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Tainted rose. ((Niall Horan))

She's feisty

Liam POV

I sighed, I watched how Niall and Rose was fighting on the phone every time they spoke. I didn’t blame her though.
Niall was usually really nice and calm but lately he been acting like nothing less than a douche.
I don’t know if it was because he lingered after Harry’s freedom, now that he was going to be a dad. I just wish he would just get his shit together to say it nicely.

Rose had become so distant while be on tour, she would hardly talk with me and Danielle told me she refused to go out.
She was just waiting for Niall, while Niall just was partying not even giving her one thought.

I can’t force Niall to be with Rose, I wish I could but I can’t. However I can knock some sense in his thick head now that he is going to be the dad to my best friend’s baby.
They both means the world to me and I want them to be happy but right now they are both being selfish and immature. For god sakes they were going to be parents really soon!

Zayn’s voice get me to turn my attention away from Niall, ‘’Vas happening?’’ he jokes jumping down beside me.

‘’Rose, niall you know.’’ I shrug, eyeing Niall.

‘’Yeh, Perrie been complaining too.’’ He looked at me, ‘’I can’t really do anything you know. I’m not that close to Rose, and I think Niall would hate if I just butted in.’’

I nodded, I did understand him. I was close to both so I could and wanted to say something.
‘’Go ahead.’’ Zayn mutters hinting at I should confront him.
In a small second I’m up and quickly makes my way over to Niall.

‘’Can I talk with you?’’ I ask, glancing at the girls Niall was speaking with, ‘’sure mate.’’ He replies following me a little way away from the girls and others prying ears.

‘’What do you really think you’re doing?’’ I ask sighing.

‘’What?’’ he ask completely clueless.

I massage my temple a little, niall could be so clueless sometimes.
‘’You know Rose? Rose your girlfriend.’’ I say in a mocking tone, making him roll his eyes. ‘’What about her?’’ He ask.

‘’I don’t know if you forgot, but you insisted on dating her and now your forgetting her completely.’’ I sigh, glancing back at the girls that was looking curiously over at us.

‘’Get to the point Liam.’’ He looks at me annoyed.
‘’She’s pregnant, and she’s having your child. She is at home miserable waiting for you.’’ I look at him and it looks like my words have some effect on him because he wince back a little.

‘’I love her.’’ He just replies as calm as possible, ‘’and she clearly loves you but you been pushing her away lately. She even forgave you when you cheated.’’ He avoids my gaze looking at the floor, ‘’quiet trying to be like Harry, you’re not him. Harry is single, and you’re in a relationship and expecting a child.’’ When he doesn’t reply I continue ‘’someday Rose might even leave you and take your child with her.’’ I stare directly at him, ‘’wouldn’t surprise me.’’

‘’Oh god Liam, what can I do?’’ he ask finally looking up at me.

‘’You’re going to be home in just two days get your shit together will you?’’ I watch him as he nods heading for the changing rooms leaving me and the girls behind.

I look at the girls that looks offended over Niall sudden departure and laugh.

Rose POV

2 days later.

Niall actually phoned me these last two days which was weird sense considering how he ignored me before
I knew he would be home today so I really tried making myself look nice, I could hardly fit any of my clothes any more but I did find something rather decent.
I hear someone ringing the doorbell and I'm quick to make my way to the door opening revealing Niall with flowers grinning, ‘’Flowers!’’ I exclaim excited taking them, hushing Niall to get in.

I walk over finding a vase a putting them in, they looked wonderful and the fact Niall thought about getting me these made my heart flutter.

‘’I brought Nando’s’’ he says, placing a bag on the table, before I almost jump in his arm.

‘’Oh gosh I missed you so much.’’ I almost cry, not sure if I was dreaming, ‘’I am real, and so is my hunger.’’ He says chuckling.

I blush standing back a little, ‘’you grown a lot.’’ He says eyeing my big bump. ‘’You look gorgeous.’’ He mutter.

‘’Ouch!’’ I wince, making Niall look concerned. ‘’What’s wrong?’’ He suggest I sit down and I do.

‘’She’s kicking a lot, she’s pretty feisty.’’ I grin feeling Niall relax,’’ just like her mother.’’ He smiles placing a kiss on my stomach getting a kick in return.

He packs the food out looking at me and I couldn’t help but kiss him, he looked so kissable all the time.
Might be my hormones talking but who even cares? I loved him and he finally was where he belonged with his new small family.

2 weeks later

Niall haven’t changed, he did for three days but then he went back to his old tour habits and I didn’t get how he could change so quickly.
It was like he was the pregnant one, well I barely spoke with him anymore. He either was at some big party or at the club with his friends, girls and of course Harry.

While I was alone, he was being grumpy most of the time and didn’t even bother to caress me at night when the bump gave me sleeping trouble.

He actually didn’t bother with anything at all anymore, we rarely spoke he would always snap at him. He changed so much from that cheerful boy he used to be.

‘’So where are you going tonight?’’ I ask carefully not wanting to fight or have an argument with him again.
‘’What is it to you?’’ He snaps looking up from his phone, ‘’ I was just trying to make conversation. ‘’ I mutter getting a little annoyed by his reply.
‘’Try less.’’ Is all he says before he takes his jacket and leaves once again.

I really needed someone to talk to and I knew Perrie was busy so I really didn’t want to bother her right now so I text the only girl I can think off.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

‘’I’m so glad you wanted me to come.’’ Emily says, wrapping her petite arms around me, ‘’ we haven’t had a sleepover like that for ages!’’ She grins looking at me.

I nod, besides Niall wasn’t home he probably was out partying his brains out. We haven’t even looked after a new place like he promised.

‘’Yeah, I’m sorry. I’ve missed you though.’’ I smile cocking my head to the side slightly.

‘’It’s all good babe! What’s been up?’’ She ask pulling the blanket tighter around herself, sipping her tea.

‘’It’s just Niall.’’ I sigh caressing my stomach, ‘’I don’t even know how to talk with anymore. We can’t even have a normal conversation.’’

I see as Emily is about to answer when a beep sound catches our attention.
‘’It’s not mine.’’ She looks at her phone and I look at mine, it wasn’t mine either when I realize Niall forgotten his phone on the table which is the one that was Beeping.

I walk over to it, knowing I shouldn’t snoop around his stuff but I just had to look. I unlock his phone and frown. He had texts from several lady admires.

I gulp knowing I was so terrible tired of everything, and if it wasn’t because of the fact that I was pregnant I would have given up on myself because these past years life haven’t given me anything good really.

I don’t want to read the text so I just lay the phone down when an executing pain shots through my body making me stumble so I had to grab the table to lean on to.

‘’Oh my god, Rose are you okay!’’ Emily yells quickly up besides my side when I look at her in chock, ‘’the baby is coming.’’


So whats going to happen next? : )))
Your comments REALLY makes me happy, i really appreciate you guys taking the time to write one. It makes me so happy.


Omg. I loved the story c: this was the first fanfiction to make me cry!
xSinna xSinna
ok thank :)
HoranHug! HoranHug!
Sorry I can't log into this account anymore so I didn't see it before now! Vampire diaries xxx
Hess Hess
I cried wow I love this story :). And what are the show or movie was the clips from?
HoranHug! HoranHug!

Thank you so much dear. x
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