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Tainted rose. ((Niall Horan))

Spitting image of your mother.

Harry POV

2 years later

I was hanging around Niall’s flat a lot since Rose passed, he needed it. Rosalie had grown so much these past years and pretty much looked like a spitting image of her mum, except for her blue piercing eyes she had gotten from her dad.

We all had to deal with this somehow, and we all had to live with this guilt. I wasn’t talking with Emily anymore, unless if it was because we bumped into each other at Niall’s place.

Emily would come often too, she felt like for Rose’s sake she had to look out for Rosalie and Niall even though she barely could look out for herself.

We would mutter a hi, and share a friendly smile but that’s all that were left of us.
We all couldn’t really cope with it, Perrie and Liam was still having a hard time but they worked to forget.

The rest a quietly moved on with their lives, and I know I should too. Because let’s be honest I never was really close to that girl, she was Niall’s girlfriend and that was all but I couldn’t help but feel so guilty because if haven’t dragged Niall into my life style back then, dragged him in the arms of luring groupies and trashy parties then maybe Rose would have been here.

She would hold Rosalie, while Niall would makes faces at her. That would have been their life, a happy family.

If only I would have let Niall have his family and not try to hold on to him, or at least have denied him access to groupies or parties then maybe Rosalie would have a mum to support her.

Heck I really cared for Rosalie and I know no one blamed me. They all were busy blaming themselves but in the end I felt like it was my fault.

I look at the innocent girl that was playing with her toys in front of me and sigh.

‘’I’m sorry princess’’ I mutter under my breath catching the toddlers attention, she doesn’t say anything she just shows me one of her toys. I chuckle a little,’’ I really hope you will forgive me one day.’’
I take the toy she had handed me and she quietly turns her attention back to some other today as Niall stroll in.

‘’Yo.’’ He smiles softly crashing down beside me.

Niall did go on tour the first year with Rosalie it was his way of coping but now he was on a break. He needed to focus on his daughter completely and the fans had been surprisingly understanding about the whole thing. We really had some of the most supportive fans.

‘’Don’t you think it’s time to move?’’ I look at my friend that just shrugs biting down on his chocolate bar.
‘’I can’t, I just can’t make myself to it. Besides it’s big enough for two persons.’’ He mutters, the day Rose had died something had died in him as well, everyone noticed.

The sparkle in his eye was gone, it only came back when he was either in front of his fans enjoying himself or looking at his baby girl, Rosalie.

‘’I understand, but don’t be so hard on yourself mate.’’ I squeeze his shoulder and stands up, ‘’I’ll see you soon?’’

‘’Yeah.’’ He replies not taking his eyes of Rosalie.

I send him an understanding smile as I leave.

Niall POV

Everything had become so dull since Rose had died, but I had to move on. She had written that in her letter, and I had promised her. I also had to move on for Rosalie’s sake.

I hope Rosalie didn’t know how broken up everyone around her really was because when we were in the room with her It was like everything was good again. At least for a while.

Rosalie Ann had that effect on people, she had this enchanting smile and you could get lost in her eyes any time.

She wasn’t a hard kid, and she hardly cried. She was a well behaved toddler, that could sit and play for hours alone but she wouldn’t mind if someone came and joined her either.

Sometimes when I gaze at her, I would see her mum, Rose. She really was a spitting image of her. I know everyone had noticed that, both Liam and Emily commented on it one day.

Even when she got grumpy she would have the same unsatisfied look in her eyes while she stared at me pouting exactly as her mum had done.

The only thing that minded me that it wasn’t her was her blue orbs that she had gotten from me.
I knew Rose always loved Rosalie’s eyes, she was so happy when she saw she had gotten my eyes and I guess my eyes suited my daughter pretty good.

I still had this dream in my head that when Rosalie was older i would come into her room and find Rose in it, whispering our daugther to sleep.

The dream.

Of course i knew it could never happen now, and I would be the one to comfort Rosalie when she got older, I was all she had left. A pained expression washes over my face as i play the dream over in my head again and again. Thinking it was so close yet it was never going to happen.

‘’Dada!’’ She yelled trying to get me attention, ‘’what is it, love?’’ I chuckle.
She just makes a lot of annoyed noises trying to explain what she wanted. ‘’Do you want to eat?’’ I ask tilting my head to the side.

She shakes her head violently, no.

‘’Want to play with daddy?’’ I coos sweetly but again I get an angry no from her.

I can see the frustration in her eyes as tears sprung up, ‘’aw baby don’t cry. I think someone needs their nap.’’ I grin taking her up in my arms.

‘’Are you mad at dada now?’’ I look at her and she just sits in my arms pouting.

I put her in her crib, as I sit down on a chair beside her. ‘’Want to hear the usual?’’ it was a small story I had made up since she was 1 year old, it would always help her to sleep.

She just looks at me, holding her toy bunny in her arm and sucking on her thumb listening.

‘’There once was a princess, as beautiful as the roses, ‘’ I look at her smiling, ‘’she refused to marry any man! Or any prince. Until one day a humble knight came.’’

‘’He wanted nothing from the princess but wanting to learn to know her.’’ I watch as Rosalie’s eyelids struggles to stay open.

‘’The princess agreed and soon they fell in love.’’ I continue smiling, ‘’he got the princess hand to marry, and soon she fell pregnant with a beautiful baby girl.’’

‘’Not long after the prettiest princess they had ever seen was born, Rosalie Ann.’’ I grin at my imagination, ‘’but the witch in the town had cursed the mother of Rosalie and she fell into a deep sleep.’’

‘’The knight was left with the whole kingdom alone, refusing to marry another woman.’’ I look as Rosalie was sleeping, ‘’it didn’t matter because he had his daughter Rosalie, and would forever cherish his wife in his memory.’’ I sighs, kissing her forehead closing the door slowly.

It was going to be okay I hoped, because I had promised i would take care of Rosalie and I intended to keep that promise.


Wohoo, now there's only Rose's letter left and of course the Epilogue!
So in a way theres still two chapters left. ;)

Seriously you guys comments really make me happy!<3


Omg. I loved the story c: this was the first fanfiction to make me cry!
xSinna xSinna
ok thank :)
HoranHug! HoranHug!
Sorry I can't log into this account anymore so I didn't see it before now! Vampire diaries xxx
Hess Hess
I cried wow I love this story :). And what are the show or movie was the clips from?
HoranHug! HoranHug!

Thank you so much dear. x
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