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Her (Louis Tomlinson Punk)

Chapter 4 – Kiss Her Body

Chapter 4 — Kiss Her Body

Couple of days have passed since I stayed at Lilly's house. In those couple of days I've talked to Zayn about controlling myself and how to treat Lilly. He just told me if I want to do anything to make sure it alright with her. He also explained to me that Lilly might want to rush things, because I already done them. I didn't stay at Lilly's since I didn't want to become pushy with her, but it killed me that she was home with her mother. I called her up every night that I was not there until she fell asleep. On Wednesday I got a phone call from my sister Lottie tell me that our mum was pregnant again with twins. I knew mum moved on from my other dad, but I haven't even met the new one. I felt that their lives go on without me and it hurt. I spent a lot of time with Lilly at school and it made me feel better about my mum.


When I got to school I saw everyone together, but my eyes went straight onto Lilly. Niall was leaning his head onto her shoulder and she also had her arm around him. Niall must have had another late night with Theo, "by the way I love what you're wearing Lil," I heard Perrie say. I looked over Lilly and she was wearing a dark red t-shirt with short denim shorts on. Her hair was up in a ponytail, so it wouldn't get stuck in her sling. I kept looking at her legs in those shorts. I don't know how I'm going to go today with her in those shorts. I never been with a girl and only kissed her, "what about us?" Liam pouted. I quickly looked at myself to see if my clothes got dirty from riding to school. I noticed that I was very dark today. I was just wearing black with blue tips in my hair, "Perrie still better," Lilly says. They all started laughing, "what about mine?" I wondered. Lilly turned around with Niall still on her shoulder. She looked me up and down as she smiled at me. I walked over to her, "it very black, but love the blue tips," she tells me.

"I thought you might," I smiled. I gave Niall the energy drink that I was going to drink myself, "this should help," I tell him. He lifted his head as he started drinking it, "thanks," he half smiled. It must have been a bad night for Niall last night. He didn't seem himself and I was hoping that I was not the only one that saw it. I wrapped my arm around Lilly, "before I forget love the red," I complemented. I pulled on her red top. I love her in red, but I still preferred her in my clothes, "we have five minutes until lesson," Harry says. Lilly had history with Harry this morning while I had geography with Niall. I didn't know why Zayn, Liam and Perrie where here so early, "what are you three doing here so early?" I wondered.

"To finish some work off for class today," Liam replied. Perrie and Zayn agreed with him. It first week of school what did they need to do? We all smiled at them, "well I'm going to make my bag lighter for you all since you won't let me carry it," Lilly tells us. We kept smiling, but at her this time, "soon," Harry says. I didn't want Lilly to go yet since I only just got here. I kissed her goodbye before her and Harry left. Everyone looked at me, "so?" Liam says. I was confused, "what?" I asked. They kept smiling at me, "so have you only still made-out with her?" Liam wondered. I nodded my head, "that must be killing you mate," Zayn says. I shrugged my shoulders, "not really," I tell them. They all started laughing, "says the guy that goes to parties and leaves with at least a blowjob," Liam smiled.

"I fine with only kissing her at the moment. I don't want for her to jump into things with me. I want her to go at her on pace," I admitted. They were all shocked at me, "don't tell me Louis Tomlinson wants to settle down with this girl," Perrie teased. I grabbed Niall, "well we are off to class," I tell them.

When Niall and I got to geography we sat down at the back. I got my books out, "Lou we're just poking a bit of fun at you," Niall tells me. I sighed, "I know. It just I'm not that guy anymore and I wished peopled would believe me," I confessed. Niall patted me on the shoulder, "I know," he smiled. Niall moved his hand from my shoulder, "why haven't you told Harry about you and Lil? He would kill you when he finds out what you two are doing behind his back," Niall tells me. I looked down, "I want to tell him, but every time I try the words won't come out of my mouth. Liam told me to give it a couple of days to see what I really want. I know what I want, but I don't really know why," I admitted. I looked at Niall, "I know how you feel," Niall simply says. I was confused, "so what happened last night? You look like hell" I asked to change the subject.

"I looked after Theo in my room. He woke up so many times that I lost count," he tells me. I rubbed his back, "you know that he is not your responsibility. His your brother's?" I wondered. Niall nodded, "it just Greg had a girl over last night and Theo didn't need to be in the room for that" he says. I gave him a small nod, "you know that fucked up Niall? What if you wanted a girl around last night?" I questioned. Niall just shrugged his shoulders, "I really don't care at this point," he mumbled. The teacher came in to start the lesson.

When it was over I was glad that I had P.E with everyone, but I was happier to see Lilly. Niall and I just got there before everyone else, so we sat down at the back of the classroom on different tables. We got out a notebook and pens as Liam, Zayn and Perrie came in. Liam sat down next to Niall while Perrie and Zayn sat down in front of me. Harry and Lilly came in next from their history lesson, "how was history?" I wondered. Harry put Lilly bag on the table and I thought it was strange that he was alright with it. Harry pulled up a chair to Liam and Niall's table as Lilly sat down next to me. I couldn't help but look over her shoulder and hand. I hate that her first week here has been this bad for her. I still want to yell at her for saving my arse against that fuckhead. I still want to hurt Brian worse than he hurt Lilly, "great got my first assignment," she tells me. I came out of my thoughts as I smiled at her, "how was geography?" she asked me. Lilly got out her notebook and pens before I put her bag on the floor, "alright," I replied.

"What did you learn?" she wondered. I opened up my notebook, "stuff about Japan at the moment," I say. I loved how Lilly always wanted to know what I've been up to. Every time I tried to ask her about something she would turn it onto me. Mr McKain walks in, "now class we are going to learn about the energy system today. So I will start writing on the board about them and I want you to write it down," he tells us. He started writing on the board and I wanted to zone out already. I noticed Lilly paying close attention to Mr McKain talking and writing down everything that he put on the board. So I wrote down what was on the board, but I didn't pay any attention to Mr McKain. I thought Lilly could explain it better to me than he could. I also think that I could pay more attention to Lilly, but then again my mind normally wonders when I'm with her.

After Lilly and I finished writing what was on the board I really had no clue what it was about, "you getting this babe?" I whispered to Lilly. She smiled as she started explaining it to me and I made myself focus on what she was saying. My mind wondered a couple of times, but I actually got what she was telling me, "thanks," I tell her as I kissed her cheek. I know I can kiss her properly, but I notice Zayn does it to Perrie a lot. It also feels like I respect her, "now class you have assignment on this and it will be due in two weeks," Mr McKain started. He hands all of us our assignments, "you will need help with the tests in this, because someone needs to time and recorded you," he added. I looked over the assignment and I noticed there was a lot of test to do. There was also two thousand word SA with graphs and shit. When I looked at Lilly she was already looking at me, "can you please be my partner and help me on this?" I begged her. Lilly smiled at me, "and why would I do that?" she teased. Was Lilly flirting with me? I pouted, "but babe I will fail if you don't help me," I whined.

"But what do I get out of it?" she asked me. I raised an eyebrow out of surprise. I know me and Lilly are comfortable with each other now, but I think she wants to do something more with me now. Don't get me wrong I love making out with her, but if I could get more than that. I'll be a happy boy, but I'm not going to push her tho, "what do you want from me?" I wondered. Lilly bit her bottom lip and my pants got tight. So many dirty thoughts just came into my head about her, "I don't know yet, but I'll think of something," she tells me. I moved in closer to her, "anything you want," I whispered.

"I will keep that in mind," she smiled. I smiled as she moved in closer to me, so our noses touched, "so does that mean you'll be my partner?" I wondered. Lilly kept smiling as she kissed me lightly, "only if you behave," she says on my lips. Only if she knew that I was behaving all the time with her, "I'll try," I smirked. Lilly moved away from me, "you better," she tells me. The bell rang, so we packed up our stuff, "can we go to my locker before we go outside?" Lilly asked. I picked up her bag before she could. I know she getting annoyed with us about carrying her bag, but we knew that it was hurting her, "sure, but only if we go to mine too," I tell her. Lilly nodded her head, "ready to go?" Harry asked us. I pick up my bag as I noticed Liam watching a girl leave the room. I quickly looked over her to see her brown hair leave the classroom, "we meet you at the wall," I tell him. Everyone leaves part from me and Lilly. I grabbed her hand, "we better go ourselves," I say.

When we got our physics books all I kept thinking about was Lilly and I ready to go to the next level. I would really just like to see her in her undies again. We went to the usually spot were we met, but no one was there, "where are they?" Lilly questioned. I looked around to really see no one around, "I don't know," I say. I started to wonder where they could be or what they were doing. I noticed Lilly pointing at something, so I looked where she was pointing. There was a mass of people in front of the school, "looks like there a fight," I tell her.

We quickly went over there to see Harry fighting with Brain, "what going on?" Lilly asked. I just dropped our bags on to the floor and ran over to them. I pulled Harry off of Brain, "Harry you need to stop. Lilly over there. She don't need this shit," I whispered in Harry ear. Harry looked at Lilly, "well if you heard what he said about you and Flower. You would be the one hitting him," Harry tells me. I lost track of Brain only to find him in front of Lilly. I quickly let Harry go and we ran over to them, "Louis your girlfriend better watch her mouth or someone will shut it for her," Brian threatened me. I quickly wrapped my arm around Lilly, "no one will fucken dare touch her," I gritted threw my teeth. I meant every word of it. Brian just smirked as he walked away from us. I wish I could punch it straight off his face, "what did he say to you?" Harry asked. Harry questioned brought me back to Lilly, "who is Brian sister?" she questioned. Harry and I look at each other, "Amy," we both say. What does that bitch got to do with Lilly? I'm getting sick of the Cooper family, "what does his sister want with you?" I wondered.

"She wants you Louis," Lilly tells me. I couldn't help but hear a little jealousy as she said that. I screwed up my face and the disgusting images that came into my head. I have never touched Amy and I will never will. I wrapped my other arm around Lilly tight, "I don't want her tho," I reassured her. I know that's what she wanted to hear from me. The others came over to us, "what just happened?" Niall asked. Lilly and I looked at Harry, "Brian said that he saw Flower and Louis fucking in an empty classroom before P.E. Then he said that he was right about Lilly being Louis new fuckdoll. Therefore, I punched him and told him that she was with me before P.E. That when we started to really fight," Harry explained. Fuck could Brian be talking about Tuesday? But we weren't fucking. We were just making out, "but how was Amy meant to get me from that?" I wondered. Everyone looked at me, "I think they are trying to make me turn on you Louis, so Lilly will leave you," Harry says. How do they know that Lilly would chose Harry over me? Lilly shakes her head, "but we know it not true whatever comes out of their mouths," Zayn tells us. Then bell rang, "better get on with this day," Liam sighed.

Lilly and I got to Physics on time and we sat at the back, "Louis can I please take this off?" she begged as she held her hand up. I started to take it off for her as I smiled. Lilly didn't need to put this on today since her hand was all better yesterday when I looked at it. I think she put it on until I gave her the all clear, "looks all better," I tell her. I kissed her hand as she smiled at me, "how about the sling?" she asked. I laughed a little as I shook my head, "I'll let you take it off at the end of the school day," I tell her. Lilly pouted and she was lucky that Mr Thrones started the lesson. He was telling us that we had to get into pairs to do some labs, "be my lab partner Lilly Belle?" I asked her. I grabbed her hand and pouted, "you will be doing most of the work since you would not let me take my sling off," she tells me. I kissed her hand, "that's fine with me," I say. I stand up as Lilly stood up next to me. She grabbed her notebook and pen before we went over to a workbench, "you stay here and I'll grab everything," I tell her. I ran off to grab what we needed, but I really didn't know what we needed. I slowly went up to Mr Thrones, "um now I don't want to go back to my girlfriend and ask what I need. Can you just tell me? So I don't look like a dick," I asked him. Mr Thrones laughed a little bit as he gave me two lab coats, "all the chemicals that you need are over there," he tells me as he pointed to were the other student are.

"Thanks," I smiled. I quickly got all the chemicals that everyone else was picking up. I went back over to Lilly and put down the chemicals on the workbench, "you need to put this on," I tell her. Lilly quickly looked over the chemicals, "you need to take the sling off for a minute," I added. I take her sling off before I put the lab coat on her, "now stay still as I do it up. Can't have you hurting yourself," I smiled. Lilly smiled as I started doing it up slowly. I kept having dirty thoughts about her wearing nothing under the lab coat. I lean into her, "I prefer to take this off with the rest of you clothes," I whispered in her ear. Lilly giggled as she pushed me, "I said behave," she smiled. I grabbed her hips and pulled her closer to me, "that was for P.E," I reminded her. Lilly wrapped her arms around my waist before kissing me lightly. I knew she was trying to distracted me from the fact that I haven't put her sling back on, "the sling still going back on," I smiled. Lilly pouted so her bottom lip stuck out. I kissed it, "please Lilly Belle stop pouting and put it back on for me," I begged. Lilly smiled as I put her sling back on, "thank you," I says before kissing her lightly. As I was putting my lab coat on I saw Lilly started to set up the labs, "I thought I was meant to do all the work," I tell her. I helped her as she smiled while she shook her head, "I can still do something's," she tells me.

"Don't forget to wear them," Mr Thrones tells us as he put two pairs of safety glasses on the bench. I picked up one and put them on, "do I look smexy?" I flirted. Lilly started laughing, "very," she smiled. She tried to stop laughing as I picked up her safety glasses, "don't forget you have to wear them too," I tell her. I put them on her before I stepped back, "you look hot," I smiled. A new kinky fantasy just popped into my head about her in a lab coat. I pulled her to me and kissed her, "you're making it very hard to behave," I admitted. Lilly moved away from me to look at her notebook. I think she might be uncomfortable with my pubic display of affection. I wrapped my arms around her from behind, "so what do we have to do first?" I wondered. I put my chin on her good shoulder as she pointed to the first task. I quickly read over the task, "that looks easy," I say. I really didn't know, but I knew I would get it done since I had Lilly. I kissed her neck and she bit her bottom lip, "Louis please behave so I can focus," she tells me. I really didn't know how to take that. I was wondering if I was turning her on or if I was annoying her. I moved away from her and started the first lab.

As we did all the task Lilly told me what to do and I followed her instructions. I was amazed at her and the work we were doing. It no secret that I don't like school, but Lilly is making it fun for me. When we sat down Lilly gave me her notebook to copy the results down. I set up my notebook like she did, "now the teacher said we got to work together to do a report on it," Lilly tells me. I looked at her, "so we got two assignment together," I smiled. She smiled back, "don't forget I'm helping you in English too," she reminded me. I smiled bigger as I went back to writing down the results in my notebook. I think I might have a chance this year with school if Lilly stays around me, "why are we still in our lab coats?" Lilly wondered. I looked at her and she was looking down at herself. She looked up at me, "like I said you look hot in it," I winked at her. Lilly started to undo the lab coat with one hand, "please let me help you," I say. I took off her sling before I started slowly undoing the buttons, "behave," she warned me. I purposely lightly touched her thighs as I undid the last button, "Louis," she says. I could tell the way she said it that I was pushing her. I kissed her lightly, "sorry," I apologized. Lilly placed her hand on my neck, "I know this must be hard for you for taking things slow," she tells me. I kissed her wrist as I smiled, "just a little bit, but you're worth it," I reassured her. Lilly shakes her head and I could tell she didn't believe me, "if you say so," she mumbled. I placed my hands on her naked thighs, "why don't you think you are?" I wondered. I wish she could read my mind since I'm not good with words. Lilly dropped her hand from my neck, "because I'm boring and pure," she tells me. I moved my thumbs on her thighs, "I don't think you are," I reassured her. I kissed her lightly and left my face close to hers, "you need to stop thinking that, because you have me," I tell her. Lilly smiled, "like I said you're worth the wait," I added as I kissed her between every word.

"Mr Tomlinson and Miss Underwood please save that for later," Mr Thrones tells us. Lilly blushed as she looked down, "will do sir," I smiled. Lilly looked at me, "better get back to work before I get us in trouble again," I say. I ran my hands up Lilly's thighs and she bit her bottom lip. I knew her in those shorts were going to be trouble for me, "Louis you need to stop that and get back to work," she tells me. Lilly grabbed one of my hands as she left the other one on her thigh. I smiled as I kissed her, "I know," I sighed. I went back to work before I kissed her again. I'm so confused with Lilly today. She flirts with me in P.E, but now she acts like she don't want me. I could tell that she was staring at me, "you know it rude to stare," I says.

"Just making sure that you're doing it right," she smiled. I knew she was just covering up the fact that I caught her staring, "if I'm doing it wrong that means you're wrong," I smiled back. She looked over her notebook, "everything right," she tells me. I laughed as I kissed the side of her head, "I know it is," I say. I liked how she had to check to see if she was right. I knew she was right since we did the labs together. The bell rang, "time for lunch," I beamed. Lilly shakes her head, "finish writing down the results first," she tells me. I pouted since I thought I got away with it, "unless you want to finish it at lunch in front of everyone?" she wondered. I nodded my head as I packed up. I was really hungry and wanted to get out of the classroom.

We meet everyone at the table after I got Lilly and I lunch. She got the same thing as Tuesday, "how was physics?" Harry asked. Lilly sat down next to him as I sat down between Niall and Lilly. Zayn and Perrie being all lovely dovey next to Harry. Liam was playing with his phone next to Niall, "great, Louis did all the work," Lilly tells him. I looked at Niall, "so how are you feeling now?" I wondered. Niall shrugged his shoulders, "Louis you got work to finish," Lilly reminded me. I sighed as everyone started laughing, "I know hunny. You're lucky that you are cute," I say. I got out mine and Lilly physics notebooks and put them down on the table. Lilly helped me, so I could get it down quicker.

When we fished we started eating, "good to see Louis do some school work outside of class." Zayn smiled. Niall laughed, "that because he is already whipped," he says. What the fuck did he say about me? I know he was just making fun, but I felt a little bit angry at it, "careful Niall I can make you go missing at the cabin this weekend," I warned him. Niall knew that I was playing around, "but everyone here heard you so I don't think you will get away with it. Plus Lilly wants to keep me so she stop you," Niall tells me. Lilly started laughing, "of course Niall I will save you," she smiled. Niall gay just remember that, "so that means you're coming this weekend?" Perrie questioned. Fuck I forgot to ask Lilly about this weekend, "what's this weekend?" Lilly asked. Perrie looks at me like she wanted to kill me, "why haven't you asked her yet?" she asked me. God I can see why Zayn gives in when she looks at him like this, "I was getting there," I say. Perrie sighed, "we leave tonight. So how was she meant to pack?" Perrie snapped.

"What are you two talking about?" Lilly interrupted. I look at her and I really wanted to thank her. I swear Perrie was going to kill me, "where going to Zayn's uncles cabin at the lake. We always go up the first week back at school, because when football starts we don't have many weekends off," Liam explained to her. Lilly nodded her head, "so would you like to come?" I wondered.

"I would love to spend the weekend with all of you guys," she smiled. Thank fuck. If she said no, because I didn't give her time to pack or some shit. Perrie would have killed me, "I'll take you home after school, so you can pack and we will meet them at the cabin," I tell her. Lilly shakes her head too quickly. I thought maybe after me not telling her that she want to go with Harry now, "I'm not getting on your bike for the ride all the way to the cabin," she tells me. That what she was shaking her head about? I never ride my bike all the way to the cabin. I chuckled, "while you're in art I'll go home grab my stuff and get my car," I tell her. Lilly hit me in the arm, "you have a car and you make me ride that god dam bike," she argued. I put my arm around her and she pushed me away, "do you hate my bike that much?" I questioned. Lilly nodded her head as she crossed her arms. I know she didn't hate my bike that much. She knows how to get on it and doesn't fight me anymore, "that's a lie," I smiled.

"Is not. I don't like the fact that if we crash there nothing to protect us," she whined. I didn't stop smiling since I knew she was lying, "I'm not that bad," I say. I put my arm back around her and she didn't push me away, "if it makes you feel better I'll take my car when we need to go somewhere together," I tell her. I kissed Lilly cheek as she smiled, "I'm right you are whipped," Niall laughed. Lilly looked at Niall, "careful I might let Louis make you go missing," she warned. I was getting turned on by this side of Lilly, "I thought you wanted to keep me, but now you want me to go missing all because I teased your lover boy. It feels like you used me and it hurts me," Niall joked. He pretended to cry in his hands, "I was using you for your hugs, because you do give great hugs," Lilly smiled. I hugged her tight as my bad thoughts came into my head, "you know she wants me to hug her," Niall smiled. I hid my face into Lilly's neck as I started counting to ten, "she all mine," I snarled. I heard everyone laughing at me which wasn't helping my thoughts, "that I am," Lilly tells me. She kissed my cheek and all the thoughts disappeared.

Lilly walked with Perrie after lunch to our next lesson which was English. Liam and I walked in front of them until we got to class. I sit down waiting for Lilly to sit next to me, but Perrie pulled her to the desk behind me. What the fuck? I started to pout in hoping that Lilly feel bad and come sit next to me, "she can sit next to me for one lesson," Perrie tells me. Liam sits next to me and I hugged him, "Liam I miss Lilly already," I faked cried. Liam rubbed my back, "it ok mate she right behind you," Liam reassured me. Lilly started to laugh, "would you just grow up, because little boys don't get to do big boy things," she tells me. Liam and I look at her as Perrie started to giggle, "I'll grow up," I smiled. I turned back around as I got my stuff out for English. I pretended to read the book as I started to think about the weekend with everyone. I also started to think about how Lilly has been acting today. In P.E she was all flirty, but in physics she not and now she being flirty again. I can't keep up with her mood changes.

I walked Lilly to art, "I'll see you after school and maybe you could show me your drawing?" I wondered. I put Lilly's bag on the table, "if I finished it," She answered. I knew her drawing was finished, but I also knew that she was embarrassed by it. What I heard from Zayn is that she is amazing artist and that I should be proud of her. I smiled as I kissed her, "see you after school in my big boy car Lilly Belle," I say. Lilly kissed me, "see you than my big boy," she tells me. I wanted to show her how much of a big boy I am, but there were people around. Zayn walked in smiling, "Zayn you look after her when I'm gone," I tell him. Zayn gave me a small nod, "Mr Tomlinson you are in the wrong class," Mr Lambert tells me. I have only met this teacher a couple of times and I think he is a dick. I kissed Lilly as I smiled. I didn't want to leave her, but I had things to do and she had class.

When I got to my bike Liam stopped me, "Lou can I ask you something?" he started. I nodded my head, "have you talked to Harry about you and her?" he wondered. I looked down, "no," I replied. Liam sighed, "it has been a couple of days Lou. The longer you leave it the harder it going to get. Not to mention how much Harry going to be pissed. I think by the end of weekend you should tell him," Liam tells me. I nodded my head before I put on my helmet, "I try," I tell him. I get on my bike, "you better Lou or I will tell him," Liam warns me. I started my bike and rode off. I didn't need people telling what I should do with Lilly. I know that I got to talk to Harry, but Lilly should too. It not all up to me in this relationship.
When I get home I parked my bike in the garage since I won't be using it for a while. I ran up to my room and put my helmet in my wardrobe. I grabbed out my sports bag and started filling it with clothes. When I was done I went into the bathroom to grab my toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush and bottle of shampoo. I stuffed them into my bag before I made sure that I had everything. I grabbed my camping backpack and my sleeping bag out of my wardrobe before I threw them on my bed. I quickly ran out to the treehouse to grab my dope tin. I looked around as I thought about the night Lilly and I were in here. That night I was going to kiss her as we laid on the floor, but I was glad that I didn't. We were both off our faces on dope and alcohol. I quickly looked at the time when I got back inside and realized that I had thirty minutes to get back to school to pick up Lilly in time. I put my dope tin in my bag with my iPad and chargers. I went into my bedside table and grabbed the condoms and lube. I know I won't be getting any, but I feel safe if I took them. I attached the sleeping bag to my backpack.

I just got back to school in time for the bell to ring. I ran to Lilly's classroom, but I stopped before I went in, so I could catch my breath. I walked in, "Lil your lover boy is here to pick you up," I heard Zayn say. Lilly quickly shut her sketchbook before she said something to Zayn. He replied to whatever she said before he ran passed me. I walked over to Lilly, "hi babe," I say. I kissed her before I wrapped my arms around her, "hey," she smiled. Lilly rested the side of her head on my chest, "ready to show me your drawing?" I questioned as I played with her sketchbook. Lilly took in a deep breath before she opened it. I was amazed at the beautiful picture that she drew. It was the kiss to make up for me fucking up her first kiss. Lilly must see this as her first real kiss, "wow," I say.

"I know it weird that I drew this and I'm," Lilly started mumbling before I stopped her by kissing her. She relaxed under the kiss, "this is amazing, but how did you remember all my tattoos?" I questioned. I noticed that all of my tattoos were there, "Zayn sent me pictures of you," she tells me. She showed me the photos that Zayn sent her. I remember him taking these as I smiled, "so Zayn helped," I laughed. Lilly nodded her head, "and I don't think it weird at all. I want to show it to everyone," I reassured her. Lilly hid her face into my chest, "don't be embarrassed about it," I added. I kissed the top of her as I wrapped my arms around her tight. I rubbed her back, "you amaze me every day since I met you," I admitted. I felt Lilly smile which means I said that out loud. She looks at me, "and so do you," she tells me. I kissed her, "we need to get going," I say. Lilly moved away from me and started packing up her stuff. I need to get out of here before I changed my mind about this weekend. I think I wasn't going to tell Lilly about this weekend, because I wasn't going to go. I thought about us hanging out together with no one around. I noticed Zayn's colouring pencils on the desk, "Zayn left his pencils behind," I says as I picked them up.

"There not Zayn's. Their mine, he gave them to me," Lilly smiled as she took them off of me. I raised my eyebrows as she put them in her bag, "Zayn buying my girlfriend a present. What does his girlfriend say about it?" I questioned. Lilly shrugged her shoulders, "he a nice guy that wanted to help me out," she tells me. I kissed her lightly, "he is a nice guy, but don't forget your my girlfriend," I reminded her. Lilly kissed me lightly, "I know," she smiled. She didn't have to agree with me then since the only person in the room is Mr Lambert. Maybe she likes to be called my girlfriend. Mr Lambert coughed loudly and we turn to him, "time for you to go home, because some of us like to leave," he snapped at us. I can see why Lilly and Zayn don't like him. I stopped Lilly from picking up her bag, "no," I tell her. She smiled at me as I picked up her bag. I put it on my shoulder, "I mean now," Mr Lambert growled at us. I grabbed Lilly hand, "see you around," I smiled at Mr Lambert. We quickly left the classroom before I stated yelling at him.

We stood there looking at my big Rang Rover, "wow it big," Lilly says. She looked over my car, "that why I like my bike more," I smiled. Lilly stopped me before I could get into the car, "you said that you would take my sling off at the end of the school day," she reminded me. I actually forgot about that, "you can wait until we get to your house. So I can cheek it properly," I tell her. I had this thought in my head about what could go down this afternoon. Lilly pouted, "which is only five minutes away," I continued. I kissed her lightly, "so move that pretty little arse of yours," I smiled. I playfully smacked her arse before Lilly got into the car. I heard her giggling as I got into the car myself, "your being cheeky today," Lilly tells me. I smirked at her, "I am," I sarcastically say. Lilly shakes her head as she looked out the window. I knew she wasn't mad at me, well I hope.

When we got there I stopped in front of Lilly's house, "I'll cheek if my mother is home." She tells me. I nodded my head, "and I'll will park up the road and wait for you to message me," I tell her. Lilly smiled at me, "wait I want a kiss before you go, because I don't know how long it going to be until I see you again," I begged. Lilly leaned over and kissed me, "see you soon," she says. Lilly got out of my car and ran inside. I parked my car up the road and got out. I started walking back down to Lilly's house as my phone went off. I read my message:

Beautiful Lilly Belle

She not home

I noticed a car pulling up into the drive way and her mother getting out. I slowly made my way down as her mother went inside. My phone went off again:

Beautiful Lilly Belle

WAIT she just walked through the door

I smiled as I quickly went to Lilly's bedroom window and lucky for me it was open a little bit. I jumped up and grabbed the ledge. When I got into her room I sat down on her bed, "oh and I don't think you should come out of your room for the weekend. I don't want to see your ugly face," I heard Lilly's mother tell her. I heard a door slam before Lilly walked into her room, "bitch," she mumbled as she slammed her door. Lilly noticed me as I got up to hug her, "don't listen to her, because she is so wrong about you. I think you're beautiful and that all that matters," I reassured her. I kissed her with all I got to show her what she means to me, "better start packing, so we can leave," I added. I just really wanted to get out of here and away from her mother. Lilly shakes her head at me as she pouted, "you said that I could take my sling off when we got home," she reminded me. I ran my thumb over her cheek, "I know I did, but maybe it your punishment since I know how bad you want to take it off," I smirked. Maybe I should tie you to the bed and watch you move underneath me, "not a very good punishment," Lilly says. I laughed a little bit, "what were you thinking?" I wondered.

"Something better," she smiled. I raised my eyebrow at her and her flirting with me again, "what you're thinking is more a reward," I tell her. I was still confused about how she was acting today, but at least this afternoon was the same. Lilly giggled, "Lilly Camellia Underwood!" her mother yelled. I kissed her before she left me. I hated waiting around so her mother can say nasty things to her. I was torn between what is the right thing and the wrong thing. I knew standing here was the wrong thing, but Lilly wants me to stay out of it, "I'm also not leaving you any money for smokes, so make them last," I heard her mother say. I noticed Lilly's mother voice rises when Lilly don't say anything, "why don't you stay at Harry's and that bitch Anne's?" Lilly's mother spat. I wonder what her real reason why she hates Anne so much. I couldn't hear anything until, "don't you dare smile!" I heard Lilly's mother shout. I quickly made it out of Lilly bedroom as I heard the front door slam.

I found Lilly in the lounge room, "Lilly are you alright?" I asked. Lilly had her back to me, "fine," she whispered. When Lilly turned around to look out me she had her hand on her cheek, "fuck Lilly did she hit you?" I snapped. I run over to move her hand away from her face. Her cheek had a red hand print, "I'm going to give her a piece of my mind," I gritted threw my teeth. I saw red as I ran to the front door, "Louis don't please," Lilly cried. She stopped me from going out the front door, "Lilly please let me go," I ordered. I wasn't going to go after her mother anymore. I need to get away from Lilly before I explode with anger. I don't want to lose it in front of her, because she don't need to see that. Lilly didn't move as more tears fell from her eyes, "Louis please don't!" she shouted. I needed to release this anger, so I punched a hole into the wall. I started counting down from ten as I braced myself against the wall. I counted down from ten again before I took a deep breath and pushed myself off the wall. I looked at the hole I made in the wall, "shit," I sighed. I slowly turned around to see Lilly on the floor hugging her knees. Her face was cover in tears and she looked so scared, "Lilly," I whispered. I knelt down next to her and she moved away from me. Lilly was scared of me and I failed to make her happy. I looked at the floor as I felt tears in my eyes, "I understand," I mumbled. I didn't know why I was crying. I don't cry, but this girl has made me cry twice this week. I felt her hand on the side of my face, "Louis," she whispered. I pushed her hand away, "don't bother I don't deserve you," I tell her. Lilly kissed me as she put her hand back on my face. I kissed her back this time. I didn't want to push her away. I pulled her closer to me as I leant against the door. I deepen the kiss as I felt the need for her growing.

After a little bit we break the kiss before I couldn't control myself. Lilly sat down next to me and she leaned into me. I wrapped my arms around her as she placed her head on my chest, "I'm sorry Lilly for losing my temper," I apologized. Lilly didn't look at me, "It alright," she says. Lilly moved her arm out her sling before wrapping her arm around me, "no it not. I scared you," I point out. I don't think I will ever get the image of Lilly moving away from me, because she was scared of me. Lilly kissed my chest, "I'm alright now," she tells me. I sighed since Lilly still hasn't looked at me, "are you?" I questioned. Lilly nodded her head against me, "then why won't you look at me right now and tell me?" I wondered. Lilly looked at me and she looked like a beautiful broken mess. I'm always going to find her beautiful no matter what, "Louis I'm fine. I was scared, because I didn't know what you going to do. I was trying to stop you and," she started. I could tell that she was having hard time saying the next words. I don't blame her for thinking them. I kissed her, "I never hurt you no matter what," I reassured her.

"I know, but it still scary," she smiled a little. I knew that she didn't know what I would do to her. I will always understand why she be scared of me when I lose my temper. I kissed her again before I looked too much into it, "but thank you for showing me that you care," she tells me. I smiled this time as I kissed her again, "got to protect my beautiful princess," I tell her. Lilly kissed me this time before resting her head in the curve of my neck. I lean my head against hers as I smiled a little. I still wonder why she puts up with me and my shit, "you still want to go away with me this weekend?" I wondered. If she says no. I will stay here all weekend making up to her, "yep," she tells me. I smiled bigger as I kissed the top of her head. I knew she was going to hang out with the others, "Louis I am really alright now," she added. Lilly kissed my neck a couple times, "Lilly you need to stop that so you can start packing," I groaned. She smiled as she did it again. I knew what she was doing and I wanted to let her do it, but I couldn't, "Lilly," I moaned. I pulled her away from me, "I know what you're doing," I tell her. I stand up before helping Lilly up, "need to get your hand cleaned up before you put blood everywhere," she tells me. I knew she was changing the subject from me rejecting her. I noticed my blood all over her top, "I like that top," I pouted. Lilly looked down at her top, "it alright. I can get it out," she tells me.

Lilly takes me to the kitchen and puts my hand under the tap, "now this might hurt a little," she tells me. She turned the water on and it hits straight into my cuts. I didn't feel any pain, "I'm used to it," I admitted. I think I was more admitting it to myself since I never really thought about it. I've been fixing up myself so much that I have lost count. Lilly kissed my cheek, "I know you are," she whispered. I started to wash my hand as Lilly took off the sling, "I bet your glad to be out of that," I smiled. I needed to change the subject and try to get back to normal. Lilly threw her sling onto the kitchen table, "very. It nice to have both arms back," she smiled. She wrapped her arms around me as I was still trying to get blood off of me, "because I can do this again," she added. I kissed her, "I'm glad too," I say. Lilly walked away and grabbed the first aid kit off the top of the fridge. She grabbed some things out of it before coming back over to me. I turn the tap off, "I need you to sit down for me," she tells me. I sat on her kitchen table as she put the stuff next to me. I noticed that she had some alcohol wipes, medical pad and a bandage. She got out an alcohol wipe and put it straight onto one of my cuts, "that hurts," I hissed. At least I now know that I can still feel pain. Lilly did the rest of them, "I got to make sure nothing got into them," she says. She blew on them to ease the pain of the stinging. What scared me that it was working. She dressed my hand up properly before she kissed it. I followed Lilly as she threw the rubbish in the bin. I stood behind her as she turned around, "thank you for looking after me," I tell her. I kissed her as I picked her up under her arse. Lilly wrapped her legs around me not breaking the kiss.

When I carried her to her room I put her down breaking the kiss, "Lilly I need to have a good look at your shoulder. So can you please take your shirt off," I tell her. I know this wrong, but I really need it, "but why does it really have to go?" she asked. I smiled as I played with the hem of her top, "to see how the bruise is going," I lied. The truth is that I want to see you naked, but I'll go with you in a bra. Lilly ran her fingers down my chest to the hem of my top, "I have already seen you in your bra before," I reminded her. Lilly runs her fingers over my stomach under my top, "but I was drunk then," she points out. I closed my eyes as she moved her fingers down to the start of my jeans. I had to stop her before I couldn't help myself with her, but maybe that what she wanted. I grabbed her hands, "you need to stop that," I slightly moaned. Lilly entwines our fingers together, "I'll make a deal with you. I take my shirt off and you take your shirt off," I tell her. Lilly bit her bottom lip, "but I've seen you with your shirt off before," she says. I smiled at her, "you know that not fair if you want me to take my pants off too. Since your just taking off your top," I point out.

"I'm wearing shorts that are short," she tells me. I bit my bottom lip as I thought about all the thoughts that I had in my head about them shorts. I had too many today, "I think I'll leave them on as your punishment," I smirked. Lilly pouted, so I turned her around before I pin her to the bed. I played with her top, "ready?" I wondered. Lilly nodded her head as I moved in closer to her ear, "I'm going to do it slowly," I whispered. I slowly take her top off for two reasons. So I don't hurt her and so she could stop me. I threw her top on her bed before mine joined hers. I looked at her shoulder and there was still a slight mark, "you still have a light bruise," I say. I kissed her shoulder as I ran my hands down her arms to her hands. I grabbed her hands, "now I need you to lift your arms up slowly," I tell her. As she lifted her arms up I ran my fingers down her skin back to her shoulders. I noticed Lilly closed her eyes, "does it hurt babe?" I wondered. Lilly shakes her head no. I moved my hands down her back to the top of her shorts, "you can put them down now babe," I tell her as I noticed that her arms were still up. I moved my hands to the front of her on her stomach. She placed her hands on top of mine as she leaned into me. I kissed her neck before I put my chin on her shoulder. I love the feeling of her skin under my hands, "you know you have really nice skin. I could run my hands all over you," I admitted. Lilly started playing with my fingers and I started to get worried. She was nervous about something, "Louis when are we ready to take it to the next level?" she asked me.

"I really don't know. I know I have been pushing it today, but I don't think that we have to go to the next level if you're not ready. I don't want to push you into something you're not ready for," I reassured her. I grabbed her hands as she looked down, "when am I going to be ready?" Lilly questioned. I kissed her shoulder, "whenever you know you are ready," I says against her skin. Lilly moved away from me and sat on the edge of her bed. I knelt down in front of her as my nerves were getting the best of me, "babe what are you thinking?" I questioned. Lilly kissed me lightly, "I want us to take it to the next level," she confessed. I was shocked, but I wondered if it was for me, "but I know you're going to say no," she mumbled.

"Why do you want to go to the next level? Do you even know what the next level is?" I asked her as I put my hands on her thighs. I needed to know her reason, "no I don't know what the next level is and I think I'm ready," she tells me. I wouldn't lie that I was confused that she wanted to go to the next level. When she didn't even know what the next level is. I moved my hands up higher on her thighs, "that why I'm going to say no, because you said I think I'm ready," I pointed out. I could tell Lilly was hurt about me rejecting her again, "Lilly how about we met half way?" I wondered. She looked confused, "what half way?" she asked. I kissed one of her knees, "I have body parts that I'm dying to kiss on you," I started. I kissed her other knee, "if you let me," I continued. I take her shoes off, "Lilly need an answer," I tell her. I kissed her shin before she pulled my face up to hers. She kissed me, "yes," she whispered on my lips.

"I know I'm being annoying, but are you sure?" I asked her as I stood up. Zayn told me to always make sure even if you have to ask a thousand times. I took my shoes and socks off, "yes I'm sure," she tells me. I lean over her as I smiled, "I will stop or not kiss somewhere when you tell me," I tell her. I kissed her lightly a she nodded her head, "what about the others?" she wondered. I kissed side of her neck, "I told them that we meet them up there," I reminded her. I kissed the other side of her neck, "no more talking about the others please," I ordered. Talking about the others was turning me off. Were all I want is to touch and get lost in this girl in front of me. I kissed the middle of her neck and she moaned. I smiled against her skin before I moved her, so she was laying down on her bed, "I want to start with your back," I say. I slowly turned her around before I knelt between her legs. I ran my fingers lightly down her back and she shivered at my touch which made me laugh a little bit. I moved in closer to the back of her neck, "you ready babe?" I whispered.

"Yes," she whispered back as she moved her head to the side. I kissed the back of her neck as I moved her bra straps down. I kiss along one of her shoulder blades before doing the same to the other one. I kissed down her spine to her bra and I noticed that she was bitting her lip. Was I making her feel that good, "babe if this making you feel good I want to hear it," I tell her. I pulled out her bottom lip from her teeth with my teeth. She let out a small moan and I felt my pants get tight. I pushed my chest into her back as I kissed her lightly. I kissed from her lips to her back were I stopped. I moved her bra down a little and Lilly moved a little bit, "I'm not going to take it off," I reassured her. I kissed were her bra was and moved her bra back up. I continued down her back to the tops of her shorts. I was starting to find it hard to control myself with her. I kissed along the tops of her shorts trying not to go any lower as she let out another moan. I turned her around as I stayed between her legs. Lilly looked at me and I couldn't help it anymore. I kissed her hard, "Lou," she moaned on my lips. Fuck I really like it when she says my name like that. I kissed her again, but this time I was rough with her. I had to stop myself before I do something we both going to regret. I pulled back and took a deep breath, "is everything all right?" Lilly asked me as she was trying to catch her breath.

"Yeah, just need to calm down," I tell her. I think if I don't calm down I will cum in my pants. I smiled as Lilly ran her fingers along my neck. I started kissing her jaw line and she dug her fingers into my back. I can't have any marks or all the boys will kill me, "no marks," I whispered in her ear. I nibbled on her earlobe and she moaned. I moved to her other earlobe, "your moans are making it hard to control myself," I admitted. Lilly looked at me as I smiled, "I want you to feel something before I continue," I tell her. I kissed her as I grabbed her hand. I moved our hands lower to the tops of my jeans. I waited for her to stop me since I knew this was too far for her. When she didn't stop me I put her hand straight on my hard on through my jeans. I stopped kissing her, so I could look into her eyes, "that what you're doing to me," I whispered. Lilly started to rub me through my jeans and I couldn't contain a moan. I pin her hand next to her head, "behave," I puffed. My body felt like it could explode any minute. This is what I get for not getting laid for a bit. Lilly smiled as she kissed me, "this is not about me, it about you right now," I tell her on her lips. I needed to focus on Lilly right now or I'm not going to last with controlling myself. I kissed all over Lilly neck, "no marks," she tells me.

"I know," I smiled. I really did knew that I couldn't mark her, because the others would know it was me. I kissed along her shoulder down her arm to her hand. I do the same on the other side as she moaned. I moved so I was inches away from her face, "I'm going to move down to your chest now, but I'm not going to kiss you under your bra," I tell her. I kissed her as she gave me a small nod. I kissed all over the top of her chest before moving down. I stopped just before I kissed one of her boobs just above her bra. I looked at her to make sure this was alright with her and she gave me the ok. I kissed her boob as she bent her legs around me, "Lou," Lilly moaned. I ran my hands up her thighs to the bottoms of her shorts. I kissed the other boob before I kissed between them. I moved her bra down as I started kissing down to her stomach. I kissed all over her stomach as she kept moaning. I slid my hands up the sides of her shorts to her knickers. I griped the side of her knickers as I kissed along her hipbones. Lilly throws her head back as I kissed along the other one, "I wonder what you'll act like when I touch you properly," I smirked. I really did wonder how she would act if I touched her properly. She can't stop moaning now and all I'm doing is kissing her. I grip her knickers tighter in my hands, "Lou," she moaned. I kissed along the top of her shorts from the sides. I kissed just under her shorts and she moaned again, but this time it was louder. I couldn't help but smile at the fact this girl was coming undone underneath me. I kissed up to her belly button before I let go of her knickers and moved right down to her feet. I kissed from her ankle to her knee since I know she don't like people touching her feet. I did the same on the other leg before I looked at her. She looked all hot and bothered, "nearly finished babe," I tell her. I noticed that she grabbed the blanket on the bed. I kiss up the inside of her thigh to half way and I did the same on the other side. I moved my hands back under the sides of her shorts, so I could move them up. I placed my hands on her hip under her shorts. I kissed up her thigh from where I stopped. I was so close to her pussy that I could tell that she was wet. She moaned as I kissed up her other thigh. I purposely touched her arse as I moved my hands out from her shorts. I placed random kisses all the way up her body to her lips, "I can smell how fucken wet you are," I tell her before I kissed her hard.

"Fuck," she moaned into my mouth. She wrapped her arms around me to bring me closer to her. Lilly forced her tongue into my mouth and tried to gain dominance before I took over. My hard on rubbed against her, "Lou," Lilly moaned into my mouth. I tried to move my lower half away, but Lilly wrapped her legs around me and moved me back. I pulled back from the kiss to look at her, "I want you to finish what you started," she begged me. I hid my face between her boobs before I kissed between them. I really didn't know what to do. I know she not ready for me to touch her yet or is she? I played with the top of her shorts, "I need to take our pants off to make you feel it properly," I tell her. I knew what we were about to do she didn't need to take off her shorts. Lilly nodded her head quickly, so I took off her shorts slowly. I got off her bed to take my jeans off. I couldn't let her get semi naked by herself. I also really wanted to feel her better, "are you sure?" I wondered

"Yes. Now will you get back on top of me," she demanded. I smiled at her sudden outburst. She must be really turned on by me. I get back on top of her, "what we about to do is called dry humping. We go slow, but not painfully slow tho," I explained. I moved her legs wider apart before I ran my hands up her thighs and across the top of her knickers. I couldn't believe that I was touching her like this, "can I have a feel babe?" I wondered. I moved in closer to her, so our noses touched. As Lilly nodded her head our noses rubbed together, "but if only I can feel you too," she tells me.

"Only if you don't rub me, because that the next level," I inform her after I kissed her lightly. Lilly nodded her head to tell me that she understood. I watched her face closely as I slowly moved my hand under her knickers. I moved my finger through her slit and I grazed her button, "fuck Lou," she moaned as she bit her lip. I couldn't believe how wet she was from me kissing her body. I lightly ran my finger over button again and she moaned loudly as her legs shook a little bit. I still can't believe my touch was sending this girl over the edge. I never had a girl act like this with me and I knew Lilly was not faking it. I moved hand out of her knickers before I sucked on my finger, "you taste so good," I groaned. Lilly blushed as she turned her head, "have a taste," I say. I move her face to mine and kissed her. Lilly stuck her tongue straight into my mouth. I knew she couldn't taste herself. I just wanted her to kiss me. I pulled away, "it your turn now," I smiled. I moved her hand down to the start of my boxers. I watched her face for signs of panic, but never found any. Lilly looked down as I moved her hand under the material of the boxers. Her hand felt soft against my hard on. I moved her hand to the top of my shaft and she ran her fingers over the tip, "fuck," I groaned. I moved her hand down to the base of my shaft, I bit my bottom lip as I moaned. I was enjoying this too much that I let Lilly move her hand back up my shaft. She ran her fingers over the tip again and I pulled her hand out of my boxers. I pin it next to her head, "I said no," I puffed. I really need to take control before I let her do anything to me and that could be anything. Lilly smiled as she kissed me, "ready?" I questioned.

"Yes," she says. Lilly ran her fingers down my chest, "let me do all the work, unless you want to touch yourself," I tell her. I slowly started grinding against her and she started moaning. She braced herself on my arms as I kissed her jaw. I stared into her eyes wondering why she was this hot mess underneath me. Lilly closed her eyes as I kept slowly grinding against her. I noticed that she was letting the feeling take over her and I realized that I'm such a dick. This is Lilly first time doing something like this and I was taking advantage of it. If she wasn't so into I would stopped. I could feel sweat on my body. It was taking a lot out of me to stay slow, "Lilly," I moaned. Lilly opened her eyes to look at me and she kissed me hard. I kept going as she kissed me, but before she laid back down. She unclipped her bra and I stopped, "Lilly what are you doing?" I puffed. Lilly smiled as she started to take off her bra, "Lilly," I groaned. I pin her hands next to her head. I rested my forehead to hers, so I wouldn't look. I can't take advantage of her right now when I already have, "it ok Louis," Lilly reassured me. I kissed her lightly before I moved back. Her bra just covered her and I wanted to put it back on, but I don't. I slowly move the bra straps down her arms as I made my fingers touch her skin. I bit my bottom lip as I threw her bra on the floor. I knew there was no going back now and I should have said no. I looked over her boobs and they were perfect to me. I kissed her hard and passionately as I started grinding against her again. I told myself that I wouldn't touch them. Lilly grabbed my hand and moved it to one of her boobs, "Lilly are you sure?" I questioned on her lips.

"Yes, just be gentle please," she whispered. I lightly ran my fingers over her boob and she was so soft. I saw Lilly bit her bottom lip, "Lilly are you alright?" I panicked. Lilly smiled as she nodded her head. I kissed her as I ran my finger over her nipple, "Lou," she moaned into my mouth. I loved how the simplest touches were making her moan my name. Lilly wrapped her legs around me and I was surprised. I gently cupped one of her boobs and it fit perfectly in my hand. I squeezed her boob lightly as I started kissing down her neck. I stop between her boobs, so I wouldn't start going nuts on them. I squeezed her boob a little bit harder to see her limit. Lilly ran her fingers threw my hair as she moaned my name. I moved back up to her face, "how are you feeling babe?" I asked. Lilly pulled me closer and kissed me hard. I leaned onto my forearms next to her head as I got harder and faster. I couldn't take the slow pace anymore. I felt Lilly's boobs rub against my chest. Lilly put her hand back into my hair as I hid my face into her neck. Our breathing was faster and heavier and out of sync with each other. Lilly wrapped her other arm around my shoulder before rested her head against mine. I couldn't believe I felt so close to her, but I wasn't in her. I felt Lilly tense up a little bit, "Lou I'm going to cum," she moaned. I moved only inches away from her face, "just hold on a little bit longer for me babe," I groaned. Lilly nodded her head as I went harder and faster. Lilly pulled on my hair and it sent me overboard. I nibbled on her bottom lip, "cum for me Lilly," I moaned. Lilly and I let our highs come over us at the same time. I kept going trying make our highs last longer as we both moaned.

When we came down from our highs. I fell on top of Lilly, but I didn't crush her with my body weight. When we caught our breaths I rolled off of her. I pulled her close to me, so I could still feel her. I ran my fingers lightly up and down her bare back, "how are you feeling?" I asked her. I kissed her lightly as I ran my thumb over her cheek, "amazing," she smiled. I kissed her again, but I left my head right next to hers so our noses touched. I tucked a piece of hair behind her ear that had fallen out of her ponytail. She smiled as I kissed the tip of her nose. I could tell from her smile that she was tired, "go to sleep Lilly Belle," I whispered. I pulled her closer to me, so our bodies were touching. Lilly fell asleep as I ran my fingers down her arm. I looked over Lilly as she was sleeping and her hair was a mess, she had blue on her forehead from my hair and her lips were red and swollen. I kissed her forehead and she moved in her sleep. I looked at the time to see it was only five, so I closed my eyes a fell asleep too.

I woke up about an hour later with Lilly still next to me. I carefully got out of the bed without waking her up. I kissed her forehead as I put the blanket on her. I quickly put my jeans on, so I could run out to the car to grab some clean clothes. When I got back Lilly was still asleep and I decided to leave her until she wakes up herself. I had a shower to wake myself up more and clean up the mess in my boxers. When I got out of the shower I got dressed into grey track pants and a red t-shirt after I put on a clean pair of boxers.

When I got out of the bathroom I looked at the hole in the wall that I made when I lost my temper. I looked around for something to cover it until I can fix it properly. I found an amazing painting in the hallway cupboard, so I put that over the hole. I cleaned up the wall and my blood off the floor. I hated how Lilly saw me lose it like that. I think we did what we did before, so we could forget.

When I got back into Lilly room she was still asleep, so I found her sports bag. I put it on her desk before I started going through her clothes. When I went through her underwear I couldn't help, but look at them. I was very surprised of what she has. I always though virgins just had plain underwear were Lilly had very sexy underwear.

When I was putting her clothes away in her bag. All I could think of was what we just did and was we ready for it. I kept going over and over what we just did, "what are you doing?" I heard Lilly ask. She scared me a little. When I turned around she was still laying down on the bed, "good to see you awake babe," I say. I walked over to her and sit down on the bed next to her legs, "and packing for you," I added. I kissed her lightly as I leaned over, "how are you feeling?" I wondered.

"My legs are sore, but I feel great," she tells me. I smiled as I ran my fingers over her bare shoulder. Lilly grabbed my hand before she sat up. She brought her knees to her chest as the blanket stayed around her, "thanks for starting to pack for me," she mumbled. She kissed my hand and then placed it on her knee with her hand. She rested her chin on the top of them, "is everything alright Lilly Belle?" I asked. Lilly started to play with my fingers and I started to get worried. I started to think that she might be seconded guessing what we just did. I moved in closer as I stopped her playing with my fingers, "Lilly?" I whispered. She looked at me, "Lilly do you regret what we did?" I wondered. Lilly shakes her head and I didn't feel relieved, "then what wrong?" I questioned as I placed my hand on the side of her face.

"It just this weekend," she started. I lean in so our foreheads were touching, "we going have to stop," she finished. I felt a little bit better, "who said we have to?" I whispered. Lilly kissed the scar on my wrist and my heart skipped a beat. I don't know why my heart skipped a beat, but it did, "they think it just for school. If we continue to do it in front of them they are going to know," Lilly rambled. I ran my thumb over her cheek to calm her down, "I don't know how to tell them, but I'm really not ready to tell Harry. I don't know how he will act," she added. I kissed her lightly since she was still not calming down, "I understand and we work out something for this weekend if you want?" I suggested. I didn't like not telling Harry, but if she freaking out about everyone knowing it might be best to wait. She kissed me as she smiled, "I would like that," Lilly says on my lips. I smiled as I kissed her forehead, "now go have a shower so you can help me pack," I ordered. She shakes her head before she laid down with her knees still bent, "where is the please and could you say it nicer," she tell me. I laughed as I hugged her knees, "can you please go have a shower so you can help me pack," I smiled. Lilly giggled as she sat up to kiss me, "better," she says. Lilly started to panic as she was about to get out bed. I picked up my top that I was wearing before, "arms up," I say. Lilly put her arms up before I put my top on her, "thank you," she smiled as she kissed me. I wrapped my arms around her back as she wrapped hers around my neck. I laid down on Lilly's bed with her on top of me, "Louis I need a shower," she whined. My mind was still over the place about what we just did and the way Lilly panicked when she remembered that she wasn't wearing a top. I kissed her, "Lilly do you regret what we did?" I asked her again.

"No I don't," she tells me. She kissed my Adams apple as I ran my fingers down her arm, "then why did you panic when you realized that you're not wearing a top?" I questioned. She played with my top, "I'm not used to being naked around boys," she admitted. I rubbed her back gently, "you got nothing to hide from me. I think you're beautiful," I reassured her. She hid her face into my neck as she blushed, "still not use to it," I sighed. I wish this girl would start believing me about her being beautiful. I think she perfect to me. I kissed the side of her head as I quickly looked at the time, "babe you need to go have that shower, because we need to get going it already seven," I tell her.

"I know," she pouted as she sat up. I sat up and kissed her, "why are you pouting?" I wondered. I poked her cheek before she put her head on my shoulder, "I'm still tired," she replied. I kissed her cheek, "I'm sorry, but I have to be mean. Get in that shower before I put you in there," I tell her. I laughed as Lilly wrapped her arms around my neck, "you're so lazy sometime," I smiled. She playfully hit my back, "am not," she says. Moments like this reminded me why I fell for her, "are so. You had all of us carrying your bag for you at school. I'm packing for our weekend away," I teased. She moved away from and turned her back towards me, "your mean," she pouted. I wrapped my arms around her from behind, "you all carried my bag since I hurt my shoulder. I was going to carry it myself, but no one," she started. I kissed her to make her stop talking. She pushed me away, "now you're the one being mean," I say. I kissed her again and she wrapped her arms around me before she deepened the kiss, "better get in that shower before I start round two," I says on her lips. I really could go round two with her right now, but we got to go. Lilly kissed my cheek as she got off the bed. I stopped her by grabbing her hips before she walked off. I kissed between her shoulder blades, "now no fun in there," I whispered in her ear as I got up. I went to kiss her neck, but Lilly moved away from me, "you need to stop," she tells me. I smiled as I watched her leave her room.

When Lilly came back I was just putting some last minute pieces of clothing in her bag. She wrapped her arms around me from behind me, "have a good shower?" I asked. I put my hands on the top of hers. I kept finding myself doing the smallest affectionate things with her. Lilly kissed my back, "yep," she mumbled into my back. I can't wait for the day I join her in the shower. I grabbed her hand, "you should get dressed," I say. Lilly kissed my back again before she walked away, "wear something warm and comfy," I added. I turned around to watch her go through her wardrobe with a smile on my face. Lilly turned around to see if I was looking, "turn around Louis," she tells me. I kept smiling as I turned around away from her. When I knew she was in her undies I turned back around, "I didn't say you could turn around yet," she says. I walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her from behind, "I know, but I'm trying to have much time with you before we have to go. Because of the others," I whispered in her ear. I really did want to spend more time with her like this. I really just wanted it to be us two this weekend. Lilly ran her fingers up and down my forearms, "Louis can I get dressed please," she begged me. I kissed her neck to calm her down, "what your rush?" I questioned against her skin.

"Because I standing in my underwear and your fully dressed," she pouted. I kissed her neck again before she grabbed the sides of my track pants. She tried to pull them down, but for once I did them up tight. I wish I didn't, "someone is being cheeky," I smiled into her neck. Lilly stop pulling them down when she realized they weren't going anywhere, "Louis please let me get dressed," she sighed. I turned her around to face me, "I'm starting to feel uncomfortable," she added. Lilly looked down as I ran my fingers down her arms, "why do you feel uncomfortable?" I wondered. I pulled her face up gently to look at me, "because I feel naked under your stare," she admitted. I kissed her lightly, "and you told me to get dressed so we can get going," she says. I kissed her again to show her that I want her, "you shouldn't feel uncomfortable around me," I tell her on her lips. I ran my hands down her back and rest them on her hips. I kissed along her shoulder, "I think you're beautiful," I confessed on her skin. I kissed along her other shoulder, "Louis you need to stop before," she started. I kissed along her collarbone and I knew she was holding back a moan, "before what babe?" I teased. I started to leaving open mouth kisses down Lilly's chest, "before we go round two," she whispered. She grabbed the bottom of my top and started to pull it up, "arms up," she demanded. I take my top off for her before she started kissing my neck. A small moan left my mouth that I couldn't contain anymore. Lilly kissed down to my chest and I was getting lost in her touch, "Lilly," I puffed. Lilly pulled my track pants down and I kicked them off. Lilly kissed down my stomach to the start of my boxers. She looked so hot on her knees as she kissed along the top of my boxers. I pulled her up to my lips and kissed her hard. Lilly lightly grinded against me and it was making me hard, "Lilly," I groaned. I grabbed her hips to stop her as she bit her bottom lip, "I want to go round two," she smiled.

"You sure?" I questioned. I know I wanted to go round two, but that's because I let her undress me and get me hard. Lilly nodded her head before I pulled her with me to her bed. I sat down against her headboard and pulled her onto my lap. Lilly straddled me as she started kissing my neck to my mouth. She then nibbled on my bottom lip, "fuck this is hot," I groaned. I don't know how long I can control myself with her. Lilly stuck her tongue in my mouth and I let her take the lead. I pushed her into me as my hands roamed over her back. I wanted Lilly take charge for once to see what she would do. I left my fingers next to her bra clip as my fingers ran over it. Lilly leans back, "please do," she whispered. I didn't waste time unclipping it. It fell to Lilly's hands and she threw it onto the floor. I ran my fingers down between her boobs before I leaned in close to them, "Lilly I want to kiss you all over your boobs. If you let me," I tell her. I drew the outline of one of her boobs with my finger. Lilly nodded yes as she wrapped her arms around my neck. I didn't hold back as I kissed them hard, "oh god," she moaned. I squeezed one of her boobs gently as I smiled at her. I got a little bit harder before I started to move it around in circles. I kept going and Lilly closed her eyes as she moaned. I licked one of her nipples lightly before I could stop myself, "Lou," she whispered. Fuck did I push it too far? I looked at her, "do you want me to stop?" I asked. Lilly shakes her head as she ran her hand through the back of my hair. When I licked Lilly nipple again she grabbed a fist full of my hair. I kept doing it over and over again as she started rocking her hips against me. I started sucking her nipple lightly and Lilly threw her head back, "oh god that feels good," she moaned. I got bit harder with sucking her nipple and squeezing her other boob. Lilly squeezed her thighs around me, "don't stop riding me. It so fucken hot you on top of me," I groaned on her nipple.

"Ok," she puffed. She started grinding against me again as I went back to sucking her nipple. I purposely grazed my teeth over her nipple as I took it out of my mouth, "I can feel you getting wet on top of me," I moaned. Lilly looked away from me, "you are so fucken hot," I whispered. I kissed her neck before I licked where I kissed. Lilly ran her fingers down my arms before I nibbled on her earlobe. She let a moan out, "go harder and faster babe," I tell her. Lilly placed her hands on my shoulders to brace herself. She went harder and faster, "yes like that," I moaned. I grabbed the side of her knickers before I buried my face into her boobs. I was going to lose it at any moment since she felt so good on top of me. I started leaving rough open mouth kisses over her boobs. Lilly wrapped her arms around my neck again. I pulled down her knickers a little bit as she got harder and faster, "how close are you babe?" I questioned against Lilly's chest.

"Close," she moaned. I really hope she was really close right now. I grabbed her arse under her knickers to push her down harder into me. I felt my dick twitch, "babe I'm going to cum soon," I moaned. By Lilly's face she wasn't ready and I didn't want her to go unsatisfied, "please let me help you cum," I begged. I kissed Lilly hard as I was trying to control myself. Lilly nodded her head and I moved my hand to the front of her knickers. I started playing with her button as she moaned. I couldn't get over how wet she was, because of what we were doing, "I'm going to cum!" she screamed. I pulled my hand out and put it back on her hip. I grinded against her hard before I came, "fuck," I moaned. Lilly came at the same time as me before she fell on top of me, "that was great," I says as I tried to catch my breath. I wrapped my arms around her before I laid down on the bed with her in my arms. I ran my fingers up and down her bare back as she drew patterns on my chest. I still can't get over the fact that this girl makes me cum so hard from doing the most virgin shit.

We just laid there not talking to each other. We just lightly touched each other as we looked at each other. I was really enjoying it until my phone rang, "what now?" I groaned. I held Lilly as I picked my phone up from her desk and saw Liam name on it, "it Liam," I say. I showed her before I answered it, "hello Liam," I say.

"So how far away are you two?" Liam asked me. I smiled at Lilly at the thought of what we just did, "still haven't left yet," I replied. Liam laughed, "what taking you so long?" Liam questioned. I moved the phone away from my mouth before I kissed Lilly lightly, "something's came up, but we be leaving soon," I smirked. I hung up my phone before Liam could say anything, "looks like we really have to go now," I sighed as I kissed her. I grabbed Lilly's waist before she got off the bed, "thank you for trusting me," I tell her. I leaned up and kissed her. I saw Lilly smile as she got off the bed, "and you can do that to me anytime," I added as I got off the bed. Why do I ruin nice romantic moments? Lilly playfully pushed me, "you push me away after what we just did. I thought it was wonderful to have a beautiful girl like you on top of me," I pouted. Lilly hid her face into my cheat as I wrapped my arms around her. I can't see why this girl hides when I give her complements, "you're beautiful," I kept repeating as I kissed all over her face.

"Louis you need to stop so we can get dressed and go," she giggled. I kissed her lips, "I know," I say against her lip. Lilly pulled away from me to get her towel, "no time for a shower," I tell her. We really didn't have any time since it was late. Lilly sighed, "but I feel dirty," she whined. I rubbed my hands up and down her waist, "so do I, but we can have a shower tomorrow morning," I say. I noticed Lilly wasn't panicking about not wearing a top. She was topless in front of me. Lilly pouted at me, "I know life not fair. So change your knickers and get dressed. You're also going to have to learn that a shower won't always be there after," I added. I kissed her before I turned her around to her wardrobe. I turned my back to Lilly, "you better not be looking Louis," she warned me. I took my boxers off and I knew she was looking, "Lilly are you looking at my arse?" I chuckled. Lilly didn't say anything, "I take that as a yes," I added. I turned around to see Lilly putting her bra on. I grabbed my clothes off the floor and put them on. I watched Lilly get dressed into a pair of blue track pants and a white t-shirt. When Lilly turned around to me I noticed that her top was low cut, "yes?" she questioned.


"Just staring at your arse like you did mine," I smirked as I winked at her. Lilly shakes her head before she walked over to her bag. It felt like she was ignoring me as she looked through her bag. I put my hands on her hips as I put my chin on her shoulder, "did I do alright?" I asked her. I never really packed a bag properly. I just throw stuff in a bag, "I think you did," she tells me. I smiled, "I packed three outfits for hot weather and three outfits for cold weather. I also packed three bras and five pairs of knickers. There is also five pairs of socks in different lengths from ankle to knee-high. The only thing that missing is your bathroom stuff," I inform her. Lilly kissed my cheek, "I'm impressed," she smiled. I kissed her neck, "but did you have fun going through my underwear?" she questioned. I really wanted to ask her about her underwear choices, but I thought I'll leave that for another day, "yes I did," I smiled. I kissed her shoulder, "better get the rest of my stuff and brush my hair," she tells me. I let go of her, so she could go to the bathroom.

When she was gone I sat on her bed looking at the floor. I had so many questions running through my head like what going on with us? Does she really not regret what we just did? Why am I liking it so much? Is Lilly feeling the same as I am about us? I really don't have the answers and I don't know if I ever will. I started to clean up, so I would stop thinking like this, "put your clothes in my washing hamper and I wash them for you. It alright my mother won't find them since I do all the washing," Lilly tells me as she came in. I looked at her and she had her hair in pigtails which made me smile, "I still have to wash your clothes. Sorry to say," I apologized. I haven't done them, because I could be bothered and I really don't know how to use a washing machine. I put our clothes in her washing hamper as she put stuff in her bag, "Louis sit down please," she tells me. I sat down straight on her bed before she picked up my hand, "what are you doing?" I questioned. Lilly kissed my hand, "need to wrap up your hand," she tells me. I pulled my hand away, "nah it fine," I says. Lilly ran her fingers down the side of my face, "you sure those cuts are deep?" she wondered. I looked at my hand and realized that I couldn't tell her that I wanted them to scar. I wanted to be reminded about the time I lost my temper in front of her, "I'm only going to wrap it up again," she says.

"Ok, but I'm only doing it for you so you don't worry about it," I admitted as I gave her my hand back. I really was doing this for her since she was worried about it. I kissed her, "thank you," she says on my lips. Lilly started wrapping it up, "sorry again for losing my temper," I apologized. I know sorry won't make her forget what happened, but I am really sorry about it. Lilly kissed me, "it alright," she tells me.

"I covered up the hole with a painting, but I plan to fix it properly for you," I smiled. Lilly kissed me again after she finished wrapping it up. I cupped her face to kiss her deeper, "I mean it," I promised on her lips. Lilly kissed me lightly before she walked over to her wardrobe to get a pair of socks and her Ugg boots. I walked over to her wardrobe, "what are you doing now?" Lilly asked me. I grabbed a pair flip-flops and her sneakers, "you need shoes for this weekend," I tell her. I put them in the shoe part of her bag. I sat down next to Lilly on her bed as she was putting on her shoes, "the pigtails are very cute by the way," I smiled. Lilly blushed as she looked down, "cute," I whispered in her ear. Lilly looked at me, "put your shoes on so we can go," she tells me. I put on my socks as Lilly went to her wardrobe. I quickly put my shoes on and grabbed her bag off her desk. I put in on my shoulder as Lilly put her jacket on. I grabbed her bag, because it seems like the boyfriend thing to do. I need to fucken stop thinking like this. I am a manly man, "ready?" I asked her. Lilly looked at me, "just need to grab my phone, smokes and my book," she replied. Did I just hear right, "A book?" I wondered. Lilly nodded her head as she went into her school bag. She grabbed out her smokes and her phone. She giggled as she looked at her phone before putting it in her pocket. I wondered what she was giggling at, "don't forget your charger," I tell her. Lilly gave me her English novel that we meant to be reading. Lilly grabbed her charger and put it in one of the side pockets of her bag, "ready," she says.

As we were walking out Lilly stopped to look at the painting that I put over the hole. I started to get nervous like I wasn't meant to put it up, but Lilly smiled at it, "I like this painting that why I put it up," I admitted. Lilly looked down, "I painted it," she tells me. This painting that I have fallen in love with. Is painted by the girl that I have fallen for. I wrapped my arms around her, "you're amazing in more ways than one," I tell her. Lilly looked at me, "how?" she questioned. I kissed her, "not telling, because you should already know," I replied. I wish she could see what I see in her.

When we get to my car I opened the boot to put Lilly's bag in it. I grabbed out a grey beanie and put it on before I shut the boot, "time for a smoke since there is no smoking in my car," I tell her. It a stupid rule that Troy made me keep and I am still keeping it. I grabbed out two smokes before I sat down on my car bumper. I light up a smoke as Lilly sat down next to me. I gave her the smoke I just lit up, "thank you," she says as she kissed my cheek. I lit up the other smoke, "no need to thank me," I tell her as I blew out smoke. She smiled at me, "I know your running out and you got to make them last," I added. I grabbed her free hand and entwined our finger together. I didn't think about what I just did. I just did it. I think I'm too comfortable with this girl.

We sat there for a bit not talking and I liked it, "this weekend going to be interesting," I says. I need her to talk even tho I did like the silence. She smiled at me, "I never been to a cabin," she admitted. I smiled to hide the fact that I could have ruined her weekend. All because I wanted alone time with her, "there nothing to worry about just the spiders and wild dogs," I teased. Lilly looked shocked at me, "it be all right, I'll keep you safe," I reassured her. I kissed her lightly, "you better," she tells me. I will always keep you safe Lilly. I promise.

We got into my car after we finished our smokes, "how long until we get there?" Lilly asked me. She put her seatbelt on, "it takes about an hour and half to get there," I tell her. Lilly looked at the time, "so we should be there about nine thirty to ten o'clock," she tells me. I nodded my head agreeing with her when I never worked it out. I put my seatbelt on and started the car. I already miss my bike so much. I miss the feeling of the cold wind against me. I miss Lilly wrapped around me.

After a little bit Lilly took her jacket off and threw it on the back sit. My phone rang through the car, so I looked at the dashboard to see it was Niall, "oo Mr rich boy," Lilly teased. I laughed as I answered the phone, "hello lover boy," Niall greeted me. Lilly laughed, "and by the sound of it I'm on loudspeaker. Hello beautiful Lilly," Niall chuckled. That was Niall's embarrassed chuckle, "hello Niall," Lilly says. I shake my head, "what do you want Niall?" I asked him. I grabbed Lilly hand to keep myself calm in case someone said the wrong thing, "just making sure you and Lilly are on your way and not on each other still," Niall replied. I kissed the back of Lilly's hand, "we're not on each other anymore and we are on our way," I smirked. Lilly's shakes her head as she looked down, "Louis and Lilly are coming. They got off each other finally!" Niall shouted to everyone. Lilly pulled her hand away from mine, so she could hide her face in them. I couldn't help but laugh at her and how cute she is when she embarrassed. Lilly hit me in the arm and it wasn't playful, "ow that hurt Lilly," I tell her as I rubbed my arm.

"Sounds like Louis just got in trouble. It ok Lil I don't believe him since you have higher standers," Niall tells her. Lilly giggled, "you mean like Liam," she teased. I knew she was just playing with us, but I couldn't help but pout at her. I also knew Niall was doing the same thing, "thank you sweetie," I heard Liam say. Niall must have turned us onto loudspeaker, "any time," Lilly says. We heard Zayn laugh, "would you two hurry up and get here," Harry tells us. Lilly looked at me and I knew Harry was pissed at us, "we are trying don't want to break the law or we never get there," I tell him. Lilly got her phone out and messaged someone. She looked at me again, "well drive safe. I like Lil here in one piece," Liam says.

"What about Louis?" Lilly smiled. They all laughed, "and him," Zayn replied. We said goodbye before I hung up, "why did you have to say that?" Lilly questioned me. I smiled, "they don't believe it," I reassured her. She smiled as her phone went off. She read her message as she kept smiling, "is Harry alright?" I wondered. Lilly looked at me, "he just wondering where we are. So be careful he most likely interrogate us," she tells me. I grabbed her hand, "just got to make a quick stop," I tell her.

I pulled up to a deli, "just wait here and I'll be right back," I say. I kissed her before I got out of the car. I jogged into the shop and went straight to the guy behind the counter, "two white teas please" I tell him. As he was making the tea I put a pile of sugar packets in my pocket. He put them in front of me, "anything else?" he asked. I picked up a cherry ripe and a mars bar, "also can I get two packets of Marlboro gold," I replied. I put the chocolate bars down next to the cups of tea. The guy grabbed the smokes before adding the total up. After I paid him I put the packet of smokes and chocolate bars in my pocket. I grabbed two spoons and put them in my mouth before I picked up the cups of tea.

When I got back to the car I got in without spilling or dropping the tea. I put them in the cup holders, "their hot," I mumbled. I leaned back to get out the chocolate bars and the packets of sugar. I put them next to Lilly before I went into my other pocket to grab out the packets of smokes. I put them in the centre console as Lilly took the spoons out of my mouth, "thanks. I hope you like tea," I say as I pointed to the cups.

"I do," she smiled. She leaned over and kissed my cheek. I started driving after I put my seatbelt back on, "can you please put three sugars in my tea?" I asked nicely. She did what I asked her before she did the same to hers, "what do you want me to do with these?" she asked me. I looked at her quickly to notice that she was holding up the spare sugar packets. I looked back at the road, "just put them in the centre console," I replied. I turned onto a long stretch of road as Lilly looked at the window, "one of them chocolate bars are for you," I tell her. In the corner of my eye I saw Lilly pick up the cherry ripe, "can you please open the other one for me?" I asked her. Lilly opened the mars bar before she handed it to me. I grabbed her hand, "thanks babe," I say. I kissed her hand before I let it go, "your being nice today," Lilly tells me. I smiled as I started to eat my chocolate bar, "just to you so far," I point out.

"No you were nice to everyone today," she says. I was trying to work out what she was talking about, "I never noticed. Maybe you're already rubbing off on me," I say as I winked at the last part. Lilly giggled at my double meaning, "what you missing my rude side?" I questioned. Lilly smiled and I started to wonder if she did miss my rude side, "maybe towards my art teacher," she tells me. I raised my eyebrows, "he the reason why I kept my mouth shut," I smiled. Lilly laughed a little, "I'm being nice for you, because I don't want you to end up in the principal's office for fighting with a teacher again," I added. I put the last bit of my mars bar in my mouth and put the rubbish in the centre console. Lilly grabbed my hand before I could put it back on the steering wheel, "thank you," she tells me. I put our hands on my thigh as I ran my thumb over the back of her hand. I left Lilly hand on my thigh as we both picked up our cups of tea. As I drank some of my tea Lilly moved her fingers up and down my inner thigh. I put my cup back and grabbed Lilly's hand. I know she didn't want round three. I knew she was doing it, so she could just touch me, "this is why I miss my bike," I tell her. I really did miss my bike. Lilly looked at me, "why do you miss your bike?" she asked. I kissed the back of her hand before I put it back on my thigh, "I miss you holding on to me instead you being over there," I admitted. Lilly squeezed my hand, "I kind of miss it too," she says. I laughed a little bit, "so I was right you don't hate my bike," I smirked. I don't know how much of this car ride I can take with her on the other side, "there are some good things about it," she smiled.

Lilly kept small talk with me for the rest of the car ride to the cabin. I stopped in front of the gate, "nearly there," I tell her. I got out to open the gate, but it was locked. I had a funny feeling that Zayn locked it, so he can see me before we saw the others. I got back into the car, "someone locked it. So now I got to call Zayn," I tell her. I called Zayn through the car, "hey Zayn can you open the gate for us," I say to him as he answered the phone.

"Alright I'll be there soon to let you two in," he tells us. Zayn hangs up and I looked at Lilly. I knew it would take Zayn at least five minutes to get here, "what now?" she wondered. I smiled as I thought about some dirty stuff, "I know something," I smirked. Lilly smiled as she shook her head and I knew she was thinking the same thing as I was, "I was thinking something more innocent, but I like what you're thinking," I say. I jumped into the backseat before I leaned forward and undid Lilly's seatbelt, "what are you doing?" she asked me. I pulled on her arm until she gave in and joined me in the backseat, "getting in us time, before the others come," I tell her. I just wanted her close since she was so far away from me in the cat. I pulled her close to me as I kissed her, "since I can't do it all the time this weekend," I added. She smiled as I kissed her again, but I knew that I was kissing her hard and rough at the moment. I laid her down as I deepened the kiss and dominated her mouth. Lilly wrapped her arms around my neck as I ran my hand down her side.

We stopped when we heard a car, "time to stop for now," I smiled. I think I was high from making out with her and I didn't want to come down. I kissed her lightly as I helped her up, "I know," she sighed. I hated that she was a little bit upset that we have to stop for now. I kissed her lightly before we got out of the car. Lilly stayed next to me as Zayn stopped near the gate, "hey guys," Zayn says as he got out of his car. Perrie got out the passenger side of his car, "hey," she said excitedly. Zayn opened the gate and Perrie quickly ran up to Lilly and hugged her. Zayn came up to me, "so why did it take you so long to get here?" he smirked. I shake my head, "not the place and I never kiss and tell," I smiled. Zayn laughed a little bit, "come on," he pouted. I shake my head again, "well I know you were just making out in the back of your car. So don't try to tell me that you weren't," Zayn says. I nodded my head, "you girls done gossiping so we can get going?" I wondered. I needed to get far away from Zayn at the moment. I knew that he was going to keep asking what me and Lilly did this afternoon until I gave in and told him. They girls nodded their heads as we got back in to our cars, "what were you and Perrie talking about?" I questioned. Lilly smiled as she put her seatbelt on, "just girl stuff. What were you and Zayn talking about?" she questioned back. I chuckled as I drove forward to past the gate. I get out of the car to shut and lock the gate back up. I get back in the car and started driving, "waiting for my answer," she tells me.

"Just boy stuff," I smiled. Lilly smiled back at me, "why did you put your seat belt on for a short drive?" I wondered. Lilly played with her seatbelt, "because I feel naked without it," she admitted. I couldn't help but laugh a little. It kinda made sense to me, I grabbed her hand and kissed the back of it, "does Zayn and Perrie know about the real us?" I asked before I could stop. I rubbed my thumb over her knuckles, "yeah, because they know what I drew for art," she tells me. Wait what? Perrie knows, "Perrie saw before me," I whined. Lilly laughed, "yeah sorry. It just that she knew that Zayn knew that you kissed me and she kept questioning me about it. So I showed her," she explained. That all it took Perrie to see and I had to wait. I kissed Lilly's hand, "and it nice to have someone to talk to about it," she added. I laughed a little bit, "I knew Zayn knew, because I asked him how to take it slow and how to control myself with you," I confessed.

"Really?" Lilly asked a bit shocked as she looked at me. I smiled as I nodded my head, "he hand to take it slow with Perrie. So I asked him how he did it," I explained. Lilly takes her seatbelt off and leaned over and kissed my cheek. I was shocked as she sat back down, "you are really trying for me. Thank you," she says. I felt embarrassed, "I told you that I'll try, but come back over here and give me a real kiss," I tell her. I stopped the car and Lilly leaned back over to me before I could, "thank you again," she tells me. I cupped her face before I kissed her hard and passionately. Lilly moved back to quickly, but she was rubbing her side. I realized that the centre console must have been digging into her side, "next time I'll come over to you," I say I rubbed were she was rubbing as Lilly smiled at me. I never get over the fact that she smiles at me like that. I stopped rubbing her side and started driving again.

I parked outside the cabin, "wow," Lilly says. I smiled at her, "it a nice place to call home for a couple of days," I say. When we got out of the car Niall straight away hugged Lilly, "she here!" he yelled. She hugged him back and I told myself that he was gay for the thousand time this week, "Niall you saw me at school today," she giggled. I saw Niall smile as they kept hugging, "I know, but you were stuck with Louis all afternoon," Niall tells her. Lilly looked at Niall, "what that supposed to mean?" she asked him. I think Lilly was offended by Niall comment about me. Niall smiled again, "just that he most likely nagged you on how slow you were taking," he replied. Lilly smiled at Niall, "nah, he was a good boy," she tells me. I fought back a smiled since I remembered what we did this afternoon. Niall looked at me, "him a good boy," Niall laughed as he pointed to me. Lilly shakes her head, "Louis and Lilly are finally here!" I heard Liam shout. Lilly giggled as Liam pulled her to him. I haven't created a lie to tell myself about Liam yet, so I had my jealous thoughts in my head. Lilly looked at me, "remember guys that Lilly has standers and that me," Liam smiled. I started to wonder if I had any of Lilly's standers or she was just looking for fun. Lilly hugged Liam back, "careful I don't like when people brag," she tells him. I noticed Harry walking over to us slowly, "you're finally here after we got here at seven," Harry says. I knew he was pissed at us, "sorry we took so long. I had to clean the kitchen as well as pack," she lied. Harry looked straight at her, "so it took you four hours to pack and clean a fucken kitchen," Harry spat at her. I moved in closer to her, but I knew couldn't go stand next to her. Harry would pounce on me if I did, "her mother cooked dinner for us and we got talking," I lied as well. Harry looked at me now, "so you talked with her mother about what?" Harry questioned.

"Just on how we met, school and how she was staying at Perrie's this weekend," I say. I knew I had to keep lying to Harry, because if he found out what we were really doing. I think he would hit me and wouldn't stop. Harry smiled at me, "so did you tell her mother that you're her fake boyfriend?" he questioned. I took a deep breath trying to calm my nerves down, "no," I tell him. I hated how Harry was telling us off, because we were late. I hated the fact that I was angry at him for it, "well since that all cleared up let's get their bags in and give Lilly a tour of the place," Liam says. I knew Liam was trying to change the subject before me and Harry went toe to toe. Harry and I sighed at the same time, "I'm going to bed. Night," Harry says as he walked back into the cabin. I went to the boot of my car, "Liam why don't you start giving Lilly the tour of the place," I tell him. I didn't want to be around Lilly right now. I already lost it in front of her today and she don't need to see that again. I don't know why Harry pissed me off so much, but he did.

Niall helped me take mine and Lilly's bags in side as Liam showed Lilly around. We put them together in a bedroom upstairs, "you alright Lou?" Niall wondered. I shake my head, "I don't know why, but he pissed me off," I admitted. Niall looked down, "I think he knows that you and Lil are doing stuff behind his back," Niall tells me. I looked at him, "do you know what we're doing?" I questioned. Niall nodded his head, "me and Liam saw you kiss in P.E on Tuesday," he replied. So if that means that they saw. That maybe Harry saw as well.

When we walked down the stairs I looked out the front door. I noticed Liam hugging Lilly as he rubbed her back. I quickly walked over to them to see Lilly crying into Liam chest, "is everything alright?" I wondered. Lilly didn't look at me, "she needs a hug from you," Liam tells me. Liam let go of her as I pulled her to me, "remember what I said Lilly that you never lose me," Liam tells her as he walked away. I knew Harry was the reason why she was crying, "Lilly you want to talk about it?" I asked her. She shook her head against my chest, "want to explain to me why Liam said that you never lose him?" I questioned.

"No," she sobbed. I sighed as I felt defeated, "Lilly you need to tell me or I can't do anything about it," I begged. When Lilly looked up at me her face was covered in tears. I wiped them away with my thumbs before I kissed her lightly. Lilly looked down, so I kissed her forehead, "I'm scared of what Harry would do if he found out and I'm scared that I could lose you both. All because what we do Louis," she admitted. I kissed her forehead again, "I know Harry was a big part of your life. The part when you were happy, but now that he is back you're scared to lose him again. All because what we do when we are alone," I started. I knew my voice was shaky since I really didn't want to say the next part, "I think we should stop, before you lose Harry over me. I don't want you to lose him, because I wanted a bit of fun with you," I finished. My voice broke and I was broken. Lilly cried harder into my chest and I really wanted to comfort her, "no," she cried. Lilly grabbed me tighter as I let her go, "it for the best Lilly Belle that we do it now, before we get to far in," I say. I pull her hands away from me. I just needed to get away from her right now. Lilly looked up at me and I was trying to hold back tears, "Louis please don't do this. I need you to show me how to live," she tells me. I looked down at the ground as I rubbed my hands over my face. I know I'm not what's best for her, so I need to do this, "Lilly I'm a screw up that probably hurt you. You don't need me," I choked. Lilly kissed me and I wasted no time kissing her back. I pushed my tongue into her mouth as I pulled her close to me. Lilly wrapped her arms around my neck and I tightly wrapped my around her waist. I knew in my head that I should have walked away, but I couldn't. I need her and she needs me. I make it work out for all of us.

When we broke this kiss Lilly put her head under my chin, "Lilly am I worth is?" I wondered. Lilly kissed my chest, "to me you are," she tells me. I hugged her tighter as I kissed the top of her head. I don't know what this girl sees in me. I really haven't done anything right with her yet, "I promise you that you're not going to lose Harry. I'll do everything that I can show him that I'm not going to hurt you," I promised. Lilly didn't say anything and I kept thinking how I was going to show Harry what she means to me. How was I going to show her what she means to me. We known each other for a week on Monday. I noticed Lilly was getting cold as we stood there. I tried to keep her warm, but it wasn't working, "I think we should go inside," I tell her. Lilly looked at me, "how do I look?" she wondered. I wipe the tears that stained her face before I kissed her lightly, "beautiful," I say on her lips. She will always be beautiful to me no matter what. I wrapped my arms around her as we walked to the cabin.

As soon as we got inside Lilly looked herself in the mirror, "Louis I look horrible," she sighed. I shake my head no, "you're beautiful," I reassured her. I pulled her away from the mirror, so she would stop judging herself. I hated when she does that to herself. I took her into the lounge room, "this is the lounge room," I tell her. There was a big couch shaped as a u with shelving all around the back of it. There was a big TV in front of it with game systems. In the corner, there was a piano with a guitar next to it. On the other side of the room was two lounge chairs next to a big bookcase filled with books. I pulled her into the dining room where the twelve-seater table was, "dining room," I continued. I knew everyone part from Harry was in the kitchen talking about us. I walked in there with Lilly, "this is the kitchen," I finished. She looked around the big kitchen with an island in the middled. I noticed she was trying to avoid eye contact with everyone, but when her eyes finally land on them. Perrie ran up to her and hugged her tight as I let Lilly go, "no more crying this weekend," Perrie tells her. Lilly smiled at her, "I'll try," Lilly says. Perrie hugged her tight again and I was glad that these two had each other. I always wondered what would happen if Lilly didn't have Perrie, "this weekend is meant to be fun so we going to have lots and lots of fun," Perrie says. Lilly smile got bigger and I felt myself smile with her, "and it will be," she tells her. Perrie kissed Lilly cheek before whispering something in her ear. Lilly said something back, but I didn't hear it. Perrie nodded her head as she kissed her cheek again, "cool some girl on girl action," Niall smirked. Perrie kissed Lilly other cheek, "now ladies did you ask your men if you could start that?" Liam asked. Niall hit Liam in the arm since her properly wanted to see more, "start what?" Lilly questioned. We all started laughing at how pure Lilly was. She walked away hurt, "come here Lilly Belle," I says as I pulled he to me. I wrapped my arms around her from behind, "sorry for laughing at you," I apologized. I hated embarrassing her like that. Lilly started to giggle, "Lil playing us," Zayn points out.

"That's mean," Niall pouted. You got to be kidding me. I really thought we upset her. Lilly looked at Niall, "we deserved it since we laughed at her. Even tho she knew what we talking about," Perrie tells us. I need to get her back for this. My emotions are all over the place tonight, "maybe we should still punish her," I smirked. I made sure that I had a hold of her, "that sounds like a good idea mate," Zayn says. We all smirked at her, "I'll be gentle," Perrie says before she kissed her. Lilly closed her eyes as she kissed back. I was shocked that Lilly kissed her back. I thought she would pushed her away, "this is hot," Niall says. Niall was right about this being too hot since I could feel myself get hard. I pulled Lilly away from her, "save some for later," I whispered in her ear. I made sure Lilly stayed in front of me, "you been teaching her well Louis," Perrie smiled. I smiled, "that I have," he boasted.

"How about we watch a movie?" Liam asked as he changed the subject. I wondered why Liam felt uncomfortable. We all nodded our heads, "so since it Lilly first time here she gets to pick the movie," Liam added. Please not a chick flick, "do you have the Avengers?" she asked. All us boys got excited, "we have all the Marvel films," Liam beamed. Lilly giggled, "me and Lilly Belle get the snacks and drinks. While the rest of you get changed and get the lounge room set up," I tell them. They all leave us and I stopped Lilly from moving, "don't move yet." I whispered. Niall came running in, "you two haven't moved," Niall said disappointedly. I looked straight at him, "do it again and you'll be swimming with the fishes tomorrow," I warn him. Niall nodded before running back out, "that goes for all of you!" I yelled. We heard footsteps as the others ran off, "how did you know?" Lilly wondered.

"Because we did it to Zayn and Perrie," I admitted. Lilly smiled as she kissed my cheek, "you know that not nice and can you let go of me please," she tells me. I put my chin on her shoulder, "um, I got a semi hard on from you kissing Perrie and it shows since I'm wearing no boxers," I whispered. Lilly got out of my grip and walked to the fridge, "there nothing I can do about it," she smiled. Lilly bent over to grab the bottles of coke out of the fridge. I couldn't help but look at her arse, "no you're just making it worst," I groaned.

"Where are the glasses?" she asked. I point to the top cupboard and I regret that decision. When Lilly grabbed the glasses her top went up and this afternoon came to my mind. All I could think is that I could kiss her body again and again. I let out a sexually frustrated groan as I leant forward on the kitchen island. Lilly put the glasses down on the bench, "so where are the snacks?" she questioned. I really wished that she didn't make me hard so easily, "I thought about just getting chips out. I can't be stuffed making popcorn," I says. Lilly if you can't tell that I only want to do one thing and I can't, "where the popcorn?" she sighed. I point to the bottom cupboard, "fuck," I groaned as she bent over. Lilly got out two bags of chips and two packets of microwave popcorn. She put the chips next to the drinks before she put the one of the microwave popcorn's in the microwave. She leant forward on the other side of the island. She purposely pushed her boobs up, so they nearly fell out of her top. I started walking towards to pin her against the bench and go round three with her, but, "where the food and drinks?" Niall whined. Lilly smiled at me before she looked at Niall in just his grey track pants, "waiting on the popcorn," she tells him. I smiled at the fact that Niall caught us in time, because if he walked in a little bit later. I would be grinding against Lilly and I don't think I would have stopped. Niall left with a packed of chips before Lilly looked at me, "what are you smiling at?" she wondered.

"Just Niall nearly caught us going round three," I say. Lilly smiled at me, "who said that be going round three?" she questioned. I bit my bottom lip, "need a hand you two?" Liam asked as he walked in. Yes Liam I need a hand, but I don't want yours around my dick, "do you guys go shopping together and get the same clothes?" Lilly questioned. I noticed Liam was also just in grey track pants too, "nah. We just like grey track pants," Liam smiled. Lilly laughed, "if it makes you feel better Zayn wearing black ones," he added. Lilly smiled, "so he didn't get the memo about grey track pants," she joked.

"We never gave it to him. I'll take these," Liam says as he picks up the three bottles of coke. He managed to balance the glasses on top, "do you need a hand?" Lilly asked him. I need that hand Lilly and I need it right now. Liam shakes his head, "I got it. You just bring in the popcorn in when it done," he tells her. Liam stared to walk out, "do you want me to wait for you two before starting the movie?" he asked. Can you please hurry up and leave, "you can start the movie if you want," Lilly replied. When Liam left the microwave went off, "where are the bowls?" she wondered. I grabbed the bowls out of the cupboard. I don't think I could take her bending over again. I put them on the island, "thanks," she smiled. She got the packet out of the microwave and put in the other packet. She quickly put the packet in the bowl and put her finger in her mouth. If I wasn't turned on as fuck I would be worried, "do you have to?" I say. I swear I moaned slightly when I said that. She takes her finger out of her mouth, "I burnt my finger," she pouted. I bit my bottom lip as I grabbed her hand and kissed her finger. She smiled as she took her hand back. She poured the popcorn in the bowl, "I'll meet you in there," she tells me. She kissed me and walked away. I looked down at myself and I was harder. I tried to push it down, but I was just turning myself on more. I also tried to think of something else part from her, but I found myself rubbing myself through my pants. The microwave going off stopped me from continuing with myself. I got the packet out and poured it straight into the bowl.

I stood in the doorway to the lounge room and saw that Niall and Liam were in the middle on the sofa bed. Zayn and Perrie on one side and Lilly on the other. I ran and jumped over the back of the lounge landing next to Lilly. I quickly got under the blanket to hide my boner, "you still hard?' Lilly whispered in my ear. Yes I'm still hard because of you. I nodded my head as Lilly smiled at me. This girl knows what she doing to me and that fucken hot. She started eating the popcorn as I put my arm around her. I pulled her closer to me, "and you're not helping," I whispered. I needed to calm down before I get blue balls, "but I'm not doing anything," she said innocently. Fuck this girl could make me cum at any moment. I bit my bottom lip as she placed her hand on my knee, "behave," I tell her. She kissed my cheek as she squeezed my knee, "Lilly don't start what you can't finish," I whispered in her ear before I kissed under it. Lilly moved her hand up my thigh until she lightly touch my hard on. I couldn't take it anymore. I put the bowl next to our drinks before I ran out of there.

I went into the nearest bathroom and straight away pulled my pants down before I took my top off. I could feel my balls about to explode at any minute. I quickly worked on myself as I thought about punishing Lilly for doing this to me. I had images of her over my knee as I smacked her arse. Then playing with her until she was about to cum, but not letting her. I came and I felt fantastic as I let my high take over me. I sat down on the toilet lid as I caught my breath. I cleaned myself and the bathroom up. I didn't bother putting my top back on before I left the bathroom.

When I got back to the lounge room I noticed Niall hugging Lilly and she had the blanket around her, "that was easy," she smiled. What was she talking about? I walked into the room, "What was easy?" I wondered. Lilly looked at me, "and Niall what are you doing with Lilly Belle?" I added. Niall didn't let go of her, "just keeping her warm and comfy as you went to toss," Niall smiled. I laughed a little bit, "I didn't tell them," Lilly tells me. I know you didn't hunny, "she didn't mate," Liam says. I sat down next to Lilly, "I know that. Now Niall go back over to your spot, before I put you there," I tell him. Niall raised his eyebrows at me, "make me," he playfully says. I got back up and tried to pick up Niall, but he still had a tight grip on Lilly. She started to giggle, "Niall let go of her," I tell him. Please Niall before my anger comes and kills you. Niall shakes his head no, "never," he says. I dragged Niall, but he didn't let go of Lilly. She falls and bangs her head against Niall's, "ow," they both say. I quickly helped Lilly back up, "you all right," I asked her. Lilly nodded her head as she rubbed were she wacked, "I'm fine Louis thanks for asking," Niall said sarcastically. I just give him my death stare and he quickly moves to Liam. I moved Lilly hand away from her head and kissed the spot where it hurts, "look what you did Niall you made me hurt Lilly," I say.

"At least you know that it was you not him," Lilly smiled. I pouted, "but it was kind of his fault. If he just let you go," I point out. Lilly crawled over to Niall as he was still rubbing his head. She moved his hand away and kissed the spot her was rubbing. I quickly picked her up, "my lips," I say before I kissed her. I needed this since it helps with my fucked up jealous thoughts. I put her back down in the corner of the lounge. I jumped over her before I sat down. I pulled the blanket over us, "now behave this time," I tell her. I pulled her close to me as she placed her head on my chest. We all went back to watching the movie since I think they realized that my jealous thoughts were there. I put the popcorn in my lap, "this is nice," she says. I kissed the top of her head, "that it is," I whispered. I still can't believe that I'm doing this couple shit with her and I'm liking it.

After a while Lilly sat up and grabbed out her phone with her cherry ripe wrapper. I grabbed out my phone before I took her phone and the wrapper off of her. I put them down next to our drinks as Lilly leaned over to grab her drink. She quickly pulls back and started rubbing her ribs. I realized that the bowl of popcorn in my lap hurt her. I put the bowl next to our phones before I grabbed her drink, "you keep hurting yourself tonight," I say. Lilly took her drink off of me as I started rubbing her ribs. She smiled as she drank some of her drink, "that I do," she tells me. She hands me her drink back and put it back on the shelf. I pulled Lilly close to me before I moved down the lounge so I was nearly laying down. Lilly put her head back on my chest. I ran my fingers up and down her back and she closed her eyes. I kissed the top of her head before she fell asleep. I looked down at her, "Lou why are you watching her sleep?" Liam wondered. I felt my cheeks go red since they caught me, "I um," I stuttered. I really couldn't explain, "it also looks like you do it a lot," Zayn says. I kept my mouth shut, "where were you Tuesday?" Niall questioned. I shake my head, "you were with her. What did you do?" Niall added.

"Um nothing," I whispered. Niall stands over me and I covered Lilly ear, "she better be a virgin still or I will kill you myself," Niall warned me. I was shocked at Niall, "yes she it. I'm not just going to take it from her," I tell him. Niall gave me a small nod, "and all we did on Tuesday was make-out, do some schoolwork and went to sleep," I added. Niall sits down next to Liam, "wow Lilly got you doing schoolwork. Maybe I put in a good word for you with Harry," Niall smiled. I closed my eye wishing that they go back to the movie, "Lou it alright we won't tell her that you watch her sleep. We even won't tell her how you really feel about her. That up to you to tell her," Zayn reassured me. I opened my eyes, "um thanks. I think," I say. They boys had shocked faces, "you really really like her," Liam smiled. I shake my head as I closed my eyes and went to sleep.

I woke back up when I felt Lilly moving a little. I could hear her crying, "Lilly what wrong? Why are you crying?" I whispered as I put my hand on her cheek. Lilly didn't look at me, "just yesterday getting to me," she confessed. I kissed the top of her head before I moved her up, so she look at me. I wrapped my arm around her as I pulled her closer to me. Our noses touched, "what about yesterday?" I wondered. I wanted to know what she was crying over, "all the bad things that happened," she replied. I rubbed her back slowly, "want to talk about it?" I asked.

Lilly told me that all the bad things got to her like Harry in a fight with Brian and him threating her. Her mother getting to her and slapping her face. Me getting mad and losing my temper. Harry snapping at Lilly and I for being late. Me trying to end things with us, because she was scared to lose Harry, "don't worry about Brian and Amy they won't lay a finger on you. Harry and I never going to leave you, but if you did have to choose I will make you choose him tho," I started. Lilly opened her mouth to say something, but I kissed her before she could, "but I hope it never comes down to that," I continued. I kissed her nose, "but why didn't you tell me that your mother was getting to you?" I questioned. Lilly looked down, "because you told me that I'm strong and I didn't want to disappoint you," she admitted. I kissed her nose again, "I'm not disappointed. Even the strong break, but they come back stronger than before," I reassured her. I kissed her forehead, "and about me. I am really sorry for losing my temper in front of you. It something I'm working on," I apologized. Lilly wrapped her arms around my neck before she kissed me lightly. She takes my beanie off and threw behind me. She kissed me hard as her fingers played with my hair. I pushed her body against me as I thrust my tongue into her mouth. I pushed her onto her back to gain more control. I started kissing down her neck until we heard someone move. I looked at her, "we could always finish this somewhere else," I whispered. Lilly bit her bottom lip, "or we could save it for later," I added.

"I think we should save it for later," she tells me. She kissed me and now I really know how it feels to be rejected, "since I want to walk today," she added. I smiled as I laid down next to her again, "and I don't think I could really go round four after a long day," I admitted. Which was true, but I could always get hard for her. I could tell Lilly was trying to hold back a smile, "so you can only go three rounds?" she questioned. I kissed her, "I can go more, but I don't think you can," I teased. I kissed her again, "so you're saying that I can't take it?" she asked me. I smiled as I kissed her again, "I hope you can take it, but maybe I should turn you on right now. So you know how I felt when you were teasing me," I smirked. Lilly looked down before I could kiss her again, "sorry for teasing and not helping you out with your hard on," she apologized. I laughed a little bit and Lilly looked at me, "and how were you suppose to help me?" I wondered. Lilly bit her bottom lip, "with not teasing you," she replied. I kissed her lightly as I realized that I kissed her a lot as we been talking, "even if you weren't doing it on purpose. I would still got hard just by watching you," I admitted. Lilly blushed in the moonlight, "now go back to sleep we have a big day ahead of us," I say as placed my hand on the side of her face. I kissed her, "goodnight my sweet, strong, beautiful girl," I tell her. She kissed me, "goodnight my strong, handsome, tattoo man," she smiled. I smiled back as she went back to sleep. I watched her again until I heard someone move again. I move to see who it was and it was Zayn, "you alright mate?" I asked him. He nodded his head, "I'm fine my strong, handsome, tattoo man," he teased. I stuck my finger up and him as he walked away. I laid back down and went to sleep.



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