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2008- President Obama took office
2011- Osama bin Laden found and killed
2014- People attempt to and succeed in jumping White House fence
2014- Ebola Outbreak (approx. 3,000 deaths worldwide)
2015 March- Jason Algrous successfully breaks into Oval Office
2015 June- Ebola Outbreak (approx 200,000 deaths worldwide)
2015 October- President Obama is assassinated; Joe Biden takes oath
2016- Joe Biden is re-elected as President
2018- Ebola Outbreak continues (approx. 2.8 million deaths worldwide) World's first 400 safety stations set up
2019- 150 more safety stations set up after 48 were compromised
2020- Joe Biden is re-elected for technical third term
2022- Ebola Outbreak (approx. 1.2 billion deaths worldwide)
2023- White House attacked by unknown terrorist group
2024- U.S. Democracy falls apart after leader of terrorist group now known as the Tachribin takes over as dictator
2030- CDC announces brain parasite is being spread; worse than ebola; people are basically becoming undead zombies
2035- Ebola Outbreak numbers are deacreasing number of deaths worldwide is apprx. 1.3 billion and people are repopulating
2036- New brain parasite known MT3-16 outbreak is increasing; no known antidote
2040- Ebola Outbreak is under control- antidote was discovered
2050- MT3-16 Outbreak has spread like wildfire people are trying to hide in underground shelters
2060- Leader of Tachribin dies; second in command takes over
2075- MT3-16 Outbreak 2.1 million deaths 1.7 billion infected
2080- Resistance to Tachribin is created fights back
2087- Tachribin moves worldwide taking over everything
3000- Resistance moves worldwide
3014- MT3-16 Outbreak 9.6 million death 2.1 billion infected
3015- Present Day

This has been the world for the past few years. The Presidency fell apart and our country was taken over by a terrorist group called the Tachribin. Ebola was cured just in time for a new parasite called MT3-16 to take over- it cause people to move slowly, surviving on human flesh, they were basically zombies but that hadn't died yet, the parasite was killing them. The world's population was reduced by half, only about 4.3 billion people in the world now. Half support te Tachribin and half the Resistance. The Resistance has been living underground since 2063 and there is now a vast expanse spreading under oceans. Scientists have predicted that if this keeps up by the year 4000 the human race will be extinct, humans are dying and people aren't reproducing. People are simply focusing on trying to stay alive.

I know that the names seem a little odd, but that's the point, also these are all real names, real people have these names. I also know that Niall kept his name and Liam didn't that was just because A) It's a story about Niall and I didn't want to get super complicated with different names for all of them and B) I felt as though Liam was too 21st century whereas Niall was a little more different.


Blayde Rensen

Blayde Rensen

19 years old; Determined to do field work; R-41

Matix Payne

Matix Payne

23; Niall's best friend; Determined to be in government

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

22 years old; Determined to do field work; H-23

Tallon Rensen

Tallon Rensen

17; Blayde's younger brother; Determined to work as a builder

Tymber Elowen

Tymber Elowen

20; Blayde's best friend; Determined to be in medicine



Thank you so much!

forever_young1D forever_young1D

I love this story so far

DancerKim DancerKim