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Her (Louis Tomlinson Punk)

Chapter 2 – Party

Chapter 2 – Party

I finally get to Perrie’s and everyone was waiting for us. I noticed Lilly was still holding me, “you can let go now unless you want to go around the block really fast,” I laughed. She let go of me too quickly, “fuck off,” she snapped. I couldn’t stop laughing as I got off my bike, “suit yourself,” I smiled. I take my helmet off her head and she glared at me, “you survived,” I say. I take my bag off as she kept glaring at me. She needed to stop, before I take her somewhere, “I thought you didn’t like my bike, so why are you still on it?” I wondered. I didn’t mind that she wanted to stay on my bike, “I can’t feel my legs since I was holding on for dear life,” she admitted. I laughed loudly since I was just doing the speed limit, “Let me help you,” I tell her. I picked her up bridal style and she wrapped her arms around my neck.

I walked over to the others before I put her down, “what did you do to her Louis?” Niall smirked. I wish I did something to her Niall, but I was a good boy which is killing me. Perrie hugged Lilly, “she don’t like my bike so she was holding on for dear life.” I tell them. They all laughed part from Lilly, “I was the same for the first time,” Perrie tells her. Lilly smiled at her and I was happy that it was back, “so what were you two doing?” Liam asked as he raised an eyebrow. Harry looked at me, “not much this one takes so long to walk and pack,” I tell them. I grabbed out my smokes and so did everyone part from Lilly. I noticed she was looking at Harry, “Lilly Belle here smokes too,” I tell everyone. She didn’t need to hide the fact that she smokes from Harry, “what?” Harry says. I knew she wasn’t happy that I told Harry as she looked down. I was waiting for her to attack me, but she just looked back up, “is he right Flower?” Harry asked. Lilly nodded, “what happened to you turn to smokes?” Harry questioned.

“A bad decision,” she tells him. Lilly got out her smokes, “my poor Flower,” Harry sighed. Why was Harry being a hypocrite? He had no right to be disappointed in her. He watched her as she lit up her smoke, “a lot has happened in six years Harry,” she tells him. She sat down next to Niall as she looked disappointed with herself. I was sick of her feeling like this today since I tried everything to keep her smiling. I never thought Harry could make her feel like this, “Lilly I hear you’re going to wear a dress tonight,” I heard Niall says. I was focused on Lilly conversation with Niall, “Louis making me,” she says.

“She lost a bet with me,” I tell Niall. I hoped Lilly would play along, because if the boys found out that I was making her without a real reason they will kill me. I noticed Lilly smiling at me, “so what was the bet?” Niall asked. Fuck she knows that she got the upper hand here, “If he remembered anything from physics and he did,” she lied. After that I knew I had her wrapped around my finger. She rolled her eyes at me to piss me of, but it wasn’t working anymore with her. I found it strange that it turned me on, “wait Louis learnt something?” Zayn questioned. Lilly nodded yes, “it surprised me to,” she says. Everyone started laughing at me including Lilly, “Well while everyone laughing at me I’m going to go and set my house up for the party. You guys coming to help me and leave these girls to get ready?” I wondered. I didn’t want to leave Lilly, but I knew she was going to be alright with Perrie.

I got on my bike after we said goodbye to the girls. I put my helmet on and it smelt like Lilly’s shampoo. I knew that girl was going to be trouble for me, but I didn’t care. I started my bike after Harry honked his horn at me to move. I gave him the middle finger before I rode off.

I met the boys at the liquor store to get alcohol for tonight. When we were picking out our alcohol for tonight Zayn followed me around, “what do you want Zayn?” I wondered. Zayn smirked at me, “what did you and Lil do this afternoon?” he asked. Did he just call Lilly, Lil? I laughed a little bit, “nothing,” I tell him. He raised his eyebrow at me, “you can tell me. I won’t tell Harry that you fucked her,” Zayn promised me. I laughed harder, “I really did nothing. She a virgin,” I tell him. Zayn was shocked, “how much of a virgin?” he questioned. I shrugged my shoulders, “I’m not sure, but it is her first party tonight,” I replied.

“Really? Fuck she in for a shock tonight,” Zayn laughed. I hope he didn’t want to scare her, “what are you two idiots talking about?” Harry questioned. Him, Niall and Liam came over to us with trolleys full of different types of alcohol, “did you know it Lilly Belles first party?” I wondered. They were all shocked as I started filling my trolley up with alcohol, “is it a good idea to come to yours?” Niall questioned. I nodded my head, “she should be alright. We will be there if anything happens,” I tell them. I’ll make sure no one goes near her that I don’t want to. I will still let some people talk to her. Just not the idiots, “Lou has a point. So can we keep an eye on her?” Harry asked. We all nodded our heads, “thanks. I just don’t want anything to happen to her,” Harry smiled.

“Mate. I would still done it without you asking,” Niall tells him. Harry smiled at him, “Harry what does she mean to you?” Liam asked. I saw Harry smile bigger, “I have known her since birth. She just like my sister,” Harry admitted. So Harry doesn’t have romantic feelings towards her, “so she off limits?” Liam asked. Harry nodded his head, “if any of you guys touch her. I will hurt you,” Harry warned us.

“I’m not going to touch her. I have Perrie,” Zayn tells him. Harry nodded before he looked straight at me, “I have no interested in her like that,” I lied. Harry gave me a small nod, “same for me,” Niall tells him. Harry smiled as Liam agreed with us, “good, because if any of you screw it up. I will chose her over any of you guys,” Harry waned us. We all understood why he would chose her over us. Hell I would chose her over any of these guys. I know these guys would be alright without me, but Lilly on the other hand won’t.

Liam got the alcohol since he is eighteen, but I still paid for it. I looked at the total and it all come to three hundred and seventy pounds. I really didn’t care since I get five hundred a week. We all put it in the back of Harry’s car, “I’ll met you at my place. I got something to do first,” I tell them. They all nodded at me before I got on my bike.

I went to the shops to get a packeted of smokes, but found myself staring at the condoms. I wondered if I should get any since I had none, but I knew I wouldn’t use them. I picked up a packet as I decided not to risk it if anything happens tonight. I was only interested in one girl tonight, but if she wants it I might not hold back. I also picked up some lube before I went to the check out. After I brought them and got my smokes I put them in my school bag. I noticed a girl looking at me like she wanted to fuck me. I couldn’t believe myself when I shook my head as I put my helmet on.

When I got to my house the guys were already there. I walked into my house, “there he is,” Niall smiled. I noticed Niall’s cheeks were red, “yep. I went to get some smokes,” I tell him. I walked into the kitchen to find Liam and Zayn, “we though you forgot your own party or found yourself a girl for the night,” Zayn joked. Liam shakes his head, “the girl he wants is coming tonight. She should be here before ten,” Liam smirked.

“Lou no. Walk away from her now, before you get yourself killed,” Zayn tells me. I looked down, “I can’t already and I don’t know why,” I admitted. Zayn shakes his head, “could it be because she off limits?” Liam wondered. I shake my head, “could it be because she a virgin?” Liam added. I shake my head again, “guys I really don’t know why I can’t leave her,” I lied to them. I know the reason was that she drives me crazy and needs me. I hold her biggest secret and I can’t tell anyone. Harry and Niall come in, “let’s make our special drink for everyone,” Harry smiled. It looked like Harry and Niall been running around.

After we finished making our special drink we went outside for a smoke. As we were talking about random stuff all our phones went off. I grabbed my out to see it was an unknown number:


Hi it Lilly and this is my phone number :D

I smiled as I saved it into my phone, “oh my god I got a girls number,” Niall joked. We laughed at him as I messaged her back:

The name Louis Tomlinson and you better remember that because you’ll be screaming it later. P.S don’t roll your eyes

I really couldn’t help but send her that. I think it was because what I was thinking when I brought the condoms and lube. I just remembered that I better put them away before I forget. I quickly butted out my smoke, so I could put my bag away in my room, “Lou I’m going to pick up the girls do you want to come?” Zayn asked me. I shake my head as I went inside. I would like to have gone with Zayn to get the girls, but for once in my life I don’t want the boys to find out what I brought. I know Zayn and Liam are on to me about Lilly, so if they found out what I brought they will tell Harry.

When I put my bag in my room I got out the condoms and lube. Before I put them away I put one condom back in my bag and I put another one in my pocket. I noticed that I got four little sachets of lube with the condoms. So I also put two of them in my bag and the other two in my pocket. I don’t know why I put one in my pocket, but I was prepared for tonight at least.

I went back down stairs to find Harry and Niall in the lounge room. They were sitting at opposite ends of the lounge, “did Liam go with Zayn?” I wondered. They both shake their heads and I felt relieved, “he in the bathroom,” Niall says. I noticed something was off about these two right now, “what took you so long?” Harry questioned. Great these two had a fight, “nothing I was just making sure no one goes in the bedrooms,” I tell him. Niall gets up and walked into the kitchen, “Harry what happened?” I asked him.

“It nothing Lou,” Harry mumbled. I sit down next to him, “you can tell me,” I pushed him. Harry shakes his head, “just drop it Lou,” he snapped. I nodded my head as I heard Harry phone go off. I noticed Harry smiled as he read the message. He messaged back whoever it was. After a couple more messages Liam came in, “Lilly messaged me back,” he smiled. I looked at him, “same!” Niall yelled. I looked at Harry, “is that who you’re talking to?” I wondered. Harry nodded his head, “ooo Lou didn’t get a message,” Liam teased. I get my phone out and I had nothing. I messaged her:

Why did you message the others and not me?

“Lou that looks desperate. Maybe she don’t want to talk to you since you spent all afternoon with her,” Niall teased as he walked back into the lounge room. I stuck my finger up at him, “hang on. Why do you want her to talk to you? Also what did you do this afternoon with her?” Harry questioned. Crap I can’t tell him the truth, “I want her to talk to me, because we actually got along this afternoon,” I started. That bit was the truth, “we just talked as I helped Lilly do her chores,” I lied. I hope Harry believes the last bit, because I want to keep my promise to her. Harry smiled, “I would have love to see you clean up,” Harry says. I think he believes me or what happened between him and Niall is still on his mind, “all I did was hang washing out,” I say.

“Wait was it her underwear?” Niall questioned. Harry glared at him, “some of it,” I say to keep my lie going. Harry glared at me, “she asked me too,” I defended myself. Harry nodded, “any good?” Liam asked. Harry glared at him, “drop the topic now,” Harry tells us. We all nodded at him before he went into the kitchen, “so are any of them good” Liam whispered so Harry couldn’t hear. I gave him the thumbs up, “Louis William Tomlinson I saw that!” Harry shouted. I sighed as I walked into the kitchen to see Harry staring at the sink, “I’m sorry Harry,” I apologized.

“I don’t care. I told you to stop and you didn’t,” Harry spat. I pulled him to face me, “don’t start on me, because you had a fight with Niall. It not my fault,” I snapped. Harry pushed me, “I told you to stop talking about Lilly and you didn’t,” Harry argued. I noticed Liam and Niall disappeared, “Harry it just a bit a fun. If it anything it was her mothers,” I tell him. Harry looked down, “Harry I said it was Lilly’s, because I spent all afternoon and didn’t do anything. I know it a stupid thing to do, but there started to think something wrong with me,” I tell him. Harry nodded his head, “just leave her out of your sexual lies,” Harry tells me. I nodded my head, “you going to let us in or just stare?” I heard Perrie asked. They were here and it took all my will power not to go see her.


I heard them talking as they coming my way. When they walked into the kitchen and my eyes were on Lilly. She was in a simple low cut black dress and heels. God the heels made her legs look longer. The make-up around her eyes made them stick out so clearly. When I saw the red lipstick on her lips my mind went dirty, “wow you two look amazing,” Harry says as he hugs them. I still was looking at Lilly, “Perrie did a good job on you,” I tell her. When she looked at me I could help but smile at her, “let’s get our drinks and start the game,” Niall says. Everyone nodded, “what game we playing?” Lilly asked.

“Just a game called I never,” Liam tells her. She looked confused, “it were someone says something like I never kissed a girl and if you have you drink. It a great way to get to know people,” Liam explained. I filled up a drink full of alcohol, “it alright we go easy on you since it’s your first party,” Liam added. I filled up another one for Lilly, “How do you know it my first party?” she wondered.

“Louis told us,” Liam replied. I looked at them, “here,” I smiled. I hand her a drink and she smelt it before she started drinking it, “save some for the game,” I tell her as she stopped. I didn’t want her drunk just yet. I noticed everyone left and Lilly was about to join them, but I grabbed her arm, “why didn’t you message me back?” I wondered.

“Because I won’t be screaming your name later,” she tells me. I wrapped my arms around her, “I’m not so sure,” I say. I let her get away from me, “I am,” she tells me. Why does this girl got to play with me like this? I pick up my drink, “better join the others,” I smirked. I watched Lilly walk away from me, so I could stare at her ass.

When I got into the dining room I sat on the last seat, “Lilly whose lap you going to sit on?” Niall smirked. Anyone part from Niall please. I don’t know what it is tonight with him, but I didn’t want her to go anywhere near him. Lilly decided to sit down on Liam lap and Liam smiled. What the fuck is he smiling at? She just sitting on him. I’m actually glad that Lilly didn’t sit on my lap, because I knew for sure something would come up, “I’ll start. I have never kissed a boy,” Niall says. The girls drink to that one and for some reason I knew Lilly was lying. Well she kissed my cheek today, but we’re talking about kissing someone on the lips, “I have never gone skinny dipping,” Liam says. I drink to this one, so does everyone else part from Lilly, “your turn Lilly,” Perrie tells her. She looked lost for words, “um,” she whispered. She didn’t know what to ask, “its ok we just skip you, but better have one next round,” Zayn reassured her. Lilly smiled at him to say thanks. I had to think of a question to see the dirty side of Lilly, “I have never played with myself,” I say. I watched Lilly as I drank some of my drink. She didn’t drink any of hers which was a little bit shocking. I couldn’t help but smirk, because I don’t think anyone touched her. Part from that guy which needs to be in the ground, “you never touched yourself?” Perrie asked. She shake her head no, “you are so pure,” Liam laughed.

“I can see myself sober by the end of this game,” she smiled. Everyone starts laughing. Don’t laugh at her. It not her fault that she not sex crazy like the rest of us, “Screw this game,” I snapped. Everyone looked at me, “we will all be drunk and Lilly Belle be sober,” I explained. Lilly agreed with me for once, “and since it my first party I want to be drunk,” she laughed. Perrie laughed with her, “let’s play beer pong with a twist,” Niall says. I wonder what Niall is up to? I hoped it involves more drinking and maybe some truth and dares, “What the twist?” Harry questioned.

“Two teams with one cup per person and you try to get it in someone cup. They drink there cup, but the twist is that you get to ask them a questioned and if they don’t answer they got to drink all of their teams drinks,” Niall explained. This could be interesting and I am good at this game. We got into team and I made sure that Lilly was on the opposite team. I had Niall, Zayn and Perrie on my team, “I’ll go first,” Liam announced. He threw the ball and it missed my cup. I had a feeling that he wanted to ask me about Lilly, “too bad,” I smiled. I threw the ball at Lilly’s cup and it went straight in. It was my chance to ask her anything, “how far have you gone with a guy or a girl?” I wondered. I noticed Lilly take in a deep breath and I actually felt bad for asking. I put her on the spot about something personal, “if you’re trying to ask if I’m a virgin I am at everything,” she confessed. I was shocked, but I knew it. I just hoped no one at school finds out, “that’s rare at our school,” I say. I noticed as everyone agreed with me that I embarrassed Lilly. Harry pulled her close to him, “that just means we got to protect her from the dicks at school,” Harry tells us. I think Harry really means dicks and not actual people, “and everyone else too,” Zayn added. Zayn read my mind, “I’m not holding on to it for love. I’m holding on to it for someone I trust,” she tells us.

“But don’t you trust someone you love?” Niall questioned. Niall had a point, but at the same time I got what she meant. I thought about this afternoon when she agreed with me about love being a fucked up thing, “You can trust someone without being in love with them. It the person that makes you feel safe,” she explained. I actually got what she was saying, “my turn,” Lilly says. I knew she was trying to change the subject, so we stop talking about her being a virgin. I watched her throw the ball and it landed in my cup. I knew this be good, “how many girls you slept with?” she questioned. Why did she want to know that? Was she interested in me? Fuck I hope she was, “um seven,” I admitted. I drink my drink in one go. I wondered if she believed me. I looked at my drink and realized that Lilly and I had none, “Lilly and I need another drink to keep playing,” I tell everyone.

Lilly and I go into the kitchen as the others continued the game. I grabbed Lilly cup from her before I filled both our cups back up, “Louis is it a bad thing that I’m a virgin?” she asked me. I put our drinks down and looked at her. She was leaning over the kitchen bench looking down. I looked straight down her dress, but I felt bad. She was embarrassed and it was my fault. I should have asked her when no one else was around, “I don’t think it is,” I reassured her. I gently pulled her face towards me and kept my hand there, “than why do I feel like it is?” she tells me. Fuck I made her feel like this, “because we all are not, but we do have to keep you safe from other guys. Because they can smell a virgin,” he tells me. She raised an eyebrow at me, “did you smell it?” she wondered.

“I did, but I didn’t know that you done nothing with anyone,” he smirked. She stood up in front of me and I didn’t move my hand away, “and kissing me on the cheek doesn’t count as kissing a guy,” I added. I moved in closer to her face to see what she would do, but she pushed me away. I felt disappointed that she didn’t want to kiss me, “who said I was talking about you?” she questioned.

“Your eyes did when you kissed me,” I smiled. She looked down away from me and I knew I was right. I don’t know why, but I still had to play with her, “and for pushing me. I’ll make you do a body shot off me later,” I added. I lifted her face to look at me again and she stuck her tongue at me, “you’ll need that later,” I whispered in her ear. I knew I was making her uncomfortable, “I need some fresh air,” she mumbled. She grabbed her bag and went out the back. Perrie comes into me, “what did you do Lou?” she asked me.

“Nothing. She just asked me if it was a bad thing that she was a virgin and I told her no. Then she told me that she need some air,” I tell her. Perrie nodded her head as I handed her Lilly’s drink, “I mean it Perrie. I did nothing,” I added. She nodded her head as she left. The guys came in to fill their drinks up, “Lou is Flower alight?” Harry wondered. I nodded my head, “she just embarrassed,” I tell him. I grabbed my drink, “is it really sad that I’m happy that she a virgin?” Harry asked. I shake my head no before we went outside.

Lilly and Perrie were smoking as they were talking about something, “you ready for tonight Flower?” Harry asked Lilly. She seemed happier talking to Perrie, “Yes Harold,” Lilly replied. Did she call him Harold? I couldn’t help but laugh with everyone. I noticed Harry glaring at Lilly, “Harold?” Liam questioned. I grabbed a smoke out, “it for Harry nerdy side,” she smiled.

“We all know about Harold nerdy side,” Niall laughed. I have only seen Harry nerdy side once in the past year. So it don’t surprise me that Niall knows Harry nerdy side more. I noticed Harry was still not laughing with us. Lilly put her arm around him, “I’m sorry Harold,” she apologized. Harry smiled at her as he put his arm around her, “it was going to come out sooner or later,” he says.

We finally stopped laughing at Harry, so we could have our smokes. I looked at my phone, “people will be here soon,” I tell them. I only had about fifteen minutes to be alone with Lilly before everyone else got here, “than the real fun begins,” Zayn says. When Harry moved away from her I messaged:

Don’t do anything stupid tonight. I don’t want to have to save you again

I watched her read the messaged before she looked at me. She smiled at me as she replied:

Beautiful Lilly Belle

I don’t need saving I’m a big strong girl

I smiled, “who messaging you?” Niall asked Lilly. I wonder why Niall asked her, “My mother,” she lied. Why did she bring her mother up? I messaged her back:

I know you’re strong but I don’t know about being a big girl yet

I was giving her a compliment, but at the same time trying to be dirty. When she looked at me I winked at her. She quickly looked down at her phone:

Beautiful Lilly Belle

Stop being dirty

I laughed, because she actually got what I was saying. I noticed that she was looking at everyone as I messaged her back:

I think you’re the one being dirty ;) and stop standing there and come talk to me

She walked over to me, “is this better?” she wondered. I stepped in closer to her, “much,” I tell her. She smiled at me and I knew she was up to something. She kept smiling as drank some of her, “I wasn’t being dirty by the way,” I lied. Lilly looks over me, “sure you were,” she says. I took a sip of my drink, “why do you want me to talk dirty to you?” I smirked. She bit her bottom lip and fuck my pants got tight, “we all know you want to,” she says. Fuck she wants me too. I raised my eyebrow at her as I stared at her. Lilly drank most of her drink, “so that not a no then?” I wondered. She smiled at me as she drank the rest of her drink, “need another one,” she tells me. She tipsy already and wants to get more alcohol. I shake my head, “I think you can wait a bit. It going straight to your head,” I tell her. When she moved she stumbled, so I wrapped my arm around waist, “see told you,” I smiled.

“No it not. It just the first time I wore heels,” she tried to tell me. She cute and hot when she drunk, but I couldn’t help but laugh, “still no drink,” I tell her. Lilly pouted as she crossed her arms. Fuck she was lucky the others are here, because I would kissed her. I properly fucked her as well if she wasn’t a virgin, “and you say you’re a big girl,” I teased. She hit me in my chest and I knew she was being playful. Which wasn’t helping my dirty thoughts, “I need you kinda sober to do the body shot,” I whispered in her ear. I really couldn’t wait for her tongue on me. She rolled her eyes at me, “for that I’m going to take one off of you,” I tell her. Fuck I might like that too much. The doorbell rang, “can one of you take Lilly Belle so I can get the door?” I asked. Of course Niall came running to get her, “are you drunk already?” he questioned. You better not make a move on her when I’m gone, “maybe a little bit,” she giggled. Niall wrapped an arm around her waist before I left.

I opened the door and turned the music on. When I looked at Niall and Lilly he was gone and Perrie had her. Some random people greeted me and I lost Lilly. I hoped that she was still with Perrie and not some guy talking to her. When someone started talking to me I noticed Lilly was dancing with Perrie. I wasn’t paying attention to whoever was talking to me. I was watching Lilly dancing with Perrie and I wished that I danced. Just to have her dancing against me. Fuck I need to get laid.

After a while I went outside to have a smoke with some guy from one of my classes. He was talking about all the girls he wanted to fuck at school. When he said Lilly name I looked at him, “she would be a good fuck. I also can tell she a virgin. So she must be dying to get fuck,” he rambled. I put my hand on his shoulder, “you go anywhere near her and I make sure that you can’t fuck a girl again,” I warned him. He laughed at me, “I fucken mean in. She is off limits. Not only will I hurt you, but Harry will kill you,” I added. The guy looked at me and I showed him that I wasn’t kidding. He laughed again as he walked away. I knew he was going to be trouble.

After a while as I tried to work out where that guy went I noticed Lilly come out with Niall and Harry. I saw them get there smokes out as they talked. Niall ran off to a group of guys most likely to get some dope from them. He waved Harry over and Harry left Lilly all alone. I noticed she was getting nervous as she looked around.

I walked up behind her, “ready for your body shot?” I wondered. She turned around to me, “I don’t think I want to do it,” she tells me. I knew she was going to try and get out of it, but I really wanted her tongue against me, “don’t forget you owe me,” I remind her. She really didn’t owe me, but I wanted her. I take her smoke from her and started to smoke it, “that mine,” she tells me.

“I know,” I say as I blew out smoke. I licked my lips, “can I have it back please?” she asked me. I take another drag of her smoke, “maybe,” I teased. She started to drink most of her drink, “are you trying to get drunk?” I questioned. If she gets drunk she might let me do anything, but I wouldn’t. I don’t want her to hate me for taking advantage of her. Lilly nodded her head, “it stops me from wanting to hit you,” she smirked. Why does she want to hit me all the time? Do I push her that much? Maybe I should easy up on her, “you don’t mean that,” I tell her. I gave her smoke back and she takes a drag of it, “I might do,” she teased. I have to get her back for that, “body shots!” I yelled. I grabbed her hand, “you can hit me after our body shots,” I tell her.

I pulled her into the dining room and left her there with Perrie. I went into the kitchen to grab a bottle of Tequila and shot glasses. I noticed Niall cutting up the lime, “is Lilly going to do one off you?” he asked me. I nodded my head, “lucky bastard,” Niall mumbled as I left the kitchen.

I got back into the dining room and stood next to Lilly, “Tequila,” I say. Niall came in with the salt and the lime wedges that he cut up. I was going to leave Lilly and I last, so she can see how it done, “Zayn and Perrie first!” I shouted. Zayn came in and took off his shirt. I noticed Lilly looking at Zayn and it made me jealous, “his Perrie,” I tell her. She looked at me, “I can see why,” she smiled. That hurt a little bit. I give Perrie a shot of Tequila as Zayn laid down. Niall puts the salt on Zayn stomach before Perrie put the lime in his mouth, “watch and learn,” I ordered. She watched closely as Perrie does the shot, but seemed surprised that she kissed Zayn. I wondered if she thought that she had to kiss me. I hope she would, “next!” Niall shouts. Lilly watches Liam take off his shirt and I was getting a little bit annoyed. She watched closely again, “do I have to kiss you?” she wondered.

“Only if you want to,” I smiled. She watched Niall and I realized that this might be all new to her, “you alright there Lilly Belle,” I laughed. She smiled at me, “I’m great,” she says. I think she was trying to be brave for me, “Harry!” Liam yelled. When Harry came running with his shirt off Lilly looked away. I thought it was funny, so I laughed, “you watched everyone else, but you won’t watch Harry,” I pointed out. I was happy that she didn’t look at Harry like the others, “because he like my brother,” she admitted. I wrapped my arm around her, “good to hear,” I flirted. Lilly looked at me, “our turn,” I tell her. I moved away from her and take my shirt off. She had a good look at me before I laid down on the table. Niall put the salt on my stomach, “ready?” I questioned. I put the lime in my mouth a bit far back than normal. Lilly licked the salt off my stomach slowly and it was torture for me. She takes the shot before she took the lime out of my mouth. Her lips touched mine, but she moved away. I knew she wasn’t going to kiss me, so I got off the table, “that was not that bad,” I say.

“Maybe,” she flirted. I think the alcohol was making her come out her shell, “It the girls turn!” I yelled. I saw panic come across her face when the girls lifted up their shirts. I looked Lilly up and down as I wondered if she would lift up her dress. As I was thinking Perrie and her sat on the table. I go over to her and lifted the bottom of her dress to just under her knickers. I put a salt line on her thigh before I gave the salt to Zayn. I picked up a lime, “relax I’m not going to hurt you,” I reassured her. I pick up my shot and clinked it with Zayn. As I was licking the salt I had to remind myself that people were watching including Harry. I take my shot before I leaned in close to her, “don’t forget to let go,” I say. Our lips touched again as I took the lime from her lips. Lilly got off the table quickly before I could kiss her. I put my shirt back on, “that was fun,” I smiled. Lilly smiled as she picked up her drink. Where did she put that drink? I don’t remember seeing it when we doing the shots. I stopped her drinking it, “don’t drink it,” I tells her. I threw it on a plant, “why did you do that?” she wondered.

“You let it out of your sight,” I tell her. When she raised an eyebrow at me I remembered that it her first party, “someone could put something in it,” I explained. She looked me right in the eyes, “something?” she questioned. This girl is way too pure for herself, “like a date rape drug. I don’t trust people here part from our group,” I inform her. She gave me a small nod, “sometimes you’re too innocent for yourself,” I say. I grabbed her hand to take her into the kitchen to get another drink.

When we got into the kitchen I got us another drink, “now don’t let this one out of your sight,” I tell her. The guy that I was having a smoke with from outside came in, “let’s do a shot,” the guy says. The guy puts his arm around Lilly and I pulled her to me. Two more guys came in and Lilly started to get scared. She wrapped her arm around me and I wish they just leave. The guy started pouring shot and I watched him closely. He comes over with two as I hand Lilly my drink. I take the shots off of him, “one, two, three,” the guy says. They take their shots, “open your mouth and put your head back,” I tell Lilly. She puts her head back and I pour the shot down her throat. I quickly take mine, “oh my god that burned,” she whispered. I take my drink back as I put my arm around her waist. We did the shot and now I wish they just leave, “so Louis is this your new girl?” the guy asked.

“Yep,” I tell him. I kissed Lilly cheek to tell her everything was going to be alright. The fuckhead looked Lilly up and down as he licked his lips, “can I have her when you’re done?” he questioned. What the fuck? I’m not letting any guy go near her. I felt Lilly arm go around me, “no,” I snapped. He looked at me, “you know you’ll get bored of her soon or is she the group sex toy?” he spat. This fucken guy is going down, “no she not!” I yelled. I put my drink down and stepped away from Lilly. I made sure she was behind me, “get the fuck out of my house!” I added. He smiled at me and all I saw was read. I gave him punch after punch, “where do you think you’re going pretty lady?” I heard someone ask. I knew they were talking to Lilly, so I turned around to see her punch the guy right in the nose. He fell to the floor screaming, but as I watched the fuckhead punched me in the face. I felt my lip spit, “I don’t think so,” I heard Liam snap. I quickly punched they guy in the stomach to wind him and went to Lilly, “you’ll pay for that bitch!” yelled the guy she hit. I punched him straight I the face, “don’t you fucken call her that!” I yelled. Harry, Niall and Zayn came in to get them out of my house. I hoped they didn’t come back, “one,” Liam says.

“One?” Lilly questioned. She looked worried, “one fight down,” I tell her. She picked up two napkins and put them on our lips, “thanks,” Liam says. I take the napkin off of her and she noticed my hands. I knew they were bloody and I don’t think any of it mine, “what do you mean one down?” she wondered. She was still looking at my hands, “I have a rule. Two fights and the party over,” I explained. When Liam left I washed my hands in the kitchen sink. Lilly stayed with me, “you can punch, but how is your hand?” I asked her. She looked at it, “it hurts,” she admitted. I grabbed her an ice pack out of the freezer. I held it there for her, “I’m sorry that I piss you off, but please don’t hit me,” I joked. Lilly laughed as I smiled at her, “Lil are you alright?” I heard Perrie asked as she walked into the kitchen. Her eyes got straight to our hands, “what happened?” she asked. I could tell that she was worried, “some dicks tried to take Lilly away from us, but when I didn’t give her to them they called her nasty names. So we hit them,” I tells her.

“So we got a fighter,” Perrie smiled. I don’t know why, but Lilly and I started laughing, “told you I’m a big girl,” she smiled. Maybe she was a fighter and a big girl, but I still felt like I needed to protect her from the world. The guys came into the kitchen, “there gone and how are we in here?” Harry wondered. They better be gone, “fine,” Lilly says. They looked at her hand and Liam smile, “you got him a good one. He screamed like a bitch,” Liam says. Lilly smiled, “what can I say?” she laughed. I laughed with her, but I wondered if she was really alright. Everyone laughed with her until they left Lilly and me. I looked at Lilly hand, “how’s your hand?” I wondered. I take the ice pack off to see it was a little bit purple, “much better thanks,” she smiled. I wonder if it was really alright or that she was hiding that it hurt. Lilly touched my lip, “how are you feeling?” she asked.

“I’m great,” I smiled. I grabbed her hand and kept it on my face. Her hand felt so soft against my skin, “you sure?” she questioned. She was really worried about me. I let go of her hand, “nothing a shot won’t fix,” I smiled. I poured us two shots of vodka, so we could forget what just happened, “it will help the hand,” I say. I hand her a shot glass before we tapped them together, “to you for being a big girl,” I tell her. I bring the shot up to my mouth, “to you for saving me again,” she tells me. We drink our shots, “why does it burn?” she asked. I smiled at the face she pulled, “because it bad for you,” I tell her. She still has so much to learn about parties. I poured us two new drinks and we went separate ways back to the party.

I talked to Liam outside near pool, “did you make a move on Lil?” he asked. I shrugged my shoulders, “I flirted with her, but haven’t made a move,” I tell him. Liam smirked as he slowly nodded his head, “than why did she do a shot off of you?” Liam questioned. I smiled big, “because I made her,” I admitted. Liam raised an eyebrow, “you made her? Lou that don’t sound right,” Liam tells me. I looked down, “I didn’t force her. We just playing around and I said it, but she never told me no. Plus if I didn’t make her one of you guys or Perrie would. So it be safer that she did one off of me,” I rambled. Liam put his hand on my shoulder, “how doing it off you is safer?” he wondered.

“If she did it on some other guy they might get the wrong idea. The guy I hit in the kitchen already told me that he wants to fuck Lilly Belle. I know I’m no saint, but it don’t mean that Lilly Belle got to change to our ways,” I tell him. Liam laughed a little, “mate she already changed you. The Louis Tomlinson I know would made a move on her this afternoon or left, but you stayed. So what did you really do?” Liam questioned. I smiled at him, “we really did nothing, but talk. I may of have hugged her,” I replied. Liam nodded, “you need to get laid and fast. Lil is off limits and you know that. You need to find another girl to play with,” Liam reminded me. I shake my head, “can’t do that. Liam I not going to force her into anything. Fuck I feel bad asking if she a virgin in front of everyone. She thinks it a bad thing now that she a virgin,” I confessed. Liam nodded his head, “if you’re serious about her Lou talk to Harry about it,” Liam tells me.

After Liam and I conversation about Lilly I grabbed another drink and a little bottle of vodka. I grabbed the vodka, because I felt like hiding from people and thought about going on a walk. I walked around to see how the party was going. I had girls throw them self at me and I rejected them. I thought about what Liam said about getting laid. It been months since I got anything and I’m rejecting girls. All because of one girl that going to be so much trouble for me.

I saw Lilly stumble over to my treehouse and I walked over to her. She sat down against the tree and had a smoke in her hand. She was going through her bag, “here,” I tell her as I held my lighter out for her. She takes it off of me, “thanks,” she says. I got a smoke out before I sat down next to her, “enjoying the party?” I wondered. I lit my smoke up and put my lighter in my pocket, “why do all the girls want to know how good you all are in bed?” she questioned. I laughed at the fact that she talked to people and they ask her questions like this, “I don’t know,” I say.

“It annoying. I’m not good with people and I tried my best, but there idiots,” she admitted. I didn’t mean to laugh harder, but she was cute the way she said it, “that they are,” I tell her. I wrapped my arm around her and she didn’t push me away. She drank the rest of her drink and I wondered if she wanted to punch me. We took a drag of our smokes at the same time, “why do you have a tree house with no way to get up there?” she wondered. I looked up at the treehouse, “there is a way up, but I don’t like people up there,” I tell her. I looked at her and she looked at me as she smiled.

Lilly didn’t say anything after that and all I could think of was that we could hide up there. We could also do naughty stuff up there, “would you like to go up there?” I wondered. She looked straight at me, “you don’t have to since you don’t like people up there,” she says. I stood up, “you’re not people you’re Lilly Belle,” I reassured her. I help her up and she falls into me, “I think you should take those heels off,” I tell her. I made sure that she was stabled before she took her shoes off, “how are we going to get up there?” Lilly questioned.

“Just watch and stay right there,” I smiled. I ran and jumped to grab a branch on the other side of the tree, but missed, “fuck,” I swore. I ran back over to Lilly, “I can do this,” I tell her. She started to giggle at me, “thanks for the encouragement,” I say. She stopped, “You can do this Louis,” she tells me. I smiled as I tried to grab the branch again. This time I got it, “wow,” I heard Lilly say. I laughed at her reaction as I climbed the tree. I stood on a branch in front of the tree house, “now for laughing at me I might not let you up,” I teased. When she looked up at me I could see right down the top of her dress, “plus it's a nice view down your dress,” I added. Why did I say that? Lilly crossed her arms, so I couldn’t see, “don’t be like that,” I pouted.

“Then let me up,” she tells me. I really didn’t know how to take what she just said. I let the rope ladder down and climbed down it, “ladies first,” I tell her. She looked straight at me, “so you can look up my dress. No way,” she points out. I didn’t think of that until she said it, “no so you don’t fall,” I say. I moved her over the ladder and she started to climb it. I was close behind her just in case she fell. I couldn’t help but look up her dress. I noticed that she was wearing the black knickers that I put in her bag. I hoped she was wearing the matching bra with it, “Louis stop looking,” she says. I laughed a little bit, because she knew me, “nice black knickers,” I flirted.

I kept staring up her dress until we made it to the top. I pulled the ladder up, “don’t want other people to come up here,” I explained. Lilly looked around the treehouse as I stood behind her, “do you have a sister Louis?” she wondered. I nodded my head, “I have five of them, but only one comes here,” I replied. She looked at me, “where do the other four live?” she questioned. I’m not telling you my life story right now Lilly, “with my mum, but that’s a story for another day,” I tell her. She nodded, “so why don’t you like people up here?” she asked. I was glad that she didn’t’ push the subject, “because people mess it up,” I say. I needed a drink, so I pulled the little bottle of vodka out. I have some before I gave it to Lilly. She drinks some, “will I ever get used to that?” she asked. I smiled as I took the bottle back, “I don’t think so,” I teased. I went over to my draws and pulled one out. I saw my dope tin, so I grabbed it. I just wanted a couple of puffs, “I know your mother does it, but if you don’t want me to I won’t,” I tell her. I showed her my tin and she was confused, “it dope,” I explained.

“It your life Louis,” she tells me as she raised her eyebrows. Was she upset with me, “so you don’t mind if I have a joint?” I wondered. She smiled at me, “because my mother is a bitch on it doesn’t mean you’re going to be,” she tells me. I rolled myself a joint as she sat down on the floor. I don’t think Lilly knows the way she sitting I can see right up her dress. I leant against the opening of the tree house, “you sure?” I questioned. I don’t know why I was making sure if it was alright, “I’m sure and will you stop asking me,” she smiled. I put the joint between my lips and light it. I inhaled it, “I have a stupid question,” I started. I blew out smoke as Lilly looked at me, “have you ever been high?” I wondered. I thought maybe she got into her mother’s dope and smoked some. She shakes her head, “are you against it?” I questioned. She shakes her head again, “do you want to try it? You don’t have to I’m not going to force you,” I asked as she looked down.

“Why not you only live once,” she says. I sat down next to her, “open your mouth,” I instructed. I wasn’t going to give Lilly the joint I had a better plan. Lilly opened her mouth as she closed her eyes. I take a big drag of the joint before I covered my mouth over Lilly’s. I blew smoke into her mouth and she inhaled it, but she started coughing. I rubbed her back as she kept coughing, “it happens for first timers,” I reassured her. Maybe we shouldn’t have done that. I quickly take another drag of the joint before putting it in an ashtray. I grabbed out the bottle of vodka and drink some. I hand it to Lilly, “are you trying to get me drunk and high so you can have your way with me?” she giggled. Fuck she was smash and so was I. I shake my head, but the thought crossed my mind, “just being nice,” I smiled. My head was spinning as I got up to grab a blanket to put on the floor. I wanted to lay down, “stand up please,” I tell her. I noticed that she tried, but didn’t really move. I put the blanket down before I helped her up. I put my arms around her waist from behind, “I think it all going to your head,” I chuckled.

“No it not,” she snapped. When we moved to the wall Lilly put her hands on it. As I putting the blanket on the floor I was wondering what it be like to fuck her against the wall. I shake my head to get rid of those thoughts before I walked back over to her, “can you walk?” I wondered. She moved and nearly fell over. I grabbed her, “I take that as a no,” I smiled. I wrapped my arm around her back as my other arm picked her legs up. She weighed nothing as I carried her over to the blanket. I put her down carefully before I laid next to her. I pulled her close to me and she put her head on my chest as she wrapped her arm around me. I wrapped my arm around her back before I rested my hand on her hip. I ran my other hand down her arm to feel her skin against mine until I got to her hand. I entwine our fingers together as I looked at her. She looked so calm and happy, but I knew that was the alcohol and the dope, “how are you feeling?” I asked.

“I feel great,” she smiled. I laughed a little bit, “Louis can you not tell Harry about the dope, because he is already disappointed about me smoking?” she begged me. Why do I have to keep everything from Harry? His my best friend, “his is a hypocrite,” I tell her. I looked up at the ceiling, “but please,” she says. I tried to think of ways to calm myself down, but the only thing that was working was moving my fingers against her hip, “why do you care so much about what he thinks?” I wondered. She put her chin on my chest and I knew she was looking at me, “because he was a big part of my life,” she admitted. I look at her and I could see the worry on her face, “so you have changed since then and so has he,” I point out. Why does she need Harry approval for everything? If he going to be disappointed in her for doing what he does on a regular basis. I will hurt him, “it your life you should do whatever you want and not care about what people think,” I added. I really wanted to stop talking about her and Harry. I know they both see each other as brother and sister, but she wants to be a good girl for him. Were she really want to do whatever, “can we stop talking about Harry?” I asked. Lilly nodded her head against my chest, “good, because this conversation was pissing me off,” I admitted. Lilly moved her head to look away from me, “why?” she wondered. I moved the hair out of her face and put it behind her ear. I knew I had some anger at the moment with this conversation, “because why should you care what he thinks. He done worst stuff than you,” I snapped. I tighten my grip around her as she tried to get way, “don’t go. I’m sorry it just when you start worrying about what people think of you. You stop living life the way you want and become like everyone else,” I tell her. She stopped trying to get away, “I understand, but I’m scared of sticking out,” she confessed.

“You already do,” I smiled. I pulled her closer to my face, so she knows I’m telling the truth, “I noticed you,” I confessed. I let go of her hand and run my fingers up her arm and down her back to my other hand. I wished I could do that to her whole body right now. I could do a lot of things to her right now, but right now I wanted to kiss her. I noticed her green eyes staring into mine and I hope she was thinking the same thing. As I was about to move in “Louis!” someone shouted. I sit up still holding Lilly just in case she ran, “what!” I yelled back. This better be good. I was about to kiss Lilly for the first time, “Fight!” someone yelled. I sighed since we had to stop what we were doing, “looks like the party is over,” I says. I get up before helping Lilly to her feet, “time to get everyone out,” I tell her. She looked confused as she nodded her head.

When we got out of the treehouse I noticed it was Zayn that was yelling at me. I went down the rope ladder before Lilly just in case she fell. I also looked up her dress again until I got to the ground, “well hello you two,” Zayn smirked. I laughed a little bit, “where is the fight?” I asked. I knew Zayn was thinking we were doing something, but he stopped us before we could, “in the lounge room,” Zayn replied. When he left I turned to Lilly, “stay out here and if you can to get people to leave,” I tell her. I kissed her cheek before I ran off. I really didn’t want to leave her out here by herself, but I didn’t want her near the fight.

When I got inside I saw Perrie, “Pez can you go out the back with Lilly?” I asked her. She nodded her head as she left. I saw Harry was the one in the fight with some guy. Zayn was trying to get Harry off the guy, “fucken say that about her again. I dare ya!” Harry yelled. I knew it was about Lilly after that. I ran up to pull the other guy off of him, “let him he go Louis. His fucken going to rape Lilly,” Harry spat. I punched the guy in the stomach, “get him out of here Zayn,” I tell him. Zayn pulled Harry out the back, “clearly you do to Louis,” the guy smirked. I punched him again, “don’t you fucken dare talk about her like that or I’ll make sure that you don’t walk again,” I threated him. The guy kept smiling at me, “I know Harry won’t touch her or any girl for that matter,” he says. I ignored him as I pushed him out the front door.

I noticed when I got him at the front the fuckhead from the kitchen was there with more friends. The guy I was holding got out of my grip and ran to them, “nice to see you again Louis,” the guy smiled. All his friends smiled at me, “I told you to fucken leave,” I gritted threw my teeth. He just smiled at me, “I came for what I want,” he tells me. Who does this fuckhead think he is? I’m not letting Lilly anywhere near him, “no a fucken chance. You’ll have to kill me first,” I tell him. The guy stepped forward, “I think I can do that,” he smiled. I lunge towards him and started hitting him. He started hitting back. One of his mates hit me in the back and I knew they were going to make sure that I wouldn’t win. I hoped one of the boys were around to help me. I kept laying punches into the guy as his mates kept hitting me. I noticed his mates left me and him to fight. I noticed the guys were there fighting his mates, “I’ll fuck her before you do!” the fuckhead yelled.

“You won’t fucken touch her!” I snapped as I punched him. I got pulled off of him and held back, “how would you know when you’ll be in the hospital,” the fuckhead tells me. He put his hand in his pocket and I was fucked. I was shocked when I saw Lilly punch him in the face, “fucken bitch!” he yelled as he held his nose. The guy was shocked too, so I got out of his grip and ran to Lilly, “I would never go anywhere near you!” She yelled. I was impressed by her at the moment, but at the same time I wanted to yell at her. I didn’t know what he had in his pocket and she could have gotten herself seriously hurt. I didn’t want to think the worst, “just get the fuck out of here before we go round three,” I warned them. They ran off and I noticed everyone from the party watching, “that means all of you!” I shouted. I watched the crowd leave quickly.

When they were all gone I looked at Harry then at Lilly, “what a great party.” Niall laughed. We all joined in laughing with him as everyone started walking inside. I stopped Harry from going in, “Harry Lilly could have gotten herself really hurt then. He had something in his pocket,” I tell him. Harry looked down before he nodded. We went inside and Harry went up to Lilly. I was hoping that he was going to talk to her about what happened, but she walked away from him to the backyard. I followed her, “I’m here to help you,” I tell her. She turned around to look at me and I noticed in the light that her neck was red, “what happened to your neck?” I questioned. I ran my fingers over it, “just some slut,” she tells me. One night has changed this girl in front of me. I grabbed my smokes out, “shit,” she whispered. I put one between my lips as I looked at her, “I left mine in the tree house,” she tells me. I light up my smoke and give it to her, “thanks,” she smiled. She kissed my cheek which made me smile. I got another smoke out, “what was that for?” I wondered.

“Just returning the kiss you gave me,” she replied. I looked at the ground as I kept smiling. I lit my smoke up, “you know you still owe me one from the kitchen,” I reminded her. I felt her smile as she kissed my cheek again, “better?” she asked. I nodded my head as she started to clean up, “you can smoke and walk,” I joked. She started laughing at me, “it a miracle,” I added as I threw my hands up in the air. Lilly laughed harder, “nah it not. I just like pissing you off,” she smirked. I looked inside to see everyone cleaning up which meant Lilly was lucky.

When we finished cleaning I remembered Lilly bag, “you stay here and I grab your bag,” I tell her. I ran off to the treehouse and went straight up. I looked around and thought about staying in here for the night. I wondered if Lilly would stay with me. I grabbed her bag after I put everything back. I grabbed her shoes before going over to her.

She leaning back as she was sitting on the edge of the pool with her legs in the water. When I came closer I noticed her eyes were closed, so she didn’t know I was there. I looked straight down the top of her dress, “you all right there?” I smirked. She didn’t open her eyes as she nodded, so I kept looking down her top, “the water feels nice,” she says. When she opened her eyes she knew I was looking down her top. I smirked as she stood up, “have a good look?” she wondered. I nodded my head since there was no point in hiding it. Lilly started to take her dress off and I was surprised. She was wearing the underwear set I liked when I packed her bag, “I’m going for a swim,” she tells me. She jumped into the pool and I was still shocked what she just did. I have seen her in her undies, “look what I found,” she smiled. I noticed that she had an unopened beer bottle in her hand. She opened it and threw the cap at me, “that the last thing you need,” I tell her. I put her stuff down before I took my clothes off. I left myself in my boxers, but really wanted to go naked. I jumped in right next to her and I could tell she was laughing as I looked at her body under the water. I came back up, “give me the beer,” I ordered. She shook her head as she ran away from me. She was fast in the water, but I caught up to her at the edge of the pool. She started to drink the beer until I grabbed it and threw it away, “I told you no,” I say.

“No you said that the last thing I need,” Lilly smiled. This girl was making it hard to control myself with her. I placed my hands on each side of her on the edge of the pool, so she couldn’t get away. I laughed a little bit as I remembered the girl this morning in physics, “what happened to the girl that was scared of me?” I asked. I actually missed that girl, “you,” she tells me. I closed the gap between us to kiss her, “oh my god Zayn!” we heard Perrie moan. I put my hand over her mouth since I knew she was going to laugh. That the second time Zayn stopped me from kissing her, “shh they probably here you, because the window open a bit,” I inform her. I felt her lick my hand and her tongue felt nice. I moved my hand away and licked it. I knew tonight that how close I was going to get to her mouth, “were even now,” I say.

“You read my mind,” she smiled. I noticed Lilly got cold, so I wrapped my arms around her, “I think it time for bed,” I tell her. She nodded, “good idea,” she mumbled. I get out of the pool before I helped her out. I wrapped my arms around her again since she was shivering, “go inside and I’ll grab our stuff,” I tell her. She quickly ran off and I couldn’t help but watch her arse. I quickly grabbed our clothes and Lilly’s bag.

When I went inside I noticed Lilly had her ears covered as I put our stuff down. I wrapped my arms around her before I moved one of her hands from her ears, “sorry to say, but your room being used,” I whispered. She looked worried at me, “so you’re in my bed,” I continued. She shakes her head at me and I might be pushing it, “I won’t do anything I promise and you were nearly was a sleep on me in the tree house,” I reassured her. Please Lilly, “that because I was drunk and high,” she points out. I didn’t want to have an argument out here, because anyone could come out. I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder, “don’t make a noise or they will hear you,” I tell her. I knew she didn’t want to make a scene, “ok,” she gave in.

I put Lilly down when we got to my room. She looked around my room, “I’m guessing you like football,” she pointed out. I think I love football more than some things, “no I love it,” I smiled. I went into my walk in wardrobe to grab some dry clothes for Lilly and I, “shit my clothes are in Zayn and Perrie room,” I heard Lilly say. I grabbed her a t-shirt and pair of my boxers before I come out, “I know,” I says. I couldn’t help look at Lilly in her underwear and I was glad that I was cold. Because I wouldn’t know how to explain the tent in my boxers, “what am I going to wear?” she asked. I handed her my clothes, “these,” I replied. I kept looking over her as she took the clothes off of me, “now go have a shower to warm up. You can use mine and I use the one down the hall,” I tell her. She nodded her head at me as I had one last look at her. I quickly walked to my door, “there is a lock on the door,” I winked at her. That I can unlock.

I quickly got to the other bathroom since I started warming up in my lower half. I turned the water on and jumped straight in after I took my boxers off. The water heated me straight up and something else came straight up. I started pumping myself quickly as I thought about Lilly in her underwear or her sink against mine. I even thought about her tongue against my stomach as she licked the salt off of me. I tried to be quite since everyone was in the house, but I let out a couple of moans as I came. I washed myself and dried myself before I put my boxers on.


When I got back to my room Lilly was still in the bathroom, so I waited since I wanted to get in there. After a little bit she came out, “took your time,” I smiled. God she looked hot in my clothes. I walked over to her standing in the doorway to my bathroom, “you look warmer,” I tell her. I went into my bathroom and picked up my toothbrush. It was wet, “Lilly Belle did you use my toothbrush,” I wondered. She nodded her head, “I wasn’t thinking sorry,” she apologized. I didn’t care that she use it since I want my tongue in her mouth so badly. I brushed my teeth, “that all right,” I say. I turned the bathroom light off and shut the door as I came out. I noticed her hair was brushed, so I put my fingers through it, “and by the looks of it used my hairbrush too,” I point out.

“Well you are making me sleep in your bed with you,” she smiled. I raised my eyebrow as I messed up her hair. She made it so easy to play with her, “well I like you with messy hair than,” I smiled. She pushed my hands away, “well I don’t,” she tells me. She went back into the bathroom to brush her hair. I watched her, “what are you staring at?” she asked. Just how sexy you look in my clothes, “just how my shirt lifts up on you when you brush your hair,” I smirked. She shakes her head as she put my hairbrush down, “the way you’re going I’m going to sleep on the couch in the lounge room,” she warned me.

“No way the other boys will see your naked legs,” I tell her. I pulled her close to me, “and then I will have to hit them,” I added. She smiled at me as she walked away from me. Was she playing with me? Fuck she going to be more fun than I thought, “then behave,” she tells me. I turned the bathroom light off and shut the door again. I walked over to my desk, “what time do you have your first lesson tomorrow?” I questioned.

“You mean today and after brake,” she replied. I wrote down not wake us when they leave in the morning and that I was sleeping on my lounge while Lilly slept in my bed. I stuck it to the front of my bedroom door, “what are you doing?” Lilly asked. I locked my bedroom door after I shut it, “just leaving a note not to wake us,” I tell her. I walked over to her, “what side of the bed do you sleep on?” I questioned. She looked at my bed, “I don’t have one. I have always slept in a single bed,” she replied.

“Well I sleep on the right side and you can sleep in the middle,” I smiled. She looked at me confused, “middle?” she wondered. I nodded my head, “well single beds don’t have sides they have a middle,” I explained. Lilly bit her bottom lip and I wondered if she wanted to roll her eyes at me. She walked over to the left side of my bed, “the left side will do,” she says. She got under the blankets and I do the same on the other side. She face away from me right on the edge of the bed, “why are you so far away?” I asked.

“To stay away from you,” she tells me. That hurt a little bit, but I think she was afraid that I might do something to her. I pulled her close to me, “but you will fall out and hurt yourself,” I tell her. She moved her head as I put my arm under it before she put her head back down on my arm. I wrapped my other arm around her waist, “this is better,” I say. Lilly grabbed my hand that was on her waist and entwines our fingers together. I was taken back by her gently move, “it warmer,” she whispered. I laughed a little bit as I put my leg over the top hers to pull her legs closer to me. I left my leg over the top of hers, “warmer?” I asked. She nodded her head, but didn’t say anything. I could feel her breathing against me as I moved my head in closer to hers, “Lilly are you bitting your bottom lip to stop yourself from rolling your eyes?” I wondered.

“Yes,” she says. I smiled at the fact that she was trying hard for me, “thank you,” I tell her. She kissed my bicep that she was laying on and it surprised me, “you’re welcome,” she says. I moved to be closer to her, “thank you Louis for taking my party virginity,” Lilly tells me. I kissed her arm in the same spot she kissed mine. I had his girly thought that one day she might say ‘thank you for taking my virginity’. Why am I thinking this? I must have it bad for her, “anytime,” I say. I kissed her shoulder before I put my head in the crook of her neck. I felt Lilly smile as she squeezed my hand, “you alright there Lilly? You’re squeezing my hand,” I wondered.

“Fine,” she whispered. I felt her cheek go red, “you sure?” I questioned. Why was she embarrassed? I didn’t have a hard on, “you need to stop that,” she moaned. Did she just moan a little? What was turning her on? I laughed a little as I kissed her neck, “you owe me two,” I reminded her. I was liking this game with the kisses. I put my head back in the crook of her neck. Lilly grabbed my hand that she was laying on, “two what?” she questioned. I played with her fingers, “kisses and I want them in the same spot too,” I explained.

“Yep,” she moaned. My beard stubble was turning her on and her moans were turning me on. I moved my hand away from her waist to move her hair across her neck, “this should help,” I tell her. I wasn’t going to move my head away from hers, so I put it back in the crook of her neck. I grabbed her hand and moved my thumb backwards and forwards on it. I started to think about how I would like to hear her moan, “you know I could make you feel good,” I say. She froze against me, “hey it alright I’m not going to do anything to you until you tell me I can,” I reassured her. I kissed her cheek to make her relax, “thank you,” she whispered. I think I won’t bring that up again anytime soon. I’m not use to a girl not throwing themselves at me begging for it, but Lilly was different. It made me happy that she was not going to jump straight into my pants, “that three you owe me now,” I tell her to change the subject. I started to feel sleepy as I laid here with her. I know Lilly had a lot of first tonight, but right now was a first for me. I never done cuddles with anyone not even my ex. It felt different, but I liked it. I felt Lilly smile, “goodnight Louis,” she says. She kissed the back of my hand and I did the same to hers, “goodnight Lilly,” I whispered. I put our hands back where they were and closed my eyes. I fell asleep happy for the first time in a long time



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