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Her (Louis Tomlinson Punk)

Chapter 8 - One Week

The next morning, we both woke-up late. Lilly was already dressed in a pair of jeans and a plain white t-shirt. I really wanted to rip them off her, so we could stay in bed all day. I turned away from her before I did. I felt her fingers on my back over the scratches that she gave me last night, “I think you like it last night,” I smirked.

“I think you did too,” Lilly smiled as she pointed to her neck. I kissed the mark I gave her last night, “you know I'm going to cover it up?” she asked. I shook my head, “but how are people know your mine then?” I pouted. Lilly kissed me, “I know, but Harry thought I went home last night tho,” she reminded me. I couldn’t help, but smile at the fact that after everything we went through with Harry. Lilly still wanted to be a good girl in his eyes, “but he said that he doesn’t care what we get up to tho,” I pointed out. Lilly smiled a little bit, “I know, but he will ask questions why I didn’t go home last night. I can’t tell him that my mother is a bitch,” she says. I hugged her trying to get rid of the worry that Lilly had, “ok. I understand,” I tell her. I kissed her before I let her go into the bathroom.

As soon as she was in the bathroom I went into my wardrobe. I found my clothes that I wore last Monday and they were clean. I quickly put on my black skinny jeans and my red t-shirt. I thought I’ll make today special for Lilly since it’s our one-week anniversary. I just want to make her happy today after the weekend we had.

When Lilly came out of the bathroom. I quickly went in there to do my hair. I went through my bathroom drawers until I found my red hair colour. I styled my hair like the first day even with my red tips, “remember we still got to go to my house,” Lilly reminded me.


When we got to Lilly’s house she went inside to grab her school stuff for today. I noticed that Lilly left her bag in the car, so I grabbed it. I went through it to find it only had her English stuff and her smokes. I grabbed her smokes and put some of mine in them. I grabbed a black marker out of her pencil case. I wrote ‘my strong my Lilly Belle’ on her smoke packet. I put everything back before she came out of her house.

After I dropped her off at school and reassured her that I’ll meet her in physics. I was at the flower shop looking at all the flowers, “can I help you?” a woman asked. I nodded my head, “it’s mine and my girlfriend anniversary. I want something simple,” I tell her. She nodded her head as she picked up a single red rose. As soon as she showed me I quickly nodded my head, “so how long have you and your girlfriend been together?” the woman wondered.

“A month,” I lied. I paid her, “and your already in love,” she smiled. I was shocked, “how do you know that?” I questioned. The woman gave me my change, “because you were looking for the perfect flower. I’m also guessing you haven’t told her yet,” the woman says. I shook my head, “I haven’t told her,” I mumbled. The woman gave me my rose, “don’t wait for her. I think she waiting for you,” the woman tells me.

When I got back to school I knew I was late for physics since when I got there Mr Thrones already started the lesson. I opened the door and walked in, “Mr Tomlinson you’re late and is the flower for me or your girlfriend?” Mr Thrones asked. I smiled at him, “sorry it for my girlfriend. I’ll bring you one in next lesson,” I joked. I noticed that Mr Thrones was smiling as I walking to Lilly. I sat down next to her, “happy one-week babe,” I smiled as I held the rose up. Lilly shook her head as she kissed me, “happy one-week,” she smiled back. Lilly took the rose off of me as Mr Thrones put a glass full of water on the table, “bring it back at the end of the day,” he tells her. Lilly smiled at him and I swear Mr Thrones was actually happy for her. Lilly put the rose in the glass, “thank you,” she says to him. I kissed the side of Lilly’s head as Mr Thrones walked away, “who would have thought he have a romantic side,” I pointed out. Lilly looked at me, “who would have thought you’ll have one,” she teased. I know what you mean Lilly Belle. I pulled her close to me as Mr Thrones started the lesson again.

After Physics I went to library to catch up in geography. I knew I was only a single lesson behind, but I do want to keep up with everyone. I didn’t tell anyone were I was going part from Niall. He gave me his notes and told me what to read in the textbook. I sat down and got my books out. As I was looking for a pen I felt someone close to me, “doing homework Louis?” I heard a female voice. I looked up to see it was Veronica, “actually catching up in a lesson I missed,” I tell her. She sat down across from me, “you’ve only missed a single lesson of geography,” she pointed out.

“I know, but by the looks of Niall’s notes. I missed a lot,” I say. Veronica gave me a small nod, “can I ask why you want to stay on top of your work?” she wondered. I shrugged my shoulders, “I think I know the reason,” she smiled. I looked down at my work, “and why is that?” I questioned. She leant on the table, “you don’t want to disappoint Lilly. She a very smart girl and you want to keep up,” she tells me. I laughed a little bit, but she was right, “but she does make stupid choices. I’m proof of that,” I say.

“Don’t bring yourself down like that. You maybe a troubled kid, but by the looks you want to change. After what happened last year. You’ve already shown a major improvement in only a week. You only missed one single lesson and last year. We would have been lucky for you to show up at all. Mr. Thrones told me today that you brought in a single red rose for Lilly. That’s not like you,” Veronica tells me. I knew I was red, “I just want to be a better person for her. We both don’t know what we’re doing, but we are willing to give it a go,” I admitted.

“That’s all you can do Louis,” she says. I nodded my head, “but that’s not the hard part. She thinks we’re fuck buddies while I think she my girlfriend,” I tell her. Veronica was surprised, “why would she think that and you think like that?” she asked. I ran my hands over my face as I tried to get my mind together, “because she doesn’t do relationships or believe in love. I panicked and that was the first thing to come out of my mouth. We’re not really fuck buddies since she a virgin,” I rambled.

“So if I got this right. You found a girl that you want to settle down with, but she doesn’t believe in it. So you panicked and told her that you should be fuck buddies. Just so you can keep her close?” Veronica wondered. I nodded my head, “maybe you should tell her the truth,” Veronica says. I shook my head, “not yet. I need to show her things first. I’m the first guy she’s been with. She won’t know the difference between fuck buddies and a relationship. I have a chance to show her,” I explained.

“She a smart girl Lou. She will work it out,” Veronica tells me. I nodded my head, “I know,” I whispered. Veronica stood up, “I think we should have these talks once a week,” she says. I gave her a small nod, but I don’t know if I could, “but Louis. How did Harry really break your nose?” she asked. I smiled at her, “he didn’t know what me and Lilly were really up to. So he got angry at me,” I replied. Veronica shook her head as she walked away.

I went back to my geography work until someone sat down next to me. I looked to see it was Niall, “can people let me study,” I sighed. Niall put his Spanish books on the table, “yes I can, but who was here before me?” he wondered. Niall opened his books, “Veronica. We had a good talk,” I tell him. I went back to my geography work as Niall watched me. He was looking me up and down, “what?” I questioned.

“Why are you wearing the same clothes as last week?” he asked. I laughed to myself a little bit, “I tell you if you don’t laugh,” I tell him. Niall nodded his head, “um we’ve know Lilly for a week today and um,” I mumbled. Niall put his hand on my shoulder, “you wanted to make it special for her,” he interrupted. I nodded my head, “I heard from a girl in my class that you gave her a rose too. She also said that Lilly is a very lucky girl,” Niall tells me. I smiled to myself, “my Louis is in love,” Niall says.

“We talked about this Niall,” I reminded him. Niall laughed a little bit, “and you keep lying to me about it,” Niall smiled. I ignored him as I went on with my geography work, “Lou is love,” Niall teased. I looked at him, “so what if I am. I can’t tell her how I really feel anyway. She’ll runaway,” I snapped. Niall just kept smiling at me, “just give it time lover boy. I give you five weeks before you tell her that you love her,” he tells me.

Niall didn’t say another word after that, so I did my geography work. As soon as the bell went Niall and I headed for the wall to met up with everyone. When we got there everyone was smoking, but Lilly and Harry weren’t there. Liam was smiling at me and it was making me uncomfortable. I grabbed my smokes out and gave one to Niall, “thanks,” Niall says. Liam was still smiling at me, “Ni why is Liam smiling at me?” I whispered in his ear. Niall looked at Liam, “I don’t know,” he replied. Lilly and Harry showed up, “hey,” Perrie smiled as she hugged Lilly.

“Hi,” Lilly says. Everyone hugged her as she left me last, “where the rose?” I whispered. I was a bit worried that she left it somewhere. Lilly kissed my cheek, “in my locker,” she whispered back. I kissed the side of her head, “so Lil we know you for a week now,” Niall says. The way he said it made me think he was up to something, “and what a week it has been,” Lilly smiled. We all laughed as Lilly got her smokes out of her bag, “Lou have you gone soft?” Liam asked me. I was confused as I looked at Liam, “why do you ask that?” I asked back. He smirked at me “just something I saw this morning,” Liam replied. Harry also started smiling at me, “I know you have changed,” Harry teased. I looked between them both as I was trying to work out what was going on, “um babe what going on?” I questioned.

“I saw the rose you gave Flower,” Harry tells me. Now everyone was looking at me, but Niall was smiling big at me, “he gave her a rose too,” Liam smiled. Harry looked at Liam, “I thought that what you were talking about,” Harry says. Liam shook his head no, “hang on. Louis gave Lil a rose?” Zayn questioned. What does Liam know? Lilly nodded her head, “but what is Liam on about?” Harry asked. Lilly shrugged her shoulders, but I knew she knew what Liam was talking about, “don’t be like that my strong Lilly Belle,” Liam teased. I smiled as I shook my head. Liam must have saw the note I left on Lilly’s smoke packet, “only Lou calls Lil, Lilly Belle,” Perrie points out. Liam laughed to himself, “I know,” he says. Lilly and I didn’t say anything. We just stood there smoking, “wow Lou you have turned soft,” Perrie says as she realized. We all looked at her, “that cute leaving her messages,” she added.

“It was on her smoke packet,” Liam tells Perrie. Lilly’s cheeks went bright red and I could feel mine do the same, “yes I wrote it on her smoke packet. I wrote it after the weekend we had together since she told us what happened,” I tell them. Lilly smiled at me, “when did you write that?” Harry wondered. We looked at Harry, “when I picked her up this morning,” I lied to him. Harry smiled at me which meant he believed my lie, “Lilly Underwood?” I heard someone questioned. Lilly looked around until her eyes landed on someone. I noticed it was Josh, “Josh Devine?” she questioned. She was looking him up and down before she dropped her smoke and ran over to him. She hugged him tight and he hugged her back. They started talking until Josh kissed her cheek, “you alright Lou?” Harry wondered.

“I don’t know,” I whispered. I watched them as they were talking, “breathe,” Harry tells me. I nodded my head before Lilly and Josh looked at me. Lilly nodded her head as Josh wrapped his arm around her. They started walking back over to us, “don’t hit Josh,” Harry says. They stood near us, “so I already see that you know Josh,” Niall pointed out. Lilly nodded her head, “yep. I met Josh when I was six. His dad was friends with my dad. Josh used to stay at my house,” she tells us. Harry hugged Josh, so he had to remove his arm from Lilly, “why didn’t you tell me that Lilly went here?” Josh asked Harry as he pushed him. Why didn’t Harry tell me that Lilly knew Josh? Lilly looked at Harry, “I wanted it to be a surprise for the both of you,” he smiled.

After Josh hugged us all. I felt more relaxed, “so Josh have you met Lil’s boyfriend Louis?” Zayn asked. Josh looked at Lilly and then at me. My heart started racing, “what? No way,” Josh says. Please Josh don’t do this. It’s not what your thinking. Niall laughed which wasn’t helping me, “no. not my baby sister,” Josh added. Harry puts his hand on his shoulder and whispered something in his ear. I hope he was trying to change Josh’s mind for me. Josh looked at me, “it still no Harry. I can’t believe you’re alright with it,” Josh tells him. What have done for Josh to think like this? My chest started hurting, “you’re still the same Josh. Scaring all the boys away. I still remember when you wouldn’t let Marcel or Harry near me,” Lilly says.

“That because you need to marry a prince,” Josh smiled. Lilly shook her head, “what about a superhero?” she asked. I smiled as I calmed down a bit. I know Lilly asked that, because she calls me her superhero, “if they were real,” Josh replied. Lilly wrapped her arms around me and all my bad thoughts went away, “fine you can have Louis if that what you want,” Josh tells her. I kissed the side of her head as she nodded her head, “his soft with her. Giving her flowers and leaving her sweet notes,” Niall teased. I just smiled at him since I know that he loves someone himself, “I don’t care. You’re just jealous that I get more than you,” I tell him. Niall raised an eyebrow at me as he shook his head, “yeah second base,” he says sarcastically.

“Only second base?” Josh questioned. Lilly and I both nodded our heads, “Lil still a virgin,” Zayn tells him. Ok maybe Josh didn’t need to know that, but the smile on Josh face told me that he was happy to hear that, “good to hear and it going to stay like that for a while,” he tells me. I nodded my head as Lilly smiled at me, “definitely,” I say. Josh seemed happy with my answer.

After Lilly told Josh why she started at Eden, because of her dad dying. Josh looked upset, “I don’t know how I'm going to tell dad,” he says. Josh’s dad hasn’t been the same since he was thirteen. Something about post traumatic stress disorder from the air force. He lives with his Nanna while his dad in the hospital. Lilly smiled a little and I know she didn’t know about his dad, “so it just you and your mother now?” Josh questioned. The way he asked it made feel like he knew what she really like. Lilly nodded her head as the bell rang.

When we got to English I made sure to sit next to Lilly, “so is anyone else we going to meet from your past?” I joked. Lilly shrugged her shoulders as I hoped they weren’t anymore guys. We got our English stuff out, “so Josh used to stay at yours?” Liam questioned. Lilly nodded her head, “his dad was in the air force,” she replied. I looked down as I wondered if I should tell her about Josh dad. I knew Josh had to tell her, “so did you have a thing for him?” Perrie asked. Lilly shook her head, “did you have a crush on anyone?” Perrie wondered. Lilly smiled as she looks like she was thinking of someone, “there was a boy when I was eleven and he was twelve,” she admitted. Perrie smiled at her, “what did he look like?” she questioned.

“He had brown hair and eyes. He was always playing football too,” Lilly replied. Liam and I started laughing since I picture Liam in my head. I think I was laughing to hide the fact that I would be pissed if it was Liam, “you just described Josh and maybe Liam,” I pointed out. Lilly looked at me and she looked a little bit worried, “babe it ok if you have a crush on Josh. It even ok if you got one on Liam,” I reassured her. Lilly kissed my cheek, “so I can date Liam?” she asked. I shook my head, “I said crush nothing about dating,” I reminded her. I was slightly mad at her for saying that. Does she really see us as fun and nothing else? Lilly laughed a little bit, “so did you have a crush on Josh?” Perrie wondered. Lilly shrugged her shoulders, “he was the older boy and he used to sleep in the room across from mine,” she says. I raised an eyebrow at her as I was trying to work out if she did, “so was there anyone else you used to have a crush on?” Perrie asked. Lilly nodded her head, “there was this boy his father travelled a lot, but he originally came from Australia. He had dirty blond hair and these hazel brown green eyes. His name was Ashton but we called him Ash,” she confessed. She couldn’t be talking about Ashton Irwin. His such a dick, “you lot at the back. Get to work!” Mr Dew shouted.

“We are!” Lilly shouted back. Everyone in class was looking at her for a little bit. Perrie and Liam turned around to start their English work. I had to flirt with her after what happen before, “fighting back babe,” I whispered in her ear. Lilly smiled, “it such a turn on,” I added. I put my hand on her thigh, “if I was you I’ll get to work,” she playfully snarled. I kissed her, “babe you know how to make my pants tight,” I smirked. I kissed her again, “guys I would stop the foreplay before Mr Dew kills you,” Liam tells us. We looked at Mr Dew and he was glaring at us. I just ignored him as I opened my book with a smile on my face.

After English we got our lunch and sat down at a table. I sat next to Lilly as Perrie sat down on the other side. Liam sat down next to me as we waited for the others. I brought Lilly’s lunch again, but she got a sandwich again, “where is everyone?” Lilly questioned. We all had a look around to see none of them, “they should be here,” Perrie says. Niall came out of the canteen by himself and sat next to Liam. He started eating as we all looked at him, “what?” he asked with a mouth full of food.

“Where’s Zayn and Harry?” Perrie asked him. Niall looked around as he swallowed the food in his mouth, “I don’t know,” he replied. Perrie looked worried, but so did Niall. Perrie got out her phone to properly message Zayn, “maybe they got stuck in class,” I reassured them. Perrie looked happy as her phone went off, but her face changed, “Zayn and Harry are in the Principal’s office for fighting,” Perrie tells us. We were all shocked, “fighting who?” Liam questioned. Perrie looked down at her phone, “Brian,” she replied. I was still looking at Perrie, but I knew Lilly was looking at me, “what did he do?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” Perrie sighed as she looked around. As soon as I noticed Amy I put my arm around Lilly’s waist. Lilly noticed her too as Amy smirked at us, “I have an idea why,” Lilly says. Everyone looked at her and I knew Amy was looking for a fight. Lilly was about to get up, but I stopped her. I didn’t want to give that bitch what she wanted, “don’t babe. I don’t want you in trouble too,” I tell her. Lilly sighed in defeat, “I was just going to talk to her,” she lied. I knew she wasn’t just going to talk to her. If Lilly anything like Harry. I don’t think hello would come out her mouth. It just be a punch to stomach, “sure babe. Just ignore her,” I say. Lilly went back to eating her lunch, “they got detention, so they won’t be out for lunch,” Perrie tells us.

As we ate I talked to Liam and Niall about music, but I noticed Lilly staring at the table after she finished eating. I looked at Perrie to say something to her, “so Lil are you still coming to dance?” Perrie asked. Lilly looked up from the table to look at Perrie, “I’ll give it ago,” Lilly smiled. Perrie smiled back at her, “you need to wear either track pants, yoga pants or leggings and comfortable shoes,” Perrie tells her. I pictured Lilly in a pair of tight yoga pants bending over. I felt my dick twitch as she looked down at herself, “so it looks like I’m going home on my free,” she says. I kissed the side of her head trying to calm down, “I’ll take you,” I tell her. Lilly nodded her head as I started wishing that her mum wasn’t home, “remember you two need to be back before the end of the school day. So no long make out sessions,” Niall smirked. Lilly stood up before she kissed Perrie’s forehead, “it going to be alright,” Lilly reassured her. Perrie smiled at Lilly, “I’ll be fine. You just be back in time please,” Perrie begged. Lilly smiled at her, “tell it to that one,” Lilly says as she pointed to me. Perrie started laughing, “we will be back in time. I’ve got music,” I smiled.

After Lilly got her rose out of her locker and gave Mr Thrones the glass back. We were in my car heading to her house, so she could change. When we got there Lilly went straight inside and to the kitchen. I followed her as I noticed her mother wasn’t home. Lilly put her rose in a glass of water, “where dose your mother work?” I wondered. We went into Lilly’s room and I sat on her bed after I put my bag down. Lilly put the rose on her desk, “she works at the shops near here,” she replied. Lilly started going through her clothes, “remember yoga pants or leggings,” I smirked. Lilly shook her head, “or track pants,” she tells me. I started to pout as I thought she was going to wear track pants. I really wanted to see her in some tight pants, “but my good track pants are at your house,” she added. I smiled when I noticed that she was holding a pair of black leggings. She grabbed out a long blue tank top before she threw them onto the bed next to me, “I might have to skip music, so I can watch you dance,” I say. Lilly walked over to me, “I won’t go if you did that,” she smiled. I wrapped my arms around her thighs just under her arse, “I’ll go to music,” I tell her. Lilly kissed the top of my head, “what do you do in music?” she asked. I kissed her stomach, “we learn how to play music,” I replied. Lilly pulled my head back, so I would look at her. I will admit that I like her dominant side, “I mean you,” she pointed out. I smiled at her, “I sing and play piano,” I tell her. She smiled back, “you sing?” she questioned.

“Yeah and so does the rest of the boys. We’re in a band together,” I say. Lilly kissed my nose, “that just makes Liam hotter,” she teased. I knew she was just playing around with me and it didn’t make me have any bad thoughts. I squeezed her arse, “but Liam doesn’t touch you like I do,” I smirked. I pulled her down on to my lap, so she would straddle me, “and Liam likes Sophia,” Lilly pointed out. Lilly ran her hand down my face and I was taken back by it. It felt so nice, “I’m proud of you,” she tells me. She kissed me, “why?” I wondered. Lilly kissed me again, “that we can joke about this sort of thing,” she replied. I kissed her this time, “that’s because I know you have no interest in Liam. Now Josh on the other hand,” I started. Lilly quickly shook her head no, “Josh knows what my mother like” she admitted. I was shocked that I was right about Josh knowing about her mother, “he was the only one that stayed at my house part from you. I always went to Harry’s,” she added.

“So four of us know your secret,” I say. Lilly played with my shirt as I thinking about asking for help with her mother, “I think Liam knows something. He brought me my phone when my mother was calling me and I got bitch after her name. He looked at me weird,” she tells me. I nodded my head, “he might think something more up with my note,” I pointed out. Lilly played with the back of my hair, “so what with the note and the rose?” she wondered. I smiled at her, “I thought about doing something nice for you. Why don’t you like it?” I questioned. Lilly smiled back at me as he cheeks turned a slight pink, “I like it. It just you’re the first guy to give me a flower. You’re also the longest relationship I ever had,” she confessed. I kissed her, “I thought I was the only one?” I smirked. Lilly nodded her head before she kissed me, “how much time we got before we have to go back to school?” she asked. I pulled my phone out of my pocket to see I had a message from Harry:


I need to talk you about Brian

I quickly looked at the time, “about an hour,” I replied. I threw my phone next to us before I stood up holding onto Lilly. I laid her down onto her bed as I hovered over her. I threw her clothes onto her desk and lucky for me it didn’t knock her rose over. Lilly smiled as I started kissing her. As I was about to run my hand up her body. We heard the front door open, “Lilly,” I heard her mother call. I sighed trying to keep calm, “time to really meet her,” Lilly says. I got off her, so we could go see her mother.

We found her mother in the kitchen, “there my beautiful daughter,” she says. I nearly threw up as she looked at me, “and who is this?” she asked. Her mother looked me up and down and now I really wanted to throw up, “I’m Louis. Lilly’s boyfriend,” I tell her as I held my hand out. Her mother was surprised as she shook my hand, “Bec Underwood,” she tells me. She was smiling at me, “so your Lilly boyfriend?” she questioned. Lilly looked annoyed, “yeah we met through Harry,” I faked smiled. Her mother looked at Lilly, “why didn’t you tell me you had a boyfriend?” she asked her.

“Well we both haven’t been home much last week,” Lilly replied. I know Lilly was just playing along to keep her mother happy, “so how long have you two been dating?” her mother wondered. I played with my lip ring, “about a week now. I asked her out on her first day of school since we have lessons together,” I say. Lilly’s mother walks away to fill the kettle up, “would you like a cup of tea?” she asked us. Lilly shook her head, “um we need to go back to our assignment,” she tells her. She smiled at Lilly, “I think you have time for a cuppa,” she tells her. I wrapped an arm around Lilly as I thought of a plan, “ten minutes won’t kill us,” I smiled. Lilly nodded as we sat down at the kitchen table. I put my hand on her knee to reassure her, “how many sugars sweetie?” Lilly’s mother asked me.

“Three please,” I replied. Lilly looked at me when her mother turned around. I kissed her lightly, “it going to be ok,” I whispered. Lilly smiled at me, “so Louis how old are you?” Lilly’s mother questioned. I squeezed Lilly’s knee to reassure her, “I’m seventeen. I turn eighteen in December,” I tell her. She looked at us, “do you have milk?” she asked me. I nodded my head, “please,” I faked smiled. Did I just say please to this woman? What the fuck is wrong with me?

Lilly’s mum finished the cups of tea. When she was putting Lilly’s down. She spilt it on her and I knew it was on purpose. It took every bit of my body not to lose it, “I’m so sorry,” Lilly’s mother lied. Lilly put her hand on my shoulder to tell me to calm down. It helped a little bit. Lilly got up, “it alright I have to change anyway,” Lilly says.

When Lilly was gone her mother cleaned up the mess she made. She sat down when she was done, “so what do you do at school?” she asked me. I didn’t get why she was being nice to me, but for Lilly’s sake I better be nice back, “I’m studying physics, English, geography and P.E. But I also do music and captain of the football team,” I tell her. She seemed impressed with me, “that’s a lot for a boy your age. Shouldn’t you be party with girls and getting laid every night?” she smirked. I shook my head, “I’m not that type of guy,” I say. She slowly nodded her head, “well my daughter quite boring. She always has her nose in a book or doing school work. Sometimes I think she does to much,” Lilly’s mother tells me.


“I’m impressed that your daughter got five main lesson. Everyone else only got four. She also going to do dance and football,” I boasted. I had to talk Lilly up to her since I whish she would see how amazing her daughter is. Lilly had a smile on her face when she walked in, “I’m trying dance, but I am doing creative writing tomorrow,” Lilly tells me. I knew she was just telling me since her mother couldn’t give a fuck about her. I smiled back at her, “but if you’re going to fill up every day. How are you meant to spend time with your hot boyfriend?” Lilly’s mother smirked. Did she just call me hot? I was going to lose it if she keeps flirting with me. Lilly wrapped her arms around me from behind. I knew she need reassurance, “frees, football, before and after school, lesson, break, lunch and weekends,” Lilly tells her. Lilly’s mother raised her eyebrow at Lilly as I grabbed her hand, “what about your studies?” she asked. I ran my hand up and down Lilly’s arm, “that what we were doing before. Lilly my physics partner and we also got a P.E assignment together. Harry making sure she keeps her studies up too,” I tell her. I noticed Lilly’s mother lips turn into a thin line at the mention of Harry, “part from Harry and your hot boyfriend. Have you made any other friends?” she wondered. Lilly nodded her head, “Perrie, Zayn, Niall, Liam and I saw Josh today,” I tell her. Her mother looked surprised, “Josh Devine?” she questioned.

“Yep. He’s the school’s drum teacher,” Lilly smiled. Her mother shook her head, “that boy was always drumming to a beat. Making lots of noise when he stayed here,” she started. I grabbed both of Lilly’s hands as I worked out that my plan was working, “Lilly father Brad always said he had rhythm, but I thought he was being a little shit,” she continued. I smiled as I kissed Lilly’s hands. I just needed her to say something bad about Lilly, so I could put her into place, “Lilly was little shit with him,” she finished. I moved a little as I felt my anger rising, “how was she a little shit? She nothing but good at school,” I asked her.

“They stayed up late, eat all the food and were so loud all the time,” she replied. I knew I was pushing her, “that’s what kids do,” I smiled. She gave me a fake smile back. Come on give me what I want. I need you to know you can’t treat Lilly like that, “well you better get back to your schoolwork,” she tells us. I didn’t want to go, but Lilly pulled me away.

When I got back into Lilly’s room. I jumped face first onto her bed as what happened went through my head, “that was hard,” I mumbled. Lilly sat next to me, “I know and thank you,” Lilly says. She kissed the back of my head and it felt caring. I turned over onto my back, so I could look at her, “I feel sick,” she whispered. I pulled her to me, “I know that was revolting for you,” I smiled. I just wanted her happy again. Lilly nodded her head, “but you were trying to push her buttons,” she pointed out. I smiled at the fact that she caught me, “and you know she could walk in any minute now,” she added. I smiled bigger as I kissed her, “maybe we should continue what we were doing before then,” I smirked. Lilly shook her head as she got up, “we have forty-five minutes,” I added. Lilly went over to her bag and grabbed her smokes out, “how much I’ll like too. I need to stop that remember,” she reminded me.

“So we need to talk than,” I pointed out after I sat up. Lilly shrugged her shoulders, “but smoking is also not the answer too,” I tell her. Lilly sat on her window ledge after she opened her window. She got a smoke out and offered me one. I shook my head as I got mine own out. We light our smokes up together. I sat down next to Lilly’s feet, “so you wanna talk?” I wondered. I noticed Lilly ran her thumb over my note on her smoke packet, “can I ask you something? It alright if you say no,” she asked. I put my chin on her knees as I was trying to work out what she wanted to ask me, “go ahead babe,” I say. Lilly looked out the window, “um,” she started. I placed my hand oh her thigh as I worked out what she wanted to ask me, “I’ll stay here tonight,” I tell her. Lilly looked at me, “how did you know what I was going to ask?” she questioned. Because your mothers been a bitch to you and you need me. I kissed her knee, “because it something you have never asked me. I’ve always done it like last Tuesday. I also know that you don’t want to be left with your mother tonight,” I explained. Lilly gave me a weak smiled and I knew that I really had to stay, “thank you,” she says.

“It alright. Babe just ask me. The only time I would say no to you if something was going on at home and I mean something bad,” I reassured her. I kissed her, “what if something going on with the others?” she wondered. Lilly took a drag of her smoke, “it depends what that something is. Like if they wanted to hang out I would take you with me or take you to Perrie’s. But if it something bad and you didn’t want to stay here. I would take you to my place or Perrie’s,” I started. I took a drag of my smoke wonder if I should say the next bit, “you know I’ll be there for you, because I know how it feels to be low,” I admitted. Lilly grabbed my hand, “and I’ll always be there for you too,” she promised. I can’t believe she just promised that, “I only know you for a week, but I don’t want you to feel low or unwanted,” I smiled. I need her to know I really would be there for her, but I still couldn’t believe them words came out of my mouth, “same,” she smiled back.

When we finished our smokes we decided to go back to school. Lilly changed her shoes to her runners before she fixed her hair and put it up in a messy bun. We got out of her room to the front door before her mother stopped us, “you leaving Louis?” Lilly’s mother asked me. I turned around to face her, “yeah Mrs Underwood, but I will be back after we go to Liam’s,” I tell her. I really plan on taking Lilly out after music to get her out of this house. Lilly’s mum smiled at me, “why are you two going to Liam’s?” she questioned. I put my arm around Lilly, “he’s have a barbeque for him getting a job,” I lied. I knew that Lilly knew I was lying, “then we be back to finish our assignment for physics,” I added. Lilly pulled me out of the house to my car as her mother watched us. We quickly got into my car, “let’s get back to school,” I smiled. Lilly started laughing as I turned my car on, “never thought I would hear you say that,” she smiled back. We put our seatbelts on, “same,” I say.

When we got to school we had half an hour until before music and dance. We walked around until we found Niall, Liam and Zayn on the football pitch. They just kicking the ball around with each other, but Lilly looked happy watching them, “wanna join them?” I asked. Lilly nodded her head as she ran over to them. I ran after her, “I thought you two would be on second base right now,” Niall says. I stood next to Lilly, “my mother came home,” she tells them. They started laughing, “nothing like being cocked blocked by a parent,” Liam says. Lilly nodded her head, “it put you right out of the mood,” she smiled. Zayn looked at her, “so Louis met your mother now?” Zayn asked.

“Yep,” I replied. Niall looked confused, “I thought you did on Friday,” Niall remembers. We all smiled at him as we shook our heads, “you lied. So I was right about you two were on top of each other,” Niall smirked. Lilly kicked the ball from his feet, “yes you were,” she tells him. Lilly looked at Zayn, “why did you and Harry have a fight with Brian?” she asked him. Zayn looked down, “he talking shit again about you and Lou, but this time he brought Perrie into it. He was going on about how Louis fucks you both. I just lost it,” Zayn tells me. What the fuck? I don’t want Perrie. Don’t get me wrong she’s pretty, but not my type. Lilly nodded her as she kicked the ball to Liam, “how about we play two on two and I’ll stay in the goals?” Liam suggested. We all agreed with him, “ok Lil and Zayn in a team and Louis you are with me,” Niall tells us. But I want to be with Lilly Belle. I really pouted, “come on hunny it will be fun,” Lilly smiled.

Liam moved to the goals as I stood to one side with Zayn. Lilly and Niall were on the other side. Liam threw the ball down the middle of the filed. Lilly and Niall ran after as me and Zayn stayed back, “your shoe lace is untied,” I heard Niall say. Lilly kept going ignoring Niall as she got the ball. She kicked it straight to Zayn and I blocked him. Zayn managed to kick it back to Lilly. Who was near the goals. She kicks it straight in and straight passed Liam. Zayn and Lilly seemed happy as they celebrated.

We played until the bell rang, but Lilly worried me. She played like it was an actually game and now she was puffed out. Niall was upset that we lost to them, “that not fair. I was distracted by Lil’s boobs bouncing,” Niall pouted. I pushed him without thinking. It just I reacted to what he said about Lilly, but he was right tho, “what have I said about that? But you were right,” I smirked. Lilly laid down on the grass, “fuck I got dance,” she sighed. I sat down next to her with my legs out, “Harry coming with some water,” Liam tells us. I patted her stomach, “maybe you shouldn’t have tried so hard then,” I teased. She smiled at me, “I always play hard when it comes to football,” she tells me. Lilly put her head in my lap and my mind went dirty. She was so close to me, “or maybe someone was hoping to hurt themselves, so they didn’t have to go to dance,” I say as I put my arm around her. Lilly rolled over in my lap, so she would look at me. I kept my arm around her, “I can’t do that to Pear,” she admitted. I smiled at her, “so you are doing this for her. You know you don’t have too,” I tell her. I wish she wouldn’t push herself to please other people, “I know, but I said I give it a try,” she reminded me. I kept smiling at her as I noticed Harry coming, “here,” he says. He gave me and Lilly a bottle of water. Lilly quickly sat up and had a big drink.

I dropped Lilly off at dance before I went off to music. I saw Harry and Niall waiting outside the classroom. They talking about something serious, so I decided to stop and hide. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but Harry didn’t look happy at him. Niall grabbed Harry by the shoulders trying to calm him down. Niall said something to him before Harry hugged him tight as hid his face into his neck. Niall rubbed his back and whispering something into his ear. I was shocked at what I was seeing.

When they broke apart after a little bit. I started walking towards them, “shouldn’t you two be in there?” I questioned. Niall’s cheeks went red, “I was waiting for you,” Harry smiled. I stood next to them, “and why that?” I wondered. Niall grabbed Harry’s shoulder, “I’ll wait for you guys in there,” he tells us. Niall left us, “I need to talk you about Brian,” Harry started. I nodded my head, “I fear that he might attack Flower. Him and Amy are up to something and I know it’s about you. Amy obsession with you is going too far,” Harry tells me.

“I know, but all I can do is protect Lilly from them. I know talking to them won’t do anything,” I admitted. Harry looked down, “when she with you can you keep her safe?” Harry asked. I didn’t know why he asked me this. He knows I will keep her safe, “I’ll keep her safe,” I promised. Harry looked at me with a smile on his face, “thank you Lou,” he says. He hugged me tight and I hugged him back.

When we got into the music room Niall already had his guitar in his hands. Liam and Zayn were talking to him about something. I noticed a lot of new faces, “I give the new people a couple of weeks,” Harry tells me. I nodded my head as we walked over to the others, “I was so sure that Lou was going to skip music to see Lil dance,” Zayn smirked. I shook my head, “she wouldn’t let me,” I pouted. Harry hit me in the back of the head, “good,” he says. They boys laughed at me, “Harry his a seventeen-year-old boy of course he wants to see his girl in tight pants,” Niall pointed out. I smiled at Niall, “careful Niall that’s Flower your talking about,” Harry warned him.

“I know,” Niall smiled. Harry got closer to him and I waited for Harry to hit him, but he didn’t. Niall just kept smiling at him, “your lucky,” Harry whispered. The music teacher came in, “hi. My name is Mrs Amelia Rice. I’ll be your music teacher for the year,” she started. Mrs Rice was a woman in her early forties. She had blonde hair and brown eyes, “so today we’re going to sit together and talk about ourselves,” she finished. We all sat in a circle as we all introduced ourselves.

When that was over we only had twenty minutes left. So me and the others found a corner to work in. Harry got his note book out, “how about we finish Story of my Life,” he suggested. We all agreed with him, “where do we start?” Liam questioned. Niall got his guitar ready, “from the start,” I say. Niall started playing the cords that we already have, “Written in these walls are the stories that I can't explain, I leave my heart open but it stays right here empty for days,” Harry sang.

“She told me in the morning she don't feel the same about us in her bones, it seems to me that when I die these words will be written on my stone,” Liam sang as well. We all stopped after that, “now what’s the next part?” Niall questioned. We all started thinking, “how about?” Zayn started. Niall started playing the cords again, “And I'll be gone gone tonight. The ground beneath my feet is open wide. The way that I been holdin' on too tight. With nothing in between,” Zayn sang.

“yes. That could be the pre chorus. Then Harry chorus bit. Then all of us,” Niall rambled. Harry quickly wrote Zayn part down before adding the chorus, “so what’s after that?” I wondered. We all went back thinking, “I got nothing,” Liam says. We all agreed with him, “maybe we should think of something else,” Zayn suggested. I looked at the time to see we only had ten minutes, “can’t we just leave early? I have things to do,” Niall wondered. Harry looked at him, “you can if you want,” I tell him. Niall nodded his head, “that means I have to go too. I took him to school today,” Harry says.

We all said goodbye to Niall and Harry and went outside to have a smoke, “so you and Lil doing anything tonight for your one week?” Liam asked. I nodded my head, “going to take her out. It’s going to be nothing special,” I replied. I thought about taking Lilly to the park than getting something to eat, “and then what?” Zayn smirked. I shrugged my shoulders, “second base?” Zayn questioned. I shrugged my shoulders again, “he hopes,” Liam teased. I really did hope, but I thought Lilly might be tired after dance, “Liam you should come with us to pick the girls up. Perrie messaged me that Sophia there,” Zayn tells him.

“Really? I wonder if she’s in tight pants,” Liam says. We laughed at him a little, “only one way to find out,” I smiled. Liam got really excited, “when do we go get them?” he wondered. Zayn and I shook our heads, “as soon as we finish smoking,” Zayn tells me. Liam grabbed our smokes out of hands and threw them onto the floor, “your done. Now let’s go,” he smiled.

When we picked up the girls Sophia and May were with them. Sophia was the right type for Liam with her light brown hair and her green eyes. I looked over May and trying to work out why Niall liked her. She didn’t seem his type, but I’m the last person that should judge. May was tiny with her light brown hair and eyes, “May and Sophia. Meet Louis, Zayn and Liam,” Lilly introduced us. They waved at us, “hi,” Liam smiled. Lilly still looked fantastic in her singlet and leggings, “so how was dance?” Louis asked. Perrie laughed, “were do we start?” Perrie smiled.

They told us that Lilly got in a fight with Amy and calling Amy a lose bitch. I also can’t believe that she told everyone in dance that she was a virgin. What upset me was Amy hit her and Lilly was alright with it. I know she did it to protect Sophia and Sophia protected her. But this whole fight was troubling me. Brian and Amy were up to something and this just added to it. My mind was all over the place with this, “what did I say about Amy babe?” I questioned. Lilly just smiled at me, “but it not her fault. I pushed Amy before she could hit her. Then Lil stood in front of me so Amy couldn’t hurt me. Amy just a bitch and needs to be put into place,” Sophia tells me. I smiled at Sophia since she sounded so happy that Lilly saved her, “but now I got to watch my back,” Sophia added.

“She won’t touch you when we are around and I’ll make sure someone is always with you,” Liam promised her. Sophia went red, “really?” she wondered. I was proud of Liam actually taking the lead with Sophia. I was so sure that Lilly was going to have to do it, “so with that said how are you getting home?” he asked her. When Sophia smiled at him I knew she liked him back, “my boyfriend is picking me up,” May replied. May looked like she wasn’t really paying attention to us, “I’m walking,” Sophia tells Liam.

“Would you like me to walk you home?” Liam asked her. Sophia managed to turn a deeper red, “that be nice,” she smiled. They left together and I will be questioning him tomorrow, “there’s my boyfriend,” May says as she ran off. I knew it take me awhile to get used to her. Perrie was looking at Lilly, “was she disappointed that Niall was not here?” Lilly asked her. Why would she be disappointed the Niall wasn’t her? She has a boyfriend, “I think so, but she might be trying to make him jealous tho,” Perrie tells Lilly. Lilly nodded her head, but I really wished May wasn’t trying to make Niall jealous. Because she was going to have a problem with me, “well at least Liam walking Sophia home,” Lilly smiled.

When we got outside to our cars we stopped for a second, “so see you two tomorrow?” Zayn asked. I knew that question was at me. I nodded my head as Perrie hugged Lilly. Zayn hugged me, “remember if she wants to try something new tonight. It might be because you already done it and she wants to please you. So ask her,” Zayn tells me. I gave him a small nod before I stepped back, “I don’t want to go any further for a while,” I admitted.

Lilly and I got into my car, “so are we going back to mine or somewhere else?” she asked me. We put on our seatbelts before I started the car, “somewhere else,” I replied. Lilly looked interested, “and where that?” she wondered. I shook my head, “not telling,” I smiled. Lilly started to pout, “aww babe it be alright,” I added.

I drove to the park and not many people were around, “I thought we could go for a walk,” I tell her. I knew I was smiling when I got out of the car. I quickly went into the boot of my car to grab out my black hoddie. I put it on before I grabbed my denim jacket, “how about a run since I’m cold,” Lilly says. I put my denim jacket over her shoulders, “or you could put on my jacket,” I tell her. When Lilly put her arms through the sleeves it was too big for her. I stood in front of her and started to roll up the sleeves. I could feel Lilly watching me, “don’t look at me like that. I used to do it for my sisters,” I admitted.

“you miss them don’t you?” she wondered. I nodded my head as I looked at her. She was smiling at me and it made me feel happy. I grabbed her hand as we started walking, “so how was music?” she asked me. I shrugged my shoulders, “it was mainly getting to know the new people. Not like you fighting with Amy. You also made two new friends with the girls Liam and Niall like,” I smiled. Lilly looked down, “sorry about fighting with Amy, but she was telling Sophia what to do and I could not let her,” she apologized. I pulled her closer to me as I wrapped my arm around her waist, “I know and I’m proud of you for sticking up for her and yourself,” I started. Lilly wrapped her arm around me before I kissed the side of her head, “but did you really call her a loose bitch?” I continued. Lilly nodded, “and did you tell everyone that you’re a virgin?” I wondered. Lilly nodded her head again, “is there something wrong with that? Did I damage your rep?” she rambled. Did she really cared about what others think of me? I shook my head no, “just letting you know that the whole school is going to know. So just watch out please,” I tell her. Lilly smiled at me, “are guys going to throw themselves at me?” she joked. I know it was a joke, but it was going to be true, “like I told you before some guys just take a girl virginity and not care about the girl. It like a prize for them,” I reminded her.

“Is it a prize for you?” she wondered. I hope she really didn’t think like that. I shook my head, “I could wait years for you,” I smiled. Lilly kissed my cheek, “Louis?” we heard a man question. I stopped to see Mark my dad, “dad?” I questioned back. I haven’t seen him for a long-time, but he hasn’t changed, “haven’t seen you for a while,” dad smiled. I walked over to him and hugged him tight, “how have you been?” dad asked me.

“Good and you?” I asked back. I was very happy to see him. The last time I saw him was when I was high and breaking things, “alright. So is this your girlfriend Lottie been telling me about?” dad wondered. I pull Lilly over to met him, “yep. Lilly meet my dad Mark,” I introduced. Lilly looked confused as she held her hand out, “come on give me a hug,” dad says as he pulled her to him. They hugged before Lilly stood next to me, “how have the girls been?” I asked him.

“There been good and they can’t wait for the new babies to come,” dad smiled. Dad looked at his phone, “sorry to cut this short, but I’m meeting someone. Talk to you soon Lou. It was also nice meeting you Lilly,” he tells us. I didn’t want him to leave just yet, but he had to go. Lilly and I hugged him good and he walked away.

We started walking again after we wrapped our arms around each other again. I knew Lilly had a lot of questions, so I thought I just tell her, “I know you got questions. So I give you the run down. Mark my dad is not really my dad. My real dad that I live with left when I was only a couple of days old. My mum met Mark before I was one and got married when I was about two. So my mum changed my last name from Austin to Tomlinson since Mark was raising me,” I explained to her as we were walking.

“And Lottie is one of your sisters?” Lilly questioned. I nodded my head, “and you told her that I’m your girlfriend?” she added. I felt my cheeks get a little bit hot, “yeah,” I smiled. Lilly kissed my cheek, “can I ask why?” she wondered. I shook my head since I didn’t want her to find out that I wanted to get into mum’s good books. Plus, in my head we are, “ok,” she says. I kissed the side of her head as I wished she didn’t push this, “now let’s talk about something else. So are you really doing creative writing?” I questioned to change the subject. Lilly played with her bottom lip, “you know I am and why don’t you want to tell me why you told Lottie that I’m your girlfriend?” she asked. I played with my lip ring with my tongue, “because I knew she tell mum and it make me look good. It makes me look like I can commit to something, but it also made me feel like I’m using you,” I admitted. Lilly didn’t need to know about the other part. Lilly kissed my jaw line, “I don’t mind. I told you that I would help you with your mum. If saying that I’m your girlfriend helps then I’m ok with that,” she tells me. I kissed her, “thank you,” I smiled. Lilly smiled back at me, “but back to your question about me doing creative writing. Is it because what my mother said about me spending time with you?” she asked. I shook my head, but I really was thinking yes. I was also thinking about if she could do it, “it just that you have five main lessons and you also got football and dance. I just don’t want to see you burnt out, because you’re doing so much,” I confessed.

“If you think I’m going to burn out make me drop dance then,” she smiled. I laughed a little bit since I could tell that she didn’t want to do dance, “so that first. Then what?” I wondered. Lilly bit her bottom lip, “I don’t know,” she admitted. I knew she loved doing her other lessons. I kissed the side of her head as I thought of something, “I’ll take you away and we won’t come back until your normal,” I tell her. And I wasn’t thinking sexual. Lilly laughed, “but never near exams tho,” she says. I kissed the side of her head, “I know, but I can do stuff to you near exams tho,” I smirked. Ok. Now I was thinking about sexual stuff. Lilly shook her head, “are you always thinking about sex?” she wondered. I played with my lip ring as I wondered if I was pushing her, “not all the time,” I replied.

We sat near a pond and Lilly sat between my legs as she leant her back against my chest. I wrapped my arms around her, “you know we didn’t talk about your mother,” I remembered. Lilly looked down, “because there is not much to talk about. That she only going to be nice to me when you’re around and that I got to act like that we are nice to each other. It makes me sick and the way she called you my hot boyfriend. Also she spilt the tea on me on purpose which was hot by the way. I don’t trust her with you, because I’m scared that she’ll take you away from me. I can take the nasty names and the hitting, but I can’t handle if she did something to you,” she confessed. I pulled her face towards me, so she would look at me, “she can never take me away from you. No matter what she tries,” I promised. I kissed her to show that I meant it, “you promise?” she asked.

“I promise,” I tell her. I kissed her forehead as I was thinking if she maybe thought of us more than fun, “but you know you have me and the others to help you deal with your mother?” I wondered. Lilly looked away as she looked down, “but it really not your problem. I dealt with it all my life,” Lilly tells me. I shook my head, “it bit late for it not to be my problem. I also think Zayn and Perrie won’t forget about it too. So you’re stuck with us,” I say.

We just sat there as I started humming Story of my Life. I couldn’t get it out of my head, “what song are you humming?” Lilly wondered. I felt my cheeks burn a little bit, “it a song me and the boys wrote together. It called story of my life. It not finished yet,” I smiled. Lilly smiled back at me, “and it be a long time before you hear it,” I continued. Lilly pouted at me, “just like you it needs to be finished,” I say. I got my phone out to cheek the time to see it was nearly seven, “I have an idea,” I started. Lilly looked at me, “we go get something to eat. Then I drop you off at home and then I jump through your window,” I tell her. Lilly nodded her head, “since it nearly seven already and I am hungry too,” I added.

When we got back to the car, “so what would you like for dinner? I’m buying too since you left everything at home,” I asked. Lilly just smiled at me, “and don’t say that you’re not hungry,” I tell her sternly. I pin her against the car, “if you don’t tell me what you want. I won’t touch or kiss you for a whole week,” I added. Lilly moved her face in closer to mine and it took a lot of will power not to kiss her, “I don’t think you could last, but I would like chicken,” she smiled. I think she was right. I kissed her, “good girl,” I smirked.

After we had dinner I drove back to Lilly’s, “I’ll come in with you to get my bag so we can open the window. Then I’ll park up the street. Then I’ll run back and jump through your window,” I explained to her. Lilly seemed annoyed as she got out of the car. I knew she didn’t want me seeing her mother again.

When we got inside, “your finally back,” I heard Lilly’s mother say. She came down the hallway in a nightgown that was short. I mentally threw up as she looked me up and down, “yeah, but I’ve got to go home now. I’m just grabbing my bag,” I tell her. She kept looking at me and I whish she didn’t, “that alright sweetie,” she smirked. Lilly pulled all the way to her room, “um how do I un see that?” I laughed. Lilly shook her head as she opened her window. I thought of a bad idea, “I know,” I smirked. I pulled Lilly to me before I kissed her. I ran my hands up her stomach to her boobs. Lilly stopped me before I could pull her singlet down, “later since you have to go back out there,” she tells me. I kissed the side of her neck, “promise?” I smiled. I kissed the other side of her neck as I couldn’t believe I asked that, “promise,” she tells me.

As we walked out of Lilly’s room her mother was waiting for us by the front door. She was smirking at me, “you got everything?” she asked me. I nodded my head, “well don’t be a stranger,” she says. She hugged me and I hugged her back as I pulled a pulled a face. I knew if I didn’t hug her back she would have kept hugging me until I did. Lilly grabbed me and we went outside, “I’ll see you really soon,” I smiled at Lilly. I kissed her, “just remember that you’re strong and what she tells you is not true,” I reassured her. I kissed her again before I got into my car.

I quickly parked my car and went to my boot. I got my bag from the cabin out after I grabbed my school bag. I made sure my car was locked up and I ran to Lilly’s house. I threw my bags through the window before I jumped through myself. I put my bags out of the way and sat on her bed, “you know he will leave you if you don’t put out or that he finds out your crazy. I know the type of man he is. He the root and boot type,” I heard her mother say. That was me. I’m not that person anymore. Lilly walked in and shut her door. She pointed down and I was wondering what she was doing. Until I heard her mother coming towards us. I quickly got under her bed just before her mother walked in, “don’t walk away from me. You know I’m right about him,” she tells Lilly.

“Why do you care?” Lilly sighed. Why was she putting these words in Lilly’s head, “because you’re a slut and he get bored of you quickly. Especially when he finds out that he’s not the only one,” Lilly’s mother spat. What the fuck was she talking about? She was so lucky that I don’t give her a piece of my mind, “when he does get bored I’ll find him and show him what a real woman can do,” she added. I covered my mouth to stop me from laughing, “just remember that everyone gets bored of you,” Lilly’s mother says as she left Lilly’s room and slammed her door.

Lilly waited until she heard another door slam before sitting on the floor against her bed. I quickly got out from under her bed and knelt in front of Lilly. She hugged me and I hugged her back tight. I didn’t like seeing my girl like this, “she wrong,” I started. I rubbed her back, “I don’t think I could ever get bored of you,” I added. I felt Lilly smile a little, “Lilly I’m going out!” her mother yelled. Then we heard the front door slam, “good!” I yelled back. Lilly looked at me, “sorry had too,” I smiled.

“Thanks,” she smiled. I kissed her, “are you alright?” I asked her. Lilly nodded her, “really? You can tell me if you’re not,” I questioned. Lilly kissed me, “I am really fine, because she knows nothing,” she tells me. I kissed her, “what going through your mind?” I wondered. Lilly placed her hand on the side of my face, “just that my mother wants you,” she admitted. Lilly kissed me, “and that I’m fine,” she added. I smiled since I knew she was really alright, “so we get the house to ourselves now,” I pointed out.

“I know,” she says. I couldn’t help but laugh a little bit, “and it our week anniversary too,” I smirked. Lilly ran her hands down my chest, “yep and I’m going to have a bath,” she tells me. Then why touch me like that, “what am I going to do?” I pouted. Her hands went down my stomach to the top of my jeans, “join me,” she smirked as she undid my button. She undid my fly next, “you know I have seen your bath and it is small. So you be on top of me naked which I really have no problem with,” I pointed out. Lilly rubbed me through my boxers, “but right now I’m going to have my way with you on your bedroom floor,” I groaned. I turned us around before I laid her on the floor, “you been making my dick twitch ever since you put on these dam leggings,” I growled in her ear. I kissed down her neck and all I could taste was makeup, “I’ll be back,” I tell her.

When I came back from getting a wash cloth from the bathroom. Lilly was still where I left her, so I knelt between her legs, “make-up taste bad,” I smiled. I put the wash cloth in my mouth before I pulled Lilly up. I take off my jacket she was wearing and her singlet. I gently laid her back down before I started to wash the makeup off her neck. When I was down I ran the wash cloth down her chest to between her boobs. I threw it next to her since I had enough. I started kissing her neck again until I got to her sweet spot. I sucked on it gently and Lilly pulled on my t-shirt to bring me closer. I braced myself on my hands on each side of her neck. Lilly pulled my top up as I smirked at her. I leant back and took my jacket and top off. Lilly sat up to run her hands up my chest, “you know after last night. I think it’s my turn,” she smirked. She pushed me back until my back hit the bed, “are you going to ride me babe?” I wondered. Lilly straddled my lap, “is that what you want?” she questioned.

“I want a lot if things from you,” I admitted. Lilly started rubbing me through my boxers slowly, “tell me what you want,” she demanded. Fuck I was getting more turned on by her dominant side. I kissed her, “what I’m thinking we are nowhere near,” I tell her. Lilly got slower rubbing me, “so still tell me. I want to know what you want me to do to you,” she admitted. I bit my bottom lip as I wondered if she was ready, “only if you promise not to run and get faster with rubbing me, because this is painfully slow,” I begged. Lilly got a little bit faster at rubbing me, “I promise I won’t run,” she promised. I grabbed her hips to make sure she couldn’t. I took in a deep breath, “I want your lips around my dick. I want to fuck you everywhere and anyway I can. I want to eat you out until you can’t take no more and even then I won’t stop. I want to play with you at school,” I rambled. Lilly got faster with me, “fuck,” I groaned. I felt myself getting harder as she kept rubbing me. I pulled her closer, so I could kiss her hard. I ran my hands up her back to her bra. I unclipped it and Lilly let if fall to her hands. She threw it onto the floor before she stuck her hand inside my boxer. She wrapped her hand around me and started pumping me.

I stopped her after a little bit since my boxers were getting tight. I moved her off of me, so I could take my boxers and jeans off with my shoes and socks, “need more room,” I say. Lilly knelt in front of me between my legs. She grabbed my member and started pumping me again. I looked Lilly up and down and I could cum from the sight, “you know you look hot just in your leggings and shoes,” I winked. Lilly blushed a deep red, “straddle me again babe,” I tell her. Lilly straddled my lap and left room, so she could keep playing with my member. I ran my hands down her back to the top of her leggings. Lilly got faster with me and I squeezed her arse.

Lilly kept going until my member twitched in her hand, “fuck,” I moaned. I was trying really hard to to cum yet, but her touch was sending me over the edge. Lilly started kissing my neck as she kept going with my member, “let go babe,” she whispered in my ear before she kissed under it. I grabbed her hips tight as I couldn’t control it anymore. I came swearing uncontrollably, but Lilly kept going to make my high keep going.

When I came down from my high. I could still see stars. I kissed Lilly softly over and over again as Lilly smiled into the kisses. I moved my hand into her knickers and started rubbing her. She was already soaking wet from touching me. I kissed along her jaw to her neck, “I really do turn you on,” I smirked.

“You know you do,” she whispered. I kept rubbing her as I pulled her leggings and her knickers down a little with my other hand. I ran my hand down on of her legs to her shoe. I took off her shoe and sock before I pulled her leggings and knickers down to her knee. I had to stop rubbing her, so I could grab her hip. Lilly moved out of her leggings and knickers on one side. I took her other shoe and sock off before I completely took her leggings and knickers off. I saw panic come across Lilly’s face and wondered why she was panicking all of a sudden, “babe is everything alright?” I wondered. Lilly bit her lip, “this is going to sound stupid, but were both naked. I know we did this last night and Saturday, but,” she started. I stopped her since I got what she was saying, “but you’re naked on top of me and really close to my dick,” I say. I grabbed Lilly singlet and covered my lower half, “is this better?” I questioned. Lilly nodded her head, “come here,” I say as I pulled her closer. I kissed her, “do you want to continue?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Lilly says as she nodded her head. I kissed her again as my hands ran down her back to the front of her hips. I started playing with her clit and she moaned into my mouth. My finger on my other hand played with her entrance. Lilly gave me ok, so I slowly put my finger in her. I moved it in and out slowly, “please faster Lou,” she begged. I smiled at the fact that she wanted me to go fast, so I did, “not nice is it babe,” I teased. I pushed against her g-spot and she dug her her fingers into my shoulders, “can I use two fingers?” I wondered. Lilly nodded her head before I pulled my finger out and put two in. I wait a little bit, so she could adjust to them. I moved my fingers in and out of her making sure that I hit her g-spot. Lilly didn’t last long as she came onto my fingers moaning my name.

We had a shower to clean ourselves up. When we were in there I made sure Lilly was close to me even when she would move away from me. I was worried why she started to panic when we were both naked. She was naked with me now and she was alright with it. Maybe it might because she was on top of me.


When we got back into Lilly’s room. I went into my bag to grab out a pair of blue boxers. Lilly put on a white baby doll night gown with the matching knickers. I thought she looked really beautiful in it. I found myself whishing she would wear more of this stuff. Then I realized that I make her wear my clothes when she stays over. I started drying my hair and so did Lilly, “babe can we talk about something?” I asked. Lilly nodded her head, “it about when we were both naked and you kinda panicked,” I started. Lilly finished drying her hair and put her towel on the back of her desk chair. I walked over to her and also put my towel on her desk chair, “what were you thinking?” I wondered. I wrapped my arms around her as she looked at me, “I don’t know. It just felt different,” she admitted. I moved my fingers back and forwards on her back, “what do you mean different?” I questioned. Lilly hid her face into my chest, “I was scared,” she mumbled into my chest. Lilly looked at me, “I was scared that I might actually break all the promises that you made to me. That I was going to give in and not be a virgin anymore,” she confessed. I was shocked as I realized that she was scared to lose her virginity, “Lilly are you afraid to lose your virginity?” I questioned.

“I am for some reason,” she admitted. I kissed the top of her as I was trying to get my mind under control, “are you afraid that it would hurt or won’t be what you thought?” I asked. Lilly looked down, “yes, but I also think that I wouldn’t be good enough for you since I don’t know what to do,” she tells me. Why is thinking this shit? She must have watched romantic movies and know it’s not all about the guy. I pulled her chin up, so she would look at me, “your first time is not about me. It’s all about you,” I tell her. I kissed her, “you know I’m afraid that I’ll hurt you too much or that your first time was not how you pictured it. I’m scared that I’ll screw it up and it something that you can’t get back,” I confessed. Lilly kissed me, “but I have nothing pictured for my first time. I haven’t really thought about it until today. All I know is that I don’t want to be drunk or high,” she says.

“I would never take it when you’re drunk or high. I want you to remember it,” I smiled. It felt like me and Lilly moved closer in our relationship. I had hope that she maybe thought about us more than friends. She just had this look in her eyes that I couldn’t put my finger on. All I know I was happy that we can have these moments like this together.

We had a smoke before I got on top of Lilly’s bed, “so another day of school tomorrow,” I sighed. Lilly sat next to my legs and leaned into them, “yep and you’re going to geography in the morning,” she tells me. I just pouted at her, “that not going to work,” she added. I smiled since I knew it was never going to work. I put my hand on her thigh, “fine I’ll go, but you’re staying home and I’m coming back after my lesson,” I tell her. Lilly shook her head, “no. I’m going to the library and working on history. I’m already behind,” she says. I laughed, because how can she be behind? She hasn’t missed a lesson, “how far behind are you?” I wondered.

“About half a lesson,” she smiled. I laughed harder, “is that all babe. I already missed one lesson of geography,” I reminded her. Lilly shook her head as I stopped laughing, “can I ask you something?” she wondered. Lilly leaned her her body against me and I nodded my head, “Liam told me this morning that you just passed last year. Can I ask why?” she questioned. I looked away from her. Why did Liam tell her that? That has nothing to do with her, “I just don’t like school,” I lied. Lilly kissed my shoulder as I was trying to calm down, “did Liam tell you anything else?” I asked. I was counting to ten in my head, “um just that last year was a bad year for you,” she says. I groaned as I couldn’t hold my anger in. I can’t believe Liam told her this, “that all you’re going to know,” I snapped. Lilly got off her bed and left her room without saying anything. I knew she didn’t want to be around me when I’m in one of these moods.

After I calmed down a little bit. I went to find Lilly to apologize to her. I knew I shouldn’t have snapped at her since she just cared about me. I found her in the kitchen making herself a cup of tea. I wrapped my arms around her from behind before I kissed the top of her head, “I’m sorry for snapping,” I apologized. Lilly didn’t say anything as she moved my arms away from her. I started to panic and it started to bring my anger back, “Lilly I’m sorry!” I shouted.

“Don’t shout at me Louis. I heard you the first time,” she snapped. I looked down so I didn’t look at her. I made her angry, “all I did was tell you what Liam told me and you snapped at me,” she added. I looked at her and her face looked hurt, “I know,” I sighed. I was getting angrier at myself for doing this. It was a stupid fight, “I know you don’t like to talk Louis. I just wish that you’ll stop getting angry at me, because I care,” she tells me. As soon as she said that. I had to get out of there. I wanted to go break shit or drink a whole bottle of something to numb the pain.

When I got to her room I went straight to my bag and grabbed a pair of jeans. I started putting them on, “where are you going Louis?” she asked me. I could hear the hurt and confusing in her voice. I didn’t want to say anything, “Louis please talk to me,” she begged. I looked at her and my heart drop. I could see the hurt across her face, “I need to go, before I do something,” I spat. I hate how my anger was taking over my emotions, “what are you talking about?” she wondered. I knew she was looking at me. Watching what I was going to do, “please Lilly,” I begged. She came closer to me and slowly touched my bicep. I looked at her trying to calm myself down, “Louis are you getting angry?” she questioned. I placed my hand over hers, “I am and I don’t know what I’m going to do. I don’t want to be angry at you, because I know you did nothing wrong. It just me. I’m fucked up Lilly,” I admitted. Lilly kissed my shoulder and I started to calm down a little bit, “how about we go to bed?” she suggested. I nodded my head before I took my jeans off. Lilly got into bed as I turned her bedroom light off. I got in next to her, but I left room. Lilly wrapped an arm around me, “you feel better?” she asked.

“Yea,” I whispered. I was calming down and I have Lilly to thank for that. I pulled her closer to me, “I am sorry,” I apologized. She smiled at me, “I think it something I’m going to have to get used to,” she tells me. I kissed her nose, “thank you,” I say. I drew circles on her back as I was thinking about what just happened. I think I need more help with my anger, so I don’t snap at Lilly for the smallest things, “but you know it something that you shouldn’t have to get used too. I should really learn how to control it,” I admitted. Lilly ran her thumb over my cheek and all my anger was gone, “but until then I’ll be here for you,” she promised. I kissed her to show her how much that meant to me, but I knew I should have said it, “even when I scare you?” I wondered. Lilly kissed me, “I’ll try my best, but I’m not going to lie you do scare me,” she confessed. I looked down disappointed in myself. I knew I scared her, “but you do put up with a lot of my shit. So I think I can put up with you,” she added. I smiled a little at thought of no matter what Lilly wants to be with me, “that true,” I say. I kissed her nose, “but I don’t want to scare you when I get into one of my fucked up moods. You have enough with your mother. You don’t need my shit on top of that,” I tell her. I pulled her even closer, so her body was right against mine, “but I only care about your shit. My mother can go get fucked,” she smiled. I didn’t know what to say. I was more worried about what she goes through. Then what I go through in my fucked up mind. I rubbed her back as we laid in silence.

After while of not saying anything. I noticed the time and it was ten thirty, “babe you need to sleep,” I tell her. Lilly sook her head, “not until you go to sleep,” she tells me. I was confused as I kissed her forehead, “why do I have to go to sleep first?” I wondered. Lilly bit her lip and I worked out why, “are you afraid that I’m still going to leave?” I questioned. Lilly nodded her head, “I’m not going anywhere,” I promised. She smiled at me before she rested her head in the crook of my neck.

As soon as I knew she was asleep. I moved her back to look at her. I couldn’t believe I ruined a great night with her, because I got angry at her for asking me something. I moved her hair out of her face, “I’m never leaving you. I love you,” I whispered. I kissed her forehead, “you’re my everything,” I added.

I got woken up during the night with Lilly tossing and turning. I turned on her lamp to see her covered in sweat. She was still sleeping and having a nightmare, “stop it Matt!” she screamed. I was scared for her, “Lilly baby wake up,” I demanded as I shook her. Lilly kept moving around, “please stop,” she cried. I knew I was getting emotional, “Lilly it’s just a dream. Open your eyes for me,” I begged. I shook Lilly a bit harder and she opened her eyes a little bit, “Louis?” she questioned. I nodded my head as I kissed her, “it’s ok baby,” I cooed. Lilly went straight back to sleep and I watched her.

I watched her for over an hour and she didn’t have another nightmare. I worked out her nightmare was about her getting attacked by that guy. I didn’t like her screaming and crying over it. It broke me a little to think what she went through. She looked so scared and it was only a dream. I noticed that it was four thirty in the morning and I really should get back to sleep, but I was awake now.

I had a smoke before I went into the kitchen. I finished the cup of tea Lilly was making herself. I went back into her room and put the tea on her desk. I went into my bag and grabbed out my English stuff. I sat on her bed next to her desk and put my notebook and pen on it. I opened the novel that we’ve been reading. I was already up to chapter four from reading it in class. I continued where I left off making notes in my notebook.

I woke Lilly up about seven, so we could get ready for school. I noticed as she was putting stuff in her bag that she didn’t cover up her hickey I gave her, “why aren’t you covering up the hickey?” I wondered. Lilly put her shoes on, “because last night was our one week and everyone knows that I was with you,” she tells me. I ran my fingers over the mark and I wish it wasn’t that dark, “I think next time I’ll go easy on ya,” I promised.

When we got to school I went to geography with Niall. He smiled as we sat down, “Liam told me this morning that it took him half an hour to walk Sophia home. She only lives ten minutes away,” Niall tells me. I smiled at him, “so she must like him back,” I say. Niall nodded his head, “so how was last night for you and Lilly?” he asked. I got my books out, “great than bad,” I admitted. Niall was confused as he got his books out, “why was it bad?” he questioned. I played with my pen, “I found out Lilly is afraid of losing her virginity, but the wasn’t the worst of it,” I started. Niall seem worried, “Liam told Lilly yesterday that I just past school last year. He also told her that it was a very bad year for me. So Lilly asked me why and I got angry at her. I know it wasn’t her fault, but I kept getting angrier at myself. I was going to leave before I did something stupid, but Lilly stopped me,” I continued.

“Louis please tell me you didn’t hit her,” Niall begged. I shook my head quickly, “I never hit her,” I promised. I could tell that Niall believed me, “when she touches me and I’m not talking sexual. I’m talking about the simplest touches. It calms me down,” I admitted. Niall seemed surprised, “nothing calms you down normally,” he says. I nodded my head, “I know, but she does. I remember the first time I met her. She was answering back and rolling her eyes at me, but I calmed down when I looked at her. I don’t know how,” I remembered.

“because you fell for her when you first looked at her. When you first saw her what were you thinking?” Niall asked me. I looked down wondering if I should tell Niall the truth. I’ve told him the truth so far, “I thought she was beautiful,” I admitted. Niall smiled big at me, “Lou found Love,” Niall teased. I laughed to myself as I was thinking about her, “now his thinking about her. Your lucky that you can find love,” he added. I placed my hand on his shoulder, “love scary,” I say. Niall nodded his head, but I knew I gad more to tell him about last night, “but the night got worse for me,” I tell him.

“What happened?” Niall asked. I played with my bottom lip, “Lilly had a nightmare about when that guy attacked her. She was screaming and crying. All I could do was wake her up, but when I did she went back to sleep. I don’t know if she remembers it. I’ve been awake since three thirty waiting for her to have another one,” I confessed. Niall seemed really worried, “do you think it’s because of us?” he wondered. I shrugged my shoulders, “all I know. I don’t want to see that again,” I tell him.

After geography Niall and I met Lilly in the library. Harry, Liam and Sophia joined us. I worked on my physics work copying Lilly’s notes from our first lesson, “who would have thought that we would be studying,” Niall says. We all laughed at him, but we knew it was true, “well it better than doing it all the night before it due,” Sophia pointed out. I noticed Liam smiling at Sophia, so I leaned in closer to Lilly, “it took them half an hour to walk ten minutes yesterday, but he still hasn’t asked her out,” I whispered in her ear. Lilly looked at me as she was smiling, “well were all not as fast as you,” she tells me. I laughed a little bit, “Louis back away from Flower,” Harry tells me. Lilly and I looked at him, “why?” Lilly asked. Harry points to the mark on Lilly’s neck, “I don’t want another one of them,” he replied. Lilly covered up the mark with her hand, “lighten up Harry it was there one-week anniversary yesterday,” Liam tells him. Harry looked at Liam as he wasn’t happy, “but he didn’t have to mark her like that,” Harry says. I wrapped my arm around Lilly, “so they had fun,” Liam tells him. Harry looks straight at me and I feared what he was going to say next, “he already said that he’ll go easy on me next time,” Lilly tells Harry. Harry smiled and I relaxed, “he better,” Harry says.

When the bell rang for us to go on break. We met Zayn, Perrie and May at the wall, “how was study group?” Zayn teased. I saw Niall and May lock eyes, “fun,” Harry tells him. They were still looking at each other, but it looked like Niall was fighting with himself, “we had a big orgy,” Liam joked. Niall quickly looked at Harry before looking down. I was confused, “is that where Lil got the nice hickey from or was that from Louis last night?” Zayn laughed. We all laughed part from Niall, “she got that from Louis last night,” Sophia replied. Zayn raised his eyebrows at me, “so you got a rose, a cute note and a hickey from Louis for your one-week anniversary,” Zayn says. Lilly nodded her head, “not bad,” Perrie smiled. I pulled Lilly closer to me and kissed the side of her head. Niall was glaring at Perrie and Lilly. I think it had something to do with May, but at the same time Harry. Lilly moved away to stand next to Niall, so she must have seen Niall glaring at her, “what you going to do for your one-month anniversary?” Liam asked.

“I don’t know,” I say. I noticed Lilly and Niall weren’t paying attention to us, “hey guys I like you to meet my boyfriend Mark,” May tells us. Her boyfriend stood next to her and he looked like an up tight dick. He had brown hair and blue eyes, “nice to meet you all,” he smiled. I noticed Lilly put her hand on Niall’s back, “hi,” Lilly says. We all introduced ourselves to him, “well I’m going now since drama was my only lesson for the day,” May tells us. We all said goodbye to them and I was happy they were gone, “you and Perrie don’t talk to me right now,” Niall spat. May must have hit a nerve with Niall. He stormed off, “I’ll go with him,” Harry tells us. Harry ran to catch up with him, “what did we do?” Perrie wondered.

“Just something,” Lilly faked smiled. Perrie gave her a small nod as we all got a smoke out. We lit them up, “so what lesson you got next?” Sophia asked. I noticed Sophia looking at Liam when she asked that, “I have a free,” Perrie replied. Sophia smiled at her, “I also have a free like Louis,” Liam tells me. Why did Liam mention me? Sophia was just asking about him. I played with Lilly’s back, “what are you doing?” she asked me. I smiled at her, “nothing,” I say. Lilly shook her head, “so Sophia what did you do last week in art?” Lilly asked her. I knew Lilly was asking for Liam, “I’m actually doing design, but last week I painted my breakfast. What did you and Zayn do?” Sophia asked back. Zayn smiled at Sophia, “I drew Perrie and Lil drew Louis,” Zayn tells her. Sophia looked shocked, “I’ll show you when we get to class,” Zayn added. The bell rang not long after Zayn said that.

After Lilly gave me a kiss goodbye her, Zayn and Sophia left to go to art. Perrie smiled at me and Liam, “what Pez?” Liam questioned. I knew she want us to do something for her, “can you come with me and help my brother out for a little bit?” she wondered. Liam and I both nodded our heads, “what are we doing?” I asked. Perrie smiled bigger at me, “helping him move,” she tells us. I looked at Liam, “it’s only for about an hour,” she added. We nodded our heads again to reassure her that we were still doing it.

After we helped Perrie brother move his furniture. We went back to school, but as we were walking through the car park. I noticed Zayn car missing, “Perrie where’s Zayn?” I wondered. Perrie shrugged her shoulders, “he could have gone out to get some things for art. He does that a lot,” she tells me. Perrie got her phone out, “I’ll massage him for you,” she smiled. I just didn’t like the thought of Lilly in art by herself. Especially after what happened last night, “he says he be back with Lilly in ten minutes,” Perrie tells me.

“So how do you feel Lou about Zayn taking Lilly out?” Liam smiled. I shrugged my shoulders, “what does Perrie say about this?” I wondered. She also shrugged her shoulders, “I trust them,” she says. I nodded my head, “but what do you think about your boyfriend buying my girl a present?” I questioned. Perrie looked confused, “what present?” she wondered. Liam raised his eyebrows, “your boyfriend brought Lilly a tin of expensive colouring pencils last Friday,” I tell her. Perrie still looked confused, “I know nothing about that. I remember him saying that Lilly was a great artist,” Perrie admitted. Oh shit. I think I just got Zayn into trouble, “he was just helping her out. I was there with him when he brought them. He wanted Lilly art to be the best it can be and she needed the right tools. She was using his all week, so he thought why not buy her some,” Liam explained.

“they help each other in art,” I smiled. I was really alright with Lilly talking to Zayn in art. I know she talks to him about stuff, “Sophia says they watch each other when they have mini breaks. She also said they talk a lot,” Liam says. I smiled at the thought of them two working in art. I couldn’t be happier for the both of them and that was a shock to me. Normally I would have jealous thoughts, but I knew Zayn would never make a move on Lilly. He just wanted to make her happy like I do, “their back,” Perrie tells us. I saw Zayn park his car before they both got out, “hi,” Lilly smiled. Lilly straight away came up to me and hugged me. I hugged her back as I kissed the top of her head, “where did you and Zayn go?” I asked. Lilly smiled at me, “to go get some spray paint,” she replied. I smiled as I wondered what Zayn was up to, “where did you go?” she asked me. I kissed her, “helping Perrie brother,” I tell her. Zayn held Lilly’s bag out and I grabbed it.

We all sat down on the wall, “you know you still got twenty minutes left,” Liam tells Lilly. She shrugged her shoulders, “it not like I was doing anything,” she tells him. Lilly didn’t seem herself and it worried me. Harry came and joined us as I wondered where his been, “what are you doing out of class Flower? You know my rules,” Harry questioned. Lilly pointed to Zayn, “went with him to get art supplies,” she says. Harry smiled at her, “so you didn’t skip,” he says. Lilly leant her head on my shoulder and I wrapped my arm around her, “is everything alright babe?” I asked her. Lilly nodded her head, “just thinking about what to do in art,” she tells me. I kissed the top of her head, “so where did you go Harry?” Liam wondered.

“I had to sort something out,” Harry replied. I knew he wasn’t going to tell us, “like what?” Perrie questioned. I noticed Lilly wasn’t paying attention, “just something,” he tells her. I could see Harry was getting angry, “so Louis and Lilly you going to tell Sophia and May about the real you?” Liam asked to change the subject. I shrugged my shoulders as they all looked at Lilly. I rubbed her back to bring her out of her thoughts, “Lil back to earth,” Liam says. Lilly looked at him, “are you and Lou going to tell Sophia and May about your fake relationship?” he asked again. Lilly looked at me, “not yet. Remember Sophia was friends with Amy. I know she didn’t want to be and she stopped Amy from hitting me. I just want to wait a couple of weeks until I tell her. With May I don’t know,” she tells him. Liam nodded, “I understand,” he says. Lilly stood up and we all looked at her, “I’m going for a walk,” she tells us. Lilly stopped me from getting up, “I need to be alone right now,” she says. She kissed me before she left.

When she was out of our sight I looked at the ground. I wondered if her nightmare was getting to her, “Lou is Flower alright?” Harry asked. I looked at him as I shrugged my shoulders, “she’s been out of it all day,” I admitted. I knew I couldn’t tell Harry about Lilly’s nightmare. I think he thinks that I went home last night, “she seemed disappointed in art that she couldn’t come up with an idea. I think it’s the first time it happened to her,” Zayn tells us. Harry was thinking of something, “do you think it might because of what happened on the weekend? She told us what happened to her and that must have been a terrifying time for her,” Harry wondered.

“It could be. We really don’t know what went down. We just know the quick story and personally I don’t want to picture what happened to her. I already hear her screaming for it to stop and her crying,” I confessed. I couldn’t believe those words came out of my mouth in front of Harry, but it what happened last night. Harry looked upset, “so do I,” he whispered. So Harry feels the same as me, “she be alright guys. She has us to help her,” Zayn reassured us. I gave him a small nod as I got a smoke out. I lit it up before I grabbed Lilly’s smokes out. I put some of mine in there and put it back into her bag, “what are you doing Lou?” Harry questioned. I totally forgot that I just did that in front of everyone. I looked at Harry as no words came out of my mouth, “waiting,” he smiled.

“um she doesn’t get much money for anything. So I put some of my smokes in her packet, so she can spend the money she gets on herself,” I admitted. Harry slowly nodded his head as he kept smiling at me, “Harry your torturing the poor boy. His just doing something nice for Lil,” Zayn tells him. Harry laughed a little bit, “I know and it’s a nice thing Lou,” Harry says. I smiled back at him, “so Zayn when were you going to tell me about you buying Lil colouring pencils?” Perrie asked him. I looked at Liam and he was looking around, “I didn’t see the point,” Zayn replied. Harry pulled a face like he was in pain, “but I’m your girlfriend. You should tell me about when you buy present for other girls,” Perrie snapped.

“Perrie I brought Lilly some colouring pencils to help her out in art,” Zayn said sarcastically. Perrie stood up and walked away, “sorry,” I apologized. Zayn shook his head, “don’t be. Personally I thought you would be the one getting mad since she’s your girl,” Zayn smiled. Zayn got up and left to find Perrie as Harry was looking at me, “so you do have jealous thoughts when it comes to Lilly?” Harry smirked. I nodded my head, “have you told her about them?” he questioned. I nodded my head again, “proud of you,” he smiled.

Harry and I started walking to the canteen since Liam went to pick Sophia up from art, “can I ask you something that I know would upset you?” Harry wondered. I nodded my head as I wondered what it could be, “have you told Lilly about your suicided?” Harry asked. I shook my head quickly, “so on Sunday when you said you were done with everything. Flower didn’t know you were talking about killing yourself?” he questioned.

“Harry only you know about me trying to kill myself and I really like to keep it like that. People look at you different. You look at me differently and you worry way too much about me,” I snapped. Harry sighed, “I have a right to worry about you. Louis you went dark again and it was over losing Lilly. I want you to promise me something,” he started. I stopped to look at him and Harry put his hands on my shoulders, “no matter what happens between the two of you and I mean anything. Don’t kill yourself. Because Lilly would have to live with that for the rest of her life. And I could never forgive you for that,” Harry tells me.

“I will never do that to her,” I promised. I knew Harry was right about that. If I give up like that. Lilly will blame herself for the rest of her life, “hey. Can have time to myself?” I asked Harry. He gave me a small nod, “can you also get Lilly some lunch that’s more than a sandwich?” I wondered. Harry smiled as he gave me another small nod, “Lou how is her home life?” he asked. I looked down, “not enough money to feed her everyday for school,” I tell him. Harry hugged me tight, “thank you for telling me,” he says.

When Harry left me I sat down on the football pitch smoking. I messaged Lilly to see where she was and if she was alright, but I got nothing back. I hope she was alright and not doing anything stupid, “you alright Louis?” Veronica asked as she stood next to me. I looked up at her, “what can you tell me about nightmares?” I wondered. She sat down next to me, “what type of nightmares?” she wondered.

“One where your tossing and turning, screaming and crying,” I tell her. Veronica looked over my face, “you’re not talking about yourself. Are you?” she asked. I shook my head, “Lilly had a nightmare last night and it scared the crap out of me,” I admitted. Veronica rubbed my back, “I want to ask you something, but I can’t just in case you don’t know,” Veronica started. Did she know what happened to Lilly at her old school, “I know what happed to her at her old school with that guy. That’s what her nightmare was about,” I tell her.

“Ok. But I’m sorry to say Lou you can’t do anything about Lilly’s nightmares. She has to face them herself. All you can do is wake her up and tell her that it’s alright,” she says. I nodded my head, “I was afraid you were going to say that. I don’t want her to go through that again,” I admitted. Veronica rubbed my back, “it was full on?” she asked. I nodded my head, “and I don’t think she remembers it,” I say.

I sat there with Veronica for a little bit before I decided to see the others. I grabbed myself some lunch and sat down with everyone. Niall and Lilly weren’t there, so I hoped they were together, “where did you go?” Liam asked. I started eating as I noticed Harry had two trays of food next to him. They were both fish and chips and a chocolate mousse. I smiled at him and he smiled back, “Lou are you going to answer me?” Liam wondered. I looked at him, “somewhere and no I didn’t go looking for Lilly,” I tell him. Liam nodded his head, “no he was talking to Veronica,” Zayn says.

“is everything alright?” Liam questioned. I nodded my head as I noticed Lilly and Niall coming our way. Lilly sat down next to me and I felt happy again, “did you have fun on your walk?” I asked her. Lilly nodded her head as she kissed me. I whish she would kiss me again, “I’m sorry I didn’t message you back. I was talking with Ni,” she tells me. I looked at Niall as I hoped that he helped Lilly get out of her mood, “what did you talk about?” I wondered. Lilly looked at Niall too, “just something that I went through and something Lil went through,” Niall replied. The only thing I knew that they both went through was trying to killing themselves, “ok then,” I says. I pulled Lilly closer to me, “and thank you Ni,” I tell him. Niall smiled at me and I smiled back, “Flower and Ni I got you both lunch,” Harry tells them. He pushed the trays over to the both of them, “thanks,” Niall smiled. Lilly looked at him, “thank you,” she says.

When Lunch was done. We all ran off to go get ready for P.E. When we we’re in the changing rooms. Harry and I went over to Niall, “so Niall is Flower alright?” Harry asked him. Niall nodded his head, “she will be,” he tells us. Harry seemed happy as he went back to his bag, “Lou you going have to tell her about her nightmare. I don’t think she knows about it,” Niall says. I nodded my head, “what if it makes it worse? I don’t think I can go through that again,” I admitted. Niall put his hand on my shoulder, “your strong Lou and you have to be strong for her. She needs you,” Niall tells me.

After we got changed we waited for the girls on the football pitch. Mr McKain came over to us, “so do you boys have your partners for todays test?” he asked us. We all nodded our heads, “good. If we finish early we play a game of football,” he tells us. He walked away from us, “Ni you still my partner?” Harry asked him. Niall nodded his head, “who’s your partner Liam?” Zayn smirked. Liam looked down, “I’m going to ask Sophia,” he replied. We smiled at him, “so have you made a move?” I wondered. Liam shook his head, “why not?” I questioned. Liam looked at me, “cause what if she doesn’t like me back?” he asked. I laughed a little bit, “the only way to find out is to ask,” I tell him.

The girls came out to us in their P.E clothes, “now Mr McKain said if we finished all the test. We can play a game of football,” Harry tells them. Lilly got her P.E stuff out before she put her bag down next to mine. She watched Liam walk over to Sophia, “babe remember your my partner,” I tell her. She looked at me, “and remember you got to behave,” she reminded me. I smiled at her, “I know,” I say.

We started the test and Lilly and I were up to the balance test. Lilly was doing the stork stand for about a minute now, “babe you been doing that for a minute now. You don’t have to show off,” I tell her. Lilly smiled as she put her foot on the ground. She took her notebook and the timer off of me, “your turn,” she says. I tried, but I couldn’t keep my balance, “let me help,” Lilly tells me. She put her stuff down before coming over to me. She put her hands on my waist, but she moved them to my arse, “babe what happened to behaving?” I asked. I liked how she was flirting with me. I think her and Niall having a talked helped her. Lilly smirked at me, “I told you to behave. I said nothing about me,” she pointed out. I shook my head as I pulled her closer to me. I kissed her, “but if you’re not going to behave. Then I’m not,” I tell her. I kissed her again, “Louis and Lilly get back to work!” Mr McKain shouted. I gave Mr McKain the thumbs up that I heard him, “that the second time this week we been told that,” Lilly says as she moved away from me.

“Are you still going to help me babe?” I pouted. Lilly put her hand back on my waist as I got on one foot. Lilly held me until I got my balance. She started the timer and I only lasted fifteen seconds, “how do you do it?” I wondered. Lilly wrote in her notebook, “practise,” she smiled. I wrapped my arms around her, “that right you’re a nerd,” I teased. My little nerd.

When we all finished the test Mr McKain kept his word, “ok. I want two teams which I’m going to pick. I’m also going to pick the captains and the vice-captains,” Mr McKain tells us. I had Harry, Zayn, Perrie, Brian and three guys and three girls. I got captain as Zayn got vice-captain. What surprised me was that Mr McKain picked Lilly to be captain and Sophia as vice-captain. I think he wanted to see if they could do it. I got my team in position after we won the coin toss.

It was a draw at the end of the first half. Harry scored the goal, “we need to get through their defence. We were lucky to score that goal. I know you guys can do it, so let’s win this shit,” I tell my team. I felt a hand on my back as my team split up, “you alright? You look fucked,” Harry wondered. I nodded my head, but I think being up since three thirty was getting to me.

We all got back onto the pitch and Lilly and Sophia started with the ball. When Mr McKain blew his whistle Sophia passed the ball to Lilly. Then Lilly kicked it straight to Niall before Niall ran down the pitch with it. I tried to block Niall, but he passed it to a girl on his team. I ran my hands over my face, “you alright Lou?” Niall asked. I nodded my head as I watched Sophia kick the ball into the goals. Niall got really excited, “we’re winning!” he shouted.

I kept reassuring my team that we could win this, but we lost. It was the first time I’ve lost and I was proud of Lilly. I smiled at her as her team hugged her, “so Lou how does it feel to lose against your girlfriend?” Niall teased. I put my thumbs up as Lilly ran over to me. She hugged me, “Lil you don’t need that loser. You have us winners,” Liam says. Lilly shook her head, “I want you,” she reassured me. She kissed me, “how did you win tho?” I wondered. I wrapped my arms around her as she looked at her team, “I told them to work together and use what they got,” she replied. I smiled at her, “and that worked?” I questioned. Lilly nodded, “well we did just beat you,” she smiled. I laughed a little bit, “shower and then you can go,” Mr McKain tells us.

After I had a shower I waited for Lilly in the hallway. When she came out she still looked happy, “so you got creative writing now? And do you want me to come over tonight?” I asked. Lilly shook her head, “I’ll be fine tonight,” she tells me. I smiled hoping that she would, “you sure tho?” I questioned. Lilly nodded her head, “I won’t be back until late and I just do some school work tonight,” she says. I kissed her, “and if I remember you go to the gym tonight with the boys,” she added. I nodded my head as she reminded me, “but I can always come after,” I suggested.

“Lou I’m going to be fine,” she slightly snapped. I looked down as I was thinking. Maybe Lilly might like a night way from me, “are we spending too much time together?” I asked. Lilly sighed as I looked at her, “I think we are,” she admitted. I kissed her forehead, “I do too, but I just want you to be safe,” I confessed. Lilly kissed me to reassure me that she be fine, “if you change your mind call me or message me. I’ll be straight there,” I tell her. I’m sorry Lilly, but I will be over tonight to check on you, “you know you could do the same to me,” Lilly smiled. I grabbed her hips. I don’t think you’ll like me Lilly when I go dark, “um did Niall tell you about Ireland?” I wondered. Lilly nodded her head, “he also told me about him trying to,” she started.

“Kill himself,” I interrupted. I knew she finding it hard to say it. Lilly gave me a small nod, “you know we all thought about it at one point. Only you and Niall have tried,” I say. I knew this wasn’t the place to tell her about me. Lilly looked down, “Louis are you worried after today and the weekend that I might think about it again?” she questioned. I bit my lip as she looked at me, “I am,” I admitted. I pulled her close to me as she wrapped her arms around me, “I’m really fine. The only thing that got me down today is art, because it the first time I don’t have an idea,” she reassured me. I don’t think that’s the only thing that’s got you down today. I kissed the top of her head, “I know you’ll think of something,” I tell her.

After I dropped Lilly off at creative writing I went home. Liam was waiting for me, “how can I help you Payno?” I asked as I got out of my car. He just smiled at me as I grabbed my school bag, “I come around every Tuesday before gym,” he reminded me. I slowly nodded my head as I thought about something, “do you want to help me with the washing?” I wondered. I went into the boot of my car and grabbed out mine and Lilly’s bags, “um why do you want to do the washing?” Liam questioned.

“because I have a lot to do,” I smiled. I grabbed my backpack that I took away as well, “haven’t you done any washing since we were at the cabin?” Liam asked. Liam took one of my backpack and Lilly’s bag, “nope. I haven’t been home,” I tell him. Liam opened Lilly’s bag, “these are girl clothes Lou,” Liam smiled. I nodded my head as I walked to the front door, “there Lilly’s,” he added. I went inside and turned the alarm off, “yes they are Liam,” I say. I threw the bags on the lounge before I went into the kitchen. I went into the fridge to grab out a Red Bull, “most of them are clean,” Liam pointed out.

“I know. That’s why I’m going to go through them first,” I tell him as I came back into the lounge room. I took Lilly’s bag off of him, “if you want to help go threw my shit,” I say. Liam laughed as he grabbed my bag. We started going through the clothes, “wow nice white undies Lou,” Liam say. I noticed he was holding Lilly’s bra and knickers. Fuck I forgot I put our clean clothes in my bag, “Liam. Lilly’s clothes that are in my bag are clean. So just put them in a pile,” I tell him. Liam smiled as he put them down.

After we sorted them out and put the dirty ones in the washing machine. Liam helped me carry up the clean clothes to my bedroom. I sat on the floor of my wardrobe in front a set of draws. I pulled the bottom draw out, “what you up to?” Liam asked. I ignored him as I pulled the clothes out and started putting Lilly’s in, “oh Lou. You’re in a serious relationship,” Liam teased. Liam started putting my other clothes away, “she stays here a lot,” I say. I put the last bit of Lilly’s clothes away, “and why does she stay here a lot?” he questioned. I looked at him, “her mother works a lot, so she home by herself a lot,” I lied. Liam nodded his head slowly, “Lou cares,” he teased.

For the rest of the afternoon Liam and I watched a movie as we ate. I think I fell asleep since I couldn’t remember what happened in the movie a little bit. I got changed to go to the gym and Liam did the same. Liam helped me put the washing on the line before we left.

When we got to the gym we waited for Niall out the front. Liam and I were smoking, so I got my phone out and messaged Lilly:

How was creative writing? Xo

My Beautiful Lilly Belle

Good. Niall and Sophia are in my class. How the gym? Xo

I shook Liam, “Niall’s doing creative writing,” I tell him. Liam looked shocked as I message Lilly back:

Really Niall in your class? I just got here xo

My Beautiful Lilly Belle

Yes, Niall is really in my class. He said that he likes to write stuff xo

“Could Niall be doing it to help out in music?” Liam wondered. I shrugged my shoulders as replied to Lilly:

I know he likes to write songs so maybe he thinks the class could help him. I’m so going to poke fun at him for it xo

My Beautiful Lilly Belle

Don’t you dare. I think he didn’t do it last year or the years before that, because he was afraid of what you boys would say

I straight away noticed Lilly didn’t add xo on the end:

Someone protecting Niall and what happened to my xo? Are you made at me, because I teased Niall?

Lilly didn’t message me back, “don’t tease Niall about doing creative writing. Lilly thinks he didn’t do it before, because of us,” I tell Liam. Liam nodded his head as my phone went off:

My Beautiful Lilly Belle


Great I’ve made her mad at me. Niall turned up in his gym clothes, “ready to get sweaty boys?” he smiled. We nodded our head as we walked in, “so how was creative writing?” l asked. Niall went red, “good,” he replied. I smiled at him as we signed in.

I started lifting some weight as I got an idea to make Lilly smile again. I quickly got my phone out after I took my top off. I took a picture of myself in the mirror, “oh god. Lou taking selfies,” Liam teased. I put my top back on, “are you sending that to Lil?” Niall smiled. I nodded my head as I sent the picture with the message:

Still mad at me? ;) Xo

Niall and Liam came closer to me, “don’t look at me like that,” I tell them. I turned around, so my back was to them, “do you know Niall that Lilly has a draw at Louis’s?” Liam wondered. Why are they doing this to me now, “no I didn’t,” Niall says. My phone went off and it was a picture message from Lilly. I slowly opened it to see her topless, but her arm covered her boobs. I found it incredibly hot that I got a semi from it, “oh wow Lou,” I heard Niall say. Him and Liam were looking over my shoulders, “piss off guys,” I snapped.

“you better fix the problem in your pants,” Liam smiled. I took a deep breath trying to calm myself down, “just one picture and you have a problem,” Liam teased. I felt myself relax, so I messaged Lilly back:

Babe don’t ever do that to me in public. I got a boner in front of the boys and Niall saw the picture xo

I quickly saved the picture and made it my wallpaper:

P.S it my new phone wallpaper ;)

The boys were still smirking at me, “do something else instead of looking at me,” I ordered. I got on the treadmill and started running. Lilly messaged me back:

My Beautiful Lilly Belle

Maybe I should just send it to Ni ;)

I knew she was just playing around with me:

Don’t you dare babe or I will come over there and smack your arse. But before I do I will have to beat the shit out of Niall. Your choice babe

My Beautiful Lilly Belle

Clam down Lou. That picture is just for you xoxo

I knew she would protect Niall from me, but I couldn’t hit Niall. He just so happy all the time:

Better be and I see I get xo again. Makes me think you got a thing for Niall since you keep protecting him xo

My Beautiful Lilly Belle

No. I only have a thing for you and I’m sorry for pushing you than xoxoxo

Shit. I made her think I’m mad at her:

You didn’t push me. I knew that you were playing with me and it turned me on ;) xo

I knew if I was there that Lilly would be blushing:

And I beat I made you blush than xo

My beautiful Lilly Belle

Do you have a camera in my room? And aren’t you meant to be working out? Xo

I was right:

Kinky babe. Already thinking about making sex tapes ;) and I’m running on the treadmill as I messaging you xo

My beautiful Lilly Belle

OMG you can multitask xo

I nearly fell over as I was messaging Lilly:

I can do a lot of things at once ;) xo

Lilly didn’t message me back and I started to get worried. So I called her, “hello,” she says as she answered her phone. She sounds alright, “hey. I thought it be easy to call you since I nearly tripped over,” I tell her. I could tell that she was smiling, “so you really can’t multitask than,” she teased. I laugh a little bit, “you sure about that babe?” I smirked. The call ended and I knew she hung up on me. Was I pushing her? I called her back, “babe why did you hang up on me?” I questioned as soon as she answered.

“I didn’t” she lied. What was wrong, “you’re lying to me. Babe what wrong? Am I talking about sex too much again?” I wondered. Lilly sighed and I knew it was about sex, “it ok. I started it,” she tells me. She didn’t start this shit. I did, “I started it babe and don’t say that you started it in P.E. You were just having fun than. I know I talk about sex a lot and I know I shouldn’t,” I started.

“Can you come over?” Lilly interrupted. I stopped as I dropped my phone, but the treadmill kept going. I flew off and landed on the floor. I quickly picked up my phone as Niall and Liam came over to me, “you alright Lou?” she asked. I was trying to catch my breath, “yeah. Just fell off the treadmill and are you sure babe?” I questioned. Niall and Liam came in closer to me, “yeah I am. I know I told you I’ll be fine, but for some reason I need you. I don’t know why, but I do,” she confessed. I pushed them away, “you can come after. I don’t want to ruin your boy’s time at the gym. I’ll be alright for a while. I got an idea for art to get started,” she tells me. I sighed, “you sure babe? I can come now,” I questioned.

“I’ll be fine. My mother not home so I can put some music on,” she replied. I sighed again as I gave into her, “ok. I’ll be there in an hour,” I promised. Liam and Niall where talking about Lilly and me, but it was all about sexual stuff, “thank you. See you soon,” she says. I put my hand over Niall’s mouth to shut him up as I glared at Liam, “see you soon babe,” I say back. I hung up my phone and uncovered Niall’s mouth, “you two need to learn to shut up,” I snapped.

“Aww Lou don’t want us to know about sexy time with Lil?” Liam teased. I glared at him, “it’s nothing like that. Her mother not home for the night and she scared. There has been break ins on her street,” I lied. Niall knew I was lying, “sorry I didn’t know,” Liam apologized. He walked away as he put his head phones in, “what’s wrong?” Niall asked.

“I pushed her,” I admitted. Niall seemed confused, “I was being dirty and flirting with her just then. She got up set with me,” I explained. Niall put his hand on my shoulder, “personally Lou. I think she believes she not good enough for you and the thing your doing. You’ve done it all and she just started,” Niall tells me. I nodded my head as I think her mother’s words were getting to her too.

Forty-five minutes later I was standing at Lilly’s front door. I messaged her to let me and she opened the door for me. I hugged her straight away, “is everything alright babe?” I wondered. I started kissing her all forehead as I couldn’t help myself. Lilly hugged me tight and my worry went through the roof. Lilly shrugged her shoulders, “I’m just really confused at the moment,” she admitted. She looked at me and her face was unreadable, “get your stuff. You’re going to mine tonight,” I tell her. I kissed her softly before I let her go. I shut the front door as Lilly went into her room. I took a couple of deep breaths before I followed her.

When I went into her room she was packing her school bag. I grabbed her purse and phone charger for her, “I got some of your clothes already,” I tell her. Lilly looked lost as she looked around her room. I grabbed her school bag, “come on let’s go,” I smiled. I knew I had to smile, so she wouldn’t know I was worried about her.

When we got to mine Lilly seemed out of it, “babe you alright?” I questioned. Lilly gave me a small nod as we got out of the car. I watched her as we went inside and straight up to my room, “sit,” I ordered. Lilly sat down and I sat next to her. Lilly took her shoes off before she crossed her legs. I put my hand on her knee, “I’m sorry,” she apologized. I pulled her to me, so she sat between my legs. I drew circles on her thigh as she put her head on my shoulder, “don’t be sorry just tell me what wrong,” I tell her. Lilly closed her eyes, “is it me and all my sex talk?” I wondered. Lilly opened her eyes to looked at me “kinda. It got me thinking about what my mother said,” she started.

“I told you not care what your mother says to you. She wrong about everything about you,” I interrupted. I was getting angry, but not at her. I was getting angry at her mother. Why was Lilly listing to her again, “it was more about us and how you’ll get bored of me if I don’t put out,” she tells me. I groaned trying to keep my angry under control, “I told you that I wouldn’t. Why are you listening to her now? After all I said to you,” I questioned. Lilly shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know. I all I know that she in my head now,” she admitted. I need to tell her about her nightmare. She need to know that it might be the problem. I need to fix this, “Lilly do you know that you had a nightmare last night?” I wondered. Lilly shook her head, “I woke you up, but you went straight back to sleep. You were screaming stop it Matt. Is Matt the guy that attacked you?” I asked. Lilly nodded her head as I saw tears in her eyes. She hid her face into my neck as I hugged her tight. I kissed the top of her head, “hey it alright. Everything going to be alright,” I cooed. I felt her tears on my skin and it was breaking me, “maybe that why you’ve been having a bad day,” I say. Lilly looked at me and her face was covered in tears, “Niall said what happened to me could be effecting us without us knowing. I told him he was wrong, but now I think he might be right. I think after telling everyone on the weekend has made the memory come back. Even when I thought I pushed it away,” she admitted. I kissed her forehead as I wiped her tears away, “we will get through this,” I promised.

We stayed there not saying anything as I was thinking. I think this was a big moment for us, but I was scared for her. I don’t know how much more my girl can take, “Louis,” Lilly started. I looked at her as I came out of my thoughts, “I don’t want to stop what we are doing with the touching. I like it,” she admitted. I bit my lip as I was trying to work out if we should continue with the touching, “maybe we should try not do it every day,” I suggested. Lilly nodded, “and I try to ease up on the sex talk,” I added. Lilly smiled a little and I felt better about her, “can you do that?” she teased. I laughed a little bit, “I can try for you,” I smiled. Lilly kissed me, “I think shower and bed,” I say.

When we were in the shower I held Lilly the whole time. I just needed her close to me, so she wouldn’t feel alone. We kept giving each other small kisses on each others body, but it was nothing sexual. I did it to show her that I love every bit of her without saying a word. We didn’t say a word the whole time we were in the shower.

When I got out I gave Lilly my singlet and pair of my boxers. I think I should have chosen a better singlet. It just covered her boobs, but I can’t think like this right now. I still was walking around in my towel as I was wondering what to do next. I wanted to talk to her a bit more. I was ready to talk to her about anything, “can I ask why you’re not dress yet?” she wondered. I bit my lip as I saw her on my bed, “um I like to be naked after I go to the gym,” I tell her.

“Just drop the towel Lou. I’m alright with you being naked,” she smiled. I smiled back as I went to sit next to her on the bed. I looked over her face and she looked normal again, “don’t worry I won’t touch you,” she says. I moved my face in to kiss her, but I pulled back. I don’t know if she would keep her hands to herself, “get into bed babe,” I tell her. Lilly was confused, “why it only eight thirty?” she wondered.

“Because I said shower and bed,” I reminded her. I moved to the top of my headboard. I leant against it as I covered myself with the blanket. I took my towel off and threw it onto the floor. Lilly got off the bed as I turned the bedside lamp on. After she turned the light off she came over to me. She straddled my lap, “I’m sorry for being needed and crazy,” she apologized. I wrapped my arms around her, “don’t be babe. I knew something was wrong today and that why I suggested that I stay over. But when you told me that you’ll be fine. I wanted to believe you and I didn’t want to push you. I was still going to come over after gym anyway,” I tell her. Lilly kissed me, “Lou why do we care so much about each other? We just started week two of knowing each other, but we act like we know each other for a long time,” she wondered as I looked down.

“I think it because we are both broken people Lilly. I think we get each other better than normal people do. I think we understand each other and know what the other person is going through. I think if I didn’t know about your mother or what happened to you. I don’t think you’ll be sitting right here in front of me. I think you’ll be sitting at home in a world of hurt and that scares me. That you’ll be all alone with no one there to even hug you and tell you it alright. I’m scared of all the bad thoughts that go through your head and mine,” I confessed. Lilly kissed my forehead, “I lied to you Lilly about you and Niall were the only ones to try. I tried this summer,” I started. I showed her my wrist where I took the knife too. She looked at it closely and I knew she could see the scar, “I was just done Lilly. I had enough of everything life gave me. That why I just passed last year. I gave up,” I admitted. Lilly kissed my wrist and my heart skipped a beat, “do the others know?” she questioned.

“Just Harry. He the one that found me. That why I think he just wants us to be happy. I think he knows that you don't live the happy life at home. Harry not that stupid,” I tell her. Lilly looked down, “I know, but why doesn’t he say anything then?” she wondered. I put my hands on her thighs, “maybe because he doesn’t want to believe it or he don’t really know how bad it is. But he knows something wrong,” I say. Lilly gave me a small nod and I pulled her close to me. I need to change the subject, “since we are being serious. Can we talk about me taking your virginity?” I wondered. I don’t know why that topic came into my head. Lilly move back to look at me, “I thought we not going to talk about sex,” she pointed out.

“I know, but I’ve been thinking about it today. I know you’re scared about it. It just I want to know when and what you want?” I asked. Well that was a little bit of a lie. All day I’ve been worried about her. Lilly shrugged her shoulders, “I haven’t thought about it and you said we are a long way off from that. So why are we talking about it now?” she questioned. I looked down as my mind was going hundred miles an hour, “well when I found out that you’re scared. It got me thinking about the weekend when I tried to end us again. When you were telling me about that you keep your promises. Lilly you were going to rape me,” I started. I stopped myself as I started cursing myself for using that word, “um sorry about that word,” I apologized. Lilly gave me a small smile, “it ok,” she says. I grabbed her hands, “um back to what I was saying. I was just wondering how can you go from that to last night?” I asked. Lilly squeezed my hands, “I think on the weekend I was so scared of losing you. That I would just like one more thing from you before you left me,” she admitted. I smiled a little bit at her since she didn’t want to lose me, “you know I think your right we do care so much about each other and I like it. I like this thing what got going on between us,” I confessed. Lilly smiled back a little as she kissed me, “Lou if I told you I want you to take my virginity tonight or even this weekend. Would you do it?” she asked me. I shook my head quickly, “than when do you think we will be ready?” she questioned. I bit my lip as I was trying to work out when, but I couldn’t, “I can’t answer that. Only you can,” I tell her. She looked down, “what if I told you that I am?” she wondered. I pulled her face up, so she would look at me, “I know you’re not babe,” I say.

“How do you know?” she questioned. I was shocked since her eyes told me that she was telling the truth, “maybe I just want it over and done with so I can stop thinking about it,” she slightly snapped. I shook my head, “then go for it, but I’m just going to sit here and do nothing,” I tell her. Lilly slowly pulled the singlet off and I didn’t stop her. I know I should, but she would scream at me. I went into my bedside table and grabbed out a condom, “you’re going to need this,” I say as I held it up. Lilly took it off me and looked at it. She looked scared now, so I took it back off of her, “babe I know you don’t want to do this,” I pointed out. I put the condom back in my draw before I pulled Lilly close to me, “you’re still upset about everything and this won’t make me want you more. I want you because you are you,” I reassured her. I kissed the top of her head a couple of times, “I only brought your virginity up, because I wanted you to really think about it. What if I told you I wanted to take it in my car or at school? Would you let me?” I asked. Lilly shook her head no, “see I need to know these things,” I say. Lilly looked scared at me, “it ok. I would never take it like that. It just I really do want you to think about it tho. Like do you want me on top or do you want to be on top? Do you want standing or doggy?” I questioned.

“Louis stop please. I don’t even know what you’re really talking about,” she tells me. Fuck I pushed her. I looked down, “do you want me to explain it to you or just leave it for now?” I wondered. Stop talking Lou before this girl leaves you. Lilly gave me a small nod, “just don’t go too far please,” she replied. I kissed her lightly, “well you know when we dry humped and you on your back as I grinded against you? Well that me on top. Also Sunday night when you on top of me. That you on top. Standing can be you against a wall or me behind you. Doggy is me behind you and you’re on all fours. There are a lot more tho, but there the basics,” I explained to her. Lilly nodded her head, “I want you to be on top,” she tells me. I gave her a small nod, “and I want to be in a bed in a room where no one can interrupt us,” she added. I smiled as I thought about how to make it special for her, “anything else. Like do you want to go to dinner before or be somewhere far away from everyone where it just us two?” I asked. Lilly smiled a little, “why do you want to make it special?” she questioned.

“Because it is. I want to make it something that you’ll never forget,” I admitted. I want you have the best in life. I want you to never regret anything with me. Lilly put her head on my shoulder, “I told you what I want. The rest can be up to you,” she tells me. I smiled as I thought of a great idea, “ok than. You know we have another level before we get to that?” I wondered. Lilly nodded her head, “because what we do now and next. Will all be used that night,” I say. Lilly smiled a little, “I thought it was about me?” she joked. I laughed a little, “I didn’t say anything about me. I’m going to make sure it all about you,” I promised. She smiled bigger as I ran my hand up and down her bare back. Lilly kissed my shoulder, “I might be pushing it with the sex talk right now, but when do you think we get to the next level?” she wondered. Lilly looked at me as I was shocked that she asked this, “I think a little while,” I tell her. She gave me a small nod, “so I have time to work out how to give a head job,” she whispered. I started laughing as I pictured her watching porn. Lilly hit me lightly, “I’m sorry. I just thought it was cute that you want to learn before we get there. You know I might like other things than what you learn. So you might still learn a thing or two from me,” I smirked. Lilly shook her head, “like I have to learn what you like. Everyone different babe,” I added. I moved Lilly to next to me, “I’ll be back,” I tell her before I kissed her. I walked into my bathroom.

When I came back from peeing I picked up my singlet that Lilly was wearing off the floor. I threw it at her before she threw it back at me as she shook her head. I nodded my head as I threw it back at her. Lilly threw it back and crossed her arms. Hunny it’s a great view, but I might let my hands roam. I came over to her and leant onto the bed, “sex, sex, sex,” I kept repeating. Lilly pushed me, “stop it,” she giggled.

“Then put the singlet on,” I smiled. Lilly shook her head, “why? When you’re completely naked,” she pointed out. I looked down at myself and realized that she had a point, “fine I’ll go put some pants on then,” I tell her. Lilly grabbed me before I could move, “why are you making me put the singlet on?” she wondered. I bit my lip, “because all the sex talk and you half naked is turning me on. When I said that we should ease up on the playing,” I admitted. Lilly grabbed the singlet and put it on, “better?” she smiled. I kissed her, “thank you,” I say. Lilly pulled me onto the bed as I laid down on my stomach next to her, “what going through your mind babe?” I asked her. I moved Lilly down, so she would lay in front of me. I wrapped my arm around her hips as she put her head on my other arm. She kissed me, “that I need to work things out with myself,” she admitted. I kissed her, “and I’ll help you,” I promised. I moved so I could grab the blanket. I covered myself and Lilly’s legs with it

We started talking about random things until I felt my eyes getting heavy. I put my head on Lilly’s stomach as I looked at her. She was telling me about a movie she watched, but I think being up since three thirty was getting to me. My blinking was getting slower and then I fell asleep.



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