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Merry Christmas, Everyone

Louis 2

I woke up the next morning and rolled over only to find that Louis had left the bed. I frantically looked at the clock but it only read 11:27. I looked out of the bedroom window as snow gently drifted to the ground. I stood up put on a sweater and headed out towards the main room.

“Lou?” I called out. I thought he would be at the kitchen table drinking his morning coffee, but he was nowhere to be found. “Loooooouu?” I went back to the bedroom to check my phone to see if he called, but he hadn’t called, texted or even left a voicemail. But, I decided not to worry about it too much so I went into the kitchen to make myself breakfast. I sat down at our small table with a bowl of cereal, only to find a note addressed to me.

“P- my mum and sisters came unexpectedly for my birthday, it was too early so I let you sleep. Be back for dinner, just the two of us. Love You. -Lou”

I let out a sigh of relief. I was able to buy myself some more time to get Louis’ gift together. I didn’t even eat my breakfast. I rushed to get dressed and go.

I grabbed my coat and rushed out the door. I knew exactly know where to go. I headed back to that little store a few blocks before Macy’s and went straight to the employee standing at the counter. “I need that, the red one in the window.” She quickly rang me up. I grabbed the bag and headed out of the store. I had no idea what time Louis was expected to be back home so I needed to have everything ready in time. Although I needed to make one more stop before I headed home.

I went to the craft store to pick up a few things. I felt on top of the world, I finally had the perfect idea. I browsed the aisles for fake snow, Christmas lights and mistletoe. You’d be surprised on how hard it is to find fake snow in a city that has more than enough of the real stuff. I finally found my items and went straight home.

When I got home I stuffed everything I had just bought underneath the bed. I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to pull this off, but I knew it could be done. I looked at the clock and it read 4:15 pm. Louis was expected to be home anytime now. I decided that I shouldn’t waste time and started getting ready for our dinner date tonight. I went to the bathroom to shower.

“P?” Louis called out. “Penelope? Are you here?” He nearly scared the shit out of me when he poked his head into the bathroom door. I was so startled that I dropped the curling iron onto the ground..

“Louis!” I wanted to be mad at him for scaring me, but I ran up to him and gave him a kiss.
“Happy birthday, silly boy” I kissed him again. “How was your day with your family?”

“It was good, but I was more excited to come back home and see you. Are you almost ready? Our reservations are in an hour.”

I wanted to put together Louis’ gift before we went out to dinner but I just couldn’t sneak away for that much time, especially since we were leaving soon. I stood in our bedroom with his gift sitting on our bed. Trying to figure out how I was going to do this, I hear Louis knocking on the door.

“Almost ready!” I call out. Frantically I grab his gift a stuff it back underneath the bed. I grab my purse and abruptly open the door to see Louis in the black suit I laid out for him. “You look so handsome.” I run my hand up his chest and adjust his collar.

“And you look so beautiful.” Louis gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Let’s get going.”

We arrived at the fanciest restaurant I could afford. We were seated in the middle of the restaurant. It was dim but the light from the candles flickered on our faces.

“P, you know you didn’t have to do this for me. I would’ve been fine with cheeseburgers and milkshakes.”

“Well, I guess you’re stuck with this. It’s your birthday and you deserved to be treated like a prince… my prince.” Louis smiled at me and reached across the table for my hand and began rubbing it.

“I think I’m the luckiest guy in the world. You do too much. You will always go out of your way for me.”

I smiled at him from across the table “Love you so much birthday boy.”

I was anxious to finish dinner and finally give Louis his present.


I wrote this in school so I will probably have the final chapter up tomorrow and possibly start a new story with Zayn or Harry. Some ideas are still floating around in my head. Okay, thanks for reading love you byyyyeee :)))


Omg i love these. so great

Sophalicious Sophalicious

When are you going to update?!?! I love your short stories all rolled into one big story. Please update soon! Even it's past Christmas. Lol



thank you!!!!

harrystylish harrystylish

This is AMAZEBALLS!!!!!!!!!!!