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Her (Louis Tomlinson Punk)

Chapter 3 – My Game Plan to Keep Her

Chapter 3 – My Game Plan to Keep Her

I woke up the next morning when Lilly brought my arm to her, “mmm,” I mumbled. I hide my face into her necks to block out the sun. I couldn’t believe that she was still here next to me. I thought in the morning she be gone or pushed me away as soon as she woke up. I felt her smile, “it too early to get up,” I say. She let go of my hand that was on her waist. I started to panic until she started to run her fingers up and down my arm. It felt nice at the small gesture that she was making with me, “ow,” she cried. I realized that I was squeezing her hand that she hurt last night. I move her hand to see the damage of what last night did. It was swollen and purple, “that looks a bit bad, but I don’t think it broken,” I tell her. I kissed her hand as I thought about yelling at her for saving me last night. I know she didn’t know about what of could have happened to her or me. She laid on her back as she kept her legs between mine, “got a hangover?” I smiled. She shakes her head no, “how come?” I wondered. It very strange that she don’t have one. I thought she be throwing her guts up in the bathroom, “I think it from all the fighting and running around,” she replied.

“Well you did break two noses last night,” I laughed. I still can’t get over that fact that she broke two noses and one of them was for me. I still want to yell at her for saving me, but I couldn’t. Lilly don’t need to know that it could have ended up really bad. She smiled at me, “but now paying for it,” she says. She held her hand up and I bring is close to my face, “that why I don’t like you sticking up for me,” I say before kissing it. She smiled at my touch, “but if I didn’t you would have gotten the crap beating out of you. I really like you around,” Lilly admitted. I couldn’t help, but smile at the fact that she likes me around. I kissed her hand again, “you like me around and here I thought that I pissed you off,” I teased. I kissed her hand again, “You do and will you stop kissing my hand. I know your counting,” she whined. I knew she liked the game we were playing. I kissed her cheek, “you owe me eight so far,” I reminded her. She kissed my hand, “now seven,” I smiled. She kissed my cheek and I smiled bigger, “six,” I say. When she moved to kiss my shoulder I started to get turned on, “five,” I mumbled. This can’t be happing to me. If she kisses me again I’m going to have a problem in my lower region. Lilly kissed my neck, “four,” I slightly moaned. Fuck she made me hard. I quickly get off the bed and faced away her. I tried to push my hard on down, “is everything alright Louis?” she wondered. I turn my head to look at her and she was kneeling on my bed. Fuck she looked hot in just my t-shirt and boxers. It just made me harder. I quickly look away from her, “fuck,” I groaned.

“Louis?” she questioned. I could tell that she was worried about what was going on, “go down please,” I whispered. This must be a sick joke. I was having a great time with Lilly in my bed. I thought maybe that I could actually kiss her, “what wrong?” she asked me. Pushing down on my hard on was making it worst, “I’ll be right back,” I moaned slightly. As I was about to run off to my bathroom Lilly was in front of me, “Louis what…,” she started. Fuck she saw. Why does she have to be so curious? I really don’t know what to do right now. I grabbed her and hand and pulled her right next to me. We faced opposite ways, “how did you know where my sweet spot was?” I wondered. I wrapped my around the front her as I placed her hand on my neck. I ran my fingers down her arm, “I don’t know,” she mumbled. I bit my lip as I watched her. She looked so confused and turned on at the same time. Fuck I really want her right now and I take anything she gives me. She looked at me as her breathing got heavier and faster, “Lilly can I kiss you?” I asked her. Lilly nodded her head before I could take it back. I know in my head that this is wrong for her first kiss, but my hormones were talking over. I placed my hand on the side of her face and kissed her. I really wanted her, but I know I had to be gentle with her. I pulled her to the front of me as she pulled on my neck. Lilly was pushed against me and my hard on. It felt like she didn’t want this kiss to end, but if I kept going we both be in my bed. I pulled back before resting my forehead to hers, “fuck,” I puffed. Lilly ran her fingers down my chest to the start of my stomach. Fuck what is she doing to me, “Lilly you don’t know what you do to me,” I confessed. I wrapped my arm around her back and under her legs as I picked her up. I kissed her again and she wrapped her arms around my neck. This felt different, but for some reason I liked it. I walked over to my bed and dropped her down. I didn’t want to stop kissing her. I didn’t want her to stop touching me and vice versa, “stay here while I take care of this,” I tell her as I pointed down to my hard on.

“Ok,” she whispered. Lilly slowly nodded her head as I kissed her neck, “do whatever you want,” I tell her. Fuck I really want to stay with her. I just wanted to know what she would do. I noticed Lilly nodding her head as I bit my bottom lip, “I mean anything,” I whispered in her ear. I ran my hand up her thigh and she shivered. Fuck now I really want to touch her now, but I kissed her lightly and went into the bathroom.

Once in the bathroom I took my boxers straight off. I leaned over as I placed my hand on the vanity. I started to think of what Lilly could be doing without me. I griped my member into my hand and started to think of her. When I was pumping myself I could her Lilly moan. It sounded like she was trying to keep quiet, but she couldn’t. I pictured my hands all over her and she was moaning at my touch not her own. I got a bit faster with myself, “fuck,” I heard her moan. Fuck she’s having a good time with without me. I focused on myself which was really hard to do since I kept hearing her moan. I let moans slip my mouth that I couldn’t help. She was driving me insane, “oh god!” she moaned loudly. God this girl is going to kill me. I dug my fingers into the vanity trying to stop myself from going out there. I kept pumping myself until I heard, “fuck!” she screamed. That made cum right there. I couldn’t breathe properly and I thought I was going to pass out. I don’t know if it was from the high or the fact that I was using all my strength to stay there.

I cleaned myself and the bathroom up from the mess I made. I lazily put my boxers back on before I walked out of the bathroom. She was sitting on the bed and her cheeks were flushed. Lilly had a glow about her now which made her more beautiful. I smiled at her, “sounds like you had a good time,” I say. I walked over to my bed and threw myself face first into my bed. I was exhausted, but she seems alright. Lilly ran her fingers through my hair. It felt really nice, her touch feels really nice. It was a strange new feeling, “sounds like you had a good time too,” she tells me. I pulled her down, so she would lay down in front of me, “your moans sent me over the edge,” I admitted. Lilly placed her head on my arm, “how are you feeling?” I wondered.

“Wondering why I haven’t done that before,” she smiled. I had to kiss her, so I did, “it helps when you got me to think about,” I flirted. Lilly placed her hand on the side of my face, “that it does,” she admitted. Lilly kissed me this time and that first time she kissed me which surprised me. I pulled her legs underneath my arm before I slowly moved my hand up her thigh. I felt Goosebumps rise on her skin, “please don’t. I need a shower,” she whined. I may have gotten a little excited, “did you get that wet?” I wondered. She hid her face into my shoulder and I felt her face turn red. I keep embarrassing her, but she is so cute when she is. I kissed her neck, “don’t be embarrassed. It just normal,” I whispered into her ear. I moved my fingers under the material of the boxers that she wearing. I moved my fingers backwards and forwards against her skin. My perverted mind kept thinking about what she did to herself while I was in the bathroom. I kissed her neck again, “did you put a finger in?” I questioned. Maybe I should teach her or just do it myself. She shakes her head, “next time try it,” I tell her. I kissed the top of her head before I looked at the time. It was ten, “fuck,” I swore.

“What’s wrong?” she wondered. I looked at her and she was already looking at me, “it ten and we got to get ready for school, but I want to stay here like this for the day. However I don’t want to get in trouble from the others,” I confessed. She runs her fingers down the side of my face. Why does she do these things to me? I really wanted to take her in my bed right now, “why would you get in trouble?” she questioned. I’m going to get into so much trouble because of her, “because you’re a good girl and I’m the bad boy turning you bad,” I tell her. She smiled as she kissed my cheek, “but your worth getting in trouble for,” I admitted. She sat up as she blushed. Fuck you need to stop blushing or I will tie you to the bed, so we can never leave. She looked at me, “come on,” she tells me. She kissed my forehead and I was so close to pinning her down on the bed. I get off the bed as she stayed on it, “let’s have a smoke first,” I tell her. I held my hand out to her and she takes it. I pull her to me, “but I want a shower first,” she whined. I still can’t help but play with her. I smiled, “no,” I tell her.

I pulled her all the way out the backyard after we grabbed a smoke. As we stood outside I could tell that she was uncomfortable, “do you like torturing me?” she asked. I just watched her as I lit up my smoke, “why would you think that?” I teased. I blew out smoke as I handed her my lighter. I looked over her as she lit up her smoke. Why did she have to look so good in my clothes? Fuck I just realized that she was the first girl that I ever let wear my clothes. She the only girl that I want in my clothes. I want to rip my clothes off her, “because I’m still…,” she started. I saw her blush a deep red, so I wrapped my arm around her, “wet,” I finished for her. She pushed me away before she turned her back on me. I maybe should have said that nicer to her, “I’m sorry,” I apologized. I wrapped my arms around her from behind. She ignored me as we smoked our smokes. I kept thinking on how wet she got without me and how she would feel. I moved in closer to her neck, “can I see how wet you are?” I wondered. I lifted her shirt as she leant her head back a little. My other hand played with the waistband of the boxers she was wearing. I threw our smokes away as I kissed her neck, “Lilly I need an answer,” I tell her.

“Yes,” she whispered. Her voice was so soft and relaxed, so I kissed her. I moved my hand under the waistband and slowly moved my hand down. I could feel how wet she was without really feeling her, “fuck,” I mumbled. I wanted to feel her properly, but I couldn’t. I felt like I was taking advantage of her right now. I start to move my hand out and Lilly stops me, “please don’t stop,” she begged. Fuck she did not just ask me that. I was so scared that if I started that I couldn’t stop, “I’m sorry Lilly I can’t,” I apologized. I moved my hand out and placed it on her waist, “why?” she questioned. I kissed her shoulder, “because it your hormones going crazy on this new feeling,” I explained. When she looked down I noticed she looked hurt and embarrassed. I pulled her face towards me to see how much my rejection hurt her. She looked like she was about to cry, “hey don’t be upset,” I cooed. I kissed her lightly, “I just don’t want you to rush into things that you might regret. You only met me yesterday,” I tell her. She nodded slowly and I could tell that she was still upset, “and you already know too much about me,” she mumbled. She gave me a weak smile which broke me, “please believe me that I only want the best for you. I already fucked up your first kiss,” I admitted. I moved in front of her as I moved my hand to her hip. My other hand lightly touched her face. She placed her hands on my chest as she looked straight at me. I knew I had to fix things with her, “Lilly can I kiss you the way you’re meant to be kissed?” I wondered. I moved in closer to her as she gave me a small nod. I moved my lips in closer to hers as she closed her eyes. I kissed her softly the way her first kiss should have gone. I wished that I could kiss her forever, but I needed to stop. I need to stop before I take it too far. I pulled back and rested my forehead against hers as I looked at her. I noticed a thin scar on her cheek that looked like she has had it forever. This simple imperfection just made her more beautiful to me. Lilly opened her eyes and stared straight into mine. We didn’t say anything as I moved back. I ran my thumb over her bottom lip wishing I could kiss her all day, “better have a shower,” I tell her. Lilly nodded her head as she was lost for words.

I take her back up to my room, “you have a shower in mine again and I use the one down the hall again,” I tell her. I kissed her, “I’ll bring your bag in when I’m done,” I added. I kissed her again. I ran out of my room before I kept kissing her. I don’t want to ruin what’s going on between us. What is going on between us? If I want anything between us I need to talk to Harry about it.

After my shower I realized that I didn’t grab any clothes, so I wrapped a towel around my hips. Before I went into my room I went into the room Zayn and Perrie slept in. As I picked up Lilly bag I noticed the bed was made. I shake my head since the sheets had to be changed after what they did last night.

I got back to my room as Lilly came out of the bathroom. She had a towel wrapped around her hair and body. Fuck she was naked under that. Lilly takes her bag off of me without saying a word, “Lilly are you alright” I wondered. As soon as she put her bag down on my bed I wrapped my arms around her. She felt warm, but distance, “yeah,” she says as her voice broke. Was she still upset with me? I only stopped for her, “Lilly are you still thinking about me stopping you?” I asked. She nodded her head, but as she was about to say something. I covered her mouth with my finger, “I know you wanted too and I stopped you. Because I would have pinned you against the wall and taken your virginity right then and there,” I confessed. Fuck what did I just say? The look on her face tells me. I hugged her tight, “Lilly it alright I will never do that to you. Ever,” I reassured her. Lilly unwrapped my arms from around her before she picked up her bag. Fuck what’s wrong? She rejecting me, “Lilly what wrong?” I questioned. Lilly walked away from me back to the bathroom, “nothing,” she whispered before she went in.

“Fuck,” I groaned. Fuck what have I done? Fuck why did I say what I said. I must brought back those memories with that fucken dick that touched her. I need to calm the fuck down before I lose it and smash something. I took a deep breath before I walked over to the bathroom door. This is about her not about me getting mad. I can’t get mad in front of her I just can’t. I opened the door to see her crying, “Lilly?” I say. I hugged her tight as the towel from her head fell, “I’m such an idiot. I didn’t think about what I said to you or even remembered what happened to you,” I started. She cried into my chest as I rubbed her back. This girl crying into my chest was killing me. I made her cry, because I had to open my mouth. I told myself that I wouldn’t hurt her and I did, “Lilly I will never do that to you. I promise. I’m so sorry,” I apologized. I felt tears in my eyes, so I hid my face into her neck. Why does this girl make me feel like this? I felt a tear fall, “Louis?” she wondered. I didn’t want her to see me like this. Fuck I didn’t want to see me. I have only cried in front of Harry and that when I woke up in the hospital, “I’m sorry,” I mumbled. She made me look at her and I felt weak and embarrassed, “why are you crying?” she questioned.

“Because I fucked up again like I always do and this time I hurt you. Lilly I’m just a screw up and I think we should just,” I started, but Lilly kissed me. I was shocked that she would kiss me. I keep hurting her, but her lips are on mine. I started to kiss her back, but I need more from her right now. I licked her bottom lip and as soon as she opened her mouth I stuck my tongue in. I dominated her mouth as I pushed her against me. I didn’t want it to stop, but we pulled back, “wow,” we both say. Lilly looked into my eyes, “no, because I’m living my life for once and that because of you,” she tells me as I felt her lips against mine. I smiled as I kissed her. Lilly stepped away from me and her towel fell down. I quickly had a look before she pulled me to her. I felt her naked body against me. Her boobs against me and fuck I could get hard at any minute, “um,” she says. Fuck she embarrassed. I need to think of something else, “I’ll close my eyes as you pick up your towel,” I nervously chuckled. I closed my eyes, but when she moved away I had a peek. I quickly closed them again when she stood up, “you can open them,” she tells me. I opened my eyes as I smiled at her, “that was nice,” I say. She blushed a deeper red as she smiled, “you can do that to me anytime,” I flirted. She kept smiling as she pushed me out of the bathroom, “careful that you towel don’t fall down again,” I teased. She shut the door on my face and I laughed.


I got dressed in dark skinny jeans and baggy tank top before I knocked on the bathroom door, “decent?” I wondered. I flatten my hair, “yep,” she replied. I opened the door to see Lilly dressed in blue skinny jeans and a white singlet. I caught her looking at me as I walked over to the vanity to grab my toothbrush, “did you bring yours?” I asked. Lilly went through her bag to get her toothbrush out, “yep,” she says. She stood next to me and I took her toothbrush off of her. I put some toothpaste on it, “you know I could done that myself,” she tells me. I smiled, because she didn’t know what I was going to do next. I started brushing my teeth with her toothbrush. Lilly just stared at me, “just returning what you did to mine,” I smirked. Lilly hit me in the arm gently and I gave her toothbrush back. She washed off my spit as I put toothpaste on my toothbrush, “you know my tongue was just in your mouth,” I reminded her. We started brushing our teeth as Lilly blushed, “you cute when you blush,” I admitted. I stared at her in the mirror as she looked at me. Lilly looked away as she continued to brush her teeth. The only though I had was that her boobs giggles as she brushed. I noticed her looking at me in the mirror as I dribbled, “you need to spit it coming out of your mouth,” she tells me. I spit into the sink, “so do you,” I tell her as I wiped some toothpaste from her chin. Lilly spits into the sink and my mind went dirty. Why am I such a fucken dirty boy?

When we finished brushing our teeth Lilly got her make-up out. I grabbed it from her, “you don’t need that,” I tell her. She smiled at me, “I just want to put on some eyeliner and mascara on,” she says. I didn’t mind last night, but it was just school today, “no,” I ordered. She tried to grab her make-up from me, so I just put my arm higher, “I said no, because you’re beautiful without it,” I tell her. I could tell that she was blushing as she looked down, “please believe me when I say that you’re beautiful,” I begged. I wrapped my arms around her, “I don’t think I can,” she confessed. Why can’t this girl see that she beautiful? I kissed the top of her head, “I know it will take time, but in the end I will show you,” I promised. As soon as Lilly looked at me I kissed her lightly, “we should have some breakfast now,” I say to change the subject. I put her make-up down and hope that she didn’t pick it up. I grabbed her hand and tried to get her out the bathroom, “I need to brush my hair first,” she tells me. I let go of her hand, so she could brush her hair, “are you going to brush yours?” she asked me. I leant against the doorframe, “nah going to wear a beanie,” I say. I watched her brush her hair and what scared me is that I could get used to it. I don’t know why I’m feeling like this. I normally get rid of the girl the next morning, but with Lilly I don’t want her to go away. Maybe Liam right I need to get laid, “you know it rude to stare,” I hear her say. I smiled as I came out of my thoughts to see Lilly put her hair up in a ponytail.

When I got down stairs I saw five notes on the fridge. I found the one from Harry:

Pancakes in the oven for you xo
P.S Lou you better not done anything

I pull the note off the fridge, “Harry made us pancakes,” I tell her. I put Harry note in my pocket as Lilly read the rest of them. She showed me Liam’s:

Can you two not leave water and your clothes everywhere xo – Liam

“Liam is a clean freak and all he kisses and hugs are for you,” I tell her. I took a deep breath as I thought they are just being nice. I have some fucked up jealously issues with a girl that’s not mine. Lilly showed me Perrie’s note:

See you at school xoxo – Perrie

“I think one is for you,” she smiled. I smiled back, “but the ones from the boys are yours,” I say. Maybe she needed to know we all like her. Well that what I told myself. Lilly started laughing as she showed me Niall’s note:

Bow chicka wow wow xo – Niall

“That Niall for you,” I tell her. I take the notes off her and quickly looked at Zayn’s:

Can’t wait for art Lil xo – Zayn

Calm down. She with you right now and not them, “is that why Zayn asked me if he sent me a naked picture?” she smiled. I started to laugh to hide the fact that I wanted to yell. I really have fucked up jealously issues, “that him, but he didn’t send you one right?” I questioned as I stopped laughing. That bastard better not have, “maybe,” she teased. Lilly this is something we don’t joke about with me. I moved in closer to her, “can I see it?” I asked.

“Why do you want to see Niall naked?” she questioned. I smiled at that fact that he didn’t send one, “because I know he didn’t send you one,” I smirked. When she walked away from me to her bag I lost it, “you got to be fucken kidding me. I’m going to kick his ass,” I snapped. Lilly started laughing at me as she put her bag down. I was relieved that she was just playing with me, “that’s not funny,” I tell her. Lilly didn’t stop laughing, “you think it funny that I was going to hit Niall?” I wondered. She calmed down when I moved in closer to her so there was no room. I pulled her face towards me, “you’re evil sometimes. You know that,” I say.

“Why do you care if Niall sent me a naked picture?” she wondered. I kissed her lightly, “because I do,” I tell her. I can’t tell her that I have jealously and trust issues. I walked over to the oven to reheat the pancakes, “you know that not an answer,” she tells me. I smiled, “but it the only one you’re getting,” I say. Lilly sat down on a stool at the breakfast bench as she looked at her phone, “wow it already ten thirty,” she says. I cheek the pancakes and they were done. I take them out and put them in front of Lilly, “I know,” I mumbled. I really didn’t need to go to school since I had no lessons until after lunch, but Lilly had art. I get strawberry jam and whip cream out of the fridge. I also get out two plates before I put them next to the pancakes. I grab out two knives and forks, “I wonder why Harry made these?” I wondered. Harry made me bacon and eggs yesterday, because he was being nice to me. Normally the morning after drinking we just get a bowl of cereal or make some toast, “to say sorry to me since he knows I love pancakes,” she tells me. What? I sit next to her, “why would he need to apologize to you?” I questioned. I put three pancakes on to Lilly’s plate since I only saw her eat the apple that I gave her yesterday, “the way he acted last night after he found out I was high,” she replied.

“What did he do?” I questioned in a stern voice. I’ll be so angry if Harry hurt her, “he yelled at me and tried to forcibly take me somewhere. But I stood my ground and told him it my life,” she tells me. I noticed that she smiled at the last part, because that what I told her. I need to talk to Harry about this. He can’t treat her like this and get away with it. I kissed her forehead to calm my nerves, “like I said you should,” I smiled. She nodded as she put whip cream on her pancakes. Lilly got whip cream on her finger and stuck it in her mouth. My pants got tight as she sucked it off. I quickly put pancakes on my plate and put strawberry jam on them. When I grabbed the whip cream I put some on Lilly nose. I licked it off, “Louis,” she giggled.

“That my name,” I smiled. I put some on her cheek and licked it off. Lilly tried to grab it off of me, but fell off the stool into me. I wrapped my arm around her as I put whip cream on her other cheek. I slowly licked it off, “can I have a turn?” she begged. I hand it to her as she stood up between my legs. I put my hands on her hips as she put some on my nose. She licked it off before she did it to both of my cheeks. I take it back off of her and I put some on her lips. I licked off slowly, but half way through licking it off I stuck my tongue in her mouth. She placed her hand on my neck as she kissed me back. I pushed her into me and she broke the kiss. I looked down to check if I had a hard on, but I didn’t have one, “I know you don’t want to go to school, but making out with me won’t change my mind,” she tells me. I looked at her and she had some whip cream on her face. I wiped it off with my thumb, “you all sticky now,” I smiled.

After we finished breakfast and washed our faces. I noticed Lilly putting her clothes away into her bag. When she picked up her underwear from last night it was still wet, “just leave them and I’ll wash them. Actually leave the rest of your clothes so you’re not carrying them around. I promise I’ll give them back to you,” I tell her. Lilly smiled as she took her clothes out of her bag, “do you even know how to use a washing machine?” she asked. Who said I was going to wash them? I normally get Liam to do it or when Anne comes around to check on me. I bit my bottom lip since I should wash hers, so no one would ask, “how hard can it be?” I wondered. She walked over to me, “I’ll let you find out,” she tells me. I smiled because I have never used one in my life.

As Lilly was sitting on my bed putting her shoes on. I remember that I didn’t see a pair of shorts in her clothes when I packed them, “Lilly do you have shorts and shoes for P.E today?” I asked. She looked down, “I have my shoes from yesterday, but I forgot to pack shorts,” she replied. She seemed disappointed that she forgot which made me laugh a little, “its ok. You can borrow a pair of mine,” I tell her. I went into my wardrobe and grabbed a maroon beanie. I put it on and moved my hair to the side on my face. I grabbed pair of my smallest shorts for Lilly. I grabbed a t-shirt and pair shorts for myself and put them in bag. I came back out, “they may be a bit big, but there is a pull string to make them tighter,” I tell her as I handed them over. I grabbed my bag, “time to go,” I say. I grabbed Lilly hand and she pulled it straight back. I noticed it was the hand that she hurt last night, “let me fix that up before we go anywhere,” I say.

When we got to the kitchen I picked Lilly up and put her on a kitchen bench. I went into a cupboard and got the first aid kit, “the only thing I can do is wrap it up and give you some painkillers,” I tell her. When I grabbed a bandage I noticed there was not much left in the first aid kit. I got out two pain killers before grabbing a glass of water. I give them to Lilly and she takes them quickly. Her hand must be really hurting her right now, “they should kick in about ten minutes,” I say. I picked up her hand and kissed it before I wrapped it up for her. I’m used to wrapping one of the guys hands up, but it felt different wrapping Lilly’s up. I hope I don’t have to do it again for her. I kissed it again, “time to really go now,” I tell her.

We went outside after I made sure the house was locked up. I pulled Lilly over to my bike, “I’m not getting on that again,” she tells me. I smiled at her, “then we can stay here all day,” I tell her. I hand her my helmet and she sighed. She walked at my bike and stopped right next to it. I noticed that she didn’t know how to get on it, so I picked her up and put her on it. I laughed a little, “is that bad to spend all day with me?” I asked. Lilly shakes her head no as she moved her leg to the other side of my bike, “I just don’t want to get you in trouble,” she admitted. I thought it was kind of nice that she didn’t want me to get in trouble, but I wondered how much trouble I would get. I put my bag on the front of me and put my sunglasses on, “like I said before your worth all the trouble,” I reminded her as she put my helmet on. Maybe I should get another helmet if she sticks around. I get on in front of her, “don’t forget to hold on,” I tell her. Lilly wrapped her arms around me under my bag. I placed my hand on top of hers, “ready?” I wondered. I felt her nod her head as I started my bike. I moved my hand away so I could ride my bike. I got disappointed when Lilly didn’t cling on to me for dear life. Maybe she was used to my bike already.

When we got to school morning lessons were finished, “on time,” I pointed out. I get off and put my bag the right way. I noticed when Lilly took the helmet her hair was messy, “love he hair by the way,” I winked. She quickly put her hands on her hair before she took it out. Her hair fell down around her and I wish she would leave it down. She put it back up in a ponytail after she fixed her hair, “remember I don’t like it messy,” she reminded me. I picked her up and put her on the ground, “I know,” I sighed. I really liked her messy hair.

We met the others at the usual spot and Harry looked distanced, “Lil!” Perrie yells as she hugged Lilly tight. I smiled at them two “had a good morning?” Liam asked me. I gave him as small nod before he hugged Lilly. They all hugged Lilly and I felt jealous again, “so got a hangover Lil?” Zayn smiled. I kept looking at Harry, “nope,” Lilly replied. Everyone was shocked, “you drank way too much last night not to have one,” Liam says. Everyone nodded their heads, but it felt like Harry was just joining in “I think it because of all the running and fighting I did last night,” she tells them. Harry looked away, “or you getting some bedroom action,” Niall smirked. What the fuck did he say? I moved in closer to him, “careful what you say about her,” I snapped. Niall looked scared, “I didn’t mean anything by it,” Niall stuttered. I was going to tell Niall that I was sorry, but Lilly pulled me back, “would you calm down,” she tells me. I looked straight at her as I tried to calm down, “sorry if I would like to tell them that you’re not that type of girl!” I yelled.

“I think they already know that since I’m a virgin!” she yelled back. Lilly stormed off, “what the fuck Lou?” Zayn questioned. He stands up, “I’ll go fix this,” he tells me. He walked away, “and you’re alright with this Perrie?” I asked. Perrie nodded her head as Niall stood up, “Niall,” I started. Niall ignored me, “Lou just let him be,” Harry snapped. He got up and followed Niall, “what the fuck is wrong with him?” I wondered. Liam shakes his head as I sat down, “Harry was pissed at you and Lil this morning. What were you thinking about letting Lil sleep in your room? I don’t believe the crap about you sleeping on the lounge,” Liam asked. I get my smokes out, “we did nothing,” I tell them. I lit up a smoke, “give it a break. We know who you really are,” Perrie says.

“We really did nothing last night. We just went to sleep,” I tell them. Liam got out a smoke, “then why was your clothes on the floor and why was the floor wet than?” Liam questioned. I take a drag of my smoke, “when we finished cleaning Lilly jumped into the pool in her underwear. I jumped in after her when she found an unopened beer bottle. She was drunk and didn’t need any more alcohol. I got it off her than we got out of the pool. When we got inside we worked out her room was being used. So I offered her my bed and my clothes,” I explained. Perrie turned red as the bell rang, “why didn’t you sleep on the lounge?” Perrie asked.

“I did sleep on the lounge,” I lied. Perrie shakes her head, “in the lounge room,” she points out. I take another drag of my smoke, “I would have company,” Liam says. We looked at him, “I thought you supposed to be sharing with Harry and Niall?” I wondered. Liam looked down, “when I went in there they took up the whole bed, so I slept on the lounge,” he tells us. I patted him on the back, “you poor thing,” I say. Liam looked at me, “so she was nearly asleep on you in the treehouse, because she was drunk and high” Liam smiled. I quickly looked away, “you’re the reason Lilly was high last night. Are you an idiot?” Perrie questioned. Why are they talking to me like I did something really wrong? I didn’t do anything completely wrong, “yes Lilly got high with me, but we didn’t do anything last night,” I tell them. Perrie got up, “I can’t take your bullshit anymore Louis,” Perrie spat. She walked away from us, “what bullshit,” I groaned.

“So you’re telling the truth about you and Lilly?” Liam questioned. I nodded my head, “we did nothing,” I say. It feels like I said that hundred times, “ok I believe you about not fucking her or doing anything sexual, but did you just sleep?” he wondered. I threw my smoke on the floor, “you repeat this and I will chop off your dick” I warned him. Liam nodded his head, “we cuddled” I whispered. Liam started laughing, “really?” he laughed. I nodded my head, “did she cuddled you or did you cuddle her?” he teased.

“I cuddled her,” I mumbled. Liam laughed harder, “shut the fuck up Liam,” I spat. Liam stopped laughing, “calm down Lou. I was just playing with you. It sounds like you really like her,” Liam smiled. I shrugged my shoulders, “come on Lou. I have never heard you cuddling with someone,” he tells me.

“That’s because I never done it until last night. I was a,” I started but gave up. Liam shakes his head, “you were a good boy last night. You actually been good boy for a bit now. I’m starting to worry,” Liam admitted. I’m not telling him about what really going on with me. I would properly be back to normal if I didn’t met Lilly yesterday, “just after one day and a one girl you have changed into a good boy,” he teased. I shrugged my shoulders, “just don’t forget to talk to Harry about it first and you should properly apologize to Lil too,” Liam tells me. I nodded my head, “that’s going to be a first too,” I say. Which was a lie. I apologize to her a lot this morning.

When the bell rang I went to go pick up Lilly from art to apologize, but the classroom was empty. I remembered that they sit outside sometimes, so I headed that way. As I was walking over there I saw Lilly and Zayn with each other arms around each other smiling. I felt really angry at them two. They noticed me, “hey,” I say threw my gritted teeth. They quickly unwrapped their arms from each other. I kept my eyes on Lilly and didn’t hear a word Zayn said, “Zayn can you give me and Louis a minute. We will meet you at the table,” Lilly says. Yes Zayn leave us and ran back to your girlfriend like a good boy. I kept my eyes on Lilly, “Louis what’s wrong?” she asked. I didn’t say anything as I grabbed her arm.

I found an empty classroom and slammed the door, “what the fuck? You tell me off this morning for yelling at Niall. Then you walk away before I could finish. Then I find you all over Zayn and happy like nothing has happened!” I shouted. I needed to calm down it not her fault that I’m fucked up. When I put my hand threw my hair Lilly flinched. It broke me a little, “what the fuck Lilly. Have I have I ever hit you?” I asked. Lilly shakes her head, “then why did you flinch? Has your mother hit you before?” I wondered. If that woman ever laid a hand on her I will lose it, “no, well not yet. But you know the real reason and don’t make me say it please,” she begged. It was because that fucken guy. This was so frustrating, “and before you say anything else. What the fuck was that Louis?” she shouted.

“What the fuck was that? I was trying to look out for you and you yell at me for it. Then I come to talk to you about it and you had your arm around Zayn smiling like an idiot,” I spat at her. She groaned, “you know why, because my art teacher told me to stop hanging around you and the others. Then Zayn told me that he said not to waste his time on Perrie. You know what we both told him no, because that the people in our lives that make us happy. And I was smiling like an idiot, because I could see how much Zayn loves Perrie. It was nice to see someone in love since I don’t believe in it,” she admitted. I grabbed her before she could leave, “you don’t believe in love?” I wondered. I knew she keeps saying trust, but she can’t believe it. She looked straight at me, “no I don’t, because it always ends up bad,” she tells me. I pulled her closer to me, “but you have never had a relationship,” I point out.

“I have seen what loves does. It a fucked up thing. I thought when you love someone you do anything for them and not leave them,” she confessed. Lilly must be talking about her dad and Anne which is stupid. I was going to lose this girl before I could make a move on her. I don’t even know myself if I was going to ask her out. That not me, but she really different. I just want her, “I’m sorry how I acted towards you. So I want to make it up to you, so I’m buying you lunch,” I apologized. Lilly shakes her head at me, “I’m not hungry,” she tells me. I moved in closer, so there was no more room left, “I don’t care,” I say. Lilly rolled her eyes at me and I put her face into my hands, “you were going so good with that,” I tell her. She sighed, “I think you can let that one go since you were being a dick,” she smiled. I smiled as I kissed her lightly, “just this once,” I say. I kissed her again and she placed her hands on my waist. I moved one of my hands from her face to her lower back. I pushed her into me to deepen the kiss. Lilly pulled away too soon, “Louis what are we doing?” she wondered.

“Making out,” I replied. I know she really asked about what we are doing together. Lilly bit her bottom lip, “I know that, but why?” she questioned. I sat on the desk as I looked at the floor. I was thinking about telling her that I want to be with her, but I know she would say no to me, “because it fun,” I say. She sat down next to me, “fun?” she wondered. I smiled at her, “yeah fun. I don’t believe in relationships either. So what we doing is for fun,” I tell her. Only if you knew that I would try a relationship with you. Fuck I’m sounding like a girl in my head. I noticed Lilly playing with her bag straps, “but why me? There are other girls,” she questioned. Why so much self-doubt? I blame her mother, “I don’t like any other girls here and you’re the first one that has caught my eye,” I admitted. Lilly smiled a little and I hope she believed me, “but there must be other girls out there that are not virgin’s,” she says. What does her virginity have to do with me not wanting her? I know I had the rule no virgins, but maybe after what I did to myself. I’ve changed for the better. I pulled Lilly face towards mine so I could see her face, “I don’t want any of them,” I started. I take her bag off of her and threw it on the floor, “I want you,” I confessed. I kissed her as I pulled her to me. Lilly wrapped her arms around my neck as she put her tongue in my mouth. I quickly took over as I pushed her down on the table. I pressed my body against hers before I broke the kiss. I moved her legs onto the table and knelt between them. I leaned over her as I kissed her again. I felt Lilly’s hands on my back before she pushed me into her. Lilly tongue entered my mouth again, but I took over again. I moved my hand under her top and rested my hand on her waist. Her skin was soft against my hand and I wanted to take this to the next level. I pulled back before I did, “I think we should go to lunch before Zayn comes back,” I tell her. I kissed her lightly, “why would Zayn come back?’ she questioned on my lips.

“Because he left you when I was angry,” I say. I kissed her nose and she seemed disappointed, so I kissed her lips hard, “don’t ever be upset that I didn’t kiss you on the lips,” I whispered on her lips. Fuck what was this girl doing to me? I just wanted to make her happy, “how did you know?” she wondered. I pulled her up as her legs were on each side of me, “because I could see it on your face,” I tell her. I run my hands up her thighs as I noticed her hair was messy. I didn’t want to tell her, but she would kill me if I didn’t, “your hair a little bit messy,” I smiled. I got off the desk as Lilly fixed her hair and I had to stop myself from messing it up. Lilly jumped off the desk before she grabbed her bag, “time for lunch,” I say.

As we were walking to the canteen Lilly seemed in a world of her own. Lilly walked straight into the school’s bitch Amy, “watch where you going slut,” Amy spat. I noticed Lilly looking at her like she knows her. Was Amy the one that hurt her last night? She better not been, “what did you just call her?” I snapped. Amy looked at me, “I called her a slut since she is your new fuckdoll,” she spat at me. I was seeing red, but I can’t hit a girl even if she a bitch, “be careful what you call my girlfriend if I was you. Because I know all about you being the basketball team fuckdoll,” I snarled. Fuck I just called Lilly my girlfriend to the biggest gossip slut in the school, “ha, Louis Tomlinson have a girlfriend. That a load of shit,” Amy laughed. Ok she was getting on my nerves, “only to you Amy,” I smiled as I grabbed Lilly’s hand.

I pulled Lilly out to the lunch area and saw our group sitting down, “Lilly what do you want for lunch?” I asked. She didn’t reply since she was in a world of her own. I put my hands on her shoulders, “what do you want for lunch?” I repeated. Lilly looked at me with a confused face, “Lilly Belle are you alright?” I wondered. Lilly nodded, “don’t worry about what Amy said,” I reassured her.

“Louis why did you call me your girlfriend?” she questioned. I smiled at the ground since from what happened she remembers that I call her my girlfriend, “I said it so she’ll back off, but hate to say this it going to be around the school in about five minutes,” I tell her. Lilly was about to say something, “I know you don’t do the relationship thing, but it will help keeping the dicks and bitches away from you,” I interrupted. She smiled a little, “but what do we tell the others, because I don’t think Harry be happy?” she asked. I knew she was going to mention Harry, “we tell them the truth,” I smiled. Lilly smiled bigger as she nodded, “now go sit down and I’ll get our lunch,” I tell her. I kissed her forehead before I could stop myself. Shit why did I just do that, “why don’t I come with you. So I don’t have to explain to the others since it your plan?” she wondered. I held my hand out to her as I smiled, “that be great since I don’t know what to get you,” I say. Lilly grabbed my hand and I entwine our fingers together, “um thanks for standing up for me, but won’t this relationship thing stop you from being with other girls?” she asked. We lined up to get our food, “I never thought of that,” I joked. I was shocked when Lilly tried to pull her hand away from mine, but I grabbed it tighter. Was she hurt that I said that? I think she was, “Lilly I have thought about it and like I told you already I only want you. I think you might be a good influence on my schoolwork and me. Because I need good grades to get into the football academy,” I confessed. I will tell this girl a hundred times a day that I only want her, “Louis are you asking me to help you to become a football player?” she questioned. I just realized that I told Lilly what I want to do after school. I nodded, “is that what you want to do after school?” she wondered.

“I know it a little boy’s dream, but I love football,” I smiled. I know it a stupid dream, but football is the only thing I’m good at, “it not a little boy’s dream or we wouldn’t have any players now if they gave up on their dreams,” she reassured me. I smiled as I picked up two lunch trays after I let Lilly’s hand go, “so what would you like?” I asked her as she took a tray off of me. I was more buying her lunch, so I knew she ate something. Lilly picked up a sandwich, “you know you could get something bigger,” I say. Lilly smiled as she shakes her head no, “well then you’re getting some dessert too,” I tell her. I pointed to the chocolate mousses before I grabbed a hamburger and chips. I needed her to eat more since we had P.E this afternoon. I grabbed two chocolate mousses and put one on Lilly tray next to her sandwich, “you hungry or something?” she smiled. I’m hungry for something else than food, “I’m a growing boy and I’m really hungry,” I say. I picked up two bottles of water and Gatorade and put all four of them on my tray. I was thinking about P.E, “you know I can carry them,” she tells me.

“I know, but that won’t be the boyfriend thing if I made you carry the heavy things,” I smiled. When we made it to the canteen lady Lilly’s phone went off. I paid for our lunch as Lilly read her message. I picked up my tray, “who messaged you?” I wondered. We started to walk out and Lilly opened the door for me, “just Harry asking me about us and he is not happy,” she tell me.

When we got to the table everyone was smiling part from Harry. I sat down in-between Lilly and Niall as Lilly had Zayn next to her. Perrie was in-between Zayn and Harry and Liam was in-between Niall and Harry. I was alright with Lilly sitting next to Zayn since she was now mine, “so what is this fucken thing about you two being together?” Harry spat at Lilly and I. Liam put his hand on Harry shoulder to calm him down, “we are really not together. I said it to Amy, because she was calling her my new fuckdoll and a slut. Therefore, if people think we are together they will leave her alone. I haven’t even properly kissed her yet,” I explained. I saw Zayn smiling, “but everyone knows that you don’t do relationships,” Niall pointed out.

“So Lilly Belle is the new girl and maybe everyone thinks she changed me from my bad ways. I never said it last the whole year,” I tell them. They all nodded, “what if Lil finds someone?” Perrie asked. Lilly laughed, “I don’t do the relationship thing too,” she admitted. Perrie was shocked, “why?” she questioned. Lilly looked at her, “because I don’t believe in love, so why get into a relationship if I don’t believe?” Lilly tells her. Perrie looked down as she looked disappointed, “but I got nothing against anyone else being in love. It just not for me,” she added. I put my hand on her knee a squeezed it. I know Perrie believes in love a lot, “so this is something you both don’t do?” Liam questioned. We both nodded our heads yes, “this is going to be fun,” Liam smiled. Liam better not say anything else, “well we better eat,” I say to change the subject. We all started eating, “so what did you and Zayn do in art? He won’t tell me,” Perrie asked Lilly. I noticed Lilly getting nervous, “just drawing,” Lilly says.

“We had to draw something from this morning,” Zayn smiled. Lilly was with me this morning and we were kissing. That why Zayn smiled before he knows I kissed Lilly. I saw Lilly give Zayn a dirty look which made me smirk, “but we can’t show you until the end of the term,” Zayn says. I lean into Lilly, “so what did you draw?” I whispered in her ear. She smiled, “not telling,” she teased. I was disappointed that she wouldn’t tell me what kiss she drew. I wondered what one it could be since we kissed a lot this morning. I really liked the wipe cream kiss, “Lilly I’m sorry about what I said this morning,” Niall apologized to Lilly. Fuck I wanted to say sorry to him first, “you don’t have to be sorry and don’t change the way you are, because of this dickhead,” Lilly tells him as she pointed to me. Niall laughed and I acted hurt, “I’m hurt Lilly Belle that you think that of me. I think this relationship is over before it even started,” I joked. Everyone laughed and I noticed Harry wasn’t. Lilly raised an eyebrow at me, “ok, I am a dickhead and I’m sorry about this morning too Niall,” I apologized. I put my arms around Niall and Lilly to bring them closer to me, “I can never say mad at you two,” I smiled. Niall moved away, “not in public or in front of your girlfriend Louis,” Niall joked. I kissed Lilly forehead before she could pull away, “please not in front of us,” Harry half yelled. Fuck Harry not alright with us still, “got to make it believable,” I tell him. Harry rolled his eyes and I saw red. I’m alright with Lilly, but just her, “still don’t mean you can do it in front of me,” Harry spat at me. Harry shut the fuck up right now, “Harry Edward Styles a word now,” Lilly snapped at him. We were all shocked at Lilly outburst at Harry. They both got up and walked away from us. I watched them as Harry grabbed Lilly wrist and pulled her around. Niall quickly put his hand on my shoulder, “don’t Lou. Just let them be,” Niall tells me. I groaned, “yeah, but it my fault that she having this fucken fight with Harry,” I say. I kept watching them as Harry started pacing, “well maybe if you kept it in your pants everything be alright,” Perrie spat.

“For the last fucken time. We did nothing last night!” I yelled. Liam and Zayn nodded, “they didn’t. Lou was a good boy and kept it in his pants,” Liam says. Perrie sighed, “Lil didn’t say anything today in art about it,” Zayn tells her. What did her and Zayn talk about in art? I knew she wouldn’t tell him everything, “Perrie Lou has changed. His not the man whore he used to be,” Liam tells her. I noticed Harry stopped pacing around, “and Lou wouldn’t touch Lil without Harry permission,” Niall added. I nodded my head, “why don’t you ask her yourself,” I tell Perrie. She nodded her head as I saw Harry hugging Lilly, “can we changed the subject before they get back?” I whined. They all nodded, “but do you want to bang her?” Niall asked. I nodded my head, “but not like that,” I say. Perrie raised an eyebrow at me, “and how do you want to bang her?” she asked. I could tell she didn’t believe me, “not like a slut,” I replied. I really didn’t know how to word it without sounding like a girl. Niall tried to take Lilly chocolate mousse and I smacked his hand, “control yourself,” I tell him. Niall smiled, “but I’m still hungry,” Niall whined. I hand Niall my chips and mousse, “thanks,” he smiled. I noticed Harry and Lilly coming back, “there coming back,” I tell them. They sat back down in their seats, “everything alright now?” I wondered. Lilly nodded her head, “Louis if you hurt her. I will hurt you,” Harry warns me. I gave him small nod, “good,” Harry says. We all started eating, “if you think I’m hungry you should see Niall. He was going to steal your chocolate mousse,” I tell Lilly. I just need to change the subject, “I love food,” Niall smiled. Lilly started to laugh, but I knew it wasn’t her real one, “good to know,” she smiled. I put my hand her back, “are you sure everything alright?” I whispered in her ear.

“I think so,” she tells me as she looked at me. I rubbed her back a little, “we talk about it later,” I tell her. She gave me a small nod, “it be alright,” I reassured her. We talked about last night party as we ate our food. I know it not my place, but I wished Lilly eat more. I know for a fact now that she only ate the apple I gave her yesterday.

We all finished eating and went to wall where we always meet each other. We all stood there smoking, “so Lil so you play any sports?” Liam asked her. Lilly nodded her head, “I play football and I also do track,” she says. That explains the football in her bedroom. I raised my eyebrows, “what position do you play in football,” I questioned. She looks like a defender like me, “midfielder,” she replied. So I was wrong, “just like me,” Harry beamed. Lilly smiled at him, “I’m a defender like Perrie,” I tell her. I just had to get that out there for some reason. Lilly looked shocked at Perrie, “I may be a girly girl, but I do like playing my football,” Perrie smiled. Perrie actually a great player, “Niall is a striker, Liam is a goalkeeper and Zayn here is also a midfielder,” Perrie says as she pointed to them. It my football team right here, “so we all like playing football than?” she giggled. We all nodded our heads.

I went with Lilly to her locker to talk to her about Harry, “so is everything really alright with you and Harry?” I wondered. Lilly put her P.E stuff in her bag, “he misses the old me,” she replied. I put my arm around her as she did her bag up, “do you miss the old you?” I asked. She looked down, “the old me always studied and never went to parties. Would never thought about doing drugs or talking to boys like you,” she admitted. Well you didn’t have a choice talking to me. I pulled her closer to me, “you know I don’t miss the old me,” she added. Crap I liked her innocent side and the way she is. I kissed the top of her head as I smiled, “just don’t turn into a bad girl. I like your nerdy side,” I tell her. She laughed a little bit as she shut her locker, “better get to P.E,” she says.

We walked into P.E and Mr McKain introduced himself to Lilly. I noticed everyone looking at Lilly and I, so they must heard the news about us. When Mr McKain was finished talking to Lilly we headed to the back of the classroom. I sat down before I pulled Lilly onto my lap. I wrapped my arms around her and I could tell that Lilly didn’t like the eyes on us. To tell the truth neither did I, “ignore them,” I whispered in her ear. She started playing with my fingers as Mr McKain started talking. I didn’t hear a word he said since I was focused on Lilly playing with my fingers. I noticed that she does this when she nervous about something. I know she not used to the staring, but she shouldn’t care. Normally when people stared at me was because of what I looked like. I grabbed her hands to stop her playing with my fingers. I was still focused on Lilly that I didn’t hear Mr McKain tell us to change until everyone stood up. I kept Lilly down on my lap, “you going to have to get used to the staring, but I’ll be there to help,” I reassured her. I kissed her cheek, “why didn’t you tell Harry that you kissed me?” she whispered in my ear. I smiled at the fact that she already missed my kisses. We just making out in an empty classroom at the start of lunch, “because he would have killed me,” I whispered back. She smiled back since she knew I was right, “why you missing my lips on yours already?” I smirked.

“Maybe just a little,” she teased. I stood up still holding onto Lilly as I laughed a little, “if you are good I might give you one,” I whispered right next to ear. Lilly looked at me and I wanted to kiss her, “Lil come on!” Perrie shouted. What with people stopping me kissing her? Lilly kissed my cheek before she ran off to Perrie. I noticed Liam waiting for me, “what are you looking at Payno?” I wondered. Liam smiled, “you’re really liking this fake relationship with her,” he points out. I nodded my head as we walked out of the classroom, “then why don’t you ask her out?” he questioned.

“It complicated,” I tell him. Liam nodded, “what’s complicated?” Zayn asked. I noticed he was standing outside the boys changing room already changed, “nothing,” I mumbled. Liam smiled at him, “well if I was you Lou I would watch out for Harry, because if you tell him that you and Lil are fooling around. He will kill you,” Zayn warned me. I gave him a small nod before I walked into the boys changing rooms. I saw Harry getting dressed next to Niall and he was looking Niall up and down. I didn’t think anything of it since Niall likes to get into fights by himself. Liam and I walked over to them, “hey,” I say. Harry looked at me “hey,” he mumbled. I put my bag next to him and got my P.E clothes out. I wanted to talk to Harry about Lilly and I, but I couldn’t. I started to get changed as Harry and Niall left. I sighed, “you were going to tell him weren’t you?” Liam wondered. I nodded my head, “just let it go for a couple of days, so you can work out what you really want from Lil yourself,” Liam tells me.


After we finished getting changed we waited for the girls next to a tree. Liam was telling us about some girl sucking his dick in the bathroom last night at the party. I wasn’t really paying attention to him as I was thinking about who hurt Lilly last night. When Liam finished talking, “do any of you know who hurt Lilly last night?” I wondered. Zayn looked at me, “it was Amy,” he replied. I gave him a small nod, “Perrie punched her,” Zayn added. I noticed the girls coming are over to us and Lilly was wearing my shorts. The girls put their bags down next to ours before they stood next to us. I smiled as I checked Lilly out again, “you look good in my shorts,” I flirted. I realized that I said that bit too loud since everyone looked at us, “already in Louis pants,” Niall smirked. Lilly smiled as she nodded her head, “laps!” Mr McKain shouted. Lilly and Niall started running ahead of us, “Lou I would stop checking out Lilly before Harry catches you,” Zayn whispered as we started running. I watched Lilly running as she talked to Niall before they stopped. I saw Lilly nod her head, “you two going to race?” I wondered. Niall was always competitive when it came to his sports, “yep,” she smiled. I noticed everyone lined up, “Mr McKain can you tell us when to go!” Liam shouted. Mr McKain put his thumbs up, “ready, set, go!” Mr McKain shouted. I started running, but Niall and Lilly were in front of me, “the winner is Lilly, then Niall, Louis, Harry, Liam, Zayn and Perrie,” Mr McKain says as we passed him.

“Your fast,” Zayn puffed. I got out a bottle of Gatorade and drank some of it, “here,” I say. I hand Lilly the bottle before she drank from it, “I already had my lips around that,” I whispered in her ear. She laughed a little bit, “Lilly why didn’t you tell me that your that fast. I wouldn’t gone easy on you,” Niall said as he tried to catch his breath. Niall wasn’t a good loser, but I don’t think anyone was. However with Niall it like he got to prove himself with someone. Everyone started laughing, “mate she still would of kicked your arse,” Harry laughed. Niall sticks up his middle finger at him, “someone is a sore loser,” Liam teased. Lilly walked over and wrapped her arm around him. My jealous thoughts came into my head, “I give you a rematch if you like?” Lilly asked him.

“You on,” Niall smiled. I looked down, “alright class get into teams of seven to play six a side football,” Mr McKain tells us. I looked up to see Niall wrap his arm around Lilly, “looks like your safe for today princess,” he tells her. Princess? I need to calm down. Niall didn’t mean anything by it, “the team is already here,” Liam says. I nodded my head as I talked myself down from hitting Niall. I know he not doing anything wrong, but I’m fucked up, “I’m glad with have Lilly now,” Zayn says. Ok from now on I’m going to try to picture Niall gay to help my problems. I know it a fucked up thing, but I think it will help, “so you weren’t happy when you first met me?” she pouted.

“I was, but now when we play six a side football we don’t have to grab someone else,” Zayn smiled. Niall hugged Lilly tight and I kept telling myself my lie about Niall, “careful Niall. Lilly boyfriend is right there,” Liam laughed. They looked at me and I had to look normal, “don’t tell me you already forgot about me Lilly Belle,” I joked. I crossed my arms as Lilly smiled at me, “maybe just a little bit,” she teased. Niall laughed a little bit and I forgot my lie about him, “Niall step away from the girl,” I warned him. I noticed Lilly held Niall tighter, “but I want to keep him,” Lilly tells me. I managed to get my lie about Niall back in my head before I went over to them, “and what are we supposed to do with him?” I wondered.

“I don’t know yet,” she smiled. I started to tickle her just to feel her. I found it strange touching her calmed me down. I didn’t stop tickling her even when she dropped to the ground laughing, “I think someone is very ticklish,” I smiled. I kept tickling her, “I want a captain from your teams!” Mr McKain shouted. I stopped tickling her and went over to Mr McKain. I realized that I should help her up, but it was too late. I saw Liam helping her up and I knew I got things to learn. I stood next to Mr McKain with Brian and Sam. Brian was Amy brother and he was worse than her. He always gives Amy what she wanted, “ok Sam and Louis team first. Then Sam and Brian and last Louis and Brian. Winners play each other,” Mr McKain tells us. I nodded my head before going back over to the others, “alright were playing first against Sam and his team,” I say. I pointed to Sam for Lilly. She looked over the team as we got in a circle, “so who going to sit out first?” I questioned. Zayn put his hand up, “ok. Now Harry and Lilly in the middle, Niall forward and Liam in the goals. Perrie right wing and I’ll take the left wing. Now it just a friendly match that has two ten minutes halves, but we are still going to win this,” I ordered. We put our hands in the middle and I made sure mine was on top of Lilly’s, “I just like to quickly say to Lilly. Welcome to the team and let win this shit,” I said as we all threw are hands up.

We got into position, “wait,” Perrie says. She ran over to Zayn and kissed him, “Lou you should do it to Lil too,” Liam tells me. I ran over to Lilly and Harry, “sorry about this mate,” I apologized. I kissed Lilly cheek, “good luck babe,” I tell her. Lilly kissed my cheek, “good luck Louis,” she smiled. I ran back over to my position, “you’re not game enough to kiss her properly in front of Harry are you?” Liam teased. I stuck my finger up at him, “I’ll like to live,” I tell him. I noticed Mr McKain flip a coin, “Lou you are going to have to grow some balls and do it,” Liam tells me. I didn’t say anything as Mr McKain put the ball in between Harry and Lilly, “now I want no fighting and lets play ball,” McKain tells us all. He blew his whistle and I started running down the pitch as Lilly kicked the ball to Niall. I smiled at the concentration on Lilly’s face as she watched Niall. I watched her get excited when Niall scored a goal.

I watched Lilly for the whole game unless the ball was near me. We won the game and I was impressed with Lilly’s skills. Harry laid down under the tree as Lil laid near him, but she was not right next to him, “that was a good game,” Harry puffed. I grabbed the bottle of Gatorade and had a big drink, “Lil you’re a great player,” Liam praised her. I noticed she blushed at Liam comment even tho her cheeks were already red. I sit down right next to her, “drink,” I say. I help her sit up, “thanks,” she smiled. She takes the drink off of me as everyone laid down. I wrapped my arm around her waist, “now we got the next match off, so rest up guys,” I tell them. Lilly looked around as she had a drink, “are they asleep already?” she wondered. I looked around at everyone, “Perrie and Zayn are. Liam and Niall got headphones in and be sleep soon and Harry is fast asleep. Don’t forget we got more sleep then them,” I tell her. I looked at Lilly’s lips as she nodded her head, “but now I get to do this again,” I smiled. I kissed her and she kissed me back. I pulled her closer to me, “I miss it too,” I whispered on her lips. I knew Harry would kill me if he opened his eyes right now. I kissed Lilly lightly before I laid down with her. She put her head on my shoulder as I thought about her and Niall. I don’t know why I was thinking about her and Niall, “so why do you want to keep Niall?” I wondered.

“Because he cute and cuddly even with all that tattoos and piercings,” she smiled. I kept telling myself Niall was gay as I shook my head. I bit my bottom lip to control my thoughts, “and I’m not?” I wondered. Why did I ask that? Lilly kissed me lightly, “you’re much better,” she tells me. I felt relieved when she said that. I think I’m more fucked up than I thought and need this girl to reassure me all the time. Lilly put her head on my chest as ran my fingers up and down her back, “let’s play twenty questions,” I suggested. Lilly smiled at me, “ok, what is your favourite colour?” she questioned. I smiled, “dark red,” I replied. I poked her nose, “yours?” I asked back. Lilly bit her bottom lip, “I like every colour, but blue stands out,” she tells me. I play with my bottom lip as I thought of a questioned, “what is your favourite song of all time?” I asked.

“Wide awake by Katy Perry. You?” she says. Lilly poked my nose and I smiled, “look after you by The Fray,” I tell her. Lilly poked my chest, “what your favourite food?” she wondered. I played with her fingers against my chest, “cookie dough, I have such a sweet tooth. I am guessing yours is pancakes,” I answered. Lilly nodded her head, “ok let’s turn this game dirty. Have you ever watched porn?” I wondered. Lilly looked at me, “no. I wouldn’t bother asking me dirty questions since I’m too pure,” she tells me. I wrapped my arms around her, “you are too pure, but not for long,” I smirked. Lilly hit me in the chest and I laughed a little bit, “don’t act like you don’t want me,” I say. Lilly turned around so her back was facing me, “keep thinking that,” she tells me. I wrapped my arm around her and brought her closer to me, “Lilly Belle I know you want me,” I whispered. I smiled and I knew Lilly was smiling too. I move my fingers up and down her waist before I kissed her neck. I felt Lilly fall asleep as body relaxed more into me. I kept moving my fingers up and down her waist. I could tell everyone in the class was staring at us. I closed my eyes as I focused on the girl in my arms.

I woke up a little bit as Lilly moved in my arms, “Louis time to wake up,” she cooed. She shakes me a little bit and I hide my face into her chest. I didn’t mean to do that I thought it was going to be her neck, “Louis get your face out of my boobs,” she tells me. I didn’t want to move, but I had to since Harry was here. I rolled onto my back, “that a good way to wake up,” I smiled. Lilly sat up as she rolled her eyes and I pulled her down to me, “I let it go once today, but I don’t think I can let that one go,” I whispered in her ear. She smiled at me and I knew that she knew that I was just playing, “what are you going to do about it?” she wondered. Lilly sat up before I sat up, “you’ll will see,” I winked at her. I stood up and held my hand out for her. I quickly looked down her top, “going to sit this one out,” she tells me.

“Now don’t have fun without me this time,” I tell her. I looked around and noticed Harry talking with Niall and Liam, so they had their backs to us. I quickly kissed Lilly before I ran off to join them. Zayn and Perrie were smiling at me before they both started doing the kissy face. I smiled as I looked down, “teams ready?” Mr McKain shouted. We all nodded as Mr McKain put the ball between Brian and another player.

We ended up drawing with Brain team at two all and that was because of Niall. I under estimated them, “ten minute break. Then Louis team verses Brian team,” Mr McKain tells us. I sit down next to Lilly and she handed me my drink, “thanks,” I say. I take a big drink as everyone sat around us, “they got better,” Niall says. We all agreed with Niall, “so we can still win this,” I say. I needed my team to believe they could win, “I’m out that trip hurt a little bit,” Harry tells us. Perrie put her arm around Lilly, “do you think you can help us win this?” Perrie wondered.

“Let’s win this shit,” Lilly smiled. I noticed everyone looking at something, so I followed there gaze. I saw Paul coming down onto the field, “Paul!” we all yelled part from Lilly. I stayed with Lilly as everyone ran off to go see him. I get up and held my hand out for her, “time to meet Paul,” I smiled. Lilly puts her hand in mine before I pulled her up. I entwined our fingers together since I knew she worried about meeting Paul.

When we got to Paul everyone finished greeting him, “Paul,” I says as I lets go of Lilly hand to hug him. When I stepped away from him he look at Lilly, “who is this beautiful lady?” he asked. I couldn’t help but smile a little, “this is my girlfriend Lilly underwood and she plays football too,” I beamed. I loved introducing Lilly as my girlfriend, but I knew she wasn’t. Paul looked shocked as he looked at me then at Lilly, “I’m Coach Paul Higgins of the football teams for both boys and girls. I am also one of the schools guidance counsellors,” he tells Lilly. Paul hugged Lilly what seemed to long for me, “not again. Paul let her go you have a wife and kids. She my girlfriend,” I tell him. I tried to pull Lilly from him, but they just gripped each other tighter. I knew they were trying to piss me off and it was working. When I finally got Lilly out of Paul’s grip I threw her over my shoulder, “my girlfriend,” I snapped. I started walking as everyone including Lilly started laughing, “Louis put me down please,” she giggled. I put her down after were far away from them. I was still pissed and I need to get it under control. I placed her face in my hands before I kissed her. I felt Lilly put her hands on my waist and it made me smiled. She smiled as I kept kissing her. I pulled away when I calmed down and pulled her to me, “my girlfriend,” I yelled. Lilly blush as she looked at everyone. I ignored their faces as we started walking back over to them, “why did you do that? Harry won’t be happy,” Lilly whispered.

“So I can kiss your lips anytime I like now and Harry will have to get over it,” I smiled. We stopped in front of everyone, “I get it Lou she is your girlfriend,” Paul smiled. I couldn’t look at Harry at the moment. I told myself that I would talk to Harry about how I felt about Lilly. Harry my best friend and I haven’t even talked to him about it. I also feel like I’m pushing it with him and he’s going to snap. I made my eyes look at him quickly and he was shocked, “alright time to get back to football and Paul be watching, so play your best,” Mr McKain told us.

We get into our positions ready to start the match. I saw Zayn smirk at Lilly before she pushed him. I wondered what that was about. I knew Zayn wasn’t a threat with Lilly since he has Perrie. Mr McKain puts the ball down between Brian and another player. He blew his whistle and the game started.

The first half was a draw with both teams scoring one goal each. We all gathered around in a circle without Harry, “we need to attack more,” Zayn tells us. Lilly nodded her head, “Lilly Belle use the fact that you are smaller than Brian and get the ball,” I tell her. Lilly nodded her head again, “I know you can do it,” I reassured her. I kissed the side of her head before Mr McKain signalled us to get back in position, “let’s do this shit!” Niall yelled.

The first half of the second half we tried at every opportunity to get the ball in the goal. I noticed Zayn was trying to stop Brain and get the ball. Brain being the cocky little shit he is stopped and smiled at Zayn. Lilly ran across Brian as she got the ball. I was impressed with her and her skills. She started running down the field with the ball as Perrie and I kept players off of her. Lilly got to the goals and looked around for Zayn and Niall, “just shoot baby,” I whispered to myself. Lilly kicked the ball straight into the goals, “goal!” Mr McKain yelled. I was so proud of her that I couldn’t hide it. I ran over to her and picked her up, “I knew you could do it,” I smiled. I kissed her as I kept smiling. I can see why Zayn has that stupid look when he watches Perrie. I put her down as I broke the kiss, “we still have two minutes,” Lilly points out. That not enough time for them to score with our team, “So now we just got to make sure they don’t score,” I tell her.

We got back into our positions and I noticed Brian looking angry at Lilly. Brain was really bad at losing and do anything to win. I saw Lilly smiling at him as Mr McKain put the ball down between Brian and the other player. Brian kicks the ball behind him after Mr McKain blew his whistle. As I was running to block a player I noticed Lilly had Brain blocking her. I knew he was up to something and he better not do anything to Lilly. I saw Lilly go under his arm to get the ball. She got the ball and kicked it to Perrie. The player from Brian team blocked my view of Lilly. I focused on where the ball was and Perrie still had it. Mr McKain blows his whistle, “Louis team wins,” he shouted.

“Louis missed his girlfriend hitting the ground hard,” one of Brian friend’s mocked. I quickly looked for Lilly to see pain across her face. I ran up to her, “Lilly are you alright?” I asked. How did the fuck I miss that? I knew they were up to something, “fine,” she lied as she grabbed her shoulder. I moved her hand to see the damaged to her shoulder. Her shoulder was already turning purple, “you need to get ice on that now,” I tell her. I was beyond angry I was furious at Brian. I kissed Lilly shoulder lightly to calm down, “come on,” I added. I wrapped my arm around her waist as Harry came up to us, “here,” he puffed. Harry handed Lilly an ice pack and she put it straight on her shoulder, “aww Louis girlfriend got an owie,” Brian teased. I just saw red and I wanted to kill Brian. I got right up into his face, “you think it funny pushing over my girl,” I snapped. I felt Harry trying to pull me away, “how would you like it if I punched the shit out of you,” I continued. I felt more people trying to pull me away from him, but I wanted to hurt him so bad. Harry and Liam managed to hold me, “Louis!” Paul shouted. I knew I had to give up now, “a word now,” he tells me. I walked over to Paul after Harry and Liam let me go. I couldn’t shake this rage inside me, “count to ten Lou,” Paul tells me.

“That not going to work this time. I need to hit him,” I admitted. Paul put his hand on my shoulder, “if you hit him. You won’t play football and you won’t see you girlfriend again,” he warns me. I started to count to ten, “just breathe Lou,” he says. I knew he was right about the consequences about hitting Brian, “how about we get you to your girlfriend. She seems to calm you down,” Paul smiled.

We walked over to Lilly and the others, “you all played great today. I hope to see you all next week, especially you Lilly,” Paul tells us. Paul left us, “better take you to the doctors to make sure your shoulder is alright,” I say. Everyone agreed with me, “you can’t take me, because you brought your bike. I don’t think I can hold on,” she tells me. I sighed since she was right, but I need to be with her. Because if not I was going to hit Brian, “I’ll take her,” Harry tells me. I smiled at him, “thanks,” I say. I forget that Harry is here for her too. Everyone went to grab their bags, “you tell me what the doctor says ok?” I wondered.

“Of course, but you don’t do anything stupid,” she tells me. This girl must be reading my mind. I smiled as I kissed her lightly, “I’ll try,” I whispered on her lips. I moved back when Harry came back, “you ready to go Flower?” Harry asked. Lilly nodded her head as she started to walk away, “where is my goodbye kiss?” I pouted. Lilly came back over to me and kissed me. I held her face there trying to forget about Brain. I know it not something you think about when kissing someone, but I am focused on her tho. Lilly pulled away, “bye Louis,” she says.

“Bye Lilly Belle,” I smiled. Her and Harry leave after she waved everyone goodbye. Liam hands me my bag, “did you see the look Harry gave you?” he wondered. I shake my head, “all I can say tone it down if you want to live,” he says. I nodded my head as everyone else came over to us, “everyone in the showers then you can go home,” Mr McKain tells us.

When we got into the changing room Brian was still going on how he hurt Lilly. I threw my bag on the floor and went for him. Niall and Liam tried to pull me off and I elbowed one of them. I got a couple of punches into him before Liam pinned me down onto the floor. I tried to get him off of me, but he was stronger than me. Liam got off of me when Brian left, “you need calm the fuck down,” Zayn snapped. I turned around to see Niall sitting down on a bench holding his stomach. I just grabbed my bag and left.

When I got back home I threw my bag down in my room with my helmet. I striped off my P.E clothes and jumped into a cold shower. I braced myself against the wall as the water came straight down on my head. I started to add hot water as I calmed down. I leant against the other wall as I started to think about anything part from Brian. My mind went straight to Lilly and I started laughing. How can one girl change me in less than two day? She was worse than any drug and that scared me. Why is she the only girl that comes to my mind? I need to get laid and I know she won’t do it. Maybe I should just find someone else for the night. I shake my head at my own thoughts, “you’re an idiot Lou,” I tell myself. I knew for some reason that I was not going to go do that. I don’t want to cheat on Lilly even tho we are really not together. This girl was going to put me back in the loony bin.

After I finished talking to myself about Lilly. I told myself that I will treat mine and Lilly thing we doing like an actual relationship. I know she won’t know the difference since she never done anything like this. I’m going to break my one rule about virgins just for her. I won’t lie, but I want to fuck her right now. My other head agreed with me, but I’m going to listen to the right one. I just wank over her until I can actual do her.

I got out of the shower after I tossed myself off. I put on my grey track pants not bothering putting a pair of boxers on. I also put on a white t-shirt that was a bit tight, but I really couldn’t be fucked changing it. I quickly dried my hair and put a grey beanie on. I heard my phone go off, so I got it out of my bag. I had a message from Lilly:

Beautiful Lilly Belle

Shoulder in sling until Friday night to make sure, but I’m fine just hurts a little xo

So her shoulder and hand were hurting her and it felt like my fault. I messaged her back:

Maybe I should kiss it better ;) xo

I put my shoes on before I grabbed my helmet off the floor. I was going to go see if she was really alright. I also wanted to see her since she was going home to her mother. As I got to my bike Lilly messaged me back:

Beautiful Lilly Belle

That be nice, but I thought you were going to punish me for rolling my eyes? Xo

I didn’t message her back until I was halfway to her house:

I forgot about that, but I will punish you when you are better ;) xo

I didn’t wait for her to reply as I started riding to her house again. When I got to her house I saw that her mother was home. I was hoping that she was going out tonight, so Lilly and I could be alone tonight. I parked my bike at the front of Lilly next door neighbour. I got my phone out and messaged Lilly:

You home yet?

Beautiful Lilly Belle


I quickly got off my bike and quickly went to her window. Why was her house built on a hill? Her window was higher, so I couldn’t reach without jumping. I did the cliché thing and threw a little stone at her window. Lilly opened her and I noticed that she was wearing a sling, “hello my gorgeous girl,” I say. She looked at me as she smiled, “what are you doing here?” she wondered. I smiled back at her, “come to see if you’re alright. Can I come in?” I asked back. I jumped and grabbed the window ledge as she nodded her head. I pulled myself up and got into her room. I stood in front of her, “so how are you feeling?” I wondered.

“Much better now,” she smiled. Was she flirting with me? I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her closer to me. I kissed her lightly, “is your mother going out tonight?” I questioned. Lilly shakes her head and there goes my plan on feeling her up, “but she having her work mates over. So I got to stay in my room,” she tells me. Maybe my plan won’t go to waste than, “I’ll stay with you,” I smiled. I kissed her lightly again, “all I’ll be doing is studying,” she informs me. I kissed her sore shoulder as the rage started to come back. No one will hurt her again, “that alright and maybe you can help me with English than?” I wondered. Lilly nodded yes, “good. I’ll be back in a little bit with my stuff and dinner for us. So have a shower and get into you PJ’s, unless you like wearing my shorts,” I tell her as I kissed her. I calmed down as I kissed her, but my mind went dirty. Lilly pushed me away, “you better go now or I might not let you back in,” she smiled. I knew she liked what I was doing to her. I kissed her cheek before I left out of the window.

When I got home I quickly got my school stuff and change of clothes for tomorrow. I quickly put a jumper on before leaving the house. I called up to order a pizza and got on my bike. I rode to the pizza shop, but my pizza was still not ready. I stood outside having a smoke, “Lou?” I heard a familiar voice ask. I turn to see it was my ex Eleanor, “it is you,” she smiled. She looked the same as when I left her. Eleanor looked me up and down, “how have you been?” she asked. I put my smoke out, “don’t El. I’m not in the mood for you. I’m going to get my pizza and see my girlfriend,” I tell her.

“Girlfriend?” she questioned. I nodded my head, “so what Amy told me was true,” she whispered to herself. I started to walk to the door of the pizza shop, “Lou I hope she treats you better than I did,” she tells me. I stopped with my hand on the door, “she already does,” I tell her before I went in. Every time I see Eleanor I remember what she did to me and why I don’t want a girlfriend.

I get back to Lilly’s house and sat on my bike looking at her window. I know Lilly is no Eleanor, but I questioned if I could be faithful now. My head was telling me that I could be and that she was worth it. I never been so attracted to a girl since Eleanor, but that ended bad for me. I fought with myself to get off the bike and get back to Lilly. She probably was wondering where I am since I left over an hour ago. I looked up at her window with the pizza box in my hands, “Lilly Belle, I’m back,” I say. She looked at her window, “took your time,” she smiled. I noticed that her hair was wet and her white singlet seem to be loose, “well pizza takes a while,” I tell her. I held up the pizza box and she looked like she was thinking, “wait a minute,” she says. Lilly disappeared from the window and I was confused until she showed up outside. She was just wearing light blue pyjama shorts and a loose white singlet. Lilly grabbed me and we made a dash for inside.


We got to Lilly room without being seen, “that was close,” I say. I sat on her bed as I threw my bag on the floor. When I put the Pizza box next to me I noticed Lilly’s bandage and sling. I picked them up, “why aren’t you wearing them?” I questioned. Lilly looked down,“come here,” I tell her. I know wearing this shit is uncomfortable, but it helps. Lilly walked over to stand in front of me, “you need them on,” I added. I kissed her lightly before putting her sling back on for her. I grabbed her hand gently and kissed it. As I was wrapping it up I remembered that she hurt her hand, because of me, “now keep them on. It looks like you got into a fight,” I smiled. Why do I say this shit sometimes? Lilly is not one of the boy’s, “the hand is from a fight,” she smiled back. I kissed her hand again, “I got to teach you how to punch properly. So you don’t hurt your hand again,” I tell her.

“Who said that I get into another fight?” she questioned. I played with Lilly’s fingers as I looked down, “I didn’t say that you will get into another fight, but in case you do I want you to be prepared,” I started. Lilly ran her fingers down my jaw and I wanted to get lost in her touch, “because at our school there is always going to be fights, and I can’t always be there to protect you,” I finished. I hated the thought about Lilly getting into trouble and I was not there to save her. I looked at her, “I understand,” she tells me. Lilly kissed me and it still takes me by surprise. I’m normally the one kissing her. My phone went off, “what now?” I sighed on her lips. Lilly walked away from me as I got my phone out. I had a message from Liam:


You coming to the gym tonight? Ni not made at you for hitting him. He understands

“I forgot that I had gym with Liam and Niall tonight,” I say. I noticed Lilly was sitting at her little desk, “you can go if you want” she tells me. I wanted to stay with her tonight. I know that maybe going to the gym with Niall and Liam might be good for me, but I think staying with Lilly is better for me. I messaged Liam back:

Nope. I have something else to do tonight

“Nah, I want to stay here with you,” I smiled. I turned my phone on silent before I threw it next to me. Lilly was still staring at her work, but I could tell that she was smiling. I walked up behind her and kissed her neck, “come on it dinner time,” I say. I sit on the floor against her bed as I opened and put the pizza box on the floor. Lilly looked at the pizza, “please tell me you like Hawaii,” I pleaded. Lilly sits down next to me, “I love it,” she beamed. I smiled big since it was my favourite pizza, “I’m liking you more and more. Time to eat so we can study,” I tell her. Lilly started laughing as I picked a piece of pizza up, “what so funny?” I wondered. Lilly picked up a piece of pizza, “just that you want to study,” she smiled. Lilly started to eat her pizza, “it funny that I want to study. I only want to, because you want to,” I admitted. I started eating my pizza, “Louis why did you miss geography this morning?” she questioned. I smiled as I remembered this morning. I looked down at myself since I felt my dick twitch, “because you didn’t have a lesson until after break,” I replied.

“So Niall went and I could sat down and read my history textbook,” she tells me. I started to get the feeling that Lilly didn’t like what we did this morning. That she preferred to study then make-out with me. I sighed, “I thought you would have a hangover, so I didn’t want you up too early. Are you saying that you didn’t enjoy this morning?” I wondered. I saw Lilly smiling as she blushed, “I did,” she whispered. I pulled her closer to me and kissed her cheek, “I did too,” I confessed. I would really like a replay of this morning right now. Lilly pushed me away, “would you eat so we can study,” she tells me. I wipe off some sauce off her cheek that I put there, “I got some sauce on you,” I smiled.

We ate the pizza until we both full and couldn’t eat anymore. I got out two bottles of coke from my bag before I handed Lilly one, “thanks,” she says. Pain came across her face as she tried to open it, “here let me do that for you,” I tell her. I open it for her and she smiled, “I don’t know how I can ever pay you back for today,” she tells me. All my fantasies came to my mind, “I can think of many ways, but they can wait,” I tell her. She looked confused at me, “how?” she wondered.

“I’ll tell you later,” I smiled. She pushed me, “no now,” she demanded. She was making it hard to control myself right now and no one was around. I shake my head as she put her drink down. She straddled my lap as I put my drink down too, “please tell me,” she begged. I put my hands on her hips, “no. I don’t want to scare you off,” I tell her. I was trying really hard right now not to get hard on with her on top of me. Lilly ran her fingers down my chest and I just felt it under my jumper, “why would I be scared?” she questioned. This girl so innocent which made me laugh a little bit, “because what I’m thinking is sexual,” I admitted. Lilly put her head on my shoulder and it scared me, “Louis am I too pure for you?” she asked me. I ran my fingers up and down her back, “no. why would you think that?” I asked back. I kept running my fingers up and down her back and I could feel that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I knew this was not the moment to be thinking dirty, “because if I wasn’t a virgin you would have kept touching me this morning,” she admitted. I pulled her face to look at me, “Lilly I would still stopped, because you’re not just another girl to me. You make me believe there is good in this world,” I confessed. I kissed her hard and she kissed me back. I ran my hands up her back under her top to feel her skin. As soon as Lilly opened her mouth a little bit I stuck my tongue in. I pushed her closer to me as I dominated her mouth. I felt Lilly hand on my skin under my tops. She ran her hand up my stomach to my chest. She left her hand over my heart and I knew it was racing.

After a bit I pulled away and Lilly rested her head on my shoulder. I need to stop before something came up in my pants and since I was wearing no boxers it would show more. I kept moving my fingers over the skin on Lilly’s back. Lilly still had her hand over my heart, “I like how we study,” I chuckled. Lilly moved her hand out from under my tops. I felt cold where her hand was, “don’t think it happen all the time,” she smiled. I kissed her lightly, “if you say so,” I smirked. Lilly moved off of me and I grabbed her hand lightly, “who said that we were finished?” I asked. I hope she couldn’t hear the disappointment in my voice. She smiled at me, “I did, because I got my history work to finish,” she tells me. I pouted at the fact that I really didn’t want to do any schoolwork. I only said yes, so she would let me stay, “you knew that I was studying and you need to start reading the book for English,” she added. Lilly knelt down in front of me, “who said I haven’t started reading?” I questioned. She leant into me, “I did,” she says. I wrapped my arms around her, “bad idea,” I smiled. I pulled her closer to me and kissed her hard, “you know that not fair,” she says on my lips. I put my hand on her cheek as I ran my thumb over her lips, “I know, but I told you that I kiss you better,” I reminded her. Lilly kissed me hard as I felt her hand at the bottom of my jumper. I smiled since I was thinking that I could get more than making-out tonight. Lilly pulled my jumper up, “let me help you,” I tell her. I take my jumper and threw it somewhere before I started kissing her again. I pulled her closer to me as she straddled my lap. I move my hands under her top and grabbed the sides of her waist. I was so close to feeling her boobs, but I stopped myself. Lilly pulled back, “I think we better study, before you have a repeat of this morning,” she tells me. Lilly tried to get off of me and I didn’t let her, “who said it just be me?” I smirked. Lilly smiled as she tried to get off of me again, “you know you want to play,” I added. Lilly put her head under my chin, “how are we going to do that when my mother and her work mates are in the house? It not like you can run off the bathroom,” she mumbled into my chest.

“I didn’t think of that and I understand that you don’t want to play right now,” I say as I moved my hands to her lower back. I kissed the top of her head before I started playing with the tops of her pyjama shorts. I keep pushing her, “I don’t think we are ready to take this to the next level. Like I said this morning, you just met me yesterday and I don’t want you to regret anything. I’m just being a dickhead again and trying to make you do stuff that you’re not ready for yet,” I admitted. Lilly didn’t say anything and I was getting worried that she might be second guessing us, “Lilly I’m sorry again,” I apologized.

“Don’t be sorry,” she tells me as she look at me. I looked straight at her, “but I should be,” I tell her. Lilly ran her fingers down my neck, “Louis it really alright,” she reassured me. She kissed me lightly before she got up. I hugged her legs as I thought about how she puts up with me. In less than forty two hours I have made her cry so many times and I’m always pushing her, “sometimes I wonder why you put up with me,” I mumbled. Lilly ran her fingers through the side of my hair, “because you make me happy,” she admitted. I looked up at her to see if she was telling the truth and she was. I don’t know how I make her happy, but then again we both live fucked up lives. I stand up, “I’ll try,” I promised. Lilly looked at her schoolwork on her desk, “how about I forget about history and we start on English together,” she tells me as she changed the subject.

“Ok, but first after all that making out I need a smoke,” I tell her. She smiled at me as she was about to walk away from me, “you can have one of mine,” I added. I pulled her closer to me, so I could kiss her as she kept smiling. I like how she smiles sometimes when I kiss her. It makes me think that she really does like me around and that I do make her happy.

When I fished kissing her she sat down on her window ledge. I stood next to her as she looked at the sky. I lit up a smoke and give it to her, “thank you,” she says. I lit one for myself and take a big drag. As I blew smoke out I noticed Lilly had cute little toes, so I played with them, “stop playing with my toes. I don’t like people touching my feet,” she tells me. I kept playing with them, “but you have cute little toes,” I smiled. Lilly pulled her feet closer to her and I stopped playing with them, “I don’t care,” she says.

Lilly didn’t say anything for a bit and I didn’t like the silence, “what do you want to do after school?” I wondered. She knew what I wanted to do after school, so I wanted to know what she wanted to do. Lilly looked at me, “I want to become a teacher,” she replied. I could see her teaching, “what do you want to teach?” I smiled. Lilly takes a drag of her smoke as she was thinking. She blew out smoke, “English or art,” she tells me. I threw my smoke out of the window when I finished it as Lilly does the same. When she said the word art I kept thinking what she drew in art today with Zayn, because I know that she drew us kissing, “why won’t you show me what you did in art today?” I questioned. Lilly smiled, “because it not finished,” she says. Lilly got off the window ledge, “can I see when it done?” I wondered. She looked at me, “maybe,” she teased. If I was not trying to find out what she drew today. I would have pin her against the wall and kissed her. I wrapped my arms around her, “does Zayn know what it is?” I asked. Lilly nodded her head, “you know that unfair,” I point out. I kissed her lightly in hope that I could seduce her into showing me, “why do you want to see it so badly?” she wondered. I just wanted to know what kiss she drew, “because you spent all morning with me,” I smiled. Lilly kissed me lightly, “it alright I didn’t draw you with a hard on,” she smiled back. So that one kiss down and three to go. I laughed as I kissed her, “then why don’t you show me?” I asked on her lips. Lilly walked away from me, “I’ll show you when it finished,” she says. Lilly grabbed the novel we meant to be reading in English, “but right now we have some English work to do,” she added. I closed the window as Lilly got on to her bed. She leaned against her headboard, “you will show me your drawing when it done,” I tell her. I sit down on the side of her good shoulder since I didn’t want to risk hurting her. I pulled her closer to me, “you read to me,” I say like a little kid. Lilly got comfortable on me before she started reading the book to me.

I liked Lilly reading to me it made me pay more attention to the story, but I could tell she was getting sleepy. Her words were coming out slower, “let’s get into bed properly and I’ll read to you,” I tell her. I got off the bed as she nodded her head, “can you help me take my sling off?” she asked a bit sleepy. I smiled at how cute she was when she was sleepy. I take her sling off of her and kissed her shoulder lightly. I unwrapped her hand, “I think you need to let your hand breath,” I say. I kissed her hand hoping that kiss it better still works like when you were as a kid. Lilly got under the blankets as I took my top off. I caught her looking at me, “can’t sleep with a shirt on,” I says as I got in next to her.

“What about your pants?” she asked. I wondered if Lilly liked the skin to skin contacted that we did last night. It makes me wish I put boxers on under my track pants, “I’ll be naked if I took them off,” I smiled. I picked up her novel as she looked at me, “are you saying you are wearing nothing under your track pants?” she wondered. I nodded my head, “I can never go out without my underwear on,” she tells me. I chuckled, “then where is your bra?” I smirked. Is she already that comfortable with me that she don’t have to wear a bra around me? Lilly crossed her arms over her chest, “it hurting my shoulder and I’m at home,” she pouted. I laughed a lit bit at her cute face. I turn on her desk lamp as I realized that I left her bedroom light on. I felt like a dick as I got out of bed to turn it off, “nearly forgot that,” I say. I get back in right next to her and pull her close to me. I started reading to her as I felt her relax into me.

After a while I saw Lilly blinking getting slower, so I moved to put the book down on her desk. I turn off her desk lamp before I laid next to her again. Lilly put her head on my chest as she wrapped her arms around me. I wrapped one of my arms around the back of her as I rested my hand on her hip. I ran my fingers on my other hand up and down her arm, “two nights in a row in the same bed together,” I point out. Lilly kissed my chest and I felt my lower half twitch, “you make me feel safe to sleep,” she admitted sleepily. I kissed the top of her, “you make my day brighter,” I accidentally whispered out loud. It was the truth. Ever since Lilly came into my life it has been better and I wondered what would have happened if Harry never found me. I know I wouldn’t have this beautiful girl in my arms, “night Lou,” she whispered as she looked at me. I smiled as I kissed her lightly, “night Lilly Belle,” I say. Lilly put her head back on my chest as I pulled her legs to me with mine. I left them between mine as I started drawing patterns on her hip. I could tell Lilly was asleep since her breathing got heavier. I couldn’t stop thinking about what I was doing with her. I never felt this way about a girl before. I don’t think I felt this way with Eleanor, because she was more sexual stuff. I need to learn how to control myself around her and how to treat her right. I moved Lilly up a little, so she was under my chin. I kissed the top of her before I rested the side of my head there. I fell asleep not long after that.



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