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Her (Louis Tomlinson Punk)

Chapter 5 – Willpower

Chapter 5 – Willpower

When I woke-up Lilly was still asleep next to me. I moved her hair out of her face before she opened her eyes, “good morning,” I say. Lilly smiled as she kissed me lightly, “good morning,” she mumbled. I could tell that she was still tired and I don’t blame her. A lot is going through her head at the moment. I smiled to hide the fact that I was worried about her, “did you have a good sleep?” I asked her. She nodded her head yes, “good,” I say. I kissed her, but ended when we heard noises from the kitchen. Lilly turns around to see who it was, but she turned back to me quickly, “it just probably Liam in the kitchen,” she tells me. I looked over her shoulder to Niall in his boxers. I started laughing, “I wondered why you turned back so quick,” I smiled. Lilly kissed me before she got up, “where are you going?” I wondered. I wrapped my arms around her waist to stop her. She leaned down to kiss me, “to get a cup of tea and to get away from you, before Harry wakes up,” she tells me. I forgot that Harry was here and in a bad mood. I kissed Lilly, “where is my cup of tea?” I asked.

“I’ll make you one,” she smiled. Lilly got out of my grip and walked to the kitchen. I laid on my back looking up at the ceiling. I could hear Liam and Lilly in the kitchen talking about making tea, “should I make the others one?” I heard her ask. Niall sat up, “yes you should!” Zayn yelled. Niall slowly got up and walked to the kitchen. I followed him to see what he and Liam were doing with Lilly. I knew they were just talking, but I have fucked up jealous thoughts. I stood in the doorway to the kitchen. Lilly had a bowl in front of her, “morning,” Niall mumbled. Lilly smiled at him, “morning,” she says. Niall walked over to Lilly, “morning guys,” I say. They all look at me, “did you have a good sleep Louis? Because when I got up you had a smile on your face,” Liam smiled.

“I slept great and why wouldn’t I have a smile on my face? We are going fishing today,” I tell him. Liam and Niall shake their heads at me, “so it not because you had this beautiful girl next to you?” Niall questioned. He wrapped his arm around Lilly and she did the same to him with a smile on her face. I did have a smile on my face from sleeping next to Lilly, but I didn’t want her to know, “maybe Lilly should be with me. I tell her every morning that she the reason that I smile in my sleep,” Niall added. Lilly blushed before Liam pulled her to him, “no Lilly wants me,” Liam says. I felt angry at Niall and Liam since they know I have feelings for Lilly and jealousy issues. Lilly got out of Liam grip, “the first one to catch me can have me for the weekend,” she challenged us. We all smirked at her, “better start running then sweetie,” Liam tells her.

She ran out of the kitchen before any of us could try. She was fast as she ran through the lounge room. We heard the front door open and we ran towards it. We stood just outside the front door, “Lilly!” Niall shouted. I saw Lilly behind the cars, “she went that way,” I lied to Liam and Niall as I pointed in the opposite direction. They ran in the direction I pointed as I stayed behind. I walked over to Lilly, “found you,” I smiled. She ran passed me back into the cabin, “I’m not going to make it easy for you,” I heard her tell me. I laughed before I followed her into the cabin.

When I got in there she was hugging Harry, “Harry don’t count,” I tell her. I ran after her as she went up the stairs. Lilly tripped on the last step and I caught her before she hit the floor, “I got you,” I say. I pulled her to my chest as I wrapped my arms around her, “so your mine for the weekend. What shall I do with you?” I wondered. I knew I was smiling at the thought that we actually get to spend time together this weekend. Lilly played with my fingers, “anything you want,” she tells me. I couldn’t help but smile bigger as I thought of the stuff we could do alone, “can you two please explain what is going on?” Harry yelled up the stairs. I let Lilly go, so she could see Harry. I saw Niall and Liam come running in. Niall grabbed Lilly, “got you,” Niall says.

“Sorry Louis already got me,” she tells him. I got rid of my goofy smile before I walked down the stairs. Liam and Niall stick their middle finger up at me as Harry looked at us all, “I told them that the first one to catch me can have me for the weekend,” she explained to him. Harry nodded his head and I pulled Lilly out of Niall grip to me. I just need her close just in case Harry said no, “Louis you behave with her this weekend then,” Harry tells me. I smiled in relief before I nodded my head, “better eat so we can go fishing,” Niall pouted. Harry looked at Niall and Niall pout turned into a smile.

When we went into the kitchen we found Zayn and Perrie making-out. I kinda wish it was me and Lilly, “please guys we make food in here, not babies,” I joked. They break apart and Perrie turned bright red, “you should keep that in mind then Louis,” Zayn winked at me. I really hoped that Harry didn’t hear what he just said. I don’t want to be in more trouble with him then I already am. I laughed just a little bit to hide my nerves. I picked up a bowl and put some fruit loops in it. Lilly picked up her bowl to put some milk in it, “can you please put some milk in mine?” I asked nicely. I noticed as Lilly was pouring milk into my bowl that she had also fruit loops in her bowl. I think it her favourite cereal since she had a lot to choose from, “thank you hunny,” I say. I got out two spoons before Lilly takes one off of me. She put it in her mouth and I wished it was something else in her mouth. I came back to earth when Lilly pointed to my cup of tea.

Lilly and I sat at the dining room table with our tea and fruit loops, “did you let me catch you?” I questioned. She smiled, “maybe,” she says. I quickly kissed her, “thank you,” I whispered. I gave her knee a squeeze to calm myself down. I really wish I could make-out with Lilly right now. I really wish I could take her on the table right now, “so what are you and Perrie going to do while we are fishing?” I asked to change my dirty mind. But all I got was her and Perrie making-out in the kitchen. Lilly shrugged her shoulders as she ate some of her breakfast, “we are going to do girly things,” Perrie answered as she walked in. Perrie sat down next to Lilly, “what kind of girly things?” Lilly questioned.

“You’ll see,” Perrie smiled. I gave Lilly’s knee another squeeze to reassure her, “just no more kissing,” I joked. Well no more kissing Perrie without me and maybe Zayn there. Everyone else came into the room and sat down. The boys started talking about fishing, but I was really listing to Perrie’s and Lilly’s conversation about what they were going to do. I looked at the time to see it was only nine o’clock and realized that I won’t see Lilly until lunch time. I thought about making up something, so I didn’t have to go. But I couldn’t do that to Lilly she might need girl time with Perrie.

When we finished eating all us boys went to go get dressed. Liam stopped me before I got to my room, “you and Lilly seemed cosy this morning,” he teased. I smiled as I shook my head, “so how many nights you slept together like that?” he questioned. I shook my head again, “I know that you did on your party night. I’m also guessing Tuesday night when you didn’t come to the gym. What about Wednesday and Thursday night?” he wondered. I shook my head for the third time, “ok it was just Monday and Tuesday night. I stayed home Wednesday and Thursday night,” I tell him. He smirked as he nodded his head, “it’s the truth,” I added. I quickly walked away from him in to the room.

When I came back after getting dressed in shorts and a singlet. All the boys were waiting for me in the hallway, “ready to leave the girls and go fishing?” Niall asked. Harry looked worried as he looked down, “yeah let’s go,” Liam smiled. Niall put his hand on Harry shoulder before whispering something to him.

We found the girls outside talking while they were having a smoke, “well we are off for a couple of hour’s ladies,” Zayn tells them. Lilly kissed all the boys cheeks and left me last, “be safe,” she tells me. I smiled as I kissed her cheek, “I’ll try,” I say. She grabbed my hand that I put through the wall last night. I didn’t put the bandage back on it since I should be fine, “it be alright. Just don’t worry about it,” I reassured her. I knew Lilly was going to worry about my hand, but I really don’t like it wrapped up. She nodded her head and didn’t say anything.

I got into the front seat as Liam got in the driver’s seat of his car. Zayn, Niall and Harry got into the back, “do you know where you’re going Liam?” Niall asked. Liam started his car, “no I don’t Niall. It not like we go there every time we come up here,” Liam said sarcastically. Liam started driving out of the cabin, “do you think the girls be alright?” Harry wondered. I thought about a guy getting into the cabin and doing something to the girls, “they’ll be fine. They know how to protect themselves,” Zayn reassured him. I know Lilly can punch, but I had a feeling she would do anything to protect Perrie. I really wanted to turn back and stay with them now.

I didn’t realized that we arrived at our fishing spot until Liam stopped the car. It was another lake about twenty minutes away from the cabin which to me was too far away from the girls. I never worried about Perrie being on her own. I never had the thoughts about someone hurting her either. I blame Lilly for my new twisted thoughts, “you coming Lou or you just going to sit there?” Niall questioned. I looked at him and realized that everyone was gone, “sorry,” I mumbled. Niall looked at me weird as I got out of the car.

We set ourselves on the shore of the lake, “ok the person who catches the smallest fish got to pay for lunch,” Liam tells us. We all agreed with him as I set up my fishing rod. Niall helped Harry do his after he done his own. We all cast a line into the water and sat down, “what do you think the girls are up to?” Zayn asked. We all shrugged our shoulders, “girly stuff. Like painting each other’s nails, talking about boys, pillow fights in their undies,” Niall says. We laughed a little bit, “if they were having pillow fights in their undies. I don’t think I would be fishing right now,” Zayn points out. I wanted to say something, but I didn’t. I really wanted to tell Zayn that I would be right next to him. I was also thinking about telling Harry about Lilly and me. I knew the boys wouldn’t let Harry hurt me for liking Lilly, “Lou you know everyone in the school knows about you and Lilly being together. Even the staff and teachers know,” Liam tells me. I quickly looked at him, “really?” I wondered.
“Yeah. There’s bet going on. I heard that the pool is about two thousand and a lot of people lose on Monday,” Liam informed me. I wasn’t shock that people didn’t think me and Lilly could last pass the weekend. They probably think that I’ll just fuck her this weekend and leave, “did you guys make a bet?” I asked. They all shake their heads part from Niall, “I put in about fifty,” he says. Harry looked at him, “how long did you say?” Harry asked him. Niall shooks his head, “not telling,” he smiled. Harry put his hand on his shoulder, “what do you need the money for?” Harry questioned.
“I’m not rich like the rest of you guys. I thought if I won the money I could get a better car or maybe get something for Theo. Some shit like that,” Niall tells us. Niall never liked talking about money with us. I know the rest of us got a lot of money that we don’t know what to do with. It hard for Niall to say that he can’t afford that or I don’t have that. The boys and I try to help him out, but he just gets mad at us. I know how he feels, because before I moved in with Troy. Mum and dad didn’t have much money to go between us five kids. There was no five hundred a week pocket money, no new car, no big fancy house. It was just us seven and we were happy together. I know I fucked up so much, but they were really happy days that we had. Liam threw something at me, “earth to Lou,” he smiled. I noticed that he threw a rock at me, “what do you want?” I asked.
“I was asking if you want a drink,” he tells me. I nodded my head before Liam threw me a can of coke. I put it down next to me after I opened it, “I like it when we come up here. It makes me forget about life at home,” Niall says. We all agreed with him, “up here we can be whoever we want to be and no one knows who we are,” he added. I looked out onto the lake when Niall went quiet.
I don’t know how long we didn’t talk for, but it was nice. I noticed all the guys turned their heads to look at something. So I followed their gaze to see a group of five girls, “their new,” Liam says. We all nodded our heads before I looked back at the lake. I noticed Zayn also turned around, “how about we go talk to them?” Harry smirked. I sighed, “and let’s make it a game. Whoever’s fails to get one of their numbers. Buys lunch,” Harry added. Zayn shakes his head, “I’m out. If you forgot I have Perrie,” he reminds him. Harry nodded his head before Zayn looked at me with a smirked on his face. I think he was waiting for me to say no too since I have Lilly, but I couldn’t. I still didn’t know how to tell Harry about Lilly and I, “ok so it just the four of us then,” Harry says. We all stood up except Zayn and walked over to the girls, “hello ladies,” Niall flirted.
“Well hello,” one of the girls smiled at him. I looked over all five girls and they looked like rich daddy little girls. Everything they had was an expensive brand, “so what brings you ladies here?” Niall kept flirting. They smiled at him, “our parents,” another girls says. I really wanted to get away and back over with Zayn. None of these girls turned me on the slightest and I felt wrong. It felt like I was cheating on Lilly, “so what you guys names?” another one asked. She looked me up and down as we introduced ourselves well I mumbled mine. They told us their names, but I didn’t care to remember. Then they invited us to the party they were throwing tonight. I didn’t say anything before I walked back over to Zayn.
When I sat back down Zayn smiled big, “it felt wrong didn’t it?” he teased. I nodded my head, “why? Me and Lilly are not together,” I questioned. Zayn kept smiling at me, “because you really like her and it not because she is off limits. I think you like her because she makes you happy just with a smile. She also somehow calms you down,” Zayn tells me. I looked at the floor, “but why?” I wondered. Zayn laughed a little, “no one knows why we fall for people. We just do,” he replied. The boys came back over, “what happened to you Lou? Have you gone soft?” Liam asked. He knew the reason, “just wasn’t feeling it,” I say. They sat back down, “well you lost, so you got to pay for lunch for everyone,” Harry reminded me. I nodded my head, “did you bring some tea?” I asked Harry to change the subject.
“Yeah. I’ll make you some,” he tells me. I gave him a small nod, “thanks,” I mumbled. My phone vibrated in my pocket, so I got it out. I had a message from Liam:


I know what happened to you ;) I think her name is Lilly Underwood. She has long brown hair and green eyes. You follow her around like a lost puppy

I shake my head before I looked at him. He had a big smile on his face, so I messaged him back:

Tease me all you want, but at least I go home to someone instead of my hand or a random girl

I put my phone back into my pocket as Harry came over to me with my cup of tea. I take it off of him, “thanks Haz,” I smiled. It was hot, so I put it down. I saw Liam smiled change into a frown as he typed on his phone. I grabbed my phone out before he sent it. I thought about messaging Lilly, but Liam message came through before I could:
That was below the belt Lou. I now know not to tease you or girlfriend
I looked at him and he stuck up his rude finger. I gave it to him back before I messaged him:
Damm Right
Liam fishing line started moving, so Liam quickly got up to grab his rod. He started reeling it in as we all watched him. He finally got it in after ten minutes and it was a big pike. He seemed proud of himself, “looks like we got dinner tonight boys,” he boasted. We all stuck our rude finger’s up at him, “no one likes someone that brags,” I say. Liam looked at me, “it’s not my fault that Lil has standers Lou,” Liam smiled. I wanted to punch him for saying that, but I just sat back down.
We packed up after a while since no one was catching anything. We got to the small café where we were meeting the girls. The boys sat down as I went to pee. I drunk too many cups of tea and I was starting to feel weird. I kept having really dirty thoughts about me and Lilly. I knew I had to get rid of them before she got here. I really wanted to toss off in the bathroom, but I couldn’t since the girls be here any minute.
I went back out to the boys and sat down next to Zayn leaving a spot between me and Liam. Niall sat down between Liam and Harry while Zayn left a spot between him and Harry. I noticed Harry kept checking his phone, “I haven’t heard from Flower all day,” he says. I checked my phone and all I had was a message from Liam:
So she your girlfriend now? That very interesting
I didn’t reply, so I put my phone back in my pocket, “I’m worried,” he mumbled. Zayn leaned over to place his hand on Harry shoulder, “there are alright. There big girls,” Zayn reassured him. I folded my hand and put the straight on my dick. I don’t know why, but I need to touch myself. I need to get rid of these urges, before I make myself hard and have to explain myself. I started to think about my turn offs and it was slightly helping, “I wonder what the girls done while we were away?” Harry wondered.
“Girly stuff,” Niall says. I noticed Niall and Liam looking at something, so we all looked their way. My jaw dropped when I say Lilly. She was in a white dress that was tight on her chest, but flowed at the bottom. Her hair was up in a ponytail and I wished it was down. I like it when her hair is down. She looked so beautiful that I wanted to run up to her and kiss her. Liam patted me on the back which brought my attention back that everyone was there. As the girls came over we all stood up, “wow Flower seen you twice this week in a dress,” Harry says as he hugged Lilly.


“You can thank Perrie for that,” she smiled. Harry gives Perrie a bow, “you also look amazing Perrie,” he tells her. Perrie was wearing a dress similar to Lilly’s, but it was light blue and her hair was in a bun. We all sat down as Lilly sat between Liam and me while Perrie sat between Harry and Zayn. I kept looking at Lilly in this dress and I wanted to take her on this table, “so how was fishing?” Lilly asked. I turned my attention onto Liam, “Liam was the only one to catch a fish,” Harry pouted.

“It a nice big pike. Might cook it for dinner,” Liam smiled. He showed us how big it was with his hands and Niall started laughing, “no that the size of your dick,” Niall joked. We all laughed, but I knew Lilly was worried about people starting at us. I put my hand on her knee, “remember what I said about people staring,” I reminded her. She smiled at me, “so what did you girls do while we gone?” Zayn asked. The girls showed off their nails and they were all different colours, “it like a rainbow,” Niall says.

“We also had a make out session before going to aunt Fey salon. She says hi and so does Veronica,” Perrie tells us. I had really dirty images of Perrie and Lilly doing more than making-out. I didn’t realized that I was squeezing Lilly knee, “another make out session and we were not there,” Niall pouted. The girls laughed a little, “what do you mean another make out session?” Harry questioned. I forget that Harry went to bed early last night, “Perrie kissed Lil last night after you went to bed,” Liam tells him. Harry was shocked, “I can’t leave you alone without you kissing someone,” Harry sighed. He started laughing straight after he said that. I leaned in a little bit to Lilly, “what did I say about kissing?” I whispered. Lilly just smiled at me, “so did you girls get anything done at the salon?” Zayn asked. Lilly looked at Perrie which made me think that she did, “nothing just went to say hi before coming here,” Perrie replied. She kissed Zayn on the cheek, “oh Louis she knows about your fake relationship. She also can’t believe a beautiful girl like Lil date you,” Perrie added.

“I know. I think Lilly Belle needs her eyes checked,” I smiled. I really do can’t believe that Lilly is with me and I know normal people can see it. Lilly looked at Liam, “I see just fine right Niall?” she joked. We laughed harder, “I’m over here princesses,” Niall laughed. Lilly smiled at him as the waitress came over, “what can I get you?” she asked. I ignored her as she kept staring at me, “we like around of coke and four plates of chips please,” Liam tells her. When she left it felt like I could relax, “she likes you Louis,” Harry teased. I looked at him, “she not my type,” I say. I really wanted to say that I already have someone and that someone is Lilly. I knew if I said that Harry would jumped across the table and kill me, “so what the plan for tonight?” Zayn asked. I moved my hand higher up on Lilly’s thigh before I couldn’t stop myself, “well we can go to that party tonight. The one wear those girls invited us to,” Harry suggested. Zayn shakes his head no, “that invite was just for us boys. I’m not leaving the girls alone at night,” he tells Harry. Zayn had a point, “Well you can stay with them then,” Harry tells him. This time it was me shaking my head at Harry, “and what about Lilly Belle? You going to leave her being the third wheel,” I snapped. I felt angry at Harry wanted to leave Lilly alone tonight with Zayn and Perrie. I glared at Harry and he glared at me, “you go and I’ll stay with her,” I added.

“I’m staying back too. I don’t feel like party with a bunch of girls,” Liam says. We all look at him, “but it a bunch of girls that want to fuck you,” Niall says. Liam shakes his head, “I just want a relaxing weekend where I can put my feet up and not care about getting laid,” Liam tells us. I was shocked and I wondered if it was because what I said to him today. Niall checks Liam tempter, “I’m not sick,” Liam tells him. The waitress came back to give us our drinks. She left me last, so she could put her boobs in my face, “do you mind. I’m out with my girlfriend,” I snapped at her. I wrapped my arm around Lilly to show her who I was with. She glared at Lilly and Lilly just smiled at her. When she left we all laughed a little, “you normally use me for that,” Liam pouted. I leaned over Lilly to hug Liam, “I know, but we have Lilly Belle now and she is a girl,” I point out. I moved back from Liam, “that she is,” Liam winked. Lilly smiled at the both of us, “does that mean we all get to use Lilly like that?” Niall asked. No Niall you can’t use Lilly like that. Only I can, “only where people don’t know us and if it alright with her,” I say. Lilly nodded her head as she looked at Harry. He was looking at his drink as he was thinking, “Harry you can go to this party if you want,” she tells him. Harry looked at her, “nah, I was a dick to you about it and Louis had a point,” Harry admitted. Lilly grabbed his hand, “just go and have some fun. I probably read and go to bed early anyway,” she says. Really you’re going to bed early. Oh hunny not tonight. You’re all mine tonight, “are you sure?” Harry questioned. Lilly smiled as she nodded her head. Harry pointed to me and Niall, “what about you two?” he asked. Niall smiled as he nodded his head and I shook mine no, “my back hurts from falling off my bike yesterday. So I’m really not up for partying,” I lied.

“Is that how you hurt your hand?” Perrie asked me. No Perrie I punched a wall, because I was so angry at Lilly’s mother. I really wished that someone else knew what was going on with Lilly. I don’t know how much more I can take, “yeah. I thought I take the quicker way home, but my bike slipped underneath me and I feel off. I hit the grass as my knuckles grazed the pavement,” I kept lying. Lilly put her hand on my shoulder, “that why I don’t like your bike,” she tells me. I smiled at her, “I’m just glad you weren’t on there with me or you could have got hurt,” I say. I kissed her cheek before I hugged her. I left my arm around her for my crazy thoughts. I felt really protective of her right now and I wanted to do naughty things to her body. The waitress came back with our food, “so it just Niall and me tonight,” Harry says as he puts his arm around Niall. Lilly smiled at them, “can’t wait,” Niall says.

We ate our food with small talk that was about school. When we finished, “so what do you think of your weekend away so far Lil?” Liam asked her. Lilly smiled, “great,” she replied. Liam smiled back at her, “it won’t be so great after you get food poisoning from Liam’s cooking,” Niall joked. Liam punches him in the arm, “that was one time,” Liam pouted. Lilly smiled at Liam this time. My head went on rage mode, “do you want me to help you?” she asked Liam. I noticed Niall looked at her really quick, “you can cook?” Niall asked. Lilly nodded her head yes, “why are you just telling me this now? Will you marry me Lilly Underwood?” Niall rumbled. Lilly looked at Niall, “you forgot her middle name Camellia,” I said calmly. Niall looked at me, “did her mother tell you that?” he questioned. I smiled as I nodded my head yes, “that why I call her Flower, because her first and middle names are flowers,” Harry tells us.

“It suits her since she is beautiful as a flower, but also as delicate as one too,” Perrie says. Lilly blew her a kiss and Perrie blew one back, “I’m not that delicate tho,” she smiled. We all smiled, “oh we know that,” Liam says. I placed my hand on her knee to calm down, “so Lilly Camellia Underwood will you marry me?” Niall asked again. I moved my hand up under her dress and made myself stop at her mid-thigh. I really can’t help myself at the moment with her, “I’ve only know you for a week. So I’m going to have to say no,” she tells him. Niall pretends to cry on Harry shoulder, “I thought she was the one Harry. I thought she could make me smile in my sleep as I dreamt about her. She would be the first thing I thought about in the morning,” Niall faked sobbed. I knew Niall was teasing me. Harry pushed him off, “that’s my sister you dirty bastard,” Harry playfully snarled. Niall acted over scared, “I didn’t mean dirty dreams. I swear,” Niall says. We all laughed at Niall, “now everyone laughing at me. I can’t take life no more,” Niall dramatically says. He picked up a fork and pretends to stab himself, “my last thoughts are of you Lilly and your smile,” he added.

“Too bad, because if you asked me to marry you in a month or two. I would have said yes,” Lilly faked cried. I squeezed Lilly thigh to control myself. Did she really just say if Niall asked her in a month or two she would say yes? I know she was just playing along with him, but I can’t help feel hurt towards that, “you don’t need him sweetie you have me,” Liam smiled. I squeezed her thigh again as Niall sat up quickly. Really Liam? Did you have you have to add to my thoughts in my head? I already have so much self-doubt when it comes to this girl. I’m always going to be afraid that someone will steal my girl, “you take my girl after I’m dead. Some friend you are,” Niall snapped as he turned to Harry. Niall ignores Liam as he talked to Harry, “but Niall,” Liam whined. I really couldn’t stop my hand moving higher up her thigh until Lilly stopped me, “not now,” she whispered. Did she just say not now? Does that mean she wants something later? I really do need to stop questioning myself. I raised an eyebrow out of habit, “so later then?” I whispered back. Lilly moved in closer to me, “if you’re good,” she tells me.

“I’m always good,” I smiled. I moved my hand back to her knee and Lilly smiled at me, “ready to go back? Because I want to go swimming,” Harry asked us. We all agreed, “Lou you go pay since you lost,” Harry added. Why did he have to bring up that I lost? I didn’t want Lilly to know, “what did you lose at?” Lilly asked. The rest of the boys smiled at her, “it nothing,” I mumbled. Niall smirked and I knew he was going to tell her, “don’t be like that it was the first time you couldn’t flirt. It happens in one out of three men,” Niall laughed. I punched Niall in the arm and I didn’t hold back, “I must have touched a nerve,” Niall teased. I wanted to punch him again, “let’s just go pay,” Lilly tells me. What the fuck is wrong with me? I’m really angry over something so stupid, “yeah let’s go,” I say.

Once we got inside to pay Lilly put her arms around me, “why did you get so worked up?” she asked me. I shrugged my shoulders since I really didn’t know why I got so worked up, “must be a reason," she added. I play with my lip ring, "it just the boys think I'm going soft and they keep teasing me about it. That’s all they kept going on about when we fishing," I admitted. Lilly smiled at me, "have you gone soft?" she asked. I shrugged my shoulders again, "I don't think I am. It just why try hard when I already got a girl waiting for me," I smiled. I kissed Lilly’s forehead, "and you look very beautiful today," I added. I kissed her on the lips before I could stop myself. I really didn’t care if anyone watching us. I just want my girl. Lilly smiled as she looked at me, “do we have to go back?” I whined. Lilly nodded her head and I kissed her again. I kissed her longer this time before Lilly pulled away.

When we go to the cash register we got the same waitress that served us. She glared at Lilly as I paid her. When she took my money she handed me a piece of paper with her number. I couldn’t believe that this girl was so trashy and have the balls to do something like this in front of Lilly. I already told her that she was my girlfriend, “I said no. I’m very happy with my girlfriend,” I tell her sternly. We walked out before I lost it at this trashy girl, “I think she really wanted you,” Lilly’s says. I wrapped both of my arms around her and I didn’t care that Harry was here or not. I just want my girl so bad, “but I only want you,” I tell her. I kissed her with everything I have which might be too hard, “aw look how cute that is,” I heard aunt Fey say. We look at her and Veronica was with her, “mum you ruined their moment,” Veronica tells her. Zayn and Perrie join them, “I bet your glad Harry left with the others,” Zayn smiled. Aunt Fey looks at him, “what does Harry have to do with them” she asked Zayn.

“Harry and Lilly are childhood friends and their like brother and sister. Harry very protective of her and not really happy about them two,” Zayn explained to her. Aunt Fey smiled as we walked over to them, “so dating your best mate sister Louis?” she questioned. I smiled as I nodded my head yes, “his getting used to it, because she happy,” I say. I hope that’s what Harry sees when I tell him, “oh I know,” Aunt Fey smiled. Perrie quickly whispered something into aunt Fey ear and then Veronica’s. Perrie winks at Lilly as she smiled. So what was that about? Did something happened today, “so Louis how did you get this pretty girl?” aunt Fey asked me. I wrapped my arm around Lilly, “I asked her since I knew I couldn’t get away from her,” I tell her. It was the truth, “or she couldn’t get away from you, because you’re making her,” aunt Fey smiled. Veronica hits her arm, “mum I think if she didn’t want to be with him she would have told Harry,” she tells her. Aunt Fey smile got bigger, “I know that. I could tell the way he kissed her that they are both happy together,” aunt Fey tells her. I am very happy that we are together, “well we better be going,” Zayn says.

We hugged them goodbye and got into the car. Zayn and Perrie got into the front while Lilly and I got into the back. Lilly left the seat empty between us, “sorry about my aunt Fey,” Zayn apologized. Lilly smiled, “it alright Zayn no need to apologize,” she tells him. Zayn started to drive, “so are you really going to read and have an early night Lil?” Perrie asked me. Perrie looked at Lilly, “what did you have planned?” Lilly asked her. I have a couple of things we could do tonight with no one around, “that we sit around the fire and have a few drinks,” Perrie replied. Lilly smiled again, “I like that better,” Lilly says. I grabbed Lilly’s had since she was so far from me. I just want her close to me, “great we can play truth or dare,” I smiled. I ran my thumb over her knuckles, “isn’t that a kid’s game?” Lilly questioned. We all started laughing, “not when we play it” Zayn tells her. Lilly looked at me, “it be alright,” I reassured her. I kissed Lilly’s hand, “so Lil did you bring your bathers?” Perrie asked her. Lilly looked at me again and I remembered that I didn’t pack any. I couldn’t find any when I was packing her bag last night. I shake my head no, “nah I didn’t. I’ll just wear shorts and a t-shirt,” Lilly tells her.

“Why don’t we go buy one?” Perrie questioned. Lilly shakes her head, “I left my purse at home and I have no money anyway,” she says. Lilly smacked her forehead as I saw her cheeks go red, “I’ll get you one,” I tell her. Lilly shakes her head at me, “no. I’ll be fine in my t-shirt and shorts,” she tells me. Please Lilly I need to see you in a bikini, “I’m not taking no for answer, so Zayn to the shops,” I smiled. Lilly shakes her head no again at me, so I leaned over to her, “plus I want to see you in a bikini,” I whispered in her ear before nibbling on her ear lobe. Lilly pushed me away, “are you two alright back there?” Zayn asked. Lilly stuck her tongue at me and I really wanted to take her on the backseat, “he’s not behaving,” Lilly tells him. I know my head is not behaving, but I am. If I listened to my head you’ll be screaming my name, “Louis behave or I’ll will make Lilly get a wet suit,” Zayn chuckled. I glared at Lilly as she looked at me, “I’ll behave and don’t I get say since I’m buying?” I pouted. Perrie shakes her head, “no. Lil has to wear it, so she gets to pick it,” Perrie tells me. Lilly smiled at me, “it be alright,” she teased. I grabbed her hand to pull her to me, but, “where here,” Zayn says.

We all get out of the car and I got my smokes out. I lit one up and handed it to Lilly before I offered Zayn one, “I got mine in the glove box,” Zayn tells me. Lilly quickly looked at Perrie, “I get them for you hunny,” Perrie tells Zayn. She went to get them and came back with two, “I left mine at the cabin,” she smiled. Zayn kissed her cheek, “that alright babe,” he says as he takes one off of her. I wrapped my arm around Lilly’s waist, “what in the glove box?” I whispered in her ear. She looked at me, “nothing. Why?” she asked back. I smiled at her since I knew she was lying, “because you quickly looked at Perrie,” I pointed out.

“That because Perrie got Zayn something,” she smiled. I laughed a little bit since I knew she was lying still, “if you say so,” I say. Lilly shook her head, “I messaged Liam to tell him that we going to be late,” Zayn tells us. I nodded my head as I kept thinking what was in the glove box. As I was thinking Perrie and Lilly were talking about what swimsuit Lilly should get.

After we all finished our smokes we went inside the clothes shop. I really hated clothes shopping, “how long is this going to take?” I whined. Perrie looks at me, “how long it takes Lil to find one,” she tells me. Zayn sat down on a chair near the changing rooms and Perrie went to do something. I went with Lilly to the swimwear section, so she could pick her bathers out. When Lilly was looking over them she looked lost, “what wrong babe?” I asked as I pulled her back to my chest. I wrapped my arms around her, “I can’t choose,” she tells me. I started drumming my fingers against her stomach as I looked. I noticed a small white bikini that I would kill to see her in, “what about that one?” I suggested as I pointed to it. Lilly shakes her head no, “I will fall out of that one,” she tells me. I kissed her neck as I thought about the dirty things I want to do to her in that bikini, “maybe we should get that one when we go swimming alone then,” I whispered seductively in her ear. Lilly blushed as she shook her head no again. Maybe it might not be a good idea for Lilly to be in bathers with my naughty thoughts in my head. Lilly was still looking at the bathers and I thought she would have chosen something by now. I kissed her neck again, “what the reason you can’t choose?” I wondered. Lilly wrapped her arms around herself, “there’s too many,” she lied. Was she feeling insecure? I put my arms on the top of hers, “what the real reason?” I asked her sternly.

“I don’t feel comfortable in bathers,” she admitted. I hate when she feels like this and can’t see what I see. I kissed her cheek, “but it like wearing your undies and you have done that before,” I say. Lilly looked at me, “that was in front of you and Perrie not the other boys,” she tells me. Was she worried about Niall and Liam looking at her? She should be worried about me, “but you got nothing to hide,” I smiled. Lilly kissed my nose, “so you’re ok with the boys looking at me half naked then?” she questioned. I bit my bottom lip as I thought about Niall looking at her, “kind of, but I will hit them if they say something tho,” I tell her. I kissed her, “so please pick one that too revealing,” I added.

Lilly picked out a black bikini set that I helped her chose. I liked it since it covered her arse and boobs, but showed skin in the appropriate places. Lilly pointed to something, “why is he asleep?” she asked. I looked over to see Zayn asleep in the chair, “he the one that moved in his sleep last night. He woke up not long after you went back to sleep. He told me that he was going to get some fresh air, but I feel asleep before he came back,” I explained. I wonder how long he stayed up for?

We walked over to him and I carefully wake him up, “Zayn sweetie it time to go,” I say. I ran my hand down his face, “five more minutes please,” Zayn whined sleepily. Lilly started to giggle, “sorry sweetie, but we really have to go before Harry kicks my arse,” I tell him. Zayn just moves a little bit before Lilly whispered something into his ear. Zayn opened his eye straight away, “where?” he asked. Lilly started laughing as Zayn glared at her, “that not funny Lil,” he says as he stood up. I was confused what Lilly would say to him to wake him up, “what did you say to him?” I wondered.

“Just that Perrie was running around naked,” she smiled. I can see why Zayn got up straight away. I would have done the same thing if Lilly was. I smiled at her, “where is she?” Zayn asked. We looked around and couldn’t see her, “she told me that she had to go do something,” Lilly tells him. Zayn gets out his phone and calls her to see where she is. I put an arm around her waist, “did you get jealous when I was trying to wake Zayn up?” I teased. Lilly shakes her head no and I felt disappointed, “the way you were doing it we would have been here forever. I thought it was cute how you were waking Zayn up,” she tells me. I chuckled to myself a little bit as she said cute, “I’m not cute. You’re cute,” I say as I poked her nose. She poked my nose back, “nah you’re cute,” she teased. I smiled, “I’m not cute. I’m punk,” I pouted. Lilly played with my lip piecing and I found it hot for some reason, “you’re a cute punk,” she tells me. I smiled bigger, “are you two done having your cute moment?” Zayn interrupted. We smiled as we nodded our heads, “good, because Perrie said that she’ll met us at the car,” he tells us.

When I brought Lilly’s bikini she wasn’t impressed with the price, but I really didn’t care about the price. We met Perrie at the car, “where did you go?” Lilly asked her. Perrie smiled at Lilly, “just had go do something,” she replied. Perrie grabbed the shopping bag off of Lilly and looked in it, “that’s cute,” she says as she got the bikini out. Zayn groaned as he shakes his head, “can we please not start the cute thing again,” he smiled. I put my arm around Zayn, “you’re cute too,” I teased. Zayn pushed me off, “that’s not what you were saying the other night when I was on top of you,” Zayn joked. Lilly laughed, “so does that mean I get to have naughty nights with Lil then?” Perrie smirked. I quickly pulled Lilly to me. I really forget that Perrie is bi, “not yet and if only we can watch,” I tell her. I really wouldn’t mind to see Lilly and Perrie go at it. Lilly kissed my jaw and it brought me out of my thoughts, “what happened to me only being yours?” she asked. I smiled at her since I swear I heard worry in her voice, “that what he told me too Lil, but now that you came along I’ve been his second choice. I know I got Perrie, but there something about him that gets me off,” Zayn faked cried. Perrie hugged him, “it ok baby you always be my number one,” Perrie cooed. Lilly moved away from me, “I don’t know what to think right now Louis. You say that I’m only yours, but you go off with Zayn,” she faked cried too. I tried to pull her back to me, but she pushed me away, “Louis choose Zayn or me,” she demanded. I took a step towards her, “always you babe,” I confessed. I wrapped my arms around her before I kissed her lightly. Lilly smiled as she placed her head under my chin. I really like moment like this with her, “I understand Louis, but I’ll be waiting for you to come back to me,” Zayn joked. I smiled at him, “I hate to end this thing, but we need to head back,” Perrie tells us.

As we were heading back to the cabin I felt tension in the air for some reason, “Louis how did you really hurt your hand? Because when you picked Lil up your hand was fine,” Zayn asked me. Fuck I knew that he knew that I was lying. I looked Lilly as she looked at me and I sighed, “I lost my temper,” I admitted. Zayn pulls the car over to the side of the road, “out of the car now Louis,” Zayn said angrily. I get out of the car and so did Zayn, “why did you lose your temper? Was it because Lilly wouldn’t do something?” Zayn yelled. I looked at the ground, “I can’t tell you,” I say. Zayn grabbed my singlet, “Zayn stop! Louis didn’t lose his temper at me,” Lilly cried. I didn’t know she was there until she screamed at Zayn. I looked at her and she was crying, “then why did he lose his temper?” Zayn questioned.

“Because my mother hit me,” she whispered. Zayn let go of me and I rushed to Lilly’s side, “that why I couldn’t tell you, because Lilly don’t won’t people to know,” I tell him. I wrapped my arms around her trying to calm her down, “and I lost my temper, because Lilly stopped me from going after her. So I punched the wall out of anger and frustration. I didn’t mean to lose my temper in front of her, but I didn’t want her mother to get away with hurting her again,” I added. I whipped away Lilly’s tears before I kissed the top of her head. I think Zayn scared her when he attacked me, “again?” Zayn questioned.

“Lilly mother is not the nicest women I’ve kind of met. She always yelling at Lilly for everything even when Lilly has done nothing wrong. But yesterday was the first time she hit her,” I explained. Lilly hid her face into my chest. I knew she was embarrassed and upset with me telling Zayn, “I’m sorry babe, but I had to tell him,” I whispered to her. I rubbed her back slowly, “is that why you always make sure she is alright?” Zayn asked. I nodded my head as Perrie stood next to Zayn, “does Harry know?” Perrie asked. Lilly moved her head to look at them, “no and I like to keep that way. I just got to learn to keep my mouth shut,” she tells them. I kissed the top of her head again, “can we get going again? I really want to go swimming and have fun this weekend,” she asked us. I tried to give her my best smiled, but I knew I failed, “sure,” we all replied.

We all got back into the car and there was more tension than before. Zayn started driving, “guys you don’t have to worry about me. I am really alright,” Lilly says. I undid her seatbelt and pulled her to me, “we know you’re alright, but that what worrying me. Do you know what she does is wrong?” Zayn questioned. I wrapped my arms around her tight. I knew this conversation was making her uncomfortable, “I do. It just easy for me to forget about it,” she admitted. Lilly placed her head on my chest as I ran my finger up and down her back, “Zayn just drop it,” I snapped at him. Zayn sighed as he kept on driving, “I’m not ok with this,” Zayn whispered. Perrie grabbed his hand, “neither am I,” I whispered too. I really wasn’t and it was killing me that my beautiful Lilly Belle goes through that shit. Lilly played with the bottom of my top as she kissed my chest.

When we got back to the cabin I still had Lilly next to me and no one said anything for the rest of the drive here. I let Lilly go, so she could get out of the car. I got out of the car after I grabbed her shopping bag. I walked around to Lilly to see her watching the boys. She smiled at them, “you need to change if you want to join them,” I tell her. She looked at me still smiling and I smiled back. I love to see her happy like this. I grabbed her hand, “there here!” Niall yelled. We look at them, “yeah we are and we be back out when we changed!” I yelled back.

I pulled her inside to the bedroom that we were sharing. I hand her the shopping bag and didn’t let go of it, “Lilly I’m sorry about Zayn and I before,” I apologized. Lilly moved in closer to me, “it fine Louis,” she tells me. I let go of the bag to wrap my arms around her, “you know you didn’t have to tell them. You could have come up with a lie,” I tell her. Lilly dropped the bag before she wrapped her arms around me, “why? When I already told Perrie this morning,” she admitted. I hugged her tight before I looked straight into her green eyes, “that must have been hard for you,” I say. Lilly bit her bottom lip and I knew I shouldn’t think dirty right now, “it was, but it did feel go to tell her tho. I kept it to myself for so long that I started to believe it was normal part of my life and that I should just accept it. Then you showed me that it is not alright when you got mad and kept reassuring me,” she confessed to me. I lean in so our foreheads touched, “that why I think it getting to me lately,” she added.

“You know I’m only a phone call or a message away,” I tell her after I kissed her lightly. She kissed me, “I don’t mind kidnapping you for the night,” I smiled. Or the rest of your life, “you know that be every night?” I questioned. I kiss her, “I don’t mind. I got some of your clothes still,” I say. I kissed her again, but I stayed longer this time. I really just wanted to get lost in her right now and I hope she wants the same. I pushed her into me as I pushed my tongue into her mouth, “guys… I’m so sorry,” Zayn stuttered as he walked in. We looked at him, “yes Zayn?” I questioned. Zayn looked everywhere but us, “we need to head out together, so Harry don’t question why you two came out together,” he tells us. Zayn already changed into his black board short and took his top off. I noticed that his neck was a little bit red which mean him and Perrie where doing something. I wish me and Lilly were doing something, “that’s a good idea,” Lilly tells him. He turns around and starts walking out the door, “and next time can you shut the door, because I don’t know what I would have walked into if I came a few minutes later,” he tells us as he shut the door. If you walked in a few minutes later. I think I would have Lilly on the bed and me on top of her. Fuck maybe a good thing that he walked in, “I know how he feels,” I nervously chuckled. Lilly looked at me confused “I accidently walked in on him as Perrie was giving him a head job. There something’s you can’t un-see,” I explained.

“You probably deserved it,” she teased. Lilly squatted down to pick up the shopping bag. I laughed little bit when I caught her looking at my crouch, “babe we are a long way off from that,” I tell her. I helped her back up, “plus we haven’t seen each other naked yet,” I added. Please can we see each other naked? I do anything, “and we are a long way from that,” she smiled. I really pouted this time, “you already seen my boobs,” she tells me. I started to smile as I remembered yesterday, “and you already seen my arse,” I smirked. I take my singlet off as Lilly put the shopping bag down on the bed. I thought me taking off my singlet would make her jump me, well I hoped it would. I went through my bag to find my blue board shorts. When I found them I turned around to see Lilly taking off her dress. She already had her bikini bottoms on, so she must put them on under her dress. I put my board shorts on my bag before I went over to her. I ran my fingers down her arm after I stopped her from taking her bra off, “you didn’t cheek if I was looking,” I say. I kissed her neck as she bit her bottom lip, “maybe because I’m used to you seeing them,” she tells me. I kissed her neck before I undid her bra. She let it fall to the floor as I kissed her back. I lightly ran my fingers across her stomach, “Louis we don’t have time now,” she tells me.

“You owe me later,” I sighed. I took a step back away from her. Lilly cover her boobs with her arm before she turn to me, “I think you owe me later,” she tells me. I was turning her on as much as I was turned on. I can tell when Lilly’s turn on her breathing gets faster and her cheeks turn a slight pink. I smirked as I took my shorts off as Lilly watched me. I left my boxers on since I don’t trust the boys, “why are you watching me get undressed?” I wondered. She smiled at me as I put my blue board shorts on, “can you help me put on my bikini top please?” she asked me. I smiled as I went into the shopping bag and grabbed it out, “I still think you owe me,” I whispered. I really did think she owed me now. I wanted her so bad and I can’t have her right now, “turn around,” I tell her. She turned around for me, so her back was facing me, “arm down,” I added. When she moved her arm down I kissed the back of her neck. I placed the bikini on her boobs and I didn’t moved my hands away. I wanted to squeeze them, but know I shouldn’t. Lilly looked at me, “Louis later,” she promised. I kissed her lightly as she moved my hand to replace them with hers, “sorry,” I whispered. I purposely moved my hands across her skin to her back. I grabbed the straps and did them up, “make sure you do it tight. I don’t want to fall out in front of the boys,” she tells me. I made sure the back was done up tight now, “no we don’t, because Liam and Niall would have a good look. Then I will have to punch them,” I tell her. I slowly ran my fingers down to the top of her chest to grab the straps. At this point I could really do what I did yesterday with her. Lilly placed her hands on my waist as I tied the straps up. I kissed the back of her neck and it took all my willpower not to rip her bikini off of her. I know I need to stop thinking like this, “now we are ready to go swimming,” I mumbled. Lilly turned around to look at me and placed her hand on the side of my face, “is everything alright?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I smiled. She moved in closer to me, “Louis you can tell me what you’re thinking,” she tells me. Lilly I really can’t tell you what I’m thinking, “It just that,” I started. I wrapped my arms around her as I thought about what to say, “I would really like to have a heavy make out session with you right now. Then I would like to take us to the next level, but I don’t want to push you since I know you’re not ready. I just want to make you feel good,” I confessed. Fuck did I really just tell her that? Lilly kissed me lightly, “maybe later,” she tells me. Did she really just say that? I really don’t know how to take that, “not if you’re drunk,” I tell her. She gave me a small nod, “better get going,” I added. I need to get out of this bedroom before I do something that I will regret.


We went outside after we got Zayn and Perrie, “wow is that Lil in a bikini?” Liam teased. Lilly gave him the rude finger, “I guess so,” Liam laughed. Please Liam stop looking at her before I hit you. Lilly ran straight into the water, “oh my god that’s cold!” she screamed. We all started to laugh at her as she ran back out of the water. She ran straight to me and hugged me tight, “is the water cold?” I teased as I wrapped my arms around her. When I rubbed her back to warm her up it looked like Harry wanted to kill me, “it gets better when you start moving around in the water,” Liam smiled. Lilly smiled back at him and if it wasn’t for Harry looking at me like that. I would told Liam to back off, “so how about we play some volleyball,” Liam added.

We all agreed as got into two teams in the water. I had Lilly and Harry on my team, “looks like Lil got her two favourite boys,” Liam teased. Lilly smiled at him as I glared at him, “you know you’re all my favourite boys,” she says. We all smiled at her, but really I was pouting on the inside, “you don’t have to lie to us princesses,” Niall laughed. Lilly shakes her head as Harry severed the ball to start the game.

The whole forty five minutes that we played I had to stop myself so many times to not look at Lilly. Her boobs giggled the whole time and I was finding it really hard to not pull her inside and have my way with her. We set up five long deck chairs near the lake, “Lil your going have to pick someone to sit with,” Zayn smirked as he sat down with Perrie. I quickly pulled her to me before Liam or Niall took her, “she sitting with me since she is mine for the weekend,” I slightly snapped. Liam and Niall pouted while Harry had a smile on his face. Why was Harry smiling? I knew he was up to something, “I won her for the weekend, so she all mine and none of you can have her,” I boasted. Lilly and I sat down, “when you put it like that maybe I should have let someone else catch me,” she said a bit annoyed. I pulled her closer to me, “is everything alright Lilly Belle?” I whispered in her ear. She didn’t say anything, “Lilly Belle?” I questioned.

“Am I just a prize for you?” she asked quietly so no one could hear. I shake my head, “no. never,” I reassured her. I wrapped my arms around her as I hugged her tight, “I’m sorry what I said made it sound like that, but I did win with you tho,” I apologized. Lilly looked at me, “you’re the first girl to look past the bad boy image and see me. You put up with me and haven’t run away from me, even when I’ve done you wrong. So for once in my life I did win,” I admitted. Lilly looked like she wanted to kiss me and I really wanted to kiss her too, but Harry was close. I smiled, “just give me one later since I want to kiss you too,” I whispered in her ear before kissing underneath it.

“Do you know what I’m thinking most of the time? Since you keep voicing my thoughts,” she smiled. I laughed a little bit, “some of the time,” I replied. Lilly relaxed into me as she looked around. I noticed everyone was looking at the lake and it was a beautiful sight to see. Lilly put her head on my chest and it took me by surprise, “are you having a good weekend? Even tho I keep fucking it up,” I asked her. She looked at me as she smiled, “yes and you’re not fucking it up,” she tells me, I smiled back as my fingers played with her thigh. If it was just us two it wouldn’t be her thigh I be playing with, “are you sure about that?” I questioned. Lilly kept smiling as she nodded her head, “Lil do you know what to do with the fish I caught?” Liam asked her. Fuck sake people can’t you see we were having a moment? You’re lucky I can’t say anything, “well it a really bony fish, so we going to have to poach it,” she tells him. Liam and I were both socked, “so we going have to make a salad or cakes out of it. I also think we could make a soup out of it,” she added. Now everyone was looking shocked at her and all I could think of was my girl knows how to cook, “but I know a great fish cake recipe, because I know you don’t want salad or soup,” she smiled. We all smiled back at her, “I think we should start cooking then,” Liam smiled. He gets up and headed back up to the cabin, “Lil make sure he don’t cook too much. I don’t want food poisoning again,” Niall tells her.

“I heard that Niall and fuck you!” Liam yelled. We all started laughing part from Lilly, “you’re mean sometimes,” she tells Niall. Lilly hit me before getting up and walking into the cabin. I tried to not watch Lilly as she walked away, but her arse did look hot in those bikini bottoms. I looked at the lake, “so you going to get laid tonight Harry and Niall?” Zayn asked. They both shrugged their shoulders, “well why go if you don’t know?” I questioned. They looked at me, “cause I still can leave with a blowjob or a hand job,” Harry replied. I really could go for one of them now, “the one that was eyeing Lou off look like she be great at blowjobs,” Harry added. Don’t tempt me Harry. I want to stay faithful to Lilly even if I know we’re really not together. I need to calm down, so I closed my eyes thinking about Lilly.

After a while I had enough sitting there not really paying attention to anyone. I got up and went inside to the kitchen. When I walked in Liam and Lilly were hugging each other, “I thought you two were meant to be cooking,” I say as I lent against the door frame. Go away jealous thoughts nothing happing between them. Liam likes a girl at school and Lilly is in your top from last night, “we are,” she smiled. I smiled back at her, “she going to make Niall his birthday cake for us,” Liam tells me. I smiled bigger since this girl in my top was amazing, “you know what you’re going to make him?’ I wondered. Lilly shakes her head as Liam phone started to ringing, “I’ll be right back,” he tells us as he let Lilly go. I didn’t realized that Liam still had his arms around her. I was just focus on Lilly looking hot in my top. Liam picks up his phone and walked out of the kitchen, “so how the cooking going?” I questioned.

“Good since their not much to work with,” she tells me. I go over to her, “why are you always in my clothes?” I asked as I pulled on my t-shirt that she was wearing. She bit her bottom lip and fuck. I wanted to bend her over the kitchen bench, “because you leave them lying around,” she smiled. I pull her to me before I kissed her, “I like it when you wear my clothes,” I whispered on her lips. I placed my hands on her hips under her top just to feel her skin again. I pull her even closer to me, so out bodies would touch. Lilly looked right into my eyes, “Louis?” she whispered. She sounded a little bit scared of me. I let her go and lent over the kitchen bench as I sighed deeply. I knew I was hard and I need to control it, “what the fuck is wrong with me?” I groaned. Lilly wrapped her arm around me and I prayed that she couldn’t see my boner, “what wrong?” she asked me. I looked at her, “don’t worry about it,” I say. I kissed her forehead before I quickly walked out of there.

I went into the bedroom Lilly and I were sharing and sat on the bed. I stared at the floor as my thoughts about Lilly underneath me came into my head. I know I have these thoughts a lot, but today they seem too many and I didn’t like it. I really did fear that I could force myself onto Lilly if I didn’t stop. I knew Lilly wouldn’t leave me alone like this, so I knew I couldn’t start anything. I heard the door shut before Lilly knelt in front of me. Please don’t do that babe, “Louis what you’re feeling in not your fault,” she tells me. I looked at her, “what are you talking about?’ I asked her. She placed her hands on my thighs and I bit my bottom lip. Please Lilly tell me what you have to say and leave. I don’t want to hurt you, “the boys put horny goat weed in your drink today at fishing,” she explained. What the fuck did they do to me? Horny goat weed? I going to get them, “I’m going to kill them,” I gritted threw my teeth. Lilly kept me down before I could move, “calm down,” she tells me. I grabbed her hand trying to calm down, “I can’t,” I sighed as Lilly stood up and looked at me.

“It be alright,” she reassured me. I gave her hands a light squeeze, “um do you how to get it out of your system?” she wondered. I leant my forehead against her stomach, “yep. I was going to do it, but I knew that you will come and look for me. So I didn’t want you catch me playing with myself,” I replied. Lilly kissed the top of my head, “I’ll leave you to it then,” she tells me. I looked at her, “can I have a kiss before you go? To help me,” I smiled. She leaned down and I quickly looked down her top before she kissed me, “all good now?” she questioned. I shake my head as I pulled her down for another kiss. I knew I was being rough with her, but I was really trying to be gentle. I pulled her closer to me before I laid down on the bed. She fell onto of me never breaking the kiss. I rolled us over, so she be underneath me. I deepened the kiss as my hands went under her shirt to her waist. I felt Lilly start to untie my board shorts and I knew I should stop her, but I was really into this kiss. When she got them untied I stopped kissing her, “let me get you started and you can finish yourself,” she tells me. I bring her hand to my lips before kissing it lightly, “but what about you?” I asked.

“I’ll be alright. Plus I think it time that I gave back to you,” she says. Lilly you need to stop me, “you don’t owe me anything,” I smiled. She kissed me lightly, “oh, but I do,” she whispered on my lips. Lilly pushed me onto my back as she laid close to me, “what do you owe me?’ I questioned. She kissed my neck lightly, “for you helping me last time,” she tells me. I felt her smile against my neck. I pulled her face up to mine, “you don’t have to,” I tell her. I kissed her lightly hoping that she changed her mind, “I know, but I want to,” she admitted. Her hand moved down my body to the top of my shorts, “there is no stopping you is there?” I smirked. She shakes her head no, “just stay on the top of my boxers,” I added. She slipped her hand into my shorts and started rubbing me on top of my boxers. Fuck it felt so good that I wish I wasn’t wearing any boxers. Just to feel her hand against me, “that feels good,” I moaned. I pulled her closer to me, so she was slightly on top of me before I kissed her. I ran my hand up the back of her thigh to under her bikini bottoms. I left my hand on her arse before I decided to play in-between her legs. I squeezed her arse when she got harder and faster with me. I moaned into her mouth and I wish it was her moaning into my mouth. Lilly moved to start kissing my neck, “you need to stop, so I can finish,” I tell her out of breath. I moved my hand from her arse to grab her hand that was in my shorts. I need to stop before I couldn’t stop myself from touching her. I pulled her hand out of my shorts, “how much I would love for you to finish me. We can’t, because we are not ready,” I tell her. She looked at me, “don’t say that you’re ready,” I added.

“I was going to say that you sound like a girl,” she giggled. I kissed her hard and rough, “I’m not a girl. I’m just thinking about you,” I smiled. I kissed her again as we sat up, “well my cute punk since you don’t want me to finish you. I better get back to cooking then,” she pouted. She got off the bed and I noticed that her arse was sticking out of her bikini bottoms. I pulled her back to me, “need to fix something,” I say. I fixed her bikini bottoms, “I made your arse stick out,” I added. I lightly slapped her arse before I kissed it. I wish I could do it over and over again, “don’t call me a girl and don’t pout when I say no,” I ordered. Lilly shook her head as she walked away from me, “have fun by yourself,” she smiled before walking out and closed the door.

“I won’t,” I whispered to myself. I laid back down on the bed after I pulled my shorts and boxers down to my feet. I was really hard now and I really wished that I didn’t send Lilly away, but it was for her own good tho. I thought about Lilly as I griped myself in my hands. I was going at the same pace Lilly was doing before I stopped her. I started imagining her lips around me as she took me in her mouth, “fuck,” I whispered. The images in my head about Lilly got worse. I was imagining her jumping up and down on my dick telling me that it feels so good. Then I would smack her pretty arse as she kept going. I got harder and faster with myself as the images in my head changed again. This time I was doing Lilly from behind while I fingered her arse hole.

I came not long after that and cleaned myself up. As I was walking down the stairs back to the kitchen I was cursing myself of what I imagining doing to her. I can’t believe horny goat weed made me think about my darkest fantasy. When I got into the kitchen I straight away glared at Liam, “I should punch you,” I snarled. Lilly wrapped her arms around me to stop me getting any closer to Liam, “I’m so sorry Louis. I really didn’t know that you wanted Lilly so bad,” Liam apologized. I tensed up, because I really wanted to hit him. He knows how I feel about Lilly, “well you could fucked everything up between Lilly and I,” I spat at him. Liam looked at the floor, “I am really sorry. I didn’t know how hard you were trying. It was all Harry idea,” Liam said quickly as he rubbed the back of his neck. I knew I was really anger at the moment and I didn’t want to calm down. I sighed in anger, “calm down, it going to be alright. I have a plan,” Lilly tells me.

She explained her plan to me and Liam, “so you want me to show signs of sexual frustration to make Harry think it working. Also make him think I’ll jump you or that I’ll give in a go to this party to get laid?” I questioned to make sure I heard her right. Lilly nodded her head, “that be easy,” I smiled. Liam laughed a little bit, “and for you Payno you have to tell me the real reason why you don’t want to go to the party,” I demanded. I just need him to tell me that he likes this girl, “I like a girl at school,” he whispered. Lilly smiled, “she in our P.E class and also mine and Zayn art class,” she added for him.

“I thought you liked her,” I smiled. Liam looked shocked at us, “how do you know?” he asked us. I laughed a little bit, “I’ve seen you looking at her like she the most beautiful girl you ever seen. Her name is Sophia right?” I smirked. Liam blushed as he nodded his head yes, “then why don’t you ask her out?” I questioned. Liam looked back at the floor, “she would never go out with me,” he mumbled.

“Do you want me to talk to her?” Lilly asked him. I looked at her the same time Liam does, “would you? Even after what I did to Louis,” Liam questioned. Lilly gave him a small nod, “I can tell that you’re really are sorry about it,” she tells him. Liam hugged her tight, “thank you so much,” Liam beamed. I walked away from them, so I wouldn’t lose my mind. I know he just thanking her, but it me, “now let’s finish dinner before Niall starts complaining,” Lilly says. I washed my hands, “I’ll help. Just give me something easy to do,” I smiled. I just need to stay with Lilly before my mind thinks of something else. They laughed a little as they washed their hands, “you cut up the baguettes into two inch thick slices,” she tells me. I got a chopping and a bread knife out and put it on a kitchen bench, “you sure I can do that? I’ll swap with Liam,” I wondered. I really didn’t know if I could cut up a piece of bread. Knowing my luck it full apart or be too thin or too thick. Lilly smiled at me, “Liam job is harder, so I want him to do it. I don’t think you can do it,” she teased. I lean in closer to her face, “you’re mean sometimes,” I say. She kissed my nose, “you weren’t saying that before,” she smirked. Liam started to laugh, “maybe some good things came from them drugging me,” I smiled. Liam stopped laughing, “don’t want to know,” he mumbled.

“Well don’t you want to know what you did to me worked?” I smirked. Liam was getting uncomfortable, “no,” he whispered. Lilly looked at me, “get to work Louis,” she ordered. I was turned on by her ordering me around. She was just lucky that Liam was in the room. I grabbed the baguettes and cut them up, “what do you want done with the bread?” I asked when I was done. Lilly was at the stove and she pointed to the large baking trays, “put some baking paper on the trays and then you can put the bread on them. Leave the ends off please,” she tells me. I grabbed the baking trays and the baking paper, “I’m done too,” Liam tells her.

“Can you cook the potato pancakes?” she asked. I started putting the bread on the trays, “how about I make them and you cook them?” Liam questioned. I put the last piece of bread on, “I’m all done again,” I say. Lilly came over to me with a pot as she grabbed out two spoons, “do you think you can help me?” she asked. I grabbed a spoon off of her, “I can try,” I smiled. She showed me to put a spoon full of butter on the pieces of bread and I copied her the best I could, “I think there is hope for you,” she teased. I gently bit her nose, “why are you being mean to me?” I pouted. Lilly kissed my cheek, “am I?” she said cheekily. I smiled as I kissed her, “I’ll get you back,” I tell her.

After we put them in the oven with the cherry tomatoes Lilly grabbed out a frying pan and went over to the stove. I really could watch her cook all day, “Louis can you get out eight plates and hand me one with paper towel on it?” she asked me. I grabbed the plates out and take the top one. As I was putting the paper towel on it I wondered if Lilly was turned on. Her cheeks were a slight pink and that normally means she’s turned on. I put the plate down next to her, “here you go,” I say. She smiled as I kissed her cheek, “I know why you’re being mean to me,” I smirked. Lilly raised an eyebrow at me, “you got turned on when you rubbing me,” I whispered in her ear. As I kissed her neck Lilly bit her bottom lip, “can you two go set up the table?” she asked me and Liam. I knew she was trying to ignore me.

Liam came with me to set up the table, “have we ever set the table up?” Liam wondered. I shrugged my shoulders, “you sure you’re alright?” Liam asked. I shrugged my shoulders again, “all I know I still want to jump Lilly Belle, but I don’t know if that’s me or you guys drugging me,” I say. Liam laughed a little bit, “I think that might just be you,” he smiled. I shake my head, “I know you have fantasies about you fucking her,” he added. I pushed him a little, “shut up,” I say. Liam shakes his head, “hey if I was you. I would have a boner all the time,” Liam joked. I raised an eyebrow at him, “what? Lil hot, but she also cute and beautiful. It’s a good mix,” he explained. I nodded my head, “yep and she all mine,” I tell him. Liam smiled big as he nodded his head, “we technically she no one’s,” Liam points out. I give him a warning look, “just saying,” he says.

When we finished setting up we went back into the kitchen, “all done,” we say as we came back in. Lilly was still cooking at the stove as she cheeked the oven, “their done. Can you two come and get them for me?” she asked us. Liam and I got them out of the oven and put them on the bench. Lilly made Liam cook the rest of those potato pancake things. She grabbed out a spoon and pair of tongs and gave me the tongs, “now can you put two pieces of bread on each plate?” she questioned me. I started to put two pieces of bread on each plate before I gave the plate to her. Lilly put the fish meat on top of the bread with so much concentration on her face. Liam came over with the potato pancakes when we finished putting the food on the plates, “now two one every plate please,” she tell Liam. He did was he was told as Lilly put the roasted cherry tomatoes on top of the fish meat. When the plate was done I took them out to the dining room to put on the table.

When I went back into the kitchen to grab the last two plates Liam was gone. I pick up the plates, “thank you for dinner babe,” I tell her. I kissed her lightly before we walked into the dining room, “don’t thank me yet. You haven’t tasted it,” she says. I put the plates down, “but I know it be fantastic,” I smiled. Lilly shakes her head as everyone else came in, “wow this looks delicious,” Perrie says. Lilly sat down between me and Niall with a smile on her face, “before we dig in. I like to welcome Lilly to the group. I don’t know if we already done that yet,” Harry started as he held up his drink. We all picked up our drinks, “I’m looking forward to more great memories with all of you for our last year of school. But I hope to have more memories with all of you after school tho,” Harry continued. We all smiled and I really did hope that I would still know these guys after school, “so let’s dig into this wonderful food,” Harry finished. We all clinked our glasses together as we cheered. I eat some of my dinner and it tasted fantastic. I didn’t know that she could make fish taste this good, “this is amazing Lil,” Niall praised her. We all agreed with him, “thanks,” she whispered. Her cheeks went bright red and I had to resist to kiss her, “Lil said that she cook more if we had more food than chocolate and beer,” Liam tells them. We all started laughing, “there will be definitely more food from now on,” Zayn smiled.

“Let’s just remember that when Lilly Belle comes away with us. She not our cook and that she on holiday too,” I point out. Lilly smiled as she wiped some food off my chin. I closed my eyes without thinking when she did it. I really did enjoy her touching me, “oh we know that. She can have fun too,” Liam smirked. Everyone smiled part from Perrie and I knew she knew what the boys did to me. I could tell that she was worried that I might do something to Lilly.

When we eating we all talked about the extra curriculum lessons that we were going to take, “you should join dance with me Lil,” I heard Perrie tell Lilly. I saw Lilly shake her head, “I don’t dance,” she tells her. Perrie shakes her head too, “you danced at the party,” she reminded Lilly. I remembered when she danced at my party and how hot she looked, “I was drunk,” Lilly says. I laughed a little bit, “so I was right that you were already drunk before the party, but you tried to tell me it was the heels,” I teased. Lilly pushed me and I acted hurt, “careful with me. Remember I hurt myself for you,” I cried a little.

“It was not for me. You did it from being a dickhead,” Lilly smiled. I moved my face in closer to her and I didn’t care if Harry was watching. He’s the one that drugged me, “what with the name calling Lilly Belle?” I questioned. Lilly bit my nose gently and I gave out a fake moan, “because don’t blame me for hurting yourself,” she tells me. Lilly looked at Perrie as Harry smiled at us. What the fuck is up with him, “how about I think about joining dance with you?” Lilly asked her. Lilly got up and started to clean up the table. I grabbed her hand, “what are you doing?” I asked.

“Cleaning up,” she smiled. I pulled her to me, “no. You cooked so you don’t clean,” I tell her. Niall started to clean up, “he has a point. Why don’t you go relax,” Niall tells her. I wrapped my arm around her as she smiled, “might go have a bath then,” she tells us. I groaned and Niall smirked at me, “use the one in the master bedroom. It big and turns into a spa,” Zayn tells her. That sounds like a good plan Zayn, “I’ll show you,” Perrie says as she stood up. Perrie pulled Lilly out of my grip, “now the master bedroom is on the first floor away from the other bedrooms,” Perrie tells Lilly. They left the dining room, “you going to help Lou?” Niall asked.

“Nope. I’ll helped cook,” I smiled. Niall acted surprised, “what did you cook?” he wondered. I laughed a little bit, “the bread,” I replied. I stood up, “well I’m going for a nap before I go out tonight,” Harry tells us. He walked off, “I’m going to watch the football game,” Liam says. He walked off to the lounge room, “and Lou off to the bathroom,” Zayn smirked. I smirked back, “yes to have a shower,” I tell him.

I managed to get to the master bathroom without Perrie seeing me. I stood in the doorway watching Lilly fill up the bath. When she bent over it display her arse perfectly, “you know you should close and locked the door,” I tell her. She jumped as she turned around to face me, “you should add some bubbles,” I added. I walked passed her to grab the bubble bath and added it to the bath. I know Lilly was watching me as I put the bubble bath back, “Louis what are you doing in here?” she asked. I wrapped my arms around her, “is it so wrong that I wanted to see you?” I asked back. Lilly ran her fingers up my chest, “you know what I mean,” she points out. I know she was wondering about Harry, “Harry gone for a nap before he goes out and everyone else is watching TV,” I smiled. I kissed her, “and I’m not looking for anything. I just want to spend some alone time with you,” I added.

“Sure you’re not,” she smiled back. I really did just want to spend time with her and not really do anything. Well maybe make-out with her naked, but I know that won’t happen. Lilly stepped away from me, “don’t you think I can?” I smirked. Lilly takes my top off that she was wearing and throws it at me. I caught it, “I think you’re the one that wants more,” I chuckled. Lilly played with her bottom lip with her teeth. Fuck maybe she does want to do more in the bath, “I was just going to have a nice relaxing bath to myself and let my mind wonder,” she tells me. I raised an eyebrow out of shock, “and let your mind wonder where?” I questioned. I stepped in closer to her before she ran her fingers down my bicep, “my secret,” she whispered in my ear. Before I could stop myself I kissed her neck lightly, “I think someone wants to be naughty,” I whispered on her skin.

“Only you think that,” she says. Lilly ran her fingers back up my bicep as I grabbed her hips. I walked her backwards until her back hit the door. I shut it before I locked it, so no one could walk in. I kissed down her neck, “don’t tell me that you don’t want this. You wanted it when you were getting me off,” I growled in her ear. Lilly dug her finger tips into my arm as I kept kissing down her neck to her collarbone. I could tell she was biting her bottom lip, “Lou the bath,” she moaned slightly. I knew that she was still turned on when she was rubbing me. I smiled against her skin, “I think we should have one together,” I tell her. Lilly shook her head, “were a long way off from that,” she says. I walked over to the bath to turned it off, “I never said anything about getting naked,” I pointed out. I take off my board shorts off and stood there in my boxers looking at her, “come here,” I smiled as I held my hand out. Lilly takes my hand before I pulled her to me. I wrapped my arms around her as I kissed her forehead. I slowly moved my fingers backwards and forwards on her back. Her skin was soft under my fingertips, “I did mean what I said about that I just want to spend time with you,” I confessed. Lilly looked at me, “but if you want something more. I’ll do anything you ask me to,” I added. I kissed her lightly, “how about we get in that bath and see where it takes us,” she says on my lips. I kissed her lightly again before I got into bath. Lilly joined me and I pulled her to me, so her back was against my chest. I wrapped my arms around her, “this is nice and warm,” I smiled as I put my chin on her shoulder. Lilly leaned back into me, “Louis can I ask you something?” she questioned. I kissed her shoulder, “of course babe,” I tell her.

“It about playing with myself,” she mumbled. I smiled at the fact that she was embarrassed that she wanted to talk about masturbation with me. I kissed her shoulder again, “what about it?” I wondered. She went bright red as she played with her fingers, “you don’t need to be embarrassed about it with me. Just tell me what you’re thinking,” I reassured her. She grabbed my hand and I move my thumbs over her skin. Lilly takes in a deep breath, “um I haven’t done it since that day in your bedroom,” she started. I kissed her check before I leant my head into hers, “because it felt like I did it wrong,” she finished. I kissed the curve of her neck, “what do you mean?” I questioned. Lilly wrapped our arms around her tighter, “I don’t know. It just when you asked me did I put a finger in and I said no. It made me think that I did it wrong,” she admitted. Fuck I did this to her. I kissed her cheek, “I’m sorry if I made you feel like that,” I apologized. I moved one of my hand away from her, so I could pull her face gently towards me. I kissed her lightly, “you didn’t do it wrong, because you still had an orgasm. It just like when we dry hump,” I reassured her. Lilly bit her bottom lip, “can you show me?” she asked me. I smiled as I looked down, “you know that the next level and we talked about it yesterday about you not being ready. I know I let you rub me in the bedroom today, but I was so horny that I let you,” I started until Lilly stop me.

“I know what you’re saying, but you’ll be teaching me. So it different kind of,” she tells me. I lean my forehead into hers, “please don’t say no. I want to know how to do it properly since I’ve been thinking about it,” she begged. I smiled at the fact this girl wants me to tech her how to masturbate, “and yes that because of you,” she added. The smile left my face as the thoughts of forcing myself onto Lilly came back. I looked down, “I don’t think we can today. We just started dry humping yesterday after we talked about not going to the next level. I know you want to know how to pleasure yourself right, but for me to show you means you have to get naked,” I started. I looked at her, “and you said that we are a long way from that. Which means you’re not ready. I feel like an idiot rejecting you after I let you touch me,” I continued. Lilly kissed me to stop me from rambling on, “why can’t I keep my clothes on? I did the first time I did it,” she wondered.

“It because,” I whispered. Lilly turned around to kneel in front of me, “it because I’m scared that I can’t control myself with you. I don’t even know if all the horny goat weed out of my system yet,” I confessed. Lilly looked down, “I understand,” she mumbled. I knew she was embarrassed that I rejected her, but it was for her own good. Lilly moved to get out of the bath, “please don’t go. I’m sorry that I can’t do what you asked me to do. I know I said I’ll do anything you asked me, but I can’t do this,” I begged as I grabbed her hand. I hated the look on her face at the moment, “Lilly it not that I don’t want to touch you, because I really do want to. I think it better you do it yourself, so you can find out what you like and don’t like,” I reassured her. Lilly smiled a little bit as she bit her bottom lip, “um, yesterday when we were dry humping you said that I could touch myself,” she began. I moved in closer to her, “what I’m trying to ask is can I touch myself in front of you?” she mumbled. What? Did she really just ask me that? I was shocked, “I don’t know what to say,” I muttered. Lilly put her hand on the side of my neck, “you keep saying the next level is when you touch me, but you never said anything about me touching myself in front of you,” she pointed out. I smiled at the thought of Lilly touching herself in front of me, “and I do have something to say about that too. Since day one your hand been down my knickers,” she continued. I bit my bottom lip at the fact that she caught onto me, “I like to see what I do to you,” I smirked. Lilly kissed me, “but that the next level,” she says. I pulled her on top of me, “are you trying to say that I’m not allowed touch you anymore?” I questioned. Lilly smiled as she nodded her head, “you know that means you’re not allowed to touch me anymore,” I tell her.

“It not like you letting me anyway,” she says. I think this is what really about. Lilly really wants to touch me, “but what about yesterday and today? I let you touch me,” I smiled. Lilly kissed my neck, “that because you were horny,” she pointed out. Lilly kissed my neck again before kissing all the way down to my chest. I was getting lost in her kisses, “Lilly what are you doing?” I groaned. She kissed all the way back up to my lips, “teasing you,” I smirked. I kissed her, “you know what happens when you tease me,” I smiled. Lilly quickly raised her eyebrows as she moved back from me, “you’re learning quickly how to make me want you more,” I says as I moved in closer. Lilly leaned back before I could kiss her as she steadied herself in the water, “there nowhere you can go now,” I smirked as I wrapped an arm around her. I kissed and thrusted my tongue into her mouth. She kissed me back quickly as I laid her down her in the water. She wrapped her arms around my shoulder, so her head would stay out of the water. I started kissing her neck, “I know what you’re trying to do,” I whispered in her ear before I kissed under it.

“What that?” she slightly moaned. I smiled against her skin at the fact that the simplest touched make her moan. I pulled her up out of the water and she place her legs on each side of me as she straddled my lap, “you want me to touch you,” I tell her. She smiled as she kissed me, “please do,” she tells me. Lilly grabbed my hand, but I pulled it back, “why do you want me to touch you?” I wondered. I wondered if it, because she wants to do this for me, “because you know how to make me feel good,” she admitted. I licked my lips at the thought of making her feel good, “but it about time you learnt yourself,” I smiled. I ran my fingers down her arm, “but how about I get you started” I tell her. I ran my finger down her neck to between her boobs before I kissed where my finger was. Lilly moved to untie her bikini top, but I moved her hand away. I placed her hand on my neck before I pulled her close to me as I kissed her. I get her bikini top off without breaking the kiss. I then pulled the hair tie out of her hair, so it would fall down around us. I really like it when her hair was down, “I miss your hair down,” I whispered on her lips. Lilly started grinding against me as she looked at me. I was lost in her beautiful green eyes, “fuck Lilly,” I groaned.

“You been turning me on all day,” she confessed. I smiled as I kissed her, “I like it when I’m right,” I say. I kissed along her jaw line to down her neck, “Lou,” she moaned as she grabbed the back of my hair. I smiled against her, “babe how much I like you moaning my name. You need to keep it down, because we don’t want to get caught,” I tell her. Lilly stopped grinding against me as I looked at her, “if it helps moan against my skin or you can even bite me a little,” I added. I kissed her as she nodded her head, “babe are you still thinking about touching yourself in front of me?” I wondered. I ran my hand up her thigh to her arse under her bikini. I moved my fingers backwards and forwards on her arse, “yes,” she whispered.

“Are you nervous about it?” I questioned. Lilly looked down, “just a little bit,” she admitted. I kissed her forehead, “you don’t have to do it,” I tell her. Lilly looked at me, “I do, but it just that,” she started. I kissed her to shut her up, “you won’t be doing it alone,” I interrupted. I know she was embarrassed about this since she blushed a deep red, “because you playing with yourself will be hot as fuck and sexy as,” I added. Lilly hid her face into my neck, “I want you to feel something before I start,” she tells me. She looked at me before grabbing my hand and moving it to the top of her bikini bottoms. I looked down as she pushed my hand under the material. I was shocked that it was completely smooth. I smirked since I worked out that her knickers are in Zayn’s glove box and that’s why she didn’t want Zayn to go in there. I looked at her as I moved my hand out, “you did more than talk at aunt Fey salon,” I say. I kissed her, “but you know you didn’t have to do it,” I added.

“I did it for me since I wanted to know what it feels like. I also kind of did it for you too,” she smiled. I smiled as I kissed her again, “you don’t need to do these things like this for me,” I tell her on her lips. She looked away from me and I knew I upset her, “so you don’t like it then?” she questioned. I pulled her face to mine, “I do like it, but I just don’t want you to think that you got to do this stuff for me,” I reassured her. Lilly kissed me lightly, “can you please stand up?” I asked. Lilly got off me before she stood up. I kissed both of her knees, “are you in the mood still after what I said?” I wondered.

“I’m always in the mood with you,” she smiled as she looked at me. I kissed up both of her thighs before I kneeled. I kissed along the top of her bikini bottoms trying not to go lower. As I stood up I left open mouth kisses all over her stomach. I kissed each of her boobs and Lilly put her hands though my hair. I kissed up her neck to lips before I kissed her roughly. I knew I was hard from just kissing her. I ran my hands down her back to under her arse, “jump,” I say in her mouth. Lilly moved her head back and looked confused at me, “jump,” I say again. Lilly jumped and wrapped her legs around me as I made sure that I had a good grip of her, “I thought we get out of the bath for what we are about to do,” I tell her. I got out of the bath, “why?” she questioned.

“Because I want to see it probably,” I tell her. Lilly blushed as I put her down on the vanity between the two sinks. I started kissing her neck as I ran my hands up her thighs. Lilly wrapped her legs around me to bring me closer to her. Lilly leaned back as I started kissing across her chest. I put on of her nipples into my mouth before I started sucking on it. Lilly bit her bottom lip, so she would hide her moans. I stuck my hand down my boxers and started playing with myself. When Lilly noticed what I was doing she stuck her hand down her bikini bottoms. She started rubbing herself, “fuck,” she puffed. I grazed my teeth over her nipple as I took it out of my mouth. I looked at her, “I never imagined us doing this,” I groaned. I really did never in my wildest fantasies pictured us doing something like this. I pushed Lilly back against the mirror as she kissed me. I moved my hand away from myself, so I put Lilly’s feet on the vanity. I went back to playing with myself as I hovered over her, “why don’t you try to put a finger in?” I smiled. She gave me a small nod as I moved back. I watched her slowly put a finger into herself. I knew I really couldn’t see anything, but it didn’t stop my mind from thinking otherwise, “fuck,” I moaned. I watched Lilly as she started pumping her finger in and out of herself. I kissed her neck after she closed her eyes. She let a moan slip from her lips and I smirked against her skin, “remember what I said babe,” I reminded her. She wrapped an arm under my shoulder as she kissed me. Lilly moaned into my mouth before I gently pulled on her bottom lip with my lips. When I let go of Lilly’s lip she hid her face into my neck, “oh fuck,” I growled into her ear before roughly kissing under it. Lilly dug her fingertips into my back as I felt like I no room in my boxers, “babe?” I moaned. Lilly looked at me, “not to kill the mood as I scare you, but I need move my boxers down a little. I got no room left,” I said uneven. She bit her bottom lip, “ok,” she whispered.

“Just don’t look down if you don’t want to,” I tell her. Lilly put her face back into my neck and I pulled my boxers down, “thank you,” I whispered in her ear. We both got harder and faster with ourselves as we kept going. Lilly quickly looked at me and her cheeks were really red now, “you looked didn’t you?” I asked. She quickly nodded her head, “are you turned on more now?” I questioned. Lilly leaned in close to my lips, “yes,” she moaned before she kissed me. Lilly pushed her tongue into my mouth as her hips buckled against me, “fuck,” I moaned into her mouth. We got even faster with ourselves, “Lou I'm close,” Lilly tells me. I gave her a small nod to tell her that I was also close. We both hid our face into each other’s shoulders as we both came and rode out our highs.

We didn’t move as we stayed against each other catching our breath. I moved Lilly’s face towards mine before I kissed her lightly, “that was different,” I say. Lilly smiled as she finally moved her hand out of her bikini bottoms. She looked down at her arm before she showed me it. I noticed that I came all over it, “sorry about that,” I smiled. I showed her my hand that what covered in my cum too, “what is it?” she asked innocently. Did she really just asked me that? I raised an eyebrow at her, “please tell me you’re joking?” I questioned. I knew I blushed slightly since the look on her face tell me that she wasn’t joking, “I know what it is. It you’re cum,” she smiled. Thank god she knew what it was. I shook my head a little as I realized that I was a dick for thinking this. Lilly seventeen and already learnt all this shit, “I’m not that pure,” she added. I laughed a little bit, “are you sure about that?” I smiled. Lilly moved her arm that was covered in my cum closer to her face. I pulled her arm back down before she did what I was thinking she was going to do, “what do you think you doing?” I asked.

“I thought about tasting it since you tasted me,” she tells me. I shake my head, “not today beautiful,” I tell her. I looked at her as I started moving my thumb over the back of her hand, “I think we should have a shower to clean up,” I started. I looked down at myself and I knew Lilly was looking too, “you seen me fully naked now,” I continued. I looked at Lilly as she was still looking at my dick, “am I the first man you seen naked?” I wondered. When Lilly looked at me she was blushing, “yep,” she says. What really? What about Harry and Marcel? Well I did say man. They were boys when Lilly saw them last. I smiled at her, “so now do I get to walk around naked it front of you?” I questioned.

“If you want,” she smiled. I take a step back and took my boxers off, “do you need help to get down?” I asked. She nodded her head as I helped her down, “thanks,” she says as she looked at me. I walked over to the shower and turned it on. I tried not to laugh at Lilly as I was getting the water tempter right. I knew she was trying not to look at my dick. I got under the water as I faced away from Lilly. When Lilly got into the shower she wrapped her arms around me from behind. She kissed my back as I played with her hands, “um Louis,” she mumbled into my back.

“Yes babe,” I say. I felt Lilly lean her forehead into my back, “I’m fully naked,” she tells me. I froze, “Lilly?” I whispered. I grabbed her hands as I tried to calm down. I will admit that I was a little bit pissed at her. I thought we would talk about seeing each other naked before we did. I know I did it first, but I was in the moment. I also couldn’t help feel like she was doing this for me, “why? I know you seen me naked now, but it didn’t mean that you had to get naked too,” I asked. Lilly kissed my back, “I know. It just I felt like it,” she admitted. I kissed her hands, “I won’t turn around,” he tells me.

“Louis I understand what I did was a big thing for me, but I’m alright with it. So you can look,” she tells me. I let go of her hands and turned round slowly to face her. I looked straight into her eyes, so I wouldn’t look down, “it not just a big thing for you. It also a big thing for me,” I started. I knew she was confused why it was a big thing for me, “because it a big step for us. That means were not far away from the other levels and I know you’re not ready for them yet. Now I got control myself more with you,” I confessed. Lilly looked down and I could tell that I hurt her. I wrapped my arms around her, “Lilly look at me please,” I say. Lilly shook her head, “please Lilly,” I begged. I kissed the top of her head, “I’m sorry,” she sobbed. I pulled her face up, “please don’t cry,” I say as I wiped the tears off her face. I kissed her lightly, “what I was trying to say without sounding like a jerk was it is a big thing. I know you trust me, but do you trust me that much?” I wondered.

“I do. I know that you won’t try anything, because you promised me,” she reminded me. How can this girl already trust me this much? She looked down again, “I’m sorry for not talking to you about this. It just I was not thinking about what it would do to you,” she apologized. I rubbed her back, “please stop saying sorry,” I tell her. I put my chin on the top of her head, “I promise that I never hurt you like that. But are you sure that you want me to see you naked?” I wondered. Lilly nodded her head as she looked at me, “and are you doing this for me?” I questioned. I just had to know if she thinks she got to do this stuff for me. I could tell Lilly bit the inside of her mouth, “I want you to be the first man to see me naked, because I trust you,” she admitted. I couldn’t help but smile a little that she really does trust me, “if you want me to see you naked you need to stop crying,” I tell her. I wiped away her tears again, “Lilly why did you start crying?” I asked.

“Because it felt like I ruined everything, because I didn’t think about you. I didn’t realize how hard you were controlling yourself with me,” she replied. Lilly you would never screw anything up with us. I probably do it to us. I kissed her forehead, “I think after the horny goat weed today, I can control myself with you,” I smiled. Lilly kissed me, “it just I’m scared that were moving too fast for you. I haven’t even known you for a week yet and we done more than some people already,” I confessed. Lilly kissed me again, “I’m going to make a deal with you,” I began.

“And what’s that?” she wondered. I kissed her, “that we stick to making out and dry humping for a couple of weeks and before we move to the next level. We really talk about it,” I tell her. Lilly kissed me as she nodded her head, “I mean it Lilly,” I sternly tell her. I really did mean it. I know she’s doing this stuff for me when I don’t want her too. All I care about is her and making her happy, “I know and thank you,” she smiled. I turned us around, so Lilly was under the water, “do you still want me to see you naked?” I asked her. I wouldn’t be upset if she said no now. Lilly took a step back as she nodded her head. I looked up and down her beautiful body and I really wanted to run my hands all over her, “you know you are a beautiful sight to see,” I says as I step closer to her. Lilly blushed a deep red as she closed her eyes, “and I can’t believe you want me,” I added. I quickly grabbed the body wash before I started washing her. Lilly opened her eyes, “what you doing?” she questioned. I knew she wasn’t worried or pissed at me, “washing you,” I smiled. She grabbed the body wash before she started washing me too.

When we were finished in the shower I looked at the bath, “do you want to get back in the bath now?” I wondered. Lilly nodded her head as she turned the shower off, “now no funny business,” I joked. I pulled her back over to the bath as I wondered if I was joking. Maybe it be nice just to sit in the bath with her without it leading to something sexual, “I’ll add some more hot water before we get back in,” I say. I empty out some of the water before add some more hot water and some bubble bath, “now turn this bath into a spa,” I smiled. I pushed a button and the jets turned on. I get in the bath as Lilly stood there, “how much I like to look at you naked. Are you getting in?” I laughed a little. I really did like looking at her naked. Lilly got into the bath at the other end as she smiled at me. I pouted, “what wrong sweetie?” she teased. I came over to her and sat down between her legs, “nothing,” I smiled. I leaned back into her, “comfy?” she asked as she wrapped her arms around me.

“I can see why you like it,” he say as I nodded my head. Lilly kissed the top of my head, “but I’m sorry to say, but it making me feel like a girl. So were swapping spots,” I tell her. She shook her head as she wrapped her arms around me tighter. Lilly kissed my cheek, “no, you stay there,” she tells me. I looked at her, “but aren’t I’m squashing you?” I questioned. Lilly kissed me, “nope,” she says. I will admit that I liked Lilly cuddling me for a change, but it also felt wrong to me. I’m not talking about a bad wrong. It’s just she fits perfectly into my arms. I smiled at her, “were still swapping, because I want you in my arms,” I admitted. I got out of her grip and pulled her to the other side of the bath. Lilly giggled as some of the water splash out of the bath. I brought her to my chest, “this is better,” I say. I wrapped my arms around her as she put her head in the crook of my neck. This was perfect to me, “Lilly you know I can wait for you,” I tell her. I knew she need to know this, because I fear that she would give me everything just like that. Lilly looked at me and I lean my face in closer to her, “how long can you wait for?” she wondered.

“Until you’re ready,” I reassured her. I kissed her forehead before she moved to put her head on my chest, “that could be forever,” she whispered. I kissed the top of her head, “I don’t think so. You seen me naked and I know you want it,” I said cockily. Lilly playfully hit me in the chest, “I’m sorry, but I could wait forever with you,” I confessed. Lilly traced one of my tattoos with her finger, “Louis I know I asked already, but why me?” she asked me. I stared at the other side of the bathroom as I wondered why she keeps asking me this. I ran my fingers up and down her arm, “you’re different. A good different and your beautiful. Every other girl just wants one thing from me, because I’m the bad boy,” I started. Lilly moved her head and I knew she was looking at me, but I didn’t look at her, “but you don’t. Like do you know right now is a first for me with you laying in my arms? I never had someone as pure as you before, because I’ve only been with sluts and that a nice way to put some of them. It feels like I got to protect you from everything,” I confessed as I looked at her. Lilly kissed me light, but I pulled her back to kiss her longer. I was gentle as I kissed her and I didn’t want it to end.

When I finally pulled back I ran my thumb over her cheek, “you don’t know how much you already changed me,” I whispered. Lilly placed her fingers on my neck as her thumb ran across my chin, “you don’t know how much you changed me,” she smiled. She kissed me before putting her head back on my chest. We just laid there not speaking, but my mind was going hundred miles an hour. I really just told Lilly how I felt about her and that I’m new at this stuff.

After a while and my mind finally calm down from my thoughts. I pulled Lilly hand up to my face to see her fingers were wrinkly, “I think we’ve been in for too long,” I says as I kissed her fingers. Lilly moved away from me, so I could get out of the bath. I wrapped a towel around myself before turning the spa off. I kissed Lilly as I picked her up out of the bath and put her down. She leans into me as I wrapped a towel around her. I noticed that she looked tired, “you’re getting lazy and you look tired,” I smiled.

“No. I just like it when you pick me up,” she tells me. I smiled bigger as I wrapped my arms around her, “now we got to get to our bedroom without being seen,” I say. As Lilly nodded her head I moved us to the bathroom door, “you go first,” I tell her as I unwrapped my arms from around her.

After a little bit I decided to make my dash to the bedroom. When I got near the stairs I heard Harry coming my way. I was too late to run up them, so I quickly hid around the corner, “Harry,” I heard Niall say. Harry turned his back to me to look at Niall, “what can I do for you Ni?” Harry asked him. I moved out a little bit and Niall noticed me, “can we talk in the kitchen?” Niall wondered. Harry nodded his head before they both left. I quickly ran up the stairs to Lilly and I room, “fuck Harry nearly saw me,” I puffed. Lilly was sitting on the bed with her face in her hands, “lucky for me Niall distracted him,” I added. She looked at me, “so Niall just saw you?” she questioned. I came closer to her, “yeah, but he’ll keep his mouth shut,” I reassured her. I squatted down in front of her before I placed my hands on each side of her neck, “you need to stop stressing,” I cooed. I kissed her lightly, “who said I was stressing?” she asked me as I kept my face close to her. I kissed her nose, “your face,” I say. I get up and pulled Lilly to me, “I can’t wait for the day when we don’t have to hide from Harry,” I whispered. I wrapped my arms around her, “because you didn’t see the look he gave me when you ran out of the water to me,” I added. She looked at me, “he will have to get over it, but what would he do if I ran to Liam or Niall?” Lilly asked.

“I don’t know, but I’ve would have been jealous,” I admitted. She smiled at me, “good to know,” Lilly says as she moved away from me. She went over to her bag, “don’t you dare use it against me. I don’t think you’ll like Liam or Niall getting hurt,” I warned her. I stood next to her, “but I don’t think I really have to worry about Liam tho. Niall on the other hand is a dirty bastard and he might take it too far,” I say. Lilly kissed me, “I won’t use it against you, unless you piss me off,” she tells me.

“Let’s just hope I don’t piss you off,” I smiled. Lilly pulled clothes out of her bag, “you did pack my bag good,” she tells me as she got out a low cut red t-shirt. I got out a pair of dark blue track pants with my black X-Men t-shirt, “I packed what I like to see you in,” I tell her as I got out a pair of boxers. Lilly started getting dressed in front of me and I was surprised. I remembered yesterday when she panicked since she was topless and now she doesn’t care, “I like how you don’t care anymore about getting dressed in front of me,” I pointed out. I started to get dressed, “because it you,” she tells me. I wrapped my arm around her from behind before she could put her top on, “so you are really trusting me?” I whispered. Lilly smiled as she nodded her head, “and you’re starting to believe me that you’re beautiful?” I questioned. This time she shook her head no and I felt disappointed, “I’ll show you,” I tell her. I took her t-shirt off of her and threw it on the floor. I grabbed my phone out of my shorts that I wore to fishing. I go back over to her, “can you please take your pants off?” I asked her. Lilly looked at me as she shook her head. I picked her up and threw her onto the bed before I slowly took her pants off and kissed her legs. I kissed her as I pulled her up, so she would stand up. I stepped away from her as I held my phone up,as she my shorts that i and it very amcrian. “smile,” I say. Lilly shook her head for the third time as she looked down. I knew she was blushing as I took the picture, “please look at me babe,” I begged. Lilly looked at me and her cheeks went a deeper red. I take another picture, “thanks,” I smiled as I walked over to her.

“You’re welcome,” she muttered. I tried to show her the photo, but she just pushed my hand away. I looked at her, “well if you’re not going to look. I will,” I tell her. I looked at the pictures I just took of Lilly and I wondered why she couldn’t see what I see. I knew she was upset with me about taking them. I also know that I forced her into it, “while you’re looking at that photo. I’m going to go down stairs,” she tells me. I quickly put my phone in my pocket and wrapped my arms around her. She was fully dressed now, “I’m sorry that I did that, but I just wanted to show you that you are beautiful, cute and sexy,” I apologized before I kissed her forehead.

“Only you think that. Which makes me think you’re high all the time,” she says. I smiled as I shook my head, “a lot of guys do. I had to fight them all off at the party and I’m not just talking about the fuckheads in the kitchen,” I confessed. She blushed again, “so you wanted me from the start?” she questioned. I smiled since I think she’s starting to believe me, “yep. When you walked into Physics class I thought you way too beautiful to go near me. Then I realized that I had the last seat next to me in class and that you be sitting next to me. I had to push you away, so I didn’t hurt you. That why I was a jerk to you, but it back fired on me. I never would have guessed that you and Harry knew each other,” I admitted. She put her head under my chin, “I never thought a guy like would go near me or even want me. I thought you were the type of guy that would have made my life a living hell,” she tells me. I kissed the top of her head, “I’m so glad that Harry know us both. I can’t believe I just said that since were hiding from him,” I laughed. Lilly started to laugh with me, “speaking of him. We better get going,” she smiled. I kissed her, “you go first again,” I say.

Little bit after Lilly left I also left the bedroom. As I was walking to the lounge room, “got my answer,” I heard Zayn say. I quickly got to the lounge room to see Lilly, Perrie, Zayn and Liam, “I get it,” Liam smiled. Lilly hid her face into her hands, “what’s going on?” I asked. I looked around at everyone, “did you have a good bath too?” Zayn asked me. Lilly moved her hands from her face, “yeah I did,” I smiled. Lilly shook her head as she smiled, “you’re all lazy this weekend,” Harry said annoyed as he came into the lounge room. Niall came in close behind him, “Harry there are going to be more parties to go to,” Niall tells him. Harry ignores him as he ran up the stairs, “what going on?” Liam asked Niall. He sighed, “I told him I’m not going anymore,” Niall replied. Niall ran his hands over his face, “now he’s pissed at me,” he added. Lilly walked over to him and wrapped her arm around him. Straight away I had bad thoughts in my head since I just told Lilly that I get jealous easy. I crossed my arms, “he will get over it,” Lilly tells Niall. He smiled at her until he noticed me and he whispered something in her ear. Lilly looked at me as she raised an eyebrow at me, “don’t give me that look you know what you’re doing,” I tell her. She wrapped her other arm around Niall, “well you’re pissing me off,” she tells me.

“Lilly Belle I thought you were nicer than that. I can’t believe you using Niall to get to me,” I smiled as I started to walk over to them. Niall looked at Lilly, “I don’t mind being used,” he smiled. I tried to grab Lilly, but she moved before I could. So I grabbed Niall instead, “so strong, but gentle,” Niall says as he acted like a girl. We all started laughing, “I miss being in your arms Lou,” Niall added as he kept his act up. I wrapped my arms around Niall probably as Niall wrapped his arms around my waist. Niall rested his head on my shoulder, “I miss it too my little Ni,” I cooed. Lilly shook her head, “you get around a lot with the boys hunny,” she says.

“Because their all mine,” I joked. Zayn faked cried, “but you said today that it was over. I knew you still wanted me,” Zayn over acted. Lilly looked at Liam, “I’m not going to say anything about how Louis fucks me,” he smiled. He closed his eyes as he ran his hands over his crotch, “if your good Liam you can fuck me later,” I winked at him. Niall started pouting, “but you said I could later,” he says. I grabbed Niall’s face in my hands, “you can before Liam does. I need to be lose for Liam big cock,” I smiled. I noticed Lilly looking at Perrie, “well why you boys fuck Louis I’m going to eat out Lilly until she can’t take it no more,” Perrie smirked. We all look at her, “can we watch?” Niall asked. No Niall, because it’s never going to happen, “if you’re good,” Perrie tells them. I saw Liam move in his spot, “it going to be better than porn,” he smiled.

“You know Lilly Belle never watched porn,” I tell them. Everyone looked at Lilly, “really never?” Zayn asked. Lilly blushed as she nodded her head slowly, “such a pure girl,” Niall says. Lilly sat down on the lounge in the same spot as last night. I knew I embarrassed her, but I also think that she was jealous of me and the boys, “I think we made Lil uncomfortable,” Zayn smiled. Lilly stick her middle finger up at them, “yep,” Liam laughed.

“Or she just could be jealous of all of you boys with Louis,” Perrie says. Lilly crossed her arms, “nope,” she tells Perrie. I sat down next to Lilly before I pulled her onto lap, so she look at me. I held her wrist in my hands, “I think someone is,” I laughed. Lilly tried to get off of me, but I kept her there, “am not,” she snapped. I kissed her and she kissed me straight back, “I think she is,” Niall teased. I pulled back, “you know I just want you,” I reassured her. I kissed her again, “guys not in front of us,” Liam whined. We looked at him and he was smiling, “I think he’s jealous too. Do you want a kiss too Liam?” I teased. Liam started to laugh, “not from you. I like one from Lil tho,” Liam smiled.

“Fuck off. She mine,” I snarled. I wasn’t playing around either since Lilly is mine. Lilly slapped my shoulder, “play nicely and it ok for you to do what you want with them. Why can’t I?” she asked me. I looked at her, “remember what I said before. I’m a very jealous boy,” I reminded her. She smiled at me and I hoped for the both of our sakes that she was playing. I don’t know where this anger was coming from since I know we just playing around, “I will do it,” I sternly tell her. Lilly started slowly getting off me, “don’t fuck with me Lil,” I snapped as I gripped her wrists tighter. Why did the fuck I just snap at her? You’re a fucked up thing mind. Lilly got out of my grip and sat away from me, “you can stay there than,” she says. I looked at her as she looked away from me. I deserve that from her, “well I’m still going,” we all heard Harry say as he entered the room. Harry looked at all of us with confused look on his face, “so you got until I finished getting ready to change your mind. Like any of you will,” Harry added. He walked back out of the room, “now he makes me feel bad,” Niall sighed. I noticed that Liam moved in closer to Lilly and Niall sat down next to him. I knew they’re just doing that in case I lose it, but I won’t. I still remember Lilly’s face when I did it yesterday, “he’ll go and be back in an hour, because the party sucked,” I say. Niall nodded his head, “how about we watch a movie?” Zayn suggested.

They put on Men in Black as I kept looking at Lilly, “Lilly Belle what wrong?” I asked her. I knew she was upset with me. She ignored me, “fine be like that,” I said annoyed. Don’t get annoyed with her. You’re the one that upset her. Great now I’m talking to myself in my head. I was still looking at her as they started the movie, “the movie started,” she tells me. I looked away, but looked straight back at her. She was looking down as she was thinking about something. I could tell when she thinking, because her she plays with her bottom lip with her teeth. She placed her hand between us and I straight away placed my hand on top of it. I moved my thumb over the back of her hand. I just need her close to me. Lilly looked at me, “I’m sorry,” I whispered. She gave me a reassuring smile, “who wants a beer?” Liam asked us. We all said yes as he and Niall got up to get them. I pulled on her hand, so she be closer to me, “no. Harry be back any minute,” she whispered.

“Lilly but I want to hold you, because I am sorry about snapping at you,” I apologized. She smiled at me, “soon,” she tells me. I smiled back at her as Liam and Niall came back with the beers. They hand them out to everyone before sitting down again, but away from Lilly this time. Lilly moved closer to me, “can you open it for me?” she asked. I opened my beer and gave it to her as she handed me hers, “thanks,” she says. I opened the beer Lilly gave me before I started to drink it. Lilly started also drinking hers, “remember slowly. Don’t want you drunk yet,” I reminded her. She raised an eyebrow at me and I knew I really shouldn’t be telling her anything right now, “you know what I’m talking about,” I added. I laid down next to her as I leaned my head against my hand. Lilly pulled my head back so I would look at her, “you like to push it with Harry,” she says.

“I just want to be close to you and we are meant to be friends. So this is just me getting comfy next to my friend,” I smiled. Maybe I hoped that Harry would catch us doing something. Well nothing too dirty, cause he probably kill me. Lilly kissed me lightly, “that not a friend thing,” I smirked. I really can’t believe she just kissed me when Harry could come back any minute, “it my way of saying sorry to you,” she apologized. I pulled her down for another kiss, “you know you don’t have to say sorry. I was being a jerk again to you,” I say on her lips. I kissed her again, “you need to stop that,” she tells me.

“You’re not stopping me,” I smirked. She shook her head as she pushed mine away from her, “that not nice,” I pouted. Lilly ran her fingers up and down my back, “that feels nice,” I smiled. Lilly takes my drink off of me and put it behind her with hers, “do you know I think you like to push it too with Harry,” I pointed out. Lilly kissed the top of my head, “maybe I do,” she says. Her hand stopped at the top of my track pants. She moved her fingers under the waistband of my track pants and my boxers. She started moving her fingers up and down again on the side of my arse. I was getting turned on slightly, “are you sure you want to start that after what we did today?” I questioned as I looked at her. Lilly bit her bottom lip and it just turned me on more, “I think they slipped you some horny goat weed too. If you’re good later we might do something, but we are not doing what we did in the bathroom,” I tell her. Lilly kissed me, “but that if you’re good,” I reminded her on her lips. She kissed me again, “I’ll try,” she smiled. Lilly took her hand out of my pants and placed it on my waist as she watched the movie. All my mind was thinking as I started at the TV was what we did in the bathroom, “I still can’t believe what we did in the bathroom,” I whispered.

Harry came back in after a bit, “well I’m going now,” Harry tells us. He looked at Lilly and me, but his eyes were on Lilly’s hand on my waist. What shocked me more was Lilly didn’t move it away, “have fun,” Lilly and I tell him at the same time. Zayn walked Harry out after the rest said bye to him, “now you two don’t have to hide anymore,” Liam smiled at us. After Liam said that I put my head into Lilly’s lap, “comfy?” she wondered.

“Yep. My arm was going dead,” I smiled. Lilly smiled back at me, “girl,” she teased. I gently bit her thigh, “am not,” I pouted. Lilly giggles as she ran her finger through my hair, “it ok my cute punk,” she says. I smiled against her as Zayn came back in, “how about we watch the movie and then start our own party,” Zayn tells us. He sat back down next to Perrie and pulled her to him. Liam and Niall started laughing as Liam pulled Niall to him, “it ok Ni you have me around these couples,” Liam cooed. We all looked at them as Niall got comfy on Liam, “aww, look how cute the new couple is,” Perrie teased. We all started laughing, “maybe we should have gone with Harry,” Niall says. Then him and Liam shake their heads no, “all the girls wanted was him and Louis,” Niall added. I grabbed Lilly’s hand and pulled it a crossed my chest. I kissed her wrist to reassure her that I only want her, “but guys we all going to have fun right? Not none of this lovey-dovey crap,” Liam asked. We all smiled at them, “of course,” Zayn replied. They smiled as we all went back to watch the movie.


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