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Towers *Liam Payne Love Story*

This was a Mistake

An Hour Before

I just got back to Wolverhampton from tour and I'm so excited, I get to see Kalenna again.
The wedding is 2 weeks away and we are almost done with the planning and I'm excited that I'm marrying the love of my life.

I regret what I did to Hayden about almost 5 years ago but if I haven't used her, I wouldn't of had Kalenna, and let's just say
it was all worth it because now I have her and she is all mine.


When I got to The Richardson house, I was so jumpy all of a sudden because when I knocked on the door Kalenna came out and jumped on me and hugged me and kissed me. It felt so good to be home.
" I missed you so much" she said in my ear.
"I miss you too baby" I hugging her and we released and walk in the house and hear people talking as we walk into the kitchen and I see....Hayden. She looks so different, like more beautiful.
Her hair is lighter, she probably dyed it.Her eyes are more brighter. Then I look down at her body, wow she has bigger breast and bum than Kalenna.
What happened to Hayden Elizabeth Richardson?


I over and see Liam looking at my body and I'm think what the fuck?
Then he looks at my face and I roll my eyes and turn to my parents and see them wake over to him and giving him a hug.
If my parents knew that he used me for my sister this wouldn't be happening right now.
Then I felt a tear about to come down my eyes just thinking of what Liam did to me and my mum turn to me with worried eyes.
"Hayden are you ok?" she asked.
"Yeah mum I'm alright but can you show me, my room please?" I ask trying to get away from Liam and Kalenna.
"Yeah sure thing Hades," she said walking me upstairs and we stopped at this room with an 'H' and my mum
opened the door and it revealed a beautiful white room
"Wow mum this is beautiful," I said "Thank you."
"Oh sweetie don't thank me thank Kalenna , she was the one who made the idea for this," my mum explained.
"Oh I will tell her thank you when I see her," she nods and about to walk out the door but I stop her "Oh mum."
"Yeah Sweetheart?" she turns around.
"I love you," I said.
"I love you too Sweetheart," She said back before she walks out and go back down stairs.
I close my door as she leaves and I go to my suitcase and get my laptop and began to write.
'I still feel loved when I see your face
But all these tears I can't erase
Sorry heart, I'm sorry heart
But we'll have to start again-'

'Knock Knock'
"Come in" I said and the door opened and revealed Kalenna.
"Mum wanted me to come up here to get you because it's almost time for dinner," she said.
"Ok I'll be down there in a sec," I tell her about to close my laptop but then I seen a hand grab my laptop.
"Oh what is this?" Kalenna asked as she looked at the laptop screen " I feel loved when I see your face
But all these scars, I can't replace, Wow Hayden I didn't know you were a writer."
"Yeah there are a lot of these you don't know, so let's go," I said as I take back my laptop and close it and put it on my desk and we walked out.
As we got down the stairs I seen Liam and my dad watching football on TV and I just smiled a little because I thought how things
would be like if Liam and I were getting married but that will never happen because he is in love with my sister and I was
just the girl who got played and who got her heart broken.
As I was watching them I seen Kalenna walks over and hops on Liam's lap and my smile turned into a
frown .
I walked into the kitchen and seen my mum at the stove cooking up a storm (LOL).
"Whatcha cooking mum?" I asked and she jumped and turned around looking frighten.
"Oh my heavens you scared me Hayden," she said touching her heart.
"I'm sorry mum I won't do it again," she nod and turn back around"But seriously what are you cooking?"
"I'm cooking your fave Italian food, I'm making Fettuccine Afriedo mixed with chicken and broccoli, my home made cheesy garlic bread, and some
salad with a Italian dressing, how does that sound?"
"That sounds great, I can't wait," I said rubbing me stomach.
"Don't worry it will be done any minute from now, " I nod "Oh and can you go get everyone please?"
"Yeah sure," I said before I walked towards the living room and seen them still watching the game "Hey you guys mum said it's time for dinner."
They all jumped up and ran to the kitchen like a pack of wolves.
"So Sweet heart I haven't had time to ask you what you do for a living?" My dad asked me.
"I go to NYU if you didn't know and I wanna become a writer," I said as I took a bit of my bread.
"That's amazing Hayden, I can't wait until become London Times Best selling author please dedicate it to me," My dad said and my mum laughed.
"I will dedicate it to you, mum, and Jacob," I said and I seen Kalenna frown but I didn't care though.
"Wait who is Jacob?" Liam asked jumping in the conversation.
"It's my boyfriend," I seen everyone eyes go wide.
"My baby girl has a boyfriend?" My dad ask.
"Yes dad, we have been dating for like 2 years now and he makes me happy unlike some people," I mumbled the last part looking at Liam and I seen him frown.
"That's great Sweetheart," My mum said "Why didn't he come?"
"He got accepted to this school and he left before I came here," I explain.
"Oh, which one?" Kalenna asked.
" Julliard," I replied moving my pasta around with my fork before taking a bit of it.
"Oh My that's one of the biggest perform arts schools in the world," My mum said.
"Yeah , what is his talent?" My dad asked.
"Probably, wearing tights," Liam mumbling under his breath and I rolled my eyes and answered my dad.
"He actually wanted to be a singer."
"Wow impressive, right Liam?" Kalenna asked him as they scoot closer to each other making my heart break every second.
"Yeah impressive," Liam smirked at me as he put his arm around Kalenna and I felt a tear about to come down in me eyes because I knew I couldn't have
him and plus he hurts me in so many ways.
I got up and ran up to my room and closed my door and locked it and fell down to the floor and cried.

It was a mistake coming here.



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