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Merry Christmas, Everyone


"What do you mean you don't know what you want? It's only two days until Christmas and you're driving me crazy Lou" I loved dating Louis, don't get me wrong- it's just this boy will leave me guessing until the last minute, and it doesn't help at all that his birthday is Christmas Eve. I rolled my eyes and took another sip of coffee.

"P, you always stress out on what to get me and I tell you this every year, having you by my side is more than enough." Louis laughed. I hated that response more than I hated him not telling me what he wants.

"Louis Tomlinson, I demand you tell me what you want this instance or you're getting nothing at all" I crossed my arms and put on a pout.

"Penelope." Louis glared at me from the sink where he was washing dishes. I sat there, not changing my emotion at all. "You're all that I'll ever need. I don't need a sweater or a nice watch to prove that you care about me" Louis wiped his hands off and walked closer to me. He wrapped his hands around my shoulders and attempted to give me a kiss on the lips but I quickly moved my face away. "Don't pull this" Louis laughed.

"Nope. I'm going out and whether you like it or not I'm going to buy you the best Christmas/birthday present of your life." I stood up, put on my coat and started walking towards the door.

I decided to start out shopping at Macy's. That place is huge right? How could I not get something there. While walking to Macy's I made sure to peer into the other store windows just to make sure nothing that could catch my eye would pass me. I was about to eat my words when I entered Macy's. I came in hopeful and open minded but the more I searched throughout the sections I realized Louis was right. I don't need to buy him a sweater or a nice watch to prove that I care about him. I walked around aimlessly whilst I thought about what to do.

"May I help you Miss?" A Macy's employee peered out from behind a clothing rack.

"Well you see I'm just looking for something special for my boyfriend."

The employee took me to see an array of perfumes, dress shirts, watches, shoes, but nothing and absolutely nothing was screaming "Louis" to me.

After countless hours of searching I returned back to my apartment not only extremely aggravated, but giftless. I let out a huge sigh as I sat next to Louis on the couch who was watching television.

"Guess you're finally listening to me for once." he scoffed


"I don't see any bags or boxes."

"Well, yet again you're wrong." I put my legs up onto the couch, now overlapping them with Louis'. "I knew you were going to be home so why would I just barge in with your present, silly goose? I wouldn't want to spoil it for you, would I?"

"Oh, P."

I really began to worry. What was I going to do? Louis' birthday was tomorrow and I had no sort of gift. My mind began racing with many different last-minute ideas but not one of them seemed special enough.

"Lou, I'm gonna go to bed. Finding you the perfect gift really wore me out" I stood up from the couch and it was then the perfect idea popped into my head.

"Goodnight love."

"You too." I stood up and kissed his cheek and tousled his hair.



Omg i love these. so great

Sophalicious Sophalicious

When are you going to update?!?! I love your short stories all rolled into one big story. Please update soon! Even it's past Christmas. Lol



thank you!!!!

harrystylish harrystylish

This is AMAZEBALLS!!!!!!!!!!!