungry." zayn laughed.
"sounds good. lets go out." said liam.
harry had a silly smile on his face and then said, "we're going to nandos aren't we?" i laughed. "yes we are."
"whats nandos?" Louis asked.
all the guys looked at me in shock. "its absolutely the most amazing place ever. to get chicken and other amazing food." i burst.
"sounds good, lets go."
we head out the doors, when Phil stopped us.
"where you going boys?"
"to get some food at nandos." i answered.
"alright. i'll be going with you."

Harry's POV
thankfully it wasn't so busy at nandos. most of the people left us be while we got and ate our food. but we did have a few girls ask for pictures with us, it was fine. these two guys walked in, holding hands i saw nothing wrong with it but Phil on the other hand had to be very objective about it. like always.
"ugh. have they no pride, wasteful to not be with a women."
"Phil, don't say that." i told him.
"its true, its wasteful of them as men to be with each other and not women. how can they procreate?"
as he kept talking the two guys overheard him, they got a little defensive.
"you don't have to speak to us in that manner. just mind your own business. and stop looking at us."
"stop showing your impure relationship in public."
"Phil stop. this is nonsense." Louis stood up.
"your right fighting with them is nonsense. i unfortunately cant change their minds."
"no you're nonsense, don't talk like they are less human because of who they are. they didn't make a choice they were born that way, and i guess you were born to be a dick. but keep your opinion to yourself." Louis was livid I've never seen anyone get so angry before.

Louis' POV
i wanted to punch Phil in the face, i never met someone this ignorant. and the only reason im yelling at him is because im gay, and i felt just as hurt when he said that stuff. I've never told anyone and i didn't realize this guy, my new manager was such a bigot. "screw this place, i don't want to hear you speak ignorance anymore." i walk over to the guys shook their hands. "there is nothing wrong with you guys. love is natural gender doesn't matter."
"thank you."
"Louis, if you really believe that. you can say good bye to being in the band." Phil said.
"if Louis gets kicked out im leaving." harry declared.
"me too." Niall stood up.
"yeah same here." said Zayn.
"one direction will be no more if you kick Louis out." Liam stated.
"no don't kill one direction." all the girls yelled.
i couldn't believe they would quit the band for me. and finally Phil admit defeat and left it alone for now. everyone cheered, and all the girls came running to us, and cheering that they were happy a new member was in the band, and they couldn't wait to hear me sing.


thank you for your comments. im glad people enjoy it so far. i hope you continue to like it.


wow, i just login to tumblr again and saw someone elses story and returned to this. i didnt realize some many people have read this. thank you for liking it.

nikiall gabran nikiall gabran

I really like this plz continue

Louis_bae Louis_bae

im glad you enjoy it.

nikiall gabran nikiall gabran

thanks for updating it was great :)

yahaboo yahaboo

Please keep writing its reallh god and i would love if i could read what happens next

yahaboo yahaboo