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Towers *Liam Payne Love Story*

Going Back

One Week Later

Today I’m going back to Wolverhampton for the 1st time in 3 years, and let me tell you I’m not excited.

It’s been a week since Kalenna asked me to be her made of hour and I said yes for the sake of my sister because I love her but

I hate her in a way because she stole the love of my life in high school and I can’t forgive her and after the wedding I’m not staying , I’m going

back to New York and pretend like it never happened because I don’t want to deal with my family again and especially Liam.

I just got finish packing and I went to take a shower and got dress in this and went down stair and went to the kitchen with my stuff and got me a poptart and sat on the sofa and ate it and watched a little bit of TV. Then like 10 minutes later I turned the TV off and threw my rapper and stuff away, then I got my suit case phone and stuff and head out.

Skipping Flight

I was finally here, the place I use to call home, the place all the memories are at, good and bad, but that was my past but now it’s present and I just want to come her happy and pretend like nothing has happened.
I walked out the airport and there was a Limo and a Driver that held a sign that said ‘Miss Hayden Richardson’.
So I walked over to the Driver and ask ” Are you looking for Hayden Richardson?”.
"Yes" he replied.
"That’s me" I said and he nod and open my door, and take my bags and I thank him as I got in the car. He puts my stuff in the boot and get in the car and we get going.

* An Hour Later*
The driver was driving down this long stone path drive way that led to this mansion .

Wow went did mum and dad move here? or how did they get the money to get this?

The driver came around to open my door and I came out of the car and smelt the fresh cut grass in the air as I grab my bags from the driver as he got them from the boot.

After I thanked the driver then walked up to the steps and then to the door and knocked.

The door slowly opened and it was Kalenna , little miss perfect herself, wearing a white Louis Vuitton dress with matching heels.

"Hayden,is it you? you look so different," she said with wide eyes.

"Hey Kalenna," I said ignoring her’ you look so different’ comment "Where’s mum?".

"She’s in the kitchen with dad, come on in," She opens the door up wide and I walk in and she closes it back up and she walks forward into this random room and I follow her and it’s the Kitchen and I see my mum and dad

"Mum , Dad look who’s here?" Kalenna smiles and they look towards us and I see my mum eyes began to feel with tears .

"Haydie ,I missed you," she tells me as she hugs me than she releases me and looks at me "so much you look so beautiful than ever, did you dye your hair?"

"Thanks mum, and yes I did," I said to her and I walk up to my dad "Hi Dad,".

"Hello Munchkin, I missed you so much" He said before hugging me.

"I missed you too Dad" I tell him in his ear.

All of a sudden the door bell rings “I’ll get it” Kalenna said before running to the door and opening it. Then I hear whispers and giggles and then I turn around and see…… Liam


OMG LIAM!!!!!!!!!!

Just to let you know I will add Liam's Point of view next chapter and I'm in the making of writing that.



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Love this chappy <3 so much ^^

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I Love this story.. Please update <3

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