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Tainted rose. ((Niall Horan))


Niall POV.

It had been a week since Rose had gotten to the doctor, she had seemed so distant from the moment she had come back. Her mascara was smeared I wasn’t a complete idiot, she just snapped at me when I questioned it.

She had not gotten better, and she stayed most of the time in bed. I would wake up in the morning finding her bending over the toilet. I wish I could take her pain away, and she didn’t like any of my cooking.
She even got mad when I surprised her on bed with pancakes, and I did make sure I haven’t put anything weird in them.

I tried to make her go to the doctors again but she just told me to get off her back. I don’t even know why she was pushing me away. I adored her, some might even say love.
She really didn’t even dress or act as herself, always wearing my shirts telling me she was ashamed of her ‘fat’, she wasn’t fat either way I loved her curves.

‘’I’m heading over to Hazza’s place.’’ I yell, only to get groan back. ‘’Hoping Louis and Zayn will be there.’’
She doesn’t even reply me.
‘’You know they spend too much time with their girlfriend. Like me!’’ I joke, only to hear her sigh.
‘’Alright.’’ I mutter, closing the door. When I realize I forgot to tell her that Liam was probably coming over.
I shrug jumping in the car, on my way over to Harry’s place.

The traffic was light and it didn’t take long before I was on Harry’s couch with Louis, Hazza and Zayn.
‘’So what’s up with you guys?’’ I grin looking at my two friends that was looking guilty for not calling, ‘’you know Eleanor was off her studies, she had a little free time so.’’ Louis begin to stutter looking at Zayn, ’Yeh same with Perrie, she finally got a break from the studio.’’

‘’Me and Harry actually got really annoyed.’’ Me and harry glare at them looking at how nervous they were looking before we burst out laughing, ‘’we are just pissing you, mate!’’ I laugh trying to get a hold of myself, when Hazza joins me’’ you should have seen your faces, priceless.’’ He laughs.

‘’Not funny.’’ Zayn mutter grinning, when Louis turn the attention to harry, ‘’enough about me.’’ He continues ‘’what about you and Emily?’’ he asks Harry making him look rather uncomfortable.

‘’What about us?’’ He shrugs laughing nervously ‘’we are cool, she’s chill.’’ He mutters when Zayn laughs ‘’and we also heard she was spending an awful lot of time at you place.’’

Harry avoids their gaze, ‘’whatever guys.’’ He says desperate to get the attention off him and Em. ‘’How’s you and Rose?’’ He asks me cocking his eye brow slightly.

‘’She’s acting more strange now, after she went to the doctors.’’ I whisper.
‘’What did the doctor say, pal?’’ Louis asks looking concerned.

‘’I don’t know, something about her being stressed.’’ I quickly wave the question off.
‘’Maybe she’s hiding something for you, and she’s feeling guilty?’’ Zayn says looking seriously at me.

I turn to face Harry not sure what to say when Harry just shrug patting my shoulder.

Rose POV

Niall had finally left, I walk up to the mirror lifting my shirt up a little revealing the small bump that was forming on my stomach, the bump I had desperately tried to hide by wearing Niall’s shirt.

I trace my fingers at the outline of my bump humming, not sure why I already felt so protective of this thing in me. I couldn’t think of anyone else but Niall. I had to protect him.

I knew it hurt when I was pushing him away, I could see it in his eyes every time I walked by but I couldn’t help it. I had to distant myself a little.

‘’What are we going to do?’’ I hopelessly ask my stomach, I shrug. I had to make a decision now, and right now I was pretty certain I only had one option.

I take the brochures out of my bag where I had hidden them for the past week, Niall had finally given up and was going to see Harry and the boys.

I walk out to the living room with the in my hand as I crash down and start looking through the pages of smiling babies, fetus and pregnant women when I hear someone knock on the door.
I quickly put the brochures down on the sofa table, heading for the door.

‘’Liam!’’ I yell out surprised, ‘’what are you doing here?’’ I ask puzzled.
‘’It’s good to see you too Rose’’ He laughs walking in’ ’didn’t niall tell you I was coming to see you?’’
I raise my eye brow slightly’’ No, I guess he must have forgotten to mention it.’’

‘’I missed you.’’ Liam quickly pulls me into the biggest and most loving bear hug I’ve ever had. ‘’that’s nice.’’ I laugh panting his back.
‘’I’ve missed you too.’’ I smile cocking my head slightly to the side, ‘’ sit down, I’ll make some tea?’’

‘’That would be lovely.’’ I nod heading for the kitchen letting Liam sit down.

Why had Niall forgotten to tell me? I looked horrible, I would have dressed up a little nicer if I knew. Again Liam have seen me at my worst.

I walk back in when Liam suddenly speaks up, ‘’When did you plan on telling him?’’ I look puzzled when I realize what Liam is holding, all the brochures. I panic dropping the hot tea on the ground letting it spill everywhere.

‘’You can’t just make a decision for him!’’ He look frustrated at me, waving the aborting one up in the air, I knew the reason he was being so defensive was because it was about Niall.

‘’You know it’s for the best.’’ I mutter, not even sure how to explain to him. ‘’He is busy with his career, he shouldn’t bother with me nor with a child.’’ I yell back.

‘’It’s still his baby and he needs to know!’’ Liam tries to reason with me, when I start crying out of frustration.

‘’How many months are you.’’ He finally ask, ‘’nearly three and that’s why I have to decide now.’’ I sob avoiding him.

‘’He needs to know.’’ Liam softly say, walking over to me. Trying to comfort me again.
‘’I was just trying to protect him.’’ I sob into Liam’s shoulder, letting the insurance of his hold making me calm down when a confused voice breaks the silence.

‘’I need to know what?’’ Niall ask, looking back and forth at me, Liam and the shattered porcelain on the floor.

Because of our yelling we haven’t even heard the door opening, and Niall coming back.


How will she explain this to Niall?;)

Please comment me what you think so far, even its just a small comment it makes my day. Votes really make me happy too<3.


Omg. I loved the story c: this was the first fanfiction to make me cry!
xSinna xSinna
ok thank :)
HoranHug! HoranHug!
Sorry I can't log into this account anymore so I didn't see it before now! Vampire diaries xxx
Hess Hess
I cried wow I love this story :). And what are the show or movie was the clips from?
HoranHug! HoranHug!

Thank you so much dear. x
Niallerswifey Niallerswifey