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Her (Louis Tomlinson Punk)

Chapter 1 – Her

Chapter 1 – Her

I woke up for my first day back at school. I didn’t want to get up, but Harry let himself in and kept jumping on my bed until I got up. I had a shower as Harry made breakfast. When I got out I looked at my new tattoo on my wrist. I was happy that it was finally healed over the scar underneath it. I quickly dried my hair before I styled it. I went with the messy look, but I put red on the tips of it. After I was done I went into my wardrobe and got dressed. I put my black skinny jeans on with a red top. I picked up my red Converse and put them on before I went down stairs.

I found Harry in the kitchen, “I made bacon and eggs,” he tells me. He hands me a plate, “thanks Haz,” I smiled. He sat down next to me on the kitchen bench, “how are you feeling?” Harry asked. I started eating, “I’m feel great today. It the first day of school and our last year,” I said sarcastically. Harry shakes his head, “Lou you’re not going to get any better if you keep thinking like this,” he tells me. I sighed, “well I don’t know what to think. I only got out of hospital a week ago,” I snapped. Harry looked down, “and the first thing you did was get a tattoo to cover up your scar. I know you want to forget what you tried, but truthfully Louis we both going to remember it,” Harry snapped back. I looked at my new tattoo and I remembered how much it hurt to get. The tattoo artist told me that I should wait months to cover it up, but I told him that I was fine. I got a butterfly like Harry’s to cover it up and to remind myself that Harry found me, “let’s just get through the first day and tonight,” Harry says. I nodded as we started to eat.


I rod my motorbike to school as Harry took his car. Harry tried to convince me to get into his car with him, but I said no just in case I didn’t want to be at school anymore. I got to school with five minutes until I had to go to physic. I got to class on time and sat up at the back as I put my legs on the table. I wasn’t paying attention until the classroom door opened. A girl walked in and she was beautiful. She had long brown hair and wearing a white t-shirt with black shorts. I quickly looked around and noticed that the only seat left was the one next to me. She was looking over me as she came my way. I takes my legs off the table as she sat down, “so you must be new here, because I never seen you around,” I says. She look at me and noticed her amazing green eyes. She quickly nodded yes and I smirked, “the name Louis,” I introduced myself. I had a lot of dirty thoughts in my head about her, “Lilly,” she tell me. I chuckled as I thought she reminded me of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. My sisters made me watch that a hundred times, “well Lilly Belle welcome to Eden high,” I say. She raise an eyebrow at me and I knew she didn’t know how to take me, “what with Lilly Belle?” she wondered.

“Well your name is Lilly and you look like a princess,” I tell her. She rolled her eyes at me and it ticked me off. I lean in closer to her, “careful Lilly Belle I wouldn’t roll your eyes at me. I’m a category one,” I whispered in her ear. I didn’t really want to scare this girl, but at the same time I knew she was a virgin, “what makes you think I’m not?” she asked me. Was she trying to impress me? I could tell she was a category three. I laughed, “because you look like a girl that wouldn’t hurt a fly or go anywhere near drugs,” I replied back. She was too pure for me, “Tomlinson and…” the teacher started.

“Underwood,” Lilly finished for him. He rolled his eyes, “would you like to tell the class what you two were talking about?” he asked us.

“None of your fucking business,” I snapped at him. He rolled his eyes again and went back to writing on the board. I could tell today was going to be a long day, but at least I have Lilly to annoy, “I thought you didn’t like people rolling their eyes at you,” she smiled. God when she smiled it made her more beautiful. I noticed that she was writing what was on the board and I knew she was a nerd, “only you,” I smirked. She looked at me and rolled her eyes before she went back to writing. I knew she was going to be trouble for me since she kept rolling her eyes at me. Only if she knew that it sets off my anger issues and I was trying really hard to not get angry with her. I put my arm on the back of her chair, “now Lilly Belle you’re pushing your luck,” I warn her. She put her hand over her mouth, “oh I’m so scared,” she said sarcastically. God this girl was going to be the death of me, “you should be,” I whispered in her ear. I noticed she shivered before she went back to writing notes from the board.

I watched her as she wrote down everything that Mr Thrones put on the board. I wouldn’t lie, but I was interested in this girl. I could tell that she always got top marks in every lesson she did. I could also tell that she didn’t know how to really talk to people. I pictured her in the library in her breaks working on something.

When she sat back up I moved my hand to touch her back. She jumped a little before looking at me. I just smiled at her, “all done Lilly Belle?” I asked. She rolled her eyes at me again, but then she bit her bottom lip. I was confused at her actions since I wanted to fuck her over this table, but at the same time it was setting off my anger. I placed my hand on her back and she shrugged it off. Now my anger was about to come out on her. I looked straight into her eyes and I calmed down, “I’ll be careful if I was you,” I warned her. I don’t know why I calmed down after I looked into her eyes, but there was something about them, “what are you going to do to me?” she wondered.

“You don’t want to know,” I smirked as the bell rang. I had to get out of there and away from her. She was making me think really dirty things, but at the same time I felt wrong since she was virgin. I have never done a virgin since it never fun. Even my first and only girlfriend was not a virgin. I was, but she was fucking guy’s way before me and even when she was with me. However I kept thinking about all the dirty stuff that I could do to Lilly which made my pants get tighter. I don’t think I ever thought about a girl this way, but then again girls do throw themselves at me. I realized that I need to take care of myself, before I met up with anyone.

I quickly went into the boy’s bathroom that no one goes in and locked myself in a cubical. I immediately pulled my pants and boxers down. I looked at my hard member and realized I haven’t ever been this hard in my life from dirty thoughts. I tried to quickly work on myself, but it was taking longer than usual. I had images of Lilly underneath me begging for me to go harder and faster. I didn’t want those images to go away, but I came as I pictured her screaming my name. It took me awhile to come down from my high and catch my breath. As I was cleaning myself up I heard the bell go for break and I realized that the longest wank I ever had.

I walked to meet up with everyone in our usual spot at the wall. When I was walking up I noticed Lilly was there. I stopped when I saw her hug everyone before standing next to Harry. Of course she would prefer Harry over me. Harry gets all the girls with his manners and his bad boy looks. Knowing my luck she could also like Liam or Niall. Maybe I shouldn’t have been a jerk to her this morning, but she made it fun. She smiling at them all and Niall smiled back. I have to get over there, “hello everyone!” I yelled as I walked over there. Lilly didn’t seem happy to see me as she rolled her. I tried to push my anger away, but she was making it hard for me, “Lilly Belle what are you doing here?” I snapped a little bit. Harry looked at me and he knew I was trying really hard not to lose it with her. Lilly rolled her eyes again, “Lilly here is friends with Harry,” Liam tells me. I could help but laugh a little, “you move fast,” I joked. Harry glared at me, “I grew up with her and I haven’t seen her for six years until today in history,” Harry tells me.

“I met her today in physics,” I tell him. So that why she here. Her and Harry and childhood sweethearts. Zayn started laughing, “Wait you went to class?” he laughed. Here comes the jokes about me going to lesson. I may have just passed last year, but this year I was really going to try. I wanted to do something with my life after school. I nodded yes to him which made him laugh more. I have such great friends, but I did this to myself, “It my last year and I got to show up to some lessons,” I tells him. Zayn stops laughing after a bit and I was glad. With Lilly rolling her eyes at me and Zayn making jokes about me. I was going to lose it soon, “Lilly do you mind me asking what category you’re in?” Perrie asked her. Here comes the truth, “I’m a category three,” she replied. I smirked as I remembered this morning about her trying to tell me she a category one, “same as me,” Perrie smiled.

“The rest of us are category one,” Liam tells her. I noticed she moved closer to Harry to feel safer, “but we never hurt you sweetie,” Liam added. She smiled at him and I didn’t like it, “better not,” Harry tells us. Why are they all smiling at Harry? Do they have some sick plans with her? I’m one to talk I just wanked over her in the boy’s bathroom, “so what your next lesson Flower?” Harry wondered. Did he just call her Flower? What a strange nickname, “English literature,” Lilly replied.

“Cool you’re with me,” Perrie says. You’re also with me in that lesson. Lilly smiled at her and my anger levels dropped. Then the bell rang to signal us to go to class, “back to the hell hole,” Niall groans. Perrie grabbed Lilly hand pulled her away from us. Harry stopped me from walking to class, “anger levels?” he questioned. I shrugged my shoulders, “you can tell me is she pissed you off,” Harry tells me. I shake my head, “I think I got it under control,” I tell him. Harry gave me a small nod, “just come to me if you feel like snapping. I don’t want to lose her again. I just got her back,” Harry begged. I nodded my head, “I haven’t snapped yet and she sat next to me in physics rolling her eyes,” I reassured him.

I walked into English to see Perrie and Lilly hugging, “now Lilly Belle, Perrie is Zayn’s,” I joked. Lilly rolled her eyes at me again which made me raise an eyebrow at her, “leave the girl alone Louis,” Perrie spat. When did Perrie start talking back at me? Is it because of Lilly Belle? I sit down in front of them as Liam joined me, “hello again ladies,” Liam flirted. They both smiled at him, “hey,” they both say. Why do the girls throw themselves at the other guys and not me? What I’m talking about girls throw themselves at me, but there normal sluts. Why was Liam flirting with them? Perrie with Zayn and I know Liam likes a girl in one of our lessons. I rolled my eyes at them, “now class welcome to English literature,” said the teacher as he walked into the class. Great we have Mr Dew for English. I hate him, because he always revs me up for no reason. I may push him sometimes, but he don’t hold back, “for those don’t know me my name is Mr Jake Dew,” he continued. I looked down at my desk, so I didn’t have to look at him, “where going to start the year off reading Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë,” he says. I sighed loudly since I really didn’t like reading, but I had to take this class to pass this year, “it a story about love andrevenge. I want notes on every chapter and essay on the whole book,” he finished. He starts handing out the books to all the class. Liam and I groan as we take one from him, “why do we have to read this fucken crap?” I questioned angrily.

“Because Mr Tomlinson it my class and I say so,” Mr Dew spat back. I knew he was looking for a fight and I wanted to give him one, “what if I don’t want to read it?” I snapped. Mr Dew smirked at me, “if you don’t read it you’ll end up in the dog house,” Mr Dew spat back. I was happy that he was fighting back. I think I needed the release, “are you trying to aggravate him so he’ll get out of your class?” Lilly asked him. Why did she have to butt in? I was hoping to get sent home for the day. Mr Dew looked straight at her, “no one asked for your opinion!” he yelled at Lilly. Did he just yell at her? She stood up, “and no one asked you to be such a dick!” Lilly yelled back. This girl can fight back which turned me on a little. Mr Dew gets in close to her face, “I told you no one asked for you opinion!” He shouted. What the fuck does he think he doing to her? There is no need to get into her face. I pulled her back, so Mr Dew was away from her. I stood in front of her, “who gave you the right to talk to her like that!” I snapped.

“Because you’re all the same. You all are nothing part from a waste of space!” Mr Dew shouted. What did the fuck did he say about her? This fight was between me and him. I wanted to punch him, “I may be a waste of space, but it doesn’t mean she is,” I tell him. He was making me angry about calling Lilly a waste of space. She too much of pure and innocent girl to be a waste of space. Lilly grabbed my arm, “don’t he not worth it. He the waste of space around here,” she tell me. Lilly was still holding my arm, “Mr Tomlinson and Miss Underwood my office!” the principal yelled. Fuck Lilly in trouble. I don’t care about myself since I’m used to it. We looked at her, “now!” she added.

We went to her office and I sat straight down. I could tell Lilly never been to principal office for fighting. She slowly sat in the chair next to me as the principal sat in her chair, “do you both know why you are here?” she asked us. I laughed, “Because we got into a fight with Mr Dew,” I tell her. She nodded and I knew she wasn’t surprised, “but I do have to say that he started it,” I tried to tell her. Principal sighed and I knew she didn’t believe me. Who would she? I’ve been in her so many time that I lost count, “What makes me think I believe you?” she asked.

“The teacher started on him and I asked why. Then he starts on me. Then Louis comes to my rescue, because I was scared that the teacher was going to hit me,” Lilly tells her. Was she trying to stick up for me? I don’t think any girl has done that for me, “Why would I believe you too?” she asked her. Did she really just ask that? Can’t you see that she a good girl? Lilly sighed, “because I’m a category three and it my first day here. This guy next to me pisses me off so much I want to punch him. So why would I lie to protect him?” she asked back. Wow I pissed her off that much that she wants to hit me. I would like to see her try tho, “let’s just say this is a warning and you two can go back to class,” she tells us. I get up and walked out of there fast. I didn’t want to be in there any longer with her.

I noticed Lilly didn’t come out yet, so I waited for her against the lockers. When she came out she ignored me as she kept walking, “now wait up Lilly Belle,” I tell her. I grabbed her wrist. She tried to pull away from me, “let go Louis,” I begged. I made sure she couldn’t get away from me. I know what I was doing was wrong to her, “what’s your rush?” I wondered. She tried again to get away and I knew I should let her go, “not like you I like to learn,” she snapped. I thought it was funny that she was trying to fight me, “what makes you think I don’t like learning?” I questioned. She looked straight at me and I knew I was pushing her, “by the way you do nothing and complain,” she tells me. I loosen my grip around her wrist, “you know nothing about me,” I spat.

“Your right I don’t, but you know nothing about me too,” she spat back. I pulled her to me, “Harry knows a lot about you,” I point out. Why did I bring up Harry? Now she going to think about him. She try to push me away with all her strength she had. I wanted to know her, so I made sure she couldn’t get away just yet, “Harry only knows what I was like. He don’t know the real me and what I go through every day,” she admitted. I noticed she relaxed in my arms as she looked down and sighed, “I just wish people would not take notice of me. I wish I was invisible,” she added. Why does she want to be invisible? I would notice, “I think Perrie notice you missing,” I tell her. She looked at me with her beautiful green eyes. I noticed they were hurt and confused, “there is a curse when you become friends with us,” I tell her.

“And what that?” Lilly questioned. I smiled at her, “everyone stays away from you and where not the worst in the school. It like everyone becomes afraid of you, because of us,” I explained.

She smiled back at me and I think I made progress with her, “at least I got Perrie in this gang,” she says. Did you really just say gang? We’re far from a gang sweetheart. I laughed, “I’m glad she got you, because when she first came here she was getting bullied by everyone. Then just one day Zayn snapped and it all stoped for her. She joined our group and everyone left her alone. Her and Zayn only came a couple this summer,” I tell her. I noticed her face changed, “why are you telling me this?” she wondered. I looked up to avoid eye contact with her, “because Perrie is like a sister to me. Like Harry I hate bulling and I know his brother Marcel was getting bullied. I also worked out Harry used to protect you too,” I admitted. I looked at her, “do you really hate me?” I wondered. I just had to know what she thought of me, “I never said hate,” she reminds me. I let her go, so she could step away from me. She started walking, “I said pisses me off,” she smiled. I caught up to her, “oh one more thing Lilly Belle don’t ever try to stick up for me,” I tell her. She laughed and I knew that there might be hope for me yet with her, “I mean it,” I added.

When we got back to class Mr Dew looks at us, “get over your tantrum?” he smirked. Lilly laughed at him, “I don’t know if I have,” she smirked back. At least we had something in common when it came to Mr Dew. He rolled his eyes at her and I wanted to hit him, “you know it rude to roll your eyes,” Lilly tells him as she leant on his desk. I wouldn’t lie that she was turning me on more than porn right now. I could tell that she was mad at Mr Dew, “I think you should sit down before you end up back at the principal’s office again,” he warns her. I quickly put my hand on Lilly shoulder to stop her from doing something stupid, “I wouldn’t waste my time on this waste of space,” I tell her. She looked disappointed that I stopped her. We walk back to our seats, “so what happened?” Liam asked. Why do I feel like Liam has asked that question a million times? Probably, because I go there a lot, “Just a waring,” I replied. Liam seemed surprised, “is that because of Lilly?” he asked.

“I think so,” I say. I noticed Mr Dew glaring at Lilly and I and I wanted to punch his light out, “don’t,” Lilly tells me. I listen to her as I relaxed and ignored Mr Dew. Liam gave me a funny look and I shrugged my shoulders. Then I realized that I was listing to a girl I just met. I told myself I was doing it for Harry since this was the girl he been looking for. I started to think why Harry would hang around her. I knew Harry was different before I met him. I also knew what happened to Marcel. But there something about Lilly that reminds me of Harry and Marcel. She like she a mixture of the both of them.

When the bell rang I packed up my stuff and Mr Dew watched me as he smirked. I really wanted to hit that look off his face. As we were walking Lilly stood between me and Mr Dew as we left the class room. This girl needs to stop coming between me and what I want to do. I watched her as she walked with Perrie, “Lou?” Liam questioned. I looked at him, “you alright?” he wondered. I nodded my head, “you sure? You haven’t stop looking at Lilly. You know she off limits? Because of Harry,” Liam asked. I nodded my head, “but since I know that won’t stop you. Just be careful, because if you hurt her Harry will kill you. There something about them two I can’t put my finger on it, but maybe that happens when you grow up with someone,” Liam tells me. I know Harry grew up with her. That could explain why there so alike, “but I do have a question,” Liam started. I nodded for him to continue, “why are you listing to her? You never let anyone tell you what to do and you also didn’t lose it when she rolls her eyes,” Liam wondered.

“I really don’t know man. I think it because she Harry friend and I want him to be happy,” I replied. Liam nodded, “you and Harry haven’t been the same since summer holidays especially since you went away for a bit. What happened between you guys?” Liam asked. I shake my head, “nothing,” I lied. I didn’t want anyone to know about me trying to kill myself, “he just gave me a talk about pulling my finger out this year,” I added. Liam nodded as we got to the school canteen. Everyone was waiting for us, “how was English?” Niall asked us.

“Great,” Lilly said sarcastically. I smiled, “Why what happened?” Harry questioned. Lilly looked at me, “Louis and Lilly got into a fight with Mr Dew and had to go to the Principal’s office,” Liam tells them. Harry looked concerned at Lilly, “what did Louis do?” Harry asked. I knew he would blame me, “Lilly here stuck up for Louis and Mr Dew called her and waste of space. But before Louis could do anything the principal came in,” Perrie explained. Harry puts his arm around Lilly’s shoulders, “Flower is not a waste of space,” Harry says. He was so right about that, “can we get lunch now?” Niall asked. We all nodded, “I’m not hungry,” Lilly tells us. I had this funny feeling that she was hungry, but didn’t have anything on her.

When she went outside we walked to get our lunch. I jumped in front of people since I didn’t want Lilly to be alone. I was worried that someone might pick on her or try to take her away. I grabbed a burger and some chips. I also grabbed an apple for Lilly. When I paid for it a fight broke out behind me. I knew it be awhile before the others could get there food.

When I walked out I noticed Lilly standing there with her eyes closed, “Lilly Belle?” I wondered. She opened her eyes as she looked at me, “everything alright?” I questioned. She nodded her head, but I could tell from the smiled she wasn’t. I wondered what was bothering her, “follow me,” I tell her.

When we walking to our table I noticed that she was looking around at everyone. We sat down at the table away from each other, “where are the others?” she wondered. I smiled, “stuck in line, because fight broke out,” I replied. The look on her face made me realized that she has lived a shelter life, “it happens at least twice a week,” I added. I started eating as she looked down. I was started to get worried that this school might be too much for her, “are you sure everything alright?” I asked. Lilly didn’t look at me, “Everything fine,” she lied. That lie came out of her mouth too quick for my liking. It like she says it all the time, “I’ll be right back,” she tells me as she stood up.

“It the staring isn’t it?” I wondered. Lilly sighed and I knew I was right, “it nothing,” She lied again. She started walking away from me, “Lilly just sit your pretty arse back down,” I tell her. Crap don’t say anything about me calling your arse pretty. She looked at me, “why should I start listing to you all of sudden?” she asked me. Why does she always have to fight me on everything? I raised an eyebrow, “you know you shouldn’t care what people think of you,” I tell her. She sat back down, “and you don’t have to listen to me, but what I tell you is for your own good,” I added. She looked at me and was about to say something, “sorry we took so long,” Perrie interrupted as she sits down next to Lilly. I wanted to know what Lilly was going to say to me. Lilly slowly looked away from me as she looked at Perrie, “it ok,” she says. Liam sat down next to me as Niall sat on the other side of me. Zayn sat down between Niall and Perrie while Harry sat down between Liam and Lilly. They started eating and I remembered that I got Lilly an apple, “would you eat something you’re making me feel bad,” I tell her. I threw her the apple and she catches it, “but I said I was not hungry,” she tell me.

“I don’t care,” I says. Lilly smiled at me and I knew she was happy that I gave her the apple. I knew it be hard for her to tell people that she needs help. She started to eat the apple as I started to eat my burger, “so Lilly what your last lesson?” Liam asked her. She got her timetable out, “I have no classes for the rest of the day,” she replied.

“But you’re still coming to my house right?” Perrie questioned. Why was Lilly going to Perrie’s? Was she coming to my party tonight? Lilly nodded yes, “I’ll just go home and get some stuff. Then I’ll meet you at the front gate,” Lilly tells her. Perrie smiled, “what do you have?” Lilly asked her. I could tell Lilly was trying really hard to make friends with Perrie. I smiled at them two, “Drama. I have it with Zayn,” she replied. Lilly smiled at Perrie, “what other lessons you got Lilly?” Niall asked. Lilly looked at her time table “I have physics with Louis. History with Harry. English with Perrie, Liam and Louis. I also have art and P.E,” she replied.

“You have art with me,” Zayn smiled. Don’t smile at her Zayn. You have your girlfriend right next to you, “and we all have P.E,” Liam tells her. Lilly looked at me quickly before everyone asked her questions. I just watched her as she talked with everyone.

When the bell rang I ran off before anyone could stop me. I waited outside the school gates for Lilly. I don’t know what I was doing, but I had to talk to her without anyone around. She walked out and noticed me, “there you are Lilly Belle,” I smiled. I could tell I was annoying her, “What do you want Louis?” she asked me. Lilly started walking home, “I thought I’ll come with you,” I tell her.

“I’m a big girl and I can walk home by myself,” she tells me as she rolled her eyes. I snapped and I couldn’t stop myself. I pin her against a tree, “what the fuck Louis?” she shouted. I moved her arms above her head, “what did I say about you rolling your eyes at me?” I questioned. She struggled under my grip, “Louis you’re hurting me,” she cried. I saw her tears fall and I realized what I have done. I let go of her before she pushed me away, “Lilly I’m so sorry,” I apologized. I moved in closer to her, “just leave me alone,” she tells me. She sat down on the ground hugging her knees, “I’m not going anywhere,” I promised her. I sat down in front of her as I place my legs on each side of her, “I said go way,” she snapped. I had a feeling I was not the first person to do this to her, “Lilly what I did to you has it happen to you before?” I wondered. When her red eyes looked at me my heart broke, “yes,” she whispered. I felt my anger come back and I knew I needed to get rid of it. I hid my face into my hands and I let out a groan, “fuck,” I say. I tried to calm down before I looked at her. When I looked at her she was hiding her face into her knees, “what happened?” I questioned. She shakes her head no, “have you told anyone?” I wondered. When Lilly looked up at me her cheeks were covered in tears. I wanted to hug her right now, but she probably push me away, “a teacher stoped it and told my mother,” I replied.

“What happened to him?” I asked as I grabbed her hands. She shrug her shoulders, “he got kicked out of school,” she replied. Why do I think it was more than someone hitting her, “how far did he get?” I questioned. I ran my thumbs over the back of her hands. When she looked away from me I knew it was bad, “he got as far as touching me,” she admitted. I couldn’t help myself I had to have her in my arms, so I pulled her close to me. I’m such a jerk for doing what I did to her. I need to control myself, “I’m sorry for what I did. It just I don’t know how to act around a girl that doesn’t listen to me,” I joked. She laugh a little, “you’re kidding right?” she smiled a little. I just had to make her happy again, “nope. Perrie is just like one of the boys,” I smiled. She stands up, “come on,” she says. She held her hand out to me. I couldn’t believe that she still wanted to be around me after what I did to her. Maybe she likes getting hurt. I get up without her help, “don’t need help,” I say. But truth be told I would love to hold her hand. I wiped away her tears on her face, “that better,” I smiled. I didn’t know what this girl was doing to me, but for some reason I liked it.

We started to walk and I all I could think of was what she went through. It was time in her life when she didn’t have Harry to rely on and think no one else. I kept thinking about that she was all alone after what happened to her. Then I promised myself that I would make sure that she wouldn’t be alone again. I don’t want her to turn out like me with hating everything. I didn’t want her to lose that sparkle in her eyes.

I come out of my thoughts when Lilly stopped, “Louis can you not tell Harry or the others what I told you?” she asked me. Why don’t she want to tell Harry? He will never judge her, because of what happened, “You know you got to tell Harry, but I won’t say anything,” I promised. She looked relieved before she went through her bag. Lilly pulled a smoke out and I was shocked, “so Lilly Belle not that innocent,” I smirked. She went back in her bag to probably find her lighter. I pulled my smokes out and put one between my lips before I lit it, “here,” I tell her. I handed her my lighter and she lights up her own. She gave me my lighter back as she sat down on a brick wall, “it just a bad habit I got,” she says. I sat down next to her, “Why did you start?” I wondered. She looked down, “for stress,” she lied. I couldn’t help but laugh at her answer, “smoking probably the worst thing for stress,” I point out. She looked at me and I knew I shouldn’t laugh. I bet her reason is the same as Perrie’s, “I bet the real reason was to lose weight,” I added. Lilly gave me half a smile, “I'm right aren’t I?” I asked. She nodded yes as she looked at the floor again. I wonder why she need to lose weight, “I’m trying to quit now,” she tell me. Lilly was to pretty to die young, “Like we all are,” I smiled.

We didn’t say anything as smoked the rest of our smoke. I looked at the time and I realized that it took us thirty minutes to get here, “better hurry up before where late back,” I tells her. I get up, “why did you start smoking?” she asked me unexpectedly. I looked at her as she stood up, “was at a party picked one up and never put them down,” I tell her. We started walking again, “that not a good reason,” she tell him. I started laughing, “Neither is yours,” I tell her.

We get to her house and she let me straight in. I could tell she was embarrassed about her house, but Niall’s and Perrie’s are the same. Lilly walked away from me as I was looking around. I noticed there was no family photos anywhere. Not even one of Lilly when she was younger. It made me wonder what life was like at home with her mum and dad.

I found Lilly in her room going through her wardrobe. I leant against her door frame as I looked around her room. I noticed her room seemed bright and happy. I smiled when I found a football in the corner. When I looked back at her she still looking in her wardrobe. I think she was wondering what to wear tonight, “you should wear a dress tonight,” I tell her. She looked at me, “who said I was going to night?” she questioned. Was she trying to rev me up for fun? I didn’t care I kinda found it hot, “well you’re going to Perrie’s and I know Perrie coming,” I point out. She smiled as she shakes her head, “she making me go, because I never been to one,” she confessed. I was kinda shocked, but at the same time not really. I know she a good girl, “and you’re coming to my party,” I say. She nodded her head, “you should still wear a dress,” I tell her. I like playing with her, but I wish it was more than words. I heard her sigh, “I don’t own any dresses,” she tells me. I sat on her bed, “then borrow one off of Perrie,” I smiled.

“What if I don’t want to?” she challenge as she grabbed clothes out. She put them on her desk and I thought about what I could do to her on that desk, “then you can’t come and Perrie be upset,” I smirked. Lilly stood in front of me as she crossed her arms. I wanted to pull her down to her bed and do really naughty stuff to her. I could since no one home, “you wouldn’t do that to her,” she tells me. I couldn’t do it to you. I want to see you drunk, “I could message her and ask. I think she be happy to give you a makeover,” I tells her. She rolled her eyes and me, but I kept my cool. I grabbed her hips, “I think for rolling your eyes all day at me I’m going to make you wear a dress,” I tell her. I hope she couldn’t tell I was enjoying myself as I was touching her. I moved my arm around her legs, so I could grab my phone. I called Perrie, “what do you want Lou?” she asked.

“Hello my sweet Perrie. Lilly was wondering if she could borrow a dress for tonight” I tell her. Perrie squealed, “yes. I have the perfect dress for her. Tell her that I have everything that she needs,” Perrie tells me. I could tell Perrie was happy to have friend that was a girl, “I’ll tell her and another thing make sure she wears it,” I say. I could hear her drama teacher in the background, “I will. I have to go. See you later,” she tells me.

“Ok bye,” I tell Perrie. I put my phone back in my pocket, “she said she has the perfect dress,” I smiled. Lilly bit her bottom lip and I felt my pants get tight. Please don’t look down in case I’m showing. She looked into my eyes, “why do you want me to wear a dress?” she wondered. Because when you’re drunk you forget that you’re wearing a dress, “Do I need a reason?” I asked back. She nodded her head, but her eyes never left mine, “I just want people to see we have another beautiful girl in our group,” I complemented. I saw blush as she turned her head and it felt like that was the first time someone has told her that, “I’m guessing you don’t hear that a lot,” I say.

“I don’t hear it at all,” she tells me. You got to be fucken kidding me. Why would know one tell this beautiful girl in front of me that she beautiful? I saw it when she walked in to class this morning. I pulled he face gently to look at me, “why?” I wondered.

“I just never have,” she replied. I need to tell her that I think she beautiful, but as I opened my mouth, “Lilly are you home?” I heard a women shout. I gathered it was Lilly mum as Lilly put her hand over my mouth, “yes!” Lilly yell back. I couldn’t help but lick her hand as I thought about licking somewhere else, “can you come here?” she asked Lilly. I knew Lilly didn’t want her mum to know I was there, “I’ll be there in a minute,” she tells her. She moved her hand away from my mouth, “you know you didn’t have to cover my mouth,” I tell her. I grabbed her hand before she could wipe it, “I dare you to lick it,” I dared her. She looked at it, “no,” she tells me. I knew I had the upper hand here, “I’ll start yelling,” I smirked. When she looked at me I saw fear in her eyes, “please don’t,” she begged me. I thought she wanted to keep her good girl rep with her mum, “then lick it,” I tell her. She looked at her hand, “you’re a fucken arsehole,” she mumbled. Lilly licked her hand and it was quite hot. I let her go so she could go see her mum.

I sat on her bed waiting for her, “there is my so called daughter,” I heard her mum spat. I got off her bed to see if I heard right, “what do you want?” I heard Lilly ask her. Lilly sounded like she didn’t want to talk to her, “did you take some money out of my purse?” her mother asked. I was confused about what going on, “don’t lie to me bitch,” her mother snapped. I heard someone slam their hands on a table, “I’m not,” Lilly tells her. I could tell Lilly was getting upset, “go back to your room and stay there,” her mother tells her. I quickly sat back on the bed before Lilly came back.

When she came back into her room she shut the door behind her. She looked at me before she started to get more clothes out, “are you alright Lilly?” I wondered. She don’t look at me, “I’m fine,” she lied. Why does she keep lying to me when she knows that I know the truth? I walked over to her, “Lilly I heard,” I tell her. I wrapped my arms around her from behind, “I’m really fine Louis,” she lied again.

“I don’t care what lie’s you’re telling me. I’m not letting go,” I tells her. I hope she understood that I’ll be here for her. I know now that I can’t get away from her, “Lilly!” I heard her mother shout. I heard her footsteps coming our way as Lilly looked at me, “get under the fucken bed now,” Lilly demanded. I didn’t want to let go, but I didn’t want her to get into more trouble. I get under the bed as Lilly’s bedroom door opens, “how many fucken times do I have to tell you not to leave your bag in the lounge room?” her mother snapped. Fuck it’s my bag, “I’m sorry,” Lilly apologized. Her mother throws it at her and Lilly catches it. I’m so sorry Lilly, “and I’m going out tonight,” Lilly’s mother tells her. Lilly’s mother leaves as she slammed Lilly’s bedroom door, “why were you even born!” she yells. What the fuck is wrong with this women? She needs to be put in place. I get out from under Lilly’s bed and saw her hugging my bag on the edge of her bed. I didn’t like to see her like this, “Lilly?” I whispered. I pull her up as I threw my bag on the floor. Lilly wrapped her arms around me which surprised me, “sorry you had to hear that,” she apologized. Why was she apologizing to me about how her mother treats her? I wondered what her was dad like, “it alright,” I reassured her as I rubbed her back. Lilly hid her face into my chest and I hugged her tighter.

She stayed in my arms for a while, “I can’t leave until she does,” she tells me. I wish she smile again, “I’ll message Perrie telling her that I’ll drop you off at her place later,” I tell her. She leaves me as I messaged Perrie:


Pez Lilly won’t be meeting you after school. Something came up for her. So I’ll drop her off when she done

Perrie messaged me straight back:

That something that came up better not be in your pants. You better bring her back in one piece or I will hurt you xo

I smiled as I put my phone back in my pocket. I grabbed Lilly’s clothes and started putting them in her school bag. When I was putting her underwear in I was turned on by them. There was a black set that I would love to see her in. For a virgin she had hot underwear which surprised me. I put the rest of clothes in her bag as I heard the door close, “thanks,” she mumbled. I looked at her and she was leaning on the door. I could tell what happened was still going through her mind. I grabbed the stuff in her hands and put them away as she stayed against the door. I didn’t like to see her like this and she hasn’t even looked at me. I walked back over to her before I put my hands on her shoulders, “come,” I tell her. I ran my fingers down her arms to her hands. I grabbed them and pulled her over to her bed. I sat down still holding her hands, “Lilly it alright,” I reassured her. I was trying to work out how to make her happy again, but she wouldn’t look at me, “Lilly would you look at me,” I begged. She shakes her head no, “I’m not judging you,” I tell her. I get up and she still didn’t look at me. I pulled her face to look at me, but she closed her eyes. I was getting upset that she was doing this, “please look at me,” I begged again.

“I don’t want to,” she tells me. I fucken hated how she was feeling. I knew it was her biggest secret and I know about it. It felt like she kept it hidden for so long. I picked her up and put her on her bed. I take her shoes off before I took mine off. I noticed she moved to the other side of the bed. I get in behind her, “I got you,” I promised. I pulled her to me, so she could feel that I was still here. I just wanted us to get out of here. I just wanted to see her smiling and laughing with everyone, “where your dad?” I wondered. I hoped he was nicer than her mother, “dead,” she tells me. It just her and her dreadful mother, “he died about four months ago,” she added.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered. This was the reason why she started at Eden, “it was a bit better when he was around. My mother only did it when he wasn’t home,” she tells me. I pushed her into me, “you miss him?” I asked. When she nodded her I head I knew she was crying, “so much,” she cried. I turned her around, so she would look at me. Her face was covered in tears, “it going to be alright,” I reassured her. I wiped her tears away, “how do you know that?” she questioned. I moved my thumb back and forth on her cheek. I wanted to kiss her, so she stop feeling like this. I didn’t even care if she got mad at me, “because I know you’re strong and I know this will hopefully end soon,” I tell her. She closed her eyes and I had the perfect opportunity to kiss her, but we heard the bathroom door slam. Lilly opened her eyes, “we be out of here soon,” she says. I saw hope in her eyes again as I nodded my head, “for someone who smokes dope she not a happy person,” I smiled. Lilly got embarrassed from what I just said about her mother that she hid her face in her hands. She was cute when she got embarrassed, “how do you know about that?” she mumbled into her hands. I moved her hands away to see her cute face, “I can smell it on her,” I smiled. I could see that she was still embarrassed, “Lilly I know you’re not happy about your mother, but you don’t have to be embarrassed about it. She the one making a fool of herself,” I tells her. She sighed, “But…” she started before I put my finger over her lips.

“No buts,” I tell her. I kept my finger there, “you’re never going to be her. You know how I know?” I asked. Lilly shakes her head as my finger rubbed against her lips. Her lips felt soft under my finger and I started to wonder what they feel like against mine, “because your care about other people. I saw it more than once today. You may say that you wished to be invisible, but I know that you really wished that people would just accept you just the way you are,” I tell her. Her eyes went wide and I started laughing since she was surprised, “I also think you’re going to fit in with our group,” I added. I already know you do, “gang you mean,” she says against my finger. I shake my head, “gangs create trouble and we don’t. We protect the people that are close to us,” I point out. Lilly raised her eyebrow at me which mean she didn’t believe me. I moved my finger from her lips, “then what happened in class today?” she asked me.

“Just saying my opinion. I thought everyone was entitled to it,” I smiled. She smiled back at me and I wished it stayed, but we heard footsteps coming are way. I quickly get back under her bed just in time to see her mother come in with a towel. I could tell Lilly looked like her dad which I was glad for, “Lilly where is your makeup?” her mother yelled. Lilly got off her bed and went to her bag, “hurry up!” Lilly’s mother shouted. She was making it hard for me to stay under here, but if I come out I could get Lilly and I in trouble. If she calls the police I could be locked up, but it be worth it. Lilly kicks my shoes in my face and they just missed. I moved them from my face, “why was your makeup in your bag?” her mother spat. This women needs to stop or I might not control myself. I place my fingers on the back of Lilly leg, “I put it in there,” Lilly snapped. I was proud of her for standing up for herself, “so a boy could touch you again?” her mother questioned. What the fuck did she say? I grabbed Lilly ankle, “no,” she whispered.

“Sure slut,” her mother laughed. She threw something at Lilly before she left slamming the door. I moved to get out from under her bed, but the door opens again, “I’ll be bring someone back tonight, so don’t come out of your room,” her mother tells her. I waited to be sure she wasn’t coming back, so I waited for another door to slam. When I got out from under the bed Lilly was standing at her desk. She was looking at her bag as I came closer to her, “don’t,” she tells me. I stopped as she looked at me, “just don’t,” she tells me again. I played with my lip ring with my tongue as I tried to think what to say to her. She doesn’t need this crap in her life. What happened to her wasn’t her fault. She deserves better in her life and I want to give it to her. I walked to her as she put her hands up to tell me no. I still hugged her and she tried to push me away. I just hugged her tighter, “don’t push me away,” I cooed. She started to cry into my chest, “I’m here,” I whispered. I started to rub her back trying to calm her down, “why would she do that?” she cried. I placed my chin on the top of her head as she kept crying, “I thought she loved my dad,” she added.

“Love is a fucked up thing,” I tell her as I moved my hands to her waist. When she looked at me our faces was so close together that I could kiss her, “that it is,” she says. She quickly looked down before I could. She started play with her fingers against me, “I always thought my dad loved Harry’s mum Anne,” she randomly says. I lifted her face up so she looked at me, “why do you think that?” I wondered. I left my hand on her face as she looked down with her eyes. She bit her bottom lip which was making me crazy for her. She looked at me again, “because growing up we always be around there and my dad was always laughing with Anne. Even when Harry’s dad was around he was always focused on her. When Harry’s dad left we had more sleepovers there and dad stayed too. When dad told me we were moving I was hoping it was with them, because I was always happy there,” she confessed. I could tell that Harry and his family mean a lot to her, “was your mother that bad back then?” I questioned. She nodded her head, “I used to believe Anne loved me as much as Harry and Marcel. She used to have tea parties with me while the boys where doing something. I know it sounds stupid,” she tells me. I ran my thumb along her jaw as I smiled at her, “I don’t think it is. She gave you what every little girl wanted. She gave you love,” I reassured her. I could tell that’s what she wanted to hear and I could tell it was the truth. I remember there’s a random photo in Harry house on the bookshelf. It sits next to a stuff elephant and Harry will never tell me whose it is. In the picture was Harry, Marcel and a girl. I realized the girl was Lilly. They looked about eight in the photo as they were covered in mud. I always caught one of them looking at it, but I remembered one day I caught Anne crying over it. I always wondered why she was crying over the girl in the photo, but I never asked, “You should go and see her soon. I know Harry would love to take you,” I tell her.

“You think she wants to see me?” she wondered. I smiled bigger, “what you told me I think she would love to. I also think she give you a hug and never let you go,” I tell her. She smiled and I knew it was because of Anne, “when dad and I used to leave she would hug me tight and never wanted to let go. Truth be told I never wanted her to let go,” she admitted. She put her head under my chin as she let out a cute sigh. I could tell she was thinking about the good time she had with Harry’s family, “Lilly!” her mother shouted. Lilly sighed again, but I could tell she was getting fed up with her mother. Truth be told, so was I. She seemed to interrupt us when I make her smile, “does that bitch ever leave you alone?” I snapped. Lilly shakes her head as she moved away from me. I had enough of me not doing anything for her. I started walking to her bedroom door, but Lilly stopped me, “Louis what are you doing?” she questioned.

“Going to shut her up,” I tell her. I didn’t want to hurt Lilly as I tried to get passed her, but I really wanted to tell her mother how I felt, “Louis please no,” she begged. I could tell that she was worried about what I would do, “I can’t,” I tell her. I picked her up to move her to her bed, but she gripped me tight so I couldn’t get her off of me, “Lilly get your fucken arse here!” her mother yelled. That women was going to get it when I get out there, “let me go Lilly,” I snapped at her. Lilly shakes her head, “please Louis let me go and see her,” she pleaded. I knew she wasn’t going to let me anywhere near her mother. I sighed, “you told me that I’m strong so let me prove it,” she reminds me. I gave in as I nodded my head. Lilly lets go of me, “thank you,” she tells me. She kissed my cheek and I saw her eyes widen before she ran off. Was I the first guy she ever kissed? It was just on the cheek, but I still I think I should give her one back.

I slowly made my way out of her room to see what was going on. I found them, “did you meet anyone at school today?” I heard her mother ask. Why was her mother being nice to her now? I felt like she knew something, “Yes Harry, Anne’s son,” Lilly tells her. I wonder if her mother knew that, “don’t talk about that bitch,” she spat at Lilly. She left and slammed the front door, “I think she likes slamming doors,” I chuckle. Lilly looked at me and smiled, “I think she does,” I says. I could tell that she didn’t want to be sad anymore, “we should get going,” I tell her. She nodded her before we back into her room.

Lilly sat on her bed as she put her shoes on, “can I ask you something stupid?” she asked me. I sat down next to her, “of course you can,” I tell her. I started to put my shoes on, “what happens at parties?” she wondered. Did she really just ask me that? I couldn’t help but laugh a little bit, “lots like drinking, dancing, games and most people hook up,” I tell her. I was taking her party virginity tonight, but I was hoping I was taking her actual virginity. I looked at her and she was smiling, “I’m glad I’m taking your party virginity,” I smiled. I kissed her cheek, “what was that for?” she wondered. She quickly got off her bed as her cheeks turn red. Is she purer than I think, “just returning the kiss you gave me,” I tell her. I stand up and picked up my bag, “I’m proud of you for being strong,” I tell her. She smiled at me and I really wished we could stay here a bit longer, “thank you for telling me that I am,” she says. Lilly put her bag on, “I knew that you are since your go against me and stand up for me. Which I didn’t need,” I smiled.

“How does that make me strong?” she questioned. I laughed as I put my bag on. This girl don’t know what I have done, “because you don’t know what I’m capable of,” I smirked. I didn’t let her replied as I grabbed her hand and pulled her to her front door. I really need to go before I pin her down on her bed, “we need to go remember,” I reminded her. When I walked out I could tell Lilly rolled her eyes at me. It didn’t make me angry anymore I found it cute with her, “careful Lilly Belle,” I joked. She locked up the house before we started walking.

When we were walking I kept thinking why was she keeping me around? I pin her against a tree and made her cry, but I’m still here. I know if she knew what I was thinking about her she would kill me. Lilly stops where we stopped on the way to her house. She got her smokes out, “can’t you smoke and walk?” I questioned. She smiled at me as she lit her smoke up, “nope,” she tells me. Was she trying to make me fuck her? I rolled my eyes at her, “why do you want to get rid of me so quick?” she wondered. Because I want to do naughty things to your virgin body. I get my smokes out since she wasn’t going to move anytime soon, “I have a party to prepare for,” I say. I lit my smoke up and take a big drag out of it. I need to get my off of her, but she was still in front of me, “and so do you,” I added as I blew out smoke. I sat down next to her as she shook her head, “maybe that why I’m in no rush,” she tells me. Was she worried about tonight? Truth be told, so was I since I know jerks were going to throw themselves at her, “and I think I deserve one,” she added.

“I think we both do,” I tell her. I watched Lilly put her smoke between her lips, “you know you’re the first girl to stop me from doing something. You did it to me four times today and that’s a hard thing to do,” I tell her. She didn’t say anything after that. I kept looking at her as she was looking the other way. I really wanted to know what was going through her head when her mother talks to her like that. I had a strange feeling that she got upset today, because I was there. I’m not saying she put it on, but I think she felt humiliated. I think she was worried that I would tell everyone about it.

When I saw her put out her smoke I grabbed her hand, “time to go,” I tell her. I pulled her up and started walked. I held her hand and she didn’t even try to pull away. I looked down at our hands as she put her other hand over the top of our hands, “Lilly is everything alright?” I wondered. She shrugged her shoulders, “I want to ask you to keep my mother a secret,” she tells me.

“Lilly you need to tell someone,” I say. Lilly sighed, “I’m alright. I put up with it most of my life,” she tells me. I was not happy that she wanted me to keep my mouth shut on this, but I went with it anyway. At least I know about her mother, so I could be there for her when she needs me.

Lilly let my hand go as soon as we got back to school. I wouldn’t lie, but I was enjoying holding her hand. I walked over to my motorbike, “get on,” I tell her. Lilly shakes her head, “I’ll be careful and you can wear my helmet,” I tell her. She shakes her head again, “no way,” she tells me. I wasn’t going to take no for an answer. I picked her up and throw her over me shoulder. She started to hit my back, “Louis put me down,” she demanded. I put her down on my bike, “stay still,” I ordered. I moved one of her legs to the other side of my bike. Lilly tried to get off, but I stopped her. I put my hands on her thighs and I really wanted to fuck her. I wanted that fantasy I had in the boy’s bathroom come to life, “Lilly,” I warned. Lilly stopped as she stuck her tongue at me. I started laughing to hide the fact I was thinking dirty, “It be over before you know it,” I smiled. I put my helmet on her head and realized that she is the first girl on had on my bike. I moved my bag to the front of me, so it wasn’t in Lilly’s face. Also so I could feel her against me. I get out my sunglass and put them on before I sat down in front of her. I grabbed her hands and put them around me under my bag. She felt warm against me, “hold on,” I tell her. I felt her move her hands against me, “now for being a pain in my arse I might go fast,” I joked.

“Louis don’t you dare,” she tells me. I laughed a little bit, “I might have to now since you dared me to,” I teased. I started to ride off and she gripped me tight. I laughed at her since I was doing the speed limit.


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