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Tainted rose. ((Niall Horan))

I'm sorry.

Rose POV

4 months later

I wake up suddenly by the sound of a baby crying and I let out a soft sigh as I was about to get up when Niall touched my cheek, ‘’I got this love.’’ I smile, letting my head fall back into the pillow as Niall walks away.

He had been such a great dad lately it was like the partying and cheating never ever happened. I know I should be happy now but I can’t, Rosalie and Niall is the closest I get to happiness but that’s all.

I know I should talk with someone about it because frankly no one knows I’ve been feeling so numb but again, I’ve always been very good a faking a smile.

The only reason I haven’t committed suicide is because of Niall and Rosalie, I was afraid Niall would keep on partying after she was born, that he would abandon her at home like he had done with me so many times before.

He didn’t, I wouldn’t let Rosalie go unless he had to. He completely adored her, and so did the others boys.

I knew Rosalie would grow up with people that loved her, and would attend to her every need. Her four uncles already spoil her way too much, especially Liam.

If he is there then he won’t let any of the boys touch her unless they washed they hands properly.
And Niall had grown so much too, he managed to find that balance between being in a band and having a baby back home.

I just wish the sound of my baby’s laughter or the sight of Niall’s smile was enough to save me from myself, because right now I’m not quite so sure it can.

I sit up looking outside the window, its pitch black and the whole apartment is quiet.
I walk up, making my way over to Rosalie’s room finding Niall looking at her smiling.

‘’Niall?’’ I whisper making my way beside him, letting his arm fall natural around my waist.
‘’She’s beautiful.’’ He states.

I nod, looking at her. She looked so angelic when she slept.
‘’Want to get some air?’’ Niall asks, gesturing to sitting right outside the door.

‘’Yeah, I can’t sleep right now so that sounds good.’’

I and Niall makes our way outside when the cold night air slaps me.

‘’I love when it’s just like this.’’ Niall whispers, wrapping himself closer to me.

‘’So do I.’’ I chuckle kissing his cheek, when suddenly he pulls me into such a passionate kiss that I was about to stumble. I haven’t felt him kiss me like this for months and it feel so nice.

I felt loved once again, when I finally break the kiss.
‘’I love you.’’ I whisper burying my head in his neck, ‘’I love you too Rose.’’ I look up at him knowing what I was going to do, ‘’Never forget.’’

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

The next morning I was sitting with Rosalie playing with her, ‘’Mommy loves you.’’ I giggle bouncing her on my leg.

‘’You are my princess.’’ I continue planting a soft kiss on her cheek getting a laugh in return.
‘’Gosh her laugh is the sweetest.’’ I say looking up at Niall that had a bottle in his hand.

‘’I know, she’s so lovable.’’ He hands me the bottle and I nod in return.
‘’You got to keep those boys away from her.’’ I tease feeding Rosalie the bottle.

‘’Pretty sure uncle Liam is going to keep an eagle eye on her.’’ He laughs, I can’t help but giggle because it was true.

No one would be able to come close to my little pumpkin if Liam was there, I was sure of it.

I hear a cheerful laughter fill the apartment, ‘’Emily!’’ I exclaim looking up at the blond that happily skips into the room.

‘’shouldn’t you and Niall find something bigger?’’ She ask raising her eye brow slightly, ‘’we will.’’ Niall replies surprising her.

She walks over to me stretching her arms, as I lift Rosalie up to her, ‘’How’s my god daughter?’’ She coos tickling Rosalie causing her to laugh.

Niall walks over to Emily and joins her in playing with Rosalie as I silently creeps into the bedroom, I look at Niall’s phone that’s beeping.

I take her up and realize it was one of his old groupie texting, why would he keep in contact with her?

From: Jenny
Nialler! I know you’re busy but are you going to take me up on my offer soon? ;) xxxxx’

I didn’t even bother to read what Niall have texted her earlier as a frown creeps unto my face.
I walk back into the room seeing Emily play with Rosalie.

I knew she would grow up to be something huge, with all the love and support she’s getting around her.
I was sorry I wouldn’t be there to watch her grow but I knew many other would and I hoped they would cherish the moments as much as I would have had if I could.

‘’Do you guys fancy taking Rosalie to the park? I want to take a long hot relaxing bath’’ I ask smiling, leaning up at the door frame.

‘’Sure.’’ Niall replies taking Rosalie from Emily heading for the doorway but pecks my lips before he goes.
I smile as Emily makes her way over to me when something catches her eye, she was good at seeing how I felt and it was terrible.

‘’I’m fine!’’ I fake a smile hushing Emily out, she didn’t look convinced but she left

I hear as the door shuts, knowing this would be the last time I saw them. I make my way over to Rosalie’s crib and sigh. I needed them to understand and be strong.

I was never meant for life, and especially not a hectic life like the one I’m living now. That would be what my old psychology would have said.

I find a note scribble down something on it, to Niall. I place it somewhere only Niall would look.
I look myself in the mirror, it was now or never.

I make my way over to the bathroom sighing, I couldn’t help but cry because somehow I wished someone had noticed, noticed and helped me. I only wanted to be saved.

I reach for the pills looking at them, before I close my eyes and swallow them all.
I’m so sorry.
I was going to miss them all so much, I’m going to miss Niall’s laugh.
That’s all I can think off before everything goes black.

Niall POV

‘’Emily, will you take Rosalie?’’ I yell as I fumble with the keys opening the door, Emily was showing Rosalie some butterflies so It would probably take some time before she got here which meant some time alone I could cherish with Rose.

I wonder if she would agree on eating Nandos today.

‘’Rose, love?’’ I yell out, when she doesn’t reply I go straight for the bedroom. When she isn’t there I just shrug taking my phone from the nightstand.

I had gotten a text, it was that annoying Jenny girl again. She just wouldn’t stop would she?

‘’To: Jenny.
Jenny, for the tenth time I am not interested in your games! I’m happy and it been months since I last saw, I fancy NOT seeing you again. I have a family. Delete my number, and I’ll delete yours. Thank you.’’

She didn’t mean anything, I shrug putting my phone back down.

‘’Rose?’’ I yell out once again confused.
I look at the bathroom door, the light is on.
I knock on it when she doesn’t reply I open it.

I find Rose laying on the ground with a bottle of pills beside her, ‘’Rose!’’ I run over to her, holding her in my arms.
‘’Please wake up!’’ I start crying in panic, when Emily looks in and she sees Rose’s lifeless body.

‘’I’ll call an ambulance!’’ She yells, I ignore trying to breathe life into Rose trying to make her wake up.

She needs to wake up for me, for Rosalie.


Sooo what's going to happen now? ;D

Your guys comments makes me the happiest! xx

On another note do any of you have kik or instagram? I would love to get to know some more lovely people. x


Omg. I loved the story c: this was the first fanfiction to make me cry!
xSinna xSinna
ok thank :)
HoranHug! HoranHug!
Sorry I can't log into this account anymore so I didn't see it before now! Vampire diaries xxx
Hess Hess
I cried wow I love this story :). And what are the show or movie was the clips from?
HoranHug! HoranHug!

Thank you so much dear. x
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