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Tainted rose. ((Niall Horan))

Liam knows best

Rose POV

It already been some time since our last ‘incident’, I had to give him a chance because you don’t throw love out, of course I haven’t told him that I actually had fallen for him. Besides he never asked, I think he was scared of scaring me away. It was nice that he had given up on pressuring me.

I was sitting on the couch next to Liam waiting for Niall when a familiar smell hits my nostrils, ‘’what’s Niall doing?’’ I ask Liam, cocking my head to the side.

‘’He is making you your favorite pancakes, and he is making them just the way he knows you like them’’ He replies grinning.

I just form an o with my mouth, not saying anything when Niall comes in with a plate of pancakes. ‘’for your highness. ‘’ He teases winking at me.

I look at the pancakes in front of me, it was my favorite. I loved Niall’s pancakes, he always made them for me if he had been busy for some time. Which he had, he been in the studio a lot this week so his pancakes was making up for them.

Somehow my stomach by the sight and smell of them, I didn’t understand it. I really loved these pancakes more than anything in this world. I send Niall a weak smile, ‘’Thank you, you’re so sweet.’’ I mutter, before digging in.

I ignore my gut feeling as I take a bite, Niall and Liam was both beside me discussing some sort of video game that had just been released.
As soon as the bite hits my tongue, I sprint towards for the bathroom, puking it all up. Leaving both Niall and Liam lightly shocked on the couch by my sudden behavior.

I hated puking but I’ve been having these morning sickness for some time now, and suddenly the food I loved became food I absolutely hated.

I feel someone holding my hair, ‘’I’m sorry, rose.’’ Niall’s worried voice whispers, ‘’I didn’t know you were sick.’’ I shake my head gulping.

‘’I’m not sick, you did nothing wrong.’’ Is all I manage to say as the nausea hits me again making me puke last night dinner’s up.

‘’I don’t know what I did, I’ve made them completely as I used to.’’ Niall keeps saying sounding rather puzzled.
I spit the last up before flushing, ‘’don’t worry.’’ I finally say before I start brushing my teeth’s. I hated the taste of puke more than anything.

I lazily walks out to the boys again, dumping down on the couch holding my stomach.
‘’Here’’ Liam hands me a glass of water caring.

I smile up at him, gratefully taking it. It didn’t take long before I had slurped the whole water down.
‘’Do you need anything?’’ Liam asks, I just shakes my head slightly ‘’no thank you love.’’ I smile.

Niall POV

I didn’t get why my pancakes had made Rose puke, I made them just the way she liked it.
Now I think about she had been very picky these last days, and I sometimes would find her in the bathroom puking her guts up.

I look at her sitting on the couch, quietly walking over to her. ‘’Babe?’’ I ask, before sitting down next to her.

She’s humming a melody looking at me, ‘’you sure you shouldn’t go to the doctors?’’ I asked raising my eye brow slightly.

‘’Don’t be silly.’’ She replies laughing, ‘’I agree with Niall.’’ Liam says defending me. He was just as worried as me.

‘’You guys are fussing over nothing!’’ She says raising her voice a little, she had become fussier too. Nothing I couldn’t handle but it confused.
She pouts storming back into my room slamming the door shut.

I hear Liam chuckle under his breath, I couldn’t help but smile. ‘’She’s feisty.’’ Liam exclaims, looking at me.
I nod ‘’Yeah especially these few weeks.’’ I can’t help but sigh. ‘’She’s not even on her period and she’s starting to get fussy.’’

‘’Girls.’’ Liam states like if that explain everything before he continues ‘’but you should get Emily to talk to her, maybe she can convince her?’’ He suggest.

I sigh deeply thinking of Emily, ‘’I wish, she’s still a little mad at me after the whole-‘’ I stop and gulp before continuing, ‘’incident we had back then.’’ Liam nods, patting my back.

‘’Well then do what you did back then?’’ I look at him confused as he continues laughing, ‘’Well get Haz to make her do it.’’

‘’That’s a good idea.’’ I finally say smiling, ‘’love has such a powerful effect on us.’’

Liam grins, nodding. ‘’Well get on with it will ya!’’ I look at liam and it doesnt take long before we both burst out laughing, ''hopefully she wont kill us in our sleep!'' Liam jokes hidding behind his legs causing me to laugh louder.
''I can hear!'' Rose snaps from the other room, making us piss our pants.


What's wrong with poor Rose? :oo
Liam is such a sweetheart. :')

What do you guys think so far? Seriously votes and comments really make my day! :D I love knowing people like this


Omg. I loved the story c: this was the first fanfiction to make me cry!
xSinna xSinna
ok thank :)
HoranHug! HoranHug!
Sorry I can't log into this account anymore so I didn't see it before now! Vampire diaries xxx
Hess Hess
I cried wow I love this story :). And what are the show or movie was the clips from?
HoranHug! HoranHug!

Thank you so much dear. x
Niallerswifey Niallerswifey