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Towers *Liam Payne Love Story*

Who I am

It's been a couple days since Liam has told me the full story of how he had a crush on Kalenna and used me and got her, and
let me say that, I think the story was bullshit and I don't believe him.

Since then I haven't talk to him, we only shared little glances at the dinner table, out of that there
was no contact with him.

I haven't talk to Jacob much, I only gave him nods and head shakes because
I don't wanna talk to someone who may or may not be cheating on me,
and when I find out I will try to not shed a tear because
my tears aren't worth him crying over.


(Play this while reading this part)

I was laying in the bed with a sleeping Jacob and all of sudden his phone vibrate and
I just let it vibrate. A couple Minutes later it was still vibrating and I just got up from the
bed and went on his side of the bed and pick up his phone and it said (5 missed messages from: Kasadee).
I swipe the screen and see tons pictures and tons of messages of them talking.

(Pic of Jacob and Kasadee)

Kasadee: Why are you still with her? I thought you were going to leave her 2 months

Jacob: I will but I have to go meet her parents and wait.

Kasadee: Ok but by the time you come back you better have broke up with her.

Jacob:Okay I will babe, I love youxx

Kasadee: I love you tooxx

After I read the texts and seeing that picture I felt a tear come down my eyes "Hayden what are you doing?" with that I turn around.

"You asked me, what I'm doing and your the one who is cheating," He didn't say anything "Cat caught your tongue huh? you promise that you wouldn't hurt me like Liam did but you hurt me more than he ever did."

"Hayden I-"

"Hayden what? Hayden I'm sorry, Hayden it was a mistake, but you know what being with you was a mistake," I said cutting him off"I should of known the reason why, we never did nothing instead of kiss because you were with her."

"No it wasn-"

"But you know what I'm not going to be the girl who gets cheated on again," I said cutting him off again"So you can leave and go back to Kasadee and leave me be
because I never want to see you again Jacob Mccartan."

I walked out my room to the bathroom and closed the door and locked it and looked at myself in the mirror and started to cry.

"Why are you even here?" I asked myself "Nobody wants you."

"Every guy your with ends up cheating on you, you should just die and make everybody happy," I said to myself in the mirror.

"Why can't someone love me for who I am,"



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I Love this story.. Please update <3

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