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Her (Louis Tomlinson Punk)

Chapter 9 - First Date

I felt fingers run through my hair as I was dreaming about Lilly. Well it was more like a sex dream. I knew I wasn’t asleep anymore since I could feel Lilly move around. I moved a little bit and my member rubbed against the bed. I let out a little moan at the contact. I felt Lilly run her fingers down my back and it felt nice that I let a moan slip from my lips. I ran my hand up the outside of her thigh slowly. I turned my head to give her stomach a kiss before I looked at her. Her cheeks were pink and I knew she was turned on as much as me. I quickly moved her legs to each side of me, so she was underneath me. I kissed her as I ran my hands up the sides of her. I thrusted my hips into hers and she moaned a little. I took that a sign to keep going. I grinded our lower half’s together as I kept kissing her.

After a little bit Lilly wrapped her legs around me as I placed one of my hands on her thigh. I went harder and faster against her and Lilly took her singlet off. I quickly grabbed her hands before I do anything stupid. I entwined out fingers above her head. Lilly bit her lip as she was holding back something. I pulled her lip out with my teeth and sucked on it lightly. Lilly buckled her hips into mine. We both moaned at the contact.

When I moved one of my hands away from Lilly. She straight away wrapped her arm under my shoulder. My hand went up the boxers she was wearing. I ran two fingers up and down her slit before I slowly put them into her. I moved them in and out of her as I kept grinding against her. Lilly started moaning as I made sure to hit g-spot. Lilly moved her hand from my shoulder to my member. My member rubbed against her hand and between her legs. I took my fingers out of her, so I could grab her hand. Without thinking I ran her hand between her legs under the boxers. I pulled it out and placed it back onto my member. Lilly wrapped her fingers around me. I put two fingers back inside of her before I started moving backwards and forwards again.

After a little bit and the feeling of her hand wrapped around me. I felt close, so I pulled my fingers out of her and grabbed her hand that was around me. I pinned them next to her head as I thrusted hard a couple of times into her. We both moaned loudly as we both came. I feel on top of Lilly and she wrapped her arms around me, “good morning,” Lilly puffed. I kissed her lightly, “good morning,” I smiled. I rolled off of her and pulled her next to me.

We laid there for a bit as we getting our breathing under control. We were both covered in sweat and our bodily fluids. I didn’t say anything as I went over what we did in my head. I kept placing small kisses to Lilly’s forehead to tell her that I love her. I noticed that it was nearly ten o’clock, “you know you’re meant to be at school right now?” I wondered.

“I know,” she smiled. I kissed her, “skipping class already,” I smiled back. Lilly ran her hand down my chest, “yep and it was history with Harry,” she tells me. She skipped a lesson with Harry. What the fuck am I doing to this girl? Harry is going to kill me, but still worth it, “I’m going to get in trouble for this,” I smirked. Lilly started kissing my neck, “but it worth it,” I added.

We went another round before we got in the shower, “I like skipping with you,” Lilly tells me. I laughed little as I thought about this morning, “and for once you were the good boy,” she added. Lilly washed her hair, “not really,” I say. Lilly looked a little bit confused at me, “I jumped you this morning,” I pointed out. Lilly smiled at me, “and I didn’t stop you,” she reminded me. I pulled her to me and Lilly placed her hands on my chest, “and I didn’t ask if it was ok to finger you or fuck your hand. We just did it and after,” I started before Lilly kissed me.

“I know, but maybe we don’t have to ask anymore. I started round two without asking you,” she says. I licked my lip as I was thinking, “but you can still tell me no. It not like I’m going to get mad at you,” I tell her. Lilly kissed my neck, “I know, but this morning I knew you were having a sex dream and it turned me on. Because last night I was serious about having sex with you. I wanted to tell you this morning that I wanted you inside of me and I didn’t mean your fingers,” she admitted. What the fuck did she just say? Where is this Lilly coming from? I want my pure Lilly back, “babe you know I won’t,” I whispered.

“I know,” Lilly says as she played with her fingers against my chest. I rubbed her back wondering if this was because of me last night. Maybe I shouldn’t have brought up me taking her virginity, “I won’t even think about having sex with you for three months,” I tell her. I knew I was going to think about what it be like to be inside her, “why three months?” she wondered. I kissed her forehead, “so I can make sure that you really want me to take it. I know you promised me, but I wouldn’t be upset if you found someone better than me. One with no anger issues or a fucked up life. Someone that would make you happy all the time,” I confessed.

“So I’m the one that got to learn to control myself now,” she faked smiled. Was Lilly hurt about what I said about myself? I smiled as I kept thinking that maybe she cares about me, “it seems that way,” I say. Lilly hugged me tight and I hugged her back the same, “come on let’s go get something to eat,” I added. Lilly nodded her head as I kissed her.

Lilly and I got dressed in my clothes. We were both wearing my grey track pants, but Lilly had one of my black t-shirts on. I caught Lilly looking over my naked chest, so I didn’t put a top on. I wish she didn’t put on my track pants. I love to see her naked legs walking around this house.

As we walking down the stairs I picked Lilly up from behind. She was laughing as we got the bottom of the stairs, “Louis,” I heard Troy say. He looked disappointed as he looked at Lilly. I tighten my grip around Lilly, “Troy?” I questioned. He shook his head in disappointment at me, “what have I told you about having girls around? I told you to make sure there gone in the morning,” he spat. I tensed up, “sorry hunny you’ll have to leave. I hope you had a good fuck,” he tells Lilly.

“Don’t you fucken dare talk to her like that!” I yelled. I moved Lilly behind me, “why not? I’m never going to see her again,” Troy snapped. I felt Lilly’s hand on my back, but it wasn’t calming me down, “because she my girlfriend. She not just some girl,” I spat. Troy rolled his eyes and went for him. Lilly tried to hold me back, but I pushed her off of me. As soon as I did that. I realized what I done. Lilly was on the floor, “Lilly I’m so sorry,” I apologized. I knelt beside her as panic was going through me, “I’m so sorry,” I repeated over and over. Lilly placed her hand on the side of my face trying to calm me down, “it ok Louis,” she cooed. I closed my eyes as I was letting her touch take over me.

I don’t know how much time past, but Lilly kissed me before she got up. I stayed on the floor, “come on,” Lilly says as she held her hand out. I took it as I got up, “I’m sorry,” I mumbled. Lilly wrapped her arms around me, “Louis it ok,” she reassured me. I wrapped my arms around her, “I’m sorry for Troy. I’m sorry he’s such a dick,” I tell her. I kissed the top of her head as Troy came back. He looked at us and I really wanted to hit him, “not to sound nasty, but why a girlfriend now Louis?” he questioned.

“Because she is different and I really like her,” I confessed. I knew Lilly was looking at me, “I know I got a rep with girls, but I really like this one,” I added. Troy sighed, “I’m sorry about before,” Troy apologized to Lilly. But she kept staring at me, “I’ll leave you two alone,” Troy says.

I dragged Lilly up to my room, so I could talk to her again. Lilly sat down on my lounge, “don’t you dare say you’re sorry again Louis,” she tells me. I sat down next to her, “Lilly I know what he said hurt you,” I started. Lilly looked down, “Louis did you lie to me about how many girls you slept with?” she wondered. I shook my head and it was the truth, “he just thinks that, because his away a lot. He thinks I have a girl over every night. When I don’t,” I tell her. Lilly played with her fingers as she was thinking, “Lilly you can ask everyone. They would have told you when you asked me last week,” I added. When Lilly looked at me her face was unreadable, “how many girls have you been with? And I’m not talking about sex. I’m talking about hand jobs, blowjobs and even making out,” she asked me. I looked down trying to work how to fix this, “more than seven I’m guessing?” she questioned.

“But Lilly your better than all of them,” I reassured her. I put my hand on Lilly’s knee and she grabbed it, “Louis who is Eleanor?” she questioned. How does she know about Eleanor? I looked away as I was getting my emotions under control, “she was my first and last girlfriend. It ended when I found out she was cheating on me. She was also the first person I had sex with,” I confessed. I might as well tell her the truth or someone else was going to. Lilly squeezed my hand, “Lilly I know I’m not the guy you thought I was. But I promise you that you’re the only girl I want and need,” I promised. Lilly didn’t say anything to me. She just moved, so she could lay her head on my chest. She brought her knees up to her chest as I wrapped my arm around her. I kissed the top of her head and we just sat there.

As I was running my fingers up and down her back. I was thinking what just happened. I think it was a setback in mine and Lilly’s relationship. After a fantastic night and morning, we had together. Lilly kissed my chest and it brought me back to her. She was looking at me, “is Troy like that all the time?” she wondered. I shook my head, but really I should be nodding it, “that what jetlag does to you,” I replied. I kissed the top of her head, “babe can you help me change the bed sheets?” I asked to change the subject.

“And why would I do that?” she smiled. I smiled back at her, “because we made a mess on them,” I winked. Lilly shook her head as she got off of me, “and I thought we like somewhere clean to sleep tonight,” I added. Well I hoped. I know she uneasy with Troy here, but like her. I need someone to deal with a parent. Lilly pulled the blanket off of my bed and I quickly pulled the sheet off. I knew it was covered in my cum. Lilly was looking at me funny, “that the second time I’ve seen you move that fast today,” she joked. I laughed as I realized that maybe I was overreacting, “what was the first time?” I teased.

“When you jumped me this morning,” Lilly says as she pointed to the bed sheet in my hand. I smiled at the memory of this morning. I threw the sheet on the floor as Lilly got the quilt out of the quilt cover. As I was getting the pillows out of the pillow covers. I was watching Lilly do the same. What scared me tho. I found it incredibly hot. That I had to walk out of my room before I jumped her.

We finished the bed with the sheets that I brought in, “it so much easier with you,” I smiled as I looked at my bed. I don’t think my bed ever look this good, but I think that about everything Lilly does. I looked up to see her next to her school bag with her phone in her hand. As I was walking over to her. She was reading something and she sighed, “Harry?” I questioned. Lilly nodded her head as she showed me her phone:

Harry Styles

Where are you?

Are you alright?

You better not be with Louis. You know my rules Flower

“What are we going to tell him?” I wondered. Lilly shrugged her shoulders, “we could tell him the truth that you stayed at mine last night. Liam and Niall already know that I was with you, so there most likely say something since they will see him before us,” I suggested. Maybe it’s about time we started telling Harry the truth. Lilly looked down, “but what if he asks why?” she questioned. I pulled her face up gently, so she would look at me, “we could tell him the truth. That you didn’t want to be alone last night, because you been having bad dreams,” I tell her. Why is she afraid to tell Harry the truth about her nightmares? Lilly played with her bottom lip with her teeth, “I just don’t want him to ask questions,” she says. I pulled her to me, “and I will tell him,” I reassured her. There was a knock on my bedroom door to end this nice moment, “come in!” I shouted. Troy came in, “I was wondering if you two would like some lunch?” he asked. I nodded my head, “pizza alright?” he questioned.

“Yeah and Hawaiian,” I tell him. He smiled as he left us and I felt uneasy, “um Louis I,” Lilly mumbled. I kissed her, “I know he wasn’t the nicest guy when you met him, but he does put up with a lot of my shit. He is really an ok guy,” I interrupted. Lilly nodded her head before I kissed her again, “just give him a chance. I know you don’t have to, but can you for me?” I asked. I knew that was a big ask, but for once I need her, “only for you tho,” she smiled

When Troy called us for lunch. Lilly put her hair up in one of those messy bun things. Lilly sat next to me at the dining table and Troy sat across from us. I put a piece of pizza in front of Lilly, “so um,” Troy started as he looked at Lilly. I put a piece of pizza in front of me, “Lilly,” she tells him. Great start. My father didn’t know my girlfriend name. Troy smiled a little at her, “so Lilly how did you met Louis?” he asked. Lilly quickly looked at Louis, “at school,” she replied. Lilly looked worried which made me worry, “I’m a category three,” she added quickly. Troy gave her a small nod, “we met in physics. Then I met him again threw Harry,” she kept going.

“So you know Harry?” Troy questioned. Lilly nodded her head, “we grew up together since birth, but I moved away for six years and didn’t see him,” she tells Troy. Crap Lilly rambling. Troy smiled at her and I knew it was a dominance thing, “small world,” he says. I put my hand on her knee, “so what you doing home? On Sunday you told me it be another week,” I asked. Troy looked at me, “we finished early than we thought, so I came home. I thought you wanted to see Georgia,” he replied. I smiled at the thought of seeing Georgia, “would you like to meet her Lilly?” Troy asked her. Lilly nodded her head and I was shocked. I thought after meeting Troy that she never wants to meet any of my family. Troy phone rang and he looked at it, “sorry. I’ll be right back,” he tells us.

As soon as he left I turned to Lilly, “you really want to me Georgia? I questioned. Lilly nodded her head again, “why? Don’t you want me to meet her,” she asked. I shook my head. I would call my mum and sisters if she wanted to meet them right now, but I know I still have a lot of making up to do with them, “it just she likes to talk a lot and most likely tell you embarrassing things about me,” I smiled. Lilly kissed my cheek before she started eating.

We finished eating when Troy came back from his phone call, “was I gone that long?” he wondered. I nodded, “and sorry to cut the family time short, but me and Lilly need to get ready for school,” I tell him. Troy looked disappointed, but it was an act for Lilly, “that alright. Lilly would you like to come around for dinner tonight?” Troy asked her. Lilly looked at me to see if I was alright with it. I gave her a small nod before she looked back at Troy, “I would love to. Thank you,” she tells him. Troy smiled at her, “great then. I’ll see you than,” he says.

When I was putting on my black skinny jeans. Lilly looked like she was thinking about something. I know Troy makes her feel uneasy and there is nothing I can do about that. I kissed Lilly cheek to stop her thinking, “back to earth babe,” I smiled. Lilly smiled back at me before she put on her top. Her top was black, long, baggy and had the words Little Black Dress written on the front. I knew her top was actually a dress, “little black dress” I say. She looked down at herself as she nodded her head, “this is the closest thing I have to a dress,” she smiled. I grabbed a top from my Troy draw. The draw was all the tops that Troy brought me home. He gets upset when I don’t wear them. I managed to grab the American football team Buffalo Bills top. I quickly put it on, “Buffalo Bills?” Lilly questioned. I just shrugged my shoulders, “Troy brought it back on one of his many trips,” I tell her.


When I came out of my wardrobe with my football gear. Lilly looked like she remembered something, “I need to go home to get mine,” She tell him as she pointed to my football gear. I smiled at her, “you know there talk amongst the girls about giving you captain,” I tell her. Lilly shook her head, “like I told Soph yesterday. I like taking orders. Plus, I know we would lose if I was leading,” she tells me. I moved in closer to her, “I don’t think so. You’re the first person to beat my team and all you told them was use what they got. I think you could really do it babe,” I admitted. I really believe that she could be captain of the girl’s football team. I noticed that Lilly was shocked, “you got a couple of weeks to think about it,” I added. I kissed her, “but it my first year at the school. Wouldn’t someone get the shits with me?” she wondered. I kissed her again, “they’re the ones that are talking about it,” I reassured her. People were really talking about Lilly getting captain. Lilly shook her head, “just finished getting ready so we can go,” she ordered to change the subject.

When we stopped at Lilly’s I messaged Harry about meeting us in the car pack in ten minutes. I knew Lilly was scared to tell Harry the truth about what really going on with her. I just didn’t know why. Harry wouldn’t look at her any different or even judge her. I think he help her and maybe that’s the problem. I noticed that Lilly doesn’t really like help. She like doing things alone like she always has.

When I pulled up to school finally, “um I told Harry to meet us here,” I tell her as we got out of my car. I grabbed my bag and closed my door, “Lilly,” I heard Harry say. He sounded pissed, so I quickly went to Lilly’s side, “Louis,” he also said angrily. He was really pissed as he came closer to us, “before you say anything Harry. We need to talk,” I tell him. I put my arm around Lilly as Harry was confused.

I explained to Harry about Lilly not sleeping. Lilly didn’t say a word to him. Harry relaxed as I was talking to him about it. I was so close to tell him about Lilly’s nightmare that I saw. Harry seemed to completely understand when I finished telling him, “you alright now?” Harry asked. Lilly nodded, “I think sleeping in was all I needed,” she tells him. Harry hugged her and I saw worry in his face, “you know you don’t always have to go to his if you’re feeling like this. You can always come to mine. Mum won’t mind. That reminds me mum was wondering if you like to come to dinner tomorrow night?” Harry asked her. Harry still looked worried and Lilly didn’t notice, “I’ll love too,” she smiled.

I noticed that when we met the others at our lunch area. Mark and May was there, “oh my god Lou still alive,” Niall over dramatically says. I laughed a little bit as I sat down. Lilly sat on my lap and it surprised me. I’m not complaining. I just didn’t think she would do it. Mark was glaring at Niall and Niall didn’t pay him any attention. Niall was talking to Harry about something. Lilly and Perrie were talking about Max and Niall, “Ni why don’t you tell Lil and Lou what you told us about them,” Perrie tells him. Niall smirked and I knew it was dirty “just that Lou would have had a long night with Lil. Getting blowjob after blowjob. I never seen Louis move so fast in my life after Lil sent him that picture. Lil can you also send it to me?” Niall winked. Harry raised an eyebrow at us, “Ni you know my rule about Lilly Belle,” I started. Lilly laughed a little bit and I wanted to piss off Mark, “that means no picture, but last night was great. I swear next door heard us,” I continued. Harry was smiling, he knew what I was doing. Lilly kissed me, “I got scratches to prove it,” I smirked.

“Is this all you guys talk about?” Mark snapped. Lilly shook her head no, “yeah right, because by the sound of it you and Louis had sex last night,” he added. Lilly shook her head again and Mark was pissing me off, “I’m a virgin still,” Lilly tells him. Mark was shocked, “there are other things to do with someone other than sex,” she added. Mark looked at May, “is she telling the truth about being a virgin?” he questioned. What the fuck did he just asked May? No one questions my girlfriend. May nodded her head, “hey don’t second guess my girlfriend,” I spat. I knew Lilly was looking at me, “one of many,” Mark whispered. I got up and covered Lilly ear, “get fucken lost! We don’t need someone second guessing our relationship virgin boy!” I shouted. Mark looked shocked that I knew he was a virgin, “how do I know that you’re a virgin. It when we talk about it that you get all offended. I feel sorry for May since all you probably have done is kiss. Lilly is right you don’t need to have sex to get close to someone,” I argued. Mark got up and so does May, “I see you girls at football practise,” she tells the girls.

Lilly and I didn’t sit back down until I couldn’t see them anymore. I knew I was still angry with Mark, but there’s nothing I could do about it. I also knew that I had an outburst in front of Liam’s girl Sophia, “sorry Soph about that,” I apologized to her. I knew everyone was looking at me since I apologized to someone, “don’t worry about it. He such a pussy and needs to grow up. What Niall said I have heard much worst,” Sophia tells me. Niall slammed his hands on the table, “I’ve gone soft,” he faked cried. Liam hugged him, “it ok. You’re just getting old,” Liam cooed. Lilly leaned back into me, “this morning was great. Then it turned to shit,” I whispered. With Tory coming home and being mean to Lilly. Then Mark with him second guessing mine and Lilly relationship. I just wish we could go back to bed. Lilly kissed my cheek, “but it looks like you had fun yelling at Mark tho,” Lilly says.

“I think I did, because if we can’t be our selves. Then you can go get fucked,” I smiled. Lilly kissed me, “Flower please tell me Niall was joking about the picture,” Harry begged. Before we could say anything, “Lou sent her one, so she sent him one back. You can’t see anything. They both clean,” Liam tells him. I knew Lilly was embarrassed that Liam knows about her photo, “did you show them?” Lilly asked me. I shook my head no, but it felt like I did, “Louis didn’t show us, but he didn’t hide it,” Liam smiled. Sophia hit his arm lightly, “maybe you boys shouldn’t look than,” she tells him. Liam gave her apologetic smile, “I never send sexy pictures if I knew everyone would see it,” she added.

When we all got to English Mark and May where already there. My angry came back when Mark glared at us. We all sat down in our normal spots, “behave,” Lilly tells me. I smiled at Lilly as I loved how she knew me, “I will if he will,” I say. Lilly kissed me, but I held her face to kiss her longer. When we broke apart she looked at me, “now that using me,” she pointed out. I looked down, “sorry, but it does stop me wanting to punch him out,” I admitted. Lilly quickly kissed me before Mark stuck his rude finger up at us, “hey virgin boy you’re pushing it!” I yelled. Lilly put her hand on my shoulder, “oh I’m so scared,” Mark sarcastically says. I stood up and so does Mark, “Louis don’t,” Lilly tells me. I looked at her as she stood up too, “listen to your whore girlfriend,” Mark smiled. Oh what the fuck did he just call Lilly? Lilly quickly put her hands on my chest to stop me. I didn’t want a repeat of this morning. However, Liam walked over to Mark and punched him straight in the face, “don’t you dare talk about Lilly that way!” Liam snapped. I really hoped that Liam didn’t completely lose it right now, “Mr. Payne! Sit your arse back down and get to work!” Mr Dew yelled at him. We all sit back down and get our books out. I kiss the top of Lilly head as I pulled her closer to me, “you alright?” I wondered. Lilly nodded her head as she kissed me.

I got bored halfway through lesson, so I ran my fingers up and down Lilly’s thigh slowly. When Lilly looked at me I kissed her lightly over and over until I kissed the tip of her nose. She looked surprised, so I went back to reading. I knew Lilly was staring at me, “babe you’re going to be behind again,” I smiled. I really couldn’t help, but smile at her. Lilly crossed her arms on the table before she put her head on top of them. She still was staring at me, “so I already missed a double today. Plus, I think I’m a head in this lesson,” she tells me. Well if she ahead in this lesson. I need to catch up to her. I shook my head as I smiled, “well I’m not,” I say. I kept reading my book, but Lilly pulled my English notebook over to her. She looked shocked as she was readying it, “babe are you alright?” I questioned. Lilly showed me my notebook, “when did you have time to do all of this?” she wondered.

“During lesson, some of my frees and Monday night after you had your nightmare. You didn’t wake up when I turned the light on, so I decided to read for a bit since I couldn’t get back to sleep for a while,” I explained. Lilly smiled at me, “how far are you?” I asked. Lilly picked up her notebook and showed me. She was two chapters behind me and I was shocked. I didn’t know that I was that far ahead. I started laughing at the face Lilly was pulling. Liam and Perrie looked at us, “what’s funny?” Perrie wondered. Lilly showed them mine and her notebooks, “wow Lil your two chapter ahead of us,” Liam says. Lilly shook her head as she pointed to me, “no way. Louis ahead of us,” Liam said in shock. Lilly nodded, “looks like you’re not ahead babe,” I teased. Lilly pushed me as she pouted, “so I get to slack off and you don’t,” I added. Lilly crossed her arms, “fine I’m not going out this weekend,” she says. Liam shook his head, “you can’t it Niall’s eighteenth birthday and you making his cake,” Liam pouted. Perrie started to pout too, “you’re not going to go all because I’m ahead of you?” I questioned. Lilly looked at Liam and Perrie, “I’m going to go with them,” Lilly tells me. Was Lilly upset with me, because I was ahead of her? Liam and Perrie smiled at her, “that reminds me. I still have to get the stuff for Niall’s birthday cake, so Lil can you write me a list of what you need?” Liam asked. Lilly nodded her head, “you can bake it at my house,” I tell her. Lilly looked at me, but the bell rang.

Lilly walked with me to geography, “why are you mad at me for being ahead in English?” I wondered. I need to ask before I snap. Lilly grabbed my hand, “I’m not. I’m actually proud of you,” she smiled. I smiled back as I stopped and pulled her to me, “but did you go back to sleep after my nightmare?” she questioned. I looked down, “no, but I stayed right next to you. I stayed awake to see if you would have another nightmare,” I confessed. Lilly kissed me, “that why you feel asleep on me last night,” she says.

“You are very comfy,” I say as I poked her belly. Lilly grabbed my hand and I started to panic, “and I’m not calling you fat. You’re just soft,” I quickly added. Lilly smiled at me, but it felt like I wasn’t safe, “well you better get to lesson,” she tells me. I went into my bag to grab out my car keys, “can you get my football gear for me babe?” I asked. Lilly nodded as she took my car keys. Lilly kissed me before I went to class.

I sat in geography waiting for Niall, but he never showed up. The teacher started the lesson and I tried to stay focus on the lesson. However, I couldn’t, so I messaged Niall:

Where are you? Do you need help?

I waited five minutes, but got nothing back. I messaged Lilly hoping she distracted me:

Can you save me please :( xo

Beautiful Lilly Belle

Why? You got your boyfriend Niall there xo

Well by the looks the others don’t know that Niall’s not here:

Niall not here xo

Lilly didn’t message me back for a while:

Beautiful Lilly Belle

I’m in the car with Perrie. Harry got you keys in case I’m not back in time xo

I knew they were going to go get Niall. I had a funny feeling that Niall was looking after Theo again. I just wished that his family would stop putting this reasonability on him. Niall has his own life to live. Niall didn’t knock up some girl and have to raise a child. That was his brother, but I do know why Niall does it. It’s a little life that needs him and he can’t say no.

I walked out of geography halfway through. We just reading from the textbook, so I could do that later. I found Harry and Zayn on the football pitch, “girlfriend not here,” Zayn smiled. I noticed Liam and Sophia were talking under the tree, “I know. Her and Perrie gone to go get Niall,” I say. Harry looked worried, “why didn’t he just come and get me?” Harry mumbled. Harry was in his own world, so I looked at Zayn, “I don’t know,” he tells me. I got my phone out and messaged Lilly:

You at Niall’s? xo

Beautiful Lilly Belle

Yep xo

“There at Niall’s now,” I say. Harry looked at me and it looked like he wanted to ask me a million questions. After that I knew something happened between Harry and Niall, but what? We all left lunch in a good mood, “Harry want to come with me to grab mine and Lilly football gear from my car?” I asked him. Harry nodded his head, “I have your keys too,” he says. We started walking and he still seemed in his own world, “I know Lilly messaged me,” I tell him.

When we got to my car I stopped Harry from opening my boot, “can we talk?” I wondered. Harry looked more worried, “please tell me it not about Flower,” Harry begged. I shook my head, “it’s about you. Are you alright? You look like your about to break down,” I asked. Harry looked everywhere part from me, “it’s just I had a go at Niall for somethingstupid. Now his not talking to me. He missed a lesson because of me. He probably would have missed football training if it wasn’t for the girls getting him. I just wish he saw where I was coming from,” Harry rambled.

“And can I ask what you two were auguring about?” I questioned. Harry shook his head, “let’s just say that Niall got his eye on May again,” Harry tells me. Harry sat on the floor with his back against my car, “you and Niall will be alright. You had worst fights than this,” I reassured him. I sat next to him, “I know, but I don’t think we will be the same for a while,” he admitted. I had a funny feeling that it wasn’t just about May, “I want to talk about something else. I want you to tell me the truth,” Harry started.

“Truth about what?” I wondered. Harry started playing with his fingers, “have you seen one of Flower’s nightmares?” he asked. The way he looked at me he already knew the answer. I nodded my head, “what are they really like?” he questioned. I shook my head, “you don’t want to know Harry. I really don’t want to know. I wish she didn’t get them,” I confessed.

“Are they good as Niall’s?” he asked. I nodded my head, “but hers break me. I know what she dreaming about and I can’t save her. I want to save her,” I tell him. Harry put his face in his hands and I swear he was crying, “Harry you sure that you’re alright?” I questioned. Harry kept his face in his hands as he shrugged his shoulders. I wrapped my arm around him and pulled him closer to me, “it’s ok,” I cooed.

“Who would have thought that bad boy Louis Tomlinson would be comforting me,” Harry teased. When he looked at me his eyes were red and full of tears, “you can thank Lilly for that one, but Harry talk to me like we used to,” I begged. Harry looked at his hands, “I’m just worried about Flower. I know something wrong. I also know that you two spend a lot of time in each other’s beds. Like you spent Monday night together and it was also the first time that you have seen her nightmare,” Harry tells me.

“She is alone a lot and yes that was the first time I saw her nightmare, but I think it’s was my fault,” I started. Lilly didn’t have a nightmare last night and we went to bed happy. On Monday we had an argument and Lilly went to bed worried that I was going to leave her, “how is it your fault?” Harry wondered.

“We had an argument before we went to bed. Liam told her that I just passed last year and I got upset with her,” I tell him. Harry gave me a stern look, “I was going to leave, but Lilly didn’t want me too. I calmed down and we went to bed. Lilly didn’t go to sleep until I promised her that I wasn’t going anywhere,” I explained. Harry was thinking about something, “what was different with last night?” he questioned.

“We talked about random stuff and we were happy,” I replied. Harry was still thinking, “could she still had a nightmare without you knowing?” he asked. I shook my head, “I feel asleep on her belly,” I tell him. Harry raised an eyebrow at me, “I had been up since three thirty that day. I went to school. I helped Perrie’s brother move, had P.E, went to the gym and had a very serious talk with Lilly,” I added. Harry slowly nodded his head, “serious talk?” he wondered. I nodded my head, “I told her about my suicide. I even showed her my scar. I trust her Harry. I don’t know why, but do,” I confessed.

“Lou could you have actual feelings for her?” Harry asked. I felt my neck and face heat up, “oh you don’t have to tell me. Your face just told me,” Harry smiled. I don’t know what was going to happen now, “I’ve known for a while. You seem like a better man. One that knows what his going to do with his life,” Harry says. I shrugged my shoulders, “I want to be a better man for her. I’m going to apply to the football academy and I’m also going to apply for university if football don’t work out. I have a plan for after school. I just need to stick to it,” I admitted.

“You make me wish I found Flower earlier,” he started. Harry put his hand on my knee, “I can’t believe a girl changed you,” he teased. I pushed him away as he was laughing. I stood up and Harry did the same, “are you going to tell her?” he wondered. I shrugged my shoulders, “not yet anyway and please don’t tell her. I think she would run,” I tell him. Harry nodded his head, “guess we got to teach her about love,” he says.

After we got changed Zayn and I waited in the carpark, “did you and Harry have a good talk?” Zayn asked. I nodded my head, “he knows a lot more than we think,” I say. Zayn was confused, “like what?” he questioned. I was going to say something, but Perrie showed up. She kissed Zayn, “Lil stayed with Niall,” Perrie tells me. I nodded my head, “why don’t you go get ready,” Zayn says. Perrie kissed Zayn again before running off, “you ok with Lilly staying with Niall?” Zayn questioned.

“Yep,” I lied. Zayn gave me a questioning look, “how?” he asked. Truth be told that I was freaking out on the inside, “just am,” I say. Zayn slowly nodded his head, “breathe at least Lou,” Zayn tells me. I took in deep breaths, “you’re getting better,” he added. I laughed a little bit, “really?” I questioned. Zayn nodded his head, “the old Lou I knew would have got in his car and went to go get her,” Zayn says. I laughed a bit more as I shook my head, “the old Lou that you knew wouldn’t have cared. It just meant that I needed a new girl to follow me around,” I pointed out.

“That’s true, but the stories Harry told me about Eleanor and,” Zayn started. I stopped him, “that’s because she was a slut and I wasn’t the only guy in her life,” I interrupted. Zayn slowly nodded his head, “well the one thing that I learnt from Lilly. That she just wants you. She doesn’t see any other guys,” Zayn tells me. I believed him since he doses spend a lot of alone time with Lilly, “well their back,” Zayn smirked. I quickly found Niall’s car and Lilly was in the passenger seat, “Lou your eyes about to pop out of your head,” Zayn added.

“Would you shut up,” I snapped. Lilly got Theo out of Niall’s car, “Lou you’re madly in love with her,” Zayn says. I ignored him as I watched Lilly with Theo, but I do think Zayn and Niall were right. Lilly walked over to us with Theo in her arms, “hand him over,” I tell her. Lilly shook her head, “yes babe. You need to get ready for football,” I added. She slowly handed Theo to me like she was afraid that I was going to drop him, “are you going to be alright?” she wondered. I moved Theo, so that he was against my chest. I rubbed his back and Lilly smiled at me, “yes we will be fine. I got to take him to Veronica now anyway,” I smiled back.

When Lilly left us Niall came over with Theo baby bag, “he should have everything in there,” Niall says. Zayn took the bag off of him, “go get changed and we will meet you on the pitch,” I tell him. Niall nodded his head, “thank you,” he smiled. He ran off to the changing rooms, “let’s go see my lovely cousin,” Zayn says.

After we saw Veronica and gave her Theo. Zayn and I went to the football pitch. Niall and Lilly weren’t there yet, “is he alright?” Harry asked me when no one was around. I knew Harry would ask about Niall, “he looked alright,” I tell him. Harry wanted more from me, “Haz you going to have to talk to him if you want more information. I don’t know anything,” I added. Harry looked disappointed, but he straight away noticed Niall coming out. Niall ignored Harry as he stood with Liam and Zayn, “he hates me,” Harry whispered. I couldn’t reassure Harry right now. I don’t know what they really fought about.

Paul split us into our teams as Lilly just came out. She stood with Perrie and Sophia, “welcome to football. There no try outs since I know all of you can play and there not enough of you. We just manage to have teams and a couple of subs. This season will be the last for some of some of you,” Paul started. Paul looked at the girl’s team, “alright the girl’s team don’t have a captain and a vice-captain. Where the boy’s team still have there’s,” Paul continued. Paul waved over me and Niall, “I do normally give you two weeks to decide captains, but I need them right now. So I need you to choose ladies,” he ordered. Lilly looked straight at me, “we all agreed on Lilly as captain and Sophia as vice-captain,” a girl tells Paul. Lilly looked at Sophia and she was as shocked as her. I knew the girls were talking about it, but I never thought it would happen. Perrie and May pushed Lilly and Sophia over to Paul, “well these are you captains,” Paul says. Lilly and Sophia still looked shocked, “now laps!” Paul shouted. Lilly and Sophia didn’t move as everyone else started running around. They were whispering to each other, “come on captain and vice-captain,” Niall smiled. Lilly looked straight at me as I was coming over to her. She started hitting me in the arm, “it all your fault. You jinxed me. I thought I would have two weeks to convince them no,” she said angrily. I grabbed her, “babe it alright. They believe in you,” I reassured her. I hugged her tight trying to calm her down, “captain’s laps!” Paul yelled.

When we all started running I could tell the girls were thinking, “why us?” Sophia questioned. Do they really think being captain is a bad thing? If I can do it, so can they, “maybe they see something you don’t,” Niall tells them. Lilly looked down to think about something, but I stopped and pulled her closer to me since she was going to run into the goals, “eyes up babe,” I tell her. She looked up and noticed the goals, “yep,” she says. We started running again, “babe just give it a try,” I reassured her. She gave me a small nod as we kept running, “I’ll will help you,” I added.

After we done a couple of laps we split up into our teams. I was doing some ball drills with Niall, “so you missed geography,” I started. Niall rolled his eyes at me, “wow one lesson coming from the guy that just passed last year,” Niall snapped. Ok his in a bad mood, “calm down. I was just going to tell you that you have to read a chapter out of the book,” I say. Niall eyes were on someone else and it was Harry, “I don’t know what you Harry had a fight over, but he is worried about you,” I tell him.

“His always worried,” Niall whispered. Niall didn’t kick the ball back to me, “you know how I told you that I got someone?” he asked. I nodded my head, “what if it was wrong to have that person you really want? But there all you wanted,” Niall questioned. For once I didn’t know who Niall was talking about, “I recently learnt to follow my heart,” I admitted. Niall looked torn with my answer, “I wish I could,” he mumbled.

Paul told us to split up into two teams and have me and Niall on opposite teams. I had Harry and Liam on my team. We also had to play shirtless since the girls had the bibs, “you know the drill when it comes to practice. Play like a real game, but don’t hurt yourself or another player,” I tell them. They all ran off to their places part from Harry, “Niall?” he questioned. I shook my head, “you need to talk to him. I’m not going to be in the middle with this,” I snapped. Harry slowly nodded his head, “I know and I’m sorry,” he apologized. Harry ran off before I could say sorry. I groaned before I stood in the middle with Niall, “Ni can you please talk to Harry? He has a lot on his plate with Lilly and his really upset that you won’t talk to him,” I begged.

“I’ll try, but I don’t know if I really want too,” he says. I know I can’t force Niall talk to Harry, “I understand,” I tell him. I noticed Niall was looking Harry up and down as he was bitting his bottom lip. I chose not to say anything and keep that to myself, “your team ready?” I asked. Niall nodded his head, “you’re so going to lose Louis,” Niall smiled.

During our match I could feel the girls eyes on us, “Soph eyes on your own game!” I heard Lilly shout. I noticed that Sophia was looking at Liam before she ran off. I quickly paid attention to my own game, “Lil eyes on the game yourself!” Sophia yelled. I found Lilly looking, so I winked at her. She bit her bottom lip and I really wanted to kiss her, but Niall jumped on me. When he got off of me I noticed that Lilly went back to playing her game, “pay attention to your own game. Think of Harry,” he tells me.

“Harry knows how I really feel about her,” I confessed. Niall was shocked, “you grew balls and told him,” Niall smiled. Niall seemed really happy, “well we were talking about her and he asked me if I had real feelings for her,” I explained. Niall jumped on me again, “I’m so proud of you,” Niall tells me. I pushed him off of me, “but he still doesn’t know about all your sexual fantasies about her,” he smirked. I glared at Niall, “he will never know. There are somethings that you don’t tell people and what sexual fantasies that you know?” I wondered. Niall just ran off without telling me anything, “Niall you can’t do that!” I shouted.

Paul blew his whistle, so we all would stand around him, “good first training session. Now shower and see you on Friday. I like the captains and vice-captains to stay behind,” Paul tells us. Everyone left part from me, Lilly, Niall and Sophia, “ok we got a couple of weeks before our first match. So it gives the girls sometime to learn the ropes and get the teams in order,” Paul informs us. Paul gave me and Lilly the team lists, “I want you to test their limits, because you can’t have five in the same position. I also need you to find your top goalkeeper. Lou I know Liam top goalkeeper last season and your mate, but he still needs to try out for it. Everyone got to try out and it don’t matter if there your friends,” he added. We all started walking to the changing rooms, “oh girls you need to pay attention to your own team,” Paul tells them. I noticed that Lilly and Sophia both blushed as we kept walking.

When we were in the changing room. I noticed Niall and Harry talking and it made me happy. I realized when I was getting my clothes out of my bag. That Lilly and I have dinner with Troy and Georgia. I sighed as I sat down on the bench, “what’s wrong with you?” Liam asked. I looked at him, “Lilly and I have dinner with my family,” I tell him. Liam seemed surprised, “that could be interesting and why is Lilly having dinner with your family?” Liam questioned.

“Because Troy met her this morning,” I replied. Liam looked concerned, “did her treat her like he treated Perrie that time?” he wondered. I nodded my head, “I went for him, but Lilly stopped me and I pushed her off of me,” I admitted. Liam sat down next to me, “I feel terrible that I hurt Lilly when I was angry. I apologized so many times and she told me that it was alright. I hurt her Liam,” I rambled.

“She knows your sorry Lou and you were defending her. Just be careful next time,” Liam tells me. I know if I hurt Lilly again when I’m in one of my moods. Liam would hurt me, “I will,” I promised. Liam gave me a small nod, “I don’t want to have this conversation again,” he says. He stood up, “lets hit the showers, so we can go home,” he suggested. I nodded my head as I stood up, “well I have a dinner to get to,” I faked smiled.

After we all had a shower we met up with the girls near the changing room, “I’m glad football started,” Zayn smiled. We all agreed with him, but my mind was on May. If Niall likes her I should apologize about before, “um May I’m sorry about before,” I apologized to her. May looked down, “don’t worry about it,” she mumbled. I noticed that Niall was looking at May, “May does your boyfriend know that you’re not a virgin?” Lilly asked all of a sudden. May was shocked as she slapped Niall across the face. She ran off, “I’m sorry,” Lilly apologized.

“It alright, but I don’t think her boyfriend knows,” Niall smiled at her. I wrapped my arm around Lilly as she looked upset with herself, “did you take her virginity in the classroom?” Perrie wondered. Niall shakes his head no, “um we had a thing going on like Lou and Lil for a bit. We moved way faster than them. Day one I was already fingering her and by the end of the week we were giving each other head. Second week I took her virginity,” he confessed. I felt Lilly get uneasy when Sophia was looking at us. Niall just told Sophia that Lilly and I really not together. I rubbed Lilly back trying to calm her down, “you two are really not together?” she questioned. Lilly nodded her head, “but you act like you are. By the way he defends you,” Sophia says. Lilly looked at me for help, “it a bit complicated,” Lilly tells her. Liam whispered something into Sophia ear, “Niall are you forgetting someone?” we heard Veronica asked. We all looked to see her carrying Theo, “no. I was just about to get him,” Niall smiled. He took Theo off of Veronica as Zayn grabbed the baby bag, “well I better get home,” Niall tells us. Lilly kissed Theo on the forehead, “can I have one?” Niall pouted. Lilly looked at me for permission and I gave her a small nod. Lilly kissed Niall on the cheek before he left with Zayn and Perrie. Harry reminded Lilly about dinner tomorrow night before he left. Liam and Sophia were looking at us, “so what going on between you two,” Sophia wondered.

“I told that bitch Amy that she was my girlfriend. I did it more so people would leave Lilly Belle alone. But we already agreed to have some fun together since we both don’t believe in relationships or love. We’re not against it. It just not for us,” I explained to her. Sophia nodded her head as she looked at Liam, “what about Perrie and Zayn?” she questioned. I knew Sophia was going to start questioning everyone. I don’t blame her tho, “they’re in a real relationship,” Liam smiled. Liam points to Lilly and I, “it just them two that don’t do relationships. Niall and Harry are loving their single life right now,” he added.

“What about you?” Sophia asked him. Liam blushed, “um,” he started. This is your chance Liam and now you don’t have anything to say, “he likes you,” I interrupted. Lilly hit me lightly since I just told Sophia that Liam liked her, “sorry he was taking so long and we should leave now,” I smiled.

When we got outside to leave Liam and Sophia alone it was nearly dark, “you couldn’t help yourself,” Lilly pointed out. Lilly put her football gear in the boot of my car, “no I couldn’t. That all Liam talked about last night at the gym. I had to make the move for him, because I think he wouldn’t make a move until Christmas,” I lied. I just had to lie. Lilly doesn’t need to know that I snapped at Liam last night. I put my football gear in my boot next to hers before I pulled her to me, “so Sophia knows about us. I don’t think May going to talk to us again and Niall kept a girl longer than a weekend,” I say. Lilly nodded her head, “and were moving slow compared to them,” she smirked. I kissed her as I knew what she was trying to say, “don’t think about it. We’re staying at this pace,” I tell her strictly. Lilly just smiled at me as she ran her hands down my chest, “so you don’t want my lips around your dick?” she questioned. I was shocked with those words coming out of her pretty mouth, “where did that pretty mouth of yours learn that?” I wondered. Lilly kissed me, “you from the other night,” she reminded me.

“You know sometimes you make it hard to say no,” I groaned. I pushed her against my car and pinned her hands above her head. I wish I could make her beg me to touch her until she screamed my name, but I couldn’t. I kissed her nose before I let her go, “but it still no,” I tell her. Lilly smiled as I had to adjust the front of my pants. Maybe that fantasy had some effect on me, “you sure about that?” she asked. I nodded my head, but really I wanted to give into her. I went to her car door, “yep, because we have a dinner to get to,” I reminded her. I opened her door, “so you don’t want a quickie in the car?” she smirked as she walked over to me. I smacked her arse and I would admit that I enjoyed it, “behave and get in the car,” I smiled.

After Lilly got into the car I adjusted myself again as I took in a deep breath. I need to calm down before I did something to her in the school’s car park. I got into the drivers seat and looked at her. Lilly smirked as she ran her hand up my thigh, “babe what are you doing?” I questioned. I grabbed her hand, “I want you. I can’t get this morning out of my head,” she tells me. I could not believe those words came out of her mouth, “you just need to wait a little bit. We can’t do it in the school car park, because Liam and Sophia can catch us,” I tell her. I let go of her hand, “is this were I say I can’t do it with Troy home and ninety-five percent sure my mother home too,” she admitted. I started to think of places where we could go. I started my car as I thought of a place, “then I know the perfect place,” I smiled.

I drove us to empty car park and wondered if this was a good idea. I quickly jumped to the backseat of my car with Lilly, “you sure you want this?” I questioned. Lilly kissed me as she nodded her head. I took off her pants with her shoes and socks before she pushed me back, so she could straddle my lap. Lilly pulled my top off and I did the same to her. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the site in front of me. Lilly kissed down my neck then across my chest. Lilly undid my jeans before she rubbed me through my boxers. Lilly moved down as she kissed down my stomach to the start of my boxers. I moan slipped through my lips when Lilly kissed my member through my boxers. I pinned her down onto the back seat as soon as I realized what she was trying to do. I hovered over her, “I said no,” I groaned. Lilly pulled me closer to her, so I was between her legs. I kissed down her neck before she pushed me back a little. She pulled my jeans and boxers down and I was surprised, but more turned on at the same time, “what has gotten into you this afternoon?” I smirked. Lilly pulled me down to kiss me again. I started grinding against her hard and fast, “fuck Lou,” she moaned. I could just cum from her moaning my name like that, “I can’t wait to do you properly on the back seat of my car,” I groaned.

I kept going until we both came. I kissed her as we rode out our highs and I still can’t get over how good this feels. I moved back, so we could catch our breaths. I sat back into the seat properly as I closed my eyes. I felt Lilly move next to me and I wondered what has gotten into her. I felt something wet on the tip of member, but I realized that it was Lilly’s tongue when she licked up the side of my member. I pulled Lilly away from me, “Lilly please don’t,” I begged. I grabbed my t-shit, so I could clean Lilly and I up. I pulled my boxers and jeans back up after I threw my cum covered t-shirt on the floor. I pulled Lilly on my lap and wrapped my arms around her. I kissed her nose, “we are going to have serious talk about what you just did,” I tell her.

“I know I shouldn’t have done it, but for some reason I really wanted to,” she admitted. I was shocked at the fact that she actually wanted to do that, “really babe? You really wanted,” I started. Lilly kissed me to shut up, “yes I really wanted to lick you clean,” she smirked. I smiled a little bit, “ok I know were not Perrie and Zayn, but were not Niall and May. I know May was a virgin and I don’t know why she gave in so quickly to Niall. But Lilly we’re doing it our way not there’s. So get those urges out of your head,” I tell her. Lilly gave me a small nod, but I could tell that she was a little bit disappointed, “trust me babe I can’t wait to do more things with you, but when you’re really ready,” I added. I kissed her lightly to reassure her, “I know I heard you,” she smiled. I can’t believe I said that out loud. I felt my cheeks heat up a bit, “so you want to do me in the back of your car?” she teased. I smiled at her playfulness, “you know that won’t happen for three months,” she added. I nodded my head, “um Lou I can’t wait three months,” she admitted. I was worried why she was thinking like this, “can we make it two?” she wondered. I bit my bottom lip as I was thinking, “if you’re ready,” I replied. Too many questions running through my head right now. Lilly gave me a small nod before she kissed me.

After we got redressed and I got a new top from the boot of my car. We both got into the front seats of the car, “do you have a wardrobe in the back of your car?” she smiled. I laughed a little bit, “nah. Just a bag that I take to yours,” I smiled back. I actually had a big bag that I take to Lilly’s in my boot. It had clothes for nearly every occasions. I even had a suit jacket under the bag. I also had a couple of pairs of shoes and my bathroom stuff. I guess I was ready for anything.

When we got to my place I felt nervous, “ready to have dinner with my family?” I questioned. Lilly kissed me, “yep,” she smiled. We got out of my car and I waited for her to come to me. I grabbed her hand as soon as she stood next to me. I felt less nervous, but they were still there, “Lou are you alright?” Lilly wondered. I nodded my head as we walked inside.

Once we were inside I could smell food, “where home!” I shouted. I squeezed Lilly hand as the nerves came back. Lilly squeezed my hand back as Georgia was running up to us, “Lou,” she smiled as she hugged me tight. I hugged her back as tight before she looked at Lilly smiling, “you must be Lilly, Louis girlfriend. I’m Georgia,” she says as she hugged her. Lilly hugged her back and Georgia stepped back, “she pretty Lou. How did you get her?” Georgia asked.

“I just asked her out.” I smiled. Please don’t start this shit Georgia, “so you’re not paying her or got something on her? She here because she wants to be here with you?” Georgia wondered. Lilly laughed a little bit, “I am,” she tells her. Georgia faked smiled at Lilly and I felt uneasy now, “but how do you put up with my brother? He can be so annoying,” Georgia asked. Lilly looked at me as she looked unsure, “he been good so far,” Lilly replied. Georgia started laughing, “give it time. You’ll get sick of him,” she smiled. I shook my head at Georgia attempt to get rid of Lilly, “I think that be hard,” Lilly tells her.

We walked away from Georgia before she could say anything more. We found Troy in the kitchen cooking spaghetti Bolognese and it was new for me. I have never seen Troy cook, “um what are you doing?” I questioned. Troy smiled at us, “cooking dinner,” he replied. I still couldn’t get over what was happing in front of me, “but you don’t cook,” I pointed out.

“I can cook and I thought I do something nice for your girlfriend,” Troy admitted. Lilly smiled when I looked at her, “I haven’t had a home cooked meal for a while that I didn’t cook,” she says. I knew her mother never cooked her something to eat. So her last cooked meal would have been something from Anne about six years ago, “my mother works nights,” she lied. I wrapped my arm around Lilly to calm her down, “so you don’t see her much?” Troy asked. Lilly nodded her head, “I’ve met her once and that was on Monday,” I tell him. Troy was surprised, “so what does she think of him?” Troy questioned Lilly.

“She likes him,” she replied. They all smiled at us and it was creepy to me, “well dinner be ready in about fifteen minutes,” Troy tells us. We all nodded our heads, “Georgia you got homework to finish,” Troy continued. Georgia runs off, “and you two probably should start some,” he finished. Lilly and I nodded our heads as we started head towards my room, “leave the door open,” Troy tells us. I wanted to go back and tell him no since his never acted like a father to me until now, but Lilly pushed me to keep walking.

I jumped face first onto my bed as soon as we got in there, “babe where did you put my spare clothes?” Lilly asked me. I started talking, but I had my face in my bed, “can’t hear you,” she pointed out. I turned my head, “in the bottom draw,” I started. Lilly slowly walked into my wardrobe, “on the left side,” I added. I hid my face back into my bed as what happened down stairs was going through my head. It was creepy and now I know how Lilly felt when her mother was being nice to her, “is it alright if I change into track pants?” Lilly asked me.

“yes,” I mumbled into my bed. That actually sounded like a great idea, “hunny I can’t hear you,” she tells me. I smiled at the pet name as I rolled onto my back, “yeah. Can you bring me a pair please?” I asked. I stared at the ceiling wondering how the rest of the night was going to go, “where are they?” Lilly questioned. I quickly got off my bed and went to my wardrobe. Lilly was putting on a pair of new knickers, “you know my bedroom door is open and anyone could walk in,” I say. Lilly looked at me, “that why I’m getting dressed in here,” she smiled. I went into my draws to get out a pair of blue track pants and clean boxers. I noticed that Lilly just watched me and still hasn’t finished getting dressed, “babe put your pants on before someone comes in and sees you,” I tell her. Lilly put her track pants on as I left to use my bathroom.

When I was in the bathroom I cleaned myself up and got changed. I noticed when I came out that Lilly was sitting on my lounge. She had her legs up as she leant back into the arm of the lounge. I straight away laid between her legs and wrapped my arm around behind her. I placed my head on her boobs and I could hear her heart beat. Lilly placed her hand on my arm in front of me as her other hand ran through my hair. I will admit that I might be enjoying this too much, “when did you have time to wash and fold my clothes?” she wondered.

“Before I went to the gym on Tuesday,” I smiled. I got comfier on her as she kissed the top of my head, “what wrong?” she asked. I sighed as Troy and Georgia were going through my head, “it just strange that everyone home and you’re here. I’m not saying it a bad thing. It just I never thought you’ll meet them so quickly. I can’t believe you said yes to having dinner since I know you don’t like meeting new people. But I noticed that you do talk to people now tho,” I rambled. Lilly kissed the top of my head again, “I think that because of you guys, but mostly you,” she admitted. I looked at Lilly and pushed out my lips. I just wanted her to kiss me right now. Lilly kissed me, “god I wish no one was home,” I groaned.

“Why?” Lilly wondered. I smiled a little, “I just want to stay here. Right here on this lounge with you. Watch a movie or play a game. I don’t want to be interrupted or watched,” I admitted. Lilly kissed me as she placed her hand on my chest, “but your family here,” she says. I grabbed Lilly hand that was on my chest, “don’t get me wrong. I’m happy there here. It just I don’t know. I think they’re going to ask too many questions about us and I really don’t know how to answer them. I know they think I can’t do anything right. I know that their already waiting for me to fuck it up with you and I know I keep fucking it up with you, but you stay,” I confessed. Lilly kissed me again, “it going to be alright. I’m not going anywhere anytime soon,” she reassured me. I laughed a little bit as the time at the cabin came back, “I know, because if you leave me anytime soon I have to take your virginity. I also know that you’re scared about it. So I’ll try my best to keep you around,” I promised her. Lilly kissed my forehead, “Lou can I ask you something?” she started. I nodded my head as I kissed her hand, “laying here with me. Is it another first for you?” she asked. She was right. This was another first for me. I nodded my head, “when I was with Eleanor all she wanted to do was make out and I was lucky if I held her hand. So I really never done anything like this. She never wanted anything to do with my family or even ask how I was doing,” I admitted. Lilly kissed me, “thank you for telling me without me asking you,” she smiled. I kissed her, “that because I know you want me to open up to you and talk about stuff. Because I know you care and I trust you,” I tell her. I really did trust her, because I love her. Lilly smiled as she was thinking, “you know after dinner we can come back up here and watch a movie, unless you want to play a game,” she suggested. I just really want to sit here like this and talk about anything, “I’ll like that,” I smiled.

Troy called us to dinner too soon for me. I wanted to stay on my lounge with Lilly all night. However, when we got downstairs Georgia was already sitting at the dining room table with a smile on her face. We sat down across from her and she was still smiling at us, “what you smiling at?” I questioned. She smiled bigger, “just wondering why you two changed your pants? And that I saw you two laying on your lounge,” she asked. Why was she fucken watching us, “what were you doing on the lounge?” Troy questioned from the kitchen.

“We were just talking and we changed our pants to be more comfortable” I tell them. Georgia nodded her head as Troy came in with two bowls of spaghetti Bolognese. He put them down in front of Georgia and Lilly. He went back in the kitchen, “Louis can you grab the drinks,” Troy tells me. I got up and left Lilly with Georgia and I wondering if that was a good idea.

When I got to the kitchen I poured four glasses of coke, “Louis I hope your using protecting with her,” Troy started. I ignored him as I took two of the glasses out. Georgia was smiling at Lilly as I put the glasses down. I went back in the kitchen, “don’t ignore me Louis,” Troy snapped. I looked at him, “I haven’t even slept with her yet and why do you care?” I questioned. Troy just shook his head, “I don’t want you to end up like your mother and I really don’t want to pay child support for you,” he tells me. I grabbed my drink and food before I left the kitchen. He was wrong about my mum and Lilly.

When Troy and I got back to Lilly and Georgia. Lilly seemed different. She didn’t seem impressed with Georgia. I sat back down next to Lilly as I put my dink and food on the table. Troy did the same as he looked at me. I smiled at Lilly, so she wouldn’t worry about me. We started eating, “so Lilly what subjects do you do?” Troy asked her.

“I have physics, history, English, P.E and art,” she replied. Troy smiled at her and I really wanted to punch it off, “so you have three lessons with Louis and by the sounds of it an extra,” Troy pointed out. When did Troy started caring about my schooling and when did he learn what lessons I have. Lilly nodded her head, “she also does creative writing and dance for extra lessons. Lilly Belle also got captain of the football team today,” I boasted. Troy actually seemed impressed for once, “so you’re a nerd,” Georgia teased. I knew Georgia was being mean to Lilly, but Lilly didn’t seem fazed by it. Lilly shook her head, “I socialize, like sports and dress better,” she tells her. Georgia just faked smiled at her as Lilly started eating.

The whole way through dinner Troy kept asking Lilly about school and her mother. I knew it was making Lilly uncomfortable since she had to lie to him. Troy also asked about Lilly and I relationship and Lilly answered most of them for me. I knew Troy really didn’t care about Lilly and I. He was just pretending like he gives a shit. Lilly thanked Troy for the dinner before we left them. I wish I could tell her not to bother.

When we finally got up to my bedroom I leaned the door over. I think I need to prove to Troy that Lilly just not some girl that I fucked, “what movie do you want to watch?” I asked. Lilly looked at my movies, “you pick,” she tells me. I went over and picked out a horror movie. I just wanted Lilly to cling to me and never let me go. I put the movie in as Lilly sat down on the lounge. I sat down next her after I turned my bedroom light off. I pulled Lilly closer to me as I started the movie.

The whole movie Lilly clung to me and hid her face into my chest. I kissed the top her head every time that she got scared which was a lot. Maybe it was a bad idea to watch a horror movie, but I didn’t know she be this scared. I told her that we should watch a comedy and Lilly agreed with me. I grabbed a blanket before I sat back down next to her, “did you pick the horror so I would cling to you?” she wondered.

“Maybe,” I smiled. Lilly shook her head as we laid down together. I pulled her close to me as I made sure the blanket was over her. I placed my leg over hers and wrapped my arms around her, so she wouldn’t fall out. I moved my other arm, so it was under her head after I played the movie. I started watching the movie, but my head was on Troy. The way he talks about my mum makes me angry. His the one that walked away from us. Mum had to do it all on her own until she met dad. I will never call that man downstairs dad, because he will never be to me.

After a while I noticed Lilly’s breathing slow which meant she was asleep. I noticed that it was only eight thirty. It must have taken a lot out of Lilly today or she trying to forget something. I noticed that she was different after I had to get the drinks. I wondered what Georgia said to her? I know she won’t tell me, because she afraid to get me in trouble. I felt my phone go off in my pocket, so I grabbed it out. It was Lottie calling me, “hey,” I whispered as I answered it.

“Why you whispering?” Lottie questioned. I moved a little and Lilly groaned, “Lilly asleep next to me and I can’t move without waking her up,” I tell her. Lottie laughed a little bit, “that would be a sight to see,” she says. I knew she was smiling, “so what do you want?” I asked. I could hear voices in the background, “what are you doing tomorrow after school?” Lottie wondered.

“Nothing. Why?” I asked. Lottie was telling someone to shut up, “do you want to see us for a little bit? You can bring Lilly. We would like to meet her,” Lottie rambled. I laughed a little a bit, “I'll come and see you, but Lilly got dinner with her family,” I tell her. Lottie sighed, “cool,” she says. I knew Lottie would be disappointed about Lilly, “does mum know about this?” I questioned. Lottie didn’t say anything, “Lottie,” I pushed.

“Mum going to be at work until dinner and we all want to see you,” Lottie begged. I wanted to see them too, but I don’t want to piss mum off, “ask mum first and if she says yes. I’ll pick you guys after school. I’ll even skip music,” I promised. Lottie started talking to someone else, “Fizzy and the twins going to ask mum now,” Lottie tells me. I guess they really want to see me, “so if mum says yes. What do you want to do tomorrow?” I wondered.

“Anything, but I think the twins want to go to the park,” she replied. Lilly moved, so I kissed her shoulder, “mum said yes,” I heard one of the twins say. So by the sound of it. I’ll be babysitting four girls tomorrow, “ok mum said yes, but we got to go to bed right now,” Lottie started. I pulled Lilly closer to me, “ok. I’ll see you tomorrow and I love you all,” I tell her. The girls told me that they love me before we hung up. I put my phone back in my pocket before I laid down properly again. I was thinking about what me and the girls going to do tomorrow. I know I’ll take them to the park, but then what would we do? I turned the TV off and my whole room went black. I just laid there with the girl of my dreams in my arms thinking about tonight, tomorrow and the rest of my life.

I got woken up when I felt a hand in my pocket to grab my phone. I slowly opened my eyes to see Lilly looking at my phone. I pushed her more into me, “I told you it was my wallpaper,” I say sleepily. I kissed her neck, “let’s get into bed,” I added. Lilly nodded her head as she sat up. She gave me my phone back and I turned on the flashlight. I noticed that it was one o’clock in the morning. Lilly stood up and her legs wobbled. I grabbed her hips as I sat up, “careful,” I whispered. I pulled her down, so she would sit in my lap. I wrapped my arms around her before I kissed her back, “you alright?” I wondered. Lilly nodded her head, “just really tired,” she tells me. I smiled as this morning and in my car came into my head. Maybe she was just tired from that, “well we did have an exciting day,” I say. Lilly got off of me and went to my bed. I got up to shut and lock my bedroom door. I wanted some privacy in the morning.

When I went over to my bed. Lilly was on top of the covers, “babe your meant to get under the covers not on them,” I smiled. Lilly sat up and crossed her legs as I turned my bedside lamp on. I turned the flashlight off on my phone before I put my phone down. I took my clothes off and left my boxers on. I went over to Lilly and as I was going to kiss her she moved away. I pouted at her to see if she was in a playful mood, but I got nothing, “what wrong babe?” I wondered. Lilly shook her head as she laid down. I hovered over her, “babe?” I questioned. She didn’t say anything she just had this blank look on her face. She was thinking about something, “babe talk to me,” I begged. I still got nothing, so I hugged her tight as I crushed her with my body, “babe you’re scaring me. You got a blank look on your face and you haven’t heard a word I have said,” I admitted. Lilly finally looked at me as she wrapped her arms around me, “sorry,” she apologized. I kissed her lightly, “let’s get you into bed. So you can go back to sleep,” I tell her. I kissed her lightly as she nodded her head. I pulled her up before I took her bra off under her t-shirt. I helped her get under the covers and got under myself. I wrapped my arms around after I pulled her close to me. I kept kissing her neck softly as she went back to sleep. I wonder what got her so worried, “it be alright. I love you,” I whispered.

The next day seemed better for Lilly. Maybe it because she was spending time with Harry tonight. Also Niall and Harry were talking again, but not like they used too. It might take them time to get over what has happened, but it’s a start for them. Plus, they have to work together in P.E for a little bit.

When I dropped Lilly off at dance she reassured me that she was going to be alright after dinner. I still told her call me since it would make feel better. Lilly also didn't know that I was skipping music to go hang out with my sisters this afternoon. I told Harry that I was skipping music to spend time with my sisters. I also told him that Lilly had dinner with me, Troy and Georgia. I told him that it went great and that they liked her. When they really hate her and dinner was bad.

Liam and Zayn caught me leaving as they were heading to music, “and where do you think you’re going?” Zayn questioned. I smiled at them, “I’ve got a date,” I say. Liam and Zayn looked confused, “but you just dropped Lilly off at dance,” Zayn pointed out. I nodded my head, “you better not be cheating on Lil. I will kill you,” Liam warned. I kept smiling at them, “it’s a date with four beautiful girls,” I tell them. Liam went to grab me, but I jumped back and ran off, “have fun with your sisters!” Zayn shouted.

I picked up Daisy and Phoebe first since they would get upset if I didn’t. I had to walk into their school to pick them up. All the people picking up their kids were looking at me. More people stared when Daisy and Phoebe ran up to me, “you came,” Phoebe smiled. I hugged them both, “I promised, but now let's get the other two,” I tell them. They girls nodded their heads as a girl my age came up to me, “it’s cute when a big brother spends time with his sisters,” the girl flirted. Phoebe rolled her eyes, “his taken and she very pretty,” Phoebe snapped.

“That’s right and we better be going,” I smiled. The girl just glared at us as Daisy and Phoebe grabbed a hand each. I knew that girl just wanted a fuck and I really wasn’t that guy anymore. I was happy that I haven't had sex in months and I could wait more for Lilly.

After we picked up Lottie and Fizzy from school. I got the girls some ice cream before we went to the park. Phoebe and Daisy played on the playground as Lottie and Fizzy sat with me on a bench, “so what is Lilly like and how did you get her?” Lottie questioned. I laughed at her and Fizzy as they stared at me, “she amazing and very beautiful,” I smiled.

“But how did you get her?” Fizzy pushed. Daisy and Phoebe waved at me from the playground, so I waved back, “she grew up with Harry and I met her in Physics first tho. She had to sit next to me,” I tell them. They laughed a little bit, “sounds like you were stalking her,” Fizzy teased. I nodded my head, “I was going too, but she gave in to me,” I say.

“Oh no Lou kidnapped a girl and now she has Stockholm syndrome. Maybe we should save her,” Lottie joked. Fizzy shook her head, “no. We must keep our brother happy at all cost,” Fizzy tells her. I shook my head, “girls she actually wants to be with me,” I pointed out. They smiled at me, “she must not know what’s out there,” Lottie smiled. I acted hurt, “thanks your meant to go for your brother,” I say. Fizzy wrapped her arm around me, “it’s ok. Lilly likes you,” Fizzy reassured me.

The rest of the time with girls was fun. We got dinner before I took them home, “so where this new guy?” I wondered. We pulled up at the font of mum’s, “his at work until late,” Fizzy tells me. I nodded my head as I noticed mum car in the driveway, “do you want to come in?” Lottie wondered. I shook my head, “I got things to do,” I lied. I really did want to see mum, but I don’t know yet, “just come and say hi at least. It be nice,” Lottie tells me. I sighed as I turned my car off, “if she shuts the door in my face. I will not talk to you,” I warned her. I don’t know if I could take mum rejecting me, “she won’t,” Fizzy smiled.

I slowly walked with the girls to the front door. I was nervous about seeing mum, “I’m only staying a little bit,” I say. The girls just nodded their heads as Fizzy opened the door, “mum we’re home!” Fizzy shouted. Lottie pushed me into the house, “did you girls have a good time?” mum asked as she walked into the room. She straight away spotted me and I straight away spotted her pregnant belly, “Louis?” she questioned. I nodded my head, “hi mum,” I say. Daisy and Phoebe hugged mum, “Lou got us ice cream and dinner. We brought some for you,” Daisy tells her. Lottie shows mum the take away bag, “thank you,” mum smiled at me.

“Don’t worry about it,” I tell her. The twins ran off after they hugged me, “better get started on homework,” Fizzy says. She looked at Lottie, “same,” Lottie smiled. The girls hugged me before they left me and mum. I knew they did that on purpose, “so the girls tell me that you got a girlfriend named Lilly,” mum started. I nodded my head, “is she better than the last one?” she questioned. I quickly nodded my head, “much better. She beautiful and I really, really like her,” I admitted.

“Is my Lou Bear in love?” mum teased. I knew I was red as I gave her a small nod, “where was this girl years ago?” mum wondered. I shrugged my shoulders, “but she here now,” I smiled. Mum nodded her head, “she amazing mum. She puts up with me and she just amazing,” I rambled. Mum laughed a little bit, “I think she the one for you,” she smiled. I just smiled, “if she stays around,” I say. Daisy called for mum, “I better go. It was good to see you mum,” I tell her.

“It’s good to see you Lou,” she says. As I was about to walk out the door mum stopped me. She hugged me tight and straight away hugged her back, “it’s really good to see you Lou,” she admitted. I rubbed her back, “I’ll see you again,” I promised. Mum stepped back and smiled at me, “I’ll like to meet this Lilly,” she tells me. I smiled as I nodded my head, “one day,” I say.

After I left mum’s I went home. I found Troy in the lounge room with a suitcase next to him, “I guess you’re going somewhere,” I say. He nodded his head, “Pairs for a couple of days,” he replied. I gave him a small nod before I went into the kitchen, “I want to talk to you about your girlfriend staying over last night,” Troy started. I got a beer out of the fridge, “what about it?” I questioned. I wasn’t in the mood for him, “why did she stay over last night? Did you have sex?” he asked.

“Like I said last night I haven’t had sex with her yet. She is a virgin,” I snapped. Troy seemed shocked, “she stayed over last night since her mother wasn’t home again. Lilly don’t live in a nice neighbourhood, so I feel better if she stays with me. It’s alright she won’t take my money. She has Harry for that,” I added. I just need Troy to stop talking about Lilly like that, “stop with the attitude Louis,” he warned.

“Why? Your judging my girlfriend when you really don’t know her,” I spat. I closed my eye, so I wouldn’t see Troy roll his eyes, “because Louis you make bad choices, but I will drop the topic of your girlfriend. If you come with me to New York for two weeks on Monday,” he tells me. I wondered if her was telling the truth, but only one way to find out, “ok, but just so you know. I really like her Troy,” I say.

When Troy left I sat in the kitchen with my laptop and geography work. I was reading the textbook and taking notes when Liam faced timed me, “Lou,” he smiled. I looked at him and he had a questioning look, “What?” I wondered. He pointed, “is that homework?” he questioned. I nodded my head, “but Lil is at Harry’s,” he pointed out.

“I know. I walked out half way through a lesson and now I’m catching up,” I tell him. Liam pretended to have a heart attack, “very funny Payno, but what did you want?” I asked. Liam smiled at me, “do you want to take Lil on a date?” he questioned. I did want to take Lilly on a proper date, but she wouldn’t let me, “of course,” I say. Liam smiled bigger at me, “well I want to take Sophia out tomorrow night, but she wants it to be a double date. I think she really nervous about me taking her out,” Liam started.

“But Sophia knows that me and Lilly are not together, so what the point asking us. Why don’t you ask the real couple?” I pointed out. Liam just kept smiling at me, “Sophia wants you and Lil to go. She wants to get ready with Lil,” Liam explained. I knew this was my opportunity to take Lilly out, “I have to ask her first, but she having dinner with Harry. So I’ll wait until she calls me later,” I tell him. Liam nodded his head, “but what’s wrong with Perrie and Zayn?” I wondered.

“I think their having a night in. I think Zayn has to make up for buying Lil expensive pencils,” Liam says. I smiled as I nodded my head, “do I have to buy Perrie anything?” I wondered. Liam shrugged his shoulders, “I think that’s up to you, but you have gotten her stuff already,” Liam pointed out. I nodded my head, “and plus you should ask Lil. You don’t want to have a fight like Zayn and Perrie,” he added. I laughed a little bit, “if I was going to get Perrie anything. I would ask Lilly to get it for me,” I smiled.

“Lazy,” Liam mumbled. I got up to grab another beer, “since you’re in the kitchen. Does that mean Troy not home?” Liam questioned. I sat down with my beer, “his gone to Paris and then I’m going to New York with him on Monday for two weeks,” I tell him. Liam was surprised, “you going to be alright?” he asked. I shrugged my shoulders, “I won’t kill him, but I think I might take a good book with me,” I say.

Not long after I said bye to Liam. There was a knock at the door, so I answered it. It was my parole officer, “Ben,” I smiled. He was a middle aged man with brown hair and eyes, “Louis. How have you been?” he asked. I let him in, “I’ve been good, but I did smoke some weed last week and I had two beers tonight,” I admitted. Ben nodded his head as he gave me a small medical jar, “it should be out of your system,” he says.

I quickly peed in the jar, so I could give it to him. I found him in the kitchen, “is this schoolwork?” he questioned. He was looking at my geography, “yes it is. I was just about done,” I tell him. Ben was still looking at my work, “who is she?” he asked. I was confused as he looked at me, “for you to be doing schoolwork. There must be a pretty girl,” Ben smiled. I felt my cheeks go red, “oh god there is,” he says.

“Yes there is. Her name is Lilly Camellia Underwood. She is an amazing smart girl and I’m going out with her,” I rambled. Ben seemed surprised, “she started at Eden last week,” I added. Ben nodded his head, “I need to ask questions about her,” he started. I knew what these questions were, “she a category three and never broke the law,” I interrupted. Ben wrote that down, “can I met her one day?” he wondered. I nodded my head, “I just hope on good terms,” I smiled.

Ben and I talked for a little bit before he had to leave. I finished up my geography work before I went on my laptop. I was seeing what new music was on iTunes as I remembered Lilly’s favourite song. It was sung by that country guy Hunter Hayes. I typed his name in and all of his songs came up. I brought them all and downloaded them to my phone and computer. I noticed that it was quart to ten and Lilly still hasn’t called me. I put my laptop back in my room with my school work.

I decided that I was going to clean my car out from yesterday and today. I was happy that the girls didn’t noticed my t-shirt. I wouldn’t know how to explain that one and Lottie wouldn’t let me live it down. However, when I picked it up I noticed Lilly’s knickers with them. I didn’t know that she took her knickers off. If I knew that I would have followed her into my wardrobe.

I threw our clothes in the laundry basket before I ran up to my room. I checked my phone to see that I had a message from Lilly seeing if I was still up. I called her straight away, “took your time,” she says. I laughed, “well hello to you too. I was cleaning my car and left my phone in my room,” I tell her. I started picking the clothes up off the floor, “so how was dinner?” I asked.

As I cleaned up Lilly told me about dinner. She told me that her and Harry had to cook since Marcel and Anne weren’t home yet. Lilly cried when she saw Anne and I found it cute, but I knew why Lilly cried. Anne is the mother that she always wanted. Lilly told me that they went through old photos of them. Lilly also learnt that it was her and Harry that hung out a lot. I thought it might be Harry since he is the one that always looking out for her, “Lou did you get that picture Harry sent?” Lilly wondered. I checked my phone and I had no messages, “I got no picture from Harry. What was the picture?” I asked.

“Not telling,” she replied. I knew Lilly was smiling, so it made me pout, “fine be like that. I won’t take you out tomorrow than,” I tell her. I put my schoolwork in my bag for tomorrow, “where were you going to take me?” she asked. Lilly seemed curious, “Liam wants us to go to the movies with him and Soph. It their first date, but they want us to go for some reason. I already told him that they should go on their own. He also told me that Soph want you to go and to get ready together. I think she’s nervous about going and needs you,” I explained.

“Why not Perrie and Zayn? There the ones in a real relationship. I don’t know what to do. The closest thing to a date we been on is when you took me to the park,” Lilly rambled. I really need to convince her to go out tomorrow than. I sat on my bed, “well why don’t we go tomorrow than? It can be our first date if you want,” I wondered. Lilly was silent, “sure,” she whispered. Was Lilly nervous? I was, “cool it a date, but you still got to tell me about that picture,” I tell her. Lilly laughed, “nope,” she says. I kept trying to tell me about the picture, but I gave up in the end.

I called Liam after Lilly went to bed, “Payno. Where are we going for this date?” I questioned. I was walking around my wardrobe, “I just to the movies,” he replied. I was looking at my clothes, “I think we need to go to dinner first,” I tell him. I grabbed out a pair of new black skinny jeans, “did Lil say yes?” he asked.

“Yes and this is the first date that she has ever been on,” I rambled. Liam laughed at me, “ok we go to dinner. I think that new place just opened up down the road from me,” he informs me. I shook my head, “I think we should go into the city. I know a nice place that I can get us in,” I suggested. I looked at my tops, “you know the girls won’t like it if expensive,” he pointed out. I was still going through my tops, “I don’t care. I’ll pay,” I tell him.

“I’ll pay for Sophia,” he says. I knew Liam would give into me, “I’ll make sure it’s simple formal for the both of us, but just need the girls in dresses,” I smiled. I found a black t-shirt with some red writing on it, “how do I get Lilly in a dress? She doesn’t own any,” I wondered. I heard Liam moving around, “I’ll get Sophia to help with that,” he tells me.

The next day was here and I had a lessons all the way up to after lunch. On my free before football practise. Liam and I sat on the oval as I worked out the team for football. In football I put my team through their paces and so did Lilly. I had to take Liam home, so he could grab his clothes for tonight. We both though it be easier if we only took one car.

When we finally got to my house, “did you make reservations today?” Liam asked. He put his clothes on my bed, “yes I did. I hate dropping Troy name,” I replied. I called up the restaurant before I went to school today. I had to drop Troy name to get a table, “it was your idea. I think the girls would have been happy with going out around here,” Liam pointed out. I knew the girls would have been happy about going out around here, but I wanted to make it special for Lilly, “Sophia said that she will get Lil in a dress for tonight,” he added. I was happy about that, “do you know what one?” I questioned.

“Nope, but I did tell Soph low cut,” he smiled. I smiled to myself as Liam sat on my lounge, “so how are you going to finish the night?” Liam smirked. I shrugged my shoulders, “hopefully with a big smile on my face and hers,” I say. Liam laughed, “so you want a hand job,” he teased. I sat down next to Liam, “well Wednesday I had Lilly tongue on my dick,” I confessed.

“She gave you a head job?” he asked. He was shocked, “no. She wanted to lick me clean. I stopped her,” I tell him. Liam seemed to relax, “I’m worried about her. I have a hard time telling her no,” I added. Liam smiled a little, “Lou in love,” he whispered. I rolled my eyes, “I know,” I smiled. Liam pushed me, “glad to hear them words come out of your mouth,” he says.

As Liam and I were getting ready I was wondering what was going to happen when Lilly and I get back here, “Liam if you and Sophia work out after tonight. Um how fast are you going to go?” I wondered. Liam stopped what he was doing, “I’m just got to start by saying. It’s up to you and Lil how fast you want to go. I’m going to leave how fast me and Sophia going with her,” he tells me. I gave him a small nod, “so if Lilly drops to her knees and sucks me off tonight. You won’t give me a big speech?” I asked.

“Sounds like you want her too, but no. Lil is a smart girl and yes I think she likes pleasing you. I also think she wouldn’t do something if she really didn’t want to. So maybe trust her,” he admitted. I do trust her, but I am afraid that she really does think that she has to please me, “I do trust her,” I say. I put my new black jeans on and rolled up the bottoms, so my ankles were showing. I grabbed my black vans and put them straight on without any socks. I went into the bathroom, “what hairstyle you going to go with?” I asked.

“Did you really just ask me that?” Liam laughed. I glared at him from the bathroom, “you do realize that I’m new at this,” I tell him. Liam nodded his head, “so go with your messy hair that Lil seems to like and calm the fuck down. Tonight is going to be great,” he reassured me. I took in a deep breath before I started on my hair, “why am I such a girl when it comes to her?” I wondered. I noticed Liam shrugged his shoulders, “I think when you found the one and you already know it. I don’t think you want to wait for anything. You just want to call them yours forever,” he says. I understood Liam’s words, but they scared me tho.

When Liam and I finished getting ready. We actually didn’t look bad. Liam was wearing white button up shirt, black tie, black skinny jeans with black boots. I put a black blazer over the top of my t-shirt, “we scrub up nicely,” Liam smiled. I gave him a small nod, “now is it time to pick up the girls?” I wondered. Liam looked at the time, “smoke and then should be time,” he tells me.

After we had a smoke Liam and I were on the way to pick the girls up. Liam sprayed me with some aftershave, “what was that for?” I asked him. He sprayed some on himself, “Soph don’t smoke, so I don’t want to smell like smoke. I thought you just might like to smell pretty too,” he tells me. I laughed at little, “you’ll be alright,” I reassured him. Liam looked at the window, “Lou I like her, but I don’t like her the way you love Lilly,” he admitted.

“Sometimes it could take a bit to fall in love. I’m surprised how quick I fell,” I reassured him. Liam shrugged his shoulders, so I pulled the car over, “Liam do you even like this girl?” I questioned. Liam nodded his head, “and when you see her. What do you think?” I asked. Liam thought for a second, “that she beautiful,” he tells me. I smiled a little, “when you lose that. That’s when you should walk away,” I say. Liam gave me a small nod, “I hope I never do,” he whispered. I knew Liam liked this girl more than he thinks. He just thinks he will never be good enough for her.

When we got to Sophia house Liam jumped out of the car before I even stopped. I chased after him to the front door, “I think you need to calm down,” I tell him. Liam knocked on the front door and we looked down at ourselves. We looked up when the front door open. It was just Lilly and she looked beautiful. She was in a short low cut purple dress with a white leather biker jacket. He hair was down and straight. Her makeup was just simple the way I like it and she was wearing a pair of white flats. I kept looking over her as Liam went inside. I moved in closer to her, “you look absolutely beautiful,” I tell her. I kissed her and she smiled into the kiss, so I did the same. Lilly moved back and looked at me, “you don’t look bad yourself,” she smiled. I couldn’t help, but run my hands down her sides to her waist, “so I see Soph dressed you,” I pointed out. Lilly nodded, “I’m glad, because it looks like I would have been underdressed,” she says.


“So she didn’t tell you that were going to dinner first?” I questioned. Lilly shook her head, “well where going to dinner at a fancy restaurant. Then we’re going to see a movie,” I inform her. I pulled Lilly closer as she nodded her head, “so you ready for our first date?” I wondered. Lilly smiled this time as she nodded her head again. I think she was really happy about going on her first date. Sophia and Liam came out, “you might need your bag,” Sophia says as she held out Lilly bag. Lilly took it off her, “thank you,” Lilly says.

When we got in the car Lilly sat at the front with me as Liam and Sophia where in the back, “so why did no one tell me that where going to dinner at a fancy restaurant?” Lilly wondered. Sophia laughed, “because it was Lou idea, so I thought he told you,” Liam tells her. I purposely didn’t tell Lilly about where we were going tonight. I knew she would have told me to pick somewhere else. Lilly looked at me, “must have slipped my mind,” I smiled. I grabbed Lilly hand as she shook her head. I kissed the back of it to say sorry for not telling you. I put it on my thigh as she started talking to Liam and Sophia. I loved how much Lilly has changed in two weeks. I love how she talks to everyone now. I knew it’s, because she actually has people to talk to.

When we got into the city I noticed Lilly eyes lit up as she looked around. She squeezed my hand as she was noticing things. I don’t think she comes to the city that often. I don’t come to the city that often. We have everything we need back home. I think that’s why I really want to come here. I wanted to get away from what we’re used to. Lilly smiled at me and I smiled back. Everything be worth it, just see her smiled.

When we got to the restaurant I noticed people looking at us. I really couldn’t give a fuck. I was taking my girlfriend out on our first date. The man who was to show us to our table looked me and Liam up and down, “no piercings,” he tells us. I took my piercings out and gave them to Lilly. She put them in her bag as Sophia put Liam’s in hers. The guy was happy with us and I couldn’t believe it. I was wearing Vans with no socks and that was ok.

The girls took their jackets off when we got to our table. Lilly sat down next to me as Liam and Sophia sat across from us. Lilly was looking at everyone that was staring at us, “babe,” I say as I grabbed her hand. When Lilly looked at me she was looking over my face, “I find it stupid that you had to take out your piercings,” Sophia says. Lilly and I looked at her and Liam, “it their dress code,” I say. A waiter brought us some menus, “drinks?” the waiter asked. We all got a coke, but Liam being eighteen got a beer. He lucky that I was driving him home.

I noticed as we looking at the menus. The girls were looking at each other and I knew they saw the price of the food. I knew this place expensive, “so what do you girls want?” I asked them. They looked uneasy, “um. I can’t pick,” Lilly lied. I raised my eyebrow at Lilly for lying to me. Sophia agreed with Lilly, “the price put you off didn’t it?” Liam wondered. Lilly and Sophia nodded their heads, “don’t worry about it. Tonight is on us,” Liam tells them. They both looked over the menu again, “I recommended the lamb,” I suggested to Lilly. She gave me a small nod as the waiter came back. Liam and I both ordered the steak while Sophia ordered the chicken and Lilly got the lamb like I suggested.

We made small talk as we waited for our dinner. We all were learning a lot about Sophia and she is a very cool chick. I’m glad that she was going to be in Lilly’s life. I think Lilly could learn a lot from her, “Lil why did Harry send me a picture of you when you were younger?” Liam questioned. Was this the picture Lilly was talking about last night, “let me see,” I demanded. Lilly shook her head, “is it embarrassing babe?” I smirked. Lilly blushed a deep red, “it cute and funny. It one of the photo’s you get out on their eighteenth or twenty first birthday,” Liam tells me. Lilly looked down as Liam got his phone out, “I’m going to kill Harry,” I heard Lilly mumbled. In placed my hand on her back to reassure her. Liam showed me the picture and it was a very young Lilly in makeup and bra, “it not that bad babe, but it looks like Harry cut someone out,” I pointed out. Lilly nodded, “himself,” she says.

“And you say you’re not a girly girl,” Sophia smiled. Lilly shook her head, “I was young then and what does it say about Harry?” she questioned. What does that say about Harry? Like really what does that say about him, “that he gets in touch with his feminine side,” Liam joked. We all laughed, “that might explain the candles he likes,” I added. Lilly shook her head as she smiled, “oh Lou did Harry tell you that Anne wants to see you?” she wondered. I shook my head wondering why Anne wanted to see me, “what about?” I asked. Lilly put her hand on my shoulder, “me. She wants you to ask her for permission to date me,” she tells me. Oh fuck. I never thought I would ever have to ask anyone else to date Lilly after I asked Harry. I took a beating from Harry for Lilly. I swallowed hard, “really?” I questioned. Lilly nodded her head, “ok then. I go see her soon then,” I mumbled. Lilly kissed me, “so Lil I got everything you need to make Niall’s cake,” Liam tells her to change the subject for me.

“You can still use my kitchen if you want,” I say. Lilly smiled at me and I realized that she would be worth another beating, “do you want me to help? I can cook,” Sophia wondered. Lilly nodded her head, “please,” Lilly begged. Sophia laughed as the girls started talking about Niall’s party. I noticed that Lilly gets really happy when you talk about doing stuff for Niall.

The girls decided to an Irish theme for Niall’s party. They were going to go as the colours of the Irish flag. Lilly messaged Perrie with the details about tomorrow and Liam messaged Zayn and Harry with the details. All of a sudden Lilly looked worried about something. Niall must have told her what it was like in Ireland for him, “babe don’t worry about it. Niall going to love it,” I whispered in her ear. Lilly looked at me and I kissed her nose. She smiled at me as the waiter brought us our food.

We learnt more about Sophia over dinner, but we also learnt what me and Liam have to do for Niall’s party. We also didn’t get dessert since we didn’t want to miss the movie. However, I told Lilly that I get my dessert later. As soon as I said that she went bright red, but smiled.

We watched the new Marvel movie since the girls lets us pick. I don’t care. I think they wanted to see it. Lilly leant on me for the whole movie as I played with her knee. I think if Sophia and Liam weren’t next to us. I would have moved my fingers higher, but I still could have done it to her. When we got out of the movies Liam was holding Sophia hand. I knew Sophia liked Liam and I hope Liam can finally see that now.

When we dropped Sophia off first Liam walked her to the door. I leant over closer to Lilly, “should we run off and give them some private time?” I wondered. Lilly looked at me after we saw Liam going inside with Sophia. I raised an eyebrow, “they probably want some private time,” she tells me. I ran my hand up her thigh under her dress as I kissed her neck. Lilly grabbed my shirt and I knew it was working, “you know Liam will be back any minute,” she groaned. I smirked against her skin, “is this where I tell you that Troy’s gone to Paris for the weekend and Georgia staying at a friend’s,” I tell her. I nibbled on her ear, “so we can be loud and do it anywhere,” I added. Lilly kissed me, “but I’m tired,” she tells me. I was disappointed that she was tired, but I could also be pushing her. Liam came back with Lilly backpack, “Soph said the she going to bring a dress tomorrow when I get her,” Liam tells Lilly as he got into the car. Lilly nodded, “so Payno did you kiss her?” I wondered. Liam was smiling big which meant it went well, “I never kiss and tell,” he says. Lilly smiled at him, “thank you so much Lil for talking to her. I don’t know how I could ever repay you,” Liam beamed. I started driving, “make my girl not tired, so we can get something,” I mumbled to myself.

The whole way to Liam’s. He kept going on about Sophia no stop. I really hope I don’t sound like him when I talk about Lilly. However as soon as we dropped him off it was silence in the car. Lilly put her hand on my thigh, “is everything alright?” she asked. I smiled to hide the fact that I was confused. Was she tired or was she hiding the fact that I pushed her, “yeah,” I replied. I grabbed her hand and kissed the back of it. I was saying sorry for pushing her again. I really got to learn how to stop that. Lilly squeezed my hand as I put it back on my thigh.

It was silence in the car for the rest of the drive home. I was pissed at myself for pushing her again. So when we got to my house I went straight into the kitchen to grab a beer. Then I sat in the lounge room and kicked off my shoes. I turned the TV onto a football match before Lilly straddled my lap. I noticed that she already took her jacket and shoes off. She started kissing my neck, “babe I thought you were tired,” I say.

“I lied,” she smirked. I pulled her next to me, “well I’m not in the mood anymore,” I tell her. I looked at the TV, but I didn’t pay attention to it. I was in the mood for her, but I wanted to play with her, “fine,” she says as she got up. In the corner of my eye I saw her take the dress off. She threw it next to me as I was looking her up and down. She was wearing this pink lacy bra and knickers set, but the bra had animal print on the cups, “I’m going to bed than,” she added. I quickly pulled her down across my lap, “you know it was mean to lie to me like that. I thought I was pushing you again,” I started. I ran my hands up her soft thighs, “so I think tonight I want you to touch me and I’m not going to touch you. Even if you beg me,” I smirked. Lilly just moved down to the floor between my legs. She ran her hands up my thighs to the button of my jeans. She undid them and slowly pulled them down and off. I quickly took my blazer and t-shirt off. Lilly kissed up my thigh, up my stomach, across my chest to my neck. I could see why she was a moaning mess last week when I was doing it to her. Lilly rubbed me as she kissed me.

When I got harder Lilly moved back down between my legs. She kissed down my stomach as she pulled down my boxers. I moaned as the cool air hit my member. Lilly kept kissing down the front of me as she pulled my boxers off, “take your bra off,” I groaned. Lilly took her bra off and threw it on the floor. I was shocked that Lilly was being all submissive for me. She wrapped her soft hand around my member before she started pumping me. I closed my eyes and threw my head back as I was letting the feeling take over.

After a little bit I felt something wet on the tip and it made me moan. I quickly realized that it was Lilly tongue, so I stopped her, “before you say anything. I really want to do this. I know you told me to get the urges out of my head, but I can’t. Louis I really want to do this,” she begged. I threw my head back as I ran my hands over my face. Why was she begging me to let her give me head? I can’t say no to her since I know she was being serious. I gave her a small nod, “just go at your pace and don’t get shitty with me when I tell you what to do,” I tell her. Lilly smiled as she nodded her head. I can’t believe that she happy to give me a head job. Lilly licked the tip of my member, “I can’t believe I’m letting you do this,” I mumbled. Lilly licked up the side to the top and she did that on all sides. I couldn’t help, but let small moans escape my lips. I’ve pictured Lilly doing this and now she is. Lilly tongue played with the tip before she wrapped her lips around it, “just take an inch at a time,” I moaned. She ran her tongue around the tip and fuck that felt good, “fuck where did you learn that?” I groaned. Lilly just smiled as he put more of me into her mouth. This girl was going to be the death of me if she keeps enjoying this.

After Lilly put more of me in her mouth she started sucking. She wrapped her fingers around the base of my member and slowly pumped me. She placed her other hand on my thigh as she slowly took me out of her mouth. Lilly looked at me and we locked eyes. She kept eye contacted as she put me back into her mouth to her hand. I threw my head back since I couldn’t take it anymore. Lilly moved up and down and I felt like I already wanted to cum. Lilly squeezed my thigh, so I grabbed it and gave it a squeeze. My hips buckled in her mouth and my member hit the back of her throat. I felt he gag around me, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to do that,” I apologized. Lilly took me out of her mouth, so she could catch her breath, “I’m fine,” she reassured me.

“You sure?” I wondered. Lilly’s eyes were all watery, but she put my member back in her mouth. She moved up and down again, but it was too slow for me, “babe faster please,” I begged. Lilly got faster as she squeezed my hand tighter. I put my other hand through her hair as I was on the edge. “keep going babe. I’m so close,” I tell her. Lilly palmed my balls and I let out a deep moan. Where did the fuck she learn that?

Lilly kept going even when I twitched in her mouth. I knew I was sweating and moaning uncontrollably. It just this feels fucken awesome. Lilly pulled back and sucked on the tip, but when she ran her tongue over the tip. I buckled my hips and came into her mouth. Lilly kept sucking me as I was on my high. I didn’t want to come down. It was amazing. I looked at Lilly when she took me out of her mouth. She swallowed my cum in her mouth before she licked the rest off of me. I swear if I wasn’t worn out. I would have gotten hard again. Lilly stood up and placed her hand on my thighs. As she leant over I had her boobs in my face and I was tempted to grab them, “you alright Lou?” Lilly wondered.

“Fuck where did that come from and where did you learn that?” I puffed. Lilly kissed my nose, “tonight,” she replied. Lilly started walking away from me, but I was close behind her. I picked her up and put her down on the kitchen bench. I started kissing her neck as I ran my hands up her thighs. I ran my fingers down between her legs and she was soaked, “you’re dripping wet babe,” I smirked against her skin. Lilly buckled her hips into my hand, “oh babe I’m not going to use my hands,” I tell her as I looked at her. Lilly shook her head, “I want your fingers. I’m not ready for to go down on me,” she admitted. What the fuck? Don’t get shitty Louis. You need to please your girl, but make sure her legs shake and she can’t walk. I started rubbing Lilly through her knickers hard and fast.

She came quite easy, so she must have been really turned on by blowing me, “it not over yet babe,” I tell her. I quickly pulled her knickers off and inserted two fingers straight into her. She was so fucken tight from cumming before, “fuck you’re so tight,” I groaned. I curled my fingers inside of her and she moaned loudly. It taken her long to cum again from my fingers, but I kept going.

I made Lilly cum two more times and the last time she came. She shook and squirted. I was shocked. I never made a girl ever do that. I wrapped my arms around her as I held her tight and close. Lilly snuggled into my chest catching her breath. Lilly ran her hands down my body to my member. I knew I was hard again, “I’ll take care of myself,” I tell her as I grabbed her hand. Lilly smiled at me, but it was a fond smiled, “than do it in front of me,” she says. I think I just fell for this girl more. I smiled as I kissed her. I played with myself as I kept kissing her. Lilly wrapped her arms around me to keep me close. I could already feel close and I wasn’t holding back my moans. Lilly looked down to watch me play with myself. I really do think this girl is going to be the death of me.

Lilly kept watching until I came all over her. She looked at me and I kissed her softly before I placed my forehead against hers, “fuck that was amazing,” I puffed. Lilly green eyes were staring into mine looking for something. I picked her and she tried to warp her legs around me, but she really couldn’t. Lilly placed her face into the crook of my neck as I walked out of the kitchen. I knew there was a big mess made by me and Lilly on the kitchen bench, but I’ll clean that up later.

I took us to the second bathroom since it had a bath in it. I put Lilly down on the vanity, so I could start the bath. When it started to fill up I put some bubbles in it. I went back over to Lilly after I made sure the bath was the right temperature. Lilly was covered in my cum and it just made her look hot to me. I kissed her lightly over and over again and she wasn’t complaining.

I turned the shower on before the bath filled up, “um won’t that effect the bath?” Lilly wondered. I shook my head, “perks to a modern house,” I say. As I was coming back over to Lilly she was getting off the vanity. I wrapped my arm around her when her legs started to wobble, “I did a number on you tonight,” I smirked.

We had a quick shower to clean up before we got into the bath. Lilly sat between my legs as she laid against me. I drew circles on the back of her hand as I was thinking about what just happened, “just say it Louis,” Lilly tells me. I sighed as I got my thoughts together, “why did you give me a blowjob when you’re not ready for me to go down on you?” I wondered. I noticed Lilly bit the inside of her mouth, “because I really wanted too. Because I’m not ready don’t mean I can’t do it to you,” she started. Lilly looked at me, “you never really said anything about together. We just did things together,” she reminded me. I looked down, “I know, but I really want to go down on you now. That why we do things together. I can’t have you do something to me and not let me return it,” I confessed. Lilly bit her bottom lip, “what if I told you that I wanted you to go down on me, but I was not ready to go down on you?” she wondered. Lilly had me there, “I think I would still do it,” I say. Lilly placed her hand on the side of my face, “see. Louis you already do so much for me that I can never give back,” she admitted. I looked at her as I was wondering what she was talking about, “like what?” I asked. Lilly kissed me, “you make me feel things that I have never felt before. You make me not want to give up on everything,” she confessed.

“You know you make me feel the same,” I smiled. I kissed her to show that I was telling the truth, “ok than. I have a deal for you,” she started. I nodded for her to continue, “if you make me cum twice. You get a blowjob,” she tells me. I smiled, because I knew she was serious, “I’m guessing I can’t stop you now,” I challenged. Lilly shook her head no, “so that means you still owe me a blowjob. I made you cum four times in the kitchen and the last one. You came so hard that you squirted,” I smirked.

“Squirted?” she questioned. I laughed a little bit at how innocent she was, “female ejaculation. Didn’t you feel it?” I asked. Did she even know, “I felt it. I just didn’t know what it was called. All I know I saw stars,” she admitted. I couldn’t stop the smiled on my face, so I hid my face into her neck. I kissed her neck softly, “sorry if I went overboard, but after what you did to me. I couldn’t help it. You’re moaning and you shaking uncontrollably at my touch. I had to keep going. It was also the first time I made a girl squirt,” I rambled. Lilly leant her head into mine, “really? If the girls at school find that out. You won’t make it out alive,” she teased. I laughed a little bit, “but I know you’re not going to tell anyone, because that means all the girls will be over me. But then again I haven’t seen your jealous side yet, so that could be fun,” I smirked. Lilly lightly slap my thigh, “I won’t make you jealous like you won’t make me jealous,” I promised. Lilly agreed with me.

We just sat there not saying another word, but Lilly was starting to fall asleep against me, “babe lets go to bed before you fall asleep in the bath,” I tell her. Lilly slowly nodded her head as I got out of the bath. I put a towel around me before I picked Lilly up out of the bath. I quickly put her feet on the floor, so I could put a towel around her. I picked her back and walked out of the bathroom.

Once we got to my room I put her straight onto my bed. Lilly didn’t move or even keep her eyes open. So I moved her under the blankets, “go to sleep babe,” I whispered as I kissed her forehead. I quickly went into my wardrobe and got out a pair of boxers. I went back over to Lilly and removed her towel. I put the boxers on her without disturbing her too much. Lilly was smiling in her sleep and this is how I wanted tonight to end, “I love you,” I say. I kissed her light before I go in next to her.



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