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Towers *Liam Payne Love Story*

Maid of Honor


**Two Weeks Later**

My mum has been calling non stop since that day she told me about Kalenna and Liam getting married and
let me tell you she has called like over a thousand times a day and I had to block her from my contacts and I even changed
my number again but she always find it again, so I got a new phone, so she wouldn't know nothing.


Today is Saturday and I just wanted to lay in bed and watch chick flicks and eat popcorn.

**During the movie**

I was watching Another Cinderella Story , my phone began to ring and I was wondering who was it , so I checked it and it said unknown number and I answered it anyways.

"Hello," I answered.


"Kalenna," I gasp.

"Yeah it's me, how ya doing?"she ask.

"I'm fine, I heard you are getting married," I said.

"Yeah, do you believe I, Kalenna Patrice Richardson is getting married?" She joked.

"To be honest no because you never seemed like that type of girl to get married," I said.

"Yeah I know but I learnt that two people that love each other so much can make a big commitment to be together forever and that's what I learnt with Liam that we can do anything that our hearts set us to do," She tells me and I feel my heart beginning to crack and the memories begin to flow back again and tears begin to come down my eyes.

"Hayden, Hayden," Kalenna called.

"Yeah," I answered.

"Um I wanted to be my maid of honor at my wedding,"




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Love this chappy <3 so much ^^

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I Love this story.. Please update <3

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