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Tainted rose. ((Niall Horan))

Rosalie Ann Everlong Horan

Niall POV

I knew I was being unfair but in some way I got so caught up in Harry’s life style, I would hang with him and go to parties where there were really famous people. I got so star stuck.

Rose had tried talking with me again today but I shunned her out because the only thing that was on my mind was this sick party Harry was going to take me to.

She couldn’t blame me, I asked for her love I never asked for a baby. I’m far for ready to settle down.
Liam spoke to me the other day telling me that I just didn’t get how serious all of this is, and he prayed I would when the baby finally came.

The party me and Harry was at tonight was one his friend was hosting, private but filled with people. I had crashed down on the coach drinking some beer, I didn’t really know anyone were Harry knew everyone. That was how it was at every party, Harry was well known and I was just well Niall.

I sigh trying to find my phone, ‘’fuck.’’ I mutter under my breath, I had forgotten it at home. I actually wanted to text Rose but now I couldn’t.

‘’Hi cutie.’’ A really sharp voice yells over the music making me cringe, ‘’uh hello?’’ I turn my head and see a girl with black hair and blonde streaks sitting beside me.
She wasn’t really my type and she was caked up in make-up. Rose wore make up too, but this chick looked like she had smashed her head in a cake.

I trace my eyes down her figure instead, it’s not bad. She actually had a hot body, and I guess she would look pretty hot if you wiped some of her make up off.

‘’What are you doing?’’ She asks, moving closer to me. Licking her lips like she had sat her eyes on her next prey.

‘’I came with Harry.’’ I grin not taking my eyes of hers, when she suddenly places her hand on my thighs I don’t stop her when she slowly moves her hand up my thigh. Closer. Closer.

‘’Niall!’’ I quickly jump away from the girl and my eyes lock with Harry’s panicked ones.
‘’What?’’ I mutter clearly annoyed.

‘’Emily just called me,’’ he tried to catch his breath, why was he panicking so much?
‘’and she’s at the hospital.’’

I look up, ‘’is she ok?’’ Emily was great but I didn’t get why this mattered to me unless it was because Harry needed some comfort.

‘’Niall, Rose is giving birth.’’ He finally say, making me gasp.

Rose POV

The pain was indescribable, I wanted to rip my stomach open and just throw her out of me. It felt like I was giving birth to a bloody elephant. I wish someone had warned me about this, I knew it would be painful but I never imagined this!

Again who could, no one I knew have had a child before and I’m not speaking with my family. If I’m right they doesn’t even know I have been pregnant. Unless they followed the shitty magazines which they probably didn’t.

‘’Where’s Niall?’’ I ask, looking up at Emily.

‘’I phoned Harry, don’t worry love.’’ She coos holding my hand.

A friendly nurse comes in, asking me to spread my legs.
‘’You’re not quite ready yet, miss. Please wait and don’t push.’’ She explains, taking her gloves off again.

I just groan in reply did she even know what I was going through right now? My boyfriend was in a band, he was out partying and I’m trying to squeeze an elephant out.

‘’We’ll look again in an hour, you’re doing great.’’ She finally says before leaving the room.

‘’I’ll fucking murder someone.’’ I yell out in pain, while Emily hushes me. ‘’Shhh love.’’ She can’t help but laugh.

She never seen me so frustrated before, ‘’I swear I will laugh in your face when you have a baby!’’ I yell rolling my eyes.

‘’Sure you will, so do you need anything?’’ I look up at her thinking a little,’’ water? Food?’’ She suggest.
‘’I need Niall.’’ I mutter because right now he was the only thing that held me for not falling from the earth.

Suddenly I hear someone running in the hallway and I look up at Emily in confusing,’’ I’ll look.’’ She replies reading my thoughts.

I wait and when she doesn’t come back I begin to get annoyed when I hear the door open again.
‘’Finally Em, that took ages. What was it?’’ I ask without looking up.

‘’Em?’’ I ask again finally looking up when the person in front of me isn’t her but Niall.

‘’Niall!’’ I gasp confused, ‘’I’m sorry.’’ He mutters taking a chair so he can sit next to the hospital bed.
‘’You came.’’ I say my face soften as I put my hand in his.

‘’I’m so sorry, I should have been here from the start.’’ He looks so sad and I just wanted to hug him but that wasn’t realistic because moving really fucking sucks right now.

‘’What if Emily haven’t been with you? Then you would have had to go to the hospital alone.’’ He almost whispers burying his face in my hand.

I smile but my face quickly changes to pained expression these contractions are coming more often, I literally couldn’t take this anymore.

I close my eyes trying to shut the world out when I feel Niall kissing me, he smelled of alcohol. Luckily he wasn’t drunk if he was I would have told him to wait outside, I peck his lips back when the nurse come back in with Emily.

‘’Harry’s waiting outside.’’ She smiles standing beside Niall.
‘’You are ready, miss.’’ The woman says spreading my legs wider.

‘’Push.’’ She encourage me, and soon I does my best. It felt like I had my insides ripped out of me, it was horrible and right now I just wanted to cuddle and cry.

I look at Niall, that’s watching really worried at me. He looked a little confused to but flashed me a smile before I closed my eyes again and pushed.

‘’The head is almost out.’’ She smile saying it happily.

‘’One more push rose.’’ Emily encourage me, and that’s what I do. Push with everything I have in me and soon the whole room is filled with a babies cry.

‘’It a small princess.’’ The woman smiles, cleaning the baby up for us before handing it to me.

I look down at my baby, she was gorgeous. She had her father’s eyes, and brown hair on her lovely head.

‘’She’s perfect, Niall.’’ I whimper with teary eyes looking at him, he looked at her with so much proud.

‘’What should we call her?’’ I ask handing her to Niall, ‘’ I like the name Rosalie.’’ I smile.

‘’Rosalie Ann Everlong Horan.’’ Niall adds and in that moment we had agreed on her name.

Harry and Emily was standing next to Niall watching as he sways his new born daughter to sleep and soon I was drifting to sleep too.

My body was exhausted and I didn't know what was going to happen next.


So now the baby is born then what's going to happen? will niall improve, and will Rose get out of her depression? Read onnnn x

Your comments and votes makes me extremely happy.<3


Omg. I loved the story c: this was the first fanfiction to make me cry!
xSinna xSinna
ok thank :)
HoranHug! HoranHug!
Sorry I can't log into this account anymore so I didn't see it before now! Vampire diaries xxx
Hess Hess
I cried wow I love this story :). And what are the show or movie was the clips from?
HoranHug! HoranHug!

Thank you so much dear. x
Niallerswifey Niallerswifey