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The Wallflower

You have got to be kidding me

Can you see me?
Cause I'm right here.
Can you listen?
Because I want to tell you how I feel.
I don't want to be invisible.
I want to be known.
What you see, Isn't me.
All I ask is that you'll see past what is shown.

"Wow." Jules breathes. "You wrote that?"

"Yeah, what do you think?" I ask nervously.

"Girl, you are the best writer ever." She says with wide eyes.

I smile shyly. I take my notebook out of her hands, close it and set it on my desk. When ever someone holds my notebook, even if it's just to move it out of the way, I get this sick feeling in the bottom of my stomache. I feel scared. My notebook is my best friend especailly in school. Jules goes to another school. I met her in church. I here the front door open and close.

"Who is it?" Jules called, giving me a knowing look.

"JULES?" Bang. "Ow. When did that wall get there?"

I laugh silently as Jules chuckles. My little brother Alex comes into my room, holding his head. I have to say he looked adorable. Holding his head with a small pout.

"My poor Alex!" Jules exclaims, running towards him and giving him a big hug. "Are you okay?"

Alex only nods as his face heats up. Jules is teasing him, I know it. Alex has had a crush on her since forever. It's kinda cute actually. Alex pulls away from Jules and looks at me.

"Wheres mom?" He asks.

"Work." I say, spitting out the word disgustingly. She's always at work, we never see her anymore.

"Oh." He says, angrily.

"It's okay, you have me!" Jules exclaims, wrapping her arms around him again. "Let's go see a movie! It'll be fun!"

"I don't want to go see a movie." Alex says, pulling away again.

"Or we could go find out who Kat's secret lover is." Jules wiggles her eyebrows at me.

"Secret lover?" Alex is suddenly interested.

Jules begins to explain the whole story to Alex. I groan and fall back on the bed and stare at the ceiling as i wait for her to finish.

"Wow." Alex says. "Kat, if you ever meet this dude in person make sure he knows; he breaks your heart, I'll break his face."

This causes me and Jules to go into a fit of laughter. Me and my little brother have always had this bond. even if we fight at the end of the day we'll take a bullet for eachother.

"Okay lets go get out disguises on." jules gives me a winky face.

Thirty minutes later, we are all staning in frount of the mirror with black hoodies, sunglasses and... fake mustashes?

"You have got to be kidding me..."


Yay Alex! he's adorable!


@Soul Screamer
Mkay-kay! :)

@Mrs. Storplikson
I am not to sad it's ending. I appologize but sadly my Internet was shut down because my mom didn't pay the bill. It has been turn on for about three weeks now, but sadly Yahoo, which is how I sign in on this website, was being an, excuse my language, ass. But I am back now and I'll start working on the epilogue asap :)

Soul Screamer Soul Screamer

What happened to the book? Where is the last chapter? Is it just too sad to put it up, or did you're account get deleted? Don't answer if you account is deleted, and answer if you are too sad it's ending. :)


@Soul Screamer
Yes. I always forget that one. Haha