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Tainted rose. ((Niall Horan))

I need to protect him.

Emily POV

I was sitting at Rose’s place, with her alone. The boys had gone out for a while and I promised Harry that I would talk with her.

‘’Emily please!’’ Harry begged me, to once again do something behind Rose’s back, ‘’It could be serious.’’ He reminded me. ‘’Okay.’’ I sigh, letting him kiss me as a thank you.
End of flashback

‘’What’s up with you and niall?’’ I ask her, smiling trying to find out how I could make her go to the doctors without it being to obvious that Niall, and Haz had asked me.

‘’We are actually really good.’’ She replies smiling widely,’’ he been so nice to me, and never left me alone unless he had to.’’

I nod smiling, ‘’that’s good, love.’’ I look down still not trusting Niall after what he had done to my best friend, I didn’t want to forgive him but I had to since Rose liked him so much.

‘’but be careful please.’’ I tell her rubbing her shoulder caring, ‘’Em, I know he messed up but he is really trying.’’ She’s trying to convince me.

‘’Yeah, I’m just looking out for you.’’ I think a little before continuing ‘’How about his fans, how are they reacting towards you and him?’’

I look at her, she’s avoiding my gaze. ‘’Some have been really harsh, harassing me at every chance they had.’’ She gulps before continuing ‘’Judging me.’’ I watch her look down as I hug her.

She hugs me back, but quickly lets go and smile ‘’I deleted all my online accounts because of them, but they are some really nice people too.’’ She grin, ‘’that support me. They are some darlings.’’
I nod, ‘’good, beside the internet is overrated.’’ I wink at her seeing her chuckle was all I needed to insure that she was doing alright.

''Matthew is trying to get a hold of you, Rose.'' I begin again. ''I know, I cant deal with it right now.'' She replies. I nod understanding, letting her have some peace.

‘’Can I get you something?’’ She ask pointing at the kitchen, ‘’Water please.’’ I smile.

She stands up but quickly falls back, taking herself to the head. ‘’Oh my god, Rose!’’ I yell, quick besides her supporting her, I hear her groan as she sits down on the couch.
‘’I’m alright.’’ She quickly says, waving me away.

‘’No you are certainly not!’’ I raise my eye browns in concern, ‘’what have been happening to you lately?’’ I ask not letting it go before I knew everything.

She sighs deeply,’’ For the past time, I’ve just had morning sickness. I have this weird eating pattern.’’ She stops to think, ‘’like all my favorite food is horrible now. I feel sick when I eat it. I even noticed I started to gain a little weight, so I’ve been really picky about what I eat, causing me to feel dizzy some of the time.’’

‘’Rose, please go to the doctors.’’ I say holding her hands firmly, ‘’please!’’
She nods, ‘’Okay, I will tomorrow.’’ I smile relieved.

‘’Good, I’ll go make you some tea.’’ I yell over my shoulder, heading for the kitchen.

Rose POV

Emily had convinced me to see the doctor, yesterday. I told Niall and looked happy but I told him I was going alone. No way was he coming.

‘’I’m going now!’’ I yell heading for the door, ‘’Alright, love. Call me if it’s anything serious.’’
He was being stupid I was sure it wasn’t any remotely serious. I was probably only stressed.

I closes the door behind me, strolling towards the car jumping in. ‘’Well here goes.’’ I mutter before pulling out.

17 minutes later I was in the waiting room at the doctors, I hated everything about this place. It smelled of sickness, I would always avoid the doctors when I was younger.

‘’Rose Everlong?’’ A friendly old nurse calls out, scanning the room when I stand up awkwardly, ‘’that’s me.’’ I smile following her.
‘’This way, the doctor is ready for you.’’ I nod going into the door she was pointing at when I get an older woman greets me.

‘’Hello, Miss Everlong. Please take a seat.’’ I smile, sitting down not knowing what to say. ‘’So what can I do for you?’’ She asks, putting her glasses on.

‘’Well, my friends forced me to go.’’ I joke, looking at the doctors face, ‘’I’ve been feeling dizzy and having these morning sicknesses all the time.’’ I sigh. ‘’It’s getting really out of control.’’

She nods, ‘’I see.’’ She stands up and I follows her, ‘’Please lay over there, I’m going to examine you.’’ I do as she says, unbutton my pants.

This was the most uncomfortable I ever did, having this stranger looking around my body with her creepy gloves.
She wouldn’t find anything up there, so I didn’t know why she even bothered. I gasp when she’s starts, it was the most unpleasant feeling I had ever felt before.

‘’Miss Everlong, tell me when was your last intercourse?’’ I look a little puzzled by her sudden question, ‘’Oh uh, I don’t really know.’’ I stop and starts to think and my mind drift over to the night Niall had made love to me, really love. Not fucked me. The night when it was purely love. ‘’Around two-three months?’’ I shrug, when the doctor gestures me to take my pants on again.

‘’Miss, you’re two months pregnant.’’ She finally says smiling, I stare at her in chock ‘’Excuse me?’’ I almost hope she’s pissing me right now.

‘’That also explains the symptoms you told me about.’’ She stops ‘’don’t under eat, your bump on your stomach is there for a reason’’ She smiles and hands me some different brochures with labels like

‘Teenage pregnancy’, ‘’abortions, good or bad?’, ‘’Adoption with love.’

I look at her still in shock, ‘’Rose, you have a lot of opinions. So please go home, talk with your boyfriend. And call and make another appointment.’’
I’m a loss of words, so I just nod shaking her head making my way out.

I get out and sit down in the car, I couldn’t tell him could i? I would completely ruin his career and that was the last thing I’ve ever wanted to do. Niall was so on top of his success I couldn’t interfere with a baby.

I snap out of my thoughts by my phone buzzing, I quickly picks it up.
‘’Hello?’’ I whisper, still shaken by everything when I hear Niall’s voice, ‘’Love? I was just getting a bit worried. What did the doctors say?’’

I keep quiet, hearing the doctors words in my head and find myself replying ‘’Nothing, I was just stressed. She told me to get more rest.’’ I hear him sigh relieved ‘’good, well I’ll see you at home?’’ I gulp trying to breath. ‘’Yeah, see you soon.’’ As I hang up.

It was my pathetic way of protecting Niall.
I accidently let my hand slide down my small bump on my stomach and I gasp for air.

The reality hits me and I can’t stop crying, I keep sobbing trying to control my world that’s was crashing once again.
I had no idea where to go from here, as I quickly wipe my tears away sobbing all the way home.


So what's Rose going to do now? Will she tell Niall or she is just going to make the choice without him?

Please, comment and vote so i know you guys like it. It means a lot.


Omg. I loved the story c: this was the first fanfiction to make me cry!
xSinna xSinna
ok thank :)
HoranHug! HoranHug!
Sorry I can't log into this account anymore so I didn't see it before now! Vampire diaries xxx
Hess Hess
I cried wow I love this story :). And what are the show or movie was the clips from?
HoranHug! HoranHug!

Thank you so much dear. x
Niallerswifey Niallerswifey