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Towers *Liam Payne Love Story*

See Her Again?

One Day Later

It's been a day since Jacob left , since then I have been crying in my bed, locking myself in my room from the real
world. I sometimes feel like I wanna die because what keeps on happening to me.

My mom and dad has been trying to make me come out for dinner and stuff by talking through the door,
calling, and even texting me but I didn't answer it because I don't wanna be out there.

The wedding is in 3 days and I'm not going, I'm trying to leave before it happens so while I was in my room
all this time I have been packing my bags and stuff so I can leave when everybody is sleep.

It's 3 a.m. and everybody is sleeping like bears hopefully (LOL).
I grabbed my bags and opened my door and snuck downstairs with out making a
noise. But by the time I made it to the front door someone caught my arms and yanked
my arm and I turn around hitting a shirtless Liam who was wearing some basketball shorts dangling on his torso.


"Where do you think you're going?" I asked Hayden.

"Why do you care, it's none of your business Liam," She said as she was trying to get out of my grip but she couldn't.

"It is because you are leaving 3 days before my wedding day," I said.

"Why should I be here anyway, I'm not needed," She said looking down.

"Yes you are , you are Kalenna's maid of honor, you are very important Hayden, and I heard what happened between you and Jacob and you
don't need him, you were better without him" I said before lifting her chin up so she could look at me.

"But what about you?" She look into my eyes.

"Hayden you were the love of my life, and still is, and I plan getting you back when I leave Kalenna because she wasn't worth leaving
you for," I said looking her eyes and pulling her into my arms.

"Liam, I love you too," She said hugging me "all these years thinking someone would put my broken heart back together but the one who did was the one
who broke it."

"Same with you Hayden, When I cheated, I was heart broken because I hurt you and when I got with Kalenna I thought she would get rid of it but
she didn't, when I seen you in the kitchen when I got back, I felt my heart skip and I never felt that with your sister and
I have never forgave myself for what I did to you and I hope you can forgive me," I said as I was holding her

"I forgive you but I just can't stay here," She sighed "I will still be in England but not here, you can
call me but just don't tell nobody I have left."

"Okay," I sighed "Will I ever see you again?"

"Hopefully," She said "But until then I love you Liam and I won't ever forget you."

"I love you too," I lean and kiss her and she accepted it and moments later she released.

"Good bye Liam ," She said before giving me another hug and she began to walk to the door and turned
around and waved and I waved back and she opened the door and left.

I just let the love of my life walk out that door will I ever see her again?



To just remind you there will be a part two to this and it will
be longer but I will update that later.


thanks so much

Love this chappy <3 so much ^^

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I Love this story.. Please update <3

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