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boy band romantica

this isn't what it looks like

Louis' POV
i was all settled in the new house and my friend Dave, wanted to see the new place so i invited him over. "wow this is a nice pad man." he said looked all around the room. niall came from the kitchen with a grilled cheese and sat on the sofa. "hey bro."
"hey niall, this is my friend Dave."
"nice to meet you, Dave."
"nice to meet you too."
we went up to my room to play some video games. "dude, you have your own bathroom?"
"yeah each room does."
"damn that's awesome. i need a place like this."
"ha, move in next door." i joked.
"i just might, if i can afford it. then i can see you more."
"yeah. so i got call of duty, marvel vs DC, tekken, and mortal combat. what do you want to play?"
"oh, mortal combat."

lets just say he beat me, and im not a good sport when i get beat.
"oi mate, not fair. rematch."
"ah, Lou cant admit defeat.'' he laughed.
"hell no, you cheated."
"you hit my hand with your foot." i whine.
"i did not, but if it will make you happy fine. but lets have a bet." he smirked.
"bet what?"
"if you win, i'll streak outside. if i win i get to kiss you." he put his finger under my chin and looked me in the eyes.
"what kind of bet is that? why would you want to kiss me?" i was confused.
"why not? your cute, and we're both gay." he smiled.
"what? how did you know that?"
"its so easy to tell, just the way you act. do we have a bet or not?"
"yeah. i wont lose this time." i was confident i was going to win.

i shouldn't make bets. ugh. while Dave is laughing evilly after winning im getting nervous. he's not really going to do it, is he? he finally stopped laughing and looks at me.
"okay, ready?"
"you really mean it?"
"um, yeah. now close your eyes, just sit there." shit he's serious. i endure it and close my eyes. i feel his hands on my cheeks, then a light soft sensation on my lips. his lips are warm, i fall into his embrace and cant stop him. we're kissing passionately, then i hear the door open. shit. i turn to see harry standing there. double shit, the one person i didn't want to be standing there.
"harry, this isn't what it looks like." he stood there for a minute not saying anything, then finally he spoke. "um i was just coming to tell you that dinner is ready. sorry for interrupting."
he leaves and im left feeling guilty for some reason.

Harry's POV
It was time for dinner, niall made it so its going to be good. i went up to get Louis and his friend niall said he had over. at first i thought they were gone, i didn't hear the tv or any talking. so i opened the door, i should have knocked first. i saw them kissing. Louis looked up at me in a guilty way and said, " this isn't what it looks like."
"i was just coming to tell you that dinner is ready. sorry for interrupting." i trampled out of the room as fast as i could. i always had this sense of him being gay, and when he said he was straight i had a slight sadness. and for just a second i was happy to see him kissing a guy. then sadness again,because it wasn't me. i went downstairs with a heavy heart, but i didn't show it.
"hey, harry where's Louis and um Dave?" niall asked.
"coming down in a minute." i sat down at the table. they finally came down but Dave was leaving. "sorry i can't stay. my mom wants me home."
"its okay, come over again." said niall. Louis sits down without even a glance at me. the tension in the air felt so thick i could cut it with my knife. i ate most of my food, but i couldn't take the weirdness. "the food was great niall, i'll cook tomorrow night."
"you okay harry?" asked zayn.
"yeah, just um..." i trailed off as i looked at Louis who stared at his plate. "i um, feel tired."
"get some sleep then." said liam.
"i will." i went upstairs and hid in my face in my pillow.


a slight tease for you. and a jealous harry. let the drama begin.


wow, i just login to tumblr again and saw someone elses story and returned to this. i didnt realize some many people have read this. thank you for liking it.

nikiall gabran nikiall gabran

I really like this plz continue

Louis_bae Louis_bae

im glad you enjoy it.

nikiall gabran nikiall gabran

thanks for updating it was great :)

yahaboo yahaboo

Please keep writing its reallh god and i would love if i could read what happens next

yahaboo yahaboo